What Makes Women Tick – Chapter 3

Last Edited 4/23/19

The summoners smiled and joked with one another as Orianna writhed on the table, whispering pleas for them to continue breaking her. The slim, beautiful blonde had never looked more lovely than she did right now, exhausted, limp, sweating and well fucked… but she had become something of a mess.

Eli picked her skirt up off the ground and tossed it onto the girl. “Clean yourself up, whore,” Eli ordered. “Much as I like you looking like the floor of a gloryhole, you’re getting a little too disgusting to fuck.”

Moving slowly, like she was in a daze, Orianna grabbed onto the strip of golden fabric she had been wearing as virtually her only clothing. Starting with her face, and then working down her body, Orianna wiped herself up – cleaning up the jizz covering her body, the drool she had let over her face and drip down onto her tits, and the sweat from her exhausting gangbang. One swipe at a time, the tiny skirt grew more and more disgusting as her body cleaned up, becoming more and more of a blank canvas again for the men to paint with their lusts. Nothing short of an extended bath would let the defiled girl actually get clean again, but for the moment she looked nearly as fresh as she had when she had first walked in the door…

Except for the parts that didn’t.

Orianna’s lips were slightly swollen and redder than they should be, inflamed from their frequent, vigorous use. Her hair was still a cumrag, and nothing sort of a thorough soaking had a chance to change that. Her breasts were scratched and bruised where the fingertips of especially vigorous men had squeezed too hard, and her nipples were crimson and engorged with blood. And her holes… they didn’t close all the way anymore, gaping open and prepared for more dick and slowly leaking the cum her body couldn’t keep inside of it.

She looked like the perfect whore.

“Please break Orianna’s ass,” she whispered, still begging even if her eyes weren’t focusing on any of the men anymore… even if she didn’t seem to know where she was anymore.

Eli walked up to her and slapped his cock against her lips, moving it as she tried to wrap her mouth around the shaft and laughing as he did. “Did we fuck all the brains out of her?” he asked.

A second man walked up to her and started to beat her with his dick too, snickering as the confused and overwhelmed girl moved between both of them, trying to swallow one or the other and managing neither. “Must have,” he agreed. “There was room for a mind and all the cum, so something had to give.”

A pair of others grabbed her legs and began to yank her off the table. Before she slipped all the way off Eli and the other man grabbed onto her arms and shoulders, holding her up. She was as light as cloth ragdoll in the hands of the four summoners, even before another half dozen crowded around her, holding her in the air between them. Her body was stretched out, her legs splayed wide open, and then she was being fucked again, hard lengths of manmeat cramming their way into her holes.

Orianna couldn’t even tell how many dicks she was taking. Two in her mouth for certain, she could count that – could run her tongue over their heads just before they both began to force their way down her throat, but as for her lower holes, she could only guess. She was pretty sure she had two in each hole from the way she had never felt more full in her life… it hurt, but everything had hurt. Her slut body hurt so men could feel good, and in the battered, cum-drenched recesses of her mind, that was the only thing that made sense. Without the table to get in the way, to restrict access to her, the men could crowd her even more tightly… pushing more dick into her than ever before. Six of them were in her now, and her hands were wrapped around two more. “Pls cmm nnnnnn yrr sltt,” she moaned around the two summoners fucking her face.

Then a third prick slapped against her forehead, making her look at it… just before it started to push past her lips as well. “Is that going to fit?” she heard a voice ask.

“We’ll make it fit,” another answered with a laugh.

Yesss, Orianna thought to herself in her daze. Make it fit. Make it fit. Cum in your slut.

Then her jaw began to stretch further than she thought was possible. Her lips folded back over her teeth, preventing the pricks from grinding against them as a third thick cock was pushed into her mouth. Orianna could only breathe through her nose now… even without a cock in her throat any longer, her mouth was crammed too full to take even a single breath through it, and the three dicks were moving even further.

“Think her throat can take it?” one of them asked, a chuckle in his voice.

Do it, Orianna thought. Make me useful.

“Nah,” Eli said, thrusting forward a bit and rubbing his cock over her tongue. “Don’t think she’d survive it. But that means the slut is going to have to work twice as hard to serve us… isn’t that right, Orianna?”

Mewling in confused, mad pleasure as four cocks sawed their way in and out of her pussy and ass, Orianna lashed at their dicks with her tongue. It was surprisingly easy to suck on them… the trio of dicks sealing her mouth at least as thoroughly as her lips could by themselves. Nine. She was serving nine… in some corner of her pleasure-addled mind, she was proud of that.

