Freljord Diplomacy Chapter 3

Commission for M

“Congratulations my Queen…” Eli said with a soft smile. “You won.”

Ashe sagged on her knees, sobbing softly as she caught her breath. She had beaten her… she had had finally beaten Sejuani. The little voice in her head whispered that the only thing she had beaten her at was being a bigger whore, but the Frost Archer ruthlessly pushed it down. She had the support of some of the most influential summoners in the Institute of War now. Given that, it was easier to ignore that she had cum dripping down out of her nose from where she had coughed it up.

One of the summoners helped her to her feet, surprisingly gentle… far more gentle than the treatment she had just inflicted on herself to win the contest. So short of breath, it was a strange contrast… her head felt light, but her feet felt as heavy as stones. Strong hands guided her towards the couch again, but as she staggered her way over there she felt fingers on the cords holding her corset together. “What-” she gasped as her corset, already hanging loosely on her body, simply dropped down her body to pool on the ground as she took one staggering step over it. Weren’t… weren’t they done?

While several of the men were paying attention to Ashe, far more at the moment were gathered around Sejuani… most of them with hard faces. “I really thought you were better than this,” one of them said sadly.

“I thought the Winter’s Claw was tougher than that,” another agreed.

“You really thought you could win our favor with such a pathetic performance?” A third said. “You barely even tried, you lazy bitch.”

Sejuani just sat there in shock. Her hair felt plastered to the top of her hair, the man’s cum adding a streak of white to pair with the pink. She had… she had lost? To Ashe!? It burned her up… or would as soon as she had breath. Slowly it was dawning on her just how much trouble she was in. With the support of these summoners to the Avarosan kingdom, her tribe’s way of life could quite literally end. She… needed to change their mind. Sure they didn’t mean…

But she just felt… so weak. She should have caught her breath by now… why hadn’t she?

“What’s with the collar?” one of the summoners asked.

Sephis grinned. “You are going to like this,” he said as he lifted up a tiny box studded with glowing gemstones. “It’s a Piltover Neutralizer.”

Several heads turned around on that. Rogim was the most interested, leaving behind Ashe to stand over Sejuani, leaning down to take a look at the diamond collar around her throat. “I’ve never seen one of these…” he whispered, fascinated. He was the most accomplished artificer and alchemist in the group so of course he had known all about them… but even he had never gotten a look at the Pride of the Horological Institute. “Access to these is incredibly controlled… Piltover refuses to even lend them to the Institute of War. Where did you get one?”

“It’s just a necklace,” one summoner protested, his hand roughly playing over one of Sejuani’s large breasts. “Who cares?”

Rogim rolled his eyes, and Revis spoke from behind the summoner. “Be glad it’s not on you,” he said. “They suppress mana. All mana. And they can’t be removed except for the one with the controls… the man who put it on.”

Sejuani’s eyes widened in horror, and her hands flew up to her neck, trying to pull it off… and instead, it abruptly tightened. She tried to gasp, but no air made it in until she removed her hand from the necklace and she sagged back down into the couch, breathing heavily. This couldn’t be… without the mana within her… what kind of warrior would she be? What kind of ruler? She would be useless! She would be… weak! How could that cursed city make such a thing! It was barbaric!

“They’re designed to subdue criminals, regardless of size,” Revis continued as if he hadn’t been interrupted by Sejuani’s antics. “If someone tries to remove them, if they try to attack anyone, or if the controller presses a button…” He made a squeezing movement. “No more air.”

The display had gotten the attention of most of the summoners in the room. Eli himself had walked over, eyes narrowed. “I noticed you didn’t answer the question,” he said to Sephis. “It’s a wonderful artifact… but you definitely aren’t supposed to have it.”

“Well…” Sephis admitted with a small grin. He looked over at Rogim. “Remember that platinum bitch? Well, she might not have been the only one. A few people were looking for someone in Piltover – me of course, though they didn’t know it – and one of them found me. Might have met the Sheriff.”

