Last Edited – 4/8/19

Meriel looked out the window, trapped between fear and a strange sense of wonder. She was flying. She had watched the ground disappear beneath her as this marvelous flying machine had launched itself into the air. She had been excited, but at the group fell further and further away beneath her, the terror began to outweigh it. It was frightening, fearing they were about to fall out of the sky.

And then they were flying over the ocean, and she couldn’t look away. It spread out forever beneath it, as far as the eye could see… going forever in every direction. It was the most beautiful sight she had ever seen.

When the man who had once been Marcus had carried her out of the club, it was burning. She could see flames licking out the top of the building. Hundreds of men and women were outside in the streets, watching it burn. She was afraid someone would notice her, would stop her, but with Yuki walking in front of her it seemed like no one was paying attention. Her tails and ears had vanished behind an illusion, so she walked through the street without anyone paying any particular notice. Even Meriel was just one naked woman out of many. She had taken them to a black car parked on the street, waiting for them and Marcus had dumped her into the back seat before climbing in herself.

Maybe she should have been asking questions then… but in the wake of her gangrape and the exhaustion it had brought, the terror of the fire and being left to die, she just felt… too… tired…

When she had woken up, she was being carried into the flying machine – Yuki had called in a plane – and set down on one of the chairs. That was when the plane had started to move, and the ground had begun to disappear beneath her.

She was still sitting there, numb and confused and afraid, when Yuki came back into the cabin with her an hour later. “And how is the pretty little slavegirl doing?” she asked as she came in and slumped into one of the seats, sprawling her legs across it casually. The illusion she had been maintaining was gone now… her inhuman features on full display as her tails curled around her legs.

Meriel looked up only slowly. She still felt tired, confused, but some things had become clear to her. “You. You burned it down, didn’t you?”

Yuki smiled widely. “I did,” she admitted. “It was one of the few things that bastard treasured… so I took it away from him.”

She wanted to be angry – but she just felt too tired, too hopeless. “And all the girls?” she asked, whispering. “You destroyed us…”

The kitsune scoffed. “I got you away from a monster,” Yuki said, playing with her dark hair.

“You burned everything,” she whispered. “The dryads trees… our skins. You should have just let us burn, too.”

Meriel wasn’t sure what she had been expecting from Yuki, but it wasn’t laughter. “You… you think…” she started, but laughed again, her voice silvery, musical. “You think… I let the skins burn? No, no – I thought about it, but that would have been a victory for him. Letting him keep come control after everything – that he could win even a little. I couldn’t allow that.” She smiled. “I only lit the top levels. The authorities would have put out the blaze long before it could threaten the trees. And the skins…”

Yuki grinned. “I dumped them all in the pool. They were all labeled – the authorities will find them all, and no doubt be very interested. I think the rich and powerful will be highly motivated to brush this all under the rug… get rid of the witnesses by the easiest means… let them vanish into the oceans. In short order I there will be a lot more selkies around the American coast.”

Meriel perked up as she talked. She had been sure – so very sure – that she had lost her skin forever, that it had been burned up with the Mists of Avalon. Hearing that it was safe was like bringing her back to life. “But then – why! Why are you taking me away from there!” she cried out, jumping to her feet. “Why wouldn’t you-”

Yuki didn’t stand, nor did she raise her voice. “Sit. Down,” she commanded. Meriel didn’t even realize that she moving to obey until after she was sitting again, silent tears running down her face. Yuki glared at her for a silent minute. “You do not speak to me that way, Meriel… not ever.” She stood, stalking over to the selkie and standing over her, putting one leg up on the armrest of her chair – and Meriel realized she was wearing nothing beneath her dress. She could smell the other woman’s sex as her legs parted.

“I took you away,” she said, keeping her icy gaze locked on Meriel’s eyes, “because you were special to him. You were the thing there that meant the most to him, except for his status, his wealth and power. He would have hunted you down, so I took you away.” She kept glaring at Meriel, and the selkie felt the need to look down, averting her eyes… noticing the perfectly smooth skin of the woman’s legs. “And your skin isn’t back at the club,” she said. “I have it.”

