POP/STARS 11 – Just Business

Last Edited 4/19/19

“Guess who made top 40?” King said as he burst in the door. All four girls cringed away from him by reflex, but in truth, they all knew there was nowhere to go by now, and they were all too exhausted to offer any resistance even if there had been. “It seems like your song is the most popular song in the country right now,” King admitted. “Sadly it’s not our cover, but we all know what people are really thinking about when they listen, don’t we?”

For a change, the four girls were actually clean – the men had cleaned them up before locking them away last night. None of them were stupid enough to think it was for their benefit, but they were also too tired to talk amongst themselves and try to figure out an escape, a plan, anything. They had just laid there, sleeping fitfully and weeping.

He snickered. “And the bids have been rolling in. I’d tell you who’s leading, but…” he shrugged. “Honestly, it’s no one you know. But I want to keep them at it.” King pointed at Akali, and the rapped flinched. “You…” he paused and then pointed at Kaisa. “And you. You’re coming with me.”

Kaisa crawled forward, half rising to move faster, but Akali didn’t seem eager to obey, so King gestured to two of the other thugs to grab her. “Everything has to be the hard way,” he said, shaking his head. “You’d think you sluts would have learned.” He grabbed Kaisa by her hair like a leash and led her onward. Then they pulled Akali out of the room and closed the door again, leaving them in darkness.

“Ahri…” Evelynn said.

The blonde singed perked up. It was probably the first thing she had heard Evelynn said in days that wasn’t to one of the men or at their instruction, except for all the screaming of course. “Eve?” She whispered, trying to find her in the dark. She felt the older singers hand find hers and squeeze it. [“I’m scared, Eve…”] she said softly, her voice trembling.

[“Listen, Ahri…”] Evelynn said before her voice trailed off.

[“What is it?”] her lover asked, concerned.

A moment’s pause. [“Nothing,”] Eve lied. [“Just… I don’t think this is going to end well. I want you to promise me something.”] She swallowed. [“You know I love you, right? That I’ll always love you? No matter what they made me do to you? No matter what happens?”]

The blonde squeezed her bandmate’s, her friend’s, her lover’s hand as she began to cry again, silent tears streaming down her face. [“I know, Eve,”] she said softly. [“I love you too.”]

[“I know you do,”] Evelynn said, and there was actually a hint of a chuckle in her voice at the ridiculousness of the situation. Kidnapped, raped for days, humiliated before everyone who had ever known them – families, friends, and fans – and about to be sold to the highest bidder… and Ahri was still crying as she said she loved her. [“I… I… I have a terrible feeling, Ahri. I don’t know if I’ll ever get to see you again,”] Evelynn whispered. [“So please don’t forget. I love you.”]

The room was small and bare, except for two steel contraptions standing in the middle of it and the cameras pointed at them. One looked almost like a chair, with a seat, metal armrests and support for the back, but the similarities went no further than that. This seat had an angled area for sitting, forcing the woman sitting it in into an awkward position that would put quite a bit of strain upon her arms. Kaisa had been seated in the chair, with her arms chained tightly to the armrests. Her legs had been forced up and her thighs and ankles similarly chained to the armrests, forcing her into a curled-up position that fully exposed her holes while making her muscles ache with strain and discomfort every second. A small metal plate jutted from the top of the backrest, preventing her from raising her head, thereby forcing her to keep looking at the space between her folded legs.

As if her position was not awful enough, she was not simply left alone in the torturous contraption. Between her legs, they had placed a small device, little more than a motor with two large dildos attached to it. The motor was running, pushing the awful rods deep into Kaisa’s pussy and asshole, punishing her holes with hard, deep strokes. The girl was weeping, but she could not utter a sound despite the agony she was in because King had crammed a large ball gag into her mouth, efficiently silencing her.

Next to her, Akali was in a very similar predicament. She was lying on a flat bench, also completely made of metal, thus being as hard, cold and uncomfortable as possible. Her arms and legs had been chained to the bench’s legs, keeping her in a flat position just as uncomfortable as Kaisa. She, too, had been gagged with a large ballgag, forcing her jaws painfully wide apart. And she, too, was mewling miserably into the gag, for her holes were also plugged with dildos drilled into her by a machine.

