Frejlord Diplomacy Chapter 1

Eli sighed. Sometimes he thought he was surrounded by idiots.

All around him, summoners argued… a loud, passionate, and argumentative group of large, strong young men with strong opinions and the entire mess made Eli wish he could just cut off their speech as easily in real life as he could in a summoning trance. Already he had a headache, and they had only been going five minutes… it was going to get worse.

“I’m telling you, its Evelynn,” one of them, one of the highest ranked summoners of the group, insisted. “She’ll be easy to get away from others, and there’s no way she would let her reputation get sullied by saying a word if anyone was even going to listen to the bitch.”

“Yeah, she’s a great choice,” another said, “…if we had a deathwish. If you want to commit suicide, I’m pretty sure jumping off a bridge would be a lot less painful. Didn’t you suggest Ahri last time? If you are that eager to die, we could just invite Katarina back and see what happens. Idiot.”

He was wrong about that, Eli knew. The Du Couteau family held onto the shreds of its former power in Noxus by a thread… the last thing they could afford was for their last scion to experience any public embarrassment at all. He had used that edge to corner her once or twice since he had initially… introduced… himself to the arrogant slut. Still, his hold on her was as tenuous as her position in Noxus – more than once he had needed to intervene in plots against her slowly falling house. If he made it clear to the rest of the group how vulnerable she was, they would make her a repeat victim… but his hold on her would evaporate. After that, she would either flee or become lethally dangerous, and she was too skilled of a cocksucker to risk losing her like that, so he stayed silent.

“I’m telling you Lissandra is perfect,” another insisted. “She never interacts with anyone, practically never speaks… she stays in seclusion, and she’s hot as fuck.”

“HOT being the operative work she is not,” another argued back. “I’m not into fucking cold corpses… have you seen her? She’s practically made of ice these days. Not going to get frostbite on my dick, thanks.”

The arguing had been getting worse in their last few meeting… with the Dragon Revel going on, everyone had been pulling extra duty at the Institute of War, their services had been in high demand, and there were fewer people around to do the work. With everyone overworked, they had wanted to grab a girl sooner rather than later… but none of their usual targets were available. These days Sona was practically a zombie when they were on her… she never spoke, obviously, but unless she was actually cumming she hardly reacted. She might have a body made for fucking, but they had burned her mind and will out pretty thoroughly by now. Orianna had been a delight, and to everyone’s surprise, she had been even better the second time around. During the celebration of the Demacian show-match, Rogim had brewed up another potion for her and Eli had been delighted to notice that she had been “reborn” fresh and untouched. She was an eager participant in their games, too dumb and stuffed with cum to know better, but unfortunately, with the work schedule, they’d had there was little chance of them finding time to make her another potion anytime soon.

“How about Lux?” Another suggested. “I knew a secret or two about her… we could probably blackmail her easily.”

Several summoners nodded in agreement, and as much as it physically pained Eli to do it, he had to speak up and ruin the accord and quiet. “She’s on hiatus,” he said. “Lux was recalled to Demacia… apparently there some kind of internal politics at play. She’s unavailable.”

“Fuck,” another said. “Well… the whole reason this mess is so hard is that the intelligence service is starting to look for us. We could go right to the source and grab Camille.”

“Dude, she’s like 80,” another laughed.

“Doesn’t look like it!” he said defensively.

“Not enough human parts. We’d have the same problem we have with Orianna, and I don’t even know if that would work.”

He looked over at Rogim, and the summoner shrugged. “Her hextech heart is complex,” he admitted. “I’d like to try maybe, but she wouldn’t take it willingly. We’d need to keep her a captive while we waited for it to kick in, and I don’t have one on hand.”

“Bad idea,” another agreed. “How about…”

“Enough!” Eli cursed, standing up. “This isn’t productive. You are going to suggest Fiora, but you still have no idea how to control her.” He pointed at another. “You are going to suggest Ashe but have no means of luring her here, let alone ensuring the silence of one of the most politically connected people in the league. And you are going to insist that Neeko gives us the best of all worlds, and you are probably right, but you have no idea how to even find her when she isn’t in a match. I have heard all of these arguments again, and again, and again.”

