What Makes Women Tick – Chapter 2

Last Edited – 4/18/19

Orianna writhed languidly on the ground, her limbs twitching in the wake of her orgasm. The girl seemed almost boneless, not moving in the least other than her small spasms – if her chest wasn’t rising and falling with her attempts to catch her breath, the smaller blonde might have passed for a doll.

Gathering around her, four summoners took hold of her limbs and picked her up. The girl was light enough that they barely needed to try. Her head lolled loosely down, her cum-plastered hair dripping on the ground as they raised her up. “Slut…” she moaned softly. “Slut…”

The men set Orianna down on the couch again, her head hanging off the edge. “Your birthday isn’t over yet,” one of them said, chuckling as he grabbed onto he skirt in both hands. Holding onto the golden fabric, he ripped it right down the length of the short skirt, letting the fabric drop off her hips and lay in an auric pool on the couch, completely exposing her cute, innocent pussy to everyone’s eyes.

One of the summoners slapped his cock against Orianna’s lips and laughed as the dazed girl opened her mouth. She had been completely innocent just an hour ago, never having seen a cock before or considered the use for one. Until this morning, she hadn’t even had a real mouth. Now they had already trained her what it was for. Without needing to be prompted further, Orianna wrapped her lips around the head of his shaft and began to suck on it, running her tongue over the cap of his shaft, groaning as the first set of fingers began to play with her now exposed pussy.

The summoner let her play with him for a few seconds, but a gentle blowjob wasn’t what he wanted from their gang’s newest piece of fuckmeat – he wanted his own chance at breaking in her throat. With her head hanging down, she was at the perfect angle to take his shaft down her gullet, and he took full advantage, thrusting forward as he impaled her clenching throat with his dick.

By now, the sensation of having her breath cut off by a cock was familiar to Orianna, and it made her shudder – not in fear, but in mindless, degraded pleasure as being a slut for these men, at the memory of her orgasmic bliss. She had no inkling of how rough they were with her, how thoroughly they were disgracing and mistreating her young, pretty body – Orianna just wanted to make her friends happy. The way she gagged was uncomfortable, but if that was the price of being the perfect slut, it was a minor one.

The summoner’s humped against her face, cramming more of himself deeper into the warm, wet cavern of her mouth as Orianna choked and shook beneath him. Already two men had forced her hands onto their cocks, but they were letting her go slowly… more making use of as much of this whore as possible rather than trying to cum. “You have a nice, tight fuckhole on your face slut,” the summoner growled as he throated her roughly, slamming her head back against the couch with every thrust.

By now a half dozen men were pawing at her pussy, and she was jerking her hips while she was facefucked… her moans were almost as frequent as her gags. “Open your mouth more,” he ordered. Orianna tried, but her mouth barely opened further, so he slapped her. “Further!” he ordered. “Further!” She strained, pushing to obey him, but it still wasn’t enough. “Useless bitch,” he spat, making a few tears run from her eyes as her jaw trembled, trying to open wider for him.

Eager to help degrade the beautiful blonde more, two summoners grabbed onto her jaw from other side, fingers hooking on her teeth and forcing her mouth further open… and then he began to push harder, cupping his balls and pushing… letting his balls drop into her mouth, his cock deep down her throat. “That’s right, bitch,” he growled through gritted teeth as he jabbed his cock deeper into her throat, deeper than any man had ever been able to go. “Take my cock in that slutty cunt mouth of yours.”

The summoners surrounding Orianna swallowed her up with their eyes as her throat was impossibly impaled, watching the pretty blonde squirming as the cock penetrated her throat and her mouth was completely stuffed. He kept his cock buried in her throat as her tongue worked on his shaft, spit and precum drooling out of her mouth to spit down into her nose, making her blow bubbles as she tried to breathe the tiny about of air her rapist let her get.

Orianna felt like she was drifting in a daze, sucking on the cock in her throat just on recently-instilled habit. She could feel the summoners cockhead impossibly deep inside her, pushing at the soft, warm, vulnerable flesh of the inside of her throat. She made horrible, heaving, retching sound as her throat fought against the intruder, but her mind was dizzy with the thought that these men liked her, that they were celebrating her birthday with her the way friends did. She could see right through his legs at a dozen other men, stroking themselves, waiting for their own turn with her, and that made the stupid little blonde fucktoy happy. Hands absolutely covered her, rubbing her shoulders, her arms, her legs, her hips, her belly. Hands squeezed between her and the couch to grip at her ass, wrapped about her breasts to crush them between firm fingers. Nails traced over her sides, and probing digits pushed into her cunt and rubbed at her clit, making it feel to the innocent champion as if one huge hand was touching all of her at once.

With his balls in her mouth, the summoner couldn’t fuck her face with very long strokes, but he made up for them with how hard he made the shorter thrusts. He slammed his cock down her throat like he was trying to reach her lungs, feeling her drool leak out around his nuts. It was like heaven, her throat a spasming tunnel of flesh massaging his cock as she choked on him, sending sharp flashes through him with every clench of her disgraced cocksocket. He rammed his cock in short strokes through her throat as she jerked and thrashed beneath him, her body smart enough to try to get away from the treatment even if her brain was not.

Eager to enjoy her more fully, he reached down and wrapped both hands around her neck while he fucked her face, squeezing hard enough to tighten her hole further around him, sliding his choking hands up and down her neck as he raped it. The summoner had to laugh… he was jacking himself off, inside a whore’s throat. Orianna’s body began to struggle in earnest now, no longer able to breathe at all, but two dozen hands held her down.

