Have you ever?

A story by Dorota, Adapted for audio by me. Created as a reward for Dorota

Recorded by Nightfawn

[Door opening. Chair being pulled up. Gagged moaning, surprised noises.]

Yeah, it’s me. Of course it is, sweetheart. I’m really sorry about this, but I have some questions I need to ask you. They might seem a bit intimate to you, but really, there shouldn’t be any secrets between us. We’re well past those, now.

[Gagged moaning]

I know, I know… the ballgag makes it hard for your to speak. Does your jaw feel like it’s going to go numb from strain already? No? Oh, it will come soon. In the meantime,don’t worry, I’ll do the talking for you. You just nod or shake your head, okay?

So the first question: have you ever been fucked?

I had to ask it, but we both know the answer. You have. Course you have. I know you let your boyfriend fuck you, had him pound your tight young cunt and you moaned as you came like a little slut… didn’t you?

So, we have that out of the way. But there are more questions. Listen carefully.

Sure, you’ve been fucked, but have you ever been raped? Have you been taken against your will? Have you been thrown on the bed and fucked by a guy who cares nothing about your pleasure, comfort or pain? Who doesn’t see you as a person but as a set of holes and a body to hurt? Who only wants to dump his load into you and leave? Have you ever been raped as you begged your captor to stop, as you screamed, cried and pleaded?

I have.

After they took me I don’t remember how many times I was raped, but I remember the first time. It was still in the van. I woke back up when we were still on the highway, so they let me scream. The man didn’t bother undressing me, he just pulled up my skirt and tore off my panties. Then he pulled down my shirt and removed my bra.

I was pushed against the van floor and he took me like that, from behind. He didn’t say a word, just began pumping and pounding at my pussy. Oh, God! How it hurt! I wasn’t ready, I was dry and he pushed right in. He was long and thick and it hurt so much. He kept fucking me hard and fast, moving my body, scraping my tits bloody against the floor… But right then I only felt the agony of my raped pussy and the the hot wetness as he dumped his load inside me.

So, we have that out of the way. You haven’t been raped, I have. But you will be, very soon!

Have you ever been forced to suck cocks? Have you ever had a gun put against your head and told to suck? Has your face ever been pushed against a disgusting, dirty, smelly, hairy crotch? Have you been forced to take an unwashed dick into your sweet mouth and to suck it?

I have.

With a gun against my head I had to suck a dick. I had to do it well, as lovingly, as skillfully as I could. I had to slurp and lick it like a whore, I had to pleasure my rapist’s balls to build up a load for him. I had to tease the tip of his cock, scooping up disgusting precum as it appeared. And then… when he came… I had to swallow it all, taking every bit of his salty, disgusting load, my throat working furiously to swallow every single drop.

You haven’t been forced to suck cock. I have. But you will be, very soon.

Have you ever been ass-fucked?

Have you ever had a thick cock being rammed up your tiny asshole? Have you ever felt the agony of your butt feeling as if it was being split and torn apart? Have you ever had a brute push his cock hard, to check how much of your ass he can feel in one thrust?

I have.

I screamed and begged them to stop, but they didn’t listen. They raped my ass hard and fast, even more brutally than my pussy was raped. I thought I would faint from the pain and I would have welcomed the blackness, but God wasn’t so merciful. I felt myself tearing, fully convinced I was ruined beyond repair. I have never felt such pain… and they kept pumping, they kept pumping, laughing as I screamed and begged for mercy.

You haven’t been assraped. I have. But you will be, very soon.

[Gagged sounds here]

Oh, trying to say something? Scared? You should be.

Have you ever promised a man to do absolutely anything? Have you ever offered to fulfill a rapist’s most depraved fantasies, if he only spared your asshole? Begged your captor to let you ride his cock instead? Or pleaded with him to allow you to suck him?

I have.

I cried and pleaded with them. I offered them my other holes. I told them how wonderfully tight my pussy will feel. I begged them to try how much my oral skills improved. I assured them that I would give them the best blowjob of their lives and that I’d swallow every drop. I offered to ride their cocks like a whore in heat.

