Momento Mori 4 – Captive Souls

Tags: Rape, Anal, Torture, Extreme.

Alice’s eyes opened wide as the pungent, acrid smell of ammonia and other chemicals wafted in through her nose. The fogginess in her brain fled, and she came entirely back to herself and her pain. Her torn breasts, her sore throat, her chaffed ankles… each just made up one of the voices in the concerto of pain which ravaged her body, and it sounded like a million wailing voices screaming at her mind for attention and aid.

“Please…” she whispered. She knew Shane would punish her if he heard her, so she managed to barely whimper it, but she couldn’t stop herself from trying to speak. “No more…”

Shane put away the vial of smelling salts, and as he did, Alice noticed that he was wearing gloves now. He brought out a metal case, opening it and showing it to her – it didn’t look like much. A collection of leaves and branches, some of them fresh and others dried.

With raptured eagerness, he reached in and grabbed a branch draped with dark green leaves and brushed it against her calf… and pain exploded across her sensitive skin. Alice screamed in abruptly agony from the minor touch, and a smiling Shane continued to rub the leaves against her until tears filled her blue eyes. “They’re called stinging nettles for a reason, aren’t they?” he mused as he drew the branch against the back of her thigh, making her hiss with pain. “Let’s see how you like this,” he said. Then he grabbed the shrub with both gloved hands and started sawing back and forth at the soft flesh between her upper thighs and her ass cheeks.

Alice’s world vanished into fire. The thousands of tiny, hollow needs covered the surface of those leaves tore into her, spilling agonizing acid into her skin through thousands of tiny needles, lighting her nerves on fire. With her skin already torn ragged by the whipping, she was even more sensitive to it. She shrieked in agony as Shane lit up her world with fresh agony with barely even a whisper of effort.

Smiling to himself, Shane plucked a single leave free and proceeded to wipe it all over the sole of her right foot with a back and forth motion. “Enjoying your time on Earth, Raven? I could tell you it ends when you agree not to take me… but I’d be lying. It ends when I’m convinced you’re too much of a broken fuckdoll to ever dare come near me again.” Alice shook her head in desperate denial, wanting to plead that she wasn’t the person he wanted, to show her mercy… but she knew he didn’t care. As he made her skin burn, the welts he had put on her feet made their presence known again as they were stung by the damned plant. When she was younger, she had been playing with her brother Adam, and she had touched a plant like this once… she had learned to avoid it going forward. What she had thought of once as a nuisance, in the hands of Shane, was turned into a new agony for her to suffer through. Her foot began to twitch uncontrollably as an itch started up, even though the pain didn’t fade. Then he proceeded to do the same to her left foot until it started to thrash beneath the sting before moving on to her legs.

After spending a few minutes reducing her vessel’s legs into twitching, writhing hunks of flesh, Shane moved behind her back and out of sight of both of them. Raven knew he was there, however… she could feel him there by the tight sensation on her scalp as her torturer made sure to step onto her hair. Her vessel had stopped screaming and was just sobbing quietly now… she didn’t understand how she could tolerate it even that well. This damned plant… why would anyone live on a planet that was infested by things like this? It burned and itched both at once with a maddening intensity, and the itching just served to make her earlier wounds hurt all the more.

“Now this is the good part,” Shane promised as he draped a bundle of the shrub across her taut stomach… leaving it there, stinging her and letting both her Al- her vessel and Raven dread what was coming next. Their fears came true as he started sawing it back and forth, as well as up and down. The athletic, blonde girl writhed and cried, trying to twist herself away from the burning embrace of the stinging nettles. Her twisting turned to frantic buckling as his hands lowered and the bundle was draped across her chest, the leaves brushing her sculpted breasts and rekindling the pain of all the abuses they had been subjected to so far.

Raven was aware that her vessel was making it worse, but she couldn’t blame her… she wasn’t thinking about how it was her own thrashing that was grinding the leaves into her big tits. She had nothing on her mind, but the fire on her ravaged skin and the occasional burst of agony as her nipples brushed against the hellish leaves – Raven knew that, because she barely could think of anything else either. When her flailing subsided even a little, his gloved hands grabbed her breasts and crushed the leaves into it, sending a new torrent of suffering through them.