Eli’s eyes widened before narrowing again, and Sephis was quick to continue – Eli was not only the one nominally in charge, he was also the strongest summoner here, and had the most allies both. “She didn’t know about us. She didn’t even know there were two of us,” he said, pointing at his twin. “It’s why she was so surprised when she got hit from behind. Anyway, Caitlyn had this… and was kind enough to demonstrate to us exactly how it worked… thoroughly. After we were finished with the pretty sheriff, we decided to keep it.” He met Eli’s eyes. “You know how Piltover is about these things. She can’t exactly explain about how she lost one, now can she?”

Eli hesitated, then smiled and nodded. “Fair enough. How was she?”

Revis grinned. “People have been calling her a tightass for years, but they have no idea.”

Most of the summoners laughed at that, but Sejuani felt her blood chill further. What had she gotten herself into?

“So what do you say, little barbarian ‘queen,’ ” Sephis said. “I suppose there’s no need to use this if you are going to be a good, obedient girl. Are you going to cooperate, oh Winter’s paw?”

Sejuani looked up. She was… was she trembling? She had never in her life felt this week, and it was… confusing to her. She had to be able to get out of this, she had gotten out of everything, but she couldn’t think of how… and before she could think of what to say, Sephis had begun to shake his head. “Didn’t think so,” he admitted.

And he clicked the button.

Immediately Sejuani couldn’t breathe. It didn’t feel like her throat was being crushed… in fact, the collar didn’t feel much more than an uncomfortable squeeze… but she couldn’t get any air. Sephis only kept the button pushed down for a few seconds, but it was enough to make his point. When he released it, Sejuani gasped, breathing hard already after just a few seconds… it was strange that she could hold her breath far longer than that, but being unable to breathe for just a few seconds had so much stronger of an effect.

“Second chance. Going to behave?” Sephis asked with his finger on the remote again.

Sejuani, to her shame, immediately nodded. “Y… yes. Yes,” she gasped.

The twin grinned as he looked at her. “That’s a good little warrior.”

All around her, people summoners watched with smiles on their face. “That is incredible, one of them asked. “And she’s a tough one. Can you imagine what it would be like on someone weaker? What how would Lux react do you think?”

“I’m just eager to see how Orianna does next time,” Rogim said. “After we’re done here, I want to get a look at this that thing.”

As they spoke, a dozen hands were on Sejuani, repositioning her on the couch until she was on her back and dangling off both ends. There was no fun in this anymore… she just wanted to leave, but… she was afraid to even try. With this collar around her throat… what if they didn’t remove it? Her biggest concern was no longer Ashe’s claim on the Freljord… if they left this collar on her, would she even be able to keep her position in her own tribe? Her hips jerked as someone’s tongue scraped along over her panties, running over the bumps of her barely-concealed cunt.

“Give me that,” a summoner asked. Then, a moment later, a prick appeared hovering before Sejuani’s face. She was getting sick of their damn cocks, but if she wanted out… she opened her mouth, closing her eyes as she waited for him to sink his swollen head into her. Instead, her collar tightened again, and she let out a choking whine as she stared up at the man above her. He was the one holding the remote now… and she didn’t even know his name.

“Did you forget yourself, failure?” he asked. “After the cocksucking display you put on, why should I even let you suck on mine? It’s a privilege I’m not sure you’ve earned. Beg for this tasty cock.”

Rage boiled up the warrior. How dare he! This was outrageous! She would never…

His fingers twitched towards the button Sejuani barely stopped herself from flinching. She had to face facts… she was suddenly helpless. Thought it burned her pride, she forced the words out. “Please let me have your… tasty cock,” she growled out. It was perhaps the least convincing begging any of the summoners had ever heard, and more than one of them laughed.

