Freljord Diplomacy Chapter 5

Commission for M.

Ashe watched the degradation of Sejuani from across the room, whenever she could catch sight of it. She was kept constantly occupied by the summoners, but not nearly as badly as the barbarian woman was. It was chilling to think how close that fate had been to being hers… how badly it could have gone for her if she hadn’t provoked Sephis to fuck her face. She actually found herself feeling bad for her old friend… but no so bad that she wasn’t grateful that it wasn’t her over there.

The Frost Archer had been kept relatively clean still – the men nowhere near as dedicated to turning her into a sloppy mess as they had been Sejuani – and as Ashe watched the Winter’s Claw get her claws clipped by the summoners she was doubly grateful for that. Just the thought of having to drink down all of that cum…

She was still catching her breath. Some of the summoners had had the idea to try and fit two cocks in her mouth as well, and she had been forced to let them… it was better than being raped the way Sejuani was. She had her political allies. She had her freedom, and she had at least some dignity left… even if keeping it meant choking down two dicks at once. She could do it… she had to… so she stuffed them into her mouth and tried her best not to gag. At least they weren’t trying to shove them both down her throat at once, or often at all, even… even from across the room, she could hear the horrible sounds Sejuani had made when they did that to her, and she would do anything to avoid it.

One of the summoners groaned. “That’s a good little Queen,” he whispered in pleasure, letting out a gasp as her tongue wrapped around the head of his cock… she thought. It might have been the other summoners instead… she couldn’t even tell anymore. She just felt so full…

Both her pussy and ass were filled nearly constantly now, stuffed by the summoners using and degrading her just slightly less than they did the barbarian girl. She could feel cum swimming in her womb and her guts, filling her up. With the men determined to keep her clean, they almost always came within her, and she felt absolutely coated on the insides. Still, all it took was a glance as Sejuani to realize how lucky she was. The woman had finished cleaning herself up, she saw, and the men had piled onto her all at once. Six men had their cocks in her at once, two cocks to a hole as they sawed in and out of her. It seemed like the summoners were using the remote on her nearly at random now… just when she was starting to recover from being choked once, they used it again until her face began growing red. The fact that she had enough cum poured into her mouth that some of it was coming out of her nose probably wasn’t helping her breathe either. The Sejuani that Ashe knew would have been fighting, protesting, battering at the men to get them to stop choking her. Instead, the broken Winter’s Claw seemed to only throw herself into fucking the men better, stroking more cocks, trying to rub her feet against those using them to jack off in the hope that it would earn her even a shred of mercy.

It didn’t.

Then, to Ashe’s horror, she felt a second cock start prodding at her ass.

Horrified, the woman pulled her face back, letting the pair of cocks she was sucking slip free of her mouth. “Stop… wait!” she protested. “You… You can’t do that…”

The two summoners who had had their blowjobs interrupted seemed annoyed and inclined to just shove back into her, but Rogim stepped up, holding a hand up to forestall their protests. “Does the Queen have a problem with celebrating with her allies then?” he asked. His voice was mild, but there was more than a hint of a threat in it. Ashe swallowed. If she continued, she risked… she risked putting herself in Sejuani’s place. But if she said nothing…

With two cocks sawing in and out of her, her ass already felt raw and impossibly intense. Even the thought of a second one in her hole at once horrified her. She couldn’t let it happen.

“I do…” she said, trying her best to sound authoritative and dignified. It was hard with a pair of cocks still nailing her, not having paused fucking her cunt and ass… it made it hard to think, even if she wasn’t short of breath from her double sucking. “I won the competition. If you want to ruin a hole, well… that’s what she’s for isn’t she?” Ashe actually felt bad putting Sejuani in this position, abandoning her to the men – Ashe might hate the woman, but she had been her friend once, and she didn’t deserve this. But better her than me. “It’s not right I get treated the same as the loser.”

Ashe held her breath. She braced herself for… anger, perhaps, or violence. She expected refusal or mockery. She hadn’t expected Rogim to simply start laughing. The summoner froze for a second, then a slow smile spread across his face. Then he erupted into laughter, holding his hand up to hold off the others.

