Finding Avalon – Chapter 10

No night in this place was an easy one… but some were worse than others. Being told that you were going to be an appetizer for a party was one of the worst. The one she had seen Maeve be in on her first night in this club had been one of the most brutal things Merielle had ever seen, but the fact that there had been multiple girls for it had taken a bit of the edge off, sharing the abuse around. The worst was when a group of men, looking for something to take the edge off, borrowed one of the trainees.

Merielle shivered when she went to her first assignment of the night and noticed the group of men waiting for her. The three of them were huge… each of them at least a foot taller than her, and built like trolls with huge slabs of muscle. Large men were always the worst… they always wanted to use their strength, make her feel like she was being fucked by a train. One of them was bad enough… but three? She wanted badly to turn around and run, but it wouldn’t do her any good. Instead, like a lamb to the slaughter, she walked onward, stopping in front of the leering men.

“Well aren’t you a pretty thing?” one of them said. “Even prettier than she looked in the picture.”

“Tom did say she was a hot one,” another man said coming up in front of her. She was naked as ever, so the men could leer at her body directly.

One of the men slapped her. Merielle cried out softly, and he held her face, slapping her again, grinning as he saw her tears start to fall. “He said she looked gorgeous when she cried. Glad to see he wasn’t lying.” He covered her mouth, silencing the whimpers that the selkie was beginning to make. “Shut up, whore… we’ll give you something to cry about soon enough.”

“Mmmmmph…” she moaned into one of their hands, while another man walked around behind her and wrapped his hand around her throat, squeezing.

“Whores don’t need to breathe,” the guy choking her hissed into her ear as she squirmed in their grip. Merielle tried to fight them off – after some of the things Mordred had done to her, she was horrified when she couldn’t breathe – but they just seemed to enjoy that. “They need cock. That’s what they need to live… isn’t that right, Ian?”

“Sure is,” Ian confirmed, keeping his hand over her mouth, his other hand pawing at her tight body while she squirmed in the other man’s grip. “What was this bitch’s name again, Paul?”

“Merielle, I think,” the third man, Paul, said. He was the only one not to have stood up, and he was the biggest of the three. “Not like it matters. Her name is Fleshlight as far as I’m concerned.”

“Time to have some fun with you, Merielle,” Ian menacingly hissed into her ear. “Let her breathe, Marcus. My dad’s not going to pay for us killing another accidentally.”

As if reluctant, Marcus loosed his grip on her throat, letting the selkie gasp in a breath. “More than the whore deserves,” he said. He was pretty clearly the biggest of the three, but it seemed that Ian was the one in charge – probably the one who had paid for her.

“Get her over here,” Ian called out to the other two, and they each grabbed her under one of her arms, yanking her up off the ground and dragging her into the circle of benches and couches where the three had set up. Merielle kicked despite herself, despite knowing it wouldn’t help. She wasn’t worried about being punished for it – the kind of men that wanted a girl for this kind of violent gangrape didn’t mind when a girl fought.

These ones, however, seemed to take it as an invitation to use it as an excuse to hurt her. As she was pushed forward, Marcus pushed her the back of the head. She cried and stumbled forward, and he gripped her arms, holding her exposed and letting Ian and Paul take turns punching her in the stomach.

Merielle wailed between gasping breaths and sobs. It just kept running through her head that they had apparently already killed another selkie here… and if they killed her, they would just have to pay for her. To them, she was just a disposable, replaceable fucktoy. Suddenly, the thought of getting gang-raped by the three of them seemed like it could get so much worse if she didn’t play along.

“Tie her up and get her on the couch,” Ian ordered the others. Paul grabbed Merielle and threw her on the cushions. The couched had been folded out to make a bed, and she was tossed down onto it. He proceeded to hold her down while Marcus grabbed some rope from one of the bins of supplies and tied her hands together. Then he and Ian spread her legs as wide as they could before doing the same to them, tying them off to the legs of the couch.

“I’m looking forward to this slut,” Ian said as he leaned over her. “Your body is just waiting for someone like us to treat it right,” he hissed as he groped her, playing with her heaving breasts and her shaved cunt. “And I mean to treat it really right…” He finished speaking as he yanked off his clothing and climbed between her bound legs.

