Finding Avalon – 8

Three Months Later

It was amazing the sorts of things a person could get used to.

Merielle would never have thought that a life of horrifying sexual slavery could become banal — but after three months of suffering through it, it almost had. The Mists of Avalon followed a very simple set of rules, rules that had been beaten into her on her first days there: do as you were told, or be punished. The sex was horrific… but the punishments were so, so much worse. Even more, Mordred had been calling her to his chambers most days, and after the things that monster did to her, most of her trainers seemed gentle.

The routine was simple. The club was open and running 24 hours a day, but Merielle wasn’t allowed to be a normal whore, no… that was something she had to aspire to. No girl was on the floor the whole time… they worked in shifts. A girl would spend six hours at a time getting raped by any customer who liked the look of her before being sent out of the club to see the trainers. If they had been good, they would merely get fucked and made to exercise, but if there was any discipline or further training coming to them, Mistress Yuki would be there… that was how they knew that they had fucked up. After the nogitsune or the trainers had finished with the selkie, they could eat, see to their appearance and maintenance, and sleep… until the next day, when they would start the whole cycle over and over again. Every day, for as long as they lived.

Merielle wasn’t one of them. The Mists of Avalon, Mistress Yuki had made very clear to her, had standards to be lived up to. It wasn’t, in her words, about merely being a sexy set of holes… men could buy girls prettier than her at the Paradisium or a dozen other places for cheaper than they paid to step foot into this club. That was because they weren’t buying untrained slavegirls… they were renting the most skilled, most experienced, best trained whores on the planet. One of Mordred’s girls was trained for an average of five decades before Mistress considered her ready. In that time, a normal slave-girl or the men who’d bought her would both be dead or decrepit… but both the vampire and his girls were ageless. There was nothing to stop someone else from trying to reproduce his business, save that he had more than a century of a head start, and that most couldn’t afford to wait fifty or more years for their investment to even begin making money.

Merielle wasn’t being sold, no… she spent her days being trained. An endless set of lessons and practice in seduction, language, etiquette, and sex… so much sex. When she had been pulled from the ocean, she had been a virgin. Now she knew more about fucking than any ten normal women… and if she kept up that pace for another three decades, Mistress might decide to show mercy and consider her sufficient.

It was, in a way, a mercy. She had seen one of the customers bring in a girl bearing a tattoo of her forehead… had seen them and a few of their friends and the trainers fuck and torture her to death for fun, and the way she understood it such things weren’t uncommon in the world, as horrifying as it was to think of. Here, the amount of training a selkie or dryad got made her valuable. She could last for centuries, but it would take decades to replace her… the kinds of casual mutilation she had seen on some of the other slavegirls men brought through this place didn’t happen. As long as they beat Merielle with anything but iron, it wouldn’t leave a mark after just hours.

After three months, she was well into her training. She could speak conversationally in three languages now, and take orders in a dozen more, and she could hold her breath for five minutes while a man fucked her throat. She could sing, kiss, caress, and her pussy was even tighter now than it had been when she was a virgin after all the practice she had done squeezing. She could dance, carry drinks, and milk a cock with her asshole so well that her rapist wouldn’t even have to pump.

They didn’t care how much she cried at night, how much she pressed her blankets against herself… fondly imagining it was her skin, and that soon she would be able to swim far, far away. Those things didn’t matter to them… only that she was learning to please their customers.

Just because she wasn’t being sold, however, didn’t mean she wasn’t given a reason to feel like a whore every day. It was how they tested her progress. Instead of selling her body, they could give her away to one of the important customers after he finished with a real whore… and he would compare her to what he’d just finished using, or sometimes, she would be sent out first as an appetizer. The words of the customer were always taken as truth, and dictated what her training would look like for the rest of the day. Her training, Mistress had said, would end when the man wasn’t sure which one was the whore he’d been sent… when she was just one more interchangeable, perfect fucktoy.

