The Wild Hunt – Crimson Hunt

Commission for Kimbra Ailis

The arrow cut past the crimson fox’s flank, barely missing two of its tails before embedding itself deeply into an ancient oak tree just past her. She cut sharply to the side, changing direction and dashing into the setting sun’s light just as another arrow followed it, just like she knew it would. It cut through the space she had occupied just a second earlier. The first shot had only missed because he was finding the range… the hunter wasn’t going to miss again given a chance to take the shot. A third arrow cut through the brush she was running through, battered by the boughs, and still, it cut by accurately enough, taking a slice out of her haunch and drawing a yelp from her throat. Then, just before she got out of sight, a fourth arrow took her in the right back leg.

Her leg seared, but she couldn’t stop running now… the hunter was almost on top of her. His bow would turn her into a pincushion if he were given a chance… she had to get out of his sight, around the brambles and to the other side. The fox finally cut around the brush, knowing that, for a second, the hunter couldn’t see her anymore. She didn’t have much time, but she had enough to reach back and close her jaws around the arrow, yanking it out of her haunch and throwing it onto the ground before she began to run once again

As she ran, she could feel the almost pleasant burn on her leg, her back, and knew it was her wounds healing… the flesh filling back in, the red-orange fur recovering the cut. The arrow had been painful, but its tip wasn’t cold iron… the wound wasn’t dangerous to her. Still, it was enough to make her feel ferocious.

She knew the next arrow was coming before it flew… she could hear the tension in the hunter’s bow as he pulled it back, the heavy string singing with the pressure of the pull. Then with a snap, it was released, the arrow slicing through the air even as the fox’s eyes began to glow from within, the fire held inside coming to the surface. She whirled, mouth open in a growl as her five tails fanned out wide, her fur beginning to burn as she called up her gifts. Then, with a snarl, a cone of flame materialized, coming from her and heading directly into the path of the arrow. It burned to cinders as the flame passed it, then continued onward, racing towards the hunter.

She didn’t wait to see if it hit home… she turned an ran again, arrows sailing after her as she knew they would. He was gaining on her, unstoppable, unrelenting as always. She was having to run in a constant dodge now, arrows slashing into the mud on either side of her every few seconds… the way she ran was keeping her from being hit for now, but it was also making her run slower… and she could hear the horses’ heavy hoofsteps as it pounded the ground, running after her as quickly as possible, moving the archer continually closer and closer… until he couldn’t possible miss any longer.

The arrow stuck her in the side, taking her breath as it sank deeply into her. The fox sagged against the nearby tree, barely managing to make it to the other side before arrow slid by, close enough to rip bark from the tree’s side. Her form elongated, stretching out, until she was a human woman, resting against the side of the tree, her hand clenched around the arrow in her side as her tails sprawled out around her, swinging weakly.

Briaca couldn’t run anymore… time to fight.

She heard the horse stop, felt the boot’s on the ground as he jumped off the horse. Her own hands clenched around the stone knife in her hands, her other arm beginning to glow with flame. The arrow in her side was going to slow her down, but there was nothing to do about that now. She listened intently to the sound of footsteps, waiting, waiting… and leaping out.

She heard the twang of a bow, felt the eruption of fire in her guts, but ignored it, continuing her leap forward. The hunter pushed his bow between the two of them, and her knife found the string, cutting it. The heavy stave straightened itself with a savage burst of energy, the thick wood slashing across the hunter’s arm and opening it up nearly to the bone even as he dodged backward, out of the way of the knife. Briaca followed him, not with the blade, but with fire. She raised her arm, and the flame leaped from it like a blade, flashing towards him as he threw himself to the side, disappearing behind the other side of the tree as her flame faded out, then around the other side in a roll, a stone knife in his own hand.

The hunter slashed for her throat and her own knife came up to catch it, sparks flying as flint struck flint. He was stronger than her, however, and with the arrows in her slowing her down, faster as well. His weight slammed into her, forcing her back as he grabbed her trailing braid, yanking her hair and driving the knife ever closer to her throat. Her own knife couldn’t get there… she had to drop it, to just grab his arm and hold him off of her with all her might as the hunter forced her around, slamming her back into the tree. The hit made her guts and side burn, her lungs ache… it dazed her, but she didn’t lose her grip on the knife hand, slamming it forward and into the tree even as she hit. The knife shattered against the thick bark, the thin flint blade sharp but brittle.

