End of Elves 4 – The Infiltration

This is an especially brutal story, filled with torture, rape, and snuff. Be sure this is a thing you want to read before continuing.

Nimor Imphraezl stretched out on the well-cushioned cot, releasing a low groan of tired relief. His muscles ached – some more than others – from the extensive work he’d performed over the course of the long night, but his mind was fresh with the vivid memories of the pleasure he’d taken from his grisly business. While Irae led the drow’s military forces to ensure the bulk of the elf army was taken care of, he’d taken a smaller group of assassins deeper into the elf territory, infiltrating their capitol city. There weren’t many elves left to guard the city, and none of them expected to an enemy force to attack. As Nimor prepared to get some much-deserved rest, he did so with the knowledge that the meager fighting force remaining in the elf city had been dealt with, most of them swiftly carried into death as they slept, knives dragged across their throats.

But there had been a few special cases that Nimor had happily handled himself. Slipping a hand down the front of his pants, he felt his member stirring despite his fatigue as he thought over the fun he’d had over the course of the night.

Earlier that night…

Ialantha Neridithas was stirred from her sound slumber by an odd noise. With the fog of sleep still clogging her thoughts, it took the young priestess a few moments to locate the source of the sound. There were a half-dozen beds in the communal sleeping quarters. The sound came from the bed adjacent to hers – the one belonging to Pyria Aeqirelle. Ialantha’s eyes went wide, hand moving up to cover a shocked gasp, as she realized what was happening. Pyria had snuck a man into the temple. She could see his dark figure lying over Pyria, grinding into her with steady strokes. They were doing their best to keep the volume of their lovemaking down, but it was obvious what they were up to.

Priestesses were expected to maintain their purity throughout their lives. The fact that many of them didn’t was a semi-open secret. As long as they didn’t flaunt their trysts or got themselves pregnant, the dalliances were largely ignored. The fact that Pyria had invited her lover into the temple to tend to her needs was incredibly risky. But as Ialantha watched the shadowy figures moving against each other, she didn’t give a single thought to sounding the alarm. Her own purity was still intact, but it did not relieve her of her own desires. So the young elf stayed quiet as she carefully worked a hand into the loose clothing she wore, fingers wandering across the warm lips of her cunt. She wiggled her index finger into her tight hole, trying to imagine how a real cock would feel inside her, jealous of Pyria for getting to experience the genuine act.

Pyria was not having the fun Ialantha thought she was. She stared up at the drow assassin with wide, tear-filled eyes, struggling to cry out through her mostly constricted throat. Nimor leered down at her, grinding his hips forward as he slid his rigid cock into her clenching pussy. He’d slipped into the temple unseen and had easily killed all but two of the priestesses snuggled up into their beds with ease. They’d been beauties, all of them, but Pyria and Ialantha had stood out amongst them. Pyria with her golden hair and angular features, Ialantha with her youthful cuteness and pixie-cut black hair. They demanded his full, terrible attention. Digging his thumbs into Pyria’s bruised throat, he drove into her harder, happy that he would have the chance to fully enjoy the elf’s body before needing to dispatch her.

Nimor was well aware of Ialantha’s eyes on him. He’d sensed her stirring even before she’d been roused fully from her sleep. He’d been primed and ready to snap his unwilling lover’s neck and dart over to the adjacent bed if need be. But the young priestess had given him an unexpected, but very amusing, surprise. Instead of calling for help, she’d started to masturbate. Dumb girl thinks her friend’s having a midnight rendezvous, he thought, grinning down at Pyria’s flushed, sweaty face. I imagine she wishes I was over there right now, giving her the hard fuck I’m giving her friend here. Don’t worry, my dear, I’ll be with you shortly.

Nimor leaned in, kissing against Pyria’s lips and sucking at her bulging tongue, both for his own pleasure as well as to further push the illusion that he was the priestess’s secret lover instead of her killer. The way her hands pawed at him, fingernails digging into his arms, made it look like she was writhing in barely restrained ecstasy. As her struggles faltered, bulging eyes filling with the horror of her oncoming death, Nimor quickened his strokes. He grunted softly across her discolored face as the final shudders of her life rolled through her sweaty body, the damp heat of her spilled urine flowing across his pulsing member as he drained his hot load into her trembling sex. He remained entwined with her limp form for a few moments longer, subtly reaching up to close her bloodshot eyes. In the shadows, the bruises around her throat weren’t immediately obvious and with her eyes closed, Pyria looked as if she were sleeping off the vigorous pounding she’d endured.

