No art for this story is mine.

A story of the League of Legends… kind of

Content warning: This story contains plenty of casual racism against Asian women. I don’t believe any of it.

The hottest band to hit the scene in decades is all the rage, touring across the country… but they should have paid closer attention to who was transporting them. Who sold them out?

Art and Biographies

The First Day
Chapter 1 – Introduction
Chapter 2 – Akali
Chapter 3 – Kaisa
Chapter 4 – Evelynn (1/2)
Chapter 5 – Ahri (1/2)
Chapter 6 – Evelynn (2/2)
Chapter 7 – Ahri (2/2)

The Second Day
Chapter 8 – Two is Company

The Third Day
Chapter 9 – Lovers Lost

The Fourth Day
Chapter 10 – Video of the Year

The Fifth/Sixth Days
Chapter 11 – Just Business
Chapter 12 – Agony’s Embrace

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