Merielle stood at the railing, watching the play of lights across the balconies and the walls, seeing other selkies doing the same. They were looking for the color combination that would let her know that someone had bought them — ordered her like a meal off a menu. Nothing as crass as an audio call or having someone sent to fetch a girl… if someone came for you, you had done something wrong. It was the responsibility of each girl to look for their call. The sorrowful selkie watched for her own… not an indicator that she’d been sold, but a summon to serve a customer nevertheless. Red Green Red. Red Green Red.

Watching for that combination of lights had also been beaten into her in her first weeks… the penalty of missing one, or refusing to come when called, was not pretty. She had never disobeyed deliberately — she had just missed a sign once, but the punishment was the same. She had been taken down to the bathrooms. From what she was told, some human clubs had a penchant for having disgusting rooms dedicated to their bodily functions, but nothing so crude or crass for the rich patrons of this club. Instead, she had a gag, made of burning iron no less, forced into her mouth that kept her mouth open and exposed, and she was tied along one of the walls on her knees with two other girls who were there to be punished. From there, men were free to do whatever they liked with her mouth — all day.

Girls in that position were likely to get face-fucked dozens of times, but that was the least of what they could expect. The first time a man had shoved his dick in her mouth and pissed, Merielle had thought she was going to be sick — but that hadn’t stopped the next man from doing the same thing to her. More than once, a man would approach her and turn around, have her lick his ass clean, wiping away the disgusting mess with her tongue while he played with her tits — but she had done it. Any disobedience and she would have to spend another day here — and after the first twenty minutes, Merielle had been absolutely, desperately sure that she would do anything, anything at all, to never ever be back here.

She’d reaffirmed that belief the next eight times she’d been sent there as punishment… each time for a different failure. None of them she had ever made again.

Below her, she watched Maeve get fucked by an obese pig from behind on a couch. Across the club, she saw Lira, her blonde hair catching the shifting light perfectly as she was fucked between a pair of black men, their dark skin contrasting sharply with her own incredibly pale complexion. Just behind her, she could hear the gagging noises — fake, Merielle felt sure — as a dryad named Diana facefucked herself on a man reclining in relaxation while he chatted with his friends, all of them waiting their turn to have the pretty, green-skinned girl slobbering on their own cocks.

She had done that yesterday — blowbangs like that, or so they called them, were pretty common. It had been six men for her, having her move between sucking them off while stroking their cocks with both hands. More than one man had been impatient and started jerking off with her hair — it had left her a mess. At least none of them had fucked her, though… that had been for the real whore who had shown up afterward. She hadn’t been that lucky an hour later when she had been summoned to one of the private rooms — most of the calls were to the club, but occasionally a client had paid for the use of a room. That was generally bad news. Sometimes it was because they were just too shy to fuck in public, but more often it was because they wanted something gross, messy, or violent. This bastard certainly had — he had begun by clipping her tits together with a short chain before fucking them while pushing needles into the other side. After he had finished skewering her with needles, he had seriously crushed her breasts around his length until she had fainted, waking up with his cum on her face and his cock deep in her ass.

She squirmed uncomfortably at the memory. At least her ass had had time to recover from the brothers earlier in the week. The two of them came in once or twice a week and Merielle had seen them before, but this time they had called her over. They always took her together — but they never had both fucked her ass at once before. She had been screaming the whole time that it wouldn’t fit — but it had. They had made it fit, and her tears be damned.

Most of her rapists — she wouldn’t bring herself to think of them as customers that she was being given as a sample to — were significantly less memorable. Even her first hadn’t been much worse than average, and she probably would have forgotten him altogether by now if he hadn’t been the first to introduce her to this life. As she looked around the club, at the faces of men half hidden in the shadows and strobing lights, she couldn’t tell if that any of them were among the ones who had raped her already or not.

Red, green, red.

