Rhyme of the Mermaid Mariners

Commission for B.

Pictures to help with a sense of anatomy for these mermaids…

Matt had been dreaming of mermaids… of feeling their warmth, their soft skin pressed against his, but when he finally woke up he found that it was less of a fantasy than he’d been expecting. It wasn’t the sun that had woken him up – the skies were still dark this early in the morning – and neither had it been his father waking him to leave with the tide. It had been his sister crawling into bed with him.

Before he had stirred, Rebecca had already straddled his body and lowered herself onto him. With dreams like the ones he’d been having since his father had decided he was ready to start going out of the boat, his cock had been more than ready, and she had been able to impale her slick cunt on him with barely a whisper of effort. She was already riding him when he woke up, her nipples scraping across his chest as she slid herself up and down against him.

Her eyes were the first thing Matt saw as he woke up. “Mmmmm,” he groaned. “Wha… What are you doing Bec? You know I need to save up for today.”

She didn’t stop riding him for a second, but her hands did go to his shoulders, using them to pull and push herself harder. “Yeah, that’s why I’m here,” she moaned. “You’ll about to get a chance to fuck all the warm fleshlights you want.” His sister chuckled. “When will you ever find time for me?”

Matt tried to squirm out from beneath his older sister, but his efforts were half-hearted at best – even if he hadn’t just woken up, they wouldn’t have convinced her he wanted her to stop. He loved all of his sister’s tight holes.

“You up yet Matt?”

Matt groaned, at the same time Rebecca did. Thomas, their father, walked into the doorway just as Rebecca rolled off him to stand half naked at the side of the bed. While her skirt hung down low enough to cover her… barely… her shirt was up high enough that it covered nothing at all. Most fathers, Matt understood, probably would have been upset to catch the two of them going at it like this.

And Thomas was upset… for very different reasons.

“What the hell are you doing?” he growled, shaking his head in annoyance. He was a big man… six and a half feet tall if he was an inch and covered in slabs of hard muscle from manually labor all his life. “Rebecca, you’re supposed to be getting the Sea King ready to set sail! We’re supposed to be leaving when the tide turns!”

Blushing, Rebecca pulled down her shirt and ran out of the room, grabbing her shoes as she went. “Sorry dad,” she called as Matt could hear her pound down the steps. “Lost track of time.”

Thomas looked over at Matt and shook his head is dismay, but he smiled as he did it. “Damned kids,” he muttered.

The waters of St Vincent had always been poor fishing waters, but those nearby had always needed to make to do. That was how Thomas had done it, and his father, and his father before him. They could find enough to live, with hard work and perseverance. Of course, that had been before they had found the true prize in these waters – All along, they hadn’t been casting their nets deep enough.

Matt walked the back of the ship, checking the lines as Rebecca steered them deeper into the cove. It was Thomas who had found this place, a little more than ten years back, and in that time he had become one of the richest men in this part of the world – not that he showed it, mind you. The only real sign of his wealth was this ship. No longer the ramshackle thing that he had inherited from his father, Sea King was as fine of a ship as money could build. At a hundred feet long she wasn’t the absolute largest ship in the seas, but her trimaran hull served a special purpose – it made her nearly as wide as she was long, and the central hull was almost entirely hollow.

One of the nets was pulling too far to the right… he tried not to get excited. It was still early. Still, his hands shook a little as he adjusted the slide bar on the drag net.

“Getting a little excited down there, Matt?” Rebecca teased. “Should have let me take the edge off.”

He shook his head. “Stow it, sis. It’s dragging.”

“It’s too early,” she said. “We haven’t even made a whole wrap yet. None of them would be so clumsy as to be caught already. Just be patient.”

“What’s this?” Thomas said, walking over from the bow where he had been feeding the second layer of nets into the water. His father was a fairly intimidating man unless you knew him – he was huge. Once you did know him, however, the only thing frightening about him was how hard he was to impress. The fisherman had seen everything, done everything… both had everything and had nothing. It was hard to shake him.

“Matt thinks he already caught one,” Rebecca said, beginning the slow turn as she rotated the cove, forcing the nets to spiral inward. “He’s being overeager for his first prize if you ask me.”

Thomas shrugged. “Is the net dragging?”

Rebecca sighed. “A bit. It’s probably just kelp, dad. We haven’t even sealed the cove yet. If he caught one, it’s an idiot.”

“If we caught one, it will get dragged along as we spiral in and could get cut up on the reefs,” Matt protested, watching the net, seeing a rhythm to the jerking drags… like someone was struggling against the line in a rhythm. Pull Pull Pull Pull Break. He focused on that rhythm, watching it repeat. “Dad, I’m sure.”

Rebecca giggled. “He’s sure. His first time fishing and he’s sure.” She looked at her dad. “If we pull the nets now, any of them in this cove will probably escape before we get the nets back down.

Thomas looked between them, then stared at Matt, thinking… judging. At last, he smiled. “No harm in a bit of a delay. Finish the first circuit, Rebecca. Then go take a look.

His sister sighed, but she didn’t argue any further… no one argued with father, he had more experience than the both of them together, many times over. She finished the first circuit, closing off the bay, before she grabbed the rail and slid down to the deck, giving Matt a playful shove as she passed him. “Waste of tiiime,” she sang. The morning sunshine gleamed off her scarlet hair as she climbed around the tower and then down towards the aqua-scope.

Now that the first circuit had been completed, there was plenty to do with the nets – they needed to be tied off, marked and buoyed, and it really was at least a two man job to get it done. Thomas and his son worked together, the way he had taught his son for years before today, until Becca came back upstairs looking distinctly annoyed.

“And?” Thomas asked, amused.

“Beginners luck,” she cursed as she climbed back up the tower. “North side, second net.”

Matt smiled at pointed at exactly the one he had been adjusting. “Fancy that. Lucky me.”

“Don’t push your luck,” she warned as she reached the top. “How do you want to play it Dad?”

Thomas shrugged. “Can’t risk killing her on the reefs. There might not be any others in the cove today, and one in the hand is worth more than ten in the sea. We pull it in. If there are any others here today, just their lucky day.”

“And wouldn’t dragging a bloody corpse through the waters scare the others off anyways?” Matt asked with a smirk.

“Well…” Thomas hedged. “Mostly. That could actually draw in some of the nastier ones… but those are always hard to handle, and definitely not first-day material.”

Rebecca shrugged and began coming around, and Thomas and Matt began to set the nets to reel in. The north net would go last, letting the other two nets around it close like a fist first. Sea King powled around in ever closing circles as it drew back in more and more of the nets it had been letting out, Matt and Thomas throwing back any animals they found caught in the nets as they pulled. Then they began to pull in the final net, and Matt found himself tapping his foot and waiting excitedly. Then his prize came up out of the waves.

The tail came out first. Long and silver, it shone almost crimson in the sunrise as it reflected the light of the sun. Long and slender and beautiful. Then the rest of her came out, water dripping off her in the orange light. She was naked, as he’d been expecting – most of them were – and absolutely gorgeous – as all of them were. As she was lifted out of the sea, he finally caught her hair… the same shade of crimson as his sister’s.

She noticed too. “Oh now that is just unfair,” she pouted.

The mermaid was struggling, thrashing back and forth as the crane lifted the net further up with her tangled in it. “Carefully now,” Thomas warned as he worked with Matt to swing the boom onto the deck of the shift, slowly lowering the net. To Matt, the mermaid looked hopelessly tangled, but not to his father… the man worked through the tangle like the legends said Alexander did with his knot. Soon she was wrapped up only in a single layer, and Thomas was sitting on her hip and tail, helping keep the thrashing girl pinned to the deck while her arms were still tangled. “Your honors, son,” he said with a smile.

Grinning like an idiot, Matt grabbed onto one of the ropes and grabbed hold of her flapping tail, tying the knots around the base where it got narrower before widening into the fin. Wordlessly Rebecca walked over and detached the net from the hook on the crane, handing the hook to Matt and letting him continue the tie onto it. Then he picked stepped back and grabbed the control unit, lifting the crane up.

Thomas stood, letting her up, and the hoist dragged the struggling redhaired mermaid up into the air, giving Matt plenty of time to admire her. She was absolutely gorgeous, and while he had seen plenty of the sextoys in captivity back at the hatchery, this was the first one he had seen in the “wild,” so to speak, and he found the sight intoxicating.

His father stood behind him, smiling even as Rebecca came up to his other side, staring up at the aloft mermaid. “She doesn’t look that special,” Becca protested, but even she didn’t seem enthusiastic about saying it – this mermaid was one of the most beautiful creatures Matt had ever seen, and his sister would be a fool not to see it.

“That is one for breeding,” Thomas said with a nod. “Well worth pulling up early, wouldn’t you say girl?”

She sighed. “Fine, fine.” She glared at her brother. “Still lucky. I guess you’ll want to fuck her now?”

Matt smiled. “You’re damn right I do.”

As soon as his father cleared the nets away from the deck and had begun working to spool them back out into the cove, Matt lowered the mermaid back down low enough that he could reach her hands. The red-haired beauty tried to push at him, but she was too weak to push him away, especially with the lack of any leverage. He quickly gathered her wrists together and wound a cord around them behind her back before lowering her the rest of the way towards the deck.

Immediately she began to heave herself towards the side of the ship, making him chuckle. It was like she didn’t realize she was still tied to the crane… what was the worst that could happen? It wasn’t like there was anywhere to go… she was dangling like a little fish on a hook.

Amused, Matt walked over, grabbing onto her hair. Even damp it was silky soft… these creatures really were marvellous. Everything about them made them nearly perfect sextoys. “Stop that,” he chided, twisting is fist in her hair just a bit to pull her head to the side.

She cried out, more in surprise than in pain he thought… turning to meet his eyes. She had a such bright gaze. “P… Puh… Puhlez,” she whimpered.

Matt laughed. “Dad, we got one of the smart ones!” he said with a smile. “She can talk!”

“That’s great, Son,” Thomas said from the back of the boat. “The smart ones always train up better. Their kids are usually smarter, too.”

He turned back to his prize. “It’s ‘please,’ “ he said, earnest expression on his face. “Come on, you can do it. ‘Please.’ “

The terrified girl looked at him, tears rolling down her face to get lost in the saltwater covering her cheeks. “Plu… Ple… Pleaz. Please. Please!” her voice grew stronger with each attempt.

