What Makes Women Tick – Chapter 1

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Last Edited 4/13/19

Eli rubbed his forehead in aggravation, his headache growing as the men around him continued arguing. There were sometimes he regretted letting this little club grow this large. It had started with just him and four other summoners, pissed off at that snotty little Du Couteau bitch. They had wanted to find a way to teach her a lesson, but they hadn’t been as good as keeping their secrets then. It turned out that turning a cocky cunt into a cum-covered shadow of the alpha-bitch she used to be attracted notice by the people who knew how to look.

It had put him in touch with more and more like-minded summoners – those annoyed at those weakling summoners who had cost them the riches and fame by failing in important matches, or the champions who strutted around like they were so much better than everyone else. Those who were willing to do something about it to teach them a lesson.

There was strength in numbers – It was easier to subdue their victims now, and far easier to keep them cowed after the fact – but there was also a cost. It was hard to get thirty men to agree on anything at all. They might be in his home, drinking his wine, but he didn’t have the power to pick their victim – that was always to be a joint effort.

And everyone had an idea of who they wanted to make their next victim. A coworker from the last showmatch. A pretty champion. One man even wanted them to rape his sister, even though she wasn’t involved with the Institute of War at all. He sighed, shaking his head as more and more names were discussed. Thirty people. Thirty different suggested victims.

It was doubly annoying since Eli already knew where the conversation was going… the same place it was always went every time they couldn’t make a decision. It was going to be Sona, again. Their one repeat victim. Eli smirked to think of the sort of things they had done to that blue-haired whore. Since she was mute, she was the perfect victim for their little club to visit over and over again. They didn’t even need to threaten her – Eli was amused by watching her try to tell people about what was happening to her and having no one pay any attention.

The bell ringing at the door was as obnoxious as it was a relief… no one else was supposed to be coming, but any excuse to leave the room was a welcome one. Eli stood, leaving behind the argument and walking towards the door. The manor wasn’t huge, but it was big enough that it took him a few minutes.

He wasn’t sure what he expected to find on the other side of the door… but a young, sexy blonde wasn’t it. His eyes looked her up and down in an instant… she wasn’t wearing a shirt. The only thing that covered her breasts was a golden bikini, and it was entirely insufficient to holding in her large tits, pushing them together into clear mounds. She wore a skirt of the same golden color, stopping just barely below the beginning of her thighs… if the wind blew, it would flip up entirely. She stood on five-inch stiletto heels of the same golden color, standing a bit unsteadily on the tall spikes but smiling up at him despite that.

She just… stood there smiling while he undressed her with his eyes, seeming not to care. No, Eli corrected himself – not to notice. She didn’t seem like she was trying to be seductive and liked being appreciated – she just seemed oblivious that her tits were hard to look away from.

“Hiiii,” she said, her voice cute and young. She held up the cake in her hands, letting Eli notice the round cake for the first time. “This is where the celebration is, right?”

There was something familiar about the blonde girl, but Eli had a hard time putting the finger on it until he saw the round cake, recognizing the pattern on it… the colors and patterns of The Ball. Realization dawned… and confusion dawned with it.

Today was the anniversary of Oriannna’s construction in Piltover. The automaton had been growing up over the last few years, but this year she had requested a gift from the mages of the Institute of War for her birthday… a temporary chance at a mortal life. It wasn’t really the sort of thing that the alchemists and machinists of the League did, but some had advocated for assisting the clockwork girl. Eli had been one of them.

It wasn’t out of kindness, of course… it was for their image. As much as they tried to keep a low profile, some attention was inevitable when so many women associated with the Institute of War had been raped in the last months – there was only so much they could do to keep everyone silent. No one had been able to identify them – no one willing to speak – but any assistance in their image wasn’t something to pass up.

He had assisted in the creation of the elixir of life for Orianna, and had been there when it was presented to her last night – but he certainly hadn’t invited her here, and there wasn’t going to be a party.

Eli looked up and down her body again and smiled slowly. Or maybe there was.

“Orianna,” he said with a smile, still staring mostly at her tits… they were hard to look away from. “So good to see you! How are you enjoying your new body?”

