Freljord Diplomacy Chapter 4

Commission for M

Sejuani was sure that she had died and her soul had been dragged to the Shadow Isles because surely nothing in life could be this miserable. The only, tiny, comfort that she could take in her miserable state was that at least on the couch, her knees weren’t digging into the hard floor anymore. That was in. Every single other element of her life, everything that made her her, caused her pain and misery.

She had thought the men were being rough with her before… she realized that she had been wrong. Now that her ass was being broken in, there was never a single inch of her that wasn’t being used to satisfy some man’s disgusting prick. Her pussy and ass were fucked, usually together, by a never-ending string of men while dicks rubbed against her tits, her thighs, her feet. She could feel cum in her hair, in her ears, between her toes, and most of all deep inside all three of her sore holes. They weren’t choking her with the collar at the moment, but it barely mattered – with their cocks shoved so far down her throat she could barely breathe anyway. Still, she sucked them, as enthusiastically and sluttishly as she could… knowing that she was only a single moment from having the collar tightened again. At least this way she could catch the occasional gasp of air.

She felt disgusting. Thoroughly used, covered, and stained. If her tribe could see her now, they would probably cast her out… the cum-covered bitch that was shoved around the couch wasn’t a warrior, and she certainly wasn’t a war leader – she was a whore. Even if the men weren’t actively hurting her, everything seemed to hurt from the roughness of their fucking, the friction of their dicks inside of her, the cramping sensation of being filled up with more much of their cum… and of course, the burning in her lungs. It was unbearable… but she had no choice but to bear it and whatever else they decided to inflict on her.

She was so dazed from being shoved between men and fucked that it took her more than a minute that she was able to breathe easily, that no one was shoving their cock down her throat. She still swayed to the rhythm of the dick in her ass, each thrust sending a new spike of discomfort through her abused body, but while men stood in front of her, no one was fucking her face.

“I’m next,” one of them said, looking at the other… his hand idly stroking his cock.

“In your dreams,” the other protested. “You already had a go with that throat. I saw her first, she’s mine.”

She looked between their faces and couldn’t tell them apart. Sephis and Revis, she realized… naked, with identical looks of cruel lust on their faces, they looked like the same person. Which one was it that had already facefucked her, right before the damn collar had gone on? It all seemed like a blur… she couldn’t even remember anymore. Looking up at them, she couldn’t remember why she had ever found them attractive enough to use to compete with her rival… they stood above her looking as dangerous as executioners, their cocks looking more like weapons that instruments of pleasure as they argued over which of them should be the next to… to rape her.

“Don’t have to fight about it,” another of the summoners said. “Remember Orianna?”

The twin brothers looked over at him. Then back to each other. And then they grinned.

Those smiles… they were too much. “Please… no more… you… you can’t do this to me!” Sejuani hated how weak her voice sounded. If she heard that plea from an enemy on the battlefield, she would have laughed. Now it was the best that she could offer. “Please, I’m not some whore, I can’t take an- urk!”

The collar abruptly tightened, far tighter than ever before. “Shut up, whore,” one of the summoners, whichever of the group was currently holding her remote, hissed out. “Disobedient bitches don’t get to tell us what to do.”

Her hands went up to claw at her throat, but she couldn’t get a grip under the collar… it was too tight, and her fingers too slick with cum. She couldn’t breathe at all – she thrashed on the couch, her body trying to find a way to breathe, not realizing that the suffocating pressure was something that couldn’t be writhed away from. Genuine tears began flowing down her face, clearing glistening lines through the mask of cum that stained her face. Her vision was narrowing with every second as her eyes bulged, and all she could see around the darkness at the edges was the leering, amused faces of the summoners… stroking their cocks as they watched the buxom barbarian fight for breath.

Then the collar loosed, and she took a ragged breath that hurt her throat almost as much as the choking did, but it was also the single sweetest thing she had ever tasted, the most rapturous sensation she had ever felt. She took another, and another, and each hurt like death… and each felt as precious as gold.

The summoner with the remote knelt down next to the crying girl where she was cuddle on the couch. Sejuani wouldn’t have called it cowering… but she did flinch when she saw his finger on the remote again. “If we say you’re a whore,” he said slowly. “You’re a whore. Understand?”

Eyes wide, Sejuani nodded, not taking her wide eyes off that monstrous remote. More tears dripped from them.

