POP/STARS – 9 – Lover’s Lost

“So what we have here,” King said, chuckling, “Is a pair of dykes.” He smiled as Evelynn and Ahri were pulled out of the room, dragging the pair of pretty women down the hallway. “So, why did you hide it girl? Your producers worried that if every boy in Korea didn’t think they could fuck you, you wouldn’t sell an album?”

He shoved Evelynn forward with his boot on her ass. “Hell, you should have just kissed on your cover. Then all the boys would have thought they could maybe fuck you both at once. If you’re going to whore yourself for album sales, you might as well whore your lover, too.”

[“Leave her alone!”] Evelynn cried out as she was pushed down the hall. She was powerless to prevent this. No matter how hard she struggled, the men holding her kept their grip firm, their faces showing malicious, lustful grins, promising her that a horrible fate… the same fate that had been in store for them since the very beginning. Now that they knew about her and Ahri, though… she felt certain that the men would find a way to make it even worse for the famous pair of singers.

Ahri’s her entire body was trembling in fear and horror ass he was tossed into one of the rooms with a mattress on the floor. The man who had been groping her tits while he pushed her along laughed at her as she bounced. Eve was tossed down right next to her, one of the men pouncing on her immediately, forcing his hand between her legs. [“No! Get of me!”] Evelynn cried out, feeling the unwanted intrusion of the man’s fingers as they speared into her dry cunt. Again, she tried to break free from the grip of his comrades, but even though the singer wasn’t bound anymore, two days of captivity and the rape and beating that came with it had left her weak. The men held her tightly, and she found that she could barely move at all as the man forced his fingers deeper into her cunt, making her grunt in obvious pain and discomfort.

Ahri looked over as a pair of cameras were brought into the room. “Don’t worry,” King promised the english-speaking girl, kneeling down to look into the blonde’s face. “We’ll do your marketing for you. Maybe it will help drive up your price.”

“Please, you can’t…” As desperate as Ahri was to have someone know they were missing, to have the police be looking for them… not like this. Please, anything but like this…

“How are we going to sell you if no one ever finds out we have you?” King said with a cruel grin. “Don’t worry though… No one will know where. No one is going to be interrupting our fun… it would be a shame if we didn’t get to do everything we planned with you.”

“Please, just… stop…” Ahri forced herself to say, unable to keep her eyes on him.

The men merely laughed. “And pass up the opportunity to rape a dyke?” one of them said. “I don’t think so.”

“Pretty sure you already had your cock in both of them, Mike,” another said with a chuckle.

“Yeah, but I didn’t know then,” Mike said grinning. “Nothing so wonderful as putting cock in a girl who hates cock.” With that, he bellied up behind Ahri, rubbing his cock up and down her pussy, and then pushing into the Korean singer while she cried out.

The red lights on the cameras turned on. “Don’t worry boys, your faces will get scrubbed out,” King promised. “Have a good time.”

“No sense raping a pair of dykes if you can’t tell,” someone laughed. “Shove them together.”

“Good idea!” another said, grabbing Evelynn by he hair and yanking her over. The pinked haired girl struggled, but he slapped her across the face, once, twice, three times, until she fell limp enough that she could be dragged over to watch Foxy, her lover, her protege, being viciously raped while a pair of other men squeezed and groped at her big tits. Not since the initial moments of their kidnapping and rape had she needed to see what happened to the blonde singer, and her heart ached for the pained girl as her cunt want violated.

[”I’m so sorry, Ahri…”] she whispered. [”This is my fault…”] She could see every horrible detail as she was taken from behind, her head yanked and twisted each time she tried to look away.

“Look, you whore!” said as he held her head. “This is what your body is for… cock. Look at what a fast learning your little lezzie friend is…”

“Can’t really blame you for wanting to fuck her,” another mocked. “We want to, too.” The men all laughed.

“Nooo! Pleeeeaseee! Take it out…” Ahri screamed her lungs out as her unprepared pussy was split open by the invading shaft, the cock that she knew would just be the first of many today. She had already lost count of how many men had raped her, after just three days. Evelynn could do nothing but watch helplessly as the younger woman thrashed, kicking her legs as she was pinned down to the mattress and raped from behind, each thrust tearing another tormented shriek from the girl’s pretty lips.