Merielle tensed despite herself. It might have been almost routine, but that didn’t make it easier in the least. She waited to see where on the balconies her colors appeared again, slowly circling the pool in the middle, looking up and down until she found them. At least it wasn’t the bar. Somehow, having to serve these animals refreshment before serving them with her body made the latter even more degrading.

The men who had hired her were clearly celebrating something, from the bottles of wine already empty on the table when she arrived, but they weren’t in a big hurry to get started with her. One of them, a strong, tall blonde man, pulled her into their booth with them, squeezing her between them, and the two of them proceeded to play with her tits and finger her for a half an hour while they talked. By the time they pushed her down over the table and fucked her from both sides, it was almost a relief — at least she was wet for them.

When they finished, however, she caught sight of Mistress Yuki standing by the balcony railing, waiting for her, and her blood ran cold. Having the nogitsune come for you was not a good sign — while she designed the training sessions, and frequently helped carry them out, she generally only came to get girls individually for one of two reasons. Either you had made a serious mistake and someone had complained about you, or Mordred wanted you. Neither meant anything good for your future.

Merielle was horrified of Mordred, and that horror had grown no less strong over the last months — if anything, the more time she spent in his presence, the more he terrified her. There was something dead behind his eyes, the utter lack of a soul. Others in this place, the patrons, the trainers — they would hurt her to teach her a lesson, or for their pleasure. Mordred would hurt her simply to see her suffer, even when he got nothing for it, even when he needed nothing. He could kill her, and proceed to sit down to watch the rest of the night from his chair like nothing at all had happened. It would have been like he looked right through her if he wasn’t looking for her specifically each time… and always he called her by that name. Briaca.

Merielle had no more idea who that was now that she had the first night… but if she had gotten the vampire’s attention in the past, Merielle felt nothing but pity for the girl.

“Apparently you still can’t suck a cock,” Mistress Yuki said with a sneer, and despite herself, Merielle let out a relieved breath. Spending a few hours being tortured by the fox or one of the trainers was far better than learning that Mordred had summoned her again, and so early in the night — she would rather be back in the bathrooms if she thought it would help her avoid it. Still… really? She’d felt sure she had done that well…

“Since you still can’t learn to do such a trivial task,” her Mistress continued, “I’ve arranged some extra education for you.” The beautiful fox girl glared at her for a second longer before turning and walking off. “Follow.”

Merielle supposed she could refuse and just stand there… but it would be a futile gesture. She wouldn’t ask this nicely again, and the selkie would only make it worse for herself. Sighing, she followed after the nogitsune, a prisoner in her own skin.

Mistress Yuki led her out of the club and down one of the halls, her tails sticking close together as they swayed around her ankles. She stopped in front of a door and opened it, and Merielle began to tremble at the number of voices she heard talking in the room — it sounded like at least half a dozen men. Mistress looked back at her, sneered and waved forward in exasperation, waiting for Merielle to step into the room and see the ten men lounging on a pair of couches, every one of them turning to look at the pretty selkie as she stepped into the room.

There was no uniform or outfit for the trainers here at mists — on the rare occasion they needed to interact with a guest they would wear a suit, but the rest of the time they were free to look however they wanted. The ten men were dressed casually, wearing clothing like Cieran had been wearing when he had captured her back by her home. Their chatter died when they saw Merielle walk into their midst, appreciating the sexy redhead as she stood before them naked.

“You boys know what to do,” the fox said, closing the door and leaning back against it, ears twitching as she followed the sounds of the men rising from their seats. “No one cums anywhere but in her mouth.”

“Look what we have here boys,” one of them said, the blonde man she knew as Russ. She hadn’t seen him since her first day here. “This slut sucked cock fine her first night, so it seems like she’s just lazy now.” He chuckled as he walked over, reached down, and grabbed Merielle by the hair, arching her head back.