Orianna couldn’t breathe, and as her strain grew greater and greater, it became more than even her simple mind could ignore. She pulled her face back, and for once, no one was holding it in place. She popped off his cock with a gasp, breathing hard, coughing between even gasp.

He was furious. “You stupid cunt,” the summoner snarled, slapping Orianna once, twice, three times. “You don’t stop sucking a man! Not ever!”

He lifted a hand to slap her again, but another summoner… a man named Rogim… stopped him, holding his wrist back and grinning as he knelt down next to the gasping, weeping blonde. Cum and drool had run down her face to the point that it started to fill her eyes, so he had the men flip her over on the sofa, finding a clean bit of her hair and using it to wipe her face so she could look at him.

“That was very bad of you, Orianna,” Rogim said softly while the man who had been face-raping her stroked his cock, glaring down at her. “Very bad. That’s not the kind of thing good girls do.”

Orianna was sobbing now, ashamed of herself. She was awash in adrenaline, panic, confusion, and fear… and while she didn’t recognize it, both lust and a nagging, small voice in her head that said this wasn’t right, a tiny instinct for self-preservation that tried to protect the young woman from being preyed on. She trusted these men, these wonderful men who had brought her to life for her birthday and invited her to celebrate it with them, and she had disappointed them, and she didn’t know what to do about it.

“I’m… I’m sorry…” she whispered. “I’m sorry I was a…” she looked up at, seeking the world. “Bitch?” she asked. When he nodded, she let out another sob. “I’m sorry I was a bitch. Please cum in your slut!”

He smiled at her, and she smiled back, although she kept crying. “It’s ok, Ori… you’re not a bitch, you’re a good little slut, right?” Rogim laughed as he continued. “We’ll consider it a learning experience. Sluts need cock more than they need to breathe. Got that?”

Orianna nodded, a bit too eagerly. It made the light-headed girl dizzy. “Sluts… need cock more than they need to breathe. I understand.”

He smiled again, and it made her feel loved. “Offer to make it up to him… tell him that if he’s willing to cum in you and let you prove you’re a slut and not a worthless bitch, you’ll let him fuck your face until you he’s good and ready… no matter how long it takes.”

Orianna put her hands beneath her and pushed herself up onto her hands on the couch, bringing herself to eye level with her last rapist’s cock as she looked up into his eyes. “Please give me another chance,” she begged, tears filling her blue eyes. “I’ll do it right this time!” she promised. “Please cum in your sl-”

Before she could finish, the man had already grabbed her head and slammed his cock home. She needed help from his prying hands one more time to get her jaw open wide, but once he managed to get his nuts back into her mouth, his balls rested right on her tongue in her new position. It let her lick them all over as he fucked her throat, making it even better for him that last time.

Orianna wasn’t going to pull back again, not even when she resumed gagging on the cock, but the summoner wasn’t going to let her… he gripped the back of her head with one hand, using it to bounce her head on his crotch while the other reached down to pinch her nose shut. “You can breathe cum for all I care, slut,” he growled as he raped her without a care in the world for her wellbeing, loving how she thrashed on him.

Orianna couldn’t breathe at all again, and she thrashed as she was throat-fucked with reckless abandon. Her struggles grew more and more frantic as the summoner fucked her face harder and more violently than anyone had yet, his pleasure taking over his mind as he used the innocent Orianna like the lowest kind of whore, fucking his cock down her quivering throat while jerked and choked and he took his pleasure from her.

Thankfully, he didn’t last much longer. His balls churned on Orianna’s tongue as he filled her throat with cock, the blonde girl choking it down, eager to be able to breathe again – the summoner ground his pelvis into her face as the pulses of orgasm spurted cum directly down her throat. As he pulled out, Orianna collapsed to the couch, gasping helplessly for breath.

“Good job you pretty little slut,” one of the summoners said, crowding around her with the rest… at the same time that another man stepped up to her mouth. They looked at each other, starting to argue of who got to fuck her face next. Orianna didn’t even hear them – she was too overwhelmed by the hands all over her, hacking up some cum stuck in her throat so she could breathe.

Finally, shrugging at each other, the two summoners grinned down at the dazed girl as they lifted the girl’s head up, letting her see both of the hungry rods waiting for her. Then both men pushed both of their cocks into Orianna’s mouth, using their fingers to pry open her little mouth to fit the large girth two shafts.

“You’re doing great, slut,” one of the men mocked as her mouth was filled every bit a thoroughly as it had been a moment ago, but with two cocks now. “But, you know, more of us want to ‘celebrate’ with you, and you’re taking a bit too long. Now, now, don’t be sad slut,” he said, laughing as she looked up with wide, teary eyes. “We know you’re trying… so we’re just going to help out.”

Everyone in the room could see how the disgraced blonde look, her mouth stretched wide open around a pair of their cocks. It was an awkward position, but it was incredibly sexy for everyone in the room to see – a beautiful, innocent blonde fucktoy on hands and knees with two cocks in her mouth. “Don’t get lazy now,” the other man said, chuckling as he pushed himself forward, deeper into her wet hole. “Work that tongue.”

The summoner pinched her nose shut, only letting her breathe when she did as she was told – when her tongue caressed their shafts. Orianna whined, or tried to… this wasn’t fun… but the men just kept pushing their dicks further into her mouth. She wanted to make the men happy, be the little slut that meant they would be happy with her. Orianna’s mouth quickly became sore from the abuse, but the two men kept trying to go further in, literally pulling on her jaw to help fit in as fresh tears joined the mess on her face.