The summoner with the remote, however, didn’t require much convincing. She had barely let out the final syllable when he thrust forward, impaling her mouth and throat both with a gurgle of distress from the helpless warrior. As if that were some kind of signal, many of the summoners who had been standing around stroking their cocks descended onto Sejuani. Her kimono, already bunched around her hips and concealing basically none of her body, was torn off of her, leaving her in nothing but her garter and stocking… and the tongue-lashed panties that she doubted would be left on for much longer. She felt cocks on her feet, and she thought she felt a man sliding his cock between her leg and one of her stockings, but she couldn’t be sure… she couldn’t see anything but the swinging balls of the summoner fucking her face with slow, steady thrusts.

“Quit being a lazy slut, princess,” one of the other men mocked as he grabbed onto her wrists and brought it up until her fingers instinctively wrapped around his cock. “You know what to do.”

She did. She hated herself, but she did know what she had to do… and when another summoner grabbed her other hand, she began to stroke him off as well.

Meanwhile, on the couch across the way, Ashe didn’t have a chance to watch what was happening to her rival. She wasn’t being used nearly as roughly as Sejuani, but she was crowded around even a little bit more than the Winter’s Claw was. Half a dozen cocks were in her face, blocking off her sight completely with the hard bodies of summoners standing around her sitting body. The only concession to her victory compared to Sejuani was that she wasn’t having her face fucked – instead, they allowed her to move between the six dicks herself, licking along their shafts and swirling her tongue around their heads rather than being throated.

But she still shuddered as their hands roamed over her body. Everyone who wasn’t currently being sucked off had their hands in her hair, her arms, on her breasts… while she was distracted sucking off the largest of the men she only missed it as someone began to tug at her boots, taking them off her and revealed her cum-covered calf and her bare feet. She couldn’t see it… but she certainly felt it when someone grabbed both of her feet and squeezed a dick between them.

She stayed like that for a little while… it was hard to make any of the men cum like this when they swapped so often, but she was alright with her… swallowing more loads of cum was the last thing she wanted. She still had to choke down a pair cumshots before someone started guiding her backward with hands on her bare shoulders. Soon she found herself laying on the back, sucking on a cock just to the side of her face while one of the men climbed onto her to straddle her stomach.

“What a magnificent rack, your highness,” the summoner said with a smile. “Would be a shame not to pay them sufficient tribute.” Pausing briefly to pinch her nipples, he took one of her soft breasts in each hand and pushed them around his length, slowly dragging them back and forth over his cock. It made Ashe squirm… but not as much as she did when she felt a hand slid inside her panties. She hadn’t realized how exposed she was like this.

She felt his finger push into her, and she squealed around the cock in her mouth. That was… that was… Ashe felt his finger brush against her hymen a second later. Her marriage to Tryndamere was ceremonial only… a union of their people in an alliance. She had known that she needed to save her hand for marriage with allies outside of the Freljord, so it had never been consummated.

The hand inside her seemed to pause for a second as he felt her barrier before abruptly pulling out to trace over her cuntlips, leaving her tense shoulders to sag in relief… for a second until someone’s slapped at her hands where they rested on one of the man’s thigh. “Careful, your highness,” he said. “One could almost think you didn’t want to be sucking his cock. Jack off my dick… that will make it less confusing.” He grabbed her wrist and squeezed softly. “Right?”

Ashe couldn’t say anything around the dick in her mouth, but she didn’t resist as he guided her hand onto his prick.

On the other couch, Sejuani was experiencing far rougher treatment. Someone had gotten the idea to fuck her tits as well, something Sejuani had never thought of before… and unlike the one playing with Ashe’s breasts, he wasn’t slowly rubbing his tits on his cock – He was thrusting between her enthusiastically, crushing her pillow-tits around his length to make himself a nice, tight tunnel to fuck. Also unlike Ashe, the men around her didn’t have any difficulty continuing to punish her body with hard use until they came – already a pair of men had cum on her face, one in her stocking, and even as she thought about it Sejuani could feel hot cum splash across her throat as the man between her breasts came, pulling back afterward so he could dump more onto her tits.