She smiled up at him… even in her heels, she was still several inches shorter than he was. “I love it!” she said, excitedly. “Everyone has been so nice to me! The baker made me this cake for free if I let him feel how my skin felt,” she said, cupping one of her breasts with one hand. “Don’t know why… he has his own skin to touch every day.”

Eli smirked. She really didn’t know anything. It was going to be a delight to teach her. “That’s nice,” he said, stepping out of the door and standing beside her. “Maybe your skin is nicer. Do you mind if I try?”

Orianna kept that same, placid smile on her face. “Sure!” she said, seeming a bit excited about the idea. “Is it soft?”

Eli’s hand slipped beneath the gold of her bra, cupping her breast… it was too big to fit into his hand as he squeezed it softly. Still, she didn’t really react. This whore was clueless. “It’s very soft, Orianna.”

“Can I touch yours?” she asked.

Eli smirked. “Maybe soon,” he said, taking the cake from her hands. “Let me hold onto that for you. Come on in – I don’t want to keep you from the party…”


When Orianna walked into the room with Eli behind her, conversation stopped. “Hiii!” Orianna said with a dazzling smile. The men raked her with their eyes, taking in her long legs, her sexy ass, her nearly naked tits.

The room was silent for a minute… a tense, hungry silence as the mood in the room turned dangerous, threatening. Orianna didn’t seem to realize the change, didn’t recognize the danger she was in. “So the sluts are delivering themselves to us now?” one of the summoners asked.

Orianna tilted her head, turning back to look at Eli. The turn made her skirt flare up, and reveal to their hungry eyes that she wore nothing at all beneath it. She gave all the men a brief glance at her pussy before it flashed by, letting them stare at her ass. “What is a slut?” she asked. Her smile seemed fragile now, uncertain.

“You are a slut, Orianna,” he said with a grin, pushing a finger forward until it dug into her breast. “These things on your chest make you a slut.”

“I’m a slut,” Orianna repeated, confused. She still was smiling, like she didn’t know what else to do. “A woman called me that on the street when I was coming here. She seemed angry.” She looked up at Eli, her blue eyes wide, seeming worried. “Is being a slut a bad thing?”

He laughed, and the entire room laughed. “No, Orianna. All good girls are sluts, especially birthday girls. I’m sure that woman just recognized another slut, just like her.”

“Oh!” Orianna said, excited. Her smile widened again. “Then I’m glad I’m a slut!” The room laughed again. Not wanted to be left out, Orianna laughed too. That just made everyone laugh harder.

Two of the summoners moved over on the couch, patting the cushion between them. “Come sit down, birthday girl,” he said, and she skipped over, wobbling on her heels as she did.

“These used to be easier to walk on,” she protested sadly, but even that couldn’t dampen her mood – she was celebrating her birthday for the first time! She settled in between the two men, thinking nothing of the way they crowded around her, their hands landing on her bare thighs.

Other summoners kept asking her questions about how she was enjoying her first day as a human, how her birthday was going, but while the blonde girl answered all their questions happily, she didn’t seem to notice no one cared in the slightest about her answers. Men were starting to gather around her, touching her. Those behind her played with her hair or ran fingertips over her shoulders; Those beside her played with her legs, slowly sliding their hands up beneath the skirt and confirming that she had nothing at all beneath it. Those in front of her felt at her breasts around and over the bra, trying to fit her huge tits in a single hand without luck but enjoying the attempt.

Orianna didn’t seem to find anything strange about any of it – or perhaps she found every experience in her new body so strange that this didn’t register as anything special. She didn’t protest, or pull away, or resist… she didn’t even remark on their attention, just keep looking around any limbs in her way to answer the last question she was asked.

It made the men bolder, curious to see how much they could get away with – the woman was helpless after all, surrounded by thirty strong summoners and without her normal body, without the Ball. Even if she started to resist, it wouldn’t matter, so they felt emboldened to push as far as they could. They began to lift up her skirt, one man pushing a hand between her legs, closing his palm over her pussy. That got the first reaction out of her… but not a protest, or even a question. Orianna simply shuddered as the new sensation before she continued to say whatever she had been in the process of saying… no one was paying attention to what that was anymore.