“There you go!” Matt said with a smile. “Everyone loves listening to mermaids beg. You’ll get good use out of that word.” He took off his belt. “You probably think I’m going to eat you or something, don’t you?” he chuckled. “Don’t worry pretty thing, you’re perfectly safe here.” He let his pants drop and twisted her hair again, making her open her mouth in a gasp. Matt took hold of his dick and rubbed it against her open lips, enjoying the look of confusion on her face – training was always the fun part, and that he had been getting to do for a while now. Still, nothing seemed as special as the first time…

“She’s going to bite you,” Rebecca teased from above him at the wheel.

Matt rolled his eyes. “Don’t you have anything better to do? Like steer?”

“Just don’t damage that thing. We got interrupted, and I’m not done with it.”

“Head in the game,” Thomas shouted up at her. “I swear I wasn’t this bad growing up…”

Matt was pretty sure that he was safe… but better to be sure. He pushed one of his hands against her cheek, his thumb sliding into her open mouth was he brushed the tears off her cheek with his fingers. The thumb rested on top of molars, and would make it a lot harder to bite down – a trick he had learned with the few mermaids who had managed to stay at all feisty by the time they made it to the hatchery. Then he pushed the head of him cock between her lips and into her mouth.

Mermaids were different from his sister, that was for sure… for one thing, the temperature was different. He supposed they had to be so warm to keep comfortable in the deep water, but it felt amazing on his length – that much was for sure. For a second, they were so much wetter. Obvious really, but even as she whimpered in surprise another flood of warm water rushed over his cock. “She even closed her lips,” he groaned out. “This one is going to be a very quick learner.”

“What are you going to name her?” Becca asked.

“Ugh,” he grunted as he pushed a bit further forward, making her eyes widen in surprise. That was one of the many great things about mermaids – no gag reflex. “I haven’t decided yet.”

“Bad luck,” Thomas warned.

“Three rules of fishing,” Becca agreed. “A woman on board, no bananas, and you name what you catch.”

Matt slowly pulled himself out, enjoying the seal of her lips around him until he was all the way out. “You look like… a Lena,” he said. “How do you feel about Lena?”

“Please…” she whimpered.

“I think she likes it!” he said chuckling. Matt got up, walking around the prone mermaid to straddle her tail. She squirmed on the deck, but bound up and pinned down, Lena wasn’t going anywhere. He had his hands over her hips, moving downward and across… his fingertips playing across her skin as until he took hold of her and flipped her over. The movement wasn’t rough, but it wasn’t gentle, either – she was still thrashing around, and when he took his weight off her she jerked a foot to the side, giving a tiny cry as the movement scraped her sensitive breasts against the grip-textured deck. “Yeah, you should really stop doing that,” Matt warned her as he settled his weight back down onto her.

From the teasing that her tongue and lips had done on him Matt would have been rock hard even if he hadn’t been so excited for this. From behind the slick gash in her tail was obvious… he took his rod in one hand and dragged it up and down the length of her pussy, making a squeal escape from her lips.

“Oh good god just fuck her already!” Rebecca moaned, glancing down every few seconds. “Get on with it.”

The fact that Rebecca wanted him to seemed good enough reason to stall – she was being a brat today anyway. So while he wanted to drive right into the silver beauty, he took his time, continuing to stroke her sex with the head of his prick. He pushed one of his fingers into her, feeling her wetness around him – no matter what, he had never seen one of these mermaids not be wet.

Lena was panting, somewhere between confusion and protest. “Pl… Pleeeeaase…” she moaned.

“Come on bro, she’s begging for it. Give it to her already!” Rebecca said. Even from down there, Matt could tell that she had pulled up her shirt and was playing with one of her tits.

“Nnnn… no! Please!” Lena whimpered.

Matt shoved forward.

For such a small girl the mermaid certainly had a set of lungs on her. Lena screamed as he plunged all the way into her in a single thrust. If he had to guess, it probably had more to do with the shock of it than the pain: She was so wet that even how tight she was let him force his way into her easily. If he thought she’d been thrashing before she really proved him wrong now – She bucked so hard that she nearly threw him off her. He had to lean down and grab hold of her breasts, wrapping his arms around her to hold on and squeeze onto the thrashing girl as she screamed and bucked and flailed around.

Matt couldn’t tell if the mermaid had been a virgin or not. He hadn’t felt any barrier or anything, but she was so tight he might have missed it, and he was so crazy with lust and desire that he might have just pushed through without pausing to realize. The way she was squirming and trying to get away had him on the verge of exploding almost immediately. The way she was fighting, it was impossible to really fuck her, but the best part was that he didn’t even need to – she was doing an excellent job of fucking herself on his dick while she tried to escape. He was buried too deep inside of her for Lena to dislodge him, but the way she jerked and thrashed it was almost like her tail was humping back against him: Certainly it thrust his cock in and out of her at an irregular, frenzied pace.

Mostly he just worried about holding on and enjoyed the ride. He would have his turn soon enough – she couldn’t keep this up forever. She would get tired… already her screams were growing softer, already she bucked him less hard. Soon she wouldn’t be able to resist much anymore, and he would be able to do what he pleased with her body.

“That really is hot,” Becca said from above him. Matt had been too busy to realize it, but they had finished the first circuit of the nets while he’d been playing with Lena. While their father got the next stretch ready, she had abandoned steering the ship for now, letting them hang idle in the waters while she sat on the edge of the tower and played with her pussy watching him rape his mermaid. “She’s quite the fighter. You sure she’s one of the smart ones?”

Matt groaned with pleasure. Letting go of the mermaids amazing tits, he put his hands on the back of Lena’s shoulders and pushed her down, squashing them down against the deck of the ship. Then he began to fuck her for himself. His hips pulled back before ramming forward, forcing a new, small scream from the mermaid as she protested the treatment, but she couldn’t stop him. It wasn’t like she had stopped fighting, but she had tired herself out of rnow. Now he could enjoy the sight of her trying to get away, straining and heaving and struggling as his cock forced its way out and in again. She was crying – Matt saw that clearly as she thrashed her head from side to side. It was amazing – a fresh catch, completely untamed, naked and helpless beneath him.

There really was nothing like taking one of the mermaids for the first time… his Father had been right about that. The people who bought the trained ones, they were missing out. Fishing was about man against nature, and though nature was struggling with all her might, resisting and fighting and screaming, it availed her not in the least. She was his now.

Now that he was past his own initial burst of passion in slamming into her, and past her strongest attempts to remove him, Matt could settle in to savor the feeling, the revel in the sensation of her hot cunt, the way her body shook against him as his thrusts pushed her against the deck, the cock-hardening mewling noises she made as she tried to form more words to beg with him.

“Oh come on,” Becca protested, still playing with herself. The nails of her left hand were digging into her breast hard while three fingers vanished up her own sopping cunt. “Use her. Fucking jack off with her cunt. Give me a show, Matt. God its hot watching one of them take cock, its like it’s what they were born for. Mmm, harder Matt… if you have it in you. You do, have it in you, don’t you bro? That isn’t the best you can do, is it?”

Growling, eager to prove her wrong, Matt grabbed a fistful of Lena’s scarlett hair and yanked her head backwards while he fucked her, pulling her back my her silky mane. If he pulled hard enough, when he thrust forward he could look down into her eyes… the wide green orbs were wild and unfocused, filled with tears and panic, and he couldn’t tell if she saw anything at all through him right now, but he stared into them every chance he got anyway. It was good to let her see her new owners, to drill that knowledge into her as deep as his cock was going. She continued to sob and scream, but both were getting as weak as her fighting now that she was tiring.

She was still fighting with whatever strength she had left, but it wasn’t enough to satisfy him – he wanted to conquer the best she had, to overcome her completely. He might be panting and gasping and nearly lost in his pleasure, but with his cock in the pretty silver mermaid he felt unstoppable, invincible. He wanted to see how far he could go, so he pulled a knife from his belt and quickly cut the cord around her wrists.

Then, before going any further, he looked over and found the gaze of his father – watching where he leaned against the winch.Thomas stood there smiling… then he slowly nodded, rolling up his sleeves. Given the approval he was looking for, Matt flicked the knife through the rope around her tail that the hook was attached to.

“You nuts, Matt?” Becca asked, but the words were weak now that she was so busy moaning. Even her eyes were half closed.

“If you can make it to the side, you’ll be free,” he whispered down at Lena. “Do you understand me? No more ropes. All you need to do is get back to the water…”

Matt wasn’t sure how much the mermaid could understand him, but she seemed to get the gist. She began fighting with new strength – she pounded back against his body with weak fists, flailing and bucking with new strength… not enough. Not nearly enough. Matt felt such joy, such pride as he caught first one of her wrists and then the other, pinning them down above her head and keeping her helpless, holding down her struggling body with his own and fucking her and fucking her and fucking her until he just coudn’t take it anymore.

“Give it to her,” Becca moaned. “Harder, Matt, harder… yesssssssss.”

Halfway delirious with the mad pleasure of it, Matt buried himself to the balls in her clenching, struggling cunt, so tight it felt like she was fighting with it as well to push him off of her, and he came. His cock jerked inside her and he shot delicious pleasure into that conquered body, over and over again until he felt like he was hollowing his body out in the process and he would never ever stop.

When he had finally empired himself completely Lena wasn’t struggling anymore – she was just laying on the deck, sobbing softly as her defeated pussy softly squeezed his length. Slowly, almost weakly, he rolled off of her, and while he didn’t let go of her wrists, she barely even twitched as his weight left her. He had worn out her struggles, for now. Matt might be gasping to catch his breath, but he felt incredibly, utterly satisfied… more so that he ever had before in his life. He couldn’t believe he would ever be fully satisfied by fucking a tamed mermaid again, now that knew what a wild one was like.

Of course, that meant that he was just going to have to catch more. A career as a fisherman had never sounded so good.

“Ok,” Thomas said, grinning as he looked at the state Lena was in. Her crimson hair looked disheveled and tangled, her silver body was slick with his sweat rather than seawater, and trickles of cum leaked out of her little cunt while it throbbed and twitched in the wake of the fucking it had just received. “Break is over you two. Rebecca, get down here and help your brother get her into the tank. Then back to work.”

Groaning in annoyance, Rebecca slid down the ladder. “Alright, lets go,” she said. “Come on, you can’t be that tired, that was barely a fuck.” She nudged her brother with her foot. “On your feet slacker.”

Thomas looked up and the sky and rolled his eyes.