The knife was gone, but she was hurt, aching, tired… done. His body pinned her against the tree, holding her there with arrows in her. Her legs were spread around him as he was lifting her off the ground, pinned in place, her body bare beneath the thin leather slip she wore, rubbing against his left as she gasped with the pain. Then his own leathers were gone, pulled down, and she felt his hardness against her. The hunter’s long cock pulsated, his blood pumping hot and keeping his length stiff and needy. It bobbed against Briaca with each breath, and each time it throbbed it would smack the kitsune’s sensitive lips lightly, lightly kissing the cleft between her legs. His chest pushing the arrow in her gut almost flat, he leaned forward over her barely covered tits to nibble a little bit on his prey’s collarbone, flicking his tongue across it and giving soft, teasing licks. His hips shifted awkwardly, letting his hard maleness slide back and forth across Briaca’s delicate entrance.

“Don’t even think about struggling now, prey,” The hunter whispered into her ear. “Wet or dry, one way or another you’re getting fucked. Better to just relax and enjoy.” Easing back into her strong, pinning embrace, the hunter pulled his unwilling lover closer against him. The cum-slick crown of his shaft prodded insistently at her hole, toying with it until juices were flowing freely and trickling down his pole.

 Briaca whimpered at the mix of pleasure and pain, her hands clutching at her captor’s wrists weakly as her tails curled around his thighs, pushing against him. The desperate look on her face as she was about to be raped filled the hunter with burning need, the desire to break this pretty prey on his cock and turn her into a blubbering wreck. Despite her defeat, the fox was still proud, still strong, and those were exactly what the hunter intended to take from her. Ignoring her low whine, the leather-clad hunter peppered the side of the redhead’s neck with amorous kisses, sucking on her flesh and leaving lovebites on her skin. His slickened member sawed back and forth over her damp slit, eliciting short little grunts from Briaca’s ruby lips whenever one of the ribs brushed past her clitoris.

Briaca, despite herself, slowly tilted her head to the side, exposing more of her neck to the hunter’s lips and teeth. She was trying so hard not to enjoy this, but she barely had any fight left in her. It had been fruitless up to this point and just made things worse. Her hips shifted of their own accord, rubbing her puffy, drenched honeypot back and forth across the head of his shaft.

Smirking as he felt her warming up at last to him, the hunter held on firmly and lifted her up, the tip of his cock prodding against her sopping wet box again, and he slowly eased her down onto it. Growling, those tender pussy lips parting for her at long last, he pulled the kitsune down further into him, squeezing his eyes shut and moaning from the tightness enveloping his prick.

 Letting her jaw hang open, Briaca gave a guttural moan as she was speared by that hot, thick tube. It split her cunt open wide around its generous girth and probed deeper into her core. Its thickness rubbed against her innards, the curved head massaging her vaginal walls, making her writhe in ecstasy. Her chest still ached, her guts burning where she had been shot twice through with arrows, but his length inside her was easing the pain and screwing with her head, and her hips were practically grinding back to meet the arduously slow push into her depths.

 The hunter was pleased to see his hunted captive getting into what he was inflicting upon her. Burying nearly half of his long, cunt-splitting log in her drooling hole, the huge warrior eased herself back out just as slowly, until she heard Briaca whine again… her body yearned to be filled. The hunter was eager to oblige, and shoved back in quickly, forcing her length an inch deeper than before. The suddenness of the thrust made the captive red-head fox yelp and throw her head back. Again, the hunter pulled back at an agonizing pace, until he heard his toy whimper for more before jabbing in deeply. He repeated herself, again and again, making Briaca moan louder each time before ramming his cock into the girl’s wet snatch. Every time he impaled the kitsune, his cock sunk a little bit deeper, until finally he squeezed Briaca’s firm body hard and shoved her down the whole way, forcing her to take all ten inches into her tight little flower.