It was too much… this whore was too stupid to be real. The men looked at each other in disbelief, smiling and laughing. More than one had been stroking their cocks in their clothing, but there seemed little point in subtlety. A half dozen of them opened their robes entirely, taking out their dicks and stroking them openly. Orianna didn’t seem to notice, even when one of the men behind her took a handful of her blonde hair and wrapped it around his cock, using the soft, silky hair to assist him in pleasuring himself.

Orianna kept conversing, but her eyes did occasionally look over to the men stroking themselves in her view. Eventually, she stopped her question in mid-sentence. “What are they doing?” She asked.

“They’re stroking their cocks,” one of the summoners explained with a smirk.

Orianna was still wearing that same, dumb smile. “Why?”

“Because it feels good,” one of the men sitting beside her said, “but do you know what feels even better? When a slut does it for them.” He opened his own robe, letting it split open and revealing his own hard cock. The man on her other side was only a second behind. “Watch,” he said, taking her wrist in his hand and bringing her hand to his shaft where it was sticking up from his body.

He put his fingers over her, closing her grip around him, showing her how hard to squeeze. She did precisely as instructed, like a living doll, and on her other side, the other summoner was having her do the same. “Do like they’re doing,” he said, almost laughing at the way she started staring at the other cocks being stroked, intensely taking in their every move while she smiled. Slowly she began moving her hands up and down on both the shafts in her hands.

“They’re hard!” she observed with a giggle, making the men laugh.

“That means they like you,” one of the summoners said, and that made her smile more.

“I like them too,” Orianna said as she stroked up and down their lengths. Someone had grabbed onto the center of her bra and pulled it down, letting her breasts pop free, and men were pawing at them, bouncing them in their hands, squeezing them. Then her eyes went wide as one of the summoners in her hand gasped and came, his cum spraying upward and coming back down to land on her hand.

Orianna’s eyes were wide as she looked down at it. “What is it?” she asked, staring at the slime coating her fingers. She made no move to let go of the cock between her fingers, however, and she didn’t stop stroking the other one.

The man who had cum groaned happily, taking her hand off his dick as he moved over, another man happily taking his place. “Proof that you’re doing a good job,” he said, and had to laugh when Orianna immediately brightened. Her hand was moved onto the next hard cock, and she continued her stroking.

A few minutes later, the man in her other hand came as well, and Orianna laughed, a pleased smile on her face. “I’m doing a good job,” she said, delighted. The mocking laughter of the men filled the room, but Orianna didn’t seem to realize that what amused them so much as her debasement.

Two more men gathered behind her, taking their own fistful of her hair and wrapping it around their dicks, stroking themselves slowly as others crowded around her from the front, half a dozen hands on her tits now as she continued stroking the cocks in her hands. One man took his cock in his hand and slapped her cheek with it a few times, laughing as he did. Orianna laughed too.

Another man came in each of her hands, and Orianna had gotten the hang of it by now, reaching for another dick without needing to be guided or instructed. “He likes me too,” she said, “And so does he!” she exclaimed, giggling as another man came. The next cocks were a little bit further away. Orianna slipped off the couch, onto her knees as she reached for another cock… and the summoner slapped her hand away.

Orianna looked up at him, her smile fading a little bit in her confusion, but he was still smiling at her. “Look at your hand, slut,” he ordered. Orianna did it, observing how her hands were covered in cum. “You should clean them up,” he suggested as a malicious grin spread wide on his face. “Good little sluts lick up men’s cum when it gets on them.”

The blonde girl didn’t even hesitate. She raised her right hand up to her mouth and licked her fingers like a dog would. Then she gagged. “It tastes gross!” she protested.

The summoner in front of her made a horrified noise, but the cruel smile never changed. “You don’t like it?” he asked.

“No,” she said. She didn’t seem upset about it, but she seemed sure.

The summoner chuckled. “Well, that’s a shame. I guess you aren’t a slut after all then.” When Orianna looked up, her eyes wide in surprise, he continued. “Only frigid bitches don’t eat their cum,” he said. “I thought you were better than that.”

Orianna actually started to tear up. “But I want to be a slut!” she protested. Then, while crying, she started licking at her hand again, sucking on her fingers. It was enough to make the men laugh, and the image was sufficient to make one of the summoners jacking off with her hair cum, making sure to aim his load right onto her hand as well, onto a part she had already cleaned. Tears rolling down her face, Orianna didn’t protest… she just went back to licking.