I have it.

Those words seemed to slow time for Meriel. The selkie froze, then her eyes flashed back up to Yuki’s. “You have my skin?” she whispered. “Please… please give it back to me.” She began to cry in earnest. “Please… please… I’ll do anything…”

Yuki’s eyes seemed to glow for a second, then the Kitsune lowered her leg and walked back to her own seat. “You’ll do anything… Mistress,” she commanded.

Meriel gulped. “Yes… Mistress. I would do anything for you if you gave me my skin back, Mistress…”

Yuki let a smile slowly spread over her face. “Good girl,” she whispered, and something in her voice made Meriel shiver. “We will explore what ‘anything’ means soon enough. Right now, though, it turns my stomach to look at you. You look like you’ve been rolling around in cum.” She tossed a towel at the selkie, hitting her in the chest with it. “Bathroom is in the back of the cabin. You might be a whore, but there’s no reason you need to look like one – clean yourself up.”

Slowly Meriel rose to her feet. Now that the surge of adrenaline that had accompanied her anger and desperation had gone, she found it incredibly difficult just to walk, to put one foot in front of the next. Still, she walked towards the rear of the cabin, the airplane swaying unnaturally beneath her feet, making her balance feel precarious. Even so, the possibility of falling out of the sky seemed like a distant worry when her skin was so close, when she could get it back.

“And Meriel…” Yuki called from behind her. The red-haired girl froze for a second before turning to look over her bare shoulder at the kitsune, still lounging casually in her seat like a ruler on her throne. “Mordred seemed to think you were worth enough to risk his entire empire for. He forgot to be careful, letting you into his room without watching you. By burning down his club, I earned his vengeance. By taking you away from him… he is going to chase me to the ends of the earth.” She stared directly into Meriel’s green eyes. “I expect you to be worth it.”

Standing there, looking at the mess that she was in the mirror, it all seemed so overwhelming to Meriel – but she couldn’t let herself indulge in her self pity. She only let herself cry for a moment as she looked at her ruined makeup and encrusted hair before she turned on the water and dunked her hair in it, desperately raking her hands through it. She needed to look her best – Yuki was judging her, and she had her skin.

She took as long as she dared, trying to balance how annoyed Yuki would be at her delay against how disappointed she would be if Meriel didn’t look her best. There was no makeup in the bathroom, no clothing, no brush – just some soap to clean herself and make it look like she hadn’t just crawled out of a dumpster. She could only hope it would be enough.

Meriel opened the door and stepped out, self-conscious. Her red hair was wet and looking darker than normal, spilling down over her shoulders. She had arranged it to lay over her breasts, partially hiding them but leaving them exposed enough that the minor concealment did little but highlight them. Her nipples were almost the color of her hair, vanishing into it.

Her eyes locked onto Yuki from across the cabin. She sat there in her red dress, her legs crossed as she leaned back, her tails sprawled out beneath her luxuriously, looking like a blanket curling around her chair and legs. Yuki looked perfectly casual, but there was nothing casual about her gaze, how she looked at Meriel. It was the intense look of a wolf at a deer. Taking a deep breath, she sank first to her knees and then began to crawl towards her, her hair and breasts both swaying beneath her body. She stopped before the kitsune and raised her eyes up to her. “What can I do for you, Mistress…” she whispered.

Slowly Yuki uncrossed her legs and crossed them the other way, giving Meriel just an instant glimpse between them as she did. Just as slowly, she leaned forward. “Closer…” she whispered, her voice quiet, intense – threatening. It was the voice of a predator, and Meriel had never felt more like prey in her life.

She trembled, as terrified of the woman as she was attracted to her – trapped between her desire to move closer and to run. But the woman had her skin. The selkie crawled closer. The woman’s presence, her scent, had been something intoxicating and strange in the club, with the smoke and fumes and haze. Here, alone with just the two of them, it was almost magnetic. She crawled another step forward. Yuki kicked off one of her heels, casually sending it flying over Meriel’s head close enough that the Selkie flinched… then her foot rubbed against the side of her face. “You are a pretty little thing,” she said. “We didn’t pay the man you trapped you nearly enough.”