Briaca swore she could feel the hard cockhead battering against her cervix it dug so deep into her sex… could swear she was split wide and bleeding around his thickness. She whined loudly, tossing her head back and forth, her knuckles going white from gripping her captor’s wrists so tightly. Despite her protests, Briaca’s fluids were gushing, soaking the hunter’s shaft and balls, stoking the fire of his lust. Abandoning all pretense of going easy on his prey, he bucked his hips hard enough to throw Briaca up a few inches against the tree, roughly yanking her back down and slamming her back down on top of his cock.

 His hips jerking and thrusting wildly, the kitsune bounced in his lap. She grunted, her eyes wide and looking down the narrow gap between them to watch the man’s cock splitting her open and plunging deep. Her tight sex was like a vice, her muscles clenching, trying to resist the harsh intrusion, but that only seemed to spur him on even more, driving him to pillage her cunt without mercy.

 The hunter moaned in pleasure. Life had a habit of getting in the way of his intimacy… it had been too long for his tastes since he’d had such a nice, tight hole to plow. It wasn’t common enough that he got the chance to slake his desires, and now that he did the hunter was more than a little pent up. Not for long though… not with the way this delectable little slut was squeezing his cock. Already he could feel his balls churning with the need to spill his seed. His hips pumping and bobbing Briaca in his lap, his wild thrusting sped up, stiff pole swelling inside her as his orgasm neared. The fiery kitsune was grinding her hips back to meet those punishing thrusts, trying to manipulate the angle to hit her sweet spot each time. Her breasts were bouncing hard enough now that they had come free of the scraps of leather that covered them, unconfined by her clothing and bouncing free.

 The hunter raped her with abandon. His thick, monstrous spear hammering away at Briaca, keeping up his rigorous pace, making sure to strike the kitsune’s most sensitive spots with each thrust… and if he missed it, she would grind their hips together until she found it hard enough to make the kitsune writhe in ecstasy, biting her tongue so hard to keep quiet that she drew blood.

 At last, the hunter felt her already tight pussy do the impossible, squeezing even harder as Briaca reached her peak, cumming on his length. He took great delight in watching her thrash and arch her spine, head thrown back and mouth gaping in a muted scream of bliss as the kitsune came hard, her cunt gushing as the hunter never stopped or slowed, still going at her just as hard. Winded from the mind-numbing force of her own orgasm, Briaca was left panting and gasping for air, even less able to resist than she had been before as her slick, wet tunnel clamped around his prick. No longer holding anything back, the hunter slammed his hips upward, burying his tool deep in Briaca and letting loose a bellowing roar as he came at last.

His hips bucking on their own, his heavy balls pulling taut against him as their thick, boiling payload was pumped into the Briaca’s waiting cunt. The thick length of him tormented her delicate regions as he swelled over and over, her muscles spasming in response, making it feel to the hunter like the kitsune’s pussy was trying to milk his cock. Warm jets of his creamy seed shot deep inside of her, flooding the girl’s womb and painting her insides white.

 Breathing hard, the hunter finally felt the flow of his seed tapering off. Thrusting into his captive hard, he made sure to fire the last few spurts straight into her core, unloading himself into Briaca’s womb with a happy, satisfied sigh. Pressing his sharp teeth against the side of Briaca’s neck, the hunter wrapped his arms around his pet’s waist and squeezed, holding her tightly as his sensitive, spent shaft softened slowly, until the horned hunter lifted the worn and used kitsune out of his lap and let it slide free of her stretched and abused cunt with a wet gush, slowly guiding her down the side of the tree to the ground.

He looked down her body admiringly. The arrows were long gone now, broken beneath his feet as he fucked her. Her body had pushed them out of her slowly as she healed, leaving her flesh pristine… nothing but cold iron could wound his Briaca now. He chuckled darkly as he ran one hand over her breast, squeezing softly as he leaned down to kiss her. Dipping a finger into the kitsune’s dripping, sloppy sex, the hunter lifted it to the girl’s lips, smearing a mix of their fluids around her mouth like lipstick. Grinning playfully, he pressed his finger against her lips harder, forcing it inside of her mouth to give her a taste. “I love you Briaca,” Cecht said with a grin as he held her against him in the woods, her head nuzzling into the crook of his neck as he pressed her against him.

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