“This slut just doesn’t listen,” one of the men said as he held onto Sejuani’s wrists, jerking it back and forth on his length.

“What do you expect from a barbarian?” the other asked with a laugh.

“Well, if she’s not going to listen…” he said, looking at the other summoner with a significant look. The other smiled, and the two began to stroke them own cocks.

Sejuani was in misery. Her throat full of cock, the collar occasionally tightening when she slackened off in her attempt to suck on the disgusting dick fucking her. She didn’t even notice when the men crowded around her face, and it didn’t seem very significant when a pair of cocks dragged across her cheeks. It came as a complete surprise when they started to cum into her ears… She grunted in disgust as the warmth filled her ears, dripping out of them and filling the hollow cavity. Then the man in her mouth began to cum again, forcing her to swallow it and choking her if she was slow to do, and Sejuani had bigger problems.

Then there was no one on her for a second… she could feel cum sticking to her feet through the stockings, covered her breasts and pooled in the hollow of her throat. As the cock pulled out of her mouth, leaving trailing strings of seed behind linking it to her lips, she coughed violently.

“Stand up,” Sephis ordered. Sejuani didn’t pay attention to him, raising one hand to wipe some of the cum off her face… she could barely hear through her cum-soaked ear. Sephis put his foot on her hip and pushed, rolling her over hard enough that she toppled off the couch and to the floor.

Sejuani scrambled up, his indignity etched onto her face. “Bastard…” she growled. As she stood up, some of the cum dripped off of her, sliding from her ears down onto her shoulder and into her now messy hair. “What do you want?”

“Present yourself,” Sephis ordered.

Sejuani tilted her head. “W… what? What did you say?”

Sephis shook his head… and held down the remote button

Sejuani’s eyes went wide as the collar abruptly tightened on her neck… and kept tightening. Her mouth opened in an O as she tried to gasp, and got… nothing. In shock she dropped back down to her knees, her legs failing her as he hands flew up to pry at the collar, trying to force her fingers beneath the collar and pull it away from her throat. She might as well have tried to move a mountain with her fingertips.

She couldn’t breathe at all… her throat burned, and she looked up at the surrounded summoners with shamefully, tear-filled eyes as her body struggled for air… and found them smirking at her. What… what kind of monsters were these men? They stood over her, smiling, enjoying her domination… enjoying how helpless she was as she strangled. Her entire life she had taken breathing for granted… now they were enjoying the process of teaching her it would be something she would need to earn. She knew it was pointless, but she kept pulling at the collar away, her vision going dark…

Sephis released the button and Sejuani could take a hard, ragged breath… a gurgling, rasping thing… and then another, and another. “Offer. Your betters. Your holes. All your holes,” the cold-voiced summoner said slowly. He waited a long second before adding “Princess,” in a mocking form of respect.

On weak legs, Sejuani forced herself to stand up, and she hated herself to feel herself trembling a little. Increasingly, she found that she had underestimated the kind of trouble she had gotten herself into… and she was finding herself terrified. They were going to rape her.

No… it was a test… another test. She had to think of it that way. She was a warrior, a champion. She was fighting for the future of her people. Champions like her didn’t get raped. She had to do this… she had to. Sejuani told herself that over and over as she turned around, bent over, and reached down to pull her panties to the side… but she didn’t stop trembling. “You…” she whispered, and she hated how weak her voice sounded. “You’re so strong. Please… take full advantage of me. Please fuck me.” Her voice lacked anything resembling enthusiasm, but it was less laughably fake than the last time she had begged.

Hand bragged her shoulder, pushing her towards the table before the couch… and then, while she stood on unsteady legs, they slammed her down onto it on her back. She saw Sephis hand the remote to his brother – “You first,” he said with a grin – and then the man was between her spread legs. He grabbed a fistful of her panties and yanked, ripping them off her before rubbing his cock along the slit between her legs. Sejuani looked up into his eyes beggingly, shaking her head back and forth, trying to beg him to reconsider fucking her… and then he wedged it forward until it pushed her tiny pussy lips inwards, lodging itself inside the opening of her young nearly virginal cunt mouth.