“Well she has a pair,” Revis said from where he lounged against one of the clean chairs, holding a glass of wine as he waited.

“Cocky little thing, isn’t she?” another grumbled as he slapped his wet cock against her cheek, eager to feel her tongue on him again. His gaze was over at Rogim as he slapped at his knee, however.

“What… What a fantastic point,” Rogim managed to choke out, getting himself under control. “Truly a fantastic idea, my Queen. An inspired idea.” He waved at the summoners to continue, and the eager men shoved back into her mouth. Ashe was left to suck on them and hope that what she had done was enough.

Rogim, for his part, headed over to Sejuani and marveled at the difference a few hours of gangbanging could make. The woman looked nothing like the confident, strong warrior she had when she walked in their door… her athletic body just looked like a sexpot at this point. Covered in a sheen of sweat and freshly deposited cum, Sejuani looked exhausted, battered, and well and thoroughly fucked. He needed to pause in order to actually count the men using a part of her body at once… he counted 10, and an 11th trying to fit his cock into her mouth alongside the other two.

He chuckled. “You guys need to step it up. You clearly aren’t making use of her enough.” He smiled. “Our lovely queen had a lovely idea. It really is unfair if she had to go through the same treatment as this filthy whore, no?” He stepped up behind Sejuani as she was pounded, his own cock in his hand. “So make some room.”

Sejuani could barely understand a thing right now – her mind was utterly overwhelmed by the thorough fucking and the lack of oxygen, but she was brought out of her haze as she felt the impossible. She tried to shake her head, to deny it, to beg… “Nnnnnn” she moaned around the two cocks in her mouth, her hands releasing the cocks in them to try to slap back against the summoners began them for a second before the annoyed men grabbed them and put them back on their dicks. She tried to resist… but she could do nothing as a third cock began to force its way into her asshole.

Sejuani tried to scream, but she could barely make a sound… all she could do was make her mouth and throat vibrate pleasantly on their heads as she howled in pain. This morning, she had been a virgin in her rear, a virgin who had never once so much as considering letting a man take her from behind. Now her how was stretched obscenely around not a single cock, but three of them and it felt worse than she could have imagined.

It was an absurdly tight fit for the summoners, but with a hefty disregard for Sejuani’s health, safety, and the pain they were causing her, they managed – stretching her out further than she could have imagined. “How have we never thought of this before?” one of the summoners asked.

“We need to do this to all of them,” another agreed.

It was hard to get a rhythm with five men gathered behind and below Sejuani, filling her holes up completely… but slowly they managed. The men couldn’t individually move much in a hole so tight and so crowded, but with so many of them pumping together the combined force of their dicks was overwhelming and completely unstoppable. “Tight ass bitch,” one of them laughed, slapping her ass cheeks and watching the obscenely stretched hole shudder around them as the two men fucking her face drove the barbarian back against them.

“And people always said she had a stick up her ass,” a second groaned out, sighing in pleasure.

Rogim laughed. “The piece of fuckmeat’s going to need a bigger stick after this, or it’s going to just fall out.” That got chuckles from everyone, and fresh tears from Sejuani.

Her entire existence was reduced to cock. She closed her eyes, and just suffered, her collar being tightened every few seconds, and the barbarian leader was forced to face facts – she was completely helpless to stop these men from doing what they wanted to her… and she was just as helpless to stop herself from screaming for the men, from crying in her pain and utter humiliation, tears that hours ago she would have held in at any cost now flowing freely from her screwed-shut eyes.

Every woman in the world knew that men objectified them, enjoying staring at their breasts and ass. Sejuani had tried to get past it by using them just the same way, taking men for her pleasure, but even then she had known that men looked at her as a sexy woman first and a warrior second. Still, never before had Sejuani felt so thoroughly like an object, like a piece of meat hung up in the smoking tent to cure. She wasn’t a person right now. She wasn’t even an animal. She was just a damn thing… A thing that was created just to be ogled, to be played with, and to be raped. With 7 cocks in her body, three of them nailing her tight ass at once, she felt like her entire life had been a lie. She had always tried to be the equal of any man, superior to most. Now, laying between a cruel group of monstrous powerful summoners who didn’t care about what society said they could or could not to do her, she realized the truth.

