Dorota’s Contract

Both of my other slave girls have a name that I gave them. Scarlett and Lea aren’t their real names, but they are what I call them privately, to let them know a command is to be obeyed. Since you aren’t signing your whole life away to me, just submitting for a trial period, you get to pick your own name. At the end, if I’m happy with it, I will keep it.

By replying to this email with your name, you understand it consists of a signature. You are agreeing to perform 8 journal entries for me, roughly one a month, between now and 1/1/20. 

If you do not complete those tasks in the time given to you, you will be given a punishment. You will also be given punishment if I deem you deserving of it.

Your punishments will be other tasks assigned to you. You agree to perform them so long as they do not put you in any danger or reveal your identity to me or another.

You reserve the right to veto an writing task if you don’t feel up to it. If you do, you will be punished but I won’t think less of you, and you will be given a different, non-sexual task.

If you agree to these terms, reply with your name. Not your actual name. The name you are going to wear as my little plaything.


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