Lea’s Punishment 5/20/19

For acting like a brat, you need to convince me you are sorry.

You are going to write me a few paragraph explanation about why bad girls should have their throats raped until they deserve to have their cunts fucked again. Until this assignment is completed, I will not be doing any writing for you.


Bad girls deserve to have their throat raped because a cock in the throat prevents a bad girl from being a bad girl. A cock prevents her from becoming mouthy. She cant say rude tings with a cock in her mouth… at least the words are not intelligible mouthiness. All the little sounds of gagging that she makes is sexy. Its hard to scream when the breath is fucked out of your lungs over and over again.

The attempts to look innocent are slightly more believable with tears and running make up. Drool running from her mouth is a sign of a good face fucking, that the cock is properly lodged in her throat. The sounds of her gagging are sexier than her feeble attempts to explain that what she just said was not in fact an insult. No of course not, she would never talk back. Its also much harder to ignore a direct question or command.

The cock in her throat also serves as a distraction to prevent her from thinking up witty things to say that might be seen as leading her to get her in trouble. Thrusting and bouncing helps to keep brains scrambled and away from bad thoughts.

One thought on “Lea’s Punishment 5/20/19

  1. Dirty fucking slut. Tell her she got me hard, k? Tell your bitch I’m imagining stuffing my dick down her unwilling throat and fucking her “witty” little brains out until she’s got a full load of my cock slime in her belly, lol

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