POP/STARS 12 – Agony’s Embrace

Last Edited 4/20/19

Ahri was completely overwhelmed – the world had long since stopped making sense. All her senses, all her hopes and dreams and life had been replaced by cock. Her future, replaced by cock. And her past – what was it all for if it had brought her to this present? So she could be fuckmeat that could sing well? So she could be fuckmeat that girls looked up to?

She had been battered around and fucked so thoroughly that she barely even noticed the change, barely paid attention to the way she was lifted up and then sunk down onto two of the men at once. It just happened so fast, her body shivering as two cocks pushed against her pussy at once. Then the men were grabbing her and pulling her down onto them. The sensation of two more cock shoving into her hole startled her – but she didn’t have time to protest.

A barely second later, a cock shut her up by plugging into her throat. Just seconds after that, the dick pulled out, and two men hooked fingers into her mouth, spreading it wide enough for her to get double fucked again. Ahri’s eyes went wide with panic as she realized she was going to get double fucked like this, and no one had even touched her ass yet –

And then her ass was claimed by another pair of cocks. Another scream, cut off by the cocks choking her. She tried to plead with her eyes, but if her gaze was capable of inspiring any mercy she didn’t see it – the men surrounding her on all sides took right to fucking her as violently as they could, hard and deep. There was a kind of hopelessness that came with – true despair that she had been violated as thoroughly as she could be as two men gripped her wrists and put them back on cocks. Eight men. She was serving eight men.

Around her, she could hear cries, and hear them just as suddenly snuffed out as hers had been – heard the meeting thumps of men pounding their flesh against her helpless bandmates. She knew she wasn’t the only one – Akali and Kaisa were getting the same treatment. They were all getting fucked as thoroughly as it was possible to be, two cocks in each hole, stretched her young body wider than it was ever meant to go. She felt like the men had hollowed out her will, her humor, her hopes and dreams, all to make more room for their cocks. She felt like her mind was going to shatter – she tried to hold on, but she had nothing to hold onto, nothing to press back with. These men were going to use her in the most vulgar, most extreme way they could and she was just going to have to accept it. Then she was going to be sold to someone else.

Part of her wished Eve was here – but most of her was glad her idol, her lover, didn’t have to see her like this.

“Break the bitch on all that dick!” someone yelled. Ahri was pretty sure that was exactly what they had already done. She felt exhausted, dead to the world – like a wet rag lifted and twisted until it was all wrung out and then dropped on the floor. She couldn’t handle this; her body wasn’t meant for it. The cocks pushed in deeper and deeper, fucking her with steady strokes and no one, not one of the men, seemed to think that enough was enough, that this was going too far. She was their plaything, completely and utterly. The men just laughed and stroked their cocks if they weren’t busy actively fucking one of them, smacking their ass or squeezing their tits as they waited a turn. Like she was nothing to them.

Fuckmeat. They had turned her into fuckmeat.

Drool ran down her cum-covered tits as the two cocks gagging her, pumping in one after the other and dragging spit out with it. She looked like an utter whore – completely degraded and fucked. They fucked her and fucked her and fuck her and there was no one, nothing, in the world that was going to save her from it. Until tomorrow Ahri was theirs, and they were going to take full advantage. Everything hurt, hurt so bad that it was almost a relief as her holes were flooded with cum again – so just maybe it would end. She couldn’t swallow the seed spurting into her mouth fast enough – Ahri ended up drooling it out all over herself.

She wanted to give up. It was over.

“What the fuck!” someone yelled.

And then the screaming started. Ahri thought that she should get up, should run, should fight – but she just couldn’t get up. Couldn’t even move. She just lay there. Slowly, she tilted her head up…

Eve stood there, pink glare glowing in her eyes. Her face was half covered with blood, one of her shades solid crimson with it. Akali and Kaisa were limp on the beds, apparently unconscious – perhaps raped comatose. Ahri knew she certainly had almost been.

[“Eve…”] she whispered. The woman’s face beneath the blood was hard, cruel, cold. [“What-”] She cut off as she noticed the woman’s tails. [“What – Eve, what is – what’s going on?”]

Eve turned to face her directly, and her face softened. [“I’m so sorry, yeou,”] she said. Ahri’s eyes darted back and forth – the men were all – just standing there, against the wall. Their eyes glowed – the same color as Eve’s. Where once her gaze had been amber, it was now a glowing, bright pink. Not all the men were standing there, however – some of them lay on the ground. They weren’t moving. [”I didn’t want you to see me like this. I wanted you to remember me as – well, me.”] There was something wrong about her voice – something smoother, more musical than usual. [”I’m sorry it had to be like this.”]

[”I don’t understand,”] Ahri said, looking left and right – seeing the men. They stood naked, unmoving, staring into nothing with glowing eyes like they were in a trance. [”What – are you?”]

[”Your kind always called me an Agma. A demon. A succubus,”] Eve whispered, looking sad. [”I didn’t want you to have to know.”]

