End of Elves 9 – The Culling

This is an especially brutal story, filled with torture, rape, and snuff. Be sure this is a thing you want to read before continuing.

Qi had thought that she couldn’t feel pain. A full day and change in the company of drow soldiers had taught her otherwise.

Before today, she had never had a body… on the elemental plane she was nothing but sentient flame, and none of the times she had been summoned to this world in the past had her summoner commanded her to take a mortal form… but now that she had she found she had everything that went with it – like nerves… and lungs… and fuckable holes. And the drow were eager to take advantage of each of those things.

The first six or seven hours hadn’t been too bad, she guessed. Being raped had been humiliating and painful, all the more so because of its novelty, but the real worst part for Qi wasn’t that they were cruel, or lustful, or eager… it was that they were flammable. These weaklings… she wanted to ignite, to turn them all into kindling, but she couldn’t. Every time she tried her will pressed against that of the drow wizard who had enslaved her and her sisters, and she found it as unyielding as anything Qi had ever encountered. The wizard’s will ordered her to obey, to harm no one, to stay dormant and unburning… so that was what she did, hating every second of it. It was actually painful to keep her flame this low… it was like a human holding their breath for hours and hours and only occasionally taking a tiny whisper of air.

By the time the sun had gone down on that first day of the invasion her body was covered in cum until she wished she could burst into flame just to scorch it off her. She envied Tali that… anything that the drow put on her skin would get blown away by her churning wind before too long. At least she wasn’t as bad off as Shelan – at this point her water was filthy, choked with the filthy seed of a thousand rapists. Every single time a man came inside her, on her, around her – and every time she was forced down into any of their mess on the floor – it would became part of her. The water elemental’s belly seemed to bulge with it, and at a glimpse she seemed like she was made of more cum than water at this point.

After that, things had gotten worse. They had started getting creative.

Lei’s stone body was nearly invincible… but only nearly. The drow had started to drive things into it, staking her to the ground by their swords. She screamed almost constantly, feeling the agony of the injuries, but Earth couldn’t bleed… it wouldn’t kill her. Tali didn’t need to breath, Wind keeping her conscious, so the drow started finding other things for her to deep throat… the most recent that Qi had noticed has been the railing of a banister. And for Shelan and herself…

The drow couldn’t have known their history, that would have been impossible… but they couldn’t have created a more perfect torture if they had. It had started with one of them piercing Qi’s nipples, clit, and tongue with rings they had pulled off the dead summoners… real rings, not body jewelry. They were painfully, agonizingly thick, and she was forced to heat them to nearly white-hot by their commands, but it hadn’t seemed so bad compared to what Lei was suffering… until they had ordered Shelan to crawl on top of her and impale her own body on the piercings. Based on how she wept, Shelan could feel the pain of being pierced and spread by the searing hot metal, but her aqueous skin couldn’t keep them out – she could just sink them into her sensitive bits, but doing so pressed her body against Qi’s.

Li and Tali, Qi had been aware of… but each had just been one more elemental among many. Shelan… Shelan she considered a friend. Someone she cared about. Someone she had wanted to be with. That the two of them were so different made it more forbidden, more impossible… but no less desirable for either of them. They couldn’t touch one another, not without excruciating pain, but they had spent centuries together, longing to be together. Now they were… in the most excruciating way possible.

It was agonizing for them both. Even with Shelan doing her best to hold herself off Qi, the water cooled her skin, which hurt… but which also brought out her fire, stoking it, making her burn hotter to keep herself from going out. That made her feel even more like she was suffocating, but the worst part was how it hurt Shelan… making her insides boil. With their faces linked together, Qi could see the agony written in her lover’s eyes – while she was always aflame, she had never known how it felt to burn, but she suspected that her soul felt burned as she watched Water suffer.

More than one of their drow captors enjoyed sticking their cocks between their joined faces, making them fight with their joined tongue to pleasure it. It must have been a marvelous experience for them… one mouth hot and welcoming, the other soaking wet and cool, both tongues drawing a brilliant contrast across the shaft they were servicing.

That was merely humiliating, though. Their predicament got worse for them when they started raping them again, grinding their bodies together with each thrust. Tears dripped from Shelan’s face onto Qi’s, burst into agonizing spots of steam. She had longed to be clean, but not like this… Shelan’s body sliding against hers scraped all the cum off by taking it into her, and ever her holes were cleaned out regularly. When her holes got too sloppy they had Shelan pull herself off of the rings and crawl down to lick out her cunt and asshole. It was the most humiliating part, since while they had never had these mortal forms before today they had still longed so badly for intimacy in the past, and now they had it… in the worst possible way. Cleaning up Shelan was impossible since her holes were eternally “clean,” and it was only the insides of her body that were growing increasingly disgusting, but they made Qi do it anyway… her tongue turning water to steam inside of her holes and making her scream.

The others were being fucked just as much. Tali had something shoved so far down her throat that it was in her stomach – it looked like a mace, from what Qi could see – and her body was being held up and fucked between two men. She never got to touch the ground – as soon as one man finished, another took her place immediately, holding her up. Qi had always envied the Wind it’s ability to fly… she had seen elementals like Tali soar through the sky for days without ever needing to touch the ground. It wasn’t how she would want to do it.

Lei was still staked to the ground, but apparently the drow had gotten tired of fucking her in her present state. She wasn’t reactive enough, they said… it didn’t hurt her enough. While she was pinned, two drow had started beating her stones with hammers, spreading cracks through her form, before kneeling down and beginning to pry at them with knifes. To the side of her, Qi could see a pile of discarded stone… her outer layers. After that, she had screamed louder than anyone when being raped, or even at the slightest touch to her softer earth beneath. Did these monsters not realize that they had flayed Lei? Or did they, and that was why they so enjoyed it?

By the time Koszar returned, Qi’s world had been reduced to a hell of rape and humiliation that felt like it had been going on forever. She just measured time in the number of times she had been allowed to breathe in and rekindle her flame… she had been allowed a mere thirty one breaths since she had been summoned – she wasn’t sure how long that amounted to but it was well more than a full day ago. The wizard stood smiling as he looked at the state his four playthings had ended up in. “We’re leaving,” he announced. “Heading back home with our prizes. Report to your commanders,” he instructed the soldiers, who obeyed with obvious reluctance, leaving him watching the four degraded elementals.

“You all deserve to spend an eternity as fucktoys, but if I’m being honest that sounds like too much work. Keeping the four of you bound won’t be worth it… I only need one of you. So you’ve all been good little cumrags but now it’s time for three of you to die.”