Matt pushed himself up. While he did, he took hold of one of Lena’s arms above the elbow, letting Rebecca grab the other. Together, they began to drag her towards the door down into the hold. As he passed his father, Thomas grabbed his shoulder for a moment. “Don’t take too long,” he whispered, making Matt grin.

They passed the wall on the tower, and Becca stopped for a moment to open the box on the wall. Eight silver canisters the size of a pen were left on the rack inside, a rack that had space for a few dozen. “We’re almost out again, Dad,” she called back. “We need to find another herm soon. Mom says the ones we have back at the hatchery are too old, they don’t produce enough anymore.”

“We’ll find another,” Thomas assured her, unworried as she took the injector pen. Lena lay between them, limp and mostly unaware as the pen was pushed against her neck, but she still jumped as Becca clicked it against her and gave a small cry. The needle inside had already injected everything it had to offer in that time, so Becca dropped it into the bottom of the box with the other used ones that needed to be cleaned and refilled.

“She’s good to go,” she said to Matt, and he nodded as they carried her the rest of the way to the hatch.

The door down into the tank wasn’t like anything else on the ship – it was tilted down, into the trimarines depths. Opening up the hatch, Matt saw the wading pool of clean water… he knew well just how clean as he had needed to scrub this room himself just last week to get ready for their trip. The water never got deeper than his waist in here, and that was only in the very deepest spot in the middle – usually it was closed to his knees. Mermaids could live down here, for quite a while – it wouldn’t be safe from being grabbed by one of the fishermen, and it wouldn’t be especially comfortable, but they wouldn’t be in any danger of drying out or hurting themselves.

“Three,” Rebecca said, swinging Lena back slightly. “Two. One…” And then heaved her forward, sending her sprawling into the shallow water. Touching the water seemed to reenergize the mermaid, and she immediately began splashing and squirming, “swimming” to the far end and as far away from the two of her captors as she could get.

“Ah, isn’t it cute?” Rebecca said with a small grin.

Matt wasn’t listening. He had been decided exactly where to grab Rebecca. Taking hold of her shoulders he gave her a shove forward, letting her sprawl into the water. Here at the edges it wasn’t more than a few inches deep… it didn’t do much more than get her clothing and hair soaked.

“What the he—argh!”

Her knees had barely hit the ground beneath the water when he was on top of her, gripping onto the edge of her skirt and using it to pull her back against him. In a second, it was flipped up, and his cock had already found its way into her. Rebecca’s cunt was every bit as wet at the mermaid’s had been, and far more eager after she had spent so long playing with herself.

Rebecca cried out in sudden shock and sensation. “You bastard Matt! Get off me, we don’t have- Ah! Time for – Ow, stop it you asshole!”

Matt didn’t slow down in the slightest… if anything he just pounded her harder, driving her forward, forcing her to keep her hands on the ground if she didn’t want to fall over and let her head slip below the water. “How… this… sis?” he grunted in time with thrusts into her tight body. “This hard enough… of a fuck… for you?”

He could feel Lena eyes on them from the corner.of the tank. Pushing herself as far away from them as she could get she watched with confused eyes as he took his sister, pounding her down into the bottom of the tank every bit as roughly as he had just finished fucking her.

“Ah! Ah! Fucking… Hell Matt!” she groaned with very thrust. She’s stopped fighting already… her pussy was clenching hard on him with each thrust like she was trying to stop him from escaping. “We… Dad is… going to be… pissed…”

He grabbed onto her hair and yanked her back against him, making her cry out again as he used her mane like reins to fuck her. “Who are you kidding, sis? I think he’ll be glad I helped get it out of your system.”

“My-” she blurted out, sputtering her words. “My system? MY SYSTEM?” She cut off with a slutty moan for a second before managing to continue. “My… You hard pricked asshole. You needed to shove me… down and fu… uck… me… at the first… change… and it… m… aaaaaaaaah!”

Her slit felt like it was trying to crush him as she came… her clenching muscles rippled along his cock like a fist trying to stroke him off, and it didn’t matter that he had just filled up Lena’s snatch just few minutes earlier – he was cumming almost immediately after she did, making her moan as she felt him seed splash against her insides.

Matt slowed his pumping into her, but he didn’t stop… not until he was finished cumming and was finally beginning to grow soft. Only then did he still and let go of her hair, letting her barely covered breasts splash down into the water. “Ooh you bastard,” she groaned. “You better hope you didn’t knock me up.”

He shrugged, grinning down at her. “If I did, good thing we still have some pens, right?” He pulled one out of his pocket, from where he had taken it while she had been busy sticking Lena, and stuck it in the band of her skirt. “Better hold onto that one. Be a shame if we ran out and you were stuck with a nine month reminder not to be a brat.”

“Asshole,” she moaned, but without conviction. She slowly pushed herself up. “I’m not going to be able to walk straight… Dad is going to make fun of my sea legs.”

“Maybe if you suck him off he’ll be too busy to notice,” Matt chuckled. “You’ll make it.”

She grabbed onto her soaking wet shirt and pulled it off her body, letting her breasts flop freely. “Well, now thanks to you I need to go get change,” Rebecca said as she pushed herself to her feet, making sure to palm the accelerant pen as she did. “I think I have a swimsuit in my bag…”

Rebecca dragged her tongue along the bottom of her father’s cock in a slow, languid stroke that made him shudder as his cock jerked, just an instant before she closed her lips around him and swallowed him whole again. His thick cock filled her throat and left her struggling to breathe, but that was fine with her… it was worth it to have him all the way in her with her lips swapped around the base of his cock, her tongue able to stick out and lap across Thomas’ balls or rub against the entire underside of him as she chose.

She would have smiled as she felt her father grab hold of her hair… she had been trying to get him to do that for nearly twenty minutes

She had to admit that in the end it seemed like both she and Matt had been right yesterday – Matt had been right about the catch, and they had found a beauty of a mermaid that they hadn’t needed to lose, and Rebecca had been right about scaring off the others. After they finished laying out the nets, they didn’t find anything struggling in them. Any mermaids in the area had been warned of them, and either escaped or were hiding.

After a few hours of not catching anything, Thomas declared that they were going on to the next cove… they would leave the nets behind and check on them in the morning, but he wasn’t going to waste the whole day waiting here when everything might have been scared of. Following his orders, Rebecca directed the ship back through the network of nets and buoys, taking them around the island to the next cove. Then they began the process of laying out the nets again.

That second cove didn’t catch them anything either, but the third one did… the had hauled in a exotic specimen with white and orange-red skin in a beautiful pattern. Thomas has broken that one in himself while she had Matt had kept working, but they could hear her screams from below decks – he must have fucked her hard. After that, however, it had been getting dark, and it had been time call it for the night. Matt had taken the opportunity to slip down into the pool to fuck his mermaid again, hoping to make sure she was pregnant… Rebecca had tried to slip into her father’s bed, but to her dismay he had already turned in by the time she had finished achoring the ship.

That was why she had been so insistent this morning… she had barely taken them back the first cove from yesterday before she had found an excuse to be on her knees before her Thomas, pretending to notice for the first time how hard his cock was. It hadn’t been thirty seconds after that that she had it between her lips.

Now Thomas was holding the back of her hair with his fists in her hair and he was fucking her face, ramming her back against his thighs hard enough Rebecca sort of suspected he was going to bruise himself. It felt like she was having her neck fucked by a telephone pole and she loved it. She forced her own arms behind her back and each one held the other’s forearm… it wasn’t necessary but it was how mom did it when he fucked her face. Dad liked it best that way.

Laying against the railing, Matt watched his sister get her throat filled with idle amusement and a hard dick. They had been sitting here for a few hours now… he was quickly coming to the realizing that fishing could be just as boring as it could be exciting. Was it really too much to ask for for a mermaid to show up about now? The gagging noises Rebecca was making were extremely distracting. He wished he could head back down to the pool and Lena, or the one his father had named Koi, but he was the one on watch… Thomas would be furious if he slipped away, even if he was too preoccupied at the moment to notice.

Then he saw the first buoy bounce.

It wasn’t a big thing at first, just a dip… but then the one next to it did as well, and so did the next. Something was struggling to get free, seriously struggling. He grinned. “Dad, we got something!”

Thomas groaned as he shoved himself all the way into his daughter’s throat and flooded her stomach with cum. Rebecca groaned as well as she swallowed, but in disappointment – usually she could get off by being throat-fucked into lightheadedness, but her father had cum this time before she could.

“Start reeling in the nets, Matt,” Thomas said as he unsheathed himself from Rebecca’s neck and tucked his cock back into his shorts. “First catch of the day.”

Rebecca climbed back to the wheel, swaying her ass back and forth as she did while the two men worked to pull in the nets. She knew her part in this – she would keep the lines and nets taut while they pulled them in, making sure nothing went slack and gave the mermaids a chance to swim out of the trap. After so many times, she did it automatically now… her hands moving without need of much conscious thought… and that left her free to watch the mermaids they were pulling from the nets.

The first was a surprise… she could have passed for human. Her skin was brown, but no browner than that of an islander around here, and her hair was a very human jet black. Until her tail came free of the water, it almost looked like they had caught a human woman in the nets. This one was young, too… if she were a human, Rebecca would have been her at somewhere in mid-highschool, perhaps. On a mermaid, that could be anywhere between six weeks and two years. They matured fast… that was part of what made the growth hormone they used.

The second woman, right behind her in the net, immediately caught Rebecca’s attention. Her skin was a golden bronze, and her hair was a silver while cleaned than any snow she had seen on television or in a movie. This one was definitely more mature, and her breasts were large and swollen.

Rebecca stood up straighter with interest. That one was… hot. Her features were nearly identical to those of the brown-skilled mermaid, and based on her swollen tits she was almost certainly the her mother. That was a fascinating catch.

Three more came out of the water as well but Rebecca had stopped paying attention. Her eyes were all for the big-titted one hanging by her tail. With her lifted up and hanging upside down she was nearly as eye level with Rebecca, and she could see the confusion and terror in the mermaid’s eyes. She had to have her.

“Hey dad,” Rebecca called as his father was finishing binding up the 5th mermaid. “Let me have a turn with that one.”

“Not your turn,” he answered without looking up. “It’s your brothers turn. You just had your break.”

“I’ll take both watches before sunset,” she promised. “Please… I just have to feel those tits…”

He glanced up at her. “All three watches,” he said solemnly.