Ialantha frowned as she watched Pyria and her mystery lover reach the culmination of their carnal act. Her cunt was soaked with juices, but she’d not yet managed to get off. Not wanting to be caught spying, she carefully eased her fingers out of her sticky snatch and smoothly rolled onto her side, facing away from Pyria’s bed. She let her eyes slip closed, miming sleep. She’d maintain the façade until she heard the man slip out of the room, maybe a little longer to ensure Pyria had succumbed to the fatigue of her promiscuous behavior, then she could finish herself off. Her loins burned, demanding attention, cunt lips throbbing from her stirred arousal. As she waited impatiently for the man to leave, she decided that she’d waited too long to find a secret lover for herself. She needed a proper fucking, and soon. Ialantha turned her thoughts to all the handsome young men she knew, mentally auditioning them for the role she so desperately needed.

Ialantha gasped as the blanket covering her was lifted. Pyria’s mystery man slid smoothly onto the bed behind her, the stiff tip of his erection pressing against her buttocks. Did Pyria catch me watching? Did she ask him to give me some attention before he left? With her body thoroughly aroused and mind primed with an urgent need for sex, she didn’t give the questions much thought. She whimpered softly as one of the man’s hands slid around her to cup her perky breast. Ialantha adjusted her legs, parting her thighs to allow the man to slip his member between them. Her breath quickened as she felt the tip of his cock drag through the damp cleft of her pussy. The sensation of his hot, firm flesh rubbing against her sent her to the cusp of her illusive orgasm. When he adjusted himself to push into her, she barely managed to take his cockhead into her before she went tense, burying her face in her pillow as she moaned loudly, tears of pleasure bursting from her tightly shut eyes.

The glorious tightness of Ialantha’s virgin cunt helped Nimor resist letting out a cackle of mockery at how willing the little priestess slut was. She did not care that he was a stranger to her, her lust blinding her to just how still he’d left Pyria. He happily plunged his full length up her gripping snatch, enjoying the spastic convulsions of her urgent orgasms around him. He kneaded the flesh of her tit, pulling it free from the loose fabric of her white negligee. She leaned into his groping, pushing her ass back to meet his thrusts. For a first timer, Ialantha found the natural rhythm of sex with surprising ease. She was so engrossed with the pleasure his strokes forced into her that she didn’t even find the means to resist him as his hand slid up from her chest to close his fingers firmly around her slender throat.

By the time a spark of panic shot through Ialantha, Nimor already had his other arm snaked between her body and the bed, hooked around her to hold her body firmly as his grip tightened around her throat. The young priestess’s brief foray into a waking erotic fantasy became a cruel nightmare as she wheezed to catch oxygen in her straining lungs. Flecks of saliva sprayed from her lips as they pulled back, revealing bared teeth. Her body jerked, trying to tug away from her mystery lover but only managing to grind her smooth ass back against his forceful pumps. The smooth, stiff flesh of his cock buried inside her wet sex still felt incredibly, but the pleasant tingles radiating up through her overstimulated loins were now tinged with terror. Her fear spiked to greater heights when she managed to catch a glimpse of her lover’s skin. She’d assumed his dark visage had been a result of the thick shadows dousing the room. In truth, his complexion was a glossy obsidian, revealing his drow heritage.

How? How is he here? Ialantha’s panicked thoughts rushed through her mind, wavering as fresh jolts of orgasmic release were forced into her. She was aware of that a large portion of the army had gone out to handle a drow raid, but she’d believed enough soldiers had remained behind to keep them all safe. A drow attack at the heart of the capitol city felt like an impossible scenario, even with the cruel drow assassin’s fingers strangling the life out of her. Her arms shot out, fingers clawing towards the bed opposite from her. With her impending demise rushing towards her, Ialantha managed to see a little clearer in the dark, the details of the priestess across from her coming into focus. The woman’s eyes were closed, but she was no longer sleeping. The deep gash across the front of her throat was still leaking a slow flow of her blood into the bedsheets, but the woman’s heart had stopped some time ago. She didn’t need to see the state of the other priestesses in the room to know that none of them could help her.