Qi froze at the words. Death…

For an elf, death was a thing of dread, but a vague one. They might leave this world behind and move on to another one, where they didn’t know what awaited them, but that was an indistinct worry, a general fear. For Qi, she knew exactly what waited for her. Slain elementals went back to their plane of existence Shattered – they might not be able to die as mortal did, but their consciousness, their sentience, would fade as they were splintered into thousands of pieces of elemental energy: Individual embers off a flame, random drops of water, spare blades of grass or specs of dirt. She would spend an eternity in mindless agony.

She would do anything to avoid that fate. Any elemental would.

Shelan cried out as she ripped her body off the piercings again in the instant before Qi felt the press of Koszar’s will again as well. She stood, walking with the others until she stood where he wanted… directly across the room from Lei. The Earth Elemental’s beautiful body was every bit as covered with seed as her as own had been before Shelan had needed to clean her, and she had slowly healing holes in her body from where she had ripped her way free of stakes. As she looked appraisingly at the other Elemental, the restriction keeping her from igniting suddenly faded away and abruptly Qi could BREATHE again. She took great gasping breaths for the first time in hours and hours and hours, her smoldering hair bursting into flame as the inferno inside her was allowed to rage again.

“So…” Koszar said with a shrug. “Like I said, I only need one. You two…” he said, pointing at Shelan and Tali, then at Lei and Qi. “And you two… kill each other. Spending the rest of a drow lifetime as a sex slave might not sound like the most dignified fate, but it’s what the one left standing earns. The rest of you will be well beyond dignity by then.” He gestured at them. “So go ahead. Get started. Try not to make a mess.”

Qi didn’t want to do this… but she wanted to die even less. Apparently Lei thought the same, because Earth took the choice out of her hand an instant later as she rushed at her. The flaming woman was knocked to the ground… Lei was nearly an unstoppable force. Despite her lithe, feminine body, she still weighed thousands of pounds of stone and dirt and she crushed Qi against the stones. She felt her fire starting to go out as it was smothered, the woman wrapping her impossibly strong hands around her neck and squeezing.

“I’m sorry…” Lei whispered, leaning more of her weight down onto Qi and squeezing harder. “I’m so sorry about this.” Her eyes were green gemstones, but Qi felt that she could see them leaking something anyway… dust seeping out of her eyesockets. What passed for tears from Earth.

“I’m… sorry… too,” Qi moaned. Then she grabbed onto Lei’s wrists and let the fire still inside her burn. She had gotten to breath in deeply, and after the last day of deprivation it felt like she had an endless amount of oxygen to burn, stoking the flames inside of her, and while Lei was nearly unstoppable, nearly indestructible, it was only nearly.

Qi poured all of her heat into her forearms, wrists, and hards… letting it flow through her hands, through her neck, through her smoldering hair… pouring it into her, firing the individual bits of her earth together into one solid, brittle mass. She started to scream and let go, backing off… Qi didn’t let her. She kept her grip on the screaming elemental, pouring more and more heat into her. Now that she could breathe openly she fanned the flames hotter and hotter, pouring more heat into Lei with every breath she took.

“Please!” Lei begged between screeches. Her body was hardening, becoming one solid piece… Qi’s heat was scorching her into a solid piece of slag, fused like a clay sculpture into position. “Please, Qi, don’t do this!”

“Sorry…” Qi whispered. Then she breathed deeply one more time and heat exploded off her in a wave, hot enough that Koszar needed to raise one hand a summon a magical ward to keep it off him. Lei screamed again, struggling weakly… Then she was silent, and moved no more. Qi stepped back, panting as she rekindled her exhausted flame. Lei looked like a statue… a beautiful black and gray elf woman, frozen in a startlingly realistic expression of pain and terror, her hands up to defend her naked body… and helpless to do so.

Koszar stepped up, running one hand over the sculpture and smiling. How she longed to burn him as well… but even thinking about it caused the binding of will on her to take her breath away again, leaving her gasping and in pain. “She’s still alive in there,” he said slowly with a smile, moving one finger back and forth across her eyes. Indeed, Qi could see he was right… now that it was quiet she could hear the woman’s nearly silent screams, echoing breathlessly from within the sealed, immobile tomb that Fire had turned her body into. The woman would almost certainly rather be Shattered…

It was quiet. Wait. That meant…

She turned, eyes horrified… and located Tali with difficulty. The nearly transparent woman was on the ground, barely alive… it was easier to make her out when you could follow the lines of her form, but she was so badly mangled that it was hard to do. Shelan, somehow, was woven herself in between the woman’s windsteams, cutting them off… and severing her limbs from her body. The dying woman lay on the ground now, her blowing breeze sounding more like a deathrattle with each passing second.

Shelan looked well. Tired, worried, but unhurt. On one hand, Qi was happy to see that. On the other… it would have been so much easier for Qi to live with herself if Tali had managed to kill Shelan. Qi didn’t want to have to be the one to do it.

Koszar walked over to the dying Wind elemental and tsked. Then he pulled a box, opened it… and Tali seemed to just… vanished into it. The limbless girl seemed to disappear like she was never there, her limbs left behind on the ground to slowly dissolve, blowing away with the moving air with Tali gone. Then he turned to the two surviving elementals. “So, which of you wants to spend the rest of my life as a cumdump? One more little death, and you get to have an eternity ahead of you. Or your story could end right here. What do you say?”

Qi started to burn. She was sorry, but Shelan was already a cumsoaked wreck… she could barely be called a Water elemental at all anymore. She seemed like she was more seed and blood and sweat and dirt than she was Water… what would life be like as that? She would be doing Shelan a mercy by killing her, and… and…

And it was better Shelan than her.

She rushed at her lover, breathing hard and stoking the flames, waves of heat making a mirage of the ground around her as she pushed her burning body against that of Shelan. It hurt her, and she hissed with the pain… but half of Shelan’s body exploded into steam and the woman screamed. She needed to keep her mouth closed, keep her nose away from her Water… she couldn’t let the woman get inside her. She would boil the woman away, long before her own flames could be taken out. She would survive as long as she… could…

Why wasn’t Shelan even trying?

Oh the disgraced elemental was screaming and struggling to get away, was wresting with the flaming woman… but she wasn’t trying to hurt her. She was… she was letting Qi win. That made sense, Qi thought… she didn’t want to live like this, right? She didn’t want to live as a disgraced mess, a ruin of her glorious, beautiful, wonderful self that Qi loved… she would rather die than…

Than hurt her.