“We’ll have to teach her some enthusiasm,” another said, walking behind her and shoving her from the back. Another of the men caught her, holding her, squeezing her breasts while she gasped before shoving her again into the arms of another man circling her, yanking her hair from Russ’s grip. Only a few pushes in, Merielle was staggering, dizzy and confused — if she wasn’t constantly being either shoved or pushed, she wouldn’t have been able to stay on her feet. The men grabbed at her, squeezing, holding her neck, her hair, her tits, shoving their fingers into her pussy and ass and mouth.

At last, she collapsed to her knees, and it was shocking the speed at which she had a cock buried in her mouth — she couldn’t even think to protest first. He fucked her face for a few thrusts before shoving her to the side, another man pushing into her mouth… and then another, then another. Her wrists were grabbed, her hands forced onto additional shafts even as she was forced to suck on one man after the other, being given no time to make any progress towards making one of her rapists cum before she was pulled away.

Ten men were a lot to please with just her mouth — it wasn’t long before her hips were grabbed and she was pulled into a bent over position, her balanced threatened with each move of the men around her. If her head and shoulders and arms and hips weren’t all being held by strong hands, she would have certainly tumbled to the floor. Then she was being double fucked, one of the men slamming his cock home into her tight cunt while a rotating cast of the men fucked her face brutally.

Merielle was amazed at how fast and hard they used her — enough that they should have worked their way up to cumming in just a few minutes, but with how they rotated each gave the other plenty of time to calm down and recover, making it impossible to get one of them to finish. Her hands slid up and down the slick shafts of the men who would be next to rape her — Merielle had to be her own fluffer, preparing them, making them hard so they could fuck her brutally when it came on their turn. It was all a blur, Merielle could only grunt and squeal as she was pounded roughly over and over. She could make out the men cheering each other on, but their words, their instructions, everything but their lust was lost on the poor, abused selkie.

Then a man wasn’t in her mouth anymore, and the nogitsune was kneeling in front of her. “You’re going to have to do better than that, little slut,” she said calmly, the sheer lack of excitement or care or venom or anything at all in her icy tone enough to make Merielle shiver. “You can’t rely on that tight, sweet cunt of yours to carry you though… not tonight. They’re only going to cum after you make them with your mouth… so if you don’t start putting some real effort in, you’ll be here all night.” She almost tenderly brushed a strand of red hair out of her mouth.

Then Mistress Yuki suddenly smiled. “I know you can do it,” she said softly, and there was some warmth in her voice when she said it. Merielle’s eyes widened, but then she was gone, replaced by another man as he took advantage of her open, shocked mouth to begin to fuck her again.

By now she was used to licking her pussy off of their dicks, but it got worse as the men started to take her ass instead. Merielle could only wail in pain and throw herself into sucking hard on the cocks, sucking her ass off of one when its owner finally, blessedly came. The selkie swallowed hungrily, desperately, but then he was gone — and then there were nine.

The men didn’t seem to do any real training at the moment — they just wanted to rape her stupid. It didn’t matter… she had to try her hardest, throw herself into the effort with everything she had each time a man was in her mouth to try to push him over the edge while he deigned to be there. She was tossed around like a doll between them, fucked in all her holes, but she sucked at them hard, fucking her face on them harder than they could have fucked her throat themselves. Merielle raped her own throat until she was light in the head and dizzy and her vision had constricted down to a tunnel… but she had made six of them cum now. The selkie tried to block the voices from her head as they chanted and yelled encouragements to one another. She didn’t know how long they had been using her for, besides that it had to be hours — she felt like her body had been ground to paste between rocks. She couldn’t count how many times she had been fucked, been slapped, had her nipples twisted, her ass spanked — but she counted every single cock that came. Seven… Eight… Nine…

Nine of the ten men sat on the couch, laughing and smiling and talking as the tenth man used her. Without any others to hold her, any others to serve, Merielle had fallen to her back. Her hands held her bruised tits, crushing them around her tenth rapist’s length while he thrust between them. With each thrust, the head of his shaft would come up far enough to brush against her lips and Merielle would bob her exhausted head, swallowing as much of him as she could, trying to caress him with as much of her tongue as she could on each thrust. “Please cum,” she whimpered between thrusts. “Please cum. Please cum. Please cum…”

Then he grabbed her hair and shifted up to sit on her tits as he facefucked her for six savage thrusts until burying himself down her throat and cumming. And then it was over.

