POP/STARS – 10 – Video of the Year

Last Edited 4/9/19

Authors Note: As of this chapter, I have made the executive decision to remove the apostrophe from Kaisa’s name. It doesn’t make sense in the context of this happening in a “real world” as opposed to the fantasy world, and its playing havoc with my editing, so for the moment I’m over it.

I will eventually be going back and changing it in previous chapters, when I go through and edit their grammar and typos, but that will be another day.

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Kaisa looked desperately at the clock, as she had been for the last two hours. The Korean dancer was desperate for time to pass more quickly, but it seemed like the more she looked at the clock, the slower it went… that was probably in her mind, but she wouldn’t put it past these sadistic bastards to mess with the clock just to hurt her more. Her jaw ached, and her eyes were bloodshot, her throat raw and her lips chapped, but she forced herself to keep sucking King’s cock like she had been doing for nearly six hours now.

The big man was sleeping, but she had been told to keep sucking him all night. No one was even watching her… she could have stopped. Even if she couldn’t get away, she could have maybe managed to get some sleep at the very least. If she was braver, maybe she might even be able to kill the man who had kidnapped her, or at least make him pay for it… her hands were only bound in front of her, and she wasn’t wearing a gag.

But King had told her that if he woke up and found her not gagging on his cock, she was going to lose half her teeth. He had been quite graphic about it, explaining just how many teeth she could lose before any would notice the look of her changing, explained how he would enjoy ripping them out of her jaw. And Kaisa was a coward – being these criminal’s fucktoy had taught her that clearly. She wasn’t badass they sang out, wasn’t the brave girl from her image. She just wanted them to stop hurting her.

Finally, it was 10. Kaisa began to suck harder, licking up and down King’s shaft, panting hot on his cock as she forced him down her throat, gagging on him as her hands caressed his balls. The big man groaned, and she kept going, fucking him with her face until she felt a hand grip onto her head, whimpering as she realized King was awake. “Good whore,” he grumbled as he started face-fucking her, bouncing her mouth on his cock like he was bouncing a ball. After a whole night of teasing, he was already about to pop… he raped her mouth for only a minute before he came, pulling back enough to let it all shoot into her mouth, forcing her to taste it as she swallowed it down.

King stood, brushing the purple-haired dancer to the side. “That’s a good little fucktoy,” he said, patting the pop star on her head as he stood and pulled on his pants. “You are going to make some rich pervert very happy.” He laughed as he looked at her… she looked like a mess. Even if she hadn’t been the focus of events yesterday, she hadn’t be ignored – not everyone wanted to wait their turn with one of the dykes. He had done his best to make up for her relatively easy day overnight, as well – It looked like Kaisa had been good and not gotten a second of sleep all night. She had dark circles under her eyes, her face was a slobbery mess with chapped lips, and her throat was raw.

He only wished he could have put Akali through the same… but he needed her mouth intact for today. He didn’t need Kaisa’s.

“Rise and shine, sluts,” King said as he dragged Kaisa into the storage room, flinging her to the ground as a bunch of his boys came into the room behind him. “Rise and shine. Time to make me some money.” He looked at the bound girl around the room. Akali looked almost as tired as Kaisa did… Looking at the floor near her, it seemed like she had eventually gotten the butt-plug out of her ass over the night, but the process of getting out must have been even more painful than putting it in had been, and he still had fond memories of her screams last night.

If Akali and Kaisa looked worse for wear, Evelynn and Ahri looked half dead. The two girls had been used and abused together nearly all day yesterday with all eyes on them… they had ended up taking every single cock in the building at least once. While they had been hosed down after their kidnappers had finished with them yesterday, there was only so much such a haphazard cleaning could do to wipe the mess off of them. Their bodies were a mess of bruises and welts, and if Evelynn was the more whipped, it wasn’t by much.

The three girls who had been in the room looked up at him with terrified, exhausted eyes… even Evelynn seemed like she had about reached her limit of the defiance she could offer the men. He loved that look from women… he wished he could bottle it up.