Orianna was too distracted by the double blowjob that was being forced to her to pay attention to anything else, but the hands playing with her had changed. Eli had pushed everyone else aside to get behind the blonde where she was on hands and knees on the couch… this was his house, and he was the one in charge here. He got to go first.

This was the part he lived for, the reason he did this. Women were whores, good for just one thing. He felt his blood racing as he took his cock in his hand, admiring the view from behind… Orianna made a hot fucking bitch, her ass so round and firm, her cunt drooling after the orgasm they had forced on her, the fingering she’d been getting. Her ass was starting to redden a bit, having been slapped and pinched a few times, but it was still mostly pale and pristine… and he looked forward to ruining it. Eager, he leaned into the sweet blonde.

Eli grinned. Orianna was a mess, but he didn’t care… he just grabbed her soaked hair, pulling her head back viciously and further straightening her throat for the men in her mouth. “You want to be a slut? I’ll make you a slut…” I reached down with his other hand and guided his cock between her straining, pale thighs. Orianna was confused and trembling, pushed between the men all around her, but nothing stopped him… he drove his cock deep slippery, smooth, hot, grasping cunt with one stroke.

He slammed hard, shattering her virginity on the first thrust and Orianna screamed around the cocks gagging her. Quickly, one of the men, Rogim, was at her side, whispering in her ear… it was usually him whispering in her ear, Eli noticed. “This is what you’re for, cunt,” Rogim whispered to her while she gagged on a pair of dicks. “If it hurts, you’ll just have to practice more. Don’t worry… soon, we’ll have broken you in. I promise…”

Orianna shuddered at his words, but she seemed to stop screaming, squirming and whining but not fighting, not yelling. Her back arched unnaturally as Eli pulled her back by her hair, and he could have sworn her pussy juiced up more as he fucked into her. Her cunt spasmed as he pulled back and then slammed his cock back right up to her fucking womb if this artificial fuckdoll even had one.

Eventually one of the two men competing for room her mouth won… forcing his friend enough out of the way that he could slip his cock down her throat. Not willing to admit defeat, the other man stayed inside her mouth as well, feeling her tongue still caress him as he dragged his dick against her cheek. The first man fucked her for a few thrusts before he pulled out far enough that the second summoner could find the entrance to her throat and force himself in, taking his turn with her quivering tunnel.

Eli continued to fuck the slut’s nearly freshly broken open pussy, feeling the blonde girl squirm her ass against his groin. He slapped her ass with each thrust, groaning at the sensation of his rod sliding through silky smooth, wet, grasping slit, sucking on his cock like a hungry mouth.

Around Orianna the other men were getting encouraged as they watched her finally get raped… the foreplay ending as they began the process of converting Orianna permanently from an independent being with hopes and dreams to a piece of fuckmeat. The summoners began to slap at her tits while she was fucked from both ends, another man taking the opportunity to slap the blonde’s ass from the other side of Eli, leaving crimson handprints on her pale skin.

Again and again, Eli slammed into Orianna, her asscheeks quivering under the blows of hand and hip, retching as his thrusts drove her further forward on whichever cock was currently in her throat. “Slut,” he growled, hungrily as he raped her virgin body. “Cunt. Whore. Slut. Bitch.” Eli didn’t even know if Ori could hear him, but he kept up the degrading tirade with each stroke, growing more and more violent in his fucking until he spasmed deep inside her. And then the first hot spew of seed spat up deep into her slut belly.

Eli held his cock inside of her, shuddering with pleasure. The first time he had raped a champion of the League, it had been a spontaneous thing, and they had been lucky to survive the process and not get caught afterward. When they had discovered that Sona had never learned to read or write in favor of her music, it had been an easy thing to set League policy that invading her mind in summoning was an invasion and to forbid it – then she had been a perfectly vulnerable victim, someone who could never stop them, and never get help. Orianna marked their third champion… a powerful mage, crafted by hextech so powerful no one really understood it, given holes seemingly just to give them the option to rape her as well and turn her into another fuckdoll. It was like Runeterra itself was providing him with what he wanted.

He wanted to keep her and fuck her and use her slut body forever.

From the gagging noises, he knew one or both men had creamed in her mouth. He stayed inside her, feeling her jerk on him, until both of the men making her blow them had finished, and Orianna was free to collapse back down to the couch, whimpering. Only then did he pull out of her.

One of Orianna’s hands was still wrapped around a man’s dick, but the other slipped between her legs to cup her violated sex. The slit that had been transformed from an innocent reminder of her gender into a cunt. “It hurt,” she whined. “Whyyy…”

“Because it’s what you’re good for,” Eli said, slapping her ass. “Pick the slut up. Get her off my couch.” The summoners surrounding her picked Orianna up followed after Eli, dropping her onto the room’s table on her back. She covered her pussy with her hand, but a summoner grabbed her wrists and made her close it around his cock… and as soon as she was vulnerable again, someone was between her legs and pushing his own rod into her.

“No…” she whined.

A summoner grabbed her head, tilting it down off the table. “Yes,” he hissed as he pushed past her lips, already going onto her throat. Other summoners grabbed her other limbs, holding them down, spreading her out while she was fucked from both sides again. Her entire body was servicing dick now… One in her throat, one in her cunt, one in each hand. Two more rubbed their cocks against her tits, slapping them against her breasts just to watch them jiggle. Even her feet weren’t spared… she still wore her golden heels, and a pair of men held onto her ankles and rubbed their cocks over the tops of her feet.

