Lacey Sturm Kidnapped

This story was completed as a commission for Joe Schmoe.

Lacey was exhausted, but she was still all smiles as she made her way back to the tour bus. It didn’t matter how many times she did it, or for how many years… performing live was still the most exhausting and most exhilarating thing she had ever done, even before she had gotten pregnant. Now, carrying around a child as well, it was doubly so. The crowd in Houston was especially good, each and every time… screaming out the words with them, lighters in the air… the energy had been palpable, but now she was ready for things to get quieter for a bit and relax.

The pulled open the van door, her exhausted body aching as she forced herself up the stairs. This was all Josh’s fault, she thought fondly as she held her belly in one hand. It made everything significantly harder… but she couldn’t help but smile. It was worth it.

Heading into the back of the trailer, she quickly began to strip out of her clothing. Performing on stage anywhere was hot, but Houston really kicked it up another notch… she didn’t so much need to take off her shirt as she did peel it off of her, the shirt coming free of the swell of her belly only reluctantly. Her short frame made the swell even more dramatic, even more difficult to deal with, but she would manage. Her sweat made the air pleasantly chill for a change as she finished undressing and began to change into new clothing… a comfortable shirt and pants to get some dinner with Josh.

She ran her hands through her hair, also damp from the heat… Lacey sighed at the mess. Shoulder length and dyed a blue-green, it looked darker than normal while damp. She tried to brush it out with her fingers for a few seconds before sighing again and going looking for a brush.

Lacey had no warning. One second, she was walking. The next she caught a glimpse of movement in the darkened tour bus, a glimpse of a man in black and a mask. Then she was grabbed from behind. She opened her mouth to scream, but his hand clasped over her mouth, covered in cloth… and as she inhaled a pungent, acrid scent that burned her nose. The scent made her head swim, and she tried to hold her breath, but it was hard with panic overwhelming her… everything was just happening so fast! She tried to slap at his arm, but he was so much stronger than her. His other arm circled around her chest, grabbing her arms and pinning them to her sides, while the other clamped the rag against her mouth and nose.

Lacey struggled as hard as she could. She tried to hold her breath against the overwhelming aroma of the chloroform, but in her first panicked gasps she had already sucked in enough of it that her head was growing foggy. As she fought against her attacker, her perky butt bumped up against the masked man’s crotch, unintentionally teasing him. No matter how hard she struggled, the tiny pregnant woman lacked the strength to break free from her attacker’s grip, and she could only hold her breath for so long. What did he want?! Where did he come from?!

Her lungs burned, desperate to breathe, and her skin tingled where the chloroform pressed against it. She tried to kick back against him, ineffectively stomping on his booted feet as she started to fade, her vision going black around the edges… and then she breathed in deeply, her lungs gasping for needing air no matter what she wanted. The chemical fumes filled her lungs, and her thoughts swam, becoming incoherent and fuzzy. Just before she passed out, it occurred to her that she should be making noise. She tried to kick out at the counter, knock things over, but her legs barely moved… everything was so slow and lethargic. As she was forced to breathe in more of the fumes, her struggles faltered and faded until finally her eyelids fluttered shut and she went limp in the man’s arms.

Lacey woke in the dark. At first, she didn’t know where she was, why her head was pounding like she had been drinking all night. Why was her bed so uncomfortable, what was she laying on, why was it so dark? Then she remembered.

“HELP!” she yelled, her voice echoing in the darkness. “Help me! Josh! Someone! HELP!” She screamed and thrashed, realizing that she was bound in place on some kind of frame… her arms and legs stretched out to the sides and tied down. And she was naked. She could barely see her own skin in the darkness, but she could feel the cool air, the lack of fabric, and it horrified her, being so exposed. A single blinking red light above her was the only source of illumination, and that was barely enough to make out anything… but she recognized it as a camera. She was being watched. “Let me go!” she screamed. “What do you want!”