Something pressed against her cunt, and Merielle opened her eyes to see Mistress standing over her, her foot between the girl’s legs. She had taken off her heels and was rubbing her big toe up and down the selkie’s cunt, the hole sloppy and glistening from sheer self-preservation after the last hundred cocks having taken her. The trembling girl closed her eyes again.

Despite herself, it felt good… no one but the other slave girls here ever touched her besides to hurt her. Every time she looked at Mistress Yuki, she still felt a little electric jolt through her body… the woman was gorgeous and every, almost magnetically so. Not even her cruelty could hide it. If she would only be kind, Merielle was sure she would have done anything the beautiful fox asked — but slave herself or not, the woman was so cold. She had been desperate to have the woman touch her this way, even for a second — even if she had been reluctant to admit it even to herself.

“Good girl,” the nogitsune said, and Merielle shivered again. A smile crossed the Asian woman’s face. “But you want to make me happy?” She pulled her foot back from her sex, and Merielle gave a faint groan. “He also complained you didn’t swallow.”

Merielle’s eyes widened. “But… I did! Mistress, I did!”

The men all seemed to laugh at that. “Mistress,” one of them snickered.

The nogitsune, however, just knelt. “I know you did — you’re a good little slut, aren’t you?” Despite herself, Merielle nodded, eyes still wide. “But the customer complained that it seemed like you didn’t even like cum, so you’re going to have to make it right… won’t you?”

Merielle felt like she was going to start crying again. “Yes, yes, I will, I will…”

Mistress Yuki nodded. “Then we’ve just got one more thing to do…” she gestured to the men, who rose again, already stroking their cocks. Merielle felt the fear in her gut as she tried to look away, but no matter where she looked she could see the men starting to surround her again, see all the long, hard cocks ready to abuse her more.

“Look up at them, sweetie,” Mistress said, the ice in her voice back. One of them knelt and rubbed the head of his dick across the selkie’s face. Her wide eyes looked up at Russ’s grinning face as she felt the head of his cock rest on his cheek, the man already beginning to groan as he rubbed his prick.

Merielle closed her eyes just in time to avoid getting the thick load of sperm in them, her trainer groaning in pleasure as his cock exploded and burst on her face. An enormous glob of cum filled her eye socket and ran across her cheek as the trainer continued to grunt in pleasure, milking every last drop of semen on Merielle’s smooth, delicate skin. “Ahhh. That’s it, boys, that’s how to do it…” he groaned.

“Just like that,” the dark fox agreed. “Cover the whore in cum.”

The nogitsune certainly didn’t need to encourage them more. The rest of the trainers converged on her in a forest of jerked cocks. Grabbing onto her crimson hair and using the silky locks to stroke their cocks seemed to be especially popular. After just a minute Merielle’s face was covered with a thick mask of sperm. The hot, white goo covered her skin, it was streaked through her hair and ran in streams from her chin down to pool in the hollow of her throat. Others chose to cum on her tits instead, making it run in lines down her nipples and gather between the mounds of her tits.

Merielle wanted to be sick as she felt all the sperm dripping off her face down over her body. She knew she must look a disgusting mess and she didn’t know how she’d ever get it all out of her hair. It felt like it had to be more than just the ten guys who came on her — for all she knew, once she had closed her eyes her Mistress had brought in a dozen more — but she was just happy when it finally stopped. No more hot slime rained down on her, no more cocks rubbed on her, and she was left to sob on the floor silently.

