Finding Avalon – Epilogue

Edited 4/12/19

Meriel cut through the water like a bullet, racing along beneath the waves as quickly as she could for the sheer joy of it. She swam through the blue with joy, her body moving with a grace and speed no human would match… but then, that was only right. Meriel was a seal, after all.

Wearing her skin again was a nearly unbelievable joy, made all the more so for the certainty she had lived with for months that she would never again be able to do so. She danced through the water like a ballerina, not bothering to hunt or do anything else to distract from the all-too-brief majesty of being back in her true form, playing just for the joy of it.

Meriel wasn’t sure how long she stayed out for, surfacing every few minutes for air before the pain became overwhelming… perhaps an hour, which was longer than last time. She let herself float to the surface, just staying still as she rode the waves, relaxing … the pain didn’t get any less, but it didn’t grow any greater either, at least not quickly. It gave her a few more minutes in her skin. Then, reluctantly, she began to strip out of it.

A long, slender leg came out of the seal, followed by her right arm. She grabbed her left side, pulling, squirming as she slid herself out of her skin, Her head came out last, and the pain faded to nothing nearly immediately. Her hand gripped at the hated iron collar around her throat, cursing it as she treaded water… the foul thing was something right out of her nightmares. The first thing that had been done to her, more than a year ago now, was still keeping her enslaved even now.  Using any faerie magic, even wearing her skin, was agonizing – and while the pain built slowly, it never receeded until she stopped. Until she couldn’t stand it anymore.

Meriel slapped the surface of the water, aggravated. These collars had been made using drops of Mordred’s blood – it was lethal to remove one without another drop of his blood. Something that she didn’t have.

She was still a slave – She just had a longer leash, and a less hateful master.

Gathering her skin beneath her arm, Meriel began to swim to shore.

Finding Yuki was never hard – the kitsune stood out wherever she went, regardlessly of whether or not she kept her features hidden. Today she wore just a bikini as she sprawled luxuriously on a towel, enjoying the sun on Shirahama beach while she wanted for Meriel to finish. Meriel was naked, of course, but the stares she got from those on the crowded beach were only brief. That was Yuki’s doing – as she approached her mistress, she noticed her hand glowing with the faint flames of her kitsune-bi. She rarely bothered to hide her tails anymore – she just kept weaving the same spell she used now, making her and her pet seem completely unremarkable. If anyone saw them, they forgot about her just a few seconds later.

Yuki held out one hand, not even bothering to open her eyes. Grimacing, Yuki dropped her skin into her waiting hand, making a smile crease the kitsune’s face. She always insisted, even though she wasn’t shy about letting the selkie use it whenever she wanted – the skin belonged to her, not to Meriel. Without a word, Meriel dropped down to her knees, crawling between Yuki’s legs and peeling off her swim bottom.

She had expected to simply serve her mistress, but she should have known better than to think Yuki would turn down an opportunity to make her cry. She felt hands on her ass and jumped as she saw a man crouching behind her. His eyes shimmered with the blue of one of the kitsune’s enchantments as he pulled down his pants, his cock sliding into her ass even as Yuki reached forward to grab her hair and hold her in place.

Meriel looked up with pleading eyes… and Yuki just smiled. As Meriel cried out, being shoved forward by the dick impaling her ass, Meriel prayed that someday she would manage to be free… but until Yuki managed to get her a drop of Mordred’s blood, she was trapped every bit as fully as she had been in the Mists of Avalon. Tears filling her eyes, she began to lick.


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