“Deal,” she agreed. She grabbed onto the ladder and slid down, punching her brother’s arm as she walked past. “Better luck next time Matt,” she sang as she walked over to the winch, slowly lowering the bronze-skinned mermaid down to the deck. She didn’t even struggle… she barely seemed aware she had been lowered. Her eyes were fixated on the chocolate-skinned one still hanging.

Rebecca lightly slapped her cheek twice. “Hey. Hey you. Hiiiii,” she purred. “We’re going to have so much fun together, you and I…” The mermaid looked over at her for a second, but a second later she turned her head back to the hanging one again. “She your daughter?” Rebecca asked. “You really don’t need to worry about her… we’re going to take real good care of her for you. Right now, you just need to concern yourself with me.”

One of her hands cupped one of the bronze mermaid’s big tits, chuckling to herself as the utterly impossible attempt to cover one with one of her hards. The other hand slipped between the gap in her tail and began to play over the moist slit she found there. “So, what should we call you,” Rebecca mused as she squeezed at the mermaid’s breasts. “You seem like…” She looked up at her hanging daughter and grinned. “Denna,” she whispered. “And that sweetheart up there… that’ll be Venus. Perfect.”

Satisfied that she had averted the risk of any bad luck, Rebecca pushed three fingers into Denna all at once. The woman’s golden eyes snapped wide and she gasped, whipping her body around to focus on Rebecca. “So I have your attention now?” the redhead said with a smile. “Good.” She began pumping her fingers in and out, and Denna began to struggle, finally.
“Where do you think you’re going?” Rebecca teased as she leaned all her weight down onto the arm by her breasts. She didn’t weigh much but she had all the leverage here, and she wasn’t insane enough to untie Denna that way Mark had taken his the other day. She wasn’t as fierce of a fighter, either… she was more of a squirming, making sexy mewling noises of protest.

“Let… go…” she choked out. The english was broken and twisted, but understandable, and her voice was high pitched and shocked and wonderful. It brought a smile to Rebecca’s face, and already her cheeks were starting to hurt from enjoying her time with the mermaid… and she was barely getting started.

Reluctantly, she let her fingers slip free of the mermaid’s cunt and she moved to straddle her, taking a moment to slap her breasts one after the other, enjoying the hypnotic way that they shook. She squirmed even more when her tits started showing handprints, but now she was even more pinned. Rebecca leaned forward to grab two generous fistfulls of those beautiful breasts, squeezing hard enough that her nails dug in. The mermaids’ whimpers had died down after had stopped fingering her, but she really started again when her sensitive tits were being crushed and scraped.

Then some milk sprayed from her tits and splashed against Rebecca’s bikini-clad body.

She laughed. “Oh, I was so right about you, Denna,” Rebecca purred, leaning down to take the woman’s nipple in her mouth. She bit down a few times, rolling the dark nippled between her tongue and teeth for several seconds before she started to suck, and she was rewarded with a mouthful of liquid ambrosia. She tasted sweeter than the sweetest fruit, more savory than anything else she had ever tasted. Rebecca swallowed and sighed in pleasure, flicking her tongue over the mermaid’s nipple some more, squeezing even harder with her hands just to make Denna jerk.

Then she leaned back, reluctantly taking her mouth off those amazing tits and forcing her fingers up the moaning mermaid’s cunt again. “Even for a mermaid, you’re a wet one,” Rebecca teased. “You like this, don’t you?”

“Stop… it… please…” she whimpered.

“I don’t think so,” Rebecca said, shaking her head as she sing-songed the words.. “You’re mine now, and I’m going to play with you for as long as I want…” She continued to fuck her with her fingers, shoving more and more of her hand into her hungry pussy now. Slowly, her squirming began to take on a different tone… while the woman was still trying to get away, her pussy was starting to grind into her hand rather than away from it. Rebecca laughed, sure the big slut of a mermaid wasn’t even aware of it, but she just started pushing harder and faster, forcing a fourth finger into her.

Hanging from a hook, Venus began to sob. That made Rebecca chuckle harder. “No one’s even touched you yet sweetie!” she said to the suspended girl. “Make sure you pay close attention… you can get a preview of coming attractions!” Becca pulled her hand out far enough out that she could fold her hand into something like an arrowhead and slid down Denna’s body until she was in position… then she began to shove forward.

Denna yelped at the sudden flood of sensation, pain… and something more. Bit by bit, the redhead stretched her cunt wide open with her hand, Becca tucking her thumb into the middle of her hand as she pushed and pushed and pushed… she wasn’t shoving hard or being especially rough but she was completely unyielding… no more thrusts forward and back, no more relief, just a relentless, unstoppable pressure onward and forward.

Then the mermaid shrieked, and something gave, and the wided part of Rebecca hand was inside her. A grin stretched across Rebecca’s face as she felt her pussy try to clench around her wrist, tiny, breathless screams coming from Denna as she was stretched by the redhead slowly rotating her hand inside of her pussy.

Thomas and Matt had come from dropping off the first two mermaids of their catch and were starting on the other two. One of them, a pretty light blue and orange, tropical looking thing, put up one hell of a fight as Matt bound her up. Venus, however, barely moved… she was too busy staring at where Rebecca’s arm was vanishing up into her mother.

Denna saw Thomas beginning to drag her daughter away too, and the mermaid went berserk. It was good she was still tied to the hook and had her hands bound because she might have thrown Rebecca off her otherwise, and that would have been humiliating…. Matt was still here to see it. Instead, all the mermaid was really doing was fucking herself of Rebecca’s hand. “Don’t be so sad… I know she came from up inside you, but you have a new baby in you now,” she mocked as she slowly curled her fingers into a fist inside of her. “Or close enough, anyway. I’m sure dad will give you the real thing soon enough.”

Denna was trying to flop closer to where Venus was being dragged away, and Rebecca shook her head in amusement as she continued reaming her out. “Damn dad, she really doesn’t want her to go.”

Thomas dropped Venus down to the deck. “Fine. We can do this here then.” He fell on her, grabbing onto her bound wrists and holding them over her head. “And be careful with that, Becca… you damage her womb and I’ll put you in a tank instead.”

Rebecca rolled her eyes as Venus screamed out, her virgin pussy skewered by her father in a single thrust. Denna screamed out in sympathetic pain. “Nag, nag,” she muttered. She twisted her fist inside of Denna, her knuckles and ridges all scraping over the mermaids soaking, sensitive walls. She then punched forward, ramming forward until she could feel her hand touching against Denna’s cervix. She paused there to twist her first, left, right, left, and then pulled it back… and then plowed her fist all the way in again. In, and out. In, and out, to the rhythm of the mother and daughter’s screams.

Rebecca was enjoying the sight of her father raping the smaller mermaid. She was like, half his size, and if she were on the other side Rebecca felt sure she could see that his thick cock was making her bulge. It really was one hell of a show. Denna was clearly “enjoying” it, as well – her head was locked in that direction, weeping as she watched Venus take her first cock.

“You’re going to have a granddaughter soon,” Rebecca whispered to Denna. “Isn’t that exciting?”

“No…! Don’t…!” she gasped out.

“You don’t want a granddaughter?” Rebecca crooned. “You don’t want my dad to fill your baby girl’s womb up with hot cum? Is that what you’re so afraid of?”

“Don’t…” she whimpered.

“Ok…” Becca said. “We can make a bargain.” She swapped around, leaving her fist buried in Denna as she sat down onto the mermaid’s mouth, pulling her bikini bottom to the side.. “Eat me out… you get me off, and I’ll stop him. No baby mermaid in your baby girl today. Deal?” Becca laughed. “But I’m sure your daughter is really tight, and the way my dad’s fucking her, it’s not going to take him long to finish, so you better hurry up…”

Denna didn’t take any further encouragement… she immediately drove in.

Mermaids just ate cunt better than anyone else. It wasn’t like Matt or her mom were bad at it, but no one could eat a pussy like a mermaid. It didn’t even make sense, because Rebecca would have bet ten minutes in a herm’s tank that this was the first pussy that Denna had ever touched other than her own, but even so the way she licked and sucked at it was instinctively perfect.

Rebecca groaned in pleasure, grinding herself further down against her, rubbing her pussy against the mermaids nose, her hips, her chin… making her continue seeking after the woman’s slit if she wanted to keep licking it. The entire time, she didn’t stop fisting the Denna, grinding her fist left and right inside of her, loving the way it made her gasp and squeal into her crotch. Her second hand had been kept busy playing with the mermaid’s swollen tits, but as she watched Venus get her cunt stuffed by Dad, she decided that she would very much like Denna to cum while she watched her daughter get broken in. With that in mind, she took that hand down to the mermaid’s pussy as well, finding the button of her clit and beginning to softly rub at it.

The first touch was like she was shocked. Denna jumped in place, thrashing like she hadn’t since Venus has began to be raped. She actually forgot to lick for a few seconds she was so busy jerking around, enough so that Rebecca needed to grind herself entirely up and down her face to get her attention again, smiling as the big-titted mother found her pussy again. She lost it again a few seconds later, though, as she gasped again… her breath hot onto Rebecca twat as she started to pant.

“You enjoy the show?” Rebecca teased, eyes glittering as she kept fisting her. “Like watching your daughter get turned into a fleshlight? I didn’t expect that to be your thing, but…” She began thrusting harder, bending over to take the mermaid’s clit in her mouth and sucking, and smiled widely as she felt Denna scream into her pussy as she came. “…if that’s what you like, you’re in luck… that’s what we like for her, too.”

She rode Denna as she moaned and twisted her way through an orgasm, occasionally twisting her fist or nibbling on her clit to keep it going. Rebecca loved how she squeezed on her fist while she came, like her body was trying to crush it. “Still so tight,” Rebecca said with a smile. “Amazing how you can pump out a new baby so quick and keep such an amazing body.”

Rebecca just kept riding her softly as she panted, her orgasm fading as she whimpered and sighed – but she wasn’t licking. The redhead amused herself by watching Venus crying out as she got pounded, her tiny tits still managing to shake with how hard Thomas railed her. “Given up?” Rebecca asked. “Just as well. I think my daddy’s going to become a daddy again soon, using your baby’s sweet cunt.”

Desperate, Denna redoubled her efforts with Rebecca’s pussy, finding it and beginning to lick again… her tongue working frantically to get her captor off. Becca moaned in response, rising back up to grab onto a fistful of the mermaid’s pale hair. “That’s the spirit,” she encouraged, enjoying the sight as Thomas fucked Venus harder, and grinning as he came, shoving himself deep into the wailing mermaid and grunting as he filled her up with a hot load. Denna couldn’t see, and Rebecca wasn’t about to tell her… she was so close to cumming on the sobbings thing’s face.