They were being filmed… another broadcast, King had said, that was going up. A way to continue building the excitement for the sale. They were suffering to build up their price.

Akali howled into the ball gag, shaking her head, her auburn hair flaying around. Even screaming, the ball gag in her mouth kept her torment to only a muffled, pitiful moan. Nothing more escaped her lips, but the cameras caught it all. The large gag forced her mouth to remain wide open, far more than it was comfortable, but still, the dull aching pain was almost not noticeable when compared to the burning pain coming from her nether regions.

Kaisa suffered even worse. While her position wasn’t as uncomfortable as Akali, where she was seated the fucking machine was positioned in such a way that both vibes withdrew from her holes entirely before being pushed back in. Each new thrust made the dancer wail into her gag as intense pain enveloped her young body. Hers went in two at a time… Akali’s were set differently. They pistoned into her one after another, the one raping her pussy withdrawing, only to let the shorter but thicker one be forced into her sore and already raped asshole. It didn’t hurt quite as much as what her bandmate was suffering, but it kept one of her holes stuffed all the time.

“Twelve more hours,” King announced to the camera. “Twelve more hours of bidding. We’ll leave you with these girls for a while to watch the clock count down… we’ll check in on them again in, oh… say… three hours?” He laughed, slapping one of Kaisa’s tits. “Sound fair to you, sluts?”

Both girls cried in despair. Even if they could have begged, they knew the men would never listen. The plastic cocks kept fucking them restlessly, making their bodies strain against the bonds as they bucked and writhed as much as she could. Both could only suffer under the assault. Three hours? Neither could even conceive of a time that long…

Hours passed for them, and the dildos never stopped their assault on their holes. Men made a habit of coming into the room and jacking off to the sight of their suffering, getting themselves off and splattering the girls with cum… turning their hair into knotted rags and their faces into whitish masks while the two wailed and whimpered helplessly into the gags, their unwilling holes being fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked.

At last, King returned and approached Akali and Kaisa. The girls could do little but look up at him, and King could feel his cock stir at the sight of their teary eyes and the sheer misery that radiated from their bodies. The dildos continued their merciless assault, punishing their beautiful bodies, stretching their assholes and cunts wide around them. It was a beautiful picture for the cameras.

He understood the man jacking off. Just looking at their faces as they squirmed and wept in their agony, his cock was hard as stone. The desperation in their eyes, the way they looked at one another as if the other popstar could help them, the sounds of their holes being impaled over and over by the thick dildos… it was incredibly hot. He reached out and groped Akali’s tits, then twisted her nipple… She barely noticed the pain from this new assault, being already in too much agony from the relentless rape the machine inflicted upon her.

“Seeing you two crying is going to make the cash leap out of people’s wallets,” King admitted. “I could watch you like this all day.” He was not even sure the girls heard him. By now, they were probably too absorbed in their pain, in the motions the dildos made whenever they pushed deep into their holes, to truly notice anything else anymore. “I can’t imagine how much that must hurt,” he continued, pulling his cock out and stroking it slowly. “Your tiny, tight little ass impaled on that huge dick – going in and out, in and out – and you can’t even hope that the cock is going to cum and go limp and stop.”

“Let’s show your buyers what you’ve learned,” King announced as he reached out and undid the straps holding the ballgag in Kaisa’s mouth, removing it. A soft whimper escaped the girl’s trembling lips, followed by a heart-wrenching plea, “Please… m-m-make it stop…” she wept. “I c-c-can’t take it anymore… it hurts so much…”

“Hush now,” King said with a smile. “You want out of here?” He pointed at his cock. Then he stepped onto the footholds on the chair so that he was standing over her, putting himself standing right in front of her mouth. “Show your fans what a good girl you are.” The gorgeous dancer let out a soft, drawn-out sob before she opened her mouth, and lowered her head onto his dick.

“That’s a good girl,” King whispered as he watched Kaisa suck on his cock like a good little slut. He looked over at where Akali lay, looking at the two of them with a silent plea in her suffering eyes, and it made him grin. These two were broken. They had been weak from their first day here, but now… there was no fight at all. These girls would make amazing slaves.