“Your girlfriends here,” Kind said, his sweeping gesture indicating Eve and Ahri, “became a different kind of celebrities yesterday. Some of my boys have been watching it all night. They kept uploading the video to Pornhub and shit, and the site kept taking it down… but by halfway through the night it was being uploaded by your adoring fans to all the porn sites faster than they can take it down.” He smirked. “I guess the internet really wanted to watch you girls get raped.”

He shrugged. “So the word is out. Now that we’ve primed the pump… it’s time for you girls to go up for sale. But we’re going to put our best foot forward, aren’t we girl?” King laughed. “It’s like they always say – The presentation is everything. So… you girls are going to sing us a little song.”

He took out a few sheets of people and tossed them into the middle of the room. “We’re going to record you all singing, then we’re going to make us a pretty little video. All your social media accounts have already been shut down, I’m afraid, but everyone knows where to look by now. I trust they’ll all find it.”

Evelynn had been the closest to the paper. She picked up one piece, reading it, her eyes growing more and more narrow as she did before tossing it back on the ground. “No,” she said, a little bit of her fire back. “I won’t.”

King grinned. “Evelynn brings up an excellent point. What happens if you refuse?” He stepped into the room and grabbed Ahri by her hair, pulling her to her feet. “We’ll just have to convince you.”

“Ah!” Ahri yelled in pain. “Stop! I’ll do it!”

“Sorry love,” King said with a shake of his head. “It’s not about you. Thank your girlfriend.”

“Leave her alone!” Evelynn protested, getting to her feet. “I sing it!”

King looked back at her and smiled. “I know you will,” he said, continuing to drag Ahri from the room. “Get her on the horse,” he said, pushing her at some of the men. “And I’ll get the Siren here to the mic. When I’m satisfied she’s done her part, you can let her down.

As much as King would like to be having fun with the blonde singer, it would have to wait… the boys could have their fun. This was business… and he wouldn’t leave it in someone else’s hands. As the Korean girl began to scream from upstairs, King grabbed Evelynn himself and pulled her up. The once-rebellious popstar barely struggled now… too exhausted and beaten down from her days of captivity. Still, she tried to beg. [“Please, let her go…] I say I do it, you don’t have to hurt her!”

“Should have thought of that earlier,” King said as he pulled her onward. “You should have learned your lesson yesterday. Too late for you to bitch now. The only thing you can do for her now is to do what I tell you, quickly and without complaining, and we’ll stop hurting her as soon as you’re finished.”

The sounds of the blonde’s pain faded as they moved further away, and disappeared entirely as he brought the woman into the room that had probably once been an office. It had been stripped entirely, so all it had now was 4 walls and what they had put in the room… a chair with cuffs on its legs and arms, a microphone, and a camera. He pushed her at the chair, and the pink haired girl scrambled into it, making King chuckle. “So now you’re eager,” he said with a laugh. He bound her into the chair and turned on the recording equipment. “Alright then, slut… let’s get you started…”

Despite Evelynn’s eagerness, it took more than an hour. Her bad English made it harder… she had long since memorized how to say her lyrics properly, but these were new. Every time she sobbed, ever time her voice broke, every time her pronunciation slipped, King would have her start over. He had taken to playing with her tits during attempts, and more than once he made her cry out during a verse, but that was no skin off his back.

After she managed to sing it perfectly, he had her do it again, three more times… he was no expert in music, after all. One of his nerds would be putting this video together for him, so it was important he got all the raw material he needed. Only after he was completely satisfied did he free the whipped girl from her chair and take her outside where two men were already waiting. King pushed Evelynn into their arms. “Get her cleaned up and made up,” he instructed. “And don’t fucking screw her, got it?”

“Got it, boss,” one of them said with a chuckle, dragging the sore girl off to be prepared for the next stage of the show. King sighed. That had been the difficult one. Ahri would be easier. Akali’s English wasn’t great, but it was better than Evelynn’s at least – she would be easier too. Then they could really get started.

By the time he walked in on Ahri, King couldn’t help but smile. The men had built a wooden wedge on an old sawhorse, and the pop star had been lowered onto it, the hard wood pressing against her bare pussy. With her hands bound behind her back she would have had a hard time getting off anyway, but to make sure they had taken dumbbells from a left behind weight set and tried them to her legs, weighing her down and making her sensitive cunt dig harder against the pointed edge of the wooden horse, causing her more pain.