“Yes… yes…” the man fucking Ahri started breathing heavily and both Evelynn and Ahri knew exactly what was going to happen. “She’s still… so fucking tight…”

[“No… please! Not again, not in me…”] Ahri begging, slipping back into Korean as the girl redoubled her efforts to free herself, kicking and thrashing her body wildly, oblivious to the fact that these moves only served to arouse the man even more, making her rapist feel as if she was fucking him back.

“Shut up whore!” he yelled as his rhythm became faster and more frantic “I’m going to fill you… fill you with my cum! Take it… take it… ALL!” he shouted as he pushed his entire dick in.

[“Leave her alone you bastards!”] Evelynn shouted at the men, thrashing back and forth but they only laughed easily.

“Calm down dyke… I promise, you can have her pussy next,” King told her as he stood behind the cameras, observing the view.

Watching Ahri’s eyes go wide and tears swell in her eyes would have been enough for Evelynn to realize that her the rapist was cumming in the girl’s pussy, but she had to watch the whole process… the man’s thrust become gradually slower and longer as he humped against her ass, moaning in pleasure. Soon he withdrew his cock, and she saw the cum slick on the shaft.

[“Leave us alone…”] Evelynn whispered, sobbing softly despite herself. She watched as a pair of men grabbed Ahri and flipped her onto her back.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever your saying,” the man holding her said. “Your turn.” Evelynn could feel strong hands bending her over. She immediately started fighting once she realized what they were doing but there was no use. She could see as her face was being brought towards Foxy’s abused pussy, while the men started again groping and touching her tits.

[“No! Don’t! Don’t do this to us! Leave her alone!”] Eve shouted as she was still being bent over. Soon she was on hands and knees, bent over, her head between her lover’s legs. [”No!”] she shouted as she felt fingers being shoved into her cunt again.

“Shut the fuck up and lick her clean!” one of the men ordered, gripping onto her head by her hair and brutally pushing her mouth onto Ahri’s pussy.

The pussy before her eyes… she knew Ahri’s cute sex. She had enjoyed it with her lips many times in the past… but it had never looked like this before. Her pretty pink slit was inflamed red, swollen, spread open… and leaking cum. She had happily licked Ahri before, enjoying the pleasure he brought her… but this was entirely different. Evelynn turned his head away… she wouldn’t do it. No way would she give these men what they wanted.

“Aww, the whore thinks she’s too good for her pussy,” King said chuckling. “I think she’s breaking up with you, Ahri… I’m sure all the magazines will be hungry to print that story.”

“Lets see about that…” another of the men said darkly. He grabbed Ahri’s nipples and started twisting them hard, causing the poor girl to give a terrifying scream.

Evelynn looked up, the scream drawing her gaze as tears leaked from her eyes. The man kept twisting until he was sure she had her full attention before looking back at Evelynn. “Now I’m putting my dick in this dyke of yours,” he said, staring right into Eve’s eyes. “Now, I don’t care where. I can either fuck her face while you clean out her cunt… or I’ll flip her over and rape her ass as hard as I possibly can. All up to you.” He abruptly slapped the veteran singer across her face. “How much do you want your lover to suffer? Is it worth your pride to make her take another cock up her ass?”

“Better pick fast, too, Deeva” said the man fingering her from behind. “The rest of us are waiting for a turn.” As if the emphasize the point, someone grabbed both of her dangling tits and squeezed them, hard enough that she cried out, feeling the ruse of pain in her already well-whipped tits.

Eve’s understanding of English was good enough to pick out the gist… but even without the words, she understood the kind of threats they were making. The choices presented to Evelynn were terrible, and nothing she could do would save Ahri from pain… but in the end, there was only one option she could take that would be any slight mercy for the poor, abused blonde in front of her. With a sob, she brought her mouth down to Ahri’s ravished slit.

The chorus of laughter from the rapists almost made Eve break down completely into a sobbing mess, despite herself. The man who had threatened her grabbed Ahri’s head, twisting the young popstar’s face to the side as he pushed his cock against her lips. “Open up, slut,” he mocked, squeezing her jaw until her mouth popped open, and then he rammed his cock in and began fucking the beautiful celebrity’s mouth brutally.