Orianna didn’t know where to focus her attention… everything demanded her focus. There wasn’t an inch of her that wasn’t being touched, prodded, molested, or fucked. She wanted to protest, to tell them that it was too much… but she was too buried beneath the overwhelming sensation to even find the words if she hadn’t been gagged by dick. She lost track of where she was, feeling the men fucking her, and the sensations were starting to overwhelm her inexperienced mind – despite the roughness, it was starting to feel good.

The pleasure and pain rolled together. She didn’t feel the dick in her pussy, the hand on her clit, the fingers pinching her nipples – she just felt like she was one raw nerve being fucked all at once. Her body shuddered again as the slut came, a summoner’s molten cum spilling deep into her snatch… the hot bitch squirming on the end of his cock as he filled her belly with jizz.

Orianna never even felt him pull out. So little time passed between him pulling out and another summoner beginning to fuck her that it felt like just a slightly slower than normal thrust. The new dick just kept going where the last one had left off like nothing had happened.

She felt someone spraying one of her feet with their hot slime, then her heels fell off her feet. Obviously, the rough treatment had pulled them loose, and now that they were no longer being held they just dropped off. She choked down a load in her mouth, but she barely had time to drool out of a bit of the cum before someone else was fucking her face, once again forcing his balls into her mouth with his dick. She moaned as she came again, blissfully unaware that the summoner in her pussy was the 6th to have fucked her already.

Then she was being moved, pulling one of her hands and one of her feet away from the cock rubbing against it as she was turned onto her side. The man fucking her face, unwilling to pull himself free from the slut’s throat, held her head in place, forcing her to twist her body uncomfortably. Orianna’s blue eyes were wide, confused, unsure of what was happening, but she couldn’t see anything but the man’s legs as he pounded her throat.

One of the summoners had picked up one of her golden heels, holding it in his hand as he watched her cunt leak her rapist’s cum and smiled, considering. At the same time, now that her legs were together, Orianna felt hands grab at her feet and pull them together. Instead of just rubbing his cock against her feet, one of the summoners had decided to make them into yet another hole to fuck, pressing them both against his shaft as he began to thrust between them.

Orianna wasn’t sure what was going on, but she felt the more rough use her feet were being put to. It didn’t seem all that strange to her. She had already learned by now that her entire body was useful to the men, a valid place for them to help her celebrate. Another part of her that they could use for her pleasure. Still, as she struggled for breath around the violent facefucking, her mind reeled to process everything… men touching her from all around her, subjecting her to more perverse attention that she had ever imagined was possible. Drool ran down her face and into her nose and eyes, making it even hard for her to breath as her head was roughly pushed back and forth along the next dick she had to please, and since it was the only thing she could actively do Orianna tried to focus on that… she wasn’t very successful.

The summoner groaned as he thrust himself between the soles of her feet. In the middle of a gangbang like this, finding relatively fresh territory to fuck was always a challenge, so it was thrilling to take a footjob from the beautiful blonde. The feeling of her feet was unbelievably soft… In her new body, it was likely that she had taken less than a thousand steps, and it felt like every bit as much of virgin territory as her cunt had been. He fucked her, groaning in pleasure as he turned yet another part of her body into a sex toy for the group of summoners.

Orianna’s eyes went wide as she gasped around the meat in her mouth as the summoner put the point of her shoe against the champion’s pussy and pushed, ‘kicking’ the front of it into her cunt. Every summoner who could see laughed as the golden heel stuck out of Orianna’s slit, stretching her obscenely open – even pressed in, the shoe was still bigger than any cock.

The summoner stood over her, admiring the champion. Her ass was sweet… two full mounds of pale, muscular white meat pulled taut across her bones, reddened from where she had been repeatedly slapped, warm to his touch as he ran his hands over them. Her small, puckered asshole peaked up at him just above her cunt, swollen and wet and filled with the shoe. He grabbed hold on it, stepped close enough that his cock pressed against her butt and began to fuck her with the shoe. He leaned in as she gagged, the man fucking her face approaching his peak, sawing the golden shoe in and out of her, making her body jerk as he twisted the largest thing she had taken yet inside of her dripping passage. Orianna whimpered around the dick in her mouth as he jabbed her pussy over and over, splashing her things with the cum and cunt-cream he forced out of her.

It must have felt distractingly good in her air-deprived state. Orianna’s ass was swaying shamelessly, almost humping the air like she was begging for it as he rammed it in and out of her, working her sweet both with her cum-covered shoe.

Then, before she could cum, he grabbed onto his cock and lodged it against that tiny bud of her asshole. Without hesitation, he started pushing.

Orianna’s mind had been drifting through the air, oddly unattached to her situation as it floating on a sea of sensation, but she woke up really quickly as her ass started to spread. She squealed, needing to tell the men that they were hurting her, sure they would stop if only she could tell her… but she was gagged by one of the men fucking her. Orianna began to throw herself into licking him with reckless need, trying to make him cum so she could warn the man that he had pushed into the wrong place.

Her body shook, and the whimpers coming from her throat felt fantastic on the cock of the man fucking her, as did her tongue… but his attention was on Orianna’s asshole being broken in. The summoner behind her started pushing, slowly, relentlessly, slapping her ass in rhythm to Orianna’s gags. His eyes were fixed on where their flesh met. The sight of his cockhead pushing against her untouched hole, pushing the tiny hole inward, thrilled him. He started slapping her ass harder, her whimpers turning into pants of pain as he felt her ass begin to give. She would have been tight regardless, but the shoe in her cunt made her impossibly so, and while it made for slow going it also left his shaft burning with pleasure.