Qi made her decision. Before she could second guess herself she shoved her head forward where she hoped the wizard wouldn’t see it, putting her face against where the collarbone would be on a normal woman… and breathed in. She swallowed the filthy water that made up Shelan’s body now, all of the cum that had been poured into her, breathing it it, letting it fill her stomach and her lungs… letting all the cum that had been used to defile Shelan and herself smother her flames. Shelan, horrified, tried to pull away but Qi held onto her… she wasn’t steaming anymore. Qi’s skin wasn’t any hotter than a normal beings anymore. Her flames sputtered and flickered… and died.

Shelan stood over Qi’s corpse in horror, her filthy hands covering her mouth. It wasn’t… this wasn’t how it was supposed to happen. She wasn’t… it wasn’t supposed to go like this! Qi was the strong one, the brave one… she should have been the one who won. Not weak, pathetic Shelan…

Koszar walked over and prodded Qi with his foot. “Think she’s done,” he said with a smile. “Mostly.” He took a knife and Shelan winced as he stabbed it into Qi’s chest, cutting deeper into her, towards where the heart would be in a normal woman. Then she gestured with his hands and his magic seemed to peel the woman open like a present. If Shelan had been mortal, she would have vomited. Instead she could only watched as he reached down and picked out a tiny glowing ember… one single spark left of the glorious fire that had been her love.

He held it between his fingers like he would pinch it… then he shrugged and opened a tiny potion jar, dropping the ember inside. “Could be useful,” he said as he turned and grinned at Shelan. “So let me welcome you to your new life…” He reached for the back of her head, grabbing her and yanking her forward until he had buried his cock in her mouth, impaling himself down her throat before he began to piss.

Shelan felt the hot flood of acrid piss splash against the back of her mouth, and her entire body shuddered in disgust. She didn’t even have the option to try to refuse to drink it… the moment it splashed against her skin she took int into herself, absorbing it and including it into her water. She moaned in helpless humiliation at her newest humiliation, her lips sealed tight around his shaft while he just kept pissing. She couldn’t spit it out, couldn’t swallow it, couldn’t pull away… her body gulped in the foul waste until he was finally – finally – done.

He pulled back out of her throat, rubbing his cock on her soft, wet tongue as he wrung out the last few drops. “Yeah,” Koszar said with a nod. “You’ll do. I’ll never have to piss anywhere else from now on.”

Shelan felt profaned… even more than she had after hours and hours of sexual abuse. Was this was Qi had sacrificed herself for? For her to be used as the drow’s stinking toilet? She hoped that her lover would never have to see what she was turned into by this wizard.

Grinning, he shoved his cock down down her throat and began to fuck it. “It’s a long trip back to home, plaything,” Koszar said as he thrust in and out of his new toy’s mouth. “And I can’t wait to introduce you to some of the accommodations I have in mind for you…”

Ciliren Naera was amongst a very elite group… she was a resident of Soleila who’d lived beyond the drow invasion. Every inch of her body ached, her mind dulled from the shocking number of violations she’d endured since her capture. She could not fathom what made her special enough to keep alive, but she had no doubt that the drow had seen something in her that they desired to such an extent that they wished to maintain it. As she was carried through the conquered city she had called home her entire life, she was stunned by the sheer amount of death she could see, and the shockingly low number of fellow prisoners. Such a short time ago, Soleila had boasted a population of over a million elves. Now, as Ciliren was dragged from the city and into the crowd of other prisoners, she counted maybe only a few thousand captives, all of them women.

A thought suddenly popped into the weary elf’s mind. The majority of the drow she could see were all males. The soldiers being men made sense, but they seemed to have a good deal more swagger to their steps than she’d ever seen before, and even amongst the higher ranks, she’d only spotted a single woman. It was a strange sight, considering the drow had primarily been a female-led race for as long as she’d known. Something happened, she thought. Maybe a gender-specific plague. Oh goddess, they’re taking us to breed with. The thought of being kept as little more than cattle, endlessly fucked and forced to squeeze out half-breed children for her new rulers sickened her more than the montage of rape she’d already endured. She wondered if perhaps she was already impregnated. The odds were high, given the vast amount of cum that had been pumped into her. Ciliren made a silent vow to herself to do whatever she could to prematurely end any pregnancy the drow caused, even if the cost was her own life. Better to die than to let them use her in such a sick fashion.

She walked out of the city alongside her sister… pleased at least that while their mother and father had both been killed, at least sweet Kyla had survived. She wasn’t going to be alone. Even chained in a group, staring at the ground in broken dismay, at least she wasn’t alone.

“Ah, the spoils of war,” a voice said. Ciliren looked up to see a group of soldiers marching by, a regiment of a hundred that paused behind their leader. Most drow were fairly small and lithe, like her own race was… not this one at the head of the soldiers. If she had to guess, someone in his lineage had bred with an ogre – the man was almost seven feet tall, and nearly as broad as two of her at the shoulders. For all of that, he was beautiful in a cruel way… like a statude carved out of sharp obsidian. “Making sure no one was alive in the city was tiring work… I think we deserve a break. And I need a piss.”

“Which one do you want, commander Raelar?” one of his subordinates asked. None of the naked elves dared to meet their enslavers lecherous leers as they looked over the assembled group.

The one called Raelar let his gaze wander across the wagon. “Vhaerun has blessed us with quite the choice… these surface sluts had plenty of daughters for us to fuck.” Raelar searched some more, then his grin widened. “That one!” he declared… pointing right towards Kyla’s cowering figure.

Ciliren looked on in horror as a group of soldiers detached her sister’s shackles from the chain. She longed to fight… but she had seen what fighting got the women of her city. If she fought, they would hurt her… maybe kill her. And then her sister would be violated again anyway. Better to have it done with. She was locked in her chains, able to do nothing but witness her sisters cruel fate. Even the chains had stopped dragging her forward as the next group up ahead had reached one of the distant wagons she could see around.

The drow deposited Kyla at their commander’s feet. Surrounded by the dark skinned elves and their massive commander, the naked girl looked even smaller and more vulnerable. She shivered as if arctic winds blew against her bare skin. “What a sexy, little fuck-toy!” one exclaimed and licked his lips wantonly.

Kyla kept her chin downcast as tears started streaming down her pallid cheeks. With perverse curiosity their hands reached out and started molesting her petite, adolescent body. The drow groped and fondled her fertile curves with cruel smile. The elf was little more than a child by the standards of her race, a mere forty years old. To a human, she wasn’t even finished with adolescence yet. Her breasts had already grown large and fertile, though, and they attracted many hands from her captors. Kyla promised to be a legendary beauty when she grew older.

The massive commander dropped his pants. Ciliren sobbed to see his cock, nearly as much as Kyla did. Long and monstrously fat, it looked like a battering ram, thicker than Kyla’s forearm. Her sister began to weep when she saw it. “Please!” Ciliren screamed despite herself. “Leave her alone! Take me instead!” The few other enslaved girls brave enough to watch this far averted their eyes as the Drow commanded looked at her… and smiled.