Her foot came to rest beneath Meriel’s chin, pushing it up and locking their eyes again. “Do you know what I am, little one? Who your mistress was, once?”

Meriel tried to answer, but her tongue didn’t want to work. Her mouth felt dry. Yuki chuckled. “Once, I was one of the Kami… a goddess to lesser beings like you. Men and women both worshiped at my feet. Offerings were left at shrines for me… but my favorite shrine was always… this…” she whispered, looking down her body. Meriel did the same, taking in her beauty again, unable to look away. “Are you afraid of me, little slave-girl?”

Again, Meriel couldn’t find the strength to speak. She just slowly nodded, feeling the kitsune’s foot press uncomfortably against her throat as she did.

“Good. You should be.” Yuki took her foot away from the selkie’s face. “I used to have hundreds serve me. Man, woman – It made no difference to me. I collected worshipers like pets… like playthings.” She looked down at Meriel, blue eyes intense. “Closer…” she commanded, and Meriel crawled further forward on shaking arms until her chin almost pressed against her smooth calf. “Do you know how long it has been,” Yuki said slowly, “Since I had a pet?” She unfolded her legs, spreading them, exposing her glistening pussy. She didn’t have a single spot of hair, and the scent was overwhelming. Her slit looked like it had never been touched save for the arousal shining on it.

“Have you ever put your tongue to use on a woman before, little faeling?” Yuki said, her voice more of a ragged whisper than her usual ice now.

Meriel felt like she couldn’t catch her breath, like she was about to pass out. “Never, Mistress…” Her tongue flicked briefly across her lips like it was being pulled out of her mouth by the kitsune’s magic. Meriel couldn’t even tell if she was eager or horrified – probably both.

“Than I am pleased to be your first,” Yuki said with a smile. “A worthy sacrifice in my name.” One hand came down to lift up her chin, her long nail pressing into the soft, vulnerable skin between chin and neck. “Get that pretty face of yours between my thighs. Now.” She sighed in anticipation, closing her eyes. “I want to feel your tongue on me. Start licking, sucking… my pleasure is now your purpose in this life…”

Meriel crawled forward one more step until her face nearly rested against the woman’s pussy. She stared at it as she worked her knees up below her body, unsure how she should feel… torn between lust and need and violation and sheer desperation to please the virtual goddess sitting before her. One of Yuki’s hands appeared before her eyes, sliding between her legs to rest against her cunt and spread it with her fingers, opening her up to Meriel. “Now…” she whispered, almost gently – then her other hand grabbed onto the back of Meriel’s head, insistently pulling her head down and forward until her mouth pressed against the Kitsune’s wet, wager sex. The selkie didn’t resist – she wasn’t sure if she felt disgusting or just simple lust. The storm raging in her head confused her, but what she did know was that the woman had her skin. She had to please her – she had to. Meriel opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue, and began to lick.

Meriel had never tasted a pussy other than her own, and even that had only been off of men’s cocks, the taste mingling with cum and their own foul taste. She certainly had never needed to please a woman with her tongue before, but the practice she had gotten licking at cocks guided her. She dragged her tongue across Yuki’s slit, working her way between the kitsune’s exposed, slick folds. The soft sound of pleasure she heard from Yuki was the most welcome sound she could image right then, proof that she was doing something right.

The kitsune tasted like nothing she had ever tasted before – something floral, perhaps, crisp and clean and overwhelming in how it consumed her senses. She pushed her tongue in deeper, and Yuki shuddered against her, her hand pushing her head further against her crotch. “Perfect my little faeling, yes… worship your mistress…”

She did not see Yuki move her foot between her legs, but she certainly felt it as the edge of the woman’s foot found the gap between her own legs, pressing up against it. Her pussy was still so sore from the prolonged gangbang just hours ago, but her touch was gentle… it caused a dull ache rather than the sharp pains she was used to, and the sensation was confusingly welcome. Meriel gasped against Yuki’s cunt but didn’t stop licking. The kitsune kept her head in place with one hand, grinding her hips against the trembling lips and desperately lapping tongue of Meriel while she continued playing with the selkie’s bruised little pussy. Her toe pressed into her gash, and Meriel was surprised to learn that she wasn’t entirely dry and unready like usual… it hurt, but so little compared to the confusing storm of emotion in her head.