The two suffering victims were given a moment of respite as her tormentor circled around them to fetched fresh shrubs, but soon pain returned as her host’s rear was treated to the burning kiss of the nettles. Her agony soared higher when he moved his attentions to the inside of their thighs, alternating left and right and bringing the shrubs inch by inch nearer to her crotch.

Then he paused, just long enough to let Raven build some dread before he draped a single leaf over her vulva. It began to sting instantly, even with no pressure on it, and Alic- her vessel sobbed. Then he put a hand down on top of it and began to push, rubbing it back and forth until her groans and sobs turned into shrieks. Raven managed to keep from joining her… at first. That ended with Shane pried open her lips and slid a few leaves in between them, drawing them back and forth at a leisurely pace and letting the chorus of the girl’s screams be his music. She grew hoarse before long, but he still drew more and more screams from her by stuffing more and more leaves into her and dragged them back and forth as shots of agony coursed through her body, sending her cries to lose themselves in the darkness of the basement dungeon.

The same way her own cries were lost in her vessel’s mind.

When Shane released her from her bondage and lowered her to the ground, Alice was nothing but a whimpering girl in her twenties, curled in a ball and vainly attempting to soothe her feminine parts with her hands. She felt… pathetic, like a slab of meat, strung up and tenderized. Too weak to stand already, she could do little but weep as Shane grabbed onto her by her hair and dragged her over to a post to be tied again. Her captor tied her up with her arms bent over the top beam, cuffed at the elbows with her wrists behind her neck, her legs doubled under her thighs and painfully bent outward and up to cuff her ankles wide at the bow bead. It left her midsection pushed forward and out by a wooden wedge against her kidneys from behind, a position that put her weight comfortable on the joints of her shoulders and thighs.

Shan busied himself with preparing her next torture, humming to himself happily as he worked… getting out a bristling collection of brushes, roller, and hand scrubs. Each of them was coated with the nettles, interspersed with metal thorns as well. Grabbing the roller, he walked back over to where Alice awaited. “Please…” she whispered, despite herself. “You don’t have to do this.”

“Can you give me eternal life then?” he asked, his eyes darkening as he looked at her intensely enough that her gaze cringed away. “I didn’t think so. So shut up.” He slapped her across the face with a hand full of stinging leaves, making her shriek out again. “Just go mad already and let Raven out to play for good. That’s the only mercy I have for cunts.” Without a further word, Shane applied the roller to the sole of her left foot, lightly at first, and then more forcefully, turning her gasps into hoarse cries again.

It turned out he had a variety of such rollers, ranging from two hands wide to the equivalent of just two fingers across, and switched from one to the other as he ravaged her body, prickling the smarting skin and paying special attention to the objects of his ongoing arousal. He used a doughnut-shaped roller in the crease between the cheeks of her ass, dragging it back and forth under her as she shrieked at the assault on flesh which had been somewhat spared so far. She also could not help but scream at the top of her lungs as he moved on once again to her already thoroughly abused breasts, one roller in each hand, the thorns prickling at the smarting skin as he pushed the rollers into her firm globes time and again.

Although her arms were not spared, it was against her legs and thighs that her tormentor concentrated his attentions, turning them an angry red as he repeatedly rubbed them with the hellish rollers. “Enjoying the treatment, Raven?” he mocked, not even pausing for any answer before rubbing over her pussy once with one roller, then with other.

“I’m not Raven,” Alice wailed. “You’re torturing me! Please, stop! Stop!” Each time the roller moved over her pussy, it drew a fresh howl of pain which turned into a gasping screech as he fetched a smaller roller and rubbed it viciously into her ravaged slit.

Alice felt like she was going to pass out, and she would have welcomed it… but she was denied even that tiny mercy as Shane paused a moment. He walked back to his bench to fetch another instrument of pain, a hand scrub fashioned in the shape of a cupped glove, bristling with nettles and tiny steel needles. “Sing for me again, Raven,” he said, bringing the scrub against her left breast and brushing it vigorously as if to clean it.

She heaved, screamed and bucked, the ache in her kidneys all but forgotten as her left tit was overwhelmed by pain. “I’m not her, I’m not!” she screamed. In her pain-induced madness, she wasn’t even sure if she had been crazy earlier… What had seemed so certain at the time felt insane and imaginary now. Raven, Raven… are you even real? She sent the thought, but only got her answer a few moments later when Shane pressed on, moving to her right tit and crushing it in his gloved hands. The wail that erupted in her mind couldn’t be imagined. One after the other Shane alternated between torturing first one breast and then the other until her cries waned into moans and he moved on to another torture.