His hands gripped her shoulders and shoved her down to her knees. “Anyone made you drink piss yet, whore?”

Kyla’s eyes widened. “N-n-no!” she stuttered. “I can’t… you can’t!”

“I’m pleased to be your first, then,” Raelar said as he slapped his cock against her lips. “Open up.” He glared down at her as she kept her jaw stubbornly closed. “I said open your fucking mouth, latrine-girl.”

Kyla shook her head in mute horror, keeping her lips pressed tightly together. Raelar’s face broke into a leering, cruel smile. “Alright then,” he said with obvious pleasure. “This whore think’s she’s too good to be our toilet… so that’s exactly what she’s going to be for the rest of her life.” He gripped her jaw and began to squeeze. “This little whore… and all the rest of you!” he said, raising in voice as he swept his gaze over the others, locking on Ciliren for a moment to give her an especially cruel grin, “…is going to learn the cost of defiance.” And his strong hand shook as he squeezed.

Kyla’s jaw popped open under his massive strength, and she screamed… but he didn’t stop squeezing. The beautiful blonde elf’s scream grew higher and higher in pitch as he squeezed her in his hand. When her jaw gave, Ciliren could hear the crack from over here, and she wept savagely. “Please, leave her alone!” she cried out, her pleas ignored but all of the drow – their gazes fixed on the sobbing Kyla. She knelt on the ground in agony, her hands bound behind her back, her jaw hanging loosely open… broken, unable to be closed. “Piss whore,” Raelar mocked as he hefted his huge, half-erect python towards the trembling lips of the elf girl. “Take this, you bitch!”

A monstrous stream of hot, gushing urine was unleashed out from his bulbous cockhead. Piss soaring through the air landed in Kyla’s open and splashed against her recipient tongue. The impact made dark, murky urine splash in all different directions. The runny fluid crashed against her teeth, gums, lips, the palate of her mouth, as well as the fleshy mucus membrane that made up the most of the internal surface of her oral cavity. The young girls eyes widened and bulged madly as she was turned into a urinal. All around her other drow soldier began their gruff, condescending laughter. Kyla looked terrified to Ciliren’s eyes, her jaw hanging brokenly open as the foul liquid bombarded her tongue with its hefty stream. Every drop of his ejected piss finding its way into her face-hole, acrid urine filled every nook and cranny of Kyla’s mouth until she could taste nothing else. It befouled her tongue and ran through the miniscule cracks of her teeth. Such was the force of his stream that it began to gush down her gullet even before she willingly swallowed. Foul urine sluice down Kyla’s narrow throat with such strength that she could practically feel it splattering into the sack of her stomach.

Raelar towered over her, forming a monolith of ebon muscle. “Keep swallowing that piss surface whore! Swallow my… piss!” Ciliren could smell it even from where she stood in line. Her sister was gagging as she chugging it all down. Such was the quantity that it seemed to pour down her esophagus was like a waterfall as he kept going, his bladder emptying over long seconds… passing twenty, and the stream showed so sign of slowing. Kyla’s repulsed, panicky eyes grew more and more mortified as the outflow continued, as all around her the other drow soldier pulled out their dicks and moved to her flank. Kyla’s frightened eyes began to twitch involuntarily in terror as she saw them take aim at her opened mouth. Only the hands on her kept her from squirming out of the way as more urin surged through that collection of cocks and into her mouth.

“That’s right,” one of them growled. “Swallow all that piss or die slowly bitch! I’ll flay your tits myself and drag you across the ground the whole way down to Menzoberranzan if that’s what it takes you kill you…”

Kyla gagged and gurgled from the sheer excruciating effort it took to ingest all the disgusting piss. Her throat labored constantly to consume it, but after each hurried gulp, the free space in her mouth was refilled almost instantly. Tense silence filled the air, filled only by the sobbing of girls in line and the wet splashing of urine as the other soldiers watched and waited for their turn. “Kyla… Kyla… no…” Ciliren whispered in awe and anxiety as she watched her little sister gulp down swallow after swallow of disgusting, yellow piss. Her heart thrummed anxiously for it to end. The despoilment dragged on for over a minute before their streams finally begun to wane in intensity. At last only a few irregularly fired jets was propelled from their dried up bladders.

“Au-uhhhhhhhh…!” The drow moaned in unison as if that had been the single most satisfactory leak in their life. Raelar grinned. “Filled you up like a bucket with our piss, elf-bitch! You’re nothing but a container for whatever a drow wants to give you… and if you’re not worth our cum, you can be a common latrine instead.” He stared down at the elf. The tribulation of even those three of them had taken its toll on Kyla. She appeared wobbly and dazed as if intoxicated – Her eyes were glassy and unfocused as the drow around her laughed at her. So much acrid urine now splashed around in her tiny belly that Kyla looked about ready to vomit it all back out. All around her, soldier laughed and stroked their cocks as they watched the lithe young elf wallowing in shame and nausea.

“Yes…” Raelar mused, “A common, public toilet. A piss-bucket ready to be filled to the brink by every soldier in the camp in the battalion.” He turned to look at the assembled soldiers. “This disrespectful bitch thinks she’s too good for piss. She’s now your piss-bucket. No one takes a leak except in her mouth. Show these haughty bitches what we think of them by filling up one of their precious daughters with so much piss that her belly bursts!”

Ciliren looked on in horror as about twenty-five drow warriors surrounded Kyla, each seeking to become the next soldier in line to dump a bucket of piss inside her. Kyla just stared ahead, her eyes unfocused. To her sister, it seemed like she was already mentally destroyed and now struggling to not spew up all the fluids already deposited inside her guts. “Kyla!!! NOOO!!!! Kyla!!!” Ciliren screamed in unbelievable grief. She shook the chains holding her in place like a caged animal, like she was trying to break them with sheer willpower. Useless. In front of Kyla, the drow had already formed an semi-orderly line. Weakly, her sister tried to squirm away, but Raelar was right there, holding her skull immobilized on the spot. Kyla had about as good a chance to get out of his grip as Ciliren had breaking down the steel of her chains.

“Alright! Fill this bitch up!” Raelar commanded the first of his men. The drow wasn’t nearly as large as his commander, but his cock still seemed huge and cruel to Ciliren as he inserted it past Kyla’s forcefully gaping lips. Then he began to piss directly down her gullet. Tons of it splashed down into her. “Your innards will be nothing but sewage canals when this is over, elf whore… you’ll be right at home in the gutters of your husk of a city…”

Her throat labored frantically in panic to gulp down all of his quickly flooding bladder-fluid. Through stares she started begging the drow to stop. Her bloodshot, weeping eyes pathetically pleading with him only gave the drow a thrill, and by the time the last drops of urine was expelled from his cock, Kyla’s eyes instead shone with hopelessness and defeat. Somehow she knew any kind of pleading this day were to be in vain. It felt as if the masses of piss inside her begun to bubble and boil.