“There’s something wrong with you, Cyn,” one of the other summoners said with a chuckle.

Cyn shrugged, smiling as he handed the remote over to either Sephis or Revis, whichever the one that was closer was. “I don’t mind bitches who resist. I prefer bitches who resist… once.”

As she felt another shot of cum spurting into her ass, Sejuani slowly began to notice that while she was able to breathe again, the collar hadn’t loosened all the way. It was still tight around her neck, like a necklace on too tight. It made her breathing… uncomfortable, like she needed to struggle… like she needed to breathe just a little bit faster, a little bit harder, to keep up with her needs. She wasn’t sure if Cyn had done it deliberately or not… she suspected he had. Either way, the urge to bring it up only stayed to her for a moment. If she complained… she had little doubt that she would find it tightened again in short order.

The cock popped out of her butt with a wet, plopping noise, and Sejuani winced as she felt more cum get dragged out of her well-fucked ass and drip down over her pussy. “Fuck this bitch is getting sloppy,” one of the summoners standing around her said. “Forget her. I’m going to get a piece of the Queen.” As the summoner walked over, Sejuani looked to catch a glimpse of Ashe for the first time since the men had started stuffing all three of her holes. The Avarosan queen was laying on her back on the couch with a man between her legs, pumping away. Her skin still looked mostly clean, even. A summoner has his cock in her mouth, but not deep… she was languidly sucking on it loosely in her mouth, and even while Sejuani watched the bitch gave a moan and a shudder. Ashe was cumming!

Sejuani hated the summoners who had tricked her into this situation. She hated herself for being so pathetic and weak to be defeated and trapped her. But she hated neither half as much as she hated Ashe with every fiber of her being…

Across the room, Ashe was not having quite as good of a time as she appeared. The summoners had been stuffing her cunt almost continuously for an hour, and if there was any perk to the situation, it was that the friction and heat of the repeated fucking were slowly getting her hot. She’d shuddered her way to more than one climax during the process, but all it took was one look over at Sejuani to realize how close to the edge of disaster she was, just how deep over her head the water got. She didn’t dare even try to stop them… she didn’t want to end up like that.

Her mouth had been put to just as heavy of use. While she wasn’t struggling for breath the way the barbarian warlord was, about half of them still decided to deepthroat the Queen. Her stomach felt heavy with cum… in an attempt to keep her clean, nearly all the summoners had elected to make her swallow their cum. It made her stomach feel heavy, but at least she didn’t look like as big of a whore as she felt like she was. She had dicks rubbed on every bit of her, but very little of their cum was on her skin.

She had watched Sejuani get her ass raped with barely concealed horror, throwing herself into fucking the summoners around her with vigor in an attempt to avoid that fate for herself. On some level, Ashe was aware that she was turning herself into a fucktoy for the men to avoid being turned into a fucktoy, but at least this way she had a tiny level of control… at least this way, she wasn’t being hurt. Still, she knew it was inevitable that the summoners were going to want more… and when Rogim came up behind her, put his hands on her hips, and began to push her onto her knees, Ashe knew what was coming. She made a soft whining sound around the dick in her mouth, but didn’t protest any more than that… on all fours, she had an even clearer view of Sejuani as she was battered between a trio of cocks, and she could watch her struggle for air… see how red her face was getting. She couldn’t risk ending up like her.

Then Rogim popped inside of her, and she let out a tiny screech around the dick in her mouth… she dug her nails into the couch as hard as she could to avoid a stronger reaction, to avoid showing how much it hurt. Her ass wasn’t meant for this. More than one person had mocked her for how uptight she was, but her ass was proving it true… it was like her rear was trying to crush the summoner’s cock. For the first time in an hour, Ashe fell completely silent as she simply tried not to scream. The only sounds she made were the heavy, pained breathing. She struggled to relax, not to tense up and squeeze him and make it hurt more but it was so very, very hard… the raw sensation crested over her again and again, overwhelming her mind. She barely even noticed when the summoner fucking her face came down her throat.