“Mmmmm. You’re a gifted little slut, aren’t you?” Yuki said as she smiled down at the exposed green eyes of the selkie where they peered at her above her muff. “Nearly five centuries,” the beautiful Asian woman groaned out. “Five centuries since I had a worshiper like you. Five centuries of rape, of torture, of humiliating. Five centuries without being able to satisfy my hunger – to have a pretty pet serve me the way I deserve.”

She groaned as Meriel’s tongue continued its dance. “You know what, faeling? The first time I saw you, I knew there was something about you. It wasn’t just because I wanted to sit on your face and grind you into my cunt – I’ve wanted to do that to each and every pretty thing Mordred had me enslave for him. No, it was your tears, I think. You were so pretty when you cried for me.” She smiled at the helpless selkie between her legs. “I want you to cry for me, little slave. Can you do that for your Mistress?”

Meriel’s eyes went wide… but they were dry. She blinked, but despite everything she didn’t cry, didn’t feel the need to. She kept looking up at Yuki in panic, afraid that her Mistress would be angry, that she would decide Meriel hadn’t earned her skin back – but the kitsune just smiled down at her. “It’s alright pet… I know you’re trying. I know you would do anything for me, wouldn’t you?”

Meriel nodded, her nose dragging up and down the woman’s clit as she did, making Yuki’s gaze roll back for a second as she groaned before looking back down at her. “I thought so,” she whispered. “It’s not your fault… you want to give me what I want, but you just need a little help. Would you like me to help you, faeling?”

Meriel squeezed her eyes shut, sniffing once, praying for tears… but none came to her rescue. Slowly, she nodded her head.

And then Yuki kicked her right in her cunt.

The foot that had been caressing her pulled back slightly before snapping back up like a striking snake. A human wouldn’t have been able to put much force behind it, but Yuki wasn’t human. The top of her foot landed across the entirety of Meriel’s bruised sex all at once, landing like a hammer on her sensitive skin. Her eyes flew wide open, tears appearing in her green eyes as she looked up at her Mistress in shocked pain, screaming into her pussy.

Yuki smiled down at the tears on Meriel’s face. “Oh yes, just like that!” Yuki laughed as she luxuriated in the sensation and the sight. The kitsune – once all but a goddess worshiped by thousands – cherished Meriel’s warm breath caressing her, basked in her begging gaze, taking in the beauty of her pretty face twisted in pain, crying even as she did her best to please her Mistress. “Just… like that! Lick me, you pretty whore. Use that precious tongue of yours on me, fuck my cunt with it!”

Yuki’s body was tense against Meriel as the Selkie, now crying easily, threw herself into licking her, hoping to avoid any further pain. She didn’t know what she was doing, but Yuki seemed to be enjoying it – the kitsune was beginning to breath more and more quickly, her excitement obvious. Both Yuki’s legs were spread wide now, and she was grinding the selkie’s face against her as she leaned back in her seat, losing herself in the pleasure. “Oh, you sexy little slut… worship me,” she groaned as her Meriel’s nimble tongue caressed her clit, her nose being ground into her crotch with each pull of her head forward.

Yuki wasn’t normally this easy to make cum, but it had been nearly five hundred years, and celebrating her triumphant escape was reason enough to be excited even if she hadn’t also absconded with Mordred’s prize slave. The kitsune lifted one of her long legs and moved to rest it on the back of the redhead’s neck, pressing forward and pinning Meriel’s mouth hard against her crotch. Her other legs she lifted to press against her throat, squeezing with both legs and choking her as she pinned the Selkie in place.

Meriel abruptly couldn’t breathe. “Mmmmm!” she moaned in abrupt panic, her eyes wide in shock as she gasped for air and only managed to more desperately suck on Yuki’s wet cunt.