Kyla coughed with an gutturally edge, then did so again. Then she began to heave, spewing out dark, murky urine from her mouth.

“Next!” Raelar roared as he still held her, totally uncaring. A muscular soldier stepped forth and clogged Kyla mouth with his broad cock-shaft, effectively stopping the violent outpour. Kyla’s eyes bulged madly as the insertion was made. Suddenly the regurgitating fluids ceased flowing. With nowhere to go it started surging back down into her stomach sack.

The drow soldier made sure replacements were made for the already lost liquids. From his buried meat, a new batch of warm, bitter piss began spraying down her gullet. So much more urine arrived to stir up the pot. Kyla felt herself go insane. Like his predecessors, the drow soldier discharged his urine at a furious pace. Scorching hot piss flooded down into the pool inside Kyla’s stomach and mingled with the foulness already there. The amount of piss that Kyla had expelled from her packed belly was quickly accounted for. Her esophagus was now nothing more than a pipeline of constantly streaming urine. She gagged and choked on the acrid liquid that scalded the walls of her throat as it was sluiced down.

“Still think you’re too good for piss?” Raelar asked her with a chuckle.

There was a grumble from Kyla’s stomach. Then the unimaginable happened as slowly, her guts began to inflate and distend outward as if growing. What was once a perfectly flat stomach became bloated and swollen in a saggy manner. Ciliren’s screams ceased in her growing horror as she bore witness to the effects of the abominable torture… already her sister looked pregnant!

Kyla reddened face twisted and contorted painfully from sheer discomfort. Her eyes trembled as her belly grew. She lost complete control of herself. In an instinctual effort to make space inside her body she released her own piss onto the ground. Even with her bladder stuffed to the point of distending Kyla’s stream was a meek and meager compeered to the violent gushes of the soldiers. “Hahaha! The piss-bucket is leaking!” someone loudly taunted from the line.

“Hold it in there once your done,” Raelar grunted as he smirked, amused by the cruel torture. As the current soldier finished, he kept his cock lodged down her throat. He slapped her distressed, agonizingly contorted face a couple of time, smiling at the torturous pain appearing in her expression as he did so… but so plugged up, none of the fluids trapped inside of her could escape. He waited until the next soldier got into position before he withdrew his clogging cock. Almost like a pressurized bottle suddenly uncorked, piss began to geyser out of Kyla’s freed mouth. Then the next soldier standing over Kyla’s kneeling body thrust forward, his marauding dick completely blocking off her throat. It quelled the surging stream and forced it back down into the outstretched innards they came from.

Much murky urine had been expelled during the intense regurgitation, but it wasn’t even enough to make Kyla’s tummy deflate back to normal. The young elf’s eyes trembled madly, both from extreme disgust and agony over all the copious masses swelling her stomach, as well as the terrifying fact that there was a lot more coming. An agitated, foreboding twitch came from the engorged and piss-itching horse-organ. “Uuuhh… take this you bitch! I love to feel a slaves lips around my cock as I’m pissing,” the drow snarled. Kyla’s eyes went wide and yet another torrent from his bladder poured down her gulping gullet with relentless and unyielding speed.

“NOO!!! It’s too much! You’re killing her!” Ciliren wailed on her sisters behalf. She didn’t lie. If Kyla wasn’t immobilized by Raelar’s inhumanly strong hands she would be shaking her head like an crazed animal to escape.

More and more of the immense amounts of piss the busy soldiers seem to have accumulated was dumped into Kyla through his cock. To Kyla, it felt as if sizzling acid was being chugged down her throat that fried away at her sensitive esophagus. Kyla’s eyes rolled and wobbled helplessly at the burning pain of it. That she wanted it to end was as clear as day. That it was obliterating her mind was just as obvious.

“Drink that piss bitch!” one of the drow mocked. “Your nothing but a worthless, living toilet!”

The flow seemed endless and refused to wane in intensity. Ciliren imagined she could actually hear the sound of the newly deposited urine splashing tumultuously into the large pool of piss already lodged inside Kyla’s bloated stomach-sack. The already saggy, distended belly kept expanding outward, the growth rapid enough that Ciliren’s eyes widened with unbelieving awe. Kyla was so stuffed with the vile mix of several different drow’s warm and murky urine that she appeared bloated with an unborn child of nine-months! But that was not the end of it, the swelling kept growing.

“Stop this!” Ciliren cried out. “You want her as a slave right! You’re going to kill her! Please, goddess, stop! STOP IT NOW!” A heartbroken Ciliren bellowed, weeping on her sisters behalf.

For the first time, Raelar directly turned to look at her. “I know,” he mocked. “You’re all replaceable. If she wanted to live, she should have swallowed by piss like a good girl. Now this latrine is going to be filled… all the way.”

As Raelar spoke, Kyla’s eye-lids fluttered rapidly as if consumed by the pain-inducing sea that swooshed around in her belly. The drow inside her finally finished, and his cock simply slid out of Kyla’s piss-lubed throat as he backed off. Kyla commenced purging the piss in her again, more violently than ever. “Hey! Next man up! Don’t let the fucking piss-bucket empty herself! Jam your dicks down her throat and plug up that hole!” An annoyed Raelar ordered.

Yet again, a soldier stepped again. Yet again, he stuck his monstrous cock down her throat, clogging it shut. Once again, he started to piss, and yet again, any loss of piss during her frantic heaving was quickly replaced. And again. And again.

Ciliren kept wailing as frenetically as ever, But Kyla spirit seemed to be leaving her. Her harrowed eyes were no longer panicky and pleading, but vacant and glossy. There was no animation to her body, no squirm or struggle against Raelar’s grip. Lifeless acceptance was all that meet the pissing soldiers. Kyla state was an abomination that had to be seen. “Fuck waiting! I can’t hold it anymore!” one of the soldiers said, walking toward her.” He took Raelar place behind her, his cock like a rod of iron as he shoved it brutally up her ass. It was a testament to the distress that Kyla was in that she barely seemed to react to the brutal penetration… but instead of fucking her, that drow also began to piss. Then when he finished, another man took his place as well.