Alice stared blankly ahead as he knelt down in front of her, her eyes struggling to focus on what he was showing her… it was a collar, like one that you would put on a pet dog perhaps. Or maybe a pet wolf – This collar was made out of iron and was a rigid band, firm all the way around. It had three rings on the front and back, every bit as solid-looking as those she was bound to now, and there was a strange, corkscrew-looking dial on the right side. “I usually only use this on the feistiest of the girls I’ve brought down here,” he admitted, “but it seems a shame to not make every moment you spend on this planet a living hell, Raven. Consider it a compliment.” He closed the collar around her throat, and even if Alice had been inclined to resist in her current bondage, she would have been unable to do anything but shift her head from side to side.

The metal was cool on her skin, fairly tight around her neck but it fit without issue. The cold metal pressed uniformly against her skin, and the coolness was almost a relief from the searing, fiery agony of the welts and the stings of the nettles. That relief faded after Shane finished locking the collar into place and showed her exactly what that dial did.

Smiling, Shane began to turn that screw… and to Alice’s horror, the collar tightened. She felt the metal beginning to crush her windpipe, as unyielding as pressing against a building. She could still breathe, but it was… not quite… painful. It was more like she could feel the air brushing against the sides of her neck as she breathed in and out, was horribly aware of each breath. Then he turned the screw again, and breathing became a serious effort, something she needed to focus on and making her diaphragm push to do. She looked at him with pleading, horrified eyes, but he just smiled back and turned the screw again. Alice began to grow lightheaded… it felt like she was sucking in air through a straw to survive, and she needed to take rapid, agonizing breaths to avoid passing out.

“Yes,” Shane said with a nod. “Perfect. We’ll keep you there.” Then he provided her words a lie as he tightened it further until her air was cut off completely, and Alice’s eyes went wide.

Alice choked and suffocated as he began to untie her. Even if she had been fresh and unrestrained, he was bigger and stronger than her. After a day of abuse, Alice doubted she could have put up a convincing effort wrestling against a kitten. Shane, however, was unwilling to give her even that – he waited until she was too limp to move, her face pale from the lack of air before loosening the screw just enough that she could suck in a blissful, agonizing whisper of breath through the pinhole her windpipe had become.

Any tiny relief Alice might have felt when he untied her from her painful bondage vanished as he dragged her back over to the chains. This time, however, he only hung one of her ankles up before hoisting her up. While her left ankle held her from the ceiling, he cuffed her right ankle to her left hand, crossing both limbs behind her back. Her left wrists attached to one of the rings on her collar, keeping it bound behind her back as well and twisting her into a painful pretzel, keeping her back arched and further thrusting out her raw breasts. It took until he put a hand between her legs, briefly playing it over the lips of her pussy, that she realized just how horribly exposed this position made her.

“I had intended to get some relief,” Shane admitted, “but your legs are starting to look less than swollen, and we can’t have that.” He picked up a pair of nettle-strewn rollers again and began rubbing them forcefully against her thighs and her ass, renewing her pain as her skin suffered the kiss of the nettles again. Alice would have screamed in despair, but with the desperate lack of air, she couldn’t muster even a whimper. The scream inside her head was even more deafening when she couldn’t scream herself, and she felt a moment of envy for the goddess trapped without her… that at least she could wail in her despair and agony, yet one more mercy now denied to Alice.

After a brief trip back to his tools to put back the rollers, Shane returned with a bristling brush not unlike that used to clean a toilet, save for being very slightly smaller and that the bristles were larger… and coated with nettles. “I made this special for you,” he admitted. “Or, rather, one of my daughters did it for me. It took hours, but it is well worth the time to provide you with a memorable experience Whore-Goddess, so I want you to remember to thank her for that later.” Despair and fear numbed Alice’s mind, but even so seeing the brush filled her with unspeakable horrible… all the more so because it was abundantly clear where the brush would be used. The fact that she had avoided sex for years only to be violated by something monstrous like this…

And yet, even here, Alice learned she was still naively optimistic.