Yuki looked down at her, smiling – The woman was cupping her breast now – her hand had slid beneath the dress she wore. She seemed to be enjoying the sight of Meriel writhing in the cold of her long legs, trying to get some air. “You need to decide what is more important to you, faeling. Breathing? Or making me happy?” She laughed. “And you should decide quickly.”

Meriel struggled for a second longer before her determination – or perhaps desperation – swallowed the rest of her mind. She threw herself into licking and sucking on Yuki’s pussy with renewed vigor, feeling the kitsune’s pleasure through the shaking of her legs against her throat. “Oooooh…” Yuki let out a slow moan. “Good choice, faeling… good choice.” Almost as quickly as she had begun to smother the selkie, Yuki relaxed her left leg and opened her throat again, letting Meriel gasp in a breath or two through her nose even as her mouth was kept smashed against her cunt. Then she tightened her leg and cut off her air again.

“Fuck me,” she gasped and moaned as she felt Meriel’s tongue slid into her. “Fuck me with your tongue, you whore…”

Meriel drove her tongue into her as hard and as fast as she could. She had no experience at this, but she was desperate, guessing frantically. Her hands pressed against her own pussy, searching for sensitive spots, places where the pain was less than the pleasure and tried to find them on Yuki with her tongue, reaching everywhere, licking every sensitive spot she could find.

“I’m your goddess,” Yuki moaned, her voice no longer smooth at all, heavy and shaking with uncontrolled lust, thrilling in the attention of Meriel’s desperately working mouth. “You live to serve this pussy…” She shuddered as Meriel’s tongue reached another an especially sensitive spot, her tears wet against her thighs, her gasps for air ragged against her cunt. She cried in ecstasy as Meriel’s tongue trembled inside her as she was suffocated, driving her closer and closer. “Your tongue feels so much better when your crying,” She moaned long and loud, so close now. “I’ll… make sure you always… cry for me when you… oh yes… eat my cunt… I’m going to cum…”

Meriel’s pretty eyes were sightless, rolled back in her head as she struggled to breathe – but even then, something kept her licking desperate to please the woman who held her life in her hands in a dozen different ways. She gasped for air that just wasn’t coming… Yuki only let her get a breath every few seconds, and never enough. She desperately pushed onward, hoping to make her happy. All thoughts of her skin were gone right now… she only wanted to keep her happy enough that the kitsune would let her breathe. She lapped at the insides of her slit like a whore… and that desperate licking was finally enough to send Yuki over the edge.

She screamed, tightening her legs as hard as she could as she came, hardly caring that she cut off Meriel’s air completely as she rode out her pleasure. The selkie tried to breathe and only sucked in more of Yuki’s trembling, juicing pussy, feeling an odd sense of accomplishment even as her vision started turning from black to red.

Then her legs abruptly relaxed, and Meriel was allowed to sag down, gulping in greedy mouthfuls of air. Her face was soaked, and she wasn’t sure if it was more with her tears or with Yuki’s cunt.

Yuki laughed and nudged Meriel arm with one foot. Only then did the Selkie realized that she hadn’t stopped fingering herself, fucking herself with her own fingers. Her cheeks flushed almost as red as her hair as Yuki kept laughing. “That’s precious… By all the Kami, I must have found the biggest whore in the entire ocean.” She smiled down at the Selkie. “Very well, little faeling. If that’s how you feel… your mistress will have some mercy on you.”

Yuki slowly stood, and while her legs trembled in the wake of her orgasm, she stood as gracefully as ever before slipping down to her own kneels next to Meriel, holding her head and pulling her into a kiss. The taste of her lips mingled with the taste of her cunt as the kitsune opened her mouth, pressing her tongue into her mouth. Meriel gasped into her mouth as her other hand slid down her naked body to rest on top of her own hand, pushing a finger into her cunt alongside Meriel’s while she invaded her mouth with her tongue.