“Good work boys,” Mistress Yuki complimented. “Now I know you all have other cunts to teach a lesson tonight. Get out of here.” Merielle heard the men talking as they left, heard the door close… then she felt a pair of fingers on her pussy. Strong, slim fingers — Yuki’s fingers. “Don’t you look pretty…” the nogitsune said softly. There was little mockery in her voice now — instead, there was a precious sliver of warmth or maybe even sympathy, and Merielle grasped onto it like a shipwrecked sailor to a life raft. “Are you proud of yourself, making your masters happy like that?” she whispered, continuing to finger the selkie’s cunt. “I’m proud of you, you precious little selkie whore. Aren’t you proud?”

Merielle swallowed. “Yes, mistress.” She felt warmth in her cunt, an almost foreign sensation… she had felt tickles of pleasure throughout her time, but the men had always been more than happy to hurt her and rob her of what little pleasure she could take from being violated. Now, however…

“I bet you are,” Mistress Yuki agreed, murmuring. “Now… open your eyes for me, and look at the mess you had these boys make.”

Merielle trembled. She felt like her eyes were glued together, and she didn’t even try to open them — instead, she just lay there, covered in cum and trying to submerge herself in the sensations coming from her cunt. Then the fox grabbed onto her clit, and the selkie froze. Her nails dug into it – not deeply, but threateningly. If she applied any pressure, it would go from unpleasantly intense to agonizing in an instant. The ice was back in Yuki’s voice. “I said look at this mess, cunt!”

Merielle’s eyes snapped open at Yuki’s anger. Instantly her eyes started to burn as she opened her lids. The cum hung on her lashes and went into her eyes as she blinked them frantically. She couldn’t see anything, and everything was a blur, the sperm filling her eye sockets as tears flooded out, trying hopelessly to clear her clogged vision.

“Now thank me,” Yuki commanded. “Thank me for taking the time to teach you.”

The selkie coughed. “Th-thank you, Mistress,” she whispered. As soon as she opened her mouth to speak, the trainer’s cum ran over her lips and into her mouth.

She couldn’t be sure, but she thought the nogitsune smiled. “That’s a good girl… but we’re not done yet.” The shadow of the fox moved, gesturing down at her as she continued playing with the selkie’s pussy. “You’ve got to clean up your mess — it’s all over you, all over the floor…” She traced a finger through the pits of Merielle’s eyes, scooping up the cum laying there while she blinked onto her finger and feeding it into the selkie’s mouth for her to swallow before going back for more, and more, again and again until she could see again. “Lick it up for me, and you’ll be done. I promise.”

A shudder went through Merielle’s frame — she didn’t want to do it, but…

Slowly, she rose, blinking her eyes, and on her hands and knees she began to lick at the cum on the floor like her mistress had told her. It was a pointless gesture. There was no way she could actually lick it all up, not enough to make it clean… but Mistress Yuki had told her to do it, so Merielle obeyed as best she could. Ignoring for now the cum plastered to her tits and hair and face, she licked at the floor, wanting to be sick as she sucked the globs of semen off the dirty carpet but doing it anyway. Only after she was done did she get onto her knees and began to rub her hands over her breasts, collecting the men’s seed and licking it off her hands while silent tears fell. She repeated the process for her cheeks… her nose… her forehead… and finally her lips.

“Don’t forget your hair, sweet thing,” Yuki whispered into her ear. Gulping, trying to swallow the taste, Merielle grabbed at a thickly coated strand of her hair and, after a moment of considerations, put it into her mouth, sucking it clean as best she could before moving onto another one.

“There’s more on top,” Yuki reminded her after she finished. Merielle tried to find it, but she couldn’t — her hair just felt like a mess to her, and the thought of what kind of sloppy, ruined tangle it must look like made her sob.

“I… I can’t find it…” she cried. “Can… you help me, mistress?”

Yuki chuckled. “You want me to help a filthy whore like you clean up her mess? Alright, Red… but only if you beg.”

For just a second, the humiliation was secondary to the relief that Mistress Yuki had agreed to help her. “Please help this filthy whore clean up her mess,” she whispered. Her voice only broke once.