Slowly, everyone went silent. The summoners knew he was right. “Here’s the plan. We’re getting stressed. We need a break. Better if it’s someone new, but I’m about to explode… I don’t care who we make a fleshlight. You all have 3 days to figure out someone and get her to one of our estates… and for the love of god, it had better not be mine again!”

He sighed. “If after three days, no one still has a plan, we’ll see if we can do something to Sona to get a real response out of her. Alright?” He looked around the room, daring anyone to disagree with him. No one did. A few seemed to already be imaging the awkward noises the mute girl made while sucking on cock.

In the meantime, he wasn’t going to wait. Katarina was supposed to be having a meeting with the summoner in charge of the Blooding Pit games in Noxus, and what she didn’t know was that he had taken over that responsibility. He was sure that with some… persuasion… she would be able to make him see things her way.

First one day and then two passed in a haze for Sephis and Revis. The two twin brothers had been inseparable since the day of their birth… their magic had emerged at the same time, they had joined the league together, and when their first shot at becoming Diamond Class had been ruined by one young, experienced woman on her first day as a summoner, they had barely needed to look at each other to know they were thinking the same thing. Rogim had found them soon after they finished with her, helping them to clean up the mess after taking his own turn with the summoner… then had introduced them to some other friends.

Now the two of them were rising stars within the Institute of War, Grandmaster Summoners, and no one but their friends knew how they found their entertainment outside of the Institute. Today was just one more win under their belt, and an easy one at that – the opposing team hadn’t worked together at all.

When they came out of the summoning trace, however, the twin brothers couldn’t help but notice that the other team was still in theirs. Usually, the losing team was quick to leave. Indifferent to the concerns of the failures, the two left quickly… and immediately saw why they were so reluctant to leave.

“Even for you, that was a pathetic performance,” Sejuani said in a frosty tone. “What, did you forget to bring a bowstring? Because I can’t remember seeing you getting off a single shot!”

The champion stood just outside of the Institute of War, clearly having been summoned from much closer than usual for this match. At a glance, she could see why – she was celebrating the Dragon Revel in town. Sejuani wore crimson silk in a classical, Ionian cut that left one leg bare from mid thigh. A flame-red stocking followed it the rest of the way down, leaving a tiny gap of exposed, pale skin too high on her leg to ignore. Her blonde hair had been dyed for the occasion, the bright pink locks tied up in a bun on top of her head.

“I had a feeling this match was going to go poorly, but I hadn’t expected it to go THAT poorly,” The Winter’s Claw continued her mockery. “I thought I had been exaggerating how weak you had become Your Highness, but if anything, I think our past friendship made me overestimate you.”

“Hilarious,” Ashe said, her voice a cool, smooth contrast to Sejuani’s rough, passionate tones. “They say your will is made of ice. The rest of you must be as well, because you melted on the field, Warlord. Maybe try wearing some armor next time?”

Sejuani laughed, a booming sound. “You weakling harlot. You are the last one to be talking about apparel. Did you get lost on the way to your king’s bedroom?”

It was easy to see what they were talking about. Lover’s Day immediately followed the Dragon Revel, and it was clearly what Ashe was prepared for. She wore long leather boots up to mid-thigh and a corset that rolled perfectly into a short skin, all in shades of violet and pink and red that let her snow-white hair cascade down in beautiful curls. The only other thing she wore was gloves and bracers to protect herself from the enchanted bow she carried, but even those looked fashionable more than practical.

“Only appropriate, since you seem to be lost on your way to the stables,” Ashe replied. “Late for a rendezvous with Bristle today, you skank? By all means, go… I wouldn’t want to get between a desperate bitch, and the only beast she can get to love her.”

Sejuani’s face darkened, amusement draining away for rage. “What did you just say to me?”

Ashe’s face was calm, nearly emotionless, but her words were anything but. “I knew you were stupid Sejuani, but I thought that insult was obvious enough even you would be able to get it. I said the only thing that wants to fuck you is your stinking boar.”