“Yes, Denna, just like that… that speed… yes… yes… oh, fuck yesssss, just like… aaagh!” The redhead shivered with delight as she came, her orgasm rushing over her. As she did, she squeezed her thighs around Denna’s head and pushed herself down harder, smothering the mermaid with her pussy. She began to jerk around again, suddenly unable to breathe, but Rebecca had all the power her… and Denna wasn’t breathing again until after she had finished cumming. “Don’t stop, don’t you stop you sweet-tongued bitch.

At last, her orgasm ended, and she pulled her fist out her playthings soaked cunt. Purring with pleasure, Rebecca climbed off of Denna’s face, letting her breathe again. ”Good job,” she said patting the pretty mermaid on head. “But not quite fast enough”

Denna looked over, and abruptly wailed in dismay as she saw the cum leaking out of her daughters swollen, gaping slit. It wouldn’t stay open for long, Rebecca knew that from experience, but for the moment her father had thoroughly fucked her open. She abandoned Denna, walking over to the slighter Venus and lifted her up off the ground. “Do you mind taking that one Dad?” She asked, lifted up the chocolate skinned mermaid and nodding as she saw Thomas pick up the crying Denna.

Stopping only briefly to pull a syringe from the case… only one left, not counting the one she had hidden away in the wheelhouse… and shooting Venus in the neck with it, she dragged the young mermaid towards the aquatic prison in the heart of the ship. When they entered the tank, they found Matt soaking wet and busy raping the blue and orange mermaid they had caught recently. “That will teach you,” he growled. “I forgot to bring a second shirt. It’s going to be wet all day now.”

“How many times do I need to tell you,” Thomas said as he arrived in the doorday, watching as Mark finished fucking the other mermaid’s ass. “They’re strong in the water. You need to be careful… that’s why they only get this much.”

“Dumbass,” Rebecca smirked, dropping Venus into the water and watching her scurry away. Then she turned to Denna. “You know, sweetie, you have a really talented tongue… really talented. I bet you might be able to suck all that cum right out of her little pussy. Stop her from getting knocked up.” The bronze mermaid was still bound, so Rebecca wasn’t worried about her trying to cheat. “But you better hurry up… once one of those swimmers gets far enough, it’ll be too late for her.”

Denna looked up at her with the biggest, saddest pleading eyes. Then she rushed forward through the water, towards Venus. The young mermaid didn’t seem to know what was going on, and she whimpered and squealed as her mother found her raped slit with her tongue. She tried to squirm away, but Denna didn’t let her. “And you better keep going until you’re suuuure you’ve gotten it all,” Rebecca added. “My dad impregnates mermaids for a living, he’s really good at it.”

She smiled up at Thomas. “And I feel better already.”

Ahead of them, Matt pulled out of the new mermaid’s ass, and as she collapsed sobbing and barely moving into the shallow pool, she noticed that cum was leaking from her lips and cunt as well. “Damn Matt, you did a number on her. You’ve never fucked me that many times what I annoyed you.”

He grumbled something beneath his breath. It sounded like “the day is young,” but she couldn’t be sure. She smiled anyway.

It amused Rebecca to see the other mermaids – except for Denna and Venus, who were quite busy – staring with shock and fear at Matt and the pretty new one. Lena especially like horrified as the assrape she had just witnessed, she seemed smart enough to know it was only a matter of time before he did the same to her.

“Did you remember to name her at least, before you fucked her silly?” Thomas asked. “Bad luck otherwise.”

Matt nodded. “Senna. I’ll need to give her a shot.”

“That’ll be the last one,” Thomas said with a shake of his head. “We have a decent crop here, but we need to get back to fishing. Need to catch a herm bad.” He paused thinking for a second. “Becca, take us to the Green Cove… and Matt, don’t give this one a shot… take her back up and get her strung up on one of the hooks. I have an idea…”

While Becca started navigating for the cove, Matt watched his father. The normally unflappable man was visibly annoyed, holding on tight to one of the railings as he looked out to sea. Matt tied up the blue and orange mermaid that he had finished punishing more thoroughly, tying her wrists down to a loop around her tail before lowering one of the hooks to her. Then he began to seriously wind the rope around her, securing her as tightly as he could to the crane.

“So,” he said casually as he ran the rope around her again, and again, and again. “We’re going after Ryona, are we?”

Thomas looked over, narrowing his eyes. “How do you know about her?”

Rebecca scoffed as she rolled her eyes. “Um, maybe because you’ve been bitching about her since before you took me out here for the first time? Or because you curse her name in your sleep? And when you’re ripping into the new catches? Or because-”

“Shut it,” Thomas said, turning back to the ocean with a sigh. “Yeah, it’s time for my regular exercise in insanity. I know how Ahab must have felt now. I promised myself I wouldn’t go after her anymore, but… we really need her now, and she’s the only one in the area that I know how to find. I had hoped we’d pick up a herm by luck over the last two months but…” he shrugged. “No such luck. So we go mooching. Again.”

Matt turned to look as the Green Cove came into sight. It was a gorgeous sight… barrier reefs covered much of the entrance, making the surface of the cove as still as a pond. That lack of movement let the algae grow to great density here, making the water suspiciously green. It made it hard to see through as well, bad for their Aqua-scope and seeing from above as well…

And was where Ryona lived.

Thomas walked over to where Senna was tied to the hook like bait. “Hope she finds you as sexy as I do, you pretty thing…” He pulled a tiny electric egg from his pocket, gave it a twist until it started buzzing in his hand, and then shoved it up her cunt… her natural wetness and his seed making it go in easily enough despite its size. She cried out as it went in – it was rather large, and textured for friction so it wouldn’t slip out easily – but almost immediately she began to moan.

These things were powerful… Matt knew that from personal experience. Once they were turned on, they would go until they ran out of batteries – since they were made for working underwater, they didn’t have any control or signal receivers to get instructions to stop. Put one of these in a mermaid, and she would start cumming within minutes, and wouldn’t stop for more than an hour.

Thomas checked her bindings with a critical eye, then nodded in approval of them. “Lower her down… and lets hope Ryona is horny.” He grinned. “But not too horny. For once.”

Rebecca took them into the center of the lagoon while Matt checked his bindings one more time and began to swing her over the side… and paused. Something his father had said yesterday…

“Blood draws in the nastier ones…”

He took out a pocket knife from is pants, flicking it open. “I want you to know this isn’t because I’m mad at you,” he said softly to the terrified mermaid… he felt ridiculous apologizing to her but it seemed appropriate at the moment. “It’s not a punishment. It just has to be done.” And he went to her hands and, as gently as possible, opened her fingertips.

It wasn’t a lot of blood… not much more than you would get from a pin prick, but from what he knew, sharks didn’t have a problem detecting even minute amounts of blood. Hopefully his instincts were good and it would help… or at least, his father’s less than stellar history with this one would prevent him from castrating Matt if this went wrong.

Then he swung Senna over the edge and dropped her down into the verdant water.

The three of them eagerly watched through the aquascope, as best as they could. Visibility was shit, but it was good enough for them to see Senna where she struggled in the water, just a few feet away through the water. The pretty mermaid was thrashing through another orgasm, her 6th that Matt has watched since they put her in the water. The three of them watched in near silence as they waited for Ryona to show up… the tension too thick for conversation.

Then something moved in the green darkness.

It was so quick, just a flash of a color like slate that Matt could have easily thought he imagined it… except that Senna started going beserk on the hook, trying to escape. She couldn’t, of course, she was bound far too thoroughly, but it didn’t stop her from trying. Instead, she came again, bubbles escaping her mouth as she gasped underwater.

The dark gray shape flashed by again.

“That’s her,” Thomas hissed. “That’s the bitch.”

Matt didn’t see her arrive – she just seemed to appear out of the gloomy water like a ghost. One second, Senna was alone in the water. The second, a second mermaid treaded water just in front of her, nearly immobile as she looked at the tied captive. Matt hadn’t been sure what he expected the shark-girl to look like, but he was pleasantly surprised to look on her… her skin was a dark grey and striped with yellow in a pattern not unlike that of a tiger. Blonde hair flowed through the water around her head like spreading blood, and her eyes seemed to glow with red light in the darkness.

“Fuck the bait,” Thomas muttered. “Don’t just take her and go again you little shit. She’s nice and tied up, just fuck her…” On the other side of her father, Rebecca flipped open the switch and put her hand over it.

Ryona circled the cumming girl, examining her from all directions… Slowly circling, nose twitching intently.

“You want me to fry her?” Becca asked. She was whispering, the sheer tension keeping her quiet..

Thomas shook his head. “She’ll feel it. It takes too long to build up. She has to be distracted…” he trailed off as Ryona moved behind the mermaid and suddenly licked at her bound fingers. “What is she doing?”

“Licking up the blood, probably,” Matt admitted.

“Th- The what?” Thomas whispered harshly, eyes wide. “What did you do, Matt?”

Then the gray shape moved, sudden and violent, and the water thrashed into violent foam and bubbles, and they couldn’t see anything anymore. “Come on, come on,” Thomas muttered, waiting… but after thirty seconds the foam didn’t begin to disperse. “She’s actually doing it! Zap her! Do it now!”

Becca slapped down the switch, and Matt could hear a high pitched electric whine build over five seconds… then the lights in the cabin abruptly died as the ship’s batteries discharged violently into the surrounding water. The three peered through the scope, desperately trying to see through the bubbles, waiting for the foam the clear…

And when it did, two mermaids hung limp and unconscious in the water.

Thomas jumped to his feet, pumping his fist in the air. “Yes! We we got her!” he turned to Matt. “That was reckless, son. You realize she could have shredded her, right?”

Matt shrugged. “The alternative was she would just take the bait again and escape, like usual. Either way, no huge loss to us… but this way we actually got her.”

“I don’t know whether to give you an award or kick your ass Matt,” Thomas warned. “So by way of congratulations and punishment, I’m going to make you a trophy and beat you over the head with it.” His laughter made a mockery of the threat, and he grabbed both his son and daughter into a huge, grinning wildly. “We finally got her! Now go get me a net before my white whale wakes up!”

Getting Senna back in the boat and into the hold was easy enough – the mermaid had been knocked senseless by the shock and was completely unconscious. Even if she hadn’t still been secured to the hook she would have presented no problem. Ryona was a different matter – they needed to secure her as quickly as possible, and not just because she had proved so elusive in the past. The mermaid was dangerous.