Being unable to breath was a novel pain to one of the Incarnations.

Raven didn’t need to breathe… she was as much as home in the depths of the void as she was at the bottom of the sea. The idea of discomfort had been familiar to her, but only as a vague concept – when she had started taking on a mortal form, she had become far more intimately aware of it. Suffocation was one of those discomforts, one rising to the level of pain, but usually, it was brief. Even when this mortal piece of scum had raped her vessel’s throat and choked her that way, it had at least been an intermittent torture. Now it was a constant… her vessel was getting almost exactly enough oxygen to keep her conscious and not a whisper more. The animal part of her brain was in a full-fledged panic, sure it was about to suffocate to death, and Raven could feel every second of that horror, the sensation and emotion being transmitted directly into her own consciousness through the link between them. The fact that she didn’t have the same animal instincts to breath did not stop her from feeling them when her host suffered.

In and of itself, it was maddening torture… but of course, Shane wasn’t going to leave it like that. When Raven felt the painful brush of the nettles against her vessel’s ass, she first assumed they were just draping there, and prepared herself for the agony that that was soon to follow from the slit between her host’s legs. Then, instead, he began to shove. Alice’s eyes went wide, but she couldn’t scream. Raven did it for her as agony lit up her existence like the sunlight the sky. It was far too big to fit into her rear, that was impossible, unthinkable… but he did it anyway.

Every single inch was utter, absolutely anguish for the Goddess. Between her screams, Raven mentally cataloged everything she had ever experienced in her existence and found that this was the most painful she could remember. The only comfort she could take was that this was the worst thing her vessel had ever experienced as well – that this was well beyond the threshold that mortals usually suffered.

And she was suffering it because of her. If Raven had just let Al- her vessel! – die on her own, she wouldn’t be here right now.

Raven could feel what she was pretty sure was blood coating her vessel’s virgin ass as it was raped by the brush, but even the violation was a minuscule pain when compared to the agony of the nettles stinging every inch inside of her. Shane, with brutal disregard for causing pain or damaging the poor blonde, had managed to get the brush all the way into her and was beginning to scrub up and down, dragging the brush in and out and twisting it inside of her as if he were actually cleaning something.

That torment continued for a subjective eternity. If Raven had seen on a clock that only a minute had passed, she would have cursed it for lying to her. When he began to slowly pull it out of her, at least Raven could take solace in that the torture was over… that while Shane was always going to find another way to hurt her, at least it wouldn’t be like this. The nettles chaffed at the rosette of her anus on their way out… and then Raven screamed in horrified denial as he shoved the whole thing back into her vessel again, causing a new stream of agony even worse than before! To her horror, she realized that her insides had swollen from the repeated stings, making her even tighter and more sensitive, more vulnerable to being scraped raw by the cruel brush.

More than a half-hour passed like that, withdrawing far enough to let her swell before shoving the stinging leaves back into her. Raven’s throat couldn’t grow sore, her lungs couldn’t be taxed – she screamed and screamed and screamed the whole time, her agony echoing in the prison the mortal form had become. When Shane began extracting the brush from inside her with deliberate, excruciating slowness, she almost couldn’t believe it.

He looked at the brush and made a disgusted sound. “Filthy whore,” he growled. Then Raven felt the sting of the nettles on her host’s lips and tongue as the brush was shoved into her mouth. Agony, along with the taste of blood and shit, filled her mouth… the only mercy, tiny as it was, was that the thousands of needles that made the nettles so agonizing had largely already been spent in her ass. It made it… slightly… less than perfectly agonizing, and Raven hated that she found herself grateful for the tiny mercy even as she felt utter disgust and indignation at the taste of her filth. Her vessel’s reaction was no less emphatic – the blonde girl began to gag immediately, retching miserably at the foul taste filling her mouth.

In the middle of feeling her vessel’s choking adding to her torture, Raven noticed something else awful. While the blonde’s brush-raped asshole was a white-hot agonizing spot of pain in the center of her existence, it was almost starting to itch. It was a horrible contrast to the pain, not replacing it and just adding to it, enough that she almost wished he would shove the brush back in and scratch that itch, even if the process would be even more agonizing and just make it worse. From the way her vessel was squirming, Raven could tell that she noticed as well.