Being the last priestess left alive in the temple, Nimor took a little extra time with Ialantha. He savored the young woman’s terror and the way she couldn’t control her body as she writhed against his probing cock. She leaked her cunt honey over his shaft, leaving behind a wet patch of bedding between them. Her urgent gurgling inspired him to fuck her harder. She could not hide how much she enjoyed the rough, fatal treatment he was giving her, no matter how much it shamed her. He could have happily spent the rest of the night tormenting her, raping her again and again in her various holes, until he finally grew tired of her. But there were other victims to attend to, much work to be done under the cover of darkness while the elves remained oblivious to the threat infesting their city. As his balls tightened, he clamped down around Ialantha’s bruised throat and worked to finish both her and himself off. He came hard into her dying cunt, certain that she still had just enough life left in her to feel the first and final load of hot male spunk being fed into her sexy body. He maintained his grip on her until he finished draining his cum into her. Withdrawing from her sticky slit, Nimor slid out of the bed, letting Ialantha’s limp corpse to roll onto her back. He left her dead eyes open, staring blankly at the rafters as he moved silently from the room and back out into the night.

Jastira Balvyre had been ecstatic when she’d earned the privilege of becoming Rania Orimvar’s apprentice. The woman was a well-renowned wizard and to be taught by her would give her the tools required to become just as powerful. The demands of her apprenticeship had required her to move in with Rania. The older elf was as remarkable a teacher as she was a physical beauty. When the motherly love and tutelage Rania showed Jastira became something more, the young woman had been surprised once more. Her training was impacted only slightly as their relationship bloomed. Their days were spent engaging in expanding Jastira’s magical prowess, while their nights were dominated by Rania training the young elf in other forms of physical magic.

Nimor discovered the pair shortly after one of those strenuous sessions, tightly entwined in their shared bed, skin still glistening with the sweat they’d shed during their passionate act. They hardly stirred as he drizzled a slick oil across their naked flesh. The oil was imbued with magical properties. As it soaked into their pores, it negated their inherent abilities, cutting off their connection to the mystical forces they called upon. Without the aid of their spells, the pair would be little danger to him. Nimor gave the oil time to work as he worked a powerful tonic into the fabric of a dirty rag. Confident that Jastira and her mistress were magically neutered, he leaned across their slumbering forms and clamped the rag over Rania’s mouth and nose. Her eyes shot open, surprise flashing in them before the tonic tugged her back into an unconscious state. Jastira lifted her head, groggily blinking up at him. She let out a startled yell that he muffled with the damp rag. In moments, both elves were reduced to unconscious, drugged heaps, giving Nimor all the time he needed to arrange them for the fun he had in mind.

The ropes he used on them came from Rania’s personal belongings. They were a creation of her own design, made to enhance the physical sensations the bound person felt. As he laid the apprentice across the end of the worktable, he easily spotted the chaffing of her skin where the ropes had previously bound her. He chuckled as he worked the magic ropes around the marks, tying her down to the table with her bare ass left on display. Hauling Rania over, he trussed her up similarly. In their restrained positions, they could look forward and see the other. He force a pair of panties into each of the women’s mouths, using two more short lengths of rope to tie the gags into place. All it took was a crack of smelling salts under their noses to rouse them from their drugged slumbers. The women were alarmed by their predicament, but the real fear came when they realized they could not use their magical abilities to free themselves and fight their unexpected intruder off.

Nimor paced around the two bound elves, leisurely admiring their impotent struggles while reaching out to grope their exposed buttocks. The effects of the magical ropes became clear to him as he watched the pair writhe more urgently each time his fingers sank into the pliant flesh of their rumps. Jastira seemed especially receptive to his touch, although her constricted face revealed how much she hated the feelings he forced into her. He stopped behind her, swatting at her ass and laughing as she let out barely restrained groans. The glare of hatred he caught from Rania was the last bit of incentive he needed to come to a decision regarding which of the two he wanted to start with. Settling in behind Jastira, he pulled his cock free and drizzled some more of the oil into the crack of her ass. He fingered the slick fluid up her rear, lubricating her effectively before pressing the thick head of his prick against her dampened sphincter.