Ashe’s breath escaped her in short, sharp little gasps as the summoner pulled free of her lips. “Oh Avarosa, please… please…” she begged as she felt him push deeper and deeper into her. She wanted to beg him to stop, that he was hurting her, but it only took a glance at the barbarian girl to tell her that he knew… and the stiffness of his cock in her made it clear how much he enjoyed exactly that. He just kept sinking deeper and deeper… by the time she felt his hips against her ass, Ashe felt like she was about to burst. As she felt him begin to withdraw, a sharp gasp, almost scream escaped her lips. Knees going weak for a moment, the shock of the feeling of him withdrawing from her further added to her confusion. Mentally bracing for the thrust that she knew was coming.

And when it came, it was far beyond anything she could have imagined. A bright star of agony, but more than just that… it was an overwhelming sensation that made her shriek again. It wasn’t anything like being fucked in her pussy… it wasn’t anything like sex, but the fact that she had been fucked for so long beforehand and her clit was already burning transformed it into something else. There was pain, tightness, and something she didn’t think was pleasure, but that her addled, overwhelmed body treated much the same. She collapsed onto her tits and face, her ass held up by Rogim’s hands alone as he drove into her clenching asshole, pushing her across the couch with his thrusts and making her body shiver against him.

Rogim needed no reason to fuck her like this besides her being tight and feeling pleasant on his cock, but her reactions made it even more fun. Unless he was greatly mistaken, Ashe’s mind was confused enough that she could enjoy this… he could feel his balls slapping against a drooling cunt, and it wasn’t just seed that was making her wet. The summoner had fucked enough of these bitches that he knew one of the most sensitive parts of a woman was where he could hit it while fucking her in her ass. As the grinning summoner noted her helpless writhing beneath him, the sign that marked her confused excitement, he knew that if he wanted, he could assfuck the woman into a shuddering, helpless climax. And right now, that appealed to him.

He leaned down over her, so he could whisper to the Queen he was making his sex toy. “She’s watching you, my Queen…” he said softly. “Do you know how much she would hate to see you happy while she’s so miserable? Push your fingers into your pussy… give her a show and make yourself cum.” He grinned as the half obvious and completely overwhelmed girl did it. The wet, warm tightness around his shaft was even tighter than her pussy had been when he fucked her earlier. It felt so good he pushed in hard and fast, feeling her gasping with each thrust. Inch after thick inch of thick shift disappeared and then reappeared from between her pale cheeks, her hole spread obscenely around his length and gripping his dick wonderfully. “Play with your cunt, oh Queen…”

Someone else pulled Ashe up by her pale hair and stuffed his cock down her throat, but she didn’t protest… in fact, she moaned around him. Then, as Rogim began to fuck her ass faster and faster, she screamed around that cock and came. The way her body clenched on him then was incredible… she screamed and writhed and squeezed him until he was sure she was going to pass out. As he fucked her harder, her body milking the cum out of his body, he caught sight of Sejuani glaring over at her with hate in her eyes.


When he pulled out, he walked around to where she was still gagging on a cock. “You don’t mind if we fuck both at once, right?” he asked the dazed girl with her mouth stuffed. When she didn’t react, he waved to the next two men in line. “I didn’t think so. After all, Sejuani can do it… and anything that whore can do, you can do better, right?”

The twin brothers had wasted no time. They had presented their cocks to her together, waving them in her face, battered her cheeks and nose and lips with them while Sejuani looked on in a daze, unsure what they wanted. She figured they wanted their cocks sucked, but whenever she went for one of them, the other brother started smacking her harder with his cock while they both laughed at her. Then she found out what they intended as one of them – she was pretty sure it was Revis – grabbed onto the back of her head and yanked her forward onto both of their dicks.

Sejuani wretched. The two cocks just barely fit, and the brothers each had to grab the side of her mouth to pry them further open, chuckling at her the whole time. “She looks like an idiot like that,” Revis mocked.

“Did we finally fuck her stupid?” Sephis wondered in agreement. “Lose too many brain cells to the collar already did you?”

“Nah, it’s the opposite. We’ve given her a brain for the first time… that look is her finally realizing her purpose in life,” Revis mocked as they both shoved deeper. “She’s realized she’s just three holes and some pretty tits. The problem is just that, though… only three holes, and thirty of us.” He slapped Sejuani’s cheek until the barbarian looked up at him with bleary, strained eyes. “That’s because you’re a stupid, lazy whore who isn’t using her assets efficiently. Don’t worry though… it’s our honor to educate the mighty Winter’s Claw.”