The sound of footsteps, boots on concrete. A scream of protesting hinges as a door opened, and blinding light flooded the room, making Lacey blink in pain. The light wasn’t actually very bright at all, but to Lacey it seemed like a floodlight. “Let me go you son of a bitch!” she screamed at the silhouette in the painfully bright door. “You can’t do this!”

The man stepped forward. He seemed utterly unremarkable to her… about average height which meant he towered over her, perhaps 200 pounds and wearing dark clothing. A mask still covered his face. He stepped closer to her, and she began struggling again. “You can’t do this to me!” she screamed. “Help! Help! Hel-”

The man grabbed her jaw with one black-gloved hand, closing her mouth and silencing her as he stared right into her eyes. His eyes were horrible – a shade of blue so pale and faded that they were all but gray – flat and lifeless. Lacey saw nothing in those eyes. No anger, no pleasure, no lust, no annoyance… not even any entertainment. He stared into her, and for all she could read from the man, she might as well have been staring back into the eyes of a corpse he offered her so little in the way of humanity.

Slowly he brought one gloved finger to her lips, putting it across them in a gesture that had only one meaning. Shhh, his finger said. Quiet now… or else. Then his hand tightened on her jaw, and he yanked down.

“Urghh!” Lacey grunted at the power of the squeeze, the pain it caused, and her jaws parted. The man reached down out of sight, and he produced a ringed gag with a thick black leather strap. He forced the device past her lips and between her teeth before she could think to try and stop him – the ring was too big for her. It forced her mouth painfully open, far too wide, and her jaw began to ache almost immediately. The man released Lacey’s jaw and took either end of the strap, pulling it around her head, encircling her cheeks and her dyed hair before buckling the ends together behind her neck. He clinched the strap especially tight, which tugged the gag even deeper into her mouth until it was nearly invisible behind her lips if not for the straps. With the corners of her mouth pulled cruelly back by the binding leather, the singer began to drool almost immediately.

With Lacey appropriately gagged, the man stepped away towards one of the walls… and Lacey noticed them for the first time. They were covered in things out of her nightmares. Whips. Knives. Branding irons. It looked like a torture chamber out of a movie, and it made her eyes go wide in horror as she imagined what all of these things could be used for. The man walked to one of the walls covered in sex toys. He picked up a large, black one… it looked hefty from how his hand sagged when he picked it up. His other hand picked up a clear plastic tube. He squeezed the tube out liberally onto the toy before turning back to the helpless, bound singer.

Lacey thrashed in panic, scraping her wrists and ankles on the bonds as the masked man went round to her spread legs. She could barely see him over her belly as he knelt down between her thighs and examined her cunt mound. She hadn’t seen her sex in some time, with the changes to her body and all, but she still could imagine it vividly as his gloved fingers pushed through the tufts of dark hair lining the flower of her sex. A gagged scream of protest escaped the singer as his fingers brushed against the lips of cunt. And then he gripped her butt with one hand, placed the blunt tip of the dildo against the lips of her pussy with the other, and pushed.

The blunt tip parted the lips instantly and tunneled into Lacey. The singer squirmed desperately, screaming through her ring gag. She struggled partly from a futile attempt to keep the toy out of her, but mostly from the shock of the entry of the huge thing into her dry sex. Large though it was, however, and as unprepared as her pussy might be, the amount of lube on the raping shaft and the strength of the man made it irresistible – it slid in under the relentless propulsion of the man’s guiding hand. Lacey could only moan into her gag as the object made its way into her, before finally coming to a stop when its flared base touched her crouch.

The man went back to the wall, and she wriggled, trying to force the thing out of her. It didn’t want to move. Lubricated as it was, it stretched her, wider than she had ever been stretched before… it was almost like she was giving birth now, and her hole was clenched tightly around the shaft. She couldn’t force it from herself no matter how hard she tried.