Merielle wasn’t sure what she had expected. Probably that Yuki would run her fingers through her hair and feed it to her again as she had earlier. Instead, the nogitsune leaned down and began to lick at her hair — running her own tongue through it, finding the cum that Merielle had either missed or been unable to reach and lapping it up while the selkie knelt there, afraid to even move lest she break whatever fragile spell had come over the gorgeous fox… unwilling to move while she continued to lick. At last, Mistress came around and held Merielle’s cheeks in both hands… and then pressed a kiss against her mouth. Her eyes went wide with shock as the nogitsune pushed what she had gathered onto her tongue directly… but she barely tasted it at all over the taste of spice in the exotic woman’s mouth and the softness of her lips.

She gasped as Mistress Yuki pulled back, stroking her cheek for a second before releasing them. “Swallow,” she commanded. Merielle did, breathing hard. “Stand up. And follow me.”

Yuki didn’t take her to back to the floor as she had half expected — nor did she take her to the public baths or the dormitory. Instead, the nogitsune lead her through some hallways she had never seen before, down and down, deeper into the club than she had ever gone. She didn’t explain where they were going, and Merielle didn’t ask, didn’t say a word — she just followed, almost hypnotized by the sway of her tails as they all went back and forth. The floor got dirtier, the walls and carpet older, the lights more yellow, flickering more often, but still she went further until she turned a corner and reached a door with peeling red paint. Yuki opened it and beckoned her inside.

It was a bedroom. Yuki’s bedroom, obviously… and it was disgusting. Oh, it had luxuries in it that Merielle could only dream of… a closet of clothing kept clean, a real bed, private quarters and a private bath — and yet the room was crumbling. The light didn’t work when Yuki hit the switch, and she only made a small sigh of disgust before reaching for a candle on the dresser and lighting it with a match. The walls were crumbling and unadorned, and something was leaking onto the floor… one of the corners of the room was black with mold, and the whole place smelled.

Merielle wouldn’t have traded her dormitory bunk for it. It was a far cry from the lavish rooms Mordred had to his name or the even the lounge she was just in… Yuki might be the single most valuable, most veteran slave here, but Mordred had her living in squalor. After knowing him even these last three months, Merielle felt sure that was an intentional slight, an insult from the monster that she needed to suffer.

Still, Mistress Yuki headed to the bath and began filling it with hot water. At least that worked. Eyes wide, she watched as the dark haired woman finished filling the bath, but instead of getting into it, she gestured for Merielle to. The water was hot… almost too hot, but that was exactly what she wanted right now — to finish cleaning the filth off of her, to make her abused muscles stop aching. She dunked her head beneath the surface, and when she came back up the fox’s hands were in her crimson hair, working soap into it. It was all too much. Merielle began to sob.

She expected her cruel trainer to mock her. The woman had been nothing but cold the entire time she had been here, cold and condescending and cruel… but now she just held the selkie’s head while she cried, never saying a word. Merielle wasn’t sure how long she cried for before she stopped and Mistress Yuki began to wash her hair again — but when she did, she finally spoke. “Master Mordred will call for you in the morning,” she said in an empty tone, her words lacking any emotion. They still made Merielle’s neck and shoulders tense, and the nogitsune put her hands on them, rubbing them, pressuring the tension away. “You’re the only girl he takes into his quarters, ever,” she continued. “If I asked you to do something for me — something that would make me happy — would you do it?”

Merielle turned her head. Yuki was looking right into her. Her eyes seemed to glow as she stared into her — the cold blue of her gaze captivating and as deep as the sea beneath the icecaps. Right then, if she had asked, the selkie would have tried to bring her golden apples from Tir na Nog.

She didn’t say anything, didn’t nod, but she didn’t need to… Yuki understood the look in her eyes. The nogitsune smiled, and that smile made her feel warmer than the entire bath of hot water had. “There’s something he keeps there that I need you to bring me…”


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