“No panties on this slut, not like one of the girls at school,” Marcus said. “Guess I’ll have to improvise.” He started to undress, pulling off one of his socks and stuffing them past her mouth. Merielle gagged… they tasted unbelievably foul, and they reeked. She tried to spit them out, but he crammed his second sock in right after the first, holding her mouth painfully open and full, and she couldn’t get the thick gag of fabric to budge. And then she cried out into her gag as with no delays whatsoever Ian lined his dick up with Merielle’s tight pussy, sliding into her and beginning to rape her.

“Pretty little whores think they’re too good for us,” Ian spat as he sawed his dick in and out of her cunt, her legs unconsciously trying to kick out at him as he roughly fucked her raw hole. The sudden penetration was agonizing – the selkie was given no time to adjust, no time to let her pussy juice up to defend itself. Instead, he just pounded in savagely right from the start. “Pretty little whores think they can say no… but you can’t say no now, can you bitch?”

“You talking about this slut, Ian? Or you still mad about Allison?” Marcus said with a chuckle.

“Shut the fuck up,” he hissed. “If I had my way, I’d have them grab her and have her on her back here 24 hours a day. I wonder how she’d like taking a mile of cock an hour… would teach that dumb, frigid cosplay cunt a lesson.”

Paul and Marcus both chuckled before bending down, attacking one of her breasts each with their hands and mouths, sucking and biting down on her nipples. “MMMPPPPPHHH! MMMMPPPPPHHHH!” Merielle cried out into the sock gag, squirming in pain. Already her pussy felt like it was on fire, and this was just the beginning… these men were going to be brutally and repeatedly gangraping her for hours. It was just going to get worse and worse, and Merielle wasn’t sure if she could stand it. Then, as Ian continued to pound away at her snatch, she saw the glint of steel – Marcus had pulled out a knife.

An iron knife.

He ran it up her breast, the sharp edge kissing her softly. The selkie had frozen, afraid to move, but the power of Ian’s rape-thrusts kept her tits bouncing, pushing into the knife over and over, scraping against the sharp edge. Merielle’s eyes were as big as saucers as she forced her head up to keep watching the knife.

“Just be careful Marcus,” Paul warned. “Ian said you have the pay for any damage this time.”

“It would be worth it,” Marcus said darkly – but he did pull the knife away, tossing it to land on one of the chairs as Ian continued to hurt her with his cock.

“I can see why this one is going to be popular,” Ian grunted as he forced himself into her again. “The bitch is a tight one. Too bad she won’t be anymore by the time we get through with her.” He sank his dick balls-deep inside of her, punching her in the stomach abruptly. Merielle would have doubled over if she could have… instead, all she did was tighten her pussy as her stomach roiled, jerking in agony.

“Slut,” he growled. “No reason to hold back. You don’t mind if I fill up this slutty pussy of yours, do you?” He kept raping her roughly, putting both his hands on her tits and crushing them down against her chest as he sped up further, really hammering her over and over again. “Look at me when I cum in you bitch,” Ian mocked. Helping his friend out, Marcus grabbed a fistful of her hair, forcing her to look up at Ian as he gave her one last thrust. Her rapist nudged his dick right against the entrance to her womb and came deep in her raw pussy, several thick streams of it filling her womb as he emptied himself into her and held himself inside of her.

“I’m next,” Marcus said. Ian was just starting to pull out of her as he climbed over the beautiful selkie to get between her legs. He slapped her face a few times, and spit on her as foreplay, and then a second later he slid his dick into her violated pussy. She had been empty for perhaps ten seconds.

“We’re gonna fuck you up tonight, Fleshlight,” Marcus promised, his voice an icy whisper. “Let’s see if people are willing to pay top dollar for you after we turn you into a used up cumrag.” He began to thrust in and out of her, her walls squeezing at his thick cock and wrapping tightly around it as she squirmed in agony.

“Get a belt,” Ian commanded Paul as Marcus thrust away inside of her, her tits flopping back and forth with the force of his thrusts. His hand was already around her throat again. “Goddamnit Marcus, stop that… we’re gonna whip her tits for you.”

“Good enough,” Marcus grunted, releasing her neck and putting his hands on either side of her hips instead as Paul started lashing her with the belt.

“MMMPPPPHHH! MMMMPPPPHHHH!” Merielle shouted into her gag while the men lashed her tits, drawing lines of crimson across them. The bouncing breasts were a challenging target, but he didn’t care about missing… he was always going to hit something that hurt her. Paul just tried to hit the nipples as often as he could, making her squeal as Marcus kept burying his dick inside of her over and over again.