For just a moment, no one was touching her, no one was playing with her. Even the two men backing off with her hair had stopped. To a stupid girl as suggestible as Orianna, it made it look like she must have done something really wrong – she kept sucking their cum off her hand, trying to ignore how it tasted. Even after her hands were clean, the men weren’t smiling at her, so she kept licking and kept crying.

“Still don’t like the taste?” The summoner said, leaning down to look into her eyes.

“…No,” Orianna said miserably.

“Don’t you want to be a good little slut?” he asked.

“I am a slut!” Orianna said firmly, wiping a tear from her face.

The men laughed, and a small smile came back on the blonde girl’s face. “Let me help you get used to it, then,” he said. Then he grabbed the back of her head and pulled it forward, pushing his cock between her lips. “This is one of the things a good slut does for those she likes,” he grunted as he yanked her head down onto him, hard. He didn’t go slowly… in a second he was already working on cramming himself down her throat.

Orianna tried to say something, but all that came out was a choking “glurk.” With her mouth stuffed, she couldn’t say a thing as the summoner gripped her head in both hands, his fingers working through her golden hair as he forced his cock down her tight, untouched throat. By the nature of their victim, all of the summoners knew that every single thing about her was virginal… everywhere a cock went, it was the first to violate her. She had never taken a cock in her throat before, and her first was not gentle… but far from protesting, when the pair of summoners gripped her wrists and put her hands onto their cocks, she began to stroke them like she had been shown.

“Don’t worry, Orianna… by the time we’re done with you, everyone in the room will think you’re the biggest slut in the world,” the summoner said as he began to speed up, fucking her face with violent strokes. It might have been her first time, but he showed her no more mercy that he would give any other whore they had in their power. With the power in his arms and her lack of resistance, even the tightness of her throat had no chance to resist him. She gagged over and over, feeling an unfamiliar feeling growing inside her that the clockwork woman had never felt before… the burning need for air. She gagged over and over as her face was raped, her body being used for a man’s pleasure despite her innocence.

Then he pulled back so that the head of his cock rested on her tongue and came, spraying his cum right on her tongue. When he pulled out, Orianna kept her mouth open, his seed visibly pooled on her tongue. “Didn’t we already tell you?” he said as he stepped back, letting other men step up to the golden-haired girl. “When a slut is given cum, she swallows it.”

A few tears ran down her cheeks, but Orianna swallowed, her throat swelling as she swallowed down his load. Still stroking a pair of cocks, she asked “Am I… am I doing it right?” she said, trying to catch her breath. “Am I a good slut?”

Around her, the crowd of summoners laughed menacingly. One of the men she was stroking came, and while Orianna hesitated, she lifted her hand to her mouth and began to clean it without being told. “Just keep doing what you’re told,” one of them said as he moved up, smacking his cock against her soft lips. “And we’ll make a slut out of you by the end of the night.”

He pushed himself past her lips but seemed disappointed when she didn’t suck on him at all. “Use your tongue you worthless bitch,” he commanded, spitting down onto her face as she looked up at him with tear-filled eyes. As her tongue began to drag back and forth across his shaft, a few others crowded back around her, more of them grabbing hands full of her hair and jerking their dicks off with it. One of them shoved her head down on the cock in her mouth and taking his cue from the crowd’s eagerness he began to fuck her face as well, forcing her to take it down her throat as well.

He didn’t cum, though. After a few minutes of rapidly pumping, he spat on Orianna again, grinning as it landed right in her eye and made her squint up. Then he pulled out and walked away. She barely had time to begin to ask why he had stopped before a third man took his turn in her mouth. Men pulled her hands off their dicks before another man stepped into their place, and then there was a fourth man taking a turn fucking her mouth, and then a fifth.

Then the first man was back, fucking her throat again. Again, he did not cum. Again, the men stroking their cocks or making her do it backed off, but this time Orianna found the chance to meet the eyes of the man who had been making her gag on his dick. “Why won’t you cum? Don’t I make you happy?”

He slapped his cock against her forehead, smearing her with her own drool. “You want us to cum? Beg for it,” he instructed her. “Repeat after me, and memorize it… it will be the most important sentence you ever speak. ‘Please cum in your slut.’ ” He looked over at her expectantly.