Rogim had said it. “Fuck meat.” That seemed to perfectly summarize what they thought of her. Hours of training every day… for what? So she could be pretty, athletic fuckmeat? Winner of a thousand battles? Why? So she could be proud fuckmeat? Brave or cowardly, strong or weak, smart or stupid… happy, sad, horny, fearful, dead, alive, or utterly humiliated, these men really did not care so long as she had big tits and three holes for them to fuck and hurt.

By the time the summoners came, she felt hollow, empty, almost mindless… an animal reduced to the barest urge to survive, to jerk in whichever direction the cocks pushed her to make it hurt a little bit less. And then, as she wept, she noted more cocks taking the place of those that came. It was, to the Winter’s Claw, like she was constantly being fucked by the full 7… one leaving at a time only to be replaced by another. Always stuffed. Always fully used. Always suffocating, tit fucked, hand fucked, foot fucked, face fucked, cunt fucked, ass fucked. Fucked.

As Sejuani suffering through the next round of rapists, Rogim walked back over to where Ashe lay. She was still being fucked from behind, but after the summoners fucking her face had cum they hadn’t been replaced… they had let her watch what happened to the pretty barbarian chieftain. She had watched, all right… her blue eyes were wide with horror as she stared at Sejuani’s state, flinching at every strangled scream that escaped the gagged, choked barbarian. He stood before her, and still, she didn’t pay attention… her gaze too fixed at Sejuani. Only when he stepped directly between them, his cock slowly rising again right before her eyes, did she look up at him.

“You were right,” he admitted. “It wouldn’t be fair if the barbarian whore didn’t get used harder than you, your highness,” he said with obvious amusement. “So now she’s taken three. You’re welcome. Any further objections, my ‘Queen?’”

Slowly, Ashe blinked her eyes, a look of desperation in her eyes incredibly sexy to Rogim. This was the moment he lived for… Ashe had already known that she had bitten off more than she could chew, but she thought that she was treading water. He had just pushed her down beneath the surface and made her realize in that second just how deep that water had gotten, how far over her head it really was. This was the moment she realized that she was in far more trouble than she thought. “N- no…” she whispered.

“Good!” he said earnestly as he pushed his wet cock into the frost archer’s mouth. “Then suck me hard again, and I’ll be pleased to be the first to stuff a second cock in your ass, your highness.” And as Ashe’s tongue began to work and her lips closed around him, Rogim kept looking right down into her eyes and smiling.


Over the course of the next two hours, even if Ashe had been inclined to pay attention to what was happening to her rival she wouldn’t have been able to see her – she was surrounded completely by men to the point that she couldn’t really see anything of her body beneath those of the men raping her. Not that she had attention to spare with two cocks being forced up her own ass, over and over again.

The first time had been the worst – Even without meaning to resist, she had still squirmed uncontrollably when Rogim began pushing his prick up her already-occupied asshole. When it had finally popped in, she hadn’t been able to feel anything else at all… all her aches and pains, bruises and sore-spots, and all of the pleasure she had been following all vanished and her entire world narrowed down to the sensation of two dicks filling her asshole.

When they had finished, Ashe had dared to hope that she had gotten through it, and it was over… but then two more men did the same. The next time, a man was beneath her with his cock in her pussy while the third pair fucked her ass together. And over and over and over and over and over and…

And she wasn’t being fucked anymore.

It was surprising enough that Ashe stayed in position on all fours on the couch for a minute, just waiting for the next cocks that were surely coming for her… but there weren’t any. No dicks in her hands, or stroking between her feet. None past her lips or in her throat. No fucking at all. Slowly, she let herself sag down onto her belly, breathing hard, her skin covered by a sheen of sweat from strain and exertion. Exhausted, but knowing that nothing good could come of ignoring the world when she was in danger of even worse treatment, Ashe forced herself to look up, slowly tilting her head and gazing upward to see the twins standing over her.