Rania’s muffled yells of protest only encouraged Nimor to plunge his way deeper into the apprentice wizard’s ass. Jastira’s eyes bulged and crossed as the heightened sensations rushed through her. She groaned, drool soaking into the crumpled wad of underwear in her mouth before leaking past her lips. With the oil slickening his cock, the drow had little trouble ramming his full length into the young elf’s rear. Her anal muscles clenched around him, hugging him firmly as he dragged back and forth inside her. The pain and horror of her situation helped to diminish the pleasure enough that Jastira managed to hold onto her sanity. She stared ahead at her teacher-turned-lover, tears leaking out of her eyes as she unleashed a tirade of muffled pleas for Rania to do something. Rania helplessly struggled against the ropes holding her down, shedding her own tears as she watched her beloved apprentice suffer a vicious anal plundering.

Nimor left Jastira’s asshole gaping, withdrawing from her and moving around the table to take aim at Rania’s exposed hole. Taking hold of her hips, he worked his way into the elf, resuming his firm strokes, letting the wizard feel what her apprentice had suffered through moments ago. Rania took her anal rape in stride, settling down a little now that she was the focus of Nimor’s perverse attentions. Jastira watched Rania’s rape with dismay, but it wasn’t nearly as intense as the blend of terror and hatred that had flashed in the elder wizard’s eyes when he’d been playing with her apprentice. He gave Rania’s ass a few more solid pumps before pulling free. The older elf was already back to straining against her ropes wildly even before Nimor returned to Jastira.

The apprentice’s asshole took his cock back with no resistance. Nimor gave her a few firm strokes before drawing his dagger. He held the curved blade up, letting Rania see the weapon while Jastira remained oblivious to its presence. The frantic panic he saw spread across the elder wizard’s face brought a smile to his face. He watched her spirit shatter, her defiance flowing away, replaced with an urgent pleading for her apprentice’s life. The wizard would have offered him anything in that moment. Her body, her obedience, her life, whatever strategic knowledge she possessed, any valuables or property she owned, anything at all, just to spare Jastira the fate he was presenting.

Nimor slid the razor-edged blade against Jastira’s throat, let it linger there for a few moments so that Rania could soak in the reality of what she was about to witness. With the enhanced sensations running through her, Jastira didn’t even realize the danger she was in until the drow was dragging the knife through her soft flesh. Her eyes went wide, staring at the rush of blood spraying out of her and across the table. Rania screamed into her gag, sobbing and flailing within her bindings as she watched her lover rapidly bleed out before her. The wizard was a broken shell by the time Jastira’s head slumped forward, body shuddering into death as Nimor gave her inert form a few more quick thrusts. He came into her bowels, barely losing any of his rigidity as he savored the elder elf’s misery.

Nimor pulled out of the dead elf’s rear and walked back to Rania. She glared up at him with bitter hatred and utter sadness. With the tears glistening in her eyes, the assassin could think of no better target for his dagger. He jabbed the tip through the wizard’s left eye, deflating the fleshy orb and scooping it out of the socket. Flicking the ruined eye to the floor, he took hold of his cock and guided it to the bloody hole left behind. He hooked his fingers around the back of Rania’s head, holding her firmly as he invaded her socket, mashing the tip of his erection against the back of it. His fingers tightened within her hair, abs flexing as he gathered his strength. With a hard, firm jab, Nimor bashed his way through the thin layer of bone and fucked half the length of his erection into Rania’s squishy brain.

Rania’s remaining eye bulged, blood squirting from her nostrils. Her body went tense before falling into a series of spastic convulsions. Nimor caressed the brain-damaged wizard’s smooth hair as he dragged his cock back and forth through her bloody eye socket, fucking tunnels through her cerebral mass. Her thighs flexed, toes clenching against the floor as a powerful spray of piss escaped her crotch. Nimor chuckled at her shameful display, fucking her brain slowly but steadily, forcing her to suffer exquisitely as she slowly devolved into total oblivion. Chunks of grey matter slipped around his shaft, leaking over the bridge of Rania’s nose to plop messily on the table. Her convulsions settled into twitches and then nothing as the interior of her skull became a largely hollow, unsatisfying fuck-hole. Nimor pulled his gore-smeared prick free and stroked himself to completion, leaving the dead elf’s slack face glazed in his seed. Admiring his handywork, he tucked his spent cock away and slipped out of the room, leaving behind the gruesome remains of the lovers.