Lacey was so distracted trying that she missed it when he returned. He had another dildo in his hands, narrower than the first but with a hollow core. She stared at it like was a knife about to be stabbed into her, shaking and struggling as the masked man grabbed her by her hair and yanked back, locking her head in place as he placed the tip of the rubber dick against her lips. Wriggling it, he began to push the shaft through the gap in the ring gag. The only way Lacey could resist was putting her tongue in the way, and she did, but no matter how she pushed the shaft moved onward, pushing her out of the way, deeper, deeper…

“Grlllg!” Lacey gagged on the fake cock being pushed into her mouth, her eyes going wide open as she desperately tried to get some air, sucking on the cock in the process. It was slipping further, further, the rubber length absolutely unyielding as he forced it down her throat bit by bit. For a moment, Lacey had imagined that he was going to have had her suck on it… as disgusting as that would have been, as degrading and humiliating, it would have been better than this. It was a painfully naive thought – he didn’t want that at all. Grabbed the back of Lacey’s head he just thrust the shaft forward, pushing and pushing until the entire length of the cock was buried in the girls drooling, unwilling mouth, impaling her throat.

“Grrlllg! Mpfff!” Lacey tried to shake her head, get rid of the meat in her mouth, but the masked man held her tight. Her eyes were wide as she looked at him, expecting sadistic glee, amusement, pity… anything. Instead, he looked at her with all the emotion of a butcher at work. She couldn’t breathe… This cruel man seemed to be determined to make her pass out – or worse – around the dildo in her mouth. The more she fought, the more she desperately tried to catch air, the more hopeless Lacey realized it was…

Then she could suddenly breathe. Her gagging hadn’t stopped, hadn’t lessened in the least, but she could breathe!

The man held up one gloved hand, as though demonstrating. He put it back down, covering the end of the dildo, and her air was cut off again. The hollow part… she was breathing through it! He released her again, the dildo locked in place while gagged and sucked air through the shaft… making her cheeks hollow and her throat work like she was actually sucking on it.

She was left in torment, gagging and never feeling like she was getting enough air. Dimly she was aware of the masked man walking back to the wall and picking up another object, but she couldn’t bring herself to look. He returned to the point between Lacey’s legs, and she once again tried to draw her legs closed, only proving once again how hopeless as it as he aimed the tip of the new shaft he had returned with at the tight and closed entry of her anus.

Lacey’s eyes filled with tears as she shouted through her gag in panic. He couldn’t, he couldn’t… it was unthinkable, it was wrong, it was…

The tip slid in through the creased entryway, spreading it open. Lacey felt as if a shock of electricity was running up her from her anus as the sphincter was stretched open. Agony filled Lacey… even as lubed as the shaft was, her hole wasn’t ready in the slightest… her ass hadn’t been meant for this, it was never going to fit. She felt sure it was going to rip her apart from the inside. This was so wrong, it was unnatural! The terrified, agonized singer tried to scream, but the dildo in her throat made her pleas fall on deaf ears.

Even with how hard he was pushing, her unbelievably tight ass only allowed him to bury a fraction of the third dildo into him on the first thrust. Instead of pushing on, he needed to back off, slightly, and she thanked God for mercy… only to have him slam back into her. The girl wailed and cried in agony, feeling as if she was being literally torn apart. Her ass felt as if though it was on fire and combined with the horrible gaggling of her throat and how full her cunt was turned her fragile body into a raging inferno of suffering.

As the plug made its way into her, its girth increased, spreading the elastic band of muscle around it wider and wider, creating more and more discomfort in the tiny singer. She could only moan and groan onto the cock, continuing to drool as the masked man continued to push the shaft into her, slowly but relentlessly. She could feel every bump, every ridge, every since millimeter as the rubbery surface of the plug rubbed past her sphincter. Finally, she felt the thickest part of the plug pass, and the plug seemed to leap forward a little as her anus’ mouth closed around the plug’s stem, pushing it into position, with the flanged base resting against her crotch.

The man knelt back to look at the sight of the two rubber bases covering her crotch. Then, he reached down beneath her, down below the frame, and pulled up a metal plate. He belted the loop at the end around her hips, making the whole place serve as a chastity belt to keep the two intruders locked inside of her. He tightened the belt further, making her moan as she felt the two fake cocks shift deeper still into her sullied holes.