While Kaisa sucked him, the machines were still pumping into the two girls. When he pulled out, the rapper actually cried, hoping she hadn’t ruined her chance to escape this hellish chair. King walked over to Akali and undid her gag. It didn’t even seem like she could figure out how to close her mouth, but still she inched her face closer to his cock, trying to get him in her mouth.

The rapper swallowed him, sucking desperately… hoping against hope that if she could make him cum, she would be freed from the cruel bondage machine raping her, that the suffering would finally stop. Thankfully for her, watching the two popstars suffer already had King about ready to pop. She gagged as he started cumming right into the back of her throat, pulling out in time to point his cock at Kaisa and paint her too.

These two girls were ready… and everyone watching on the cameras would see that.

After Kaisa and Akali were returned to the makeshift prison in the basement, King chose Ahri to put on the next show. He grabbed the foxy popstar, still wearing her cute ears if nothing else, and yanked her up the stairs and into the center of another room filled with cameras.

“Alright, you’ve all been bidding,” King announced to the cameras, “And you’re doing a great job. Nine hours left to have your chance to own one of these perfect chink fucksluts… but only nine more hours. So to keep you inspired, we have another show for you.” He tossed Ahri down into the center of the ring of cameras. “Foxy here is going to give you another reason to buy her as if you needed one. Isn’t that right, you dildo-loving dyke whore?”

Ahri trembled at his words. “No… please… don’t make me…” Ahri whimpered pitifully.

King chuckled at her and tossed a big, spiked dildo to the blonde singer. It hit her right in one of her bruised breasts, bouncing off as she tried to catch it and failed, making some of the men behind the cameras laugh.

Ahri stifled another sob as she reached down and grabbed the studded dildo. It nearly as thick as her wrist, and covered in yielding plastic spikes. They were soft enough to her fingers… but she could easily imagine that they wouldn’t feel nearly so gentle inside of her.

“Ahri here has a talented mouth and… voice… as you all know,” King said with a sneer. “But she’s going to demonstrate that for you. Foxy… why don’t you take that nice dildo and stuff it into your whorish mouth deep enough that it can see your stomach.” He ordered.

Ahri looked up at King, but by now the popstar knew better than to expect even the tiniest bit of mercy from him. Looking once again at the dildo, she trembled. Then she lifted it to her lips, parting them, and she began to suck on the tip. She was stalling, and every one of the men knew it, but the process of her pathetic attempt to delay was almost as sexy as her just immediately deep-throating the spikey thing. Then King stomped on the group once, and Ahri jumped… then she slowly pushed it further, past her teeth and then even further, the studs of the dildo making it even harder than it would be otherwise – making the blonde gag on it.

“Further, whore!” King ordered, watching in amusement as, red-faced for exertion, Ahri struggled to push the fake cock further and further. Pitiful sounds escaped her mouth as she struggled. “Deeper!” King hissed, smacking the back of her head. Ahri gagged hard as she attempted to force the dildo deeper, afraid of further punishment should she fail. “Deeper, I said! I want to see it go in all the way… or maybe we should whip you for their amusement? Would you prefer that? Do you want to get whipped again?”

Words could not describe exactly how badly Ahri did not want that. They were going to make her swallow this entire wretched thing anyway… the only difference was going to be if they hurt her first or not. She shoved, desperately trying to get it into her, pushing inch after inch down her neck. It resisted the entire way, the spikes scraping against ridges in her tight throat, and the process just grew more and more difficult as it went deeper. The popstar was breathing heavily through her nose, her throat protesting with surges of pain each time it constricted around the foreign object she forced into it. Tears streamed down her cheeks in a flood as gargling sounds escaped from her stuffed throat.

“Come on!” King laughed. “Don’t fuck with us. A whore like you can take anything down her throat!” That was true enough… certainly, enough cocks had been forced into her, but this was different as they were expecting her to do it entirely herself. It was harder to overcome her body’s resistance when she had no desire to do it.

Ahri had no idea how she did it, but eventually, the dildo’s base touched her lips while she retched and gagged, the studded length fully embedded in her mouth and throat, spit freely running down her chin and dripping onto her full tits. “Very good!” King congratulated her, giving her nipple a celebratory twist. “Now fuck your face with it.”