As usual, Shane distracted them from that problem by doing something worse. With his thumb and forefinger, their torturer pulled out her vessel’s clit out and away from her body, a stunningly painful torture that by itself shocked the mortal girl back to lucidity. It was only the beginning, however – his other hand grabbed one of the stinging tree leaves and wrapped it around her button. Raven hadn’t felt she could scream any more energetically, but Shane proved her wrong again – it felt like the girl’s clit was wearing a crown of pure flame, but if it had been that would be mercy – it would have burned off after a few moments and been done hurting. Instead, as he let the hood close around the leaf, it was stuck there, delivering fresh bursts of agony with every second.

Then he stepped up behind her, and Raven felt the heat his cock pressing against her swollen asshole. “Like I said… I wanted to make sure you had a memorable experience.” Then he began to push into her.

Raven had never had… any kind… of sex before, but she could imagine on some level what it would feel like. The very concept of anal sex seemed like it would be pure anguish. The fact that people willing did it meant that there had to be some way to make that not the case, but Shane clearly wasn’t interested in that. If he had just rammed his rock up her vessel’s virgin ass, it would have been nearly perfect torture in and of itself… but he wasn’t going to settle for that. However it would have felt if he did it normally, Raven didn’t get to experience that… because this was a million times worse. Her ass was swollen shut and clenched tight, and every single surface from opening to intestines had been scraped raw and stung by the nettles. It made his cock feel like a sword as he slowly pushed into her, impaling her as it sank inch after inch into her anguished, bleeding guts.

Raven screamed. What else could she do?

She quickly realized that there wasn’t even a shred of relief to be had here. Shane’s cock kept sinking deeper and deeper, and each deeper inch hurt more than the one that proceeded it. When his head passed a new part of her blistered insides, the itch was replaced by agony… but even then the itch came back just a second later until it felt like her vessel’s asshole was quivering around his length. Then he started to fuck her, and Raven was pretty sure she understood was the mortals imagined hell to be. She actually began blubbering pleas for him to stop between her screams, pleas that she knew he couldn’t hear, that he wouldn’t have heard through her vessel’s suffocation even if she had taken control of her body. She didn’t know how her host’s intestines stayed inside her each time he drew back, so tightly did her agonized hole clench onto him.

“Holy shit, how have I never done this before?” Shane groaned with pleasure, one hand slapping against her ass just for the fun of it. It hardly even added to the symphony of torture she was feeling. He was fucking her with the entire length of his cock on each stroke, ramming in and out of her at a frantic pace. “I’ve never fucked a hole this tight before. There’s no going back after this… we’re just going to have to do this every time now. I’ll have one of my girls make another of these.” He breathed hard. “Just think about that and remember it, Raven. After I send your slutty ass back to eternity, I better not ever see you again. If you come for me, I swear by everything I am that I will find a way to do this to you again!”

Raven hated that there was a part of her that believed him. That already wanted to just leave him here when his physical form perished… that was certain he meant it. That thought it wouldn’t be worth even a minuscule risk.

Raven’s vessel thrashed beneath the anal rape, so Raven felt the pain of her muscles aching, her ligaments stretching, the anguish of her bonds being pulled at. It even made her collar a bit more painful each time she tried to move her right arm, cutting off her air more completely, and she was helpless to do anything about it. The blonde girl was weeping openly again, and Raven wished she could cry as well.

When Shane came the first time, it felt like he was pouring boiling water into her ass. Raven felt disgusted, filthy, defiled… but even through her shame and hatred, a tiny part of her was grateful that it meant that her rape was over. But she wasn’t so lucky. With her ass so unbelievably tight, Raven realized to her horror that Shane wasn’t getting any softer… he remained impaled in her for a few minutes while he caught his breath with his cock skewering her like a red-hot piece of rebar. Then he started to fuck her again, and she wailed in disgraced misery.

The second time he took far, far longer to cum… Raven could no longer taste her vessel’s ass on the brush in her mouth by the time he finished, and almost every torment save for the persistent fire in her clit and the open wound her ass had become had faded. Her ass hurt so much she didn’t even feel the cum this time – her entire backdoor just felt like one uniform, glowing point of agony.

Raven found that she hated that while her mortal host had limits, an immortal Incarnation like her did not. Al- The vessel barely noticed as the brush was pulled out of her mouth and replaced by his cock. She didn’t have to pay attention to the taste as he scrubs himself clean on her tongue. Raven did.