Tears were rolling down Ahri’s cheeks as she sobbed out her misery. The way she was forced into position her clitoris was jammed right into the pointed top of the horse. Squeezing her eyes shut, she did everything she could to remain completely still, seeming aware that all moving and struggling did was hurt her further, but it was difficult… she couldn’t help but try to shift her weight. The real problem, though, was the pins.

They didn’t want to permanently damage the valuable merchandise and didn’t want to leave too many marks on this one before the video to come, but there were plenty of other options. Two of the men were holding a box of pins, and delighting in sticking them into the undersides of Ahri’s big tits. She squealed each time and thrashed on the horse, digging the hard edge even further into her. Her tits were like pincushions now, jiggling as her chest hitched with sobs. King spotted a hint of blood on her inner thighs and grinned as he noticed that her unwanted grinding against the pointed top of the horse had rubbed her sensitive cunt quite raw.

“Let her down,” he told the others. “It’s her turn.”

They sighed in mock disappointment, but untied her feet from the weight, beginning to lift her off the horse. One of them moved to start pulling the pins out of her breasts, but King stopped them. “No, leave those in…” he said, thinking. Ahri’s wide, panicked eyes on him were a huge turn-on as he stopped the men from taking the painful things out of her tits. “They can be an incentive. They can have them out after she finishes singing for me.” He paused to consider. “Akali could use the incentive too,” he said with a smile. “Use the rest of those pins on her.”

The men grinned.

Ahri was much better behaved that Evelynn had been. In under half an hour King had everything he needed from her, well ahead of schedule. It gave him time to take the pins out of her, one at a time, making sure to show her each crimson-stained pin as he took it out, making sure that the pop star knew precisely how many of the sharp skewers she had had embedded in her sensitive breasts. When at last they were finished, he passed her to the men outside, giving them the instructions to get her cleaned up and take Kaisa to get ready too.

Then it was Akali’s turn. The 18-year-old girl was weeping pathetically by the time King got to her and looked at him like he was a savior when he suggested she could earn having the pins taken out if she would be a good girl and sing for him. Her pathetic eagerness to avoid any more pain amused him, but he took full advantage. Her English wasn’t great, but the way she sang it mattered far less, and the rapper threw herself into the performance, desperate to have it over with. She had the most lines, so it took longer than it had for Ahri, but when he said she was done and took the needles out the dumb slut actually thanked him.

King couldn’t help but shake his head laughing as Akali was dragged off to get cleaned up. That girl was born to be someone’s fucktoy. It was just his good luck he had gotten the tip that they were hiring a bus driver to take them to their next city.

That was everyone since Kaisa didn’t sing. He had their recordings – now it was time to get the video.

King had some phone calls to make and things to prepare, so by the time he made it back to the hall the girls were all ready. He laughed to look at them. “Damn, did you guys learn to do makeup in your spare time?”

One of them nudged Kaisa forward. “We had this slut do it for them.”

King shook his head in disbelief. “Better than I thought,” he said as he looked across the four girls. Their van had long since been chopped up for parts, they had raided it for their supplies first… including their performance costumes. The girls were in them now, made up, their hair done. He walked between them, inspecting.

Ahri was the first girl he passed. She was wearing what was basically a black leotard with a white top tied over it, and tall black stockings. Her ragged, cum-covered ears she had had clipped in for the past day had been replaced with new ones, and someone – probably Kaisa – had painted her whiskers onto her face. She wore a collar around her throat, but one of the men had gotten creative at some point. Golden lettering on the collar read “WHORE,” the letters nearly the same color as her hair. The most distinctive feature, however, was her tails. The crystalline fox tails that were her trademark had been attached to the harness around her waist where they would sway as she shook her hips. More than one of the gangsters had suggested they attach them to a plug up her ass instead, but others had objected that it would make her harder to fuck. King was more concerned about how they would look, and he had had the final say. The men hadn’t stopped there, though… they had taken a knife to her black leotard, leaving a few ragged tears in both it and her stockings, letting her thighs peak through. It looked to him like they had attacked the black fabric over her tits even more viciously to the point it covered nearly nothing, but the white shirt over it – barely – keep her tits from hanging out. For now.