His smirk turned into a grin when Ahri stared at him wide-eyed, slowly withdrawing the awful dildo from her throat, a thick strand of saliva connecting the tip to her lips as she removed it from her mouth, gargling and coughing.

“ I… I can’t,” she finally gasped after she’d taken a few deep breaths, desperate for air, her voice hoarse from the soreness of her throat. “It’s too big…”

King still grinned as he met her gaze with his own, eyes hard. “You can either do it yourself… or I’ll fuck your face with it. Either way, it’s going to rape your throat until I get tired of watching it. Understand me, Foxy?”

Ahri cried harder. Awful as the choice was, the right answer was clear. While it was going to extremely humiliating and painful to fuck her face with his horrible dildo, it would be so much worse to let him do it. She knew well how vicious the men would be if they did it. Hands shaking, Ahri lifted the dildo to her mouth again.

King smiled in false disappointment, shaking his head. “And here I was hoping you would let me.” He smirked, laughing. “Don’t you worry though. If you get tired… or stop… I’ll be right here to help you out.”

Ahri parted her lips and pushed the dildo in. She allowed it to remain there, past her teeth of a few heartbeats and then, before King or the other thugs could grow impatient, she pushed it further, forcing it so far that it was touching the back of her throat. She left it there for a moment, hating the awful feeling of her throat constricting against the foreign object. Then she withdrew it, leaving only the tip of it in. The only upside of being forced to fuck her face with the dildo was that she didn’t have to deepthroat it for long, the men expected her to move the dildo fast. It wasn’t much of a positive since she had to keep doing it to herself, keep forcing her hand to pump the fake cock in and out of her mouth, but it was all the blonde girl had.

“Faster,” King snarled, glaring down at Ahri while her cheeks glistened with tears. Her throat was sore and aching from the constant gagging – not to mention the oral rapes she had been through the last two days. King fondled her tits, jiggling and heaving as she felt her throat constrict around the tip again, trying her very best not to wait too long between pulling it out and pushing it in again while at the same time attempting to give her throat at least a split second’s rest. Too slow for the taste of her tormentor. “I said, faster!” King growled again. While his hand played with her large tits roughly, his other hand stroked his cock, hard once again. Their torment was the best aphrodisiac he could possibly ask for.

Through a veil of tears, Ahri could see the camera lights, knew that everything she did would be seen by every girl who had ever seen her as a role model. She did not doubt that today, tomorrow, next year, all of them would know what had happened to her… but unable to do anything about it in her fear of further punishment. She tried to go faster, pushing the dildo in and out at a frantic pace, but eventually found herself so wracked with heaving she almost doubled over, a long line of drool drizzling down her chin. Coughing, she let go of the dildo, panting heavily, her heart hammering from effort and fear.

Ahri looked up at King, her expression shamefully submissive and fearful… but instead of the harsh reprimand and punishment she expected, he aimed his cockhead at her face and a split second later shot another massive load over her, lines of cum splattering across her nose, cheeks, and lips. He’d been close to cumming for a while now, and her latest feeble attempt had sent him over the edge. Then King stepped back watching the wonderful view of the once strong popstar reduced to a wreck, sobbing, coughing, trembling and, of course, with her crying face covered in a thick layer of cum.

“That’s your best look, Ahri,” he said to her coldly. “I hope your new owner keeps your face covered in jizz all the time.” King smiled at her. “So, tell us, dyke… have you learned to prefer cock over the fake shit yet?”

Sobbing, Ahri nodded.

He looked down, on the dildo laying on the ground. Lifting it, he glanced at Ahri. “Good,” he smiled. “Your poor throat must be so sore right now,” he said softly, mock compassion clear in his voice. “We’ll let it rest.” He tossed the dildo back at her. “Start fucking your cunt instead,” he said as he turned away. This show was going to go on for three hours, after all…

Evelynn was next. She tried to struggle to get back to Ahri as the exhausted, cum-covered blonde was tossed into the room, but she was dragged out for the cameras next, forced to her knees with her hands bound behind her back. She was glaring at him through her sunglasses, and the expression made him smile. “This bitch is still a feisty one,” he said to the camera, holding a belt between his hands. “Although she’s learning her place. The process of teaching her it has been… most pleasant. Would you like to see?”