The masked man walked around her, examining her from all sides while Lacey followed him with her eyes, pleading silently for mercy. He didn’t seem so inclined… in fact, he never looked at her face. Instead, after a circling her, he nodded and showed the only emotion she had seen so far, a tiny look of satisfaction. Then he reached beneath the frame and pulled out a series of clips. She could only see them because of the red light from the camera glinting off the metallic leads. Then he clipped one of them onto her nipple.

Lacey jumped. The clip had teeth, and it dug agonizingly into her skin, biting into her. She caught a tiny spot of blood on one of the teeth as he reached for her second nipple. She tried to struggle, to keep it out of his grip, but no luck… her breasts weren’t very large, but they were swollen with pregnancy and painfully sensitive, and Lacey wept to know what was coming… then the second clip closed on her tit, and she wept, shaking her head and body in abject misery. The remaining two looked less like clips that they did EKG nodes and those he moved to her face with, attaching them to her forehead on either side.

Then without a word, the masked man turned and left the room. The door closed behind him, cutting off the light. It might have grown increasingly dim as her adjusted to it, but not that it was gone, she couldn’t see anything… even the red of the camera above didn’t let her see. She couldn’t see her pregnant belly, her limbs, the door… anything. In the silent darkness, still fighting not to gag on the cock in her mouth as she sucked on it to draw in air, she prayed to be saved, for God, for Josh, for anyone to find her.

Then without warning the dildos inserted in Lacey’s pussy and ass sprang to life, shaking her entire body with their powerful vibrations. The singer screamed and screamed into her gag, screams that were virtually inaudible outside of her own body, cut off completely by the gag. Not a single sound made it out of the locked room, let alone to anyone who could help her.

The dildos within her shook her entire body. They were uncomfortable, painful even… but as they built up, vibrating more and more, the discomfort hadn’t faded, but it had been eclipsed by a growing heat, a forbidden pleasure that she shook her head to deny, that she tried to fight. It overwhelmed her so thoroughly she might as well not have tried. Their powerful ministrations had done their work very well and very quickly. She had been very quickly brought up to the point of orgasm. Then, to relief, the vibrations had stopped, leaving her just at the edge of release, leaving her panting and desperately sucking at the dildo gagging her to suck in air and feeling… regret? Lacey hated herself for that, but she shook her head again, denying the pleasure.

After what seemed like a long time, but was actually less than a minute in the darkness and silence, the two intruders suddenly sprung to life again. Once more Lacey was forced slowly but surely towards a climax, a climax that was once again thankfully… cruelly… denied her. As she lay on her back, panting with difficulty from the exertion, the frustration began to build within her against her will, like a dam waiting to burst, adding greater and greater sexual pressure within her.

Once twice, three more times, this happened again and again as Lacey endured her captivity and stimulation. The tension within her built and built as there was no way for her to trigger the release herself, and yet the fucking toys would never let her climax. She pulled and tug at the bondage holding her arms and legs, although whether to escape or touch herself she didn’t know. It didn’t matter either way – her struggles were futile and only succeeded in making her even more sweaty, and over time even more exhausted. She was starting to sweat heavily, covering her body in a shiny sheen that glowed crimson off her skin in the light of the camera. The sweat let her squirm a little bit more freely, but despite her best efforts, she wasn’t any more able to escape her bonds that she had been at the beginning. Indeed, Lacey could feel herself weakening bit by bit as she became more and more tired in her struggles against her bondage. The air that had once felt so chill now felt hot against her skin. An unfamiliar and unwanted sexual hunger within herself that the constant stimulation and then denial was building kept biting at the edges of her mind.

Eventually, Lacey reached a point where her mind could think of nothing else except for cumming despite herself. With each burst of activity, she craved the release, even more, wanted that climax even more desperately. It was a sexual hunger that she had never felt before. She had felt passion for her husband, thought she had needed him before, but that was her only comparison for the desperate need she had now to cum, and it seemed a pale imitation. She would have been willing to beg, to debase herself, to do nearly anything, but she couldn’t – all she could do was continue to suck on the gag like an invading cock to breathe while her orgasm was constantly denied her just when she was so tantalizingly close. It was a deliberate and humiliating cruelty.