Meriel gasped, still trying to catch her breath, and Yuki pressed the lips of pussy apart, pushing out Meriel’s fingers to make room and causing a shudder of indrawn breath through her kiss as the kitsune began to rub her thumb against the hood of her clit. Meriel jumped at the touch, her breathing showing her anxiety and arousal.

“You’re such a little slut,” Yuki whispered against her mouth. “But you’re my little slut… aren’t you?”

“Yes…” she gasped against the woman’s sharp teeth and soft lips. She wasn’t sure if she was still crying or not, or if her face was still just soaked, but she felt terrified – and excited.

“Good little faeling,” Yuki said as she slowly guided Meriel to the ground on her back, caressing and brushing her hair with her left hand while she played with her pussy with her right. The kitsune pushed one, then two and finally three fingers inside Meriel’s pussy, slowly working them in and out while her mouth found its way to her breasts, licking around the hard nipple between pulling it into her mouth, nipping it with her teeth. Meriel moaned with each thrust. She was sore, and it hurt – but something about it also felt good. Yuki wanted this, so Meriel would take it, writhing, wriggling, moaning on the woman’s fingers as she fucked them slowly in and out of the selkie’s wet cunt.

Meriel hadn’t cum since the day she was captured – when she was trapped in the box at the mercy of the buzzing toys. In all her time in the Mists of Avalon, no one had even come close to making her feel good enough to cum. Now, though… she began to tingle, a distantly remembered feeling, as horrifying as it was attractive. She just felt so… full…

Then Yuki formed her hand into an arrow-like wedge and forced its way forward. Meriel yelped at the sudden pain, the sudden intensity of it, but Yuki pushed harder, stretching her sore hole open bit by bit. She was gentle compared to the men who had raped her, far more patient, but every bit as insistent and unyielding as she spread the whining selkie’s pussy wider and wider. Then the widest part of her hand slid through and slipped inside of her, letting her stretched cunt try to close around her wrist. Meriel was breathing in gasps now. “Please… please please please please please…” she gasped over and over, and she wasn’t sure if she was begging the woman to stop or not.

Yuki never stopped playing with her tits… she never even looked up. Instead, as her teeth lightly chewed on her nipple, the kitsune turned her whole hand around in a slow circle inside her – twisting completely around, then back again, her fingers still bunched together like an arrow in the tight sheath of her pussy. Only then did she look up, smiling. With her smile so wide, her lips pulled away from her teeth and showed off her sharp canines. “Cry for me, pretty little slut… cry for me, and cum.”

Then she bunched her fingers inside of Meriel her hand was a tight fist. The selkie’s green eyes went wide as saucers. In her shock, it didn’t even register how her mistress’s sharp nails had abruptly vanished, or the dance of blue flame flickering around her arm. She barely even processed her words as the side of the object inside her seemed to double, and double again. She cried out, not quite a moan and not quite a scream, breathless as Yuki made a fist inside her, the tips of her fingers scraping over her sensitive walls, her knuckles digging into the sides of her cunt as she formed a hard, thick ball inside of Meriel.

“Aaaaaah!” Meriel screamed, but it was a breathless scream, filled with pain but also more – it felt painful, it felt uncomfortable, but more than either of those it simply felt a LOT. “No… no no, please, Mistress, please!”

Yuki smiled and shoved her fist forward, deeper into the selkie’s cunt until Meriel could feel her press against her cervix. She paused for just a second before she began to twist her hand inside of her… first one way and then the other before reversing and doing it again. Meriel gasped as she felt each hard ridge of knuckle bone pressing against her insides in turn. Tears began to stream down her face again as Yuki fisted her, gasping in relief as the kitsune began to pull out…

Then she stopped after just an inch and plowed her fist back in. Meriel’s mouth opened to scream, but no sound came out – just breathless sobbing as Yuki began to slowly work her fist in and out of her slave’s pussy. Back and forth, back and forth, Yuki reamed the selkie out, making slow twisting motions as she thrust back in and out. In her current position she couldn’t bend down enough to continue biting at Meriel’s tits, but she made up for it by groping them with her hand, one at a time. Meriel gasped and moaned and whimpered as she was fisted for the first time in her life. Not in all the rapes had her pussy ever felt so full, her nerves so completely overwhelmed.