Laughing, King stood over her. “Hey. Deeva. Are you a whore?”

King waited. There was nothing but silence. She just looked up at him, defiance shining in those bright amber eyes.

His hand whipped out, the belt whistling through the air, and Eve gasped, her body hunching as the sound of leather against flesh filled the room. Her tit jiggled, its side turning bright red where King had struck it. “Are you a whore?” He repeated and waited while she straightened up, her tits pushing out again, a dark red mark shining on the outside of her left breast. Her eyes were gorgeous… filled with pain and fear but still all but glowing with hatred and defiance, even when she had to know she couldn’t win. He whipped the belt through the air again, the flat of the leather striking her other breast, making her jerk in a vain attempt to protect her tits. When she straightened up, he could see tears of pain in her eyes… but the bitch still wasn’t giving in.

This was one of his favorite things. It was such a fucking turn on, this little game Evelynn made them play… a battle of will that she had no chance of winning in but that she forced anyway. They had just spent the last week raping the shit out of this bitch, and she was still arrogantly defiant.

“Tell us…” King snarled, whipping her tits one by one while she stared up at him, furious. “Tell all your fans. Tell the whole world that you’re a whore.” Her tits were growing crimson, but he didn’t stop, didn’t pause, didn’t even slow down. King raised the belt, watching as she clenched her fists behind her back, and saw what he was waiting for… Evelynn, the bitchy rebellious slut, closed her eyes as she waited for the next strike to pound into her vulnerable tits.

King stepped forward quickly and swung his leg up, kicking at her exposed sex. His boot met it with a thud and a wet, squishy noise, flatting that soft, vulnerable mound of flesh. Her eyes snapped open, and her body jack-knifed down in agony as she let out a hoarse yell, her thighs snapping shut. The cameras caught it all as the famous sex symbol tried her hardest to reach for her cunt with her hands cuffed behind her back, desperate to protect herself.

Evelynn shuddered and rocked in anguish, and that as what King was waiting for. He grabbed her long, pink hair and dragged her moaning, shaking body up straight, forcing her perfect tits out. He slammed the belt down wildly across her tits, making her choke and sob in pain as he lashed her already welted tits with wild abandon. “Tell me you’re a fucking whore, Eve. Tell everyone you’re a fucking whore!” He lashed her furiously as she convulsed beneath his, jerking in too much pain from too many different places, her tits flopping back and forth as she twisted her torso helplessly in his grip.

Then he dropped her, letting her fall heavily down to the ground, breathing raggedly. Her hair fell down to drape over her face, and her moans and pasts were the only sound in the room. “What are you?” King asked her, standing over her.

“I’m a whore…” Evelynn whispered, not bothering to move.

King smiled, looking back to the camera. “I promise… that was even more fun than it looked. Don’t miss your opportunity to tame this slut.”

King cracked open the case of beer, laughing as he passed them around. It had been an exhausting last few days, and his cock felt sore from all the fucking he’d gotten… but for better or worse, it was almost over. He was going to miss these sluts when they were gone… easily the hottest bitches he had ever grabbed. And now, they were about to make him filthy rich.

He looked at the clock at the numbers ticked down. 10. 9. 8. 7… 5. 2.


He cracked open his beer and took a deep swig while people cheered. “And that’s a wrap,” he said, laughing as he took out his phone.

“So, what’s the take?” Someone asked.

“Yeah, don’t leave us hanging!”

King thumbed down. “The winning bid for Kaisa was… 22 million.” He paused for the cheers. “She’ll be going to Qatar. I hope she likes the heat,” he said, chuckling. “Akali… 26 mil.” More cheers. “Lucky girl. She’s getting to go back home to Korea. No, wait… wrong Korea.” He laughed. “Looks like she made quite an impression to the North.”

He scrolled down further while the room laughed and drank. “Ahri is…” his eyes lit up, and he laughed. “God damn. We in the big leagues here boys! 71 mil!”