“Whip that slut,” Ian hissed as Marcus started to pump even faster into her pussy. Already her jiggling tits were more red than cream.

“Yeah, squeeze my cock,” Marcus hissed as his urges got the better of him again, moving an arm up to choke her again and forcing Paul to stop whipping her for a second while he stole her breath. “Squeeze me like the worthless slut you are.” Marcus made up for the fact that whipping had stopped by moving his other hand to grip onto one of her breasts, squeezing hard enough on the welted tit to drive his nails into her and draw a bit of blood.

His dick slammed into the back walls of her pussy over and over, making her jump in pain beneath him and squeeze each time. “FUCK. YES,” Marcus moaned as he started filling her cunt with his cum, Merielle’s eyes were full of fear as the second load of cum filled her pussy. At least after he came he let her breathe again, grunting with pleasure as he shot gobs of cum right against her womb until he completely spent himself inside of her and pulled out.

“Best for last,” Paul taunted her as he took his place between her legs. The big man gave Merielle no time at all to recover… he slid into her and started thrusting away instantly, eager to add his seed to the cum already filling her up. “Fight me bitch!” he mocked, staring down at the wide-eyed and teary girl. “Oh that’s right – You can’t! So take my cock, you whore!” Paul slapped her face twice before he closed his fist and punched her face. Merielle felt her jaw pop, and only her stuffed mouth kept the surprised selkie from biting her tongue as he beat her up while raping her.

“I think the whore likes it,” Ian said as he watched Paul thrusting in and out of Merielle’s overworked pussy, cum leaking out around his dick on every thrust to make a growing mess on the makeshift bed.

“Course she does… all whores loving getting pounded,” Paul gasped as he kept thrusting hard, never slowing at all from his initial frenzy. “Gonna cum soon bitch. You like that? Having another load of baby seed dumped deep in your tight little cunt?” He taunted her as he sped up further, her walls clamping down yet again and giving him the push over the edge he needed to fill her up. “Cumming,” he hissed as he started spraying his load deep inside of her, slapping her across as he filled her with another load of rape-seed.

“Hope you didn’t think that was it, ginger bitch,” Ian hissed as Paul pulled out of her, letting pink-tinged cum flow out of her already well-raped pussy. Merielle didn’t think that for a second. Her tears were not just for her suffering… they were because she knew they were just getting started. The selkie was weak and limp as the men untied her, and Ian pulled the spit-soaked socks from her mouth.

“Ok, I think we’ve warmed the whore up now. Time to really give her a workout,” Ian announced. Working together, the three of them moved her onto her hands and knees before binding her in place again, leaving one leg free. “Paul, I promised we’d give her something to cry about.”

“And we’re men of our words,” Paul agreed with a chuckle, grabbing the belt and bringing it down on Merielle’s ass. The selkie screamed, and he grinned, whipping her again and again, lashing Merielle’s ass and back with it. The other two men watched with smiles on their faces as Paul made her ass as red as her tits had become, her screams getting louder and louder until they began to compete with the music.

Merielle didn’t even realize that Ian had come around her until he was standing right in front of her, holding his dick out for just an instant before he shocked his cock down her throat. “Shut up already, whore,” he taunted her as he started fucking her face. Merielle’s eyes started to roll back in her head from the force that he was raping her mouth with, screaming around his length as Paul continued whipping her.

When the whipping finally stopped, she didn’t even pause to consider why, just grateful that the pain had stopped even if just for a second, even if she couldn’t breathe with how roughly she was getting facefucked. One of the men behind her… Paul… grabbed her unbound leg and pulled it up, straight up, turning her body to the side and making her pussy vulnerable to him. He slid his dick back into her well-used cunt as Marcus lined up to take her ass.

“A cunt like this is only good for one thing – Getting all her slut holes stretched and abused by as many cocks as possible,” Marcus sneered as he started raping her ass. Paul started stretching out her pussy once more as Ian slowly and brutally raped her mouth, making sure that he gagged the maximum amount of her screams and stole as much breath as possible with how long he spent in her throat.

“Ugh… this whore’s throat is even tighter than her cunt,” Ian moaned. “Don’t even think about biting me, selkie bitch… I have the money to pay to replace you. You bite me, I’ll let Marcus loose on you, and I’ll finish with you after you’re cold. Don’t try me… it’ll be the last thing you ever do.” Grabbing her red hair he pulled her head back hard, tilting her head upwards him as he fucked his dick all the way to the back of her throat.