Lacey did not know how long that torment had lasted in her dark and silent prison. Hours, at least. She became increasingly exhausted and began to drift in and out of a sleep that provided only momentarily relief from her discomfort and her sexual hunger. Frequently, she would be rudely awoken by the powerful vibrations within her nether tracts, causing her to moan or scream. Then, the vibrations would die down, leaving her in a semi-conscious state of exhaustion again. Her entire existence was reduced to being a sex object, cycling between the pleasure and vibrations and the desperate, exhausted need for more of it.

Some part of her mind was sure that that was the trap… that her masked captor wanted to break her this way, to make her a slave to the pleasure. Her understanding, however, offered her no protection – even if she hadn’t been worn down with the sheer exhaustion, her body still needed what it needed, and the machine was forcing it out of her. Then after an eternity had passed, something changed. The machine turned on, buzzing her, fucking her as her orgasm built… but this time, it didn’t stop. The vibrations finally lasted long enough to drive Lacey over the edge, and her entire body shuddered in shattering fashion as she reached orgasm, juice flooding from her pussy around the huge rubber cock.

And then she remembered the nipple clamps.

Electricity coursed through the nodes, making her entire body jerk and twist as her muscles tightened. She screamed into the gag as her body spasmed, caught between the orgasm and the abrupt shock coursing through her. A second pair of shocks came from the two nodes on her temples, but she barely noticed compared to the agony of the current going through her breasts and down into her body. It was agonizing… but in the midst of her orgasm, it was more than that. She had never in her life cum as hard as this… it felt like her entire body was a part of the orgasm, her arms and legs and fingers and toes and legs, and cunt all clenching together rhythm with the shock.

Then her nipples stopped burning, the electric current ending, and Lacey just shook with the final throes of her orgasm, weeping weakly. The dildos went silent, and she was left panting in the darkness.

As her pain and pleasure faded, she slowly realized that the buzz on her temples never stopped. It wasn’t strong enough to be painful, exactly… but it was very noticeable, a constant tingle across her skin that made her shiver every few seconds. Lacey felt like her brain was floating; she was so lightheaded, and she wasn’t sure if it was more the lack of air, the orgasm, or the electricity doing it.

Then the dildos began to buzz again, and she moaned in dismay.

Again and again, the dildos built her up and then stopped once again, over and over, over and over, until Lacey was shaking with frustration. It was hard to anticipate when she was so close if it would stop or keep going… and then, twelve aborted stops later, she was allowed to cum again. And then the shock came, leaving Lacey screaming as a second orgasm, even more intense than the first, shook her entire existence. Her head swam, her body shook, and the dildos were starting to feel good… she rocked her hips towards them, hoping idly to rock them against the band holding them in place and drive them even deeper. She shook back and forth, and milk sprayed from her tits, landing on her, smoking where it touched the clips and further adding to the wet mess that had become her skin.

Another set of denied orgasms, only a 6 of them this time, and she came again. Was shocked again. Screamed again. The machine went silent again. Fourteen denied, then her fourth time. Nine, and then her 5th. Lacey felt she had been here for days, or weeks… she was hungry, she was thirsty, she was exhausted, and she couldn’t think, couldn’t process a single thought that didn’t have to do with the pain or the pleasure. Thoughts of her baby, of Josh, or escaping… she couldn’t process any of it. Just eagerness for her next orgasm, and fear of the next shock. She could feel her juices flowing out of her drenched cunt, gathering in a pool beneath her ass.

Then there were seven more denied orgasms and her sixth cum… the shock this time was more intense, her tits shaking as the electricity burned through them. Then the shocks ended, and for a moment Lacey felt relief. Then, to her growing horror, Lacey realized that the vibrations were not stopping. Before she knew it, she felt another orgasm begin to build within her, and this time, it definitely did not cut off. Screaming into her gag, the singer was brought up to another climax. The shock came again and her entire body burned. Lacey felt she was going mad.