Then the man came in her mouth, and Orianna gagged down the load as fast as she could, opening her mouth to protest. “Ahhh… ahhh… owie… owie… it hurtsssssss,” she whimpered. “Wrong place, wrong place, owie owie owie…” Her begging voice became blubbering as the head of his cock popped past her entrance, forcing its way into her at last. “Oh pleaaaase please pleaaaseee it huuurts owie ow-”

Rogim had put his hand over her mouth, kneeling down to look into her eyes. From her perspective, he was upside down, but he looked angry. “I thought we told you already, Orianna. All of you exists for cock. All of you. That’s what a slut is. You told us that you were a slut… that you wanted to be the best little slut in the world for us. Did you lie? After we gave you such a great birthday present, and then celebrated with you… did you lie to us?” He took his hand off her mouth. “Aren’t you a slut?”

“Yessss,” she whined. “Pleaaase, it hurts…”

“Of course it does,” Rogim said understandingly. “It’s another virgin hole… and who has ever heard of a virgin slut? We’re helping you out.”

The summoner behind her hadn’t stopped fucking his way into her while Rogim fucked her mind like his words were another cock. Every nerve in his body seemed to be alive, pleasure radiating from his dick as he leaned into the push, his dick sliding in inch by inch. Every slip forward sent electric shocks of pleasure into him, and each time he did, she made the most wonderful whimpering noises.

At last, the man thrusting his way between her soles came, baptizing her feet with his cum as he finished. Groaning with pleasure, the summoner dragged his cock over every inch of them, wiping himself off onto her and making sure she took all of it.

“I’m a slut,” Orianna gasped, her eyes wide. “Please, it hurts… help meeeeAAAAAA…”

Behind her, the summoner had sunk all the way into the incredible tightness of her ass. It was the hottest, tightest cocksheath he could imagine, but it wasn’t even the pleasure of fucking such a perfect hole that made him excited… it was the contrast between this and what he knew the hole would be like when they were finished with her. Never again in her life would this ass be this tight… he would be the only man to ever fuck it just like this. If he hadn’t already cum in this bitch earlier in the night, he would have shot his load right then, his cock buried up to the balls in her ass while her whole body shook and quivered in pain.

“You want him to get out of you?” Rogim asked, grinning. “There’s only one way that’s happening… you already know what it is.”

Orianna cried, her tears slipping into her cum-soaked hair. “Please… c-cum i-in… your… slut…” she asked, and Rogim laughed.

“I think we’re a bit premature with that,” he said with a chuckle. “Maybe you should beg him to fuck you first. Go ahead… ask Laras over there to fuck your ass.”

“Ahhh… hurts… please… it hurts… ahhh… fu… fu… fuck… ahhh… fuck ma… ma… my ass…” Her begging took a different tone as he started to do as she asked, pulling out, and then slamming violently back in.

“Keep begging slut,” Rogim instructed her, slapping her cheek softly twice to get her attention and focus her blue eyes.

“No… nonono… oh… fu… ck…” she whined, then took a deep breath, her face twisted into a mask of pain. “Fuck… my ass oh please… please… it hurts please fuck my ass… please cum in your slut… please fuck my ass… please cum in your slut…”

“Keep it up whore,” the summoner fucking her hissed, dragging his cock up from the depths of her ass, watching as her puckered entrance clung to it… and then ramming it back it, shoving his dick into her excruciatingly tight hole. He wanted to fuck her frantically, brutally hard, but he was forced to go slow through the sheer friction of her ass sheath. It didn’t matter… the sensations of fucking this sweet piece of ass made him groan in pleasure.

He grabbed the shoe and started fucking her with it again, making her shriek as her toes curled up, sobbing and shivering as she continued begging. “Pleasecuminyourslut, oh god it hurts so bad please fuck my ass please cum in your slut…”

Then something in her ass seemed to give, and abruptly he could fuck her more quickly. The summoner didn’t hesitate… he slammed into the bitch. She wasn’t begging now… her seemed stuck open in a wide O as a choking sob tore up from her lungs. Chuckling, Rogim took his own cock in his hand and pushed it into her mouth… she was too distracted or pained to do a good job of serving him right now but that was ok, he just wanted her to feel used to the maximum as he sheathed himself in her throat.

Now that her ass would let him, the summoner began fucking her brutally, yanking my cock from her bowels like he wanted to rip them out of her body with his dick before slamming it back into her, his balls slapping wetly against her cum-drenched thigh. Each inward thrust made Orianna grunt like an animal as he turned her into a sobbing piece of fuckmeat.

For Orianna, there was so much pain that her body didn’t know how to process it… it instead seemed to latch onto the shoe stretching her cunt, pumping inside of her… her pussy drooling sluttily as she was pounded there as well. With each thrust, he seemed to be trying to drive her abused ass into the table, but he never stopped sawing at her pussy with her shoe, and soon she began shaking violently as inarticulate grunts and sobs and cries ripped free of her throat from around Rogim’s cock.

Orianna shuddered, and then a keening, inhuman wail escaping her throat as she came. Raped in her ass, her cunt disgraced by her own shoe and breathless on a cock in her throat, she came like a whore, too overwhelmed to do anything else. The summoner fucking her could feel her hole ripple on him, her whole body shaking like a seizure as the cunt came with his cock in her grasping, spasming, clutching ass.