Eve’s lips were only inches away from Ahri’s sperm-dripping cunt, the folds of the young girl’s sex obviously swollen and sore from the brutal rape she had received only mere moments ago. Turning her head, she gave their tormentors one last, pleading look. “Please,” she choked out in English. “Don’t m-”

The man directly behind her grabbed her head and brutally shoved her face against the crying girl’s cunt, smearing cum all over Evelynn’s features. “Shut up and start licking, dumb slut!” he yelled, slapping her ass hard. With little choice left, the singer stuck out her tongue and began to run it along Ahri’s slit, feeling the girl shudder under the sudden, intimate touch. Evelynn’s mind rebelled against being forced to do this, to help them in violating her own lover… no matter how often she had taken pleasure in doing this with her.

The taste of cum was just a secondary humiliation secondary to the humiliation of what she was doing to Ahri. Being forced to lick and swallow it only added to the revulsion. The thick, syrupy liquid smeared over her chin and her tongue, tormenting her with its bitter taste while she kept on licking the poor girl’s cunt, hearing the men laugh at their plight.

“Now this is great video,” King said with a chuckle.

Evelynn had expected it, but that was little comfort as she felt the fingers get torn from inside of her to be replaced with a hard cock, pressing against her dry and painful cunt. The man behind her grabbed her hips tightly, rubbing his fat cockhead up and down her slit as he brutally shoved of her head against Ahri’s cunt. By now, she had managed to scoop up most of the cum dribbling out of the poor girl’s pussy, but the men did not even think about letting her stop, enjoying the show too much.

Ahri’s body gently rocked against Evelynn’s face, moved by both the girl’s desperate sobs and the thrusts of the man who was still raping the pretty singer’s mouth. The man’s cock pumped in and out between the girl’s tightly stretched lips, her cheeks distending each time it moved in, filling her mouth, slathering her unwilling, twisting tongue with disgusting precum. The man’s hand was on her head, keeping it where it was, forcing the Korean girl to accept his cock time and again.

Then the cock that was being being rubbed against her slit was suddenly rammed forward, deep into her tight, hurting cunt. Throwing her head back, Evelynn let out a cry of pain, her arching cunt stretched around the cock which plowed into her heedless of her comfort or willingness. “I mean, it’s shocking enough the young cunt still so so tight… but this old hag? Still tight as a glove.” He slapped her ass hard, pushing her face back down into Ahri’s crotch. “The dyke needs to be used more… but don’t you worry. By the time we’re done with you, you’ll have taken more cock than any three girls of the street, lezzie or no.”

Evelynn moaned into Ahri’s cunt as the man fucking her from behind began to pound her snatch even harder. He grabbed the popstar’s big tits and squeezed them hard while driving himself into the celebrity’s tight cunt. He could feel the woman’s entire body rocking in the rhythm of his pushes, her face being buried into Ahri’s crotch, even as she in turn was pushed onto Eve’s face by the man fucking her mouth.

Evelynn tried to protest, to pull away, but he just shoved her face once again against Ahri’s crotch. She was at least grateful that with her head like this she wasn’t able to see her gagging on a cock, but she could still hear it, could almost sense her pain and suffering. She could hear the man face-fucking her lover beginning to moan heavily and she knew what was about to happen. As much as she hated the thought of Ahri being forced to swallow his seed, she was at least grateful the girl would have a moment to breath…

So she was taken completely off guard as the man pulled out of the singer’s mouth and aimed his cock instead at Eve’s face before starting to cum. His jizz landed on the popstar’s pink hair, on her face, and all over Ahri’s well-licked crotch. Eve’s hair, her face and also on Ahri’s swollen pussy… which Evelynn was quickly forced to lick clean once again.

“Oh yes… seeing you lick that bitch is so hot…” The man raping Evelynn said, tilting her head to point a bit more towards the cameras. “You getting all of this?”

King gave him the thumbs up. “We sure are. It’s coming out great.”

“Super hot. We have to do this often… maybe these two dykes will sell together. Think we should have the blonde lick this bitch’s snatch after I finish filling her up?” he asked, emphasizing his words by squeezing her large breasts hard enough to make her squeal.

“Nah…” King said. “I have a better idea… Just hurry up and finish.”

