The Vacant Throne: Character Art and Covers

Cover of Book One: Revenant
Drawn by Genex
Cover of Book 2: Spectre
Drawn by Genex
Cover of Book 3: Goddess
Drawn by Genex
Alassiel, Chapter 15, Spectre

Alassiel Le’lorinel – Female Elf, 83 years old. Former Archdruid of the Caladwen. Former pupil of Sirae. Alassiel Le’lorinel is an elvish phrase that translates roughly to “To you as to me.”

AKA Lissa – Her birthname, translates as Sweet Breeze
Aka Athuum – Given to her by Lahk, translates as sewage.

Leriel – Female Elf, 38 years old. Initiate Druid of Caladwen. Former pupil of Alassiel. Druid on the Viridian Dream. The name Leriel translates as “Willow Tree.”

Alissandra – Female Erinyes, 1048 years old. A fallen angel seductress sworn to Kardas. Her name is a corruption of Alexandra, translating as Protector of Mankind.


Human Male, 26 years old. Son of Sanguinar, High Priest of his church. Wielder of the sword Blackwand.


Male Dwarf, 75 years old. Lahk’s bodyguard, and a skilled warrior. Impatient and violent.


Male Human, 38 years old. Wizard. He is a thrall to Lahk, his soul contained in a vessal that Lahk possesses.


Male Human, 27 years old. Lahk’s half-brother, a priest in the temple of Sanguinar


Female Elf, 144 years old. Captain of the Viridian Dream. Taken by Helios as a slave.


Male Human, 54 years old. Former Archmage of the Royal Family of Silas.


Male Human, 21 years old. Warrior, apprentice wizard beneath Shevarn.


Female Elf, 426 years old. Steward of the throne of Caladwen, legendary elf warrior.

Cerec – Avatar, age unknown. The Avatar of the spirit of Blackwand.

Gods of the Veil

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