The Vacant Throne Trilogy

A completed original High Fantasy trilogy

Rape, Torture, Watersports, anal, oral, heavy plot


Book 1 of The Vacant Throne, an original story.

Alassiel had been a slave once… never again. Kingdoms may rise and fall, but Lahk and his vile church of rape and suffering cannot be allowed to continue. She means to kill him, and end his reign over this kingdom… but Lahk seeks a divine birthright left to him by his father, and if he gets it…
No one may be able to stop him. Ever.

Character Art


Book 2 of The Vacant Throne, an original series

Death isn’t an escape. Alassiel might have failed to get her revenge, but she wasn’t lucky enough to be allowed to die. Imprisoned within the dark blade called Blackwand, she suffers still… and the conquered Elvish kingdom of Caladwen suffers in turn as Lahk seeks to claim the birthright left for him by his father.


Book 3 of The Vacant Throne, an original series

The War of Ascension never ended… That is clearer than ever now. It rages on still, and if it isn’t stopped, then the world will soon be consumed by it, and the speck of Order and Good in this hellish world could be snuffed out… forever. Only Alassiel, restored to life and given her birthright at long last, can save it… but Lahk isn’t going to stop until every last woman alive is crushed beneath his boot.

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