The three men fucked her as viciously as they had the first time, taking no time to savor their efforts… they just slammed into her as hard as they could, their cocks like swords stabbing into her over and over again, uncaring of how quickly it would make them cum – knowing they had all night with her. “Time to fill this cunt up,” Marcus sneered as Ian came and Merielle began to choke. As she did, her ass clenched on him like a fist, and it was just too much to take. He came deep in her ass when Merielle had to swallow gobs of cum down her throat. Paul was only a few seconds behind, yanking on her hips to bury himself to the balls in her cunt as he went off.

The three men dropped her, letting her flop back down to the couch-mattress hard as they moved around her, taking the opportunity to pinch her breasts and slap her ass and face as they took new positions around the already exhausted Merielle.

“Please…” she whispered. “No more, please…” Even as she said the words, she knew that they were a mistake, that the men would just use them to fuck her harder… but she couldn’t help herself but try.

Ian laughed as he took his spot at her ass. “Yeah, keep begging whore… if you can with a cock in your mouth.” Her ass was tight and resisted him, but lubed with the cum of her last rapists he didn’t have any difficulty forcing his way in as Paul slapped her face a few times before he forced his dick down her throat. Once the two of them were settled and in position, Marcus stepped up on her now exposed cunt and began to thrust his way back into her again.

“God this slut has a body to kill for,” Marcus growled as he worked over her pussy for his second time, punching her in the back of her head as she gagged on Paul’s cock. She screamed on every one of Ian’s brutal thrusts into her ass, and he was eager to keep up and hurt her just as badly.

“You just like killing,” Paul chuckled as he held her head in place while viciously slamming her with his hips, driving his entire length in and out of her in single movements.

“No one misses a whore,” Marcus agreed.

Paul could only grunt in agreement as he jammed his dick down her throat, Merielle’s eyes rolling back into her head as she began to foam at the mouth, coughing up some of the cum Ian had just force-fed her.

“Take it you slut… I hope you remember this night every day for the rest of your pathetic life for the next few centuries or whatever,” Ian taunted. A second later he was cumming deep into her ass, pumping her bowels full of his cum. Almost at the same moment, Marcus blew another load deep into her cunt and Paul came roughly down her throat, causing her to choke on it as all three men emptied themselves into her holes again.

Once again, all three pulled out, letting Merielle drop back down into the mess of fluids that had leaked from the raped selkie. “No… no more…” Merielle begged as she felt them swapping positions again. Ian lined up with her pussy, Marcus presented his dick in front of her face, and Paul lined up to take her ass.

“Keep begging then… you can do better than that.” Ian shoved his dick into her cunt, the sixth time the abused hole had been raped during her hellish night. “Beg us, Merielle. Beg us not to hurt you anymore.” Any attempt she might have made, however, was cut off as Marcus pushed his cock deep down her throat and kept it there. After that, he could hear nothing but pained moans from the redhead.

“Beg bitch!” Marcus sneered as he grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked back on it, watching Merielle’s eyes begin to roll back in her head as he choked her with his dick. Then he sniffed. “Do you guys smell something? Smells like smoke.”

“It always smells like smoke in here,” Ian sneered as he grabbed hold of her hips, driving himself deep into her pussy. “People are always smoking something.” Accelerating, feeling Paul’s cock rubbing against his through the tiny wall of her ass, he came deep into her pussy, groaning as he filled her womb with yet another load of rapist cum. Seconds later, Merielle’s retching reached a crescendo as Marcus drove his dick to the back of her throat and his cum exploded down it, just before Paul filled her ass.

“I could fuck this slut forever,” Ian said with a smirk as he pulled out of her, Merielle collapsing back down again as the men stopped supporting the brutalized girl. She couldn’t get away while she was tied to the cushions, but she tried to squirm away anyway, every instinct in her body urging her to get away from the men who were hurting her. It made him laugh. “Not so fast cunt,” Ian mocked, grabbing her by her hair and pulling her up, burying his cock in her mouth. “I need to take a piss.”

Merielle’s eyes went wide a second before she felt the hot stream hit the back of her throat. No, no, no – desperately she swallowed, trying to stop herself from choking but some slipped out past her lips anyway, spilling down over her chin and down onto her whipped tits before pooling in the disgusting mess below her. It tasted unbelievably foul, but she had to keep going. Her options were to swallow his piss or choke to death on it, and drowning in her rapist’s piss was just about the worst fate Merielle could imagine.