“Oh yessss, fuck yeah!” muttered Revis as he savored the feel of her lips sucking and clenching around his cock, heating it up and making it even harder and more rigid. “She’s tight,” he growled.

Sejuani felt her face reddening in shame. She had never felt anything like this… the men she had taken to bed before had been there to serve her, to worship her body. She had climbed on top of them… used them how she wished. Now a dozen hands held her down to the table as he pushed his cock into her the way he wanted. She looked up, finding Revis looked down into her eyes as he readied himself for the plunge. “Ready for this princess?” he chuckled. Despite herself, Sejuani’s cunt started to tense up around his cockhead in preparation to attempt to stop the inevitable.

Then with a single, huge slam forward, Revis was able to bury his cock completely into Sejuani. Revis yelled triumphantly as he looked down at Sejuani’s cumrag of a face below him, her mouth open and gasping, her eyes widened as large as saucers. The barbarian queen’s entire body tensed and shook at the sudden, violent intrusion of Revis’s large cock into her unprepared hole.

It hurt, it hurt, it hurt… she squirmed, thrashing against the hands on the table. No matter how she might have enjoyed the tongue and fingers on her earlier, nothing could have prepared her for taking a cock of his size so suddenly, and a tiny, involuntary whimper escaped Sejuani before she caught herself and stopped it.

Not moving an inch inside her, Revis paused to savor every little move and feel of Sejuani’s shocked pussy spasming and clenching around his cock, heating it up with the tight tension of its velvety, elastic walls squeezing him on all sides. Just to increase the sensation, Revis began to casually squeeze Sejuani’s nipples in his fingers, alternating back and forth from left nipple to right nipple as she squirmed, grinding herself unwilling against his dick. It was fun to watch her squirm, the hair that wasn’t stuck to her face by cum flying around as she thrashed. With each struggle, Revis was rewarded with further tightenings and ministrations from Sejuani’s helpless pussy rippling uncontrollably around his cock.

“Fuck that’s hot,” Rogim said, repeating what they all were thinking. He took his cock in his hand as he grabbed onto Sejuani’s hair hand enough to keep her still, long enough to force the head of his cock between her lips. As if that were a signal, others began to take advantage of her struggling body as well… her still stocking-garbed feet rubbed on dick, her hands awkwardly forced to stroke the cocks of others.

“She is one tight slut,” laughed Revis as he began to withdraw his cock slowly… only to rapidly slam it back home again, filling her pussy with his thick cock once more. Her squirming got more violent as he did, only magnifying as Revis started raping her with an increased pace now, enjoying the sensations of her slimy pussy being ripped apart in all directions as he plundered his way through her. Sejuani screamed at the sudden intensity, the sound muffled by the cock driving its way down her throat.

Watching her fat tits bounce was too much of a temptation for the summoners… as much as they enjoyed watched her struggle and thrash, one of them was quick to climb on top of her and begin fucking those pillow-tits against, utilizing every bit of her sexy body currently available to please a dick.

The summoners rode her like that for what felt like an hour to Sejuani. In truth, however, it was really only about ten minutes of brutal fucking until, unable to last a single second longer, Revis slammed home as deeply as possible. Then he let go with a torrent of white ropes of sperm right up against her cervix, making Sejuani grunt in disgust at feeling a man cum inside her… she had never allowed any of her playthings that privilege before.

She had just a moment of thinking that at least it was over as Revis slowly dragged his big cock out of her sore snatch… then she felt the head of someone else’s prick rubbing between her legs, and she was forced to understand that they were nowhere near done with her.