Moving on, he passed Evelynn next. Her hair was brushed out and straightened, and she wore her pink sunglasses again. Her arms were covered in arm wraps, and she wore her black leather miniskirt and top. The long dragging tails of her skirt sagged on the ground, winding around her heels the same color as her hair. The only part of the normal ensemble they had not dressed her in was her rings and fingertips… just because the kitty seemed behaved now didn’t mean they wanted to give her claws. To his joy, King saw that her collar had also been lettered. “BITCH” shone brilliantly against the black. Unlike Ahri, her costume hadn’t been slashed to ribbons, but the positions of her fabric kept her many welts and bruises on full display.

Kaisa was the next girl he passed. Her high heeled boots blended seamlessly into skintight leather pants that clung to her ass like a second skin. The gold of her tube-top shone in brilliant contrast to the darkness of her bottom and the purple of her hair, which had been styled into her traditional buns. She wore her fingerless gloves like normal, but the boys had been disappointed to learn that her shoulder-pads were an effect of the video, not a prop and not something they would be able to duplicate. To compensate, they had torn her pants full of holes, and her right tit was almost falling through the hole they had cut in the golden top… there was no way it would stay restrained once she started dancing. She wore a collar as well, labeled “SLUT.”

Akali was last. Her hair had been bound up and put behind her hat like it normally was. Her leggings, black as her boots, had been transformed by knifework as well – where once there was a single gap in her leggings, it now looked more like a series of narrow black bands around her long legs. Her jacket had been discarded entirely, leaving her white top the only thing covering her chest… and after a few more cuts it seemed entirely inadequate to her hold in her tits. There had been some debate about whether or not to put her in her facemask. Ultimately, they had decided to compromise… put her in it, but a diagonal slash had been put through the thing. It peeled back at the corners, revealing glimpses of her lips as she moved. Her collar said “FRESH MEAT.”

They all looked like a million bucks. Although hopefully, they would sell for significantly more than that.

King nodded in approval. “Good job,” he announced. “They’re ready. Get the cameras.”

After the resistance he had gotten from the girls earlier, King knew it was better if he didn’t let them know exactly what they were doing, or for what… with his headphones in, listening to the music, he directed them through what he wanted from them, filming and filming and filming until he got his takes.

It started tamely. Shorts of them walking. Teasing. Making them look seductive. He didn’t care too much about them crying, but he couldn’t have them ruining the looks – yet – so he had each girl cleaned up a few times. He had Evelynn slapping her ass, had Akali praying on her knees, Ahri casually relaxing. He ended that section by arranging them into a pose that worked for him and having them strike it a few times. Then it was time for them to dance.

They all knew the steps of the dance to their single by heart, obviously… he ran them through it as both a group and individually. As he predicted, Kaisa was dancing with one tit out almost immediately, and when Akali’s boobs eventually bounced free, he refused to let her put them back in her top. Once he was sure he had all the shots of them that he wanted, things started to go downhill for the girls.

Eight men, King included, roamed around with cameras, making sure to capture everything, from every angle. Evelynn had her miniskirt whipped off from behind. Ahri jerked a few cocks, pretending to sing into them like they were microphones. Akali sat up on a desk with Kaisa crouched between her legs, licking her cunt while the rapper encouraged her. Each girl was tied up and moved around a half dozen times… Evelynn hung from the ceiling and whipped, Ahri fucked from behind on the floor, Akali sucked a cock through the gap in her mask, and Kaisa was made to keep going through the steps of the dance while three men whipped her from all sides, dragging her back to her feet each time she collapsed. Then, after all of those, he had the girls lay down on the floor in a line and masturbate, first themselves, then one another before they were all fucked as they lay there.

When King announced he had all the specific shots he wanted, all bets were off. Each girl became the center of their own personal gangrape. Clothing ripped and was pushed aside to let as many men as possible gangrape the girls in their costumes. After everything that had been done to them, all four of them were too tired to put up meaningful resistance… they could do little but weep and provide some lovely token resistance as they were taken, King and his cameramen filming it all, looking for the very best parts.