The cheering took on a raucous, overjoyed edge as men clinked cans together to marginal effect. “She’ll be spending the rest of her life in the good old US of A. Buyer wants us to make sure to send her with all her costumes.” King shrugged. “Shit, for that much money I’d steal him a whole department store worth of clothing. And Evelynn… 54 million!” More cheers.

“I’m gonna be sad to see them go,” one man said, rubbing his crotch through his pants. “But I’ll be able to buy myself a new whore every day of the week.”

“Let’s go celebrate with the girls,” someone suggested. That got enthusiastic replies… from everyone but King. He was still sitting, staring at his phone, an odd look on his face.

“Hey, boss,” one of them asked. “Boss? King?!”

King shook himself. “Yeah”

“Where’s Evelynn going?” he asked.

He shrugged. “Looks like she’s spending the rest of her life in the States, too.” He looked at the crowd. “You want to party? Fine. Bring up Ahri, Akali, and Kaisa. Give them a fuck to remember you by. We’ll start the process of getting these bitches to their new owners tomorrow, soon as we collect.”

“What about Evelynn?” one asked. “I want to cum right in her fucking eyes as I tell her how much people paid for the chance to hurt her.”

“Leave her,” King instructed.

“But I want to…”

“You hear what I fucking say to you?” King rose, his voice rising. “Leave her down there!”

The man he yelled at cringed, but the big black guy next to him just punched his shoulder. “Don’t worry about it. Boss wants a piece of pussy of his own. That’s his right. Come on… let’s party!”

The crowd went down, grabbing onto the three girls and dragging them back up to the common room. A few mattresses had been laid out… not for the girl’s comfort, but theirs. Each of these girls had so many people to get off tonight; no one was in the mood to wait. It was already after midnight, and the sun was going to be up before these sluts stopped being airtight.

First, a man lay on the mattress, and the girls were brought on top of them… lowered down onto their cocks. None of them had it in them to fight… not anymore. Once each was riding a man, the other gangsters would crowd around them, shaking their cocks, rubbing them on the girl, playing with them. Someone would force their way into the girl’s ass. Then someone would fill her mouth. Lastly, those forced to wait would wrap the popstars’ hands around their cocks and force them to fluff for their own rapes.

The first men didn’t take long to cum… not with the excitement of victory, not knowing how much money they had just made. The girls were pumped full, and the men were replaced, and the mass gangrape proceeded.

Akali was the unlucky one who had the least patient men surrounding her. She had cried and whined and screamed her way through the gangbang so far, but it was just more rape. Just one more indignity on the beautiful girl. That all changed when she felt a second cock starting to push into her ass.

“Fuck it,” one of the men said. “I’m not waiting.”

[“Nnnnn!”] Akali protested around the cock in her mouth. [“Nnn pls!”]

When her ass caved, it caved all at once… stretching her impossibly full all at once. Akali felt like she had a telephone pole wedged in her asshole, like someone had ripped open her pussy and ass into one hole and was fucking the crater she had left. Her screamed were haunting even around the cock in her mouth.

“Oh, shut up,” one of the men she was stroking hair as he crowded around her face. “If you can’t shut this slut up, I will,” he said as he grabbed onto the sides of her mouth, pried her further open, and stuffed a second cock into her mouth. Her screamed got noticeably quieter then, but they still felt amazing vibrating on his dick. “Much better,” he said as someone else grabbed her wrist and forced it onto his dick.

Seeing what the others were doing to Akali, it wasn’t too long before the rest of the gang got the same bright idea. Why wait for your turn when there was room for more? First Ahri and then Kaisa screamed as their asses were stretched further than they had ever been supposed to go before they too were gagged by a pair of cocks.

“Think we should record this as a bonus, King?” one of them said, looking around. “Hey, where is King anyway?”

“Probably balls deep in that pink-haired whore by now,” someone answered, sneering. “I bet he’s all over her.”

King was in a bad mood. This wasn’t the way he liked to do business… but that’s what this was. Business.

He took the steps back down to the storage room one at a time like he was hoping someone would show up and stop him… no one did, of course. Who would? His men were all too afraid of him. Her bandmates were all too weak to fight, even if they weren’t getting raped so loudly he could hear it from down here. What was he expecting, an angel to show up and stop him? If a god was looking down at what he had done his whole life, the old pervert didn’t seem to mind.