Nodding, the other man did just that, his hands continuing to maul and grope Evelynn’s breasts, making her whimper even more, his cock pounding her sore snatch viciously, her tongue still buried inside Ahri’s snatch. She could feel the crying girl’s body wracked by heartbreaking sobs. After a few more moments of hard, merciless rape, he finally began to grunt loudly and Evelynn was treated to the very uncomfortable sensation of his cum shooting into her sore fuckhole before he pulled out and sprayed the rest of his seed all over her asscheeks and lower back.

When he was finished, he slapped her ass hard one more time. Keep on licking till we tell you to stop… we know you think you’re a little tough bitch, but it won’t be you that suffers for it. We’ll rough up your little girlfriend here if you give us some shit, understand?”

Evelynn found herself starting to cry despite herself… more than anything, she hated how helpless this made her feel. Tears ran down her cheeks, wetting Ahri’s thighs as she kept on running her tongue over her lover’s sore, abused slit. What new perversion did the cruel men have in store for them? Evelynn wasn’t sure… she was only certain she never wanted to know.

Unfortunately, fate was not to be so kind. Much sooner than she would have liked, she was yanked away to sprawl on the mattress. “We decided to play a little game,” King said, standing over her. His companion brutally shoved Ahri over to her, forcing the sobbing blonde down onto the mattress beside Evelynn. Out of reflex, Eve placed an arm around Ahri’s shoulders, pulling the whimpering girl towards her to grant her at least some comfort.

“We are going to double-team the bitch,” King continued, nodding towards Ahri. “And then-”

Evelynn spat up at him. [“Haven’t you done enough, you monster? Leave her alone!] she screamed.

King was grinning. The cameras would probably love that. “I thought we told you,” he said calmly, “That your slut of a girlfriend was going to suffer if you gave us a hard time?” Evelynn paled, but instead of heading to Ahri, King grabbed Evelynn’s head and slapped her violently a few times, until her cheeks were red and stinging. “Next time you say a damn thing, we’ll hang her up by her tits and whip her for an hour… I know you don’t speak English well slut, so I want to make sure you understand me…” He knelt down, yanking on her head, meeting her eyes. “Do you understand me, Deeva?”

Tears running down crimson cheeks, she nodded. King grinned.

Having so secured her silence, he continued, “She’s going to take two cocks at once… but you have an important decision to make. You pick where your girlfriend gets fucked. Foxy here has three holes… and you get to pick which two take a cock. But there’s a catch…” He grinned. He pulled down his pants, revealing his own cock… the biggest of any of the men she had seen. “Whatever hole you don’t pick… I’m going to fuck you in instead.”

He grinned. “So, how much of a tough girl are you, really?” He asked. King looked into her eyes, seeing them widening in terror, and felt sure that Evelynn was understanding him. It wasn’t hard to understand… forcing her to lick the blonde’s pussy for their pleasure made it clear that they want to make her take part in her humiliation. “Of course… if you want, you can always not pick. Then we’ll just triple-team her instead.” King smiled. “That sounds like fun, to be honest…”

King waited a minute. “So. Have a decision? Which holes of that whore do you want us to rape? I get it… its a hard choice… Do you want us to fuck Foxy’s cute mouth? She certainly has a mouth the rest of the world think is talented… we’d be happy to have a singer’s throat for our own personal use. Push our dicks past those soft lips and feed the bitch a large wad of hot sticky cum?” he said, his fingers touching Ahri’s lips before moving lower.

“Or do you want us to fuck her tight snatch, hump her until we can fill her dirty cunt with seed?” he said and Evelynn could only hear Ahri gave a small moan as King pushed his finger into her pussy. “Maybe we can ever knock the dyke up… put a rape baby in her belly. Send her to her new owner to be bred like a dog.”

“Or maybe yet… we should fuck her tiny asshole? Ram our rock hard cocks there.. I’m sure that would be painful for the slut,” King said, grabbing Ahri’s ass, making another whimper escape her mouth. “I’m sure thats her favorite hole to get fucked in, right?”

Evelynn looked at Ahri with tears in her eyes, horrified. How they were forcing her to play their game… but it was the only way to spare her any kind of pain at all, even if she had to suffer it herself. “…Butt…” Evelynn choked out. “My… my butt.” Tears swelled in her eyes.