It was three in the morning before he called it quits. He took a few shots of the aftermath, figuring they would make for good footage, then he forced the four girls up to their feet. They were covered in cum by now, but he forced them to take the same positions as before, posing for him, before he was finished.

“That’s a wrap,” he said, turning off the camera. The other cameramen had swapped out a few times to take their turns with the women… King had not. Such was the price of doing good work. “Get these sluts hosed down and put away,” he ordered, handing his camera over to one of his men. “Make sure all these files get to the film team. They have a lot of work to do.” Then he grabbed onto Akali by her hair. Her hat, miraculously, had stayed in her hair, keeping that hair more or less in place even as she was gangbanged. “Your turn tonight, girl,” he said with a grin, already imagining what it would feel like to have her choking on his cock all night…

Noon the next day, a twitter account named @KDA4SALE was created. It had only a single tweet, a message saying “midnight.” Within an hour, the account had over a million followers. No one shut it down. The excuse was no doubt that the account hadn’t done anything wrong, but no doubt Twitter enjoying the excitement was the real reason. The account became one of the most popular accounts in the history of the platform, and it hit ten million followers before midnight. #cantwait started trending by 9.

Then, at midnight, the account sent a flurry of messages. A series of links to a dozen different uploads, all of the same video. The account was shut down a half an hour later, but by then the links had been clicked millions of times, and it took far longer for those to be taken down. Before anyone stopped the video, it had over a hundred million downloads across the world and was being constantly reuploaded by people with no connection to the gang anymore.

The video began in dim light as the familiar music began to play… Images of the tour bus, of clothing in a pile on the ground, of dirty mattresses on the ground. The staff as spliced in a few frames of those mattresses being filled by one of the girls in the process of being fucked or playing with themselves, including only momentary moans to accompany the soundtrack, before vanishing and leaving the area empty again. Then Evelynn began to sing as the camera found the silhouette of her in the darkness.

You know who it is
Coming ‘round again
You wanna try this ass
Then buy the K/DA, uh!

As the camera moved closer to her, she stared into the camera longingly. If you didn’t know to look for them, you’d never see the red rim to her eyes under the makeup, the beaten weariness in her eyes, but the whip welts crisscrossing her skin couldn’t fail to be noticed. She slapped her ass and licked her lips hungrily as lyrics played.

The camera changed, showing Akali standing before a dirty, blood and cum-stained mattress. Her lips moved beneath the mask, but despite her surroundings, her eyes were pleading. She stood with her hands together as if in prayer, singing her lines.

Please I promise I’ll behave
Spread my legs and shout your name
I’ll be your slave forever
Please, please, please, please

Writhing her hips like a true whore, Akali thrust them towards the camera, letting it see the glimpses of her snatch that could be spotted through the thoroughly ripped pants. As the verse went out, she humped the air faster and harder like that on each syllable, looking for all the world like a bitch in heat.

If you want I’ll get on top
You just tell me when to stop
Or when it’s time to kneel
And suck, suck, suck

As the rapped sang the next verse, she sank forward onto the mattress, bouncing once as she sagged down onto the filthy bed. She turned that bounce into several, closing her eyes as she tilted her head back as though in ecstasy. By the end of the verse, she was kneeling with her hands behind her back, her mouth open as the camera zoomed into vanished down her throat, her tongue hanging out of her mouth like a pornstar.

When the camera came back in, Evelynn was on screen again, just her face as she stared into the screen just above her pink glasses.

Or do you like them hard to get (to get)
Oh no, I’m not your meek little pet

As she sang, the camera slowly zoomed out… to show that she was behind the bars of a kennel, still smirking at the camera as she mouthed the lyrics, gripping the bars with both hands

I’m a bitch you’ll have to break
With that wild in my veins
Don’t you wanna see me
Tamed, tamed, tamed, tamed?

At the very end, the view cut to behind her. With Evelynn still gripping the kennel bars, someone lashed her with a belt, cutting four new slashes in her already ruined miniskirt. The whip fell four times, once per word, right on the beat, the snap of the belt adding emphasis to each time Evelynn sang the word tamed. The camera cut to a close-up of Ahri’s face, staring into the camera as she sang. In that position, the “WHORE” on her collar stood out brilliantly for the camera.