He opened the door, and to his surprise, the door knocked into Evelynn. She had been pressed against the door, almost like she was trying to block it with her body… but there hadn’t been any weight on it, no pressure. She hadn’t been leaning on it. She had just been…

“Were you listening, slut?” King said, shaking his head. “Needed to hear what we did to your little girlfriend?”

“What are you doing to her?” Evelynn asked. She had obviously been crying, but she still wore the pink glasses she had been given for the last show she had put on. The glasses seemed to make her look even more naked.

“Nothing we aren’t doing to the rest of them,” King said with a shrug. “They all get a goodbye fuck or two from us before we send them on their way to their new owners. Can’t blame the boys for having their fun.”

“But not me?” the pink-haired popstar asked, her lips pressed together.

“I’m sure they would like to,” King admitted. “But I’m the one running the show. I make the rules. And I said no.”

Eve opened her mouth to speak… then she noticed what King was carrying.

Most of the men had been armed at some point, when they had taken the girls from their tour bus… but after they had begun to rape them, the weapons had become a liability. Not only was it something the girls to get their hands on and potentially use to try and escape, but shooting one of these girls would represent the loss of millions. King hadn’t wanted that, so he had made them lock their guns away in the central locker. No one had been carrying for days.

But now he carried a pistol on his hand.

She looked right at it, licking suddenly dry lips. “How noble of you,” he whispered softly. Her voice trembled.

King hated it. You might not know it to look at him, but King had never killed anyone who wasn’t trying to kill him first, or at least in danger of doing so. Cold blood… it wasn’t something he’d even felt in him. In truth, it made him sick to think about what he was going to do. But he was going to do it. Just business.

“Sorry girl,” he said, shaking his head as he raised the pistol. “Looks like you pissed off a lot of people. The winning bid for you wasn’t to buy you. They don’t want to fuck you every day for the rest of your life. They just want a bullet put in your head.” He shrugged. “Just business.”

Evelynn fell to her knees. “Please…” she whispered. “I’m begging you… Please just… let me see her again. That’s all I ask.”

King shook his head. “So now you want to speak English?” he asked, shaking his head. “Little lying slut,” he said with a bit of guilty admiration. “Don’t make this any harder than it already is, Eve.”

Her eyes blazed with anger behind the glasses. “You don’t get to call me that!” she hissed out as she glared up at him. So she still had a little defiance left. That actually made him feel a little bit better. “Just let me see her, goddamnit!”

“Goodbye, Evelynn,” he said, pressing the gun to her forehead.

King felt it as a thump that shook his entire mode, making his arm tremble. Thud, Thud, as close together as two heartbeats. Evelynn’s eyes never left his as he looked down at her. Her eyes were intense, challenging, fearless – amused. Something was wrong. Something was very wrong.

He looked down to find himself impaled through the gut. He hadn’t even felt the pain of it… just the impact. Two long, strong tendrils vanished into his chest where they had speared it. They went into Evelynn’s lower back, like a pair of tail… just like the costume they had put her in. Which idiot had forgotten to take her out of it?

Now that he looked at it, he could feel the pair… blazing hot agony where they went into him, and searing pain where they erupted of his back. The pistol tumbled free of his nerveless fingers to clatter against the floor. His mouth worked over and over again, trying to say something, trying to ask what was happening, but the words wouldn’t come.

Still on her knees, Evelynn smiled up at King. “That moment…” she whispered hungrily as her eyes flashed the pink of her hair behind her glasses. “When they think they have me?” Evelynn shuddered, her entire body shaking with orgasmic pleasure. “Yeah… that’s what I live for.” Then her eyes narrowed as she glared at King. “You should have let me see her,” she hissed.

King’s chest separated from his legs as her tails slashed in opposite directions like the crossing of scissors, spraying the walls, the floor, the ceiling, and Evelynn herself in a spray of red. King, his lungs pierced and then ripped, couldn’t find the breath the scream… not even as the demon standing over him looked down and smiled, her face half painted red in his blood. “I think we should break up,” Eve said mockingly.

Then King was gone.

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