It went on and on for a long time. No breaks were taken from swelling Kyla’s lithe, girlish frame with urine. A helpless Ciliren could do nothing but continue her perpetual screaming. Her lamentations were like victory trumpets to them. But she could not stop – she was beside herself with grief and sorrow for her disfigured sisters cruel fate. She was supposed to have her sister with her! She was supposed to not be alone! They needed to finish… finish pissing in her while she was still alive!

The line had begun moving again, but not far. She could still look back and watch… All of her attention on her brutally violated sister. It appeared the last of the soldiers had finally emptied his bladder inside her. Raelar’s drawn-out lesson was at last completed. Kyla now leaked urine from every orifice… but there was no pressure to the outflow any longer. No internal muscle contractions that sent piss gushing out of her flooded systems. Instead, runny yellow liquids leaked and sipped out of her urethra, mouth, anus, nose and as well as her ears at a slow, casual pace. Droplets of it even emerged as tears in her unmoving eyes. Her stomach was still horrifically bloated though – jam-packed with what could be a bathtub of salty urine. The ground around her now resembled a swampland of piss. The grass was all soggy and damp from the liquid masses that had escaped from her between sessions.

The drow behind her released her skull… and no motion came from Kyla’s defiled and distended body. She knelt there as lifeless as a thoroughly saturated puppet. Raelar stepped over in front of his captive, and delivered a kick to Kyla chest that sent her bloated body falling to its back into the swampy ground. His dick was hard and eager, the bulbous head already glossy with pre-cum as he got down in-between the spread thighs of his no longer struggling rape-victim… and Ciliren was dragged away, still sobbing.

As she left the horror of her sister’s fate behind, Ciliren ignored the screams she could hear from all around her, faint and distant. They seemed like hollow, empty things, compared to the fate she had just witnesses for her sister, the knowledge she would have to live in the world that didn’t have Kyla in it. Slowly, however, she became aware enough of her surroundings to notice something odd – Wagons stacked high with coffins. She’d seen nothing in the drow that indicated they would care enough to bury even their own dead, let alone those of the kingdom they’d just crippled. Which made the presence of the coffins baffling, all the more so because there seemed to be so many of them. Perhaps a macabre method of transporting whatever treasures they’d looted from the city back to their own kingdom. The coffins were large and, judging by the fact that ogres were being tasked with hefting them up onto the reinforced wagons, they weighed a significant amount.

Ciliren discovered the true contents of the coffins soon enough as the drow tasked with escorting her and the three other captives beside her brought them to one of the partially loaded wagons. After what she had just witnessed, the elf thought that nothing would ever be able to horrify her again. She should not have underestimated the drow. Four oversized coffins were lined up and open, waiting for their arrival. Her muscles locked up as she peered into the wooden box, finding any elf’s worst nightmare waiting for her within. A troll, arms locked up across his chest, eyes bulging with psychotic mindlessness and bulging prick fully erect. It was a sight that had not been seen in the elvish lands for at least a thousand years. Their boundless egos had led the elves to believe they’d hunted the foul creatures into extinction, but instead, they’d simply driven then into the Underdark to be a burden on the drow. And while the trolls had caused the drow much strife over the years, they did possess a certain unique value that could be capitalized on.

Irae had done just that. Taking advantage of the trolls’ regenerative abilities, she’d had several thousand of the things captured and brutally tortured until they’d gone completely insane. From there, she’d had them securely bound and fitted into the specially designed coffins, where they could languish in the dark when they weren’t being used. Seeing the light again for the first time in quite a while, the trolls were quite excited. Doubly so as each one of them was gaining a roommate for the long trip back into drow territory. Ciliren remained frozen, watching as the captives beside her were bound up tightly before being lowered into the coffins. The trolls did not possess much range of movement, but they didn’t need it. The drow soldiers were kind enough to ensure that each of the women were securely stuffed onto an oversized troll prick before the coffin lids were slammed closed and sealed shut.

A terrible shuddering crept through Ciliren’s body as the soldiers started to bind her. Fear and hopelessness kept her feet planted where they were even as everything in her mind screamed at her to run. She could not take her eyes off the troll that she would soon be getting an intimate introduction to. He was lanky, the time in the coffin had softened much of his muscle definition. Not that it mattered. The only muscle she was concerned about still looked perfectly healthy. His cock was easily sixteen inches in length and as thick as her forearm at the slimmest point. Bulging veins crept down the length of his shaft, leading to the swollen purple head of his cock. It looked more like a huge clenched fist than any penis she’d laid eyes on before. How it was going to fit into her, she didn’t know, but she was filled with the terrible certainty that it would fit. As her future stared her in the face, a sudden, chilling realization crept through her. The screaming. The persistent howls of agony and terror permeating the air around her. She’d thought they’d been coming from Soleila, but they weren’t. They were coming from the sealed coffins, each of them containing an elf woman getting brutally raped by an insane troll.

Ciliren’s breath grew rapid as the drow hauled her towards the coffin waiting for her. She was turned away from the troll and lowered backwards into the open box. The thing’s warm flesh pressed against her backside, thick cock sliding between her thighs, already angled towards her defenseless slit. One of the drow soldiers slapped a handful of grease across her cunt to lubricate it in advance of the daunting penetration while another took hold of the troll’s dick in both hands to line up the tip with her pussy. With the alignment set, the drow moved back. One of them offered Ciliren a mocking wave goodbye before the lid was dropped closed, immersing her in darkness. The bang of the wood set the elf off, unleashing the screams trapped in her chest. She could feel the pulse of the troll’s member against her sensitive sex, primed to fuck its way into the tight sheath. The psychotic creature let out a disturbingly childish giggle, shifting from side to side beneath her before giving up on trying to get his arms free and instead focusing on the molestation he could give her. Flexing his hips, he rammed the fist-shaped head of his cock against her greased cunt lips, maintaining a firm pressure until the flesh parted for him. Ciliren’s eyes rolled back as her screams were momentarily fucked away, the battering ram of a cock bashing its way up through her cervix.

Ekyulei felt like she had no soul left.

Her life had once been a proud thing. She had been born in the palace… not a royal, true, but she had grown up alongside them. Syllana had been her best friend… the two had grown up together, played together, been tutored together. When her friend had begun her martial training, putting herself on the path that would lead to her commanding the armies of Soleila, she hadn’t followed… but she had stayed close by joining the priesthood. Soon, her closeness to the royal family had paid off… she had earned a place in the palace chapel, maintaining its shrine to the Corona, close to those in power and away from the stiffling gaze of the high priestess. A place that let her indulge in her vices out of sight.