He couldn’t take it anymore… couldn’t take anymore of the tight, hot bitch on his cock. With her ass gripping him, milking him, he spilled the first load deep into her bowels as he groaned in pleasure. It seemed to him to go on forever… he clenched his eyes shut in pleasure as his cock pumped shot after shot after shot of jizz into her sweet ass while she keened and wailed and shook around the cock that was now cumming in her throat as well.

Then he was done with the bitch. The summoner yanked his cock free of her and looked down with a grin on his face. She was still coming on her shoe, moaning weakly as Rogim stepped back as well. Orianna shook her head slowly back and forth, dazed and overwhelmed and more than a little mad in the wake of her abuse. Her legs curled up to her body protectively, but it did nothing to hide her holes from the men around her… her cunt stretched around the bit of gold leather, her asshole gaping obscenely with a trickle of bloody cum seeping out of it.

Rogim knelt down and noted happily that Orianna was still whispering. “Please cum in your slut,” she whispered over and over. “Please fuck my ass. Please cum in your slut. Please fuck my ass.”

“You really are a stupid whore, aren’t you?” he mocked her, pushing her forehead with one finger and setting her head swaying more.

“I’m a stupid whore,” she repeated softly, dazedly. Rogim didn’t even know if she knew she said it. “Please cum in your slut. Please fuck my ass.”

He laughed again and stood up. Then he gestured at the whore, and the eagerly waiting summoners swarmed her.

Orianna was quickly buried beneath men fucking her. The shoe was ripped out of her pussy and tossed to the floor as someone took its place in her soaked cunt. Someone else climbed onto the table and pinched her nipples until Orianna got the idea and squeezed her own breasts around him. One man pushed into her mouth, but quickly he was joined by another, forcing her to open wide and accept their two huge dicks, only slightly aware that they tasted funny… the innocent blonde had no idea she was licking her own pussy off the two men fucking her face.

“I’m telling you,” she heard a summoner say. “You gotta try this. Her feet feel just like another cunt.” A few seconds later, someone decided to test the theory, squeezing his cock between the soles of her feet again as he held them in place with both hands.

Then men came in her and were replaced. Then those replacements came. Orianna was being drenched in their seed, one bit at a time. Already the soles of her feet and toes were sloppy with it, to say nothing of her face – the cute face that had stood at the door was nowhere to be found now, hidden beneath a mask of drool and cum. The next time they grouped around her, one of the men pushed his cock into her ass instead of her pussy, and she was so distracted by the pain of that that Orianna didn’t even realize what was going on in her mouth until it was too late.

So far Orianna’s mouth had been her most used hole, and it had been used one of four ways. By far the least frequent had been letting her suck on it. That had led the men to give her orders she needed to focus on, had put the burden on her tongue, but she usually wasn’t quick enough to get the men off for their taste. They usually segued into the second way of using her cocksocket of a mouth and deep-throating her. Hammering at her mouth with hard and fast strokes. Orianna could… usually… breathe when they did that, although sometimes they squeezed her nose shut if they didn’t think she was doing good enough of a job. The third way was when someone stuffed their entire crotch, balls and all, into her mouth. That impaled her completely, and she couldn’t breathe at all… Orianna needed to struggle to make them cum quickly, groaning around the dick while trying to lap at her rapists nuts with her tongue. The good part was that they couldn’t be too rough with her while taking her like that… no room to really thrust. Then there had been the fourth way… stretching her jaw out and making her fit two cocks at once. That ached… at least when the balls were in her mouth she could close her mouth a little once the man was in. Not so at all when she was having two dicks fed to her… she was forced to stay open as far as she could every second just to fit them. It hurt even more than being throat fucked, but at least she could breathe.

But this time, when two men were inside of her, they were at the back of her throat and still pushing before she realized what was happening. With her screaming as she was assfucked for the second time, her throat was wide open… and they took advantage. Her cried were choked off completely, and Orianna tried to open her eyes in alarm only to learn that her face was too coated in cum for her to manage. Orianna felt shock and panic as the men continued to thrust forward, their cocks grinding against the sides of her throat as they both tried to push down the too-tight hole at once.

Then the man fucking her ass started to play with her clit, and she groaned again. She was as helpless before the pleasure as she was to the two aggressive summoners forcing her throat to take more and more of her, her body slowly but inevitably yielding to both and they sank deeper and deeper… her tight neck wasn’t big enough to comfortably handle even a single cock, but the two shafts forced her to stretch further, impossibly further… she felt her throat bulge in her neck and for the first time wondered if there was a limit to how much her body could stretch before the next wave of pleasure from her sopping cunt washed it away like sand on a beach.

Now that they were both in her throat, it was like her body had given up resisting at all. Her throat was stretched too far to even vibrate or clench anymore around them… the sheer tightness would have to be what brought them off. It didn’t matter that she couldn’t breathe, couldn’t fight… she didn’t even realize she was still squeezing her tits around a man until he came into the hollow of her bulging neck. That was what her body was for, she had been told. Serving a man’s cock was the reason she had a body at all. This is how humans celebrated, and she wanted to be human, wanted to be the perfect slut. The two men fucked her throat at once, brutal proof that there as no limit to the use they would put her body to.

Then another cock shoved its way into her pussy as she came.

