Punishment Assignment

Punishment for: Forgetting rules

Initial punishment was to write a note saying “Disobedient Slut” and carry it around in her pockets for a week… making her be careful when going into her pockets at work

Dorora, however, was late in completing this assignment for me, so she received an additional writing assignment, posted here.

So, you are late completing your punishment, which means lucky me, you get to be punished again…

So, as a new-found fantasy slut, you must have plenty of ideas swimming in your head… let’s see what we can pluck out, shall we?

What are the top 5 supernatural creatures you’d like to see as a victim? One sentence on each about why.

What are the top 5 supernatural creatures you’d like to have raping you/them? One sentence on each about why.

If you genuinely cannot find 5, you will send what you have anyway and I will judge if I think it was best effort.

You will complete this before work tomorrow or send an apology and plea for mercy 🙂

Commence daydreaming slut.


  1. Orcs, clichee and relatively boring, I know, but nothing better than a nice gangrape by orcs, with them manhandling a petite victims between them, fucking her hard without any concern for her.
  2. Demons, oh here we have fun. Shapeshifting, sadism plus we have all these wonderful things that go to torturing someone in hell. Plus they can posses people close to the victim and use their bodies to hurt her.
  3. Elves. I think this might be my favorite, but elves not as in with Tolkien but in the sidhe, fair folk way, where they have no concern for human suffering, grab someone into their realm where they stay for years not growing older. Playing cruel games with the victims that they don’t even consider to be cruel but are a source agony for the victim. In fact this is one of the scenarios I’d have for you in the future.
  4. Werewolf, there is something in this primal fury (plus you can go into bestiality if it looks more like a wolf than a wolf-man). Also it can create a lovely scenario in which the rapist does not know he is the rapist.
  5. Ghosts. Oh, that would be lovely! Moving objects to hurt or penetrate the victim. She can’t be safe anywhere, there is no real opponent to fight just an unseen force following her.


  1. Selkie/kitsune – I put them together as in some ways there are quite similar: beautiful, mysterious, if you have something particular from them you can control them. It gives us more of a “blackmail/mind control” scenario rather than brute force rape.
  2. Angel – pure, beautiful, innocent, immortal… and can be quite dangerous as well. Plus add the whole hatred between them and demons and you have a great option for hatefucks and long-term torture in hell.
  3. Goddesses – similar as in the case of angels, though here I’d see it more being raped by mortals. A bit like Turn of the Wheel, but I’d love such scenario to be sent maybe in some modern day story, old gods losing so much power that mere mortals can hurt them.
  4. Vampires – I mean, I want to write a story about one 😉 also immortal, strong, proud, so the usual, but add to that some ways in which they can be hurt – sunlight, holy symbols or your can go the other way – an innocent vampiress, being hated for what she is even though she hasn’t hurt anyone in her (un)life. Also I don’t know how did it start but it seems in popculture they have been made enemies of werewolves so you have this whole “primal fury vs elegance and cunning” conflict.
  5. Imagine a Valkyrie coming to take a fallen warrior to Valhalla… and turns out he has some trick (or other vikings used his death as a “bait” to lure a valkyrie) which allows her to be overpowered and used.

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