Keya Nerilamin trudged her way to Lixiss Raloxisys’s office, muttering soft curse under her breath with each step. Being the governess’s assistant was a lucrative position, at least for anyone who didn’t have to suffer working for the bitch of a woman. The late hours were only one of many, many grievances Keya had in regards to her boss. The woman was notoriously abusive, mean spirited, and prone to taking all of the credit for her beleaguered assistant’s hard work will sharing nothing in the way of gratitude. Keya felt trapped. Leaving the position was impossible. Even if she had the chance of finding work with a less repugnant benefactor, she didn’t think it likely that Lixiss would allow her to leave without first smearing her professional and personal reputation. The cunt was petty like that.

Stepping into Lixiss’s office with an armful of scrolls, Keya was startled by the scene before her. The governess, stripped bare and tied spread-eagle across the top of her desk. The terror in the woman’s eyes told her it was no embarrassing rendezvous of kinky behavior she’d stumbled upon. Keya let out a yelp as powerful hands gripped her by the shoulders, tugging her fully into the office. She heard the door shut behind her, the scattering of the scrolls falling from her hands and toppling to the floor, before she was thrust against the wall, eye-to-eye with the man responsible for her employer’s dire predicament. Keya saw certain death in the drow’s sparkling eyes, but her fear was short lived as her gaze shifted back to Lixiss.

“You’re torturing her,” she gasped, unable to hide the awe on her face.

Nimor nodded slowly, surprised that the elf wasn’t calling out for help and curious as to what it would lead to.

Keya forced her eyes back to the man. “You plan to kill her?”

Again, Nimor nodded.

“Let me help,” she insisted.

Confusion spread across Nimor’s face. “If you think this will save you…”

Keya shook her head. “I don’t care if it saves me. But you don’t know what a nightmare this woman truly is. If she’s meant to die tonight, just let me assist you. I’ll be good. And I promise not to fight you when it’s my time.”

“What if I want you to fight me when it’s your time?” he asked, smirking.

“Then that’s what I’ll do. Anything.” Her face hardened, a glimmer of sadistic excitement in her eyes as she looked back at Lixiss. “Just let me hurt her a little.”

After a moment of consideration, Nimor released his hold on her and stepped back, motioning to the victim tied across the desk. “By all means, hurt her a lot if you desire it. She’s in no position to stop you, and I have no desire to.”

Keya seemed stunned that he’d actually agreed to let her torture Lixiss. She slid away from the wall hesitantly, expecting him to change his mind and make another grab for her at any moment. The notion of using her earned freedom to make a run from the room, to raise the alarm or get some kind of help, never crossed her mind. As soon as she convinced herself the drow wasn’t going to immediately kill her, she focused all of her attention on the governess, all of the things she’d imagined doing to the woman over the years. A wicked smirk filled her face as she stomped towards Lixiss’s bound form. “It’s payback time, you bitch,” she muttered.

Keya eyed her employer’s plentiful curves, as well as the welts already covering her. The whip responsible for the wounds lay beside Lixiss. She younger elf scooped up the whip, giving it a few testing swings. She was already quite familiar with the whip, although she’d only ever been on the receiving end of it. Lixiss enjoyed cracking it across her arms or ass if she didn’t perform her duties fast enough. Taking a step back, Keya lashed out with the whip, delighting in Lixiss’s hiss of pain as a fresh welt rose across the tops of her breasts. She drew back and struck again, quickly finding a rhythm and feeling her excitement grow with each mark she left on Lixiss’s body.

Keya had expected the rush of satisfaction that came with torturing Lixiss, but the sudden surge of arousal surprised her. The knowledge that the drow assassin was watching her, waiting to kill her, was a factor, but most of the lust came from seeing the governess stripped bare and helpless before her. Tossing the whip down, she moved to the desk, leaning over and burying her face in the bound elf’s cunt. She moaned against the hot folds, rubbing at her breasts before sliding a hand down between her thighs. Keya lapped hungrily at Lixiss’s folds, wanting to humiliate her with unwanted pleasure. She worked her hand into her pants, under her panties, and rubbed her clit with firm pressure.

Lixiss’s juices began to flow against her will, her welted form writhing atop the desk as Keya’s tongue darted over her sex. She felt the governess’s body begin to tremble; a muffled moan of dismay forced from her as a heavy gush of orgasmic fluids splashed across her tongue. She whimpered into Lixiss’s pussy as she got herself off a moment later, fingers becoming soaked in her honey. Rising away from the governess’s cunt, she licked her lips and looked back to Nimor, yearning in her eyes. “Can I kill her?”