Sejuani’s fists tightened. “You Avarosan whore,” she growled.

“Why, Sejuani…” Ashe said, covering her mouth with one hand. “You’re ugly when you’re angry!”

Her eyes flashed, narrowing. “You lying, self-important, arrogant…” She abruptly noticed Sephis and Revis watching. “You!” she said to the pair of summoners. “Tell this cunt she’s a lying bitch.”

The twin brothers glanced at each other… and that glance was all it took for the two to make a plan. They could do this.

“What do you say?” Sejuani said, approaching Sephis. The woman was muscular, powerfully built, and clearly angry, and the summoner trembled before her anger. “You… you are gorgeous,” he stuttered out, his voice weak. “Absolutely gorgeous. By far, the most beautiful.”

“Ha!” Sejuani mocked. “Well, how about that.”

“No accounting for taste,” Ashe admitted, walking over to Revis, smiling at him before turning to face Sejuani and smirking, backing up to the young man. Her ass ground into his hip for a second before her back hit his chest. “He’s sweet to make you feel better, but he’s just being nice…” she glanced up at the face of the taller man she was pressed again. “Isn’t he?”

Revis tried to keep his cock from hardening and digging into Ashe… that would probably be too overt. “Definitely,” he said, groaning in pleasure. “Anyone who would prefer her over you needs their head examined.”

“That’s what I thought,” Ashe said.

“So, this is your idea of peaceful diplomacy?” Sejuani laughed. “Trying to be big enough of a whore to bring people to your side?”

Ashe laughed back, one hand slipping around Revis’ waist. “Whatever you say, darling… enjoy your threesome with Bristle,” she said to Sephis. “Don’t get fleas.”

“Bristle doesn’t have fleas!” Sejuani said indignantly as Ashe began to walk out, taking the summoner with her.

“Of course not, he has standards,” Ashe agreed. “I meant from you, darling.” Then she walked out, leaving a seething Sejuani behind. Revis met his brother’s eyes for a victorious instant that this was all going according to plan.

That night, Sephis and Revis sent Eli a message… that they had their guests lined up… at least one, perhaps two. He was quick to agree with their plans. Considering what Rogim had done to his estate by arranging Orianna’s birthday surprise, Eli was pleased to have an excuse to return the favor – Rogim’s estate was on the edge of the Frejlord, up in the mountains, and it was easily the logical place to have them meet.

Three days later, the entire club waited around in the lounge, drinking and talking about their recent matches. The mood wasn’t exactly relaxed, however… the tension was in the air. They knew today was going to be the day… either one of the two girls would show up like planned, or they would be summoning Sona into another party. Either way, they weren’t going to need to wait for much longer.

Sephis and Revis sat on the edge of the room, waiting with some slight tension. They had, separately, invited both girls for a “date” tonight… a meeting to discuss alliances and politics with a summoner who was into them. Winning and dining members of the Institute of War wasn’t uncommon, but Sejuani rarely indulged… her philosophy was more about conquest and combat. This time, goaded on by Ashe, they hoped that she would make an exception. Ashe was much more into making that kind of connection – hopefully, she would show up. They just hoped that the two would make the other appear, but if even one came, they were in business.

Then they started to hear arguing outside, and a slow smile spread across the twins’ faces.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Sejuani said, indignant as she glared at the white-haired archer. “First you want to destroy our traditions, our people, our tribes… now you want to ruin my date as well?”

“Your date?” Ashe said, her face visibly upset. “Your date? You bitch, do you have to break everything you touch? Someone of us are trying to build something.

Smirking to each other, the twins headed to the door and opened it. Both girls looked over, confusion and anger on both of their faces. “Nice of you to come,” Sephis said politely, resting a hand on Sejuani’s bare shoulder and noticing again just how strong she was.

“Both of you,” Revis said, his eyes on Ashe and a smile on his face.

“Won’t you please come in?” Sephis said as he turned… letting them, both see the crowd of young summoners that were glimpsed through the room. The sight was enough to give both of them pause. They recognized many of the summoners – it was a young crowd, but an extremely powerful and influential one. Top league summoners, one and all… an awful lot of power in that room.