“Well, you’ve worn me out whore,” Shane said with a frown. “I guess we’ll need to start again tomorrow. But I wouldn’t want you thinking that just because I’m done, that means you are.” He lowered her to the ground, and then without unbinding her from the excruciating position began to drag her across the floor by her ankle until he reached a box that looked suspiciously like a coffin. Her vessel just lay there limp as he picked her up and dumped her into it. As she lay limp in the coffin, just barely breathing through her mostly closed throat, Shane walked over to his tools and returned with a few sealed bottles. “I hope you appreciate these, Raven… I went to some lengths to get them for you. They’re all unique.”

He put down the bottles until he was just holding one of them. “I don’t have nearly enough time to have you raped by everyone who deserves a chance, so you’ll just have to settle for this. My daughters have worked very hard over the last few weeks to collect this for you from every single john who didn’t insist on coming down their throats. We’ve saved it all for you.” He opened the bottle and his nose wrinkled. “Yeah, that’s definitely disgusting enough for you,” he said. Then he poured the entire container of cum over her.

The only indication Raven had that her vessel was aware enough was the burst of despair that flooded the woman, mirroring her own disgust. It was a jug the size of a milk carton, and it smelled awful – weeks old cum coating her skin, soaking into her hair. It stuck disgustingly to every inch of her, polluting her, as he reached down and grabbed a second bottle. “This one would have been far harder to get, but I can’t have you thinking you’re worth anything to me… thankfully, it turns out you can just buy it! Isn’t the internet grand? Thanks to crazy assholes, I have another present for you… a gallon of dog cum for your skank ass.” And he poured a second bottle over her.

Raven was writhing in her own self misery as he picked up the third container… thankfully, a far smaller one. “This one is because you’re disgusting, Raven… I needed to find something equally disgusting for you. People have all kinds of diseases, whore-goddess… this is from a few with syphilis, gonorrhea, a few others. They probably thought I was crazy, paying some of the most disgusting people I’ve ever laid eyes on to jack off into a bottom, but I needed it for someone even more filthy.” He slowly poured that final bottle over her face, letting it slid over her forehead and closed eyes while Alic- her vessel! – shuddered in abject misery and disgust.

Shane pulled down his pants again. “And this is just because I hate you,” he said. Then he started to piss on her.

He directed it at her face to start, washing it clean with a stream of stinging, stinking piss. Raven would have been glad to have her face washed if it was by anything else, anything else in the world, but not this. The stream moved down to her breasts, and it abruptly felt like they were on fire again as her raw skin and welts felt the acrid touch of his urine. By the time he finished, his piss and the cum had formed a thoroughly disgusting slurry about a half an inch thick across the bottom of the coffin.

Captured by a mortal. Tied up, tortured, and raped. Suffocated, and bathed in the foulest concoction she could imagine. Raven felt like her humiliation was complete.

“I wouldn’t want to bore you,” Shane continued, “so I arranged something very special for you… something I hope you’ll hate very much.” He reached down again, and Raven braced herself… but this time, he only came up with a tiny, flat metal disk. Her vessel’s eyes struggled to focus on it, and as she did Raven gasped. That was… impossible.

“I’m not going to torture you to death,” Shane explained, shaking his head as if he were genuinely disappointed he couldn’t. “That would defy the point… but that doesn’t mean I don’t want you to know what it feels like. And the truth is, plenty of people have suffered all kinds of unpleasant deaths… so I’ve collected some of them for you.”

That was a soulstone. A physical impression of a soul’s experience made physical. Raven had seen plenty of them – her sister Allolyre made them as a routine matter – but they were powerful, powerful magic, and she had seen nothing from Shane so far to convince her that he had more than a penny-ante understanding of the kind of sorcery it would take to capture something like this. He hadn’t made these… someone else had. Suddenly, it made far, far more sense that she had been captured… this mortal had help from someone far more powerful than he.

“I don’t know what half of these are,” he admitted, “but this one I do. The mess coating the bottom of your coffin isn’t deep enough for even a determined little whore to drown herself in, but I don’t want you to miss out on the experience.” He tossed the disk in with her, and closed the lid, sealing Raven and her vessel together in disgusting, smelly, filth-encrusted darkness.

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