Once more, Lacey juiced, and while the shock cut off, once more the dildos did not stop. They drove her onwards towards yet another climax. It happened again and again. She climaxed again and again until a thick layer of cum was squishing under her buttocks. She had become empty within, and with the last few climaxes, she had not juiced. Yet, the vibrations did not stop.

Over and over and over.

After what seemed like yet another eternity, Lacey was shocked for the thousandth time to her dazed brain, and it was finally enough as she passed out…

She woke up with the masked man strapped into her another machine.

“Mmmmmm!” she moaned, dazedly. The buzz in her head hadn’t stopped… in fact, it had gotten worse. The electric nodes on her forehead seemed to be buzzing more intensely now, and it made it even harder to think. She was on her hands and knees with her ankles and wrists strapped down, a belt around her waist holding her into the air… and he was shoving her ring-gagged face down onto a dildo in front of her. There was a blue light blinking at the end of it. “Mmmmmf,” she protested weakly, the sound cut off as her now-stretched throat accommodate the intruder easily enough. She felt some kind of metallic clink as her ring gag passed a certain point on the dildo, and that light changed from Blue to Green. Then it was lodged keep in her throat like the last one had been.

This one, however, didn’t have a hollow tip. Lacey sucked on it with an empty-headed blur for nearly a minute, trying to breathe through it, before she realized that her sluttish sucking had no effect. She started to pull back… and the masked man’s gloved hand pushed on the back of her head, keeping it in place, forcing her to hold her breath.

Then he let go, and Lacey pulled off, breathing deeply for a few seconds… before she started to be shocked. “MMmmmmMmMMmM!” she screamed, her wide even noticing that the light of the end of the dildo has changed from green to an angry, blinking red. Horrified, she pushed her face back forward, forcing herself to rape her own throat with the dildo to reach that metal click again… and she did. The light went green. The pain stopped.

Lacey tried to hold that position as long as she could. As long as she could stay down there, her throat impaled on the dildo and the ring gag around the sensor she didn’t have to be shocked… she could rest. She managed less than twenty seconds before her lungs forced her to pull back for another gasping few breaths. She tried to push herself back down onto the dildo before she was shocked again, but she didn’t quite make it… she jumped and more milk leaked from her breasts as she was shocked again, cutting off as soon as her mouth hit the sensor again. Then back to breathe. And then back down, shaft scraping tender flesh as it slid down the length of her throat. Back up, and back down.

The next time she tried to move up, she found that something had changed. The masked man had lowered the next torment into place… a thick dildo lined up with her ass. With her waist and legs bound in place, she couldn’t wriggle out of the way… in order to get back far enough to breathe, she needed to fuck herself on that dildo. Her ass had been virginal just – hours ago? Days ago? Weeks ago? – But now she was expected to force her ass to accept the shaft if she wanted to breathe. Weeping to herself, Lacey pushed.

It felt like she was being split in two as the fake cock traveled further and further into her bowels. She could feel every contour of it inside her stretched ass. Even that pain was secondary, however, to the pain in her lungs. She needed to breathe, she needed to…

She jerked as the shock began again. She had been away from the sensor for too long, and she still hadn’t gotten to breathe! Frantically she shoved herself backward, screaming as she impaled her ass in a single go, gasped in and then took the cock back into her mouth like a seasoned whore, changing the light from red to green and stopping the pain. Then, five seconds later, she did it again, forcing her ass to take the entire length. Quickly Lacey found it was easier by far if she didn’t let it come from her rear if she stopped before she let that happen… that she was only causing herself extra pain by trying to get it out of herself.

Then someone new was being pushed into her still-slick cunt… not a shaft. Something else. It felt like a bunch of balls, perhaps. Whatever it was, they started to vibrate strongly enough that her entire body shook, and to her dismay she could already feel her pussy begin to react, growing even more wet. The buzzing on her forehead continued, growing stronger and stronger.