You’ve never begged a guy to rape your cunt. I have. But you will, very soon.


Are you crying? That never works with them.

Have your ever been gangraped? Seems a bit silly to ask, but the rules are the rules. Have you ever had three men have a go at your holes, at the same time? Have you been forced to ride one cock with your cunt while another is pushed up your already sore and raped ass? Have you had your screams silenced by another cock pushed past your lips?

I have.

I have been assraped again, while impaled on some guy’s cock. He was just lying beneath me, me fucking him as my body was rocked by the furious thrusts of the guys working on my ass. His hands and teeth were on my tits, hurting my sensitive nipples. I cried and I screamed but only muffled sounds escaped my mouth, now gagged by another dick. I screamed around the guy’s meat, making him moan in pleasure. And then… then they began cumming on me, in me… everywhere.

Have you ever been triple-teamed without mercy? I have. And you will be, soon.

{slap] I know you want to cry, but focus on what I’m saying. I’m not going to be punished because you couldn’t pay attention. Good.

Have you ever been facefucked? Have you ever been forced to deep-throat big, fat cocks?

I have.

I have been face fucked by guys who were pounding at my mouth as if it was my cunt. They were fucking me so hard and fast that I couldn’t even focus on sucking them. I was forced to deep-throat them until I thought I would suffocate… but they always let me breathe eventually, just enough to keep me alive.

You probably never had to suffocate on cock before. I have. And soon, you will, too.

Have you ever been forced to satisfy a man after a man? Have you ever been chained to the bed in some rundown warehouse? Have you had a train of man have a go at your holes? Have you had them toss your body like a ragdoll, until they had you in their desired position? Have you had them choose a hole and go at it until they came… and then another guy would come in? Have your ever served so many cocks at once that you felt dead inside?

I have.

I have been forced to serve dozens of cocks during a night. Chained to a bed in some rundown warehouse. Savagely raped by unknown men of every race and size imaginable. All of them disgusting, working their dicks into me, fucking me so hard. Spitting at me, in me, insulting me, hitting me… Cocks up my cunt, ass and mouth. Again and again until they finally came. And then others would replace them.

Have your ever pulled a train? I have. And you will do that, soon.

Stop babbling, it’s pathetic!


Have you ever been turned into a whore? Into a streetwalker? Have you ever been forced to approach men, offer them your holes for money? Have you ever had an opportunity to escape but chose to serve cocks instead because you were too afraid to run away?

Of course you haven’t.

I have.

I have begged countless disgusting men to fuck me for mere pennies. Offering to deep-throat their cocks, ride them with my ass, serve them as an ashtray for petty change. Desperately hoping they would find my holes satisfactory, so that they would tip me enough to please my captors. Too afraid to try to run away, or ask any of them to help me.

Have you ever been prostituted? I have. And you will be, soon.

Have you ever been tortured? Have your ever had your cunt and tits whipped? Have you ever been subjected to an electrocuted?

I have.

I’ve been savagely whipped with heavy leather belts and then had my bleeding cunt raped. I have had my tits nailed down and burned with cigarettes until I agreed to lick countless of dirty assholes. I’ve had electrodes pushed up my cunt and ass and clipped to my nipples and clit and then been shocked with currents of electricity to rattle my bones every two minutes for an hours at a time. I was sometimes subjected to so much pain that I became a drooling wreck who’d forgotten my name.

[Preferably crying. Best if both of them are.]

Have you ever been broken so thoroughly that you would betray even your sweet younger sister? So much that you would lure her to the den of your captors, so that they could start hurting her and for a minute not hurt you?

I have… and this is how you ended up here here, my sweet sister. They asked for you, if I were to be allowed a moment’s respite. For the longest time I fought them. I withstood all their torture for days and weeks. But in the end my spirit was broken, my body worn down, all my willpower gone. My humiliation is now complete. I know I’m a despicable cunt! A weak and worthless whore. Please, please forgive me, but I just can’t take their pain any longer.

Are you ready to take them all on, dear, sweet sister?


Good. Maybe they’ll leave me alone for a few hours.

Here they come.

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