When Sejuani had screamed, Ashe had looked over with wide eyes. She could barely see the boar-rider beneath the mass of men, but what she could see was a struggling, pained shape being obviously fucked. The summoners were raping her… Ashe could see that clear as day. She had no illusions about it. This invitation had not been that she had thought, what she had hoped. Any instinctive desire the Queen might have had to try to help the other woman was brutally suppressed by her. Sejuani had gotten herself into this… and the men weren’t treating her that brutally. If she tried to help the arrogant barbarian… what would they do to her? For the moment, they seemed to be treating her like the victor, like the one who they were going to work with to achieve her goal of a united Freljord… if she started to resist now, she would jeopardize that.

She felt like a whore… but she wasn’t going to risk actually becoming one like Sejuani to make herself feel better.

She had sucked a dozen cocks by now, her feet and hands having gotten off a few more, but her body was still mostly clean… mostly it was just her hands and lips that were stained with the men’s seed. On the outside, anyway. Her throat felt coated with seed, and her stomach felt sick with it. Even so, distracted as she was, she still knew what was coming when one of the summoners told the men rubbing their cocks on her feet to stop and grabbed onto her pink panties. She whimpered softly around the cock in her mouth as they slid down her smooth legs, dragging some of the cum on her feet with them as they went.

His hand had been on her cunt almost without pause since he had first put his hand into her panties, but now he while he stroked her he was furiously stroking himself as well. It was better than the alternative… she just kept telling herself that. Don’t become like Sejuani. This was better than that. It was true… but it didn’t stop the virgin queen from whimpering against as he felt the head of his cock pressed against her tight entrance.

He pressed in until she gasped, the head of his cock teasing against the soft barrier on her maidenhead. Even with a cock in her mouth, her eyes were entirely on him as he smiled at her.

“Ready to seal our pact?” the summoner said as he met her gaze. She didn’t want this, she didn’t… but just a glance over at what Sejuani was going through reminded her how much better off she was, what the price of resisting was…

The summoner didn’t wait for an answer. He shoved through her hymen and Ashe gave a soft cry as he broke through her silken barrier and all the way into her, pushing and pushing until he was shoved completely into her tight hole. The series of gasps she let out were muted by the cock in her mouth as it sheathed itself further into her, even as one of the men she had been stroking came into her hair, the white streak of seed blending into her snow-like hair as her virginity was stolen away.

Meanwhile, Sejuani had three loads of cum filling up her pussy now by the time she was roughly yanked off the table and tossed down onto the floor. She had barely started getting up to her hands and knees when something hit her from behind, a thumping strike to her ass. She turned to see that one of the summoners had grabbed her drum mallets out of the cumstained mess of her kimono and they were smacking her ass with it. “Stop it!” she cursed. “Stop it yo- urk!” Her protest cut off as her collar tightened momentarily, just as a second summoner began to strike her ass with the second mallet.

Her ass swung and juggled, her cum-covered tits shaking back and forth as she screamed… and the second later, the sound was cut off as another of the summoners crammed his cock down her throat. Not content to merely fuck her face, he hooked his fingers in her cheeks and began cramming more and more of himself into her until he had his balls in her mouth, her throat entirely clogged with his cock… the same way Sephis had throated Ashe earlier, but not nearly as willingly. Pressing the button to tighten her collar, he shuddered at the sudden glurking noise she made around his cock, and at the way her neck tightened around the head of him.

Her body still shook with the rhythm of her ass being beaten by her own drumsticks, but Sejuani’s attention was entirely focused on her desperate struggle for air. Her eyes wide, she could feel her body growing slack. She recognized the feeling, the dark night of unconsciousness approaching… but the man with the remote had other ideas. He released the choke, just long enough for her to manage to choke down a single rasping breath around the dick fucking her, the air almost as painful as the cock raping her throat was. Then the collar squeezed tight again.