“Stand up,” Revis ordered her.

Ashe gathered her arms beneath her and forced herself up, and immediately regretted it. Even trying to rise up made her realize just how sore her legs and raped ass were… it felt like something was stabbing her the moment she put any weight on them, and she wobbled unsteadily as she rose. She would have fallen if Sephis and Revis didn’t both grab one of her arms. “Careful, little queen,” Sephis teased.

The two walked the unsteady girl over to Sejuani, and Ashe felt like she was going to be sick. Sejuani looked like hell… exhausted, battered down and beaten. Her face was all but crimson with the flush of being slapped and being constantly short of breath. She was covered in sweat and cum and worse, and she looked like one big bruise. She lay on the table in a limp pile, her tongue actually hanging out of her open mouth as she seemed to lack the strength to keep her mouth closed. Cum was actually dripping off of her tongue, forming a little pool beneath her mouth. Ashe covered her mouth with her hands, a horrified look on her face as she stared at the ruin of the Winter’s Claw. She didn’t deserve this… no one deserved this.

“You had such a good idea earlier,” Revis said, “That we thought you’d give her another chance. What else should we do to the bitch?”

Ashe felt a yawning, cold numbness spreading through her. The Avarosan queen felt sure that Sejuani was more thoroughly defiled than anyone else had ever been… and now they wanted her to make it worse. When she had gotten the woman triple fucked up her ass before, she hadn’t known what she was doing… Ashe didn’t realize what the result would be for Sejuani. Now she needed to pick it, knowing. All she wanted was for people to live in peace, to have the strength to preserve her people against war and famine and death… how had her trip her ended up like this?

But if she didn’t do it…

She stared at Sejuani as she laid senseless on the table, barely moving, barely seeming to awake… barely seeming to breathe. She didn’t even react with much more than soft wheezing and twitching as Cyn occasionally cranked up her collar just for fun. She was panting a little when she had the air too, and right now… Ashe couldn’t bring herself to hate the woman at all. Merely to pity her. “Please… can she have something to drink?”

Eli, standing over Sejuani chuckled. “Good idea,” he agreed. He nudged a bowl on the ground with his foot, and Ashe looked down at it… and felt like she was going to be sick. It was half full with cum… no doubt collected from what had dripped off the boar rider. “We were collecting this for you, but if you want her to have a drink, we can let her have it instead.”

Ashe opened and closed her mouth several times as she tried to think of something to say, disbelief and despair and disgusting warring for room in her mind. “She…” Ashe whispered. “She… she can have it…”

“Where’s your generous spirit?” Rogim said from behind her. “It’s not even full. Why don’t you fill it up for her? I’m sure there are a lot of us around who would be pleased to help…”

Ashe looked around at the sea of cocks surrounding her… and gulped. Then she sank down to her knees and began to crawl.

Man after man she brought to the edge. Left to her own devices, she usually knelt before then and wanked them off with her sloppy tits. Some of them wanted to fuck her again. Others wanted a slow, loving blowjob from the Queen who had been an innocent virgin this morning. Ashe did all of it, and tried not to complain… but she couldn’t stop herself from crying. Going between the men, one at a time like this and cooperating completely, was somehow the worst of all – without the men directing her, pulling her between them, taking away her choices, she had all the time in the world to appreciate her degradation. One after the other, she helped the men cum into the bowl… but by the time she had finished, it still wasn’t full enough for the men. She was going to have to go around again…

Then Ashe had an idea. A revolting idea… but was it really any more humiliating than going for another round with the summoners? She crawled on top of the bowl, crouched over it… and squeeze.

For hours, the summoners have been attempting to keep her clean, so usually, the only place they had been cumming was inside of her. More than a hundred loads were swimming deep inside her between her cunt and ass… and when she let it all go, the disgusting seed of a hundred rapes dripped out of her and helped fill up what was left of the bowl while the summoners watched what she was doing and laughed and cheered. When Eli took the bowl up from beneath her, Ashe signed in relief. “That will do, Queenie,” he chuckled.