Or maybe what you’d like most
Is somebody eager to ple-e-ease?
One who’s never more happy
Than when I’m on my back or on my knees

As with Evelynn before, the camera slowly pulled back to show her face peeking out from beneath the man on top of her, lying between her legs. Far from fucking her, however, the lead singer of K/DA was doing her best to fuck him, her tails splitting out beneath her as she thrust her hips up at him again and again and again, her hands caressing his back lovingly. Then she turned her face to the side, and the camera followed her.

Relax and leave it to me now
Making you cum is what I’m all about

Ahri continued to stare longingly at the camera, but she wasn’t singing anymore. Instead, she had cum on her face, and she was slowly licking her lips, gathering up as much of it as she could, amber eyes staring into the camera with entirely unfaked – if out of context – desperation to finish licking up the seed a man had sprayed on her face.

Let my warm muff
Gobble you all up
I need your cock inside me!

All four girls appeared, splayed out on the mattresses, still at least partially in their clothing but with it pulled up or dragged to the side, playing with themselves. Eve squished her welted and obviously painful tits between her fingers hard while Ahri had her hands between both her own legs and her lovers, spreading both their cunts and showing how wet and glistening they were, how ready they were to be fucked. On either side of the two lovers, Akali and Kaisa did the same, fucking themselves with bright violet dildos that the men had found in Evelynn’s bag. Kaisa’s skintight pants had a huge rip right down the middle now, making her pussy look even more exposed than had she been completely naked.

Then the chorus kicked in. The four girls stayed where they were on the mattresses, but their behavior changed. All four of them put their legs in the air in the shape of a V, continuing to play with their cunts and show off their pussies for the cameras. All four of them were naked now. And all four of them sang:

So who will pay to lay us
Down, down, down, down, down, down
It’s your chance with the hottest sluts around

In between sweeping over the group, the editors had put in glimpses of the four girls dancing in their ragged clothing, swaying back and forth in the suggestive, sexual dance that Kaisa had made for them, the one she had once found so empowering.

Wet cunts spread for you to pound
Pound, pound, pound, pound, pound, pound
How we’ll purr when you feed our hungry mounds

On the final four base beats, Pound Pound Pound Pound, the camera showed a closeup on each girl’s pussy. King had been careful in his shots, in his cleanup. All four girls looked pristine, untouched, and glistening wet. And if their cunts looked a little red and inflamed, well, that was just because the sluts were so turned on. Any potential buyer could get a look at how night and tight these four popstar cunts still would be for them.

When you’re hard (Hard) give it to us, to us
When you’re hard (Hard) ram it in us, in us
We pop stars (Pop stars), and we’re for sale, for sale now
So who will pay to make us lay
down, down, down, down?

On each beat now, the four girls humped the air, thrusting their glistening twats towards the camera as more footage of them dancing was spliced in… occasionally interspersed with the footage of them dancing the nude. Then the last four beats were four fast cuts to their faces, covered in cum, staring up at the camera in exhaustion but trying to smile, peace signs by their faces.

As the scene faded, it came back with Akali sitting on a chair, slowly zooming out to show Kaisa crouched between her legs, licking her cunt. On either side of her, Evelynn and Ahri knelt in strict rope bondage, still fully dressed but with the cuts in their clothing and the way the ropes squeezed their tits they might as well have been naked for all the good their clothing did them.

You ready for this? (Let’s go!)

Akali’s lips moved beneath her mask as Kaisa continued to eat her, then the camera cut to a pose of the four popstars, looking confident and strong.

To all our fans who saw us as strong women
Sorry we deceived ya, we just
Sluts begging to be ridden, uh!

Abruptly, a flash of static crossed the screen, and then the pose changed, revealing the four of them in the same positions but naked, disheveled… weak looking and covered with cum.

The scene moved back to Akali as she continued her verse, but it occasionally flashed to hardcore porn now… one of the four girls getting raped in one or more holes, usually on the off-beat or the rest between lines.

Pow-pow, cool and tough I’m not
Can take me no matter what I want
If you look me in the eyes, you’ll see
Anyway you’re wantin’ it – I’ll be good
Don’t even have to ask, you know I would
I’m your submissive slave, uh!