[”Eve – you saved us,”] Ahri said, a little bit of excitement and hope coming into her voice for the first time in – she couldn’t remember how long. [“You could tell me you were giant squid right now and I wouldn’t think less of you! I love you!”]

Eve’s face spread into an enormous smile. [”I love you too, Yeou,”] she said, giggling a little. [”You don’t know how it relieves me to hear you say that. I was worried you’d think I was – a monster…”]

Ahri actually laughed. [”Come on. Let’s get the others and let’s go.”]

Eve looked confused. [”Go?”] she asked.

Ahri raised an eyebrow. [”You know – escape?”]

[”Oh!”] Eve said, also laughing. [”Yes! Escape!”] She let her laughter fade into a chuckle. [“No. Sorry. Can’t let you do that. That would ruin the whole point of bringing you here, after all.”]

Bringing you here.

Bringing you here.

The words rang in Ahri’s head – they didn’t make sense. [”What?”] she asked, voice small.

[”People were starting to notice,”] Eve said. Ahri jumped as she felt one of Eve’s tails – tails soaked with blood and sharply pointed at the tip – traced up her thigh carelessly. [”I’m too told to look this way,”] she said, explaining. [”Women in their mid-thirties don’t get to look like me, love. They don’t get to enchant people forever. Eventually, people start to notice. I have to disappear – like I have every other time.”] She began to pet Ahri with the tail. [”It takes – enormous energy – to make myself a new body. I needed to feed. And what I feed on is…”] she cast her arms around, [”All this. Lust. Need. The more elemental, the more animal – the better. You fed me very well over the years,”] she smiled at Ahri, grinning wickedly before her face fell. [”But it wasn’t enough. I needed much, much more – and no man I’m with can last long enough to satisfy me.”]

She pointed at the other two girls. [“And then – you brought this band to me. Surrounded me with lovelies – and while I couldn’t get enough lust from men just around me – the rest of you helped. It was very thoughtful.”]

Ahri’s mouth was open. She was breathing quickly – she thought she was about to have a panic attack. [”You – you did all of this – to us?”]

Eve shrugged. [”In a manner of speaking,”] she said. [”I had to be close to feed on it all. I arranged the tour schedule so we’d be isolated. I told King where we could get grabbed. I got his driver hired. He did the rest.”] Eve snapped her fingers. [”Oh. And I also arranged to have myself killed. That will get leaked soon enough, that the winning bid for me was to have me killed. No one is going to be looking for a demon – I’m dead as far as anyone knows.”] She made a face. [“But King wouldn’t let me see you before he killed me,”] she pouted. [”So I had to kill him. I had to see you again – I really do love you.”]

[”You…”] Ahri gasped out. [”You had me raped! RAPED! They beat me – whipped me – ruined me! They destroyed my reputation, my LIFE! And you LOVE ME?”]

[”I told you already I’m sorry about that,”] Eve said calmly.

[”You’re SORRY?”] Ahri yelled – only to suddenly be grabbed by two of the men. She looked up at them with wide eyes – their gaze was still the same as Eve’s, glowing pink. They only held her – for now.

[”Of course I am, love,”] Eve said reasonably.

[”You let them… you let them broadcast it all!”] Ahri protested, new tears running down her face. [”The whole world saw what they did to us!”]

[”That was a present for you,”] Evelynn said, smiling. [”Your own little slice of immortality. You’ll be remembered forever! You can’t live forever the way I will, but the least I can do for you is make sure you’re remembered. You’re welcome.”]

Ahri was flabbergasted, eyes wide. [”I’m… I’m WELCOME! You told me your LOVED ME! YOU LET THEM RAPE ME!”]

[”I let them do it to me too, lover,”] Evelynn said as if it were the most reasonable thing in the world. [”Do you think I enjoyed being treated like this? Raped and abused myself? Do you think I gave them all so many opportunities to punish me because I enjoyed it?”] She paused. [”Well, I’ll admit the lust was nice. But seriously – I’m used to being the one who calls the shots. I didn’t have to let them do anything to me. I could have stopped them at any time – I could have just let them take out all the pent up sex and violence on the three of you – but I didn’t. It was only fair I went through it with you.”]

Eve sighed. [”But now – you know what I am,”] she said wistfully. [”I was going to try to arrange for you to escape a little after you were sold but now? Now I think I’ll have to wait until your mind is gone. After a year or two – I’ll buy you and set you free. There probably won’t be much left of you to remember me and be grateful then, but some part of you will know I love you.”] She rose up, shrugging. [“Thank you for loving me,”] Evelynn said as she turned and walked away from her lover. [”It really means a lot to me.”]

Ahri began to weep again as she walked away – and as the pink glow began to disappear from the men’s eyes. They didn’t seem to know what had just happened – but they seemed angrier and hornier than ever.

Cocks crowded around Ahri, and she hoped that demon bitch was right and she’d lose her mind sooner rather than later.

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