The two girls glared at each other. Both understood that something was amiss here, and both were furious that the other had been invited. Both wanted to walk away… but neither was willing to let the other walk into a room of three dozen of the most influential summoners in the League alone.

Sejuani moved first, snorting as she stepped into the house. Ashe was just a second behind them, and Sephis closed the door behind them. They were theirs now… they just didn’t realize it yet.

Eli sat at the head of the room, smiling as the two sexy girls stepped into the crowd, neither seeming to realize yet that every single summoner here was male – their attention was too focused on one another. “Welcome,” Eli said. The summoner looked at both of the girls, rising to his feet slowly to offer a hand to Sejuani first, something that made Ashe seethe… but she had entered the room first. Fair was fair… something both girls would come to appreciate as the night continued.

“Glad to have you here,” he continued. “We were just having a meeting to discuss the political situation here in the Frejlord… we care deeply about the coming conflict.”

He shook Ashe’s hand next, and she smiled to have someone speaking her language, a diplomat on familiar ground. “It will be good to discuss such things with like minds,” Ashe admitted as she smiled at Eli. He seemed like he agreed with her… he wouldn’t be calling a meeting to discuss the coming conflict, as a summoner, if he didn’t want to stop it. That meant he was on her side.

“Bah,” Sejuani protested. “What cares the League of our conflict? There are no runes in the Frejlord, no risk of magical calamity. Let us work out our own differences.”

More than one summoner nodded in agreement, but Ashe laughed. “The old ways? You have to be kidding me. There’s a reason they are old, and people are flocking to my banner.” Summoners nodded at her too. Soon, the room began to split into two groups, surrounding the two women. Each siding was glaring at the other, arguing back and forth.

For once, Eli was glad of how good these men were at arguing at each other… their arguments were convincing. These men were thinking about nothing but getting between the legs of these two sexy bitches, but they could still find things to argue with each other about. Thankfully they made it look good… the two girls had no idea that this was all about them.

Their discussion didn’t stay confined purely to the philosophy of the political conflict for long. Sejuani couldn’t match words with Ashe, and they both knew it – the Avarosan Queen had won her position less through the strength of arms than through her words, while The Winter’s Claw had become strong by crushing anyone who opposed her. In a purely rhetorical discussion, she would lose, and both women knew it… but while Sejuani was out of her element in many ways, she was beginning to realize she had an advantage here.

The men couldn’t keep their eyes off her. In another context, she might have taken that as threatening, or at least it might have made the warrior wary – in the wake of Ashe’s mockery, however, it felt like a victory. She could use this and send that Avarosan bitch back to her people empty handed and without allies.

“And who, precisely, would want to follow a scrawny bitch like you?” Sejuani mocked, putting her hands on her hips and using the posture to thrust her chest outward. It had the intended effect. She could feel all the eyes of the men on the other side of the room suddenly on her, and she grinned. “You’re pathetic, Ashe… a waste of space and potential both. When people look at you, they see a little girl. When people look at me, they see a Queen… someone worth following. Worth worshiping.” She slyly cupped her own breasts. “Not everyone needs to wear a bodice to have tits, Ashe. It’s called being a woman. Slink back to your village, little girl.”

The argument had a larger effect that Sejuani had been expecting… not that she was upset. Two of the men around Ashed looked at the violet-clad archer, looking her up and down before shrugging and walking over to Sejuani’s side of the room.

Ashe certainly noticed, but the look of satisfaction on the face of the Winter’s Claw filled her with cold anger. “And who would want to follow a shouting barbarian?” she mocked. “Men like women, Sejuani. Not beasts like you.”

“Apparently not,” Sejuani said with a grin, taking the time to press herself against both of the men who had walked over, in an obvious parody of what Ashe had done to Revis on their first meeting. She stared at her rival the entire time. “Or maybe you aren’t half the woman you think you are, your Whoreness.”