She had still… technically… been a virgin, but she and Syllana had spent many of their nights in bed together. It would have been forbidden if anyone knew, so they had kept it a secret. Her parents hadn’t even known. At a glimpse, people sometimes couldn’t have told her and the princess apart… she even had the red hair of the royal line that made the other princesses jealous. She had been a holy woman, a lover and a friend, an advisor to the royal family. She had been important!

Now she was a cock-sleeve.

Ekyulei had avoided death so many times already. Her minor magical talent had earned her her place in the city, rather than in an outlying town where the drow had struck first. Her friendship with the royal family and high birth had kept her in the palace, so she hadn’t died with the other priestesses to the assassins who roamed the city the night before the city was invaded. Her lack of martial strength, and the fact that she hadn’t had a weapon, had kept her from being summarily cut down when the palace was raided, or when the guards of the royals were executed. And her exquisite beauty had kept her alive through her captivity.

When she had first been raped, right in the palace chapel, Ekyulei had been forced to face facts – the real reason she hadn’t found the invaders, the real reason she hadn’t followed her friend into military service. There had been weapons in the chapel… magical artifacts of the royal line, sacred weapons that existed to defend the elven people. She could have picked one up and fought. Even if they had killed her for it, it would have been a better fate than a life of rape and slavery, certainly…

But Ekyulei was a coward.

As she had lay on the ground, weeping and begging for her life while a thick drow cock stole her virginity, she had realized that about herself. She was horrified by the thought of dying. She was under a century old… she could live to see a thousand! She couldn’t die practically a child! When their cocks came near her face, she opened her mouth. When they came near her hands, she stroked them. She was going to be the best whore in the world if it meant getting to live.

The next day, when the royals were being executed, she’d crawled between a dozen drow watching from the top of a building. The day after, when the drow had begun to be tired of simple rape, she had been their painslut… eagerly masturbating while they whipped her until she inspired them to fuck her again. And now, when she arrived at the wagons and saw the waiting trolls, she swore she would do anything, anything at all if they didn’t let those monstrous things rape her to death.

That was how, when the drow had promised to leave her behind in Soleila when they finished with her instead of having her endure the long ride back down to Menzoberranzan in the darkness and horror, Ekyulei had found herself laying on the back of one of the wagons with a drow shitting in her mouth.

The taste was indescribably foul… but she forced herself to swallow the whole thing, her fingers never stopping playing with herself. She had to cum… she had to cum before they finished using her like a toilet, or it would be down to the Underdark in the coffin for her. She tried to ignore the taste, the thought of what she was doing, but it was pervasive… it distracted her from even the shreds of pleasure she could get from playing with her sore, horribly raped hole. She wept as she swallowed, choking down the filth and hating every more with every passing second… but she wanted to live. Needed to live. She had already degraded herself so much… what was jsut a little bit more? If she could be free, it would all be worth it! She could see the coffin… her coffin with the troll inside, glaring at her eagerly.

The next drow moved up and took a piss on her face… it made an ever bigger mess in her mouth, but she was grateful that at least it gave her a few seconds longer to swallow before…

He crouched down over her, and she squinted her eyes shut tight as she tried to ignore the smell and the taste. Cum you fucking whore, Ekyulei… cum you shit faced whore. Cum, cum, cum and live you worthless coward, you worthless whore. Cum… Her fingers fucked herself every bit as hard as any of the drow had. Cum Ekyulei, cum you little fucking whore or die like the rest of them, little shit faced cumming whore, cumming, cumming!

Ekyulei screamed around the shit in her mouth as her body jerked as she came to her own utter defilement, laying panting on the back of the wagon. She barely even noticed as the final drow moved over to use her as a latrine… it was strange, but she managed to take a little bit of pride in her utter lack of pride – her completely defilement and degradation. Most of the others were too proud to so degrade themselves… and where had it gotten them? A shallow grave, or a life as a fucktoy. Not her… she was going to be free. She didn’t even complain as the fifth drow filled her mouth with shit, even though she had already done what they asked.

Then they drow lifted her up and dragged her towards the open coffin.

“No!” she tried to scream around her mouth fuck of shit. “You promised! You promised!”

The drow soldier laughed as he bound her arms behind her back and began to push her into the open coffin. “I did… I promised you I’d leave you behind in the city when we left… and I will! I never said anything about saving you from the troll.”

Ekyulei screamed in horror as she felt the troll’s monstrous cock begin to impale her cum-slicked pussy. They were going to… leave her behind? Ties in this coffin with the troll… where no one would ever be coming back for her? “Please… take me with you!” she begged. “I can be a good slave! I’ll be the best whore in the whole city for you!”

The drow soldier just looked at her with disgust. “And who wants a whore with a mouth full of shit?” he asked. Then he closed the coffin. Ekyulei screamed as she heard the pounding as they sealed it with nails… then the heavy thud as they pushed her off the wagon to lie among the ruins of the city and the corpses of other elves.

Corpses like hers would be…

Vanya and Ahshala Moonshadow were marched down the line to be loaded into one of the coffins, being yanked forward on the chain as girl after girl disappeared into the monstrous boxes one at a time. Their parents had always told the twin sisters that they were even more beautiful than princesses Elasha and Elincia… and while neither had ever truly believed it, they had both enjoyed the compliments anyway, swelling with pride at their radiance and loveliness. The two dark-haired girls were close, but they didn’t actually have much in common besides their looks… while Vanya preferred running around outdoors and spending her times in the gardens and forests within the city, Ahshala preferred her books and her art.

So it wasn’t much a surprise that they had both been captured separately. The drow that had invaded the forests had found Vanya sleeping beneath her favorite tree, and had been happy to drag her down into the grass before raping her senseless. At almost the same time, in the craftsman section of the city, their home had been bursts into, and Ahshala has seen her father’s throat be cut right before her eyes, bleeding out onto her favorite book while she had her ass plundered for the first time.

Despite their separation, both girls had been beautiful enough to earn a stay of execution from the drow… it was only after they had both been brought out of the city and be loaded that someone had noticed that the sisters were twins. Just because the twins had been spared a brutal death, however, didn’t meant that they were intact. Even if their mother weren’t dead in a back alley with cum leaking from her raped cunt, she wouldn’t have been able to tell the twin sisters apart any longer… with their vacant demeanors and downcast moods, the twins were truly identical, everything that made them unique from one another seemingly having been raped out of them over the last pair of days.

By the time they reached the end of the line, there was only one wagon left… one single coffin remaining with an especially large and vicious-looking troll inside it. The last one left.

The drow argued about which girl they should put in with the troll, while the aggressive, insane thing pulled against his chains, its cock hard as stone as it glared at both of the naked pieces of fuckmeat. Eventually, the drow shrugged and decided to stuff them both in together. The twin sisters were found together, their tits pressed together and looking into each others eyes as their limbs, hips, and necks were all bound together. To the delight of the amused drow, both of their captors had had the idea of sticking rings in the tongues of the twins, so those were chained together as well.