“Meriel,” Yuki said in a commanding tone. “Meriel. Meriel!” When she still didn’t answer, her eyes dazed, Yuki slapped her. The selkie came back to herself, only realizing now that she had been calling her. “Put. Your. Hands. On. Your. Tits. You. Dumb. Slut,” Yuki commanded… but while her words were harsh, they weren’t overly sharp… her voice was a whisper that made Meriel shiver and move to obey. “Squeeze them for me,” she ordered, and Meriel did, crushing her tits in her hands. “Harder,” Yuki ordered again, and Meriel tried, whimpering as it began to hurt.

Yuki leaned down and grabbed her nipple, pinching it hard as yanking. Meriel cried out. “Harder whore!” she commanded, and the selkie whimpered, her green eyes filled with tears as she crushed her own tits to please her mistress. “Good girl,” she said, continuing to ram her fist in and out of her. “Just like that.”

With Meriel now abusing her own tits for her pleasure, Yuki was free to bring her hand down and begin teasing Meriel’s button, rubbing it between two fingers as she pumped her fist in and out of the girl’s stretched pussy. Too exhausted, too desperate, too pained to care, Meriel felt no inhibition stopping her anymore. As Yuki fisted her, she could feel the pressure building in her pussy, felt like her insides were turning to mush. The redhead gave pathetic, baby whimpers, squeezing her tits harder as Yuki played with her. Her breathing was coming in hurried pants and gasps as Yuki expertly worked her fist in and out.

The kitsune kept her movements steady and slow, her fist sliding deeply into the pussy, then sliding all the way out until her fist spread the pussy lips open. Her body no longer resisted… she had spread her plaything wide open around her, making her gasp and groan. Meriel tried to crane her head forward to see what Yuki was doing, astonished to see the woman’s entire hand and much of her forearm vanishing into her and hammering deep into her fuckhole, making her snort out of her breath in pained gasps or through flared nostrils.

Then, she began to jerk, shake and tremble madly, her body going into convulsions as the hard fist inside her forced her to cum. “Uuuuuhh. Ungh. Ah! AH! UGH!” Meriel grunted, her body bending, forgetting to keep squeezing her breasts as she came. Her entire body strained like a tense cable, lashing from side to side as she convulsed. It felt like she was cumming than it did like Yuki was ripping the orgasm from her, willing or not. Unaware, her hips thrust back feverishly against Yuki’s hand, her eyes rolling back in her head. Meriel was aware of nothing but he heart pounding and the incredible pressure in her cunt as she shook and trembled beneath her Mistresses hand. In just a few minutes of effort, Yuki had returned Meriel to the whore all her clients claimed she was… but this was the first time she had felt like one. She was a whore… Yuki’s whore.

Meriel wasn’t aware of anything for some time. The next thing she remembered, she was laying on her back, licking her cunt off of Yuki hand while the Kitsune lay next to her, dragging her fisting hand over the girl’s mouth. Almost idly, two of her tails flicked over Meriel’s pussy, and even the light contact was enough to make her shudder. Sighing, Yuki moved to stand, straightening her dress, stretching. “We’re on the ground,” she said idly, and Meriel was astounded to notice it was true… the plane was no longer moving. “Mordred will be busy protecting his assets from the authorities for some time, but then he will be coming to look for us, certainly,” Yuki said. “If he can find me in the most densely populated city in the world, he deserves me.”

Yuki exhaled an annoyed breath as she slipped back into her heels. “The world has changed a great deal since I was free. This is not a land for those like me anymore. But I will adapt. I will survive… I always survive.” Gathering her hair in both hands, Yuki cast it behind her, so her dark hair cascaded down her back and out of her face. Her tails and ears vanished with barely a shimmer behind her glamour. “Let’s see what Japan has become in my absence,” she said as she began walking for the exist.

“Mistress, wait!” Meriel said, abruptly panicked. “My… My skin!”

Yuki looked over her shoulder and smiled…

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