King knelt down. “Repeat after me, chink slut,” he said slowly, exaggerating her words. “I… want… you… to… fuck… my… ass…”

“Y-yes…” Evelynn forced herself to speak, her English terrible. “I wants you to fuck ma ass.”

“I… want… you… to… rape… her… dyke… cunt… and… choke… her… with… cock,” he continued with a sadistic smile.

Even knowing she had no choice, Evelynn hated herself. “I wants you to r…rape her dyka cunt and choke her withs cock…” She all but collapsed into tears when she finished, her tough-girl front all but completely collapsing under the weight of her humiliation and what she had asked for.

“Good bitch,” King said, smiling. At her words, the eager men sprang into action. Evelynn looked up as Ahri was immediately grabbed and pulled away from her, shoved back down to the mattress, her ass was grabbed and raised until she was on all fours.

“Please…” Evelynn tried to beg, but King punched her in the stomach to silence her.

“You asked for this bitch,” he said as Eve fell to the edge of the mattress, gasping for air. “Now enjoy the show.”

When the older singer looked up again, she saw Ahri on all fours, a man behind her preparing to ram his hard cock up her abused pussy. The popstar could just watch as the man grabbed the beautiful blonde’s hips and drove himself into the poor girl. She was screaming, begging, crying in Korean and English, but her pleas were abruptly cut off as another of the thugs pushed his dick into her mouth, gagging her and muffling her cries.

“Enjoy the show, Deeva,” King said to Evelynn as he effortlessly turned her on her stomach and grabbed her ass. Evelynn could feel his cock touch the tight opening to her tightest hole, all the while watching as the two men fucked Ahri from both ends. The poor girl was writhing between them, trying to move away from the brutal, thrusting cocks slamming into her abused cunt and mouth, but the men kept her firmly between them, only allowing for movement back and forth on their cocks. Eve noticed how experienced they were… there was no telling how many times they had taken a resisting girl between the two of them before… but a few seconds later, it seemed a distant concern as she felt King’s cock start pushing into her ass.

Since she had gotten her, Eve’s resistance had gotten her ass raped more than any of her other holes, and the hole felt raw and agonized as King’s thick cock stretched her wide, plunging deeper without any consideration for her pain. The biggest cock to have raped her yet, it felt to the singer like he was ripping her apart with his dick, and she screamed.

“The sound of a suffering bitch,” King exclaimed, pushing deeper, raising one hand to deliver a violent slap to her ass. She didn’t react… Eve barely felt it through the burning pain inside her bowels as the cock drove deeper and deeper. Her big tits swayed with his brutal thrusts and the beautiful popstar screamed and screamed, the pain extraordinary. And the moment he got all the way into her, he started fucking her without hesitation, pumping into her, his balls slapping against her as he forced his cock all the way up her ass again and again, forcing her to feel every inch of his thick, long tool as it stretched her tight opening. Evelynn felt her nails dig into the mattress, not even realizing she was trying to crawl away.

“Yes, that’s it, you dumb cunt, take my cock up your tight ass!” King yelled, reaching underneath her to pinch her nipples hard, never once slowing his thrusts, never once allowing her to recover from his initial assault.

Even after all the rapes, all the torture, all the whipping… this one was something special. King was devastatingly large… it made it impossible for the singer to focus on anything other than the burning pain of her ass being raped. She wasn’t sure how long she zoned out for, but when she looked back up, Ahri was still being speared from both ends. Horrible, ugly tears ran down her pale cheeks as she gagged and moaned around the cock in her mouth, her body wracked and trembling with miserable sobs.

“You enjoying the show?” King asked, yanking Evelynn’s head up her her hair, using it like reins to control her. “That sweet piece of pussy you took to bed every night, getting nailed like a 2 buck whore? She’s a natural… She’s fucking taking it like a pro!” he said, forcing Eve to look at the horrifying scene in front of her. Evelynn screamed in horror and pain and despair, and that just aroused him all the more, making him keep pumping his fat dick into the Korean woman’s tight asshole at his brutal pace. “Her body was built for taking cocks… just like yours.”