Orianna felt so incredibly, impossibly used. She had thought her entire body was serving men before, but she had had no idea how much further it could go, how much more she had to offer. Six men had their cocks in her or surrounded by her. Another six rubbed their dicks on her somewhere. Another four felt her up. And a dozen more watched, laughing and cheering and staring with hungry eyes. She came again, shuddering as her vision started to go dark. It was pure insanity, the extent to which this fresh human was was being abused, pushing her to the limit of her endurance as she choked hard on the two cocks gagging her, her body straining for breath even as her mind was lost in a kind of confused euphoria. She was just… so… full…

She was so close to unconscious that she barely felt it when they came in her cramped throat within seconds of one another. The two summoners stay inside her until they had drained their balls, uncaring that she was suffocating on their lengths. When at last they pulled out, they left Orianna gasping and moaning as she was fucked in both pussy and ass at once. Each thrust felt like a stab of burning pleasure into her now, her body too overwhelmed to tell agony from ecstasy, utterly confused and maddened by drowning in sensation.

“Dumb whore,” one of the men said as he pulled out of her mouth, slapping her face with his cock.

“I’m a dumb whore,” Orianna agreed breathlessly. She didn’t know what it meant, but the men had called her it after she made them cum, so it must be good. “I’m a dumb whore,” she repeated, gasping over and over as she was fucked, jerking her body over and over as someone twisted one of her nipples first left and then right. “I’m a dumb whore… please cum in your slut…”

One of the men brought her other gold heel over, closing her hands around it as he brought it to her face. “Drink it,” he encouraged. Orianna was still cum-blind, her eyes glued shut, but she obeyed. She gagged as she tipped the shoe back and cum flooded her mouth… it must have been more than a dozen loads shot by men too impatient to wait for another turn with her, and she tried to tip it back down as she gagged… but the summoner grabbed it, holding it in place. “Drink it all, and I’ll make you cum again.”

Orianna opened her mouth and let the rest pour in. She didn’t manage to swallow all of it… some of it leaked out around her lax lips and covered her disgraced face in a fresh coat of seed, but her throat gulped over and over as she swallowed the cum right out of her shoe.

The two men came in her pussy and ass while she drank, and she had barely let the shoe tumble from limp fingers before someone else was shoving his dick down her throat. She didn’t even care anymore, as long as her friends were having a good time, as long as she made them happy – she lapped at his cock like a true whore, hoping only he would remember to let her breathe.

Her ass was dragged off the table, and Orianna was forced to the splits, one leg high in the air and the other touching the floor. One of the summoners had used his belt to tie her cum-soaked foot to the lamp on the ceiling, keeping her held wide open and utterly exposed, both her lower holes leaking. It was hard to think that barely three hours ago she had been a virgin… she looked like the cheapest kind of whore now.

The summoners didn’t delay fucking her again, sheathing themselves in her still tight holes in a single jerk. One of them was the summoner who had promised her an orgasm, and as he fucked her cunt, the man grabbed hold of her clit between two fingers and began to slowly twist it, squeezing softly. Her holes clenched every time he did, making him do it more often, but Orianna was too deep in shock to tell if it hurt or felt good – her brains were being literally fucked out of her by the cruel men. All she knew was that she started cumming while she was fucked in all of her holes and didn’t stop.

She spent a while like that, drifting, almost limp at the hands and cocks of the men. She was almost always being fucked in both pussy and ass now, but the summoners kept varying how they fucked her face. More than one was eager to replicate the success in double-throating her… not everyone who tried managed to get her to stretch that far, but a few did.

Sometimes the summoners came in her holes. Sometimes they pulled out and came on her, coating her in more of their seed. To Orianna, there was no difference. She had already been converted into a cumdump completely. One a man came into one of her ears after he had her jerk him off, that was new… but nowhere near as problematic as the one who had fucked her throat and then pulled out to hold his cock against her nostril before shooting his load, leading her to choking and coughing for a full five minutes afterward.

Two more men then gathered before her stretched holes, and soon she was being fucked in both of them again… but for the moment no third man approached her mouth. She was surprisingly under-utilized by the standard of the last hour… only her hands and her lower two holes were busy. She kept her head down swaying to the rhythm of the thrusts into her – she couldn’t see anything with all the cum in her eyes anyway – so she didn’t notice when the third man came up between her split legs. Orianna definitely noticed it when he started to push his way into her already occupied cunt, however.

Orianna had felt nothing like this before. Her cunt was wet enough with the juices of her own making and the seed of her birthday guests to accept them, but even after being fucked by the shoe she hadn’t been stretched this war. Her cunt being loosed up by two thick cocks questing for her womb was a more brutal sensation than she was prepared for, especially with a dick still in her ass. Orianna opened her mouth in a sharp gasp, and someone’s cockhead plopped into her mouth. “Suck me off,” he ordered, holding her head by her ears as he brought her more fully onto his length.

How was she supposed to please him when she couldn’t think straight, could think about anything but the incredible pressure in her pussy, the heat radiating from it? Dazed, she closed her lips around him and began to lick and suck, hoping it was a good enough job… she wanted him to cum.

The summoner grinned at the three men fucking her. “Don’t cum until she makes me blow,” he asked with a grin. “Make her earn it.”

Orianna was completely overwhelmed by the dicking she was taking. Had she been even a little bit more experienced, she would have been impressed with how the men continuously managed to find a way to use her even more fully, turn her body into more of a pure plaything for their lusts… but instead, the beautiful blonde considered it normal. Why else would a woman have three holes that could fit cocks if she wasn’t supposed to have them all filled to the maximum? The thought was all that she could hold in her head as she swam against the current, trying to focus on pleasing the one man who didn’t have the benefit of her tight holes to get off on, her body a shuddering wreck beneath the brutal thrusts of the other three.