They shoved deeper again, and Sejuani groaned. She felt impossibly stretched, but somehow the two huge cocks fit in her mouth, competing for space and filling her completely. She had to try to suck breath in through her tightened throat and nose like a straw to keep her world from growing dark. The barbarian was being pummeled in both of her holes again while the man beneath her used her dangling tits as punching bags to slap over and over, and now she was being further disgraced like this? The men around her seemed to enjoy the sight, but Sejuani felt even more pathetic somehow… she hadn’t thought that was possible.

Despite herself, Sejuani began to run her tongues over the twin cocks in her mouth. She needed them to cum, to finish so they could finish stuffing her. Despite her attempts to please them, however, Sephis and Revis kept pushing their dicks further into her mouth. Her mouth quickly became raw, her lips rubbing and being chaffed sore, but the twins kept trying to go further in. Holding her by the jaw, the hair, her ears, they shoved her forward more and more violently, fitting more of themselves in and fresh tears dripped down her cheeks and mingled with the cum and spit all over her.

Again and again, both brothers slide their cocks in and out of her mouth, the friction of it stretching her lips out more, making more and more sore. The two competed for room deep in her throat, and with a pathetic retch, Sejuani felt one of them win and shove his way into her throat. Revis gave a laugh of triumph as he impaled her and listened to the tiny sounds of misery escaping her plugged neck. “Does she look like a warrior to you?” He asked as he thrust into her over and over again.”

“I don’t think so,” Sephis said as he bumped his brother with his hip, hard enough to make his cock pull back enough to clear her throat and then slammed himself into her before his brother could manage to take back his place again. “This whore couldn’t defeat a gnat. She’s pathetic.” He gripped onto both of her ears and yanked her forward from them, noting cum dripping out of them like any of her other holes. “Filthy bitch,” he growled.

“Don’t worry slut,” Revis said, patting her head. “You might not be worthy of the sword, but you can swallow ours anytime.” He chucked and yanked her head back abruptly, letting his twin pop free of her throat so that he could sheath himself in it.

They went like that, back and forth, for what felt like an hour. Eventually, Sejuani began desperately licking at them with her tongue… she hated it and hated herself, but it was obvious that without it they weren’t ever going to cum… that she would suffocate on their sicks before they finished unless she helped them along. As if that was the signal, the two twins began using her even more roughly… even so, when they took turns dumping a load down her throat, she was almost grateful.

Then for a moment, she didn’t have a cock in her anymore. The collapsed down onto the couch, landing half on her knees and half on her tits, heaving as hard as she could through the collar around her neck. Everything hurt… her holes burned from repeated use, and they seemed completely full. She felt disgusting and ashamed, and utterly, hideously exhausted. Someone started pulling at her immediately and she hated the whimpering noise that she made, but it wasn’t at her… it was at her last stitches of clothing. A second later, her garter belt and stockings were torn free of her, and she was completely naked. Somehow, the tiny bits of fabric coming free of her legs made her feel significantly more exposed than she had a moment ago.

“Hey, no laying around cunt!” one of the summoners laid with a chuckle, grabbing one of her bare legs and beginning to drag her off the couch. She started to struggle, desperate for her break to last just a few seconds later, but caught sight of the remote in the summoner’s hands and went limp, eyes wide. Thankfully, he didn’t seem to have even noticed her pathetic attempt as resistance. “Didn’t you learn anything? You have plenty of people who want to fuck you and only three holes. I thought we already told you, you would have to use them more efficiently.”

Sejuani looked over and saw two men laying down on the floor against one another. The summoner didn’t waste time – he dragged her over to him, and she found herself kneeling on top of them in quick order. “Down onto them,” he ordered her. “Show you’ve learned something at least.” Annoyed, Sejuani began to do it, aiming to sink down onto them both… but the two men took hold of their dicks and reaimed them, so they were both pressed against her asshole. The barbarian chieftain froze. Surely, they couldn’t mean…

Her collar tightened… not enough that she couldn’t breathe at all, but enough to be painful, to be noticed. “You stupid?” the summoner mocked. “I already told you. Break. In. Your. Fucking. Holes.” When she seemed hesitant, he cranked the collar up a single further notch, and her eyes went wide as she started feeling the blood pounding in her head. “I’ll loosen it once you get them both all the way in,” he promised, “and not a single second before.