She hung upside down from the crane hook now, and Matt was impressed to see just how large the mermaid was. Her torso itself wasn’t really any different from one like Senna, though she did some stronger, more athletic. The real difference was in her tail – she was more than twice as long as any other mermaid that Matt had ever seen, and she looked strong and dangerous both. Her mouth hung open and seemed full of sharper-than-normal teeth, even if the effect was ruined and made rather cute by the way her tongue hung out of her limp mouth. Out of the water, her orange and gray striped body stood out brilliantly in the sun, and her blonde hair hunt down the rest of the way to pool on the deck… but none of those were the main difference between her and the others.

The main difference was the cock hanging down the front of her tail.

Matt was happy with his own tool, but Ryona’s put it to shame… it looked more like a forearm jutting out of her body than a dick. This was how mermaids reproduced in the wild, he knew… there were no male mermaids. Only the rare hermaphrodite. In breeding season, one of these like Ryona could impregnate an entire gossip of mermaids in a day. In the hatchery, they used them partially for that purpose… but mostly, they needed them for the critical hormones they produced. His father had already drawn blood from her, where he would take it back to Mom for her to use to make more of those syringes they needed.

Thomas nodded at the dangling mermaid approvingly. “Finally got her,” he said with a smile. “Good job, Matt.”

“Proving once again,” Rebecca said with a sneer, “that beginner’s luck is real.”

“You get the honors, Matt,” his father announced, handing him a small black box. “I’ve been holding onto that for far too long, waiting for this one. Put it on her.”

Herms like Ryona were too dangerous and violent to just be put into the tank with the others. Even if they didn’t end up hurting their catch, they would be too dangerous for the group of fishermen to get back out safely. Thankfully, they had a means to control them – their hormones were so powerful and wild that it wasn’t hard to push them in one direction or the other.

Matt opened the black box and took out a collar. It was mostly rubber, the better to stay underwater, but there was a small stainless metal box on the back, like an insulin drip – that would go into her neck and adjust her hormones as needed. The words on the box, in silver letters, spelled her name. Ryona.

The mermaid was starting to stir, and Matt really didn’t want to still be anywhere near her when she woke up, not without this collar on her. He hurried up and fastened it around her neck tightly, making sure the box was pressed firmly against her skin… and he just finished when her eyes popped up. He backed up… and her eyes fixated on him. Then she began to thrash.

Bound as she was, she couldn’t get loose… but her shaking when attached to the crane was sufficient to sway the ship back and forth. She was strong… so strong, and Matt didn’t like the violent light in her eyes as she looked at him. Thankfully, he kept backing up until he was at a safe distance… then took the remote from his father.

It wasn’t exactly surgical control they had over their emotions, but this was simple enough. The controls had three settings – Off, Docile, and Breed. He pressed the button for docile.

It wasn’t precisely like flipping a switch: The mermaid didn’t immediately freeze or anything, but she did seem to grow a bit more confused. Then a little bit more. Slowly she stopped moving, and then hung there, looking somewhat disinterested.

Thomas chuckled as he walked up, admiring Ryona as she hung there, staring at him with curious eyes. “I finally got you,” he said softly, as if he almost couldn’t believe it. He reached out to grope her breasts, squeezing them, pinching her nipple. “Finally.” He looked over at his son and daughter. “And with that, I think we’re about ready to call our trip a few hours early. I’ll take the helm on the way in… you two, set up our new friend to have a party for us.”

Ryona gave Rebecca and Matt no trouble as they untied her and picked her up under her arms. She was too big to really lift, but her long tail slid across the ground easily as they took her towards the hatch door. “Ever seen a show like this, little brother? I don’t think you’ve been around when we brought in one of the last ones. You just seen the older, more docile ones like Maeve back home.”

“That’s right,” Matt admitted, eyeing the large, strong herm between them. She seemed so powerful… he could barely imagine what she was capable of.

“You should watch close,” Rebecca said with a smirk. “She might teach you a thing or two about how to use that thing between your legs.” She turned the wheel to open the hatch, and together they dropped down into the water with Ryona between them.

In the hold, the mermaids all saw who they were entering with – more than one of them screamed. They all splashed as far away from the hatch as they could get, putting their backs against one of the walls. The only one who didn’t was Senna, who was still laying senseless in the water, moaning softly as she slowly began to wake up. Ryona, once released, didn’t rush for them however – she just sort of lay languidly in the water, idly flicking her fingers through it.

Until Matt took hold of the remote and pressed Breed.

Ryona seemed to come to life, her nose twitching as her eyes narrowed and seemed to begin to glow with an inner light. A slow, languide smile came across her face, showing her teeth as she scanned the pool, looking at the mermaids one by one before settling on Senna, the one who hadn’t been able to swim away…

She lunged.

Ryona might be predatory, but not in a mating rut – with the hormones flooding her now she didn’t want to eat, she just wanted to fuck and fuck and fuck. Senna woke screaming as she was abruptly impaled by the Ryona, the tiger-striped girl rolling through the water with her prey, wrapping her long tail around and around her victim and holding her motionless as she raped her. Her teeth found the joint between the woman’s shoulder and neck, and Senna cried out as Ryona bit down… Matt tensed, but the bite wasn’t much more than a love bite – no blood. Father didn’t name this one Ryona because she was a gentle lover.

“Would you look at that,” Becca said whistling, sitting down on the lip of the door to watch. “That’s how you fuck a mermaid, Matt.”

Ryona would have had no trouble overpowering Senna even if things were fair, but the other mermaid still had her hands bound and the herm did not. Her hands gripped onto Senna’s full breasts and squeezed them hard, crushing them in her hands and using them like handles to fuck into her harder until she at last came… not that there was any sign of it but the wail coming from Senna. Certainly Ryona didn’t stop – she wouldn’t fuck the mermaid just once.

By the time Ryona was finished she had dumped three huge loads of cum into Senna. It looked like the mermaid was six months pregnant, just from how full she was of the blonde’s cum. Senna just floated senseless in the water as the shark-woman let go of her, tired of her for now… but the hormones pumping through her collar kept her cock hard as stone as she scanned the other mermaids. They whimpered.

Matt leaned back to watch. Denna tried to protect Venus, going so far as to put herself in front of the other mermaid, offering her own body… it didn’t help. Ryona had ended up wrapping the bronze mermaid up in her tail while she raped her daughter, holding her immobile while she tried to fight free to help the smaller mermaid. Matt could see a definite bulge in Venus each time Ryona pumped into her, and the violence of it certainly made the beautiful dark skinned mermaid scream a lot. When she was finished and Venus’s belly had nearly doubled in size. And then Ryona belatedly took Denna up on her kind offer and raped her too.

Lena tried to fight Ryona off when it was her turn, and the herm didn’t like that one bit – her body took pains to demonstrate how much easier she had been going on the mermaids than she could. Once her lust for violence was inflamed, she punched Lena repeatedly in her stomach until the sexy redhead had stopped fighting. Then, when she started raping the beautiful mermaid the shark kept biting her, leaving visible depressions in her shoulders, her arms, her breasts and her neck from all the places Ryona had marked her. By the time she was finished, Lena had curled into a tiny, sobbing ball halfway submerged in the shallow water.

“See?” Becca said. “You’re going far too easy on them. See what Lena can take? You barely scratch the sur- HEY!”

Matt had had enough. He grabbed hold of Rebecca’s bikini and tore it off her, letting both panties and top go floating through the tank. He shoved her forward, his cock already rock hard from the show, and just spat onto it. “I’ve had enough of you, sis,” he grunted as he pushed his dick against her asshole. “You’ve been a pain in my ass all weekend.”

“So now you’re going to be one in mine?” Becca spat, struggling and trying to crawl away through the water… then she screamed as his cock skewered her, sinking a few inches into her tight asshole.

“Something like that,” he chuckled as he grabbed her hips and started fucking her, each thrust hammering her a little further into the unprepared girl.

“Ow!” his sister called. “You ass! Ow. Stop that- Ow! – Hurts! Fuck!”

“You’ve been asking for it all weekend sis,” he mocked. “Just shut up and take it.” He kept watching as Ryona finished raping the 5th mermaid… he thought his father had named her Lorelei for her green hair and large breasts. “Hey, Ryona! Hey, you, shark girl!”

The herm spun around, looking left and right at the sea of fucked-silly mermaids floating around her with cum-swollen bellies, her eyes fixating on Matt and Rebecca… her eyes wide and lustful. Matt grabbed onto Rebecca and pulled her back against him as he sat against the door, drawing her legs apart with both hands. “Yeah, you’re a clever thing, aren’t you?” Matt said with a laugh. “You want a piece?”

“Matt, are you crazy!” Rebecca said, seemingly panicked… but he could hear how her voice shook with lust. “Let go of me!”

A second later, it was too late for that. Ryona might be used to mermaids, but it hadn’t take her more than a few seconds to realize that a cunt was a cunt, and to rush forward with all the impressive, predatory speed in her body. Matt needed to brace himself against the door as Ryona pushed against the two of them… and him his cock shuddered with pleasure in her ass as he felt a thick, hard dick shove into her from the front, making his sister’s ass clench even tighter around him.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” Rebecca cried out as she was fucked from the front and behind at once. “God, stop it! Ow, fuck Matt, are you kidding me?”

“If you don’t like it,” he growled into her ear, “you could always try to fight her off. I’d like to see you covered in bite marks too.” Rebecca shuddered, and it made her ass do wonderful things to his cock… she didn’t resist at all. Matt didn’t even need to fuck her anymore… Ryona’s thrusts slide her up and down on his shaft wonderfully. “Fuck you have a great ass sis. Too bad you can be such an asshole.”

“You’re- Ow! – The assho-o-ole…” she panted, whimpering as her body was manhandled between the two rapists. He was pretty sure that she was cumming. Then he felt the heat in her body as Ryona filled her up with cum as well. “Fuuuuuck,” she moaned. “I don’t… want… to have a baby with a tail…”

Ryona didn’t finish fucking her when she came, of course – she kept going. Matt let her until the enthusiastic fucking finally wrang the cum from his balls, letting him paint her ass white with it. Then he took the remote and set it to Docile. Ryona’s thrusts slowed, and then slowly stopped. She looked down at Rebecca, a little confused… then pulled out and half-swam-half-slithered away through the shallow water to curl up in a coil in the deepest water available.