“Don’t cum in her,” someone was saying. “Over here.” Orianna moaned in disappointment as one of the cocks pulled out of her pussy and then her mouth without giving her cum, but before she could dwell on that very long they were replaced, and the fucking went on.

Orianna was pounded, twisted, and battered as she hung in the air, suspended helplessly off the ground in the hands of a dozen or men mean eager to fuck her. She was utterly defenseless, and could no longer even think of a reason she wouldn’t be… why would she ever resist anything that the summoners wanted to use her body for? This was her purpose, she knew… every single hole-breaking thrust into her reinforced that thought, filling her until there was nothing else.

Without the breaks of feeling men cum in her, the entire process blurred together. Cocks fucked her long and hard, and then they were replaced by new ones that pounded her stretched and abused body just as hard. It was like one continuous fuck… oddly, Orianna felt as if the roles had been reserved, and she was now the human, and they the machine – a perfect, precise, and never-ending assault on her holes. Each thrust was just a continuation of every thrust, each cock a part of the whole that was using her body to the fullest. She finally understood the role of a woman in this world in terms her mind could understand. She was the cog in the center of the machine, the device that everything else attached to, filled, turned. She was only useful so long as she was being taken advantage of.

Then, at last, she was empty. Laying on the ground, limp. It took her a minute to process the idea… her holes weren’t being fucked, stretched, filled. It felt… unnatural. For the first time in hours and hours, she couldn’t taste cum, and that felt wrong too. She started to silently weep, and the blonde girl wasn’t sure why.

“Time to celebrate your birthday,” one of the summoners said, helping to pull her to her knees. She could see in the background the cake she brought was being cut and passed around.

One summoner took a bite and got his hand slapped by Eli. “Don’t be rude,” he said laughing. “The birthday girl first.” He held a piece of cake up in front of her. “Hold out your hands.”

As Orianna did so, Rogim took her bra and used it to tie her hands together at the wrists. The blonde didn’t react at all, just watched as Eli put a piece of her cake into her hands. “Hold that there,” Rogim instructed her as he turned and grabbed her high heels off the ground. He lifted them to show her that they were completely filled – the men not cumming in her had been filling them up. One at a time, he poured them out onto the cake, onto her arms and hands, smiling the entire time. The cake looked glazed with the frosting of her cum.

Finished with the shores, he handed them to a summoner who brought them to her face, letting her lick them clean while he returned to the table and grabbed the soaked remains of her skirt. Smiling at her, he held it over her head… and wrung it out like a wet towel. Every bit of cum that had landed on her skin in the last hours squeezed down onto her hair and down her face like a filthy white shower, coating her completely.

Cum washed over her face, but Orianna didn’t even try to wipe her eyes. She just blinked the stinging cum out until she could see again… see the two dozen hard cocks pointing right at her. “Time to blow out your candles, Oriana,” Rogim laughed as he began to stroke his cock along with the others. Seeing the beautiful blonde champion degraded so utterly without any real reaction had him hard as iron, and more than ready to give her one last load. First one at a time, but then several in a flood, the crowd of summoners came… aiming for her cake, her arms, her face, and breasts, adding one more layer of jizz glaze to her body.

“Happy birthday, Orianna,” he laughed while the men started clapping. “Now eat your cake.”

Orianna took a bit, smiling as she did. The taste of their cum filled her mouth again, but it no longer tasted foul – It tasted more natural than anything, the most familiar taste in the entire life of the blonde girl. It tasted like her destiny. The cake, by comparison, seemed uninteresting. She remembered when she had gotten it – when the baker had made it for her and given to her for free this morning, after feeling her breasts. She had been so excited to have a birthday cake. Now she was worried she had been a bitch by not sucking his cock to say thank you.

The cake tasted sweet, but she preferred the evidence of what a good girl she had been. Instead of biting into the cake, she began to lick it, lapping up the “frosting,” and holding it on her tongue before swallowing it and coming back for more, and more, and more. The clapping and cheers of the summoners surrounding her encouraged Orianna, and she kept going, nibbling at her cake as she swallowed as much of their cum as she could.

By the time she couldn’t find a single speck of cum left on her hands or arms, there was still a little bit of cake left… but Orianna found she no longer wanted it. It no longer seemed as important as the cum had been. She shuddered in pleasure, licking her lips as cum continued to run down her face. “Best. Birthday. Ever,” she moaned softly.