Nimor frowned. “How would you do it?”

Keya scooped the whip back up. “She loves this thing,” she explained. “Her father gave it to her when she was young. As long as I’ve known her, she’s never been far from it, constantly using it to abuse anyone who displeases her. I’d wrap this whip around her throat and strangle her. Let her die from the only thing in this world she truly cherishes.”

“I like it,” he nodded, motioning to Lixiss. “Go on, then. Give me a good show and I’ll reward you.”

Keya grinned and spun back to Lixiss, eyes lighting up with murderous glee. It was so very strange. She’d known the woman since her youth, had worked as her assistant for many years, but she’d found more kinship with a drow intent on murdering her in a handful of minutes than she’d developed with Lixiss over all that time. She collected the whip and leaned over the governess, looping the thin line of leather around her throat. “I wonder, do you even care that I’m going to die right after you do? And the only reason for it is because you were so eager to have me dig up those scrolls, so that you could steal land that doesn’t rightfully belong to you.” She let out a huff. “I doubt it. You’ve only ever cared about yourself. But you’ll at least get to do one thing for me before I die. You can suffer.”

Clutching each end of the whip, Keya yanked it tight around Lixiss’s neck. Her eyes fixed on the way the governess’s skin pressed inwards from the force of the leather biting into her. She relaxed her hold, letting the whip loosen for a moment, before tugging it tight again, basking in the fact that she was controlling the woman’s fate. Then she glanced up and saw the wild panic in Lixiss’s eyes and a slow laugh flowed out of her, rising in volume as she yanked at the whip. Lixiss gagged wetly, a thin bruise circling the smooth skin of her throat as the whip bit into her. Her body jerked atop the desk, sweaty breasts slapping against one another, thighs flexing as she strained against the ropes holding her down.

The power she felt drove Keya wild. She let Lixiss catch a few desperate gasps of fresh oxygen as she scrambled onto the desk and straddled the woman’s chest. She spat into the governess’s flushed face before yanking the whip tight again. “This is for every humiliation, every abuse, every cruel word you’ve ever rained down upon me,” she grunted, grinding her crotch against Lixiss’s belly. She leaned down, dragging her tongue across the governess’s cheek to taste the salt of her tears. Her hands began to ache from the tension in her knuckles, but she ignored it with ease, working the whip to prolong Lixiss’s suffering. Nimor had wanted a show and she was giving him a splendid one, but even the reward he’d tempted her with meant nothing to her. Ending the governess’s life slowly and painfully was all the reward she needed.

When the life finally blinked out of Lixiss’s bulging eyes, drool leaking from around the gag in her mouth and across the purple-hued flesh of her face, Keya cried out, shuddering through the most powerful orgasm she’d ever experienced. She loosened her grip on the whip, hands trembling, chest heaving, unable to look away from the governess’s dead face. “I did it,” she gasped. “I can’t believe I actually just killed her.”

Keya released a startled yell as Nimor’s powerful hands fell upon her again, dragging her off the governess’s corpse. She stumbled, too tired and too satisfied to fight against him as he bent her over Lixiss. He tugged down her pants, entering her roughly from behind. Keya’s eyes rolled back as her sensitive cunt was suddenly filled with his stiffness, moaning as she came again. She bucked back to meet his thrusts, unbothered by his race or his purpose as she enjoyed the post-murder fuck. She tilted her head to the side as his lips fell upon the side of her neck, kissing and nibbling at her skin. “It was a very nice show,” he whispered into her ear as his thrusts quickened. “For that, I give you the only gift I have to offer.” His hands moved up her sides, slid around to give her tits a quick grope before they travelled further to grasp her head. “A quick death.”

Nimor jerked Keya’s head to the side, ending her passionate moans with a nasty crunch as he broke her neck. The elf shuddered against him, pussy hugging his erection as she pissed over his balls. He let her twitching body fall across Lixiss, continuing his spirited pumps into her until he was ready to cum. Drawing free from her wet slit, he shot his creamy spunk over her pale buttocks. The governess’s assistant had been an unexpected treat. The passion she’d shown for murder had been inspiring. If Nimor had even a shred of mercy in his heart, he might have allowed her to live. But in the end, Keya was just like every other elf bitch. A fleeting bit of enjoyment to be used and discarded.

Chapter 5

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