A Turn of the Wheel Duology

A (mostly) low fantasy duology

Rape, torture, slavery, incest (kind of), low fantasy (kind of), heavy plot, anal, oral


Book One of Turn of the Wheel

Arianda and her twin brother have always jointly been the Gods of Fortune… but when a calamity strikes, her brother takes advantage of the moment to become the only God of Fate and Fortune, and Ariadna is cast down from the heavens. As her church falls around her, it is all the former goddess can do to save those who had faith in her…

Character Art

Chapter 1 – The Fall
Chapter 2 – The Temple
Chapter 3 – The High Priest
Chapter 4 – The Liar
Chapter 5 – The Rebel
Chapter 6 – The Gentry
Chapter 7 – The Weeping Siren
Chapter 8 – The Priestess


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