Evelynn just kept screaming, lost in an ocean of torment. She thought she had known what it felt like to be assraped… she was finding that she had no idea compared to what King’s cock was capable of doing to her rear. With each thrust she could feel waves of hot, searing pain traveling through her perfect body, enveloping the lower half of her in blinding torment. King, driving himself into the poor woman’s unwilling fuckhole, took great pleasure in making her suffer as much as he could, driving faint sobs and squeals interrupted by louder moans as he kept raping her ass, digging his fingers into the soft flesh of her ass, holding her hair and riding her hard. He loved watching Evelynn’s large and firm breasts swaying beneath her in the rhythm of his pushes.

Ahri had been spared from King’s ogre-sized cock, but she wasn’t faring much better otherwise. Her gorgeous young body suffered, impaled from both ends. Each cry of pain, caused by the fat meat being forced up her already abused pussy, was efficiently and mercilessly cut short and muffled by the dick being fucking her face. The man holding her head kept driving himself, raping her mouth as if it was her pussy. Given how tight and clenching the Korean popstar’s throat was, he didn’t see much of a difference. He kept pushing it as far as he could, making the lesbian singer gag on his cock, sending even more waves of pleasure up his shaft. The thought that he could be permanently damaging the famous girls throat, that she might not be able to sing anymore, was a huge turn on for him, no matter how slight the chance.

Meanwhile, the other man kept pounding her poor, abused, exceptionally tight cunt, smiling as her body shivered and trembled in pain and disgust as she was brutally hammered. Having a celebrity to fuck had been a dream of his since he was jacking off in bed a kid… now he had a famous musician screaming, and it was his cock making her do it. It was the thought that pushed him over the edge. With a loud moan he shot a wave of jism up the girl’s cunt only to pull out and finish spraying his seed on her lower back – just as his buddy shot a hearty dose of cum into Ahri’s mouth, making her gag yet again on the horrible taste of the foul liquid. Same as his friend, the man raping her face quickly pulled out to shoot the rest of his load over her cute face. Soon he stood up, admiring her gorgeous, magazine-cover features stained with the globs of sperm he had sprayed her with, and the clumps of her cum-stained blonde hair sticking to her face.

King wasn’t going to be too far behind. Grabbing Evelynn’s hips hard enough that his fingers were leaving scratches in her welted skin, he pushed his dick in as far as he could, filling her entire asshole, making it feel as if it was aflame. As Evelynn opened her eyes wide in pain, she could feel the hot liquid being shot inside her ass as King fucked her with longer and slower thrusts. Finally he withdrew, letting more than few drops of sperm drizzle out her asscrack.

“That was a good fuck” he said slapping her ass and pushing her hard towards Ahri. Although still in pain, Evelynn managed to find the resolve to embrace the cum-covered girl.

“Isn’t it sweet? the girls love each other so much.” One of the men taunted.

Evelynn closed her eyes in horror, holding her sobbing protege and lover against her, keeping her close and feeling her shuddering through her skin.

“That’s the fucking problem though, ain’t it?” of the their captor said with a dark look. “They aren’t supposed to be loving each other. They’re supposed to be too busy loving us.”

“Nah,” King said. “If they want to be loving each other, thats fine… but they’re going to give us a show while they do.”

Without any further pause for the two girls to recover, they grabbed at the two women. Ahri shrieked as she was pulled from Evelynn’s arms and tossed her away from her mentor. “Stay there whore,” the first man said said, and smiled when she frantically nodded, amused by how quickly these whores learned to obey or suffer.

“Same game… new round,” King said as he returned to his cameras. “Play along, or you’ll get to watch your lover get whipped half the death and assraped by everyone in the building until nothing is ever coming out of her mouth again but screams. You going to be a good girl?”

Evelynn stared at him, at his cruel smirk and his hard, soulless eyes and she knew she had to play along, at least for the time being. Of course, they would threaten not just her but Ahri… they knew her weakness now. She cared for the younger singer. Eve clenched her teeth, her entire body rebelling against what she was about to say… but what else could she do? “What I do?” she choked out in her accented English.