Orianna looked up. “Please cum in your slut,” she begged.

“I don’t know,” he said, slapping his cock on her again. “It doesn’t sound like she really wants it to me…”

“I really want it! I want you to like me!” Orianna protested. “Please cum in your slut! Please cum in your slut! Please cum in y-” Her sentence ended in a hard gag as he shoved his cock all the way down into her throat in a single thrust, interrupting her.

“That a girl,” he said, chuckling.

Orianna felt completely overwhelmed as she was surrounded by cock… short of breath and pushed a dozen different directions at once. She gagged on the dick in her mouth as she stroked others off. Hands pressed at her neck, her hair, her breasts, her thighs and her sides as every bit of her was pinched, pushed, squeezed, or prodded. One of the men jacking off in her hair came, spraying the side of her face and soaking it into her golden locks as she was fucked.

She had never felt anything like this before in her life… and then a hand slipped beneath her skirt and pressed against her cunt.

Orianna shrieked, the sound muffled by the cock all the way down her throat as a finger pressed into her. The vibrations on his dick were enough to make the summoner cum, his cock jerking as it spat his seed directly into her gullet. The moment he pulled out, her gasps continued, growing louder as Orianna cried out. When they had touched her on the couch, it had felt strange and new and wonderful, but not like this – the shocking burst of sensation poured over Orianna, overwhelming her unprepared brain. She tumbled through it in a sea of confusion, gasping in pleasure as any train of thought she tried to put together was washed away by the feeling.

The group of men abusing her found her reactions hilarious. “It’s a shame she was wasted on a clockwork body,” the man fingering her said as he pushed a second finger into her, making her scream again. “She’s a natural-born cum-slut.”

“I’m… I’m a na… natural born cum-slut…” Orianna gasped out between her moans. “Please cum in your slut.”

Her last words were drowned out entirely by mocking laughter. “Happily,” another man said as he stepped up, burying his dick in her mouth as well.

The last two men jacking off with her hair came a moments later, sticking much of her golden mane to her skull. Strong hands gripped her tits, holding them up and presenting them as a target for the next man being jerked off by Orianna to shoot his load onto, her body still squirming as the summoner behind her fingered her. “This is what your body is good for,” the man fucking her face groaned out as he enjoyed the squeezing of her throat. “You’re only as good as you can make a man’s cock feel.”

The feeling of her both moaning and gagging on his dick, the increasing degradation of the pretty blonde as she was covered in more and more cum, it all drove the cruel summoner wild, inspiring him to fuck her face more violently than anyone who had come before. Her throat might be a delicate hole, still unaccustomed to cock, but he raped it with all the brutality he would a veteran’s whore’s cunt. He gripped her head, unconcerned about what a mess she was becoming, and stabbed viciously into her mouth like his cock was a dagger. The thick tip of his cock clogged her throat, robbing Orianna of her air as she gagged and choked. Her nostrils flared desperately as she tried to breathe, but she got nothing into her lungs.

Trapped between the vicious use of her throat, the struggle for air, and the unfamiliar pleasure coming from her finger-fucked pussy, Orianna’s eyes rolled back in her head. The blonde wretched, choked and gurgled, her throat spasming uncontrollably as the summoner facefucked her, plunging deep down into her tight throat.

“Gaak! Gurk! MmmmmURK!” Thick, slimy saliva erupted from around his cock with each thrust, dripping down her chin and dropping to soak her tits. She was so overwhelmed she couldn’t even continue to stroke the cocks in her hands, but the summoners simply gripped her wrists and dragged them back and forth. She had no idea how long she had been being gagging on the dick… time had lost all meaning to the innocent girl. Just when her thoughts were coming leaden and slow, when she thought she couldn’t possibly last another second, she felt that hard as iron cock harden even further inside her before it began to pulsate within her throat.

He pulled back, letting her gasp for air… only to choke and cough as a jet of cum hit the back of her throat and she tried to breathe it with her air. Uncaring of her troubles, he pulled out further, jerking his cock as more and more thick jizz was dumped onto her face. At the same time, both of the men she was being made to jerk off came as well, adding their own loads onto her face, covering her in their cum. It pooled into her eye sockets, hung on her nose, and stilled from the messy fuckhole he had turned her mouth into, seed spilling from her inflamed lips.