Her stomach roiled, and she thought she was going to be sick… but thank all the gods his stream began to slow from a flood to a trickle and then cut off completely as she swallowed the last foul bit of it. “That’s the shit,” Ian said with a sigh as he backed up. “So, how are we fucking her next?”

“One minute,” Marcus said, holding his own cock in his hand. “The beer’s going right through me too,” he said with a sneer as he approached her mouth… then stopped as screams, audible even over the music, began. “What the fuck?”

Ian ran to the balcony edge, peering up. “Holy fuck. This place is on fire!”

Merielle couldn’t smell anything but the cum and piss surrounding her, but even so, she could imagine the smoke beginning to curl around her, eyes widening in fresh terror. “Let me go!” she cried, pulling against her bonds.

Paul grabbed his pants, yanking them up and leaving his shirt and shoes behind. “We gotta get the fuck out of here,” he said. “What if the cops come? I doubt even the owner here could cover that up, and I doubt your dad is going to bail you and Marcus out again, Ian.”

“Yeah,” Ian agreed, his eyes wide with panic. Merielle could see the orange glow of flame on his face as he looked up, even if she couldn’t see it yet herself. “Let’s fucking go,” he said, real fear in his voice as he grabbed onto his own pants and began to run away, Marcus just a few steps behind him.

“Don’t leave me here!” Merielle cried… but she wasn’t even sure they could hear her over the music anymore. “Come back! You can’t… you can’t leave me here!” All three of the men who had been gangraping her were gone now, but they had had this part of the balcony all to themselves for their party… there was no one else around to see her. “Help!” Merielle yelled – or at least, she tried to. Her throat was raw, and her voice broke pathetically. She coughed, trying to clear it, trying to get rid of the cum and phlegm that coated her throat. “Help me!” she screamed again, louder… but the music boomed through the club, and plenty of people were screaming, men and women. No one could hear her. No one was coming.

The red-haired selkie struggled viciously against her bonds, yanking on them – and finding them completely unyielding. The smoke was growing thicker now, falling across her vision like a spreading dark haze. “Help!” she screamed louder. “Help me, please… HELP ME! DON’T LEAVE ME HERE!”

The smoke stirred… and Marcus reappeared. “Oh thank the gods,” Merielle said, never imagining she would be pleased to see the vicious man again. “Please, untie me, we need to…”

Marcus leaned down and picked up his wallet. “Can’t very well leave this here,” he said with a snicker, turning around to leave.

Merielle’s eyes went wide – even after everything, she couldn’t believe it. “You bastard! You can’t leave me here, you can’t!” she sobbed out.

He turned back… and smiled at her. “See you in the next life, cunt,” he said.

“Well, that’s not very kind of you,” Yuki said, her voice cold as an arctic storm. Marcus turned back to see the woman standing just behind her, her tails making the smoke twirl as they swayed back and forth.

“What the fu-”

Yuki grabbed his chin and forced him to meet her eyes. “Shut. Up…” the nogitsune said as he stared into his eyes, her own gaze flashing blue and beginning to glow.

Merielle had never seen a soul before, had never known that one was real… but there, in the smoke, she saw the nearly invisible form as it left the man’s body and was pulled into Yuki. In a flash, Marcus was still standing before her… but to Merielle, he seemed hollow. Less like a person and more like a marionette, waiting for his strings to be pulled. Her eyes were wide with horror and grew wider as the nogitsune walked over to her, kneeling next to the bound girl. “Poor thing,” Yuki said, but her voice was flat rather than soothing. She stroked one hand across Merielle’s cheek.

“Please, mistress… don’t hurt me,” Merielle whispered.

Yuki laughed. “Hurt you?” she smiled. “Only if you deserve it, lovely thing. You served me well… and that comes with rewards.” She turned to Marcus, who was still just standing there, facing where Yuki had been when he had first met her eyes. “Darling, come over here and set your fucktoy free, please – it’s considered polite to put away your toys when you are done with them.”

The man walked over, and Merielle didn’t flinch at his touch as he began to untie her… she didn’t even notice. Yuki’s gaze was captivating her. It had been hypnotic before, but something had changed – now she couldn’t look away even if she wanted to. Idly, she wondered if the nogitsune was going to take her soul, too…

Marcus finished untying her and then proceeded to stand there, motionless. Yuki sighed. “Worthless,” she muttered. “Go on, pick her up. We’re leaving.” She looked into Merielle’s eyes and smiled. “Both of us.”


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