She had been distracted by the sudden pleasure and gone too long without triggering the sensor. She was shocked. Lacey forced the dildo into her throat again. She would have to fuck the dildo with her ass, fuck it deep on every stroke and never stop, while she continued to deepthroat the other one, or else she would suffer for it. And all the way, her incredibly sensitive body would continue to be overwhelmed by the pleasure, and she would need to keep up the rhythm anyway or she wouldn’t be able to breathe or would get shocked. Lacey wondered what would happen if she grew too weak to move, or if she passed out from lack of oxygen. Would the shocks just keep coming until they killed her?

Hopefully, the man would have his fill soon and release her… but even as she watched, he turned to leave again, the door closing and leaving her screaming in the darkness. The sound of his boots faded away. He had to be joking. He couldn’t just leave her like this, not for hours… days? Longer?

But he didn’t return. There was only the suffocating darkness, and the cock to suck, and the cock to fuck, and the shocks ready to punish the slightest mistake. Up and down. Back and forth. Up and down. Back and forth. Grab a quick breath. Pull back the ass. Up. Down. Up. Down. Back. Forth. Back. Forth. It was impossible… and she did it, equal parts being fucked by the machine and fucking it herself. Like a trapped animal chewing off its own leg to escape, pure instinct drove her past her physical limits. Soon she wasn’t being shocked at all anymore, her cried of pain replaced with the steady slap of flesh against the machine and the quiet gasps for breath as she was used.

All the while though, she could feel her clit twitching, her pleasure growing. She loathed it, feared it… wanted it. As sensitive as she had been before, it felt nothing like it did now – weak and exhausted and reduced to barely more than an animal, the buzzing in her head from the nodes on her temples seem to take hold of her in a fist and squeeze. She felt the orgasm building, and she could do nothing to drop it…

The orgasm came and with it the shock. Lacey jerked wildly, the shock seeming all the stronger this time while her cunt clenched and squeezed and drooled. Milk dripping from her tits, and her swollen belly swayed back and forth. Her orgasm seemed to last forever, but eventually, it subsided… it took a minute for her to realize that the shock hadn’t stopped. It was still going, not because she had cum, but because she hadn’t touched the sensor. Tears sliding down her face, she forced herself forward on the cock and stopped them.

Then the buzzing in her cunt began again.

Up and down. Back and forth. Up and down. Back and forth. Cum. Shock. Shock. Shock. Up and down. Back and forth. Up and down. Back and forth. Keep breathing. Fuck your own ass. Up. Down. Up. Down. Back. Forth. Back. Forth. Cum. Shock.

For Lacey, time quickly lost all meaning. She was something less than an animal now… at least animals got food, water, sleep. She was a leaf tossed on a storm, at the mercy of forces far stronger than it, helpless to do anything but be blown whichever way the winds took her. She couldn’t remember if the shocks were good or bad anymore, couldn’t remember a time her pussy hadn’t been drooling. Had she ever been a person at all, or was that just a dream? Up and down. Back and forth. Cum. Shock.

It just kept going. And going. And going. And just kept cumming. And cumming. And cumming…

Lacey blinked dumbly. She was being shocked, wasn’t she? Yes, she was… why wasn’t she moving? Why was her tongue hanging out? Why did it all feel so good? Had it been years later? She wasn’t sucking the dildo anymore, and was being shocked continuously as she came over and over, but she was still fucking her ass on the other dildo anyway, panting and drooling and shaking until she finally collapsed, hanging limply with the dildo half in her mouth, suspended between the two rods spit roasting her.

Then all was silent. The shocks stopped. The buzzing stopped. Even the vibrations stopped. Lacey felt peace.

Vaguely, she felt the masked man untying her. Lifting her up. Taking her out of the machine. Lacey didn’t resist, couldn’t imagine resisting. Couldn’t speak, could imagine wanting to. Half sleeping, half fading into unconsciousness, she lost all sense of herself as the man in the mask picked her up like a doll and carried her off into the darkness.

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