Orianna dropped from her knees down to the ground, hunching over as she heaved and coughed, trying to catch her breath. Cum hung off her lips with disgusting, slimy strings, dribbling down to the floor as she tried to heaving in great lungfuls of air between her retching… and then began moaning again as the two fingers in her snatch began moving again.

“You’re doing a great job, Orianna,” another summoned said as he stood over her. “You’ll be the world’s biggest slut soon enough.” He rolled the prone girl over, sitting on her chest while he grabbed onto her nipples. Pulling them away from her chest, he slapped his cock between them. “You don’t know about these, do you?” he asked, smiling. “These are important if you want to be a slut… they’re called your tits, and once we’re done with you, they’ll be the best part of you left.” He laughed at her and smiled when she tried to laugh along but kept coughing. “They can be used to make a man feel good too… would you like that Orianna? Do you want me to show you how a slut uses her big cow tits?”

When Orianna talked, a bit of cum spilled out of her mouth. “Yes, pleeeee…” she drifted off as she moaned, tilting her head as the man fingering her began rubbing his thumb across her clit.

“Repeat after me then,” he instructed her. “Please fuck my whore tits.”

She seemed too out of it to process, so he slapped her… a wet, stinging slap that sent some of the cum covering her scattering onto the floor. Her eyes were wide as she stared up at him. “Say it!” he ordered.

“P- P- Please fuck my w- whore tits,” she moaned out, her voice rising at the end in pleasure. “Please cum in your slut.”

He slapped his cock between her tits again. “Now then… take your hands and push those whore tits around me. Remember, your entire worth is in how tight you are for a man.” He sighed as Orianna obeyed and crushed her tits around his, pushing hard. The drool and cum that had spilled onto them was all the lube he needed to start sliding his cock between the tight tunnel of her cleavage, looking down at her disgraced face as her dazed eyes rolled and she moaned.

He twisted her nipples, breaking her out of her trance. “Ow!” she whined, staring up at him.

“Sluts get to feel good only when they’re bringing a man pleasure,” he instructed her. “I’m fucking your tits right now, and I’m doing all the work. What are you doing to be useful?” He grabbed onto her soaked head and pulled her up so that at the end of every thrust his cock pressed against her lips. “Open up,” he ordered, pushing past her lax mouth. “Every time I get into you, it’s your job to use your lips and tongue to try to keep me there… hold me with your lips and suck, run your tongue over me…” He let out a gasp as she began to obey. “Oh, that’s a good little slut,” he said as he pulled back, a loud pop coming from her mouth as he came free of her, sliding back into the valley of her tits before coming back and being swallowed again.

He nodded to the man fingering her. “The whore can have her reward,” he groaned.

The other summoner smiled and began to finger her harder, seriously fucking her with his fingers as he rubbed her clit. With each push, he felt her cherry, and was careful not to push through it – he was looking forward to shattering that another way – but he still fucked her as deeply and quickly as he could with his fingers, enjoying how her legs jerked and twitched as she did.

His companion kept fucking her tits, occasionally twisting her nipples to get her attention if he thought she was getting lazy, enjoying the way she moaned as his cock as her inexperienced body was dragged kicking and screaming towards her first orgasm. He tried to time his thrusts with her moans, fucking her in the rhythm of her pleasure. “The better you make us feel,” he said as he sneered at her slutty expression, “the better we’ll make you feel.” If anything, Orianna started sucking him harder.

Then she screamed on his dick as she came for the first time. It was more than he could stand. Gripped her head in both hands, he yanked her up and down on his cock, forcing her as far onto him as the position allowed without leaving the valley of her tits. The summoner thrilled in hearing the sequence of her gasping moans being interrupted by his cock invading her mouth until he came as well, shooting his load into her mouth, feeling her tongue continue to caress him as he came as if desperate to milk the last drops of cum out of his balls.

Then when he at last pulled out, Orianna was left laying in a puddle of cum and sweat, shuddering in the aftermath of her orgasm. “Please cum in your slut…” she moaned softly. “Please cum in your slut… learning how to be a slut is the best birthday present ever,” she declared dazedly while all the men laughed at her, staring down at the thoroughly degraded girl – and knowing that there was still so much more to come.

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