“That’s a good little dyke,” King said, smiling without mirth or mercy. “Then get on top of that cunt and play with her… start by licking the cum off her face, and then get your fingers up her cunt! You know what to do… don’t try to say you haven’t done it before…”

Eve looked over at her lover with pathetic eyes. [“I’m sorry,”] she whispered. It felt idiotic to apologize for something she was being forced to do… still, she hated it. Ahri was always the one who wanted to keep their relationship secret. Eve had understood, but she had grown out of caring what people thought of her… Image was far more important to the younger star than it was to her. And now their relationship was being recorded and broadcast for her humiliation. Still, there was nothing she could do about it, save for sentencing the woman to be beaten and whipped and then raped anyway. Still she hated being forced to assist in the poor girl’s further humiliation.

She must have hesitated a second too long, because one of the men grabbed a fistful of Evelynn’s pink hair and pushed the mentor towards her student. “Crawl to her bitch!” he ordered.

Swallowing hard, Evelynn got on her hands and knees and did as she was told, crawling towards the sobbing girl and then on top of her. Remembering the cruel instructions she was given she moved her face towards Ahri’s. Faced with what she was told to do, Eve hesitated for a moment…

A moment too long. “Aaah!” Evelynn cried into Ahri’s face as the strong man brought a heavy lash of his belt on her, leaving a red stripe on the teacher’s shapely back. The scream was soon followed by another and another as two other lashes landed on Evelynn’s asscheeks.

“Get to it!” King ordered, applauded by the cheering of other rapists.

This time Evelynn obeyed immediately, beginning to lick Ahri’s cum covered face. As she lowered her body, lying down on top of the girl, she could feel Ahri’s slender body trembling as the girl kept sobbing. The Evelynn’s welted tits pressed against Ahri’s more unblemished ones, sliding against them while the men cheered.

“Yeah!” the men yelled, enjoying the show before them, many of them stoking their cocks as they watched the lewd show.

“Keep licking whore!” King ordered.

Evelynn obeyed, moving her tongue in circles all over Ahri’s face although the taste of their cum almost made her sick. As hard as she tried, it seemed she was unable to completely lick of the sticky liquid out of her students face – not that she felt any difference as the taste of cum quickly filled her mouth, refusing to let go.

“That’s more like it!” King commented, watching the two popstar’s bodies entwine. “Give that whore a deep-tongue kiss! And you, Foxy… you want to get whipped? Don’t just lie there like a doll, that’s your lover playing with you. Show her some love!” He laughed. “Wrap those long legs around that other whore… or maybe we’ll decide you aren’t a dyke after all. How would you like it if we rammed a hard cock up your ass while someone whipping your fucking cunt?”

His threat inspired frantic obedience from the young blonde, Ahri obediently wrapped her legs behind Evelynn’s ass and slowly, hesitantly began moving her body, grinding her abused cunt against Evelynn’s thighs. Evelynn pressed her lips to the other girls’s mouth, first gently and then pushing her tongue into the girl’s mouth, the taste of cum there being even stronger than what Evelynn was already feeling. Fight with the revulsion caused by the horrid liquid and the very essence of the unnatural act Evelynn felt as if she was to break down sobbing. Many nights they had laid together, much like this… those memories felt polluted now, fouled by what they men were making them do… but she had to give them a show.

Ahri moan was muffled by her lover’s tongue in her mouth but still audible as the older woman’s fingers slid between her legs. The beautiful singer bucked her body in surprised pain as Evelynn’s fingers slid into her sore, cum-filled pussy. A number of whistles and cheers let Evelynn know that the men were watching, enjoying the show, but that certainly wasn’t cause for celebration… especially when one of the men stood forward, grabbed her hips and pushed his cock against her already raped ass.

Immediately, Evelynn raised her head up from the softly crying Ahri, her face already messy with the girls tears and stained with cum. [”No! We’re doing it you bastard!]

The man behind her snarled angrily, placing one hand against her back and forcing her down again, hard enough to make both her and Ahri groan in pain as their sensitive breasts were painfully crushed against each other. “You’ll shut up and do as you are told, cunt! And right now, we’re telling you to take it up the ass and keep the show going!”

Crying anew, there was little Evelynn could do but return to playing with Ahri’s body… at least they weren’t hurting her lover. It was something small… but it was there, even if it meant she needed to hurt her in a humiliating way instead. She pressed her lips against Ahri’s while driving her fingers into her lover’s swollen, aching pussy, feeling the sloppy cum already sprayed into the poor girl squelching under her fingers while Ahri squirmed in discomfort.