Rebecca didn’t look as pregnant as the mermaids did but she felt incredibly full… her belly taunt and swollen from Ryona’s copious cum forced up into her womb. Groaning, she forced herself up and off of Matt’s cock, grabbing her bikini bottoms… she couldn’t see the top anywhere… and slapping them against his chest. “You fucking ass,” she growled. “Daaaaaad!” she called. “Mark got me knocked up with a fleshlight!”

Thomas’s voice carried down from the wheelhouse. “I have a gold quickshot pen in your cabin, beneath your bed for just such an occasion,” he said with a chuckle. “Go give yourself a shot. Then get back to work… I do believe you volunteered to take the next three watches?”

Cursing to herself and topless, Rebecca stomped off to find the pen and jab herself in the damn neck before she needed to work while that asshole brother of hers probably found the time to go fuck Lena again. Next time he wanted his cock sucked she was going to keep her mouth shut… that would show him.

Until he forced her mouth open and took her anyway, at least. But that would be fun too…

Nearly eight hours later, Sea King was guided into the harbor at St Vincent, the small one on the side of the island that they had needed to expand to make room for the larger ship… and some of the hired help was already there, ready to help tie her up and unload her. Mom had no doubt called them out as soon as she had spotted Sea King on the horizon, even a full day early.

As they pulled in, Thomas jumped over the side, striding down the dock with a purpose. “Get her unloaded boys. You’re supervising, Rebecca… you’re still on duty for another four hours.” Matt jumped off the ship after him, walking down just a few feet behind as a half dozen men finished tying her up and stepped onto her.

“Yeah, yeah,” Rebecca muttered. “Fine, sure. Make the pregnant one do all the work.” Normally she would have slid down the ladder, but she couldn’t do a lot of things she normally would. Her belly had swollen big enough that it looked like she was 6 months pregnant already, and if she concentrated it was almost like she could feel it growing larger in real time. The entire process had left her ravenously hungry, and she had been eating plenty… the mermaids in the hold would be even worse off, having not been fed.

Her feet hit the deck heavily, and she rubbed her belly. The hormones they gathered from these mermaids really were a miracle. Able to make an entire pregnancy take hours, instead of months. It would have made them worth fishing up even even if they weren’t so valuable as sex dolls. When the mix of hormones was given to mothers of normal humans, it didn’t make their pregnancy as fast as it did with mermaids, but having a child in a few weeks instead of nine months was a huge step up, and people paid well for the privilege.

“Come on,” he gestured at the men, several of which were staring at her with leers. She had almost forgotten she was still topless. “God damn you Matt,” she growled, walking towards the hatch and opening it up. The mermaids – except for Ryona, of course – cowered, scrambling awkwardly to the far side of the cage. Their bellies were even more swollen than hers were… all of them. Little Venus looked nearly twice as big.

“Ok, little tip,” Rebecca said. “You’re going to get your tails over here, and let these men take you out. If you do…” she made a gesture with her hands before miming putting something in her mouth. “You get to eat. Understand?” She put her hands on her hips. “Or we can do it the hard way.” She held Ryona’s remote up and turned her onto Breed for just a couple seconds… long enough for the placidly sleeping woman to wake up and begin staring at the other mermaids with lust-filled eyes.

The mermaids didn’t cause any problems.

Matt stepped into the hatchery, grinning as he did. He felt like Caeser returning to Rome after a successful campaign, walking through the door like a triumph of old. The impression didn’t go away at all as he found his mother Sara on the ground, his father slamming into her ass from behind right in the entry hall.

Sarah was a beautiful blonde woman in her late forties but you would never know it to look at her. The island life had been good to her… her skin was tan and flawlessly smooth, her hair full and lush, and the only sign she still carried of her two children were her hourglass figure and her larger tits. She didn’t look a day over 30. Of course, it helped when she had been the first human to test the mermaid hormones her husband had discovered… pregnancy didn’t mess you up as badly when it was over in just a few weeks.

“Ugh!” She grunted. “Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh, uh, huh-hi, Matt, ugh.” Each thrust of his father’s cock into her forced the air into her as he slammed his wife down onto the ground with his dick. Thomas was fucking her had enough that she was actually sliding aross the floor a little. “I… ugh… I he-heard… that… you… got Ry… oooooo… ona!” she shrieked as dad spanked her ass. “Congratula- Urk!”

Not hesitating, Matt had dropped to his knees in front of her, grabbed onto her head and slammed her head down onto his cock, throating her all the way down on the first thrust. “I was thinking the same thing,” he groaned as he started to facefuck his mother, Thomas laughing with pleasure from behind as they took turns slamming his mother back and forth between them.

Now this… this felt like a celebration.

Six hours later, the mermaids started giving birth. All but one of them.

The fact that it was this fast meant that Ryona had done with – mermaid births from the coupling of a mermaid with a herm were only about eighteen hours. If Matt or Thomas has knocked up these ones, they wouldn’t be giving birth yet. It meant that the shots had been wasted, but… well, they had Ryona now, so who cared? She would breed for them until she started to go dry, and by then all the hormones they had collected from her would keep them in barely slower breeding mode for years afterward, before they would need to catch another of the predatory mermaids.

They were in tanks now… not big ones, only about the size of a few large bathtubs. Fully submerged for their health, but they couldn’t really swim around. They could be exercised in the larger tanks once a day or so, until they were sold… and of course there were other things they would be taken out for.

Matt watched eagerly as bubble rose from the screaming mermaids as they gave birth… he was focused on two of them at the moment. Denna and Venus were crying as their bellies emptied, Ryona’s cum still packing their tight slits making their young slid out more easily…

At first, Matt thought that Venus’ newborn was solid black… but that was the lighting. She had green spots, dark green, barely visible in the light… until she floated underneath one of the lamp in the tank and back into the darkness. Then they began to glow. She started about the size of a small dog, but literally before his eyes she started to grow. The ocean was a dangerous place, and the same fertility hormones that made the mermaid pregnancy so fast helped the daughters mature quickly. Just a couple of hours, and they were a young, but mature, mermaid.

Denna’s child looked like a blood droplet in the water she was so solid crimson, crossed with stripes of a deeper red in the same pattern as Ryona’s were. She was almost growing fast… at this rate, she might be the size of her mother before she stopped.

In the other tanks around him, the others were giving birth as well… but his attention was focused now on the one who wasn’t.

Lena hovered in the water, seriously pregnant… but not as much so at the others. She wasn’t giving birth yet. That meant that Ryona hadn’t knocked that silver-skinned virgin up… he had. She was carrying a new fucktoy that he had made. Matt put his hand on the tank, smirking as Lena flinched away from it. “Soon,” he promised her. Then he went off to get some lunch with his father while they killed a bit of time.

By the time they returned about 90 minutes later, Matt smiled to look into the tanks. Already the young mermaids looked barely younger than their parents did. Thomas whistled, and Matt shook his head. “No matter how many times I see it,” his father said with a grin, “it never stops being impressive.

“Do you want to name them?”

“Hell no,” Thomas smirked. “We’re not on a ship, no bad luck to bring on us. We’ll name them if we decide we’re keeping them as a breeder. Otherwise their buyers can pick.” he slapped his son on the back. “So which one do you want?”

He looked carefully over the mermaids… Senna and Lena were right out, as was Koi… he’d already gotten to fuck those three. There were plenty more available, but his eyes kept finding four in specific… Denna, Venus, and their children. He hadn’t had a chance to get his cock in any of them yet.

Slowly, he raised his hand and pointed at Venus. “That one,” he said.

“Good choice,” Thomas agreed with a smirk. “Her cunt as tight as a vice.”

“Oh, I’m not intending to take her cunt,” Matt chuckled, and Thomas laughed with him.

“Oh… I guess if you are going to fuck Venus, I might as well rape her sister,” Thomas said, looking at the crimson mermaid swimming eagerly around an anxious Denna. “Let the matriarch see both her kids take some dick together.” He pointed at the glowing black and green one. “And her… I really want to see what Deirdre does to her…”

Getting the mermaids out of their tanks wasn’t especially hard… they just went up to the catwalks over them and fished around with nets. Venus and her issue were fairly easy. The scarlet mermaid presented a larger issue since Denna tried so hard to deflect the net away from her. In the end, Thomas had to pin her against the glass with a pole while Matt got out their new plaything.

Then were there were three mermaids out and ready to be taken. The black and green one they pushed into the target tank in the room’s center before taking Venus and her new sister down to the tables where they would be more… comfortable. As they passed the console by the larger tank, the lights went out inside it… and a red light on the dashboard began to glow.

Thomas slapped the blood-mermaid down onto the table… she looked confused more than worried. She obviously had no idea what was coming. Venus did, and as her modest tits were pressed against the table she squirmed her tail back and forth, trying to be an elusive target to avoid Matt’s thick cock. It worked for a few seconds… until he pressed her hard down against the table, making her stationary long enough for him to begin wedging his cock into her virgin ass.

Her screams got her sister’s attention, and the red skinned girl looked over to see what was happening… and that was when her cunt got broken in by his father, their screams as they were defiles in fresh holes.

In the tank ahead of them, the glowing form of Venus’s child hovered in the dark tank alone, swimming in slow, confused circles… when a second set of lights appears. A brief moment of bright blue light. On the table, Venus began to panic, no longer struggling to geta way from Matt but instead reaching towards the tank her daughter was in, focused on her suffering even as she got assraped. “You know what that is, don’t you,” he grunted into her ear as his cock sank deeper into her. “Too bad your daughter doesn’t…”

Another flash of blue light, behind the ignorant mermaid now… and Matt could make out the lithe shape of a blue and white mermaid in the water behind her with a long, long tail with spine-like ridges on it. Another few arcs of electricity ran along them, lighting the two of them up for another second…

Then she fell onto the newborn mermaid in a thrashing mess of bubbles.

Thomas and Matt took their time raping their new mermaids, watching the show as Dierdre broke in the third one. She wasn’t as ferocious as she once was, but the herm was an electric eel, a rare predator indeed… and it was always fun to watch her suddenly flash, making the black and green glowing victim scream more bubbles in agony as she thrashed under the voltage of her breeder while her pussy was fucked.

Maybe she would get knocked up from this, maybe she wouldn’t. Dierdre wasn’t as reliable of a breeder as she used to be… Thomas had caught her not too long after Matt himself was born. He remembered growing up watching her light this dark tank for hours as a child. Now she was older… but still ferocious and sexy, and Matt admired the show as Venus cried for her daughter.