Evelynn took over the verse then, the camera cutting to her as she hung dangling from the ceiling completely naked. On display like this, stretched out, it was impossible not to count every one of her lash marks, her welts, her bruises… just how much the men had needed to hurt her during her captivity.

Beat me when I misbehave
‘Til I flinch just at my name
Then get on all fours and cra~aw~aw~awl

The camera faded to the pink haired woman crawling forward, the camera moving back to keep pace with her… then she came up between Ahri’s spread legs, her tongue already out and digging into the blonde singer’s cunt in full view of the camera. Observant viewers doubtless noticed the cum leaking out of that pussy, but Evelynn attacked it with abandon anyway.

Or maybe what you’d like most
Is somebody eager to ple-e-ease?
Please let this verse
Show you just what I’m worth
I need to taste you right now!

She closed her eyes on the last words, just a second before at least three cumshots landed on her face. Then the beat dropped, and the chorus began again with everyone singing.

So who will pay to lay us
Down, down, down, down, down, down
It’s your chance with the hottest sluts around
Wet cunts spread for you to pound
Pound, pound, pound, pound, pound, pound
How we’ll purr when you feed our hungry mounds
When you’re hard (Hard) give it to us, to us
When you’re hard (Hard) ram it in us, in us
We pop stars (Pop stars), and we’re for sale, for sale now
So who will pay to make us lay
down, down, down, down?

As the chorus played, they showed some of the same scenes are before with them on the beds, but now they were more being fucked than they were playing with themselves. All of the dancing was nude now, and each and every one of the girls looked thoroughly fucked. Akali sucked a cock right through her mask while getting nailed from behind. Ahri rode a man on the mattress, bouncing her hips on him while she was facefucked. Kaisa had her tits crushed around a cock while licking it. Evelynn was double-penetrated while tightly bound, the men holding her throat from the front and the back.

The scenes played out in depraved flashes and cruel vignettes, the four pop stars putting on whorish displays for their potential buyers. By the time it faded into Ahri’s face as she worked her breasts up and down on a man’s thick dick, everyone had seen a glimpse of all four girls getting nailed in every hole at least once. She sang as she looked down at the cock.

Oh, we’ll be whatever you want
(’cause) Oh, oh, when you’re hard
Oh, oh, fuck a pop star

And he came on her face, freezing on that frame.

So who will pay to lay us
Down, down, down, down, down, down
It’s your chance with the hottest sluts around
Wet cunts spread for you to pound
Pound, pound, pound, pound, pound, pound
How we’ll purr when you feed our hungry mounds
When you’re hard (Hard) give it to us, to us
When you’re hard (Hard) ram it in us, in us
We pop stars (Pop stars), and we’re for sale, for sale now

From here on, it was just porn, usually synced. All four girls getting facefucked. All four girls getting it up their ass. All four girls with a cock pressed between her tits. All four on their backs begging fucked, breasts bouncing. And on, and on, and on…

So who will pay to make us lay
down, down, down, down?

For the finale, all four girls stood before a table with champagne glasses, all filled with creaming white slime… obviously cum, spilling over the edges, sliding down over the side. None of them looked even slightly enthusiastic, but all four popstars lifted a glass as one and drank. The camera focused on their faces and the looks on them, the gulping of their throats as they swallowed gulp after gulp of their disgusting cum. The camera stayed on them until they were finished, the music starting to fade out as the camera showed a few glimpses of the aftermath…

Kaisa, one of her hair buns undone, the entire left side of her face a sheet of cum…

Ahri laying on the mattress, dildos crammed in both her cunt and ass, her tails splayed beneath her but four of the nine tails having been torn off the mount and scattered around her…

Akali, her mask torn down to her neck, curled into a tight ball, clutching her own legs to her chest as cum leaked from her pussy and ass, and was drooled out of her mouth…

And Evelynn, one of her dress tails wrapped around her hands to bind them, the other wrapped around her throat, laying on the bed with her rapist’s cum coated so thickly on her pink sunglasses they were practically opaque.

Then the video faded to black, leaving just one line in golden text – a secure messaging link, and a deadline.

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