A cock pushed itself between her tits she bucked and sucked and licked and squirmed through the madness of a gangbang. Seven. She was now serving seven… four in her holes, three between her tits and hands. She wanted all of their cum. Cum was her purpose. Cum was the proof she was doing a good job. Cum was the proof she was the slut the men wanted. “Plsss cmmm nn yrrrr sllllt,” she moaned around the shaft she was licking, pulling back just enough to make out the words a little better. “Please cum in your slut,” she begged before throwing herself into the blowjob like she was trying to wear away his cock with nothing but her tongue.

The men were brutalizing her body, ruining it for their pleasure… constantly finding new ways to push the blonde fucktoy further and further down into the dirt, making the body she had just been given worthless. Two huge cocks stretching her cunt out made her clit feel like it was on fire, like if she even was brushed she would die – she already was trapped in what felt like one continuous, overwhelming orgasm. Her body wasn’t built for this kind of treatment, and her mind wasn’t prepared for it… both were breaking under the strain of the rough gangbang.

Oriana just focused on licking. Just keep licking. Just keep sucking. “Plsss cmmm nnnnn yrrrr sllllt,” she choked out around the cock, her tongue not helping in the slightest while she dedicated every thought still functioning in her head to serving the man blessing her mouth with his dick… and if she was still whimpering in pain or moaning in pleasure as her lower holes were raped, the blonde barely noticed.

At the exact moment the man in her mouth came, drenching her tongue in his cum, one of the summoners pounding into her raised a hand and slapped it down on her clit, and Orianna screamed as her body seemed to explode. She couldn’t help herself, caught in the burning slut and the overwhelming heat. She couldn’t swim in it any longer. There, buried beneath the crashing waves of seven cocks, Orianna drowned in her debasement. The most unbelievably large orgasm took hold of her, and her entire body spasmed like a seizure. Her leg ripped from its bond to the ceiling, and her body flopped and shook on the table like a fish out of water… only the man holding her jaw and the one sitting on her chest to fuck her tits kept her from thrashing herself off the table. Her leg collapsed down onto the shoulders of one of the summoners fucking her, and there it stayed as the cock-beaten slut jerked and clenched and came all over the summoners cocks.

She barely even felt it when they came, blasting her womb and backdoor with more of their seed. She didn’t notice in the slightest as the man between her tits added his load to the mess already covering her, or when the two men she had been jerking off took over and finished in her hair and onto her face to make her even more of a sloppy, disgraceful mess. She didn’t notice anything until two dicks started forcing their way into her asshole.

Orianna moaned when the first cock slid into her ass, her body squeezing it instinctively, but she actually cried out when the second one invaded her. If her pussy had felt full, her ass felt obscenely stretched to the limit, a pain, hot cramping that seemed to flow through her entire body, making all of her muscles tremble. Two men grabbed either of her feet and began to rub their cocks against them as she was double fucked in her ass, making her cry out over and over and over again between whimpering breaths.

“Beg them,” Rogim said in front of her. She couldn’t see him of course, but she well recognized the summoners voice by now… it was like the voice of a perverse god, telling her precisely how she could please the men around them.

Orianna was gasping too hard to really speak, but she tried and eventually choked the word out. “H- H- H- How?” she moaned.

Rogim grabbed one of her hands and brought it to her face. He dragged her fingers over the cum coating her pretty visage, and then stuck them into her mouth, pleased to see the blonde girl sucking on them without needing to be told. “Keep doing that,” he ordered her. “Clean yourself up. And while you gather up more cum…” he leaned down to whisper in her ear. “Understand?” he asked.

Orianna gasped, but she wasted no more time. The pounding she was taking in her ass was too intense it was starting to hurt even through the haze of overwhelming pleasure, but even THAT pain felt like it could make her cum. She sucked her fingers clean and then began to scrape more of their cum off her face. “Break Orianna’s ass,” she whimpered as he scraped up more of it. “Break Orianna’s ass. Break Orianna’s a-” she cut off as she gagged herself with her fingers, sucking them clean one digit at a time before taking them back out.

Rogim laughed to notice that she didn’t actually stop pleading while she sucked her fingers – it was just mumbled around her fingers. “Burk Ornnahsh Assshhh,” she begged, gasping as an especially violent double thrust came through, and cooing as she felt a fresh load of cum land on her soaked right foot. “Psh burk Orianna’s ass,” she begged as her fingers came free, beginning to take up as much cum as she could from over her eyes. Her blue eyes were full of tears, and they stung as she opened them, but Orianna didn’t seem to notice as her rear was pummeled by two cocks. “Break Orianna’s ass…”

“What a hot fucking whore,” one of the summoners said, groaning as he flooded her ass with cum. The other wasn’t far behind… just a few more thrusts into her insanely tight hole as he jizzed to the sound of her pleading for the desecration.

Orianna shuddered in the wake of yet another orgasm as the thick cocks were ripped from her tight hole, and then collapsed and went limp… too exhausted to move as she stared up at Rogim from where she lay on the table. The summoner stroked his cock, jerking hard as he deposited a fresh load of cum on her cleaned face. Orianna simple lay there, too exhausted to move, too overwhelmed to even clean the new load off her face… but her broken brain didn’t stop her lips as she whispered over and over “…break Orianna’s ass…”

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