Sejuani groaned as she tried to obey, trying to keep her legs spread to minimize the pain. She carefully kept her balance with her arms as he sank her weight down onto the cocks, and she was horrified to find that they fit more easily than she thought they would… it hurt and stretched her horribly, but she thought it would be completely impossible. It still felt like shards of glass digging into her sphincter it was so tightly stretched. Inch by inch, she forced herself down further, feeling her stretch obscenely inside. She hated that she had reason to be grateful for the amount of cum the summoners had poured into her ass… it would have been so much worse without it.

At last, however, her ass rested against their legs. Sejuani felt sick… she had done it. She was impaled on two cocks in her ass at once, and she could feel every inch of them… squeezing so tight around them, it was like she could feel every single bump and hair and ridge, like her ass had been turned into a glove for the two cocks. As promised, the collar loosened… but, she noted, not all the way. Not even as far as it had before. The warning was clear… keep disobeying, and breathing keeps getting harder. “Now,” the summoners with the remotes said. “Fuck yourself on them. Don’t be a lazy whore.”

Slowly, she began to rise up, then the summoner put his hand on her shoulder. She was stronger than he was, she was sure of it, but he was leaning his weight on her, and she was so exhausted… she couldn’t move him. She looked up at him with exhausted eyes, and he smiled. “What do you say?”

Sejuani’s face twisted in tired, dazed confusion. “…What?”

He slapped her, and she realized her flopping jaw had bit her tongue. “When your betters give you an instruction, the correct response is “Yes, Master.”

Sejuani stared for a second, tilted her head as if she hadn’t quite heard him right. “Go f…” her voice trailed off in a whisper as her eyes found the remote again. She swallowed, hard… choking down the words that she wanted to spit. It wasn’t worth not being able to breathe… It wasn’t… she needed to tell herself that three or four times before she managed to open her mouth again. “Y… y-yes, master,” she said shakily, her voice weak.

“Good little barbarian whore,” he mocked, giving her a pair of soft, degrading slaps on one cheek. “Now ride those cocks like they’re your boar.” 

Slowly she rose up on the pair of cocks, her thighs straining, her whole body shaking as she rode the men beneath her. Even this slow-motion was enough to make her wince, but she persisted… even when it felt like the pair of cocks inside her were taking her intestines out with them. She tried to be as gentle with the process as she could, but even her cum-lubed insides had their limits, and she was swelling around the shafts filling her utterly… she really needed to make an effort to pull off it.

At last, she pulled almost entirely off the pair of dicks. She longed to rise just a little bit further, to come free of her rapist’s cocks, but she knew that if she did, she might never get herself back down on them… her ass felt tighter than ever. Only their bulbous heads still sat inside her. She almost wanted to beg the summoners to let her stop, but that asshole was still standing there with his finger on the remote… and she would only make him mad. Instead, she gritted her teeth and began lowering herself back down, reluctantly undoing the job she had done lifting herself up. Progress was even slower and harder than before… and even more intense. Sejuani had to wiggle her ass, slowly working herself down, feeling the thick shafts traveling deeper and deeper into her guts.

She felt like she’d fought in a lengthy battle by the time she’d pushed it all back inside her, but she knew she had no time to rest. She reversed course to lift herself up again. Down. Up. Down. Up. The cheering and laughter of the summoners was just background noise to her as she felt someone grab at her feet, at her tits, at her hair… pushing cocks against her from everywhere as she slowly fucked her own ass with two dicks. Each trip onto them hurt worse than the last… but it also began to feel… something. Something intense… the line between agony and pleasure blurring as she was used so thoroughly, as the fingers rubbing at her clit began to attract her hips towards them, as her oxygen-starved brain lost track of what was going on. She barely noticed when someone shoved a cock down her throat… she wasn’t breathing enough anyway.

Then, at the apex of her rise, her shaking legs collapsed and she slammed herself down on the cock all in a single burst, and she screamed around that dick… and her body shook as she was pushed through an agonizing, unwilling orgasm.