After a moment’s hesitation, Sejuani pushed herself back into the mass of men on either side. The League might not permit her to just fight the Avarosan her and now, but this was another arena she could beat Ashe in… she could get these men on her side. It wasn’t the way she preferred to do things, but the rules of the game were what they were… and Sejuani was nothing if not determined to win no matter who the opponent was. Against Ashe, no amount of dignity was too much to sacrifice to come out victorious and leave that bitch hollow. “Why don’t you all come over here?” she said as the men behind her caught her as she leaned back into them… she felt hands holding onto her. Shoulders, arms, thigh… her ass… The silk clung to her body so closely that every touch felt almost like on bare skin. She shuddered, but kept it off her face. “Come to the soul of the Frejlord, summoners, and I’ll show you what a real queen looks like.”

Another summoner left Ashe’s side, and to her surprise, it was Revis, the one who had invited her here… going to join his twin on the other side. Even Eli was looking unconvinced. Ashe felt the conversation rapidly leaving behind the arena she had an advantage in, and she felt her victory slipping away… but what could she do? She might be married, but everyone knew that was a political construct, an alliance of marriage and arms melding their tribes. He had never shared her bed, and for all her mockery, she was unused to using seduction as a weapon the way Sejuani apparently was. It wasn’t how this was supposed to go, the whore… did she have no shame?

Apparently not. One of the summoners on Sejuani’s side actually slipped a hand through one of the gaps in her kimono and slid against bare skin, and the other girl wasn’t stopping him… she just smirked at Ashe. “Run along, little girl,” Sejuani mocked as another man walked towards her from Ashe’s crowd. “Feel free to come back when you develop tits and hips.”

Ashe narrowed her eyes. It was not going to end like that. The summoner who was walking over to Sejuani’s side was just passing her now, and Ashe grabbed him – the owner of this house if he wasn’t mistaken – by the arm. “Just because I’m not a whore like you doesn’t mean I don’t have tits,” she protested as she guided his hand onto her chest. His fingers closed around her right tit, and her eyes twitched, but she kept her dismay off her face. “Tell her!” Ashe protested.

Rogim grinned, taking a few seconds to softly squeeze Ashe’s tit through her corset. He glanced over at Sephis and Revis and smile… they had them now, and everyone in the room knew it. “Oh yes, she definitely does. Sejuani’s a liar.” He smiled at the other crowd as he moved back behind Ashe, admiring the curve of her ass beneath her skirt and longing to flip it up… but not yet. In good time…

“This I have to see,” one of the others of Sejuani’s side said, walking towards Ashe, raising a hand. He met Ashe’s eyes as if asking for permission, even though every man in the room could see what he clearly intended – they were enjoying the game. Reluctantly, Ashe nodded, and he put a hand on each breast, feeling them. “Excellent breasts,” he agreed. “She’s a worthy Queen.”

Momentarily, Sejuani had a sinking feeling that this was going further than she intended, but one look at the proud, arrogant look on Ashe’s face steeled her resolve. “You call those tits?” she said, pushing back further into the crowd groping her. She reached out, grabbed two random hands, and put them on her own bosom. “No, these are tits. Those are anthills. Can’t you tell the difference?”

The two summoners holding Sejuani’s tits couldn’t argue with that. “Gods these are huge,” one said with a smile. “She’s perfect.”

Someone left Sejuani’s side to check out Ashe’s body, at nearly the same time as two more of Ashe’s followers left to put their hands on the Winter’s Claw. Quickly, neither could be sure who’s side which person had started on, who was on who’s side, but each felt a grim satisfaction when a new man walked over to them, and a flash of panic when one left.

Ashe tensed when she felt the first hand slide beneath her skirt… the heat of a muscular hand on her pale ass. She wanted to say something, protest that this was too much… but across the way she noticed hands beneath Sejuani’s kimono, could see the bulges in the silk as hands caressed her ass as well. If she spoke up, she would lose her edge. This was all her fault for being such a whore. Despite the fact that she was being molested by a dozen or more men, her outrage was not with them – it was with Sejuani for pushing her to this.