“Which one gets the cock?” one soldier asked.

“There’s a difference?” the other asked, chuckling.

The first looked at the two identical girls and smirked. “Guess not,” he agreed. He lifted the girls into the coffin, where the aggressive troll immediately began humping at them, banging his hips back and forth… and finding Vanya’s ass. The dark haired elf screamed as her asshole was stretched far behind anything the drow had managed to do it, the sounds of pain seeming to bring Ahshala back out of her stupor as well. The two girls and the troll only barely fit, and even with their limbs bound together much of them needed to crammed down to fit into the coffin, shoving them harder down into their tiny prison.

“See you in the underdark, fucktoys,” one of the drow mocked as he fit in the lid in place… needing to lean into it and crush it down to make everyone fit. A banging of nails sealed the lid in place, and locked the screaming sisters together in the dark. With two people in it, the coffin was unbalanced, so the ogres that lifted it up flipped the coffin in the process, so that the troll was chained to the top instead of the bottom.

Over the next few hours, Ahshala came slowly back to herself as he heard her sister scream and suffer… the pain and anguish of her raped sister bringing her out of her self pity. It was more than she could say for Vanya… the woman’s eyes were bugged out as she was raped over and over, the pounding that the troll gave her transferring to Ahshala through their bonds as her sister was smashed down against the bottom of the wooden coffin by the anal fucking. When her sister eventually stopped screaming, Ahshala could barely see her sister’s face in the darkness, but she could tell it wasn’t because she had gotten used to it, and the impacts of her body against her sister told it it wasn’t because the fucking had grown any less violent… her sister had just damaged her voice too badly to vocalize the pained scream still trying to escape her throat.

“Stahp et,” Ahshala begged with her bound tongue. “Yhor kellin er! Stahp!”

If the troll could even understand her, he didn’t listen. He just kept fucking Vanya as hard as he could, cumming in her over and over again and never, ever stopping. Then cum splashed over Ahshala’s face, and horror swallowed the elf as she realized what had happened… the monster had pumped enough cum into her sister’s asshole that it was overflowing, coming out her mouth and dropping down all over Ahshala, into her open mouth and across her face. Then, five minutes later, it happened again. And again. And again. Ahshala started screaming for him to spare her sister, for him to stop…

Ahshala watched in horror as her twin sister, her best friend, was raped to death by by the vicious troll… feeling every vicious through as it banged her against the coffin’s side one thrust at a time. She couldn’t be sure exactly when it happened, but at some point the screaming elf girl noticed that her sister had stopped moving… that she couldn’t feel the rise and fall of her chest anymore. That her lips and tongue hung limp as cum dripped off of them as the troll came again and again. Her sister was dead.

Ahshala screamed in horror, begged Vanya to come back to her, not to leave her alone in this hell… but her sister was gone.

Not that it stopped the troll from raping her. He didn’t seem to even notice that he had fucked his plaything to death, and he was too bound in place to swap to fucking Ahshala even if he did… he just kept sinking his cock into the girl over and over, and making more cum pour out of her mouth and on her twin.

Ahshala promised her sister that she would survive. That she would find a way to escape this hell… that she would make Vanya’s sacrifice worth it. That was when she realized that she could feel the cum lapping against the sides of her face, her dark hair floating in the growing pool of it as she was battered down into it time and time again. The coffin wasn’t draining.

The dark haired elf tried everything. She tried kicking at the troll to make him stop, screaming at him, offering to do anything for him if he would only stop. Finally, as a last ditch effort, she even tried to to turn in the coffin, to put her sister on the bottom and offer her own ass to the troll rapist instead… but she couldn’t dislodge the unstoppable rape machine from inside her sister’s dead asshole. Finally, she was forced to just strain over and over to hold her head up as far as she could, being driven back down into the pool of troll cum with each battering thrust. Her dead sister leaked out another load of cum over her face, and Ahstala screamed in horror and despair as cum covered her lips and nose, sliding down her throat and making her swallow and swallow and swallow if she wanted to stay alive, stay breathing.

They had to be almost down to the city by now, right? It felt like it had been days and day… any minute now, the coffin lid would open and she would be taken from here. Any minute now, she would be safe, she thought as her eyes were covered by cum, leaving her truly blind in the darkness.. She just needed to keep swallowing, keep swallowing… keep… swallowing… keep… swall…

Irae rode along the caravan, smiling as she watched the final elves be loaded up. They had run out of coffins half an hours ago. Not every single elf they had captured was riding in one… no small few had been claimed by an specific high ranked drow by now, and those were being kept seperate. Any of the others, however… well, if they didn’t have a coffin to go in, a troll to be raped by, her orders were clear. They weren’t coming.

Ciliren had not been entirely wrong in her guess that the captured elf women would be used as breeding stock. Although the drow selection process for which elves to keep and which to kill had come down to random circumstance and inconsistent preference, it didn’t mean that all the captured women would be allowed to live the remainder of their lives as fuck-cattle. The drow had no interest in any of the women too weak to survive until the time to give birth arrived. Forcing them to make the long trip back to the Underdark being endlessly raped by the trolls would make for an effective test. It kept the captives secure and it ensured they would not have a moment of rest, thanks to the trolls’ broken minds and powerful regenerative stamina. Whether the elves lived or died was no real concern for the drow. On the contrary, the soldiers would no doubt spend the bulk of the return trip betting on how many of them would make it.

So they had needed to come up with a solution for the rest of them… and Irae approved of the one that soldiers had come up with. The wagons were all lined up now, one after the other, so they had tied the girls between the wagons. Arms to one side, feet to the other. Right now, they just hung there… but the wagons wouldn’t be staying this close together as they rode. One bump in the road, one change in speed, one different swerve at a time, the wagons would drift further apart… and rip the elf girls apart.

They knew it, too. They were all screaming, shouting, begging… loud enough to cover up the muffled screams of the thousands of coffins. Begging for an opportunity to be fucktoys instead, for mercy. The drow soldiers just laughed at them and pissed onto their faces and bodies from on top of the wagons… one final show of how worthless their light-skinned bodies were to them now. Irae gave the order to move on, and the pitch of the screams rose higher.

Irae grinned as she looked over her army filing out of the now dead elven capital city, one of the wagons already trailing the slowly dying torso of a girl ripped in two while the soldier began to bet with one another over who would be the last one alive. Their work in Soleila was done now. There was still much work to be done to conclude the eradication of these filthy surface dwellers… but things were off to a splendid start.

Chapter 10

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