The man behind her did not waste much time. As soon as he saw that Evelynn had returned to her assigned task, he indulged himself immediately by brutally plunging his cock into her tight, sore ass. Eve screamed into Ahri’s mouth, her body bucking on top of the young girl, her fingers twisting reflexively inside the Korean superstar’s cunt, making the younger girl squeal in pain against the scream. Eve might have tried to pull back again, but her rapist was ahead of her, pushing his hand against the back of her head, keeping her locked in the forced kiss as he started to pound into her.

Eve could no longer concentrate on kissing Ahri, her lips being pushed against hers by the hand that kept her head in place while her body was rocking back and forth under the brutal thrusts that made her scream and scream and scream in agony. He was nowhere near as large as King had been… but after having been reamed out, her ass was all but glowing with agony, and what he lacked in size he made up in violence. His cock drilled into her at a manic pace, his flesh slapping against her asscheeks loudly while he moaned in absolute pleasure, her unwilling, clenching asshole milking and massaging his cock while she suffered underneath him.

The only mercy was that, at that pace, the man didn’t last long. The feeling of the tight asshole gripping the man’s cock, combined with the incredibly arousing sight of two hot females fucking each other while they suffered, were enough to push him over the edge after just a few minutes of hard pounding. “Oh yes, you gook bitch! Milk my dick! Make me cum in your tight ass!” he yelled as his cock began shooting cum into the legendary popstar’s tight and sore fuckhole… but after few first drops he withdrew his dick, spraying his load all over Evelynn’s ass and lower back.

When he stepped away, Evelynn was unable to hold a small moan of relief, which made the woman only blush with shame as she heard her rapists laugh at her. Still she did not stop kissing, touching and groping of her lover, hoping that if she gives a good performance no one else would abuse either of them for a bit. Of course, it wasn’t to be. Soon another man, a large, fat man with biker tattoos all up and down his arms took his place behind Evelynn.

On and on it went. After six more assrapes and nearly an hour, they decided that Evelynn’s ass had gotten too sloppy, was dripping too much cum, and King flung her down to the bed, dragging Ahri on top of her, whipping her until she started finger her mentor’s ass and cunt while kissing her just the same. Then it was her turn to get raped up her ass anyone, despite all Evelynn had done to delay it.

The videos of Ahri and Evelynn being raped only stayed up on K/DA’s official Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, and Youtube account for just a few minutes each before they were taken down… but it was enough. There was no one in the world with access to a keyboard or a phone who didn’t know what had happed to the band. The video was posted a few more times by the criminals before he stopped, but by then it had been downloaded tens of thousands of times, and it was being constantly reuploaded all over the internet.

Most of the comments were supportive and concerned, pleas to the police or the captors. Not all of them, though… and those King enjoyed reading to Evelynn and Ahri as the day-long gangrape of the two girls wound down. “What did they think was going to happen, dressing like whores for the whole world?” King read as two men used Ahri’s hair to jack off onto her face, spilling their cum across her cheeks. “Of course someone was going to rape them the first chance they got. Bitches were asking for it?”

“Not so high and mighty now, are you Deeva?” King quoted another user as the pink-haired popstar was on her back, getting her welt-covered tits crushed around his cock. “Been waiting twenty years for someone to put you in your place finally.”

He laughed as he read the next comment while Ahri was licking the cum out of Evelynn’s asshole. “Did they capture Akali too?” The commenter has asked. “These two sluts are too ugly for me. Hope they show us that little girl’s tits.”

“Fake!” Another user proclaimed. He enjoyed mocking them as he watched the two kissing on hands and knees while both had their pussies pounded from behind. “Sad to see what whores will do for attention. Watch them show up to their next concert naked.”

There were more than enough comments to keep them being mocked all night… but eventually the girls were too out of it to appreciate the mockery any longer. After uploading a few last pictures, King had the two girls hosed down before tossing them back into the cell for the night, enjoying the horrified looks on Akali and Kai’sa’s face as they saw the state the girls were being returned in.

“See you tomorrow, sluts,” he said, smiling. “We have more plans for you all. Time to start the bidding.” He laughed as he closed the door on them, heading up the stairs with a grin on his face. These whores were going to make him rich…

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