Sejuani was in a surprisingly similar spot, except she felt amazing. She had taken plenty of lovers before – certainly more than Ashe had – and the Warrior Queen felt undeniably proud of having turned this competition into something more in her arena than Ashe’s… making the Frost Archer uncomfortable was a victory in itself. Never mind that she herself though this was going further than she intended – as long as Ashe was less comfortable than she was, she still won.

The first man kissed her neck. Sejuani’s first impulse was to punch him in his face. Instead, she leaned into him, tilting her head the other way to let him kiss. She shuddered as she felt his teeth graze her sensitive skin… and even she couldn’t tell how much of that sensation was pleasure and what was disgust. Ashe saw that, and she turned and kissed one of the men, pushing her lips against his. He began to devour her mouth, pushing her even further… and as much as she might want to pull back, she had started this. Out of the corner of her eyes, she watched a man walk over to Sejuani’s side, and hardening her eyes with determination, Ashe began to kiss back harder still than the man did.

“Look at that whore,” Sejuani cursed as she noticed a pair of men walking over to the white-haired archer. The insult made Ashe blush, but it did nothing to deter the summoners… they clearly were already looking at her, quite enjoying the sight. Fine. If acting like a whore was what it took… in Sejuani’s mind, she would be embarrassing herself a little to make little miss perfect humiliate herself utterly, and that was a more than a fair trade to her.

She turned to kiss one of the men, thrusting her tongue into his mouth, holding the kiss for just a second before swapping to another man, trying to kiss everyone around her. Ashe was still in her first kiss, and people were getting impatient waiting for a chance… they began to walk towards Sejuani.

“Wait!” Ashe said, breaking the kiss with a gasp, then kissing another man, imitating Sejuani’s behavior after giving the slut a glare. Both above her skirt and beneath it, she could feel hands on her ass now, sliding over her panties but thankfully not going beneath them. Her breasts were constantly being squeezed now, her corset keeping their hands off her skin – barely – for now.

Sejuani couldn’t be sure in the chaos, but she thought that Ashe had half the summoners in the room around her again. That was unacceptable… this was her arena, her advantage, and Ashe wasn’t going to take it from her. She just needed to push harder, go somewhere that prissy bitch wouldn’t follow. She was better than the Avarosan – Sejuani knew that deep in her bones. She wasn’t going to lose, not to the woman that she had invited into her clan, and who had left them. Not to Ashe… she would not permit it.

Then a hand slipped over her panties from the front, cupping her pussy unexpectedly, and Sejuani had her answer. The touch outraged her, and that made it perfect. There was no way that Ashe would be willing to go further than her. She’d be victorious.

This was a seriously bad idea. Part of her knew that… but Sejuani had nothing if not her pride. And she was not going to lose to Ashe of all people.

“I propose a wager,” Sejuani said, breaking her kiss. “If you have the guts for it, Avarosan coward. These men want me. Let’s see how this ‘diplomacy’ of yours goes. I am going to please them, and we both know you can’t, so get the hell out of here.”

Ashe’s eyes were wide as she looked at Sejuani. The woman was mad… she had to be mad. And yet… the look on her face was one of mocking determination, and already, men were looking at each other and shrugging. “Seems like a fair offer,” one said.

“Support for support,” another agreed.

“Service for service,” Eli – ELI, of all of them – agreed, walking over to Sejuani.

“Wait!” Ashe protested. The words felt like stones… but she couldn’t lose. She forced them out, one at a time. “I… they can do it to me, too. I’m sure they’d prefer someone who doesn’t stink of boar anyway.”

“You don’t have the experience for this you skank,” Sejuani protested.

“We can’t all be whores like you,” she countered. “Who would want you when they could have me?”

Sejuani narrowed her eyes. “A wager it is, then… We’ll see who they want. I can easily satisfy twice as many of them than you.”

Ashe narrowed her eyes, tilting up her chin pridefully. “You won’t even get one more, much less twice as many.”

“Girls,” Sephis said, looking between them.

“Girls!” Revis continued. “Are you sure about this? Seems a little… extreme…”

Sejuani glared at Ashe. “You’re on,” she said, her voice a snarl. “You are on…”

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