One of the drumsticks had stopped beating her… and a second later she squealed around the dick in her mouth, the collar around her throat, as the bastard summoner pushed the small handle into her asshole. Her eyes couldn’t get any wider, but they certainly tried… only her desperate struggle for air kept her from struggling harder to avoid the indignity.

Air… it was the only thought in her addled mind. She needed air, needed to breathe. Fuck her cunt, fuck her face, treat her like a whore but just… let… her… breathe… Please please please that was the only thing she wanted… she would do anything the summoners wanted if they would just let her breathe – her entire existence had been reduced to a simple struggle for air.

They let her breathe. For a second. Then the collar tightened again.

If they hadn’t just let her breath, she might not have noticed when the mallet was removed, and when someone began to force his cock inside her ass, leaking her cry out around the man still fucking her face. “Don’t fight me, princess,” she heard Eli’s voice say. “People always said you had a stick up your ass. I’m just proving them wrong for you…” He had one hand on the small of her back, using it to hold her on her knees while he shoved the tip of his dick into her amazingly tight asshole.

She couldn’t breathe again, but she soundlessly sobbed as she felt the summoner’s cock slowly working its way into her ass. It felt gigantic… she had never done anal in her life, and the idea of it was so disgusting that she’d never even come close to considering it. Therefore, it was unfathomable to Sejuani that she was about to get sodomized by one of the summoners she had been hoping to enlist as allies.

The man in her throat came, and she screamed in agony as he pulled out, Eli’s cock stretching her tiny rosebud excruciatingly wide as he began penetrating deep into the tiny hole. By the eighth time they had suffocated her and let her breath, Sejuani could barely hold a thought other than the pain of being fucked and the desperate struggle for air. The humiliation felt like a distant thing compared to her desperation. She had a hard time distinguishing her pain between the cock ripping open her asshole and the pain as the weight was pushed onto her knees and the pain in her raw and raped throat and the pain in her burning lungs. All of it had blended into one giant flood of pain and sensation. She felt like a hollow, empty fucktoy at that moment.

“She feels amazing, god damn,” Eli growled in delight while she coughed, her air starved body trying to breathe the cum the summoner was shooting into her mouth. Sejuani thrashed around wildly as she was gradually and agonizingly skewered.

Almost all the summoners not currently fucking Ashe gathered around Sejuani to watch as the boar rider had her ass broken in, laughing and making lewd comments about the suffering barbarian. Watching her get her ass pounded was an incredibly arousing show, and more than one was already egging on Eli to fuck her harder already so they could get their turn.

Sejuani couldn’t imagine how the cock to keep going, how there was still any left. If she had known that only half of him was inside her tight hole, it would have made her weep, no matter how tough she had thought herself. She felt like her ass was about to tear apart and had no idea how the man’s cock was actually fitting inside of her. Each additional inch that was shoved in now was more painful than the previous, as Sejuani felt the massive dick working its way toward her core.

“She’s incredible,” Eli moaned, gazing down, finally seeing that nearly his entire prick had been forced inside the barbarian queen. “Your ass was just made for this… if you aren’t going to be a leader of a tribe anymore, you’ll always have a place with an ass like this.” Then he started fucking her. Sejuani squealed, thrashing around feverishly as the strong summoner pulled almost his whole penis out just before he viciously slammed forward with all of his power.

“Are you going to serve properly now?” a summoner asked her, holding the remote. “Or should I tighten this back up?”

To her humiliation, Sejuani all but lunged for his cock, swallowing it with desperate eagerness. Soon her hands were taken off the ground and wrapped around dicks once more, leaving her weight even more on her knees as she was spit-roasted. She thought someone was rubbing his cock against her feet behind Eli, and she did her best to even wiggle them against him… anything to avoid being choked again. When someone began crawling beneath her, holding his hands on her ass, she wasn’t surprised in the least when she began to be pushed down onto his cock as well, the cock in her ass feeling even larger as another crammed its way into her cunt… and still she tried to writhe against them, make them happy, and maybe, just maybe, they would let her keep breathing…

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