Behind them in her tank, Denna watched the whole thing with sad eyes.

“I… am NEVER… going to let… you forget… this… you ASS!” Rebecca grunted out from around screams as she fought to give birth. He was barely paying attention… his eyes were fixed on the nearby tank where Lena was going through the same process. One mermaid and human, one human and mermaid… almost the same length of pregnancy.

“I swear, if you ever do this to me again…” Rebecca threatened, and she was starting to get loud to annoying, so he grabbed onto her hair while she lay on the table and pulled her towards him. “I am going to kill yo- Urk!” He slammed his cock into her mouth, fucking her face while she groaned her way through the end of giving birth.

She wormed her mouth free. “Going to… kill you, bastard,” she whimpered. Then she ran her tongue along the bottom of his cock.

Rebecca continued slurping along his length, moaning and occasionally screaming as she pushed her own mermaid out of her pussy, and Matt watched and enjoyed every minute or the process. Lena had finished before Becca had, and the blue-and-gold beauty that he had helped make was now swimming in her own tank already, happily twirling as she grew up before his eyes.

He continued slowly fucking her moaning face untill after he saw the pretty young mermaid slip out of his siter’s pussy, exotically colored with a marbling of black and gold like a salamander. He paused to admire the pretty thing as he grabbed her head and began to fuck her more viciously, eager to finish now that she was panting around him and no longer screaming and setting his cock to vibrating in her throat.

She gagged as she swallowed his cum, but she never stopped licking at him, never stopped sucking as she swallowed it all. Only after he had begun to soften in her mouth did she slowly stop, pulling back and giving the head of his cock a kiss before pulling out entirely. “Asshole,” she moaned. Then she smiled down at the tiny mermaid… even after a few minutes, no longer so tiny. “It’s incredible, isn’t it… Already so big…” She grinned at her brother. “Can’t wait to see what she can do. Any ideas how to pass the time?”

In answer, Matt flipped her over, and she moaned as his cock found the entrance to her asshole…

Two hours later, Matt had already filled two of his daughter’s holes with cum. The blue and silver girl had seemed more confused than upset by the whole thing… she had never been given an opportunity to interact with her mother yet, so her own knowledge of what was being done to her was that it hurt. Her asshole and mouth dripped with his seed now, and she flinched when he touched her. It seemed like he was trying to teach her how to say “fuck me.”

Rebecca wasn’t really paying attention. She had enjoyed the show, but it had just been a distracting pasttime…. Her focus has been on her own daughter. She cooed as Rebecca stroked her hair, giggling as she occasionally molested the beautiful mermaid’s breasts. The black-and-yellow skin was a beautiful contrast to her own tan skin and she loved looking at it. She had been born after Matt’s mermaid, so she had waited with her innocent daughter, idly playing with her as she crew with every passing second and imagining what it would look like as his brother plowed her.

Matt had just finished wiping his cock off in his daughter’s hair when Rebecca called him over. “What do you think Matt?” she asked, stroking her daughter’s face. She trembled a little bit as he walked towards her – she had watched the unnamed silver and blue one crying and screaming and gagging for the last hour, after all – but she was such a good girl. She didn’t try to move away at all. “She seem ready to you?”

“She does,” he agreed.

Becca smiled and turned her daughter around to look at her. “Lie down sweetheart. Momma’s going to teach you a new trick.” She helped the exotic mermaid lay down on one of the tables before straddling her. “Now what I want you to do,” she instructed, guiding the woman’s head with her hand, “Is lick me out. Shove that tongue into my pussy… and don’t stop no matter what.” Rebecca pinched her nipples gentle, but she squealed anyway… this young one was sooo sensitive to pain, it was delicious. “This pussy is the most important thing in the world to you, understand? Make me happy, and I’ll make sure you are happy too…”

Becca ground herself down onto her daughter, and sighed in pleasure she felt her tongue begin going to work. If Denna had been a skilled cuntlicker, she was nothing compared to this one… even inexperienced her tongue felt as soft as a cloud, and she was so delicate and enthusiastic in its use. “Oh,” she groaned. “I can’t wait to train you. If you stay half this gone, I might just ask Dad how much the family discount is for you…”

She bent over, being sure to keep her pussy pressed against her daughter’s lips as she got into something very close a 69 position with the mermaid, spreading her cunt with a pair of fingers while she began to lick at her.

Her nameless daughter showed no immediate reaction, but when Rebecca began dared to penetrate her sister’s slit with the tip of her tongue, she found the inner flesh of the mermaid as damp as ever. As she licked a little deeper, swirling through the wetness with her tongue, she the gasp of the beautiful fleshlight beneath her, felt the mermaids tongue begin to work harder. She sighed in pleasure and got back to work, even though it was hard to focus on doing a good job licking her daughter while she was getting so expertly eaten out herself. Soon the mermaid was moaning into her slut, and Rebecca was doing the same.

It was amazing. Even young, even a virgin who had never touched anyone before, much less had sex, the mermaid seemed to know exactly what to do with her tongue to set Rebecca’s spine shuddering with ecstasy. The redhead came, shuddering in pleasure and quivering… but she didn’t stop licking until the nameless mermaid was shaking in the throes of her own orgasm, both women trembling with the pleasure of it.

“Now, brother,” Rebecca moaned, feeling loopy in her orgasm.

She was soaking wet now, even for a mermaid, and Rebecca watched through half-lidded eyes as Matt approached. “You do know how to get a man excited, sis,” he said as he pushed the nameless mermaid’s tail a bit further down to make room, and then without hesitation she pushed himself deep into the girl’s virgin cunt.

Her virginity broke, but the only sign of it from her daughter was a sharp gasp, and a momentary stop to her licking. Rebecca needed only to twist her nipple for a second to get her started again, and soon she was moaning her way towards cumming a second time watching her brother’s cock skewer her daughter just inches before her face. She felt the first moan of the mermaid against her crotch, and she smiled.

Matt had closed his eyes and was breathing slowly. “Damn she’s tight,” he groaned. “Not like there’s anything wrong with your cunt Becca, but your daughter was born to be a fucktoy.”

“That is what mermaids are for,” Rebecca agreed with a short cry of ecstasy as the tongue found an especially sensitive spot. “Oh yes, right there… right there. Oh, I am… definitely… keeping you… Seres. Keeping you…” She leaned her head down and began licking at her daughter’s cunt against, her tongue also lashing against her brother’s cock while it thrust in and out. She was pretty sure Seres came again when Rebecca did it, too.

Buffeted by both the virgin mermaid snatch and Rebecca’s expert tongue, it didn’t take long for Matt to finish in that tight sextoy. Huffing, her brother slammed his hips against Seres and shot him cum into her. Nearly the second he pulled out, Rebecca threw herself into licking. Father would kill her if he knew, but she didn’t want her little sexdoll to get pregnant just yet… he wanted her just like this for a while… so she started noisily sucking her daughter out, trying to drink up every last bit of her brother’s sperm out of her tight hole. While she did, she heard the gag as her brother started Seres on cleaning up his cock, and worked to make her cum a third time while she did…

It was after midnight before Matt settled back into bed. The last three days of his first fishing trip had passed like a single day, almost like a dream. He had caught Ryona. He had raped his first virgin mermaid, felt her struggle. He had dumped more loads of cum into those tailed fucktoy in three days that he would have thought possible… and he had a daughter now, one he had broken in thoroughly already.

Matt would have dreamed of mermaids, but he didn’t need to. Rebecca was in his bed again… but they weren’t alone. Lena was stretched between them, her hands tied to the head of the bed and her tail to the foot so she served as a body pillow for brother and sister. This was dry for her, but she wouldn’t need to live like this forever… she would be back in her tank tomorrow, until he took her back out. Cum trickles out of her ass, but not her pussy – Rebecca had sucked that out while he had given his sister a cock in her own greedy slit – but despite having a sexy fucktoy in bed with him Matt just couldn’t find it in him to get hard enough to fuck her again.

That was fine, he thought, as he lay his head against Lena’s breasts, listening to the mermaids soft sobbing like a lullaby as he stretched one leg over her. Tomorrow is another day, and his cock would certainly be hard again in the morning.

And he knew exactly what he was going to do with it.

2 thoughts on “Rhyme of the Mermaid Mariners

  1. Surprise!

    It’s true that I should probably have caught up on Chosen, but…I actually don’t have an excuse, but a while back you expressed curiosity about what I’d think of this, and more recently Tiana nudged me toward this series during a conversation we were having, so on a whim, here I am.

    Now admittedly, you did warn me that the world building here will collapse on itself like a house of cards if I poke it, so ‘ll try not to do that.

    From behind the slick gash in her tail was obvious…

    Amusingly, same design philosophy as the Alicians.

    “Did you remember to name her at least, before you fucked her silly?” Thomas asked. “Bad luck otherwise.”

    Matt nodded. “Senna. I’ll need to give her a shot.”

    …Ok this is getting really weird.

    Anyway, it is interesting that unlike with your other stories, here we don’t see things through the victim’s point of view, but rather the rapists’. It’s hard to say we’re being invited to sympathize with them, precisely, because there’s definitely a fair amount of casual cruelty on display, but this whole thing has a different feel from your other stuff I’ve read. Mermaid fishing feels somewhat like it’s treated like other forms of fishing, so not particularly monstrous by the standards of the setting. Indeed, as we learn about the “herms”, it does seem that all reproduction in the setting is essentially based on rape.

    Mermaid intelligence is also an interesting question. Sometimes they seem like they’re human level intelligence, and sometimes more like animals. It’s possible they’re highly intelligent animals, like dolphins, but they come across as smarter because of their human features, and admittedly some of them are stated to be more intelligent than others.

    Of course I do wonder how Lena appeared to pick up English just because she was smart. I mean, intelligence and knowledge of a language aren’t the sa-


    There is a bit of a…I’m not entirely sure what to call it. I guess it’s similar to Show, Don’t Tell, but it felt really weird that such a big deal was made out of catching Ryona, finally, after all these years, when the actual capture was honestly pretty quick and easy. Again, I’m not sure what to call it, but it feels odd.

    While this is built on rape, as one would guess, there was actually some stuff in here that was actually hot for me, and I do like the creative designs for the mermaids (Lena being the sort of “mermaid classic”, while there are also ki, tiger sharks and electric eels), so while I have no idea where a story like this goes, I’ll keep going. Not immediately, of course; I have to read other stuff, but I’ll circle back to it.


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