The house was a mess. There was a reason they didn’t tend to do this kind of thing in a property they owned… it left one hell of a mess behind. Having a party here sure hadn’t been Eli’s idea, and he wasn’t about to clean it up himself, so a few of the summoners were given the task. It wasn’t like Orianna was going to be of any use… the blonde still knelt senseless on the floor, unable to do more than lay there covered with cum, their seed still drooling from her stretched holes. She was almost limp on her knees, and none of them were sure how the exhausted girl managed to not collapse to the floor… but she stayed there. Perhaps she was hoping someone else would find the time to fuck her.

Rogim was one of the men cleaning up… he had asked to be. Once the other summoners were elsewhere, he went up to Orianna and shook her shoulder until she managed to focus her eyes on him. “Wake up, slut,” he ordered her. “Not finished with you yet.” He pointed at his crotch. “Be a good little whore and get up here… and open that mouth.”

Orianna nearly fell trying to raise herself up further, making Rogim laugh at the worn out, uncoordinated girl. She fell back onto her ass heavily, but as she lifted herself back up on her knees she didn’t need any further instructions – she reached into his robes, found his cock, and brought her mouth to it without needing orders from him. Rogim sighed, leaning back against the table while she sucked him off. Freed from the press the gangbang and the dozens of other cocks waiting for their turns with her, he had all the time in the world to just relax back and let her suck him off.

Except, he didn’t. Shaking his head, Rogim pulled out the hextech pocketwatch he kept in his robe, noting the time and sighing. He only had a few minutes.

In the wake of having a new plaything, everyone had forgotten to wonder how Orianna had gotten here in the first place… who had invited her to the house to celebrate?

He had. And he had been there when the blonde champion had taken the potion… the potion he had helped to design that gave her flesh and blood for the day. 24 hours only… and those 24 hours were about to be up.

“Do you know why I gave you that potion, Orianna?” he said, noting how she looked up at him with beautiful blue eyes while she sucked on him. “You probably think the potion was your birthday present, right? I let the others think that, too… but it isn’t quite right. Letting you have a chance at being human wasn’t the gift… it was the way to let you be given your gift.”

Rogim could feel the magic of the potion at work… could sense it as Orianna began to transform back. It began with her feet, slowly crawling up her body. He needed to hurry – the summoner grabbed the back of her head and began to fuck her face. “This right here… this is your birthday gift. A lesson to teach you. You were made to be a champion… that was what you were taught, right? That you were built to be a warrior in the League.”

The summoner could feel the magic creeping up her body, and he started fucking harder, faster, slamming his cock balls deep in her throat over and over and over again. “You might be a champion – and after we’re done with you, you still will be – but that isn’t all you are. Your creators made you a woman, too… and that means you needed to be taught a lesson. Orianna, you are a fuckdoll.”

He looked right down into her blue eyes as he raped her throat with wild abandon. “Before anything else, you’re a fuckdoll. All women are… and seeing you, going through life, without holes… it made me sad. That is why I suggested that potion to you. That is why I invited you here.” He groaned as her throat squeeze him… no longer an involuntary reaction, but her deliberate attempts to please his cock like a good little slut. Rogim smiled. “You’re an object, Orianna… a toy to be used by men. Every part of you is just a way for men to get off.”

By now, half of her chest had transformed back. Rogim reached down to twist her nipple, releasing it as her body reformed into unyielding metal. “That’s what you are, Orianna… a collection of holes to fuck, a place to cum on. A sex object. All women, metal and flesh, need to be taught that lesson… and that’s my gift to you, Orianna. Don’t fight it, slut. You’ll be happier if you don’t…”

Rogim came, shooting a final load down her throat, pulling out just as her neck began gold and silver, and watching as the rest of her was transformed back. “Do you understand?” he asked her.

Orianna nodded slowly. “I understand. I’m a slut. This is what I’m for.”

Rogim smirked at her. “I understand you’ve had a bit of trouble getting picked recently,” he said. “That’s alright… I can help you out with that.”

“Next time a summoner makes a link with you… let them know that you want to be their little slut. That you wish you could suck their cock for them.” He snickered. “I promise, you’ll be a lot more popular. Everyone loves a good little slut.”

Orianna was already considered weird by most of the summoners… and no one thought of Orianna as a potential victim. No one would think twice, other than to think that she was growing even odder… but the men would love it.

“When…” Orianna said softly, her tones no longer human. “When can I be human again? When I can be useful again?”

Rogim laughed. “Oh, so you want to be back, do you?” He smiled at her. “Oh, I think I can find you another occasion…”

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