The summoner in charge plopped the bowl down right before Sejuani. “Hey bitch,” he said. “You look parched. A drink for you.” When Sejuani didn’t move, he nodded over to Cyn, who started choking her… and she still didn’t move. Too weak to rise up, too unaware of her surroundings, her senses still crowded.

“Stop…” Ashe whispered. “She can’t… she can’t hear you…”

Eli looked over at her. “Someone’s drinking this,” he said. “You wanted her to have a drink? Make her drink.”

Slowly, hating herself, Ashe grabbed onto Sejuani’s dark hair, lifted her head up… and pushed her down into the bowl. Only then did Cyn stop choking her.

At first, Sejuani didn’t react… then, as her nose and mouth were submerged, she began to twitch again as she struggled for air. “Drink it…” Ashe commanded, trying to sound authoritative, trying to will the stubborn warrior to obey. “For Avarosa’s sake, drink it.”

And Sejunai began sucking it down.

Ashe and the summoners watched as Sejuani gulped down swallow after swallow, letting her nose come free, letting her breathe again. She got about halfway done before her stomach revolted and she threw half of it back up, the vomit of nearly pure cum filling the bowl again. The boar-rider didn’t need to be told – Immediately, she sobbed and continued swallowing the cum. Ashe was crying too… but she didn’t stop holding the woman down in the bowl, holding her down as she licked it all up like a dog at a bowl, trying to keep from retching again.

Then, when at last the bowl was empty, Sejuani collapsed back down into the bowl and let herself pass out. Her face was white with a mask of the men’s slime, and she was drooling cum back into the bowl while the men laughed.

Hesitantly, Ashe released her rival’s head, worried that they might stop her… but they seemed unconcerned with her actions anymore. They were focused on slapping each other on the back, dressing, cheering, and laughing about what a productive evening it had been. Ashe just kept kneeling there, almost afraid to draw attention to herself, but she moved out of the way as she heard a cracking sound from the collar. Sephis had reclaimed the remote and disengaged the mana-collar, opening it from Sejuani’s neck and letting it come free. He picked it up, casually grabbing a handful of Ashe’s silver hair to wipe it clean before he slipped it and the remote back into one of his robe’s pockets.

“So…” Ashe said hesitantly. “I can… I can count on your support, right? You’ll support my claim to Avarosa’s throne?”

“Of course…” Eli said with a smile. He paused for a beat. “For now.”

Ashe froze. “For now?”

“For now,” Eli agreed. “After all, we’re having another party in two weeks… and Sejuani really did try so very hard tonight. She deserves another chance to plead her case, wouldn’t you say?”

Ashe could hear summoners around her chuckling to themselves, laughing at their cruel game as the last shred of hope in Ashe’s mind that it had been all worth it drained away. Sejuani would come, of course – if she were given a chance to regain what power she had lost, she would almost have to. Even if she weren’t all the more furious at Ashe after this, she would come. And that meant that… Ashe needed to come as well.

They had turned her into their sex toy… and without finding some kind of common ground to agree with Sejuani to neither play their games any further, Ashe couldn’t think of any way to get herself out of the trap she had been found in. She had to play along… because the alternative would be so much worse than Sejuani’s current state as she lay unconscious on the table.

Sephis, from behind her, abruptly held the open collar to the front of her neck like a garrote, using it to pull back against him. “I hope I can count on you showing up,” he said softly. “I’d hate to not have an opportunity to let you try this out…”

He stopped choking her, and Ashe sobbed.

Rogim, dressed, looking around the trashed living room of his house with obvious dismay. “So… who’s helping me clean up?”

Eli deliberately turned and left.

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  1. Ah, the rare and elusive triple anal… always a delight to see 🙂 Great stuff as usual, though I’d be lying if I said that my personal headcanon for this didn’t have Ashe and Sejuani showing up two weeks later teamed up and busting heads 😉


  2. I’m happy you enjoyed the story I commissioned Darinost, though credit for making it such goes for the one writing these 🙂
    Stay tuned for more of these in the future! In the meantime, I’m rooting for Hope series.

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