“Too slow…” One summoner complained. The trembling barbarian found herself quickly lifted up, crying out as the cocks were torn out of her stretched asshole as quickly as she had rushed them in and she was flopped down onto the table. She groaned as the dicks were returned to her ass a few seconds later, but even that pitiful noise was cut off as two more cocks pressed into her mouth, each struggling to be the one in her throat. Her hands, her feet, her hair… all of them were used by the summoners, used like masturbatory toys more than pieces of her body as she was truly fucked in her ass now, the position letting them actually rail her while she screamed and screamed around the cocks plugging her throat, no longer sure if it hurt or if she was cumming… her entire body shook with the intensity of her treatment, and Sejuani felt sure she was going insane.

Cocks finished on and in her, covering her body, filling her holes, and Sejuani easily lost track… the Winter’s Claw no longer had any idea what was going on, or how long she had been here. She barely knew her own name, every nerve in her body felt like it had been rubbed raw before being covered by cum. Hours must have passed like that, although she couldn’t tell how many… she remembered it when someone thought she wasn’t doing good enough of a job with her tongue, and they had choked her. She remembered when she had forgotten to stroke the cocks in her hands, and they had choked her. She remembered when two cocks, not as massive as Sephis’ and Revis’ had been, managed to fit into her throat as once, and they choked her just to make her hole tighter around them.

Then she found herself laying in almost a puddle on the table, exhausted and wrecked and almost mindless as one of the summoners nudged her with his foot. Cyn… the one who had so enthusiastically choked her before. “You listening, whore?” he said, holding up the remote. That brought Sejuani back to herself… he had been the most enthusiastic in tightening her collar, taking away her breath entirely… and he was usually the one to leave the collar permanently tighter as well. She frantically nodded, and he laughed. “You have no idea what I said, do you?”

Sejuani paused… then shook her head softly. “No,” she whispered.

Cyn’s eyes narrowed. “We really did fuck your brains out, didn’t we?” he said, lifting the collar. “I guess you don’t need those remaining brain cells anymore, right?”

“No, master!” Sejuani all but shouted. Her voice was soft, and couldn’t get very loud, but she forced the words out as quickly as she could, and they tumbled from her lips in a rush. “Sorry, master!”

Cyn hesitated… and then lowered the remote. “Guess you still have a thought in your head. Good. I said that you’re a mess, dumb bitch. You think any of us want to fuck a sloppy whore like you?”

Sejuani looked down at herself in dismay and wanted to cry. She was… absolutely… covered. She felt like if she had been bathing in man’s seed, she could hardly have more covering her. It made her want to cry to see how degraded she had become. The answer came easily to her. “No, master,” she said quietly. Obviously not. She didn’t even want to look at herself… who would want to touch her?

“You’re right,” he said with a cruel smile. “But you’re a whore… and how worthless is a whore no one wants to fuck?”

Sejuani swallowed. “I… I… not very, master…”

“Not very indeed,” Cyn agreed. “So clean yourself up.”

Now THAT was an order Sejuani was eager to obey… even if all she was doing was making herself more appealing to rape. She felt disgusting, and she could possibly be made to feel any worse. She began to look around for the ruined fabric of the dress she had been wearing but froze when the collar tightened a notch, showing Cyn’s dissatisfaction. She hardly dared move, lest she do anything else to make him tighten it further… but she slowly turned to look at him with pleading, desperate eyes.

“You already have everything you need,” he mocked. “You have a mouth, don’t you? Scrape it all up and put it there.”

Sejuani looked down at herself with a new horror, seeing how much filth she was covered with in a new, horrible light. They were… going to make her… swallow it all?

Her pride seemed to die in that second. Sejuani fell to her knees, looking up at Cyn and whimpering. “Please… please, master… I… I can’t. There’s too much! Please, just… there’s too much!”

“Nonsense!” Cyn said happily. “You just need some motivation.” Sejuani shook as he raised the remote… but to her surprise, he loosened it all the way. For the first time in hours, she could breathe unobstructed, and the taste of the air… even as filled with sweat and cum and sex as it was… was the sweetest thing ever to touch her throat. “We’re going to play a game, little whore. The rules are simple. You are going to suck down every drop of cum covering yourself… and every minute, I’m going to turn this dial a notch. When you’re clean enough that someone wants to fuck you, I’ll stop… and that’s your new default. Get it?”

Sejuani stared in horror, and Cyn sighed and tightened the dial once. “I said… get it?”

In answer, the feared Winter’s Claw began scooping cum off of her breasts with both hands and lapping at it with her tongue, and Cyn laughed. “That’s a good little whore…”

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