Momento Mori 3 – Who Wants To Live Forever

Tags – Rape, Oral, Torture. Seriously, some extreme torture in this one.

Location Unknown
27 Hours Without Passage


Alice woke up with a scream as frozen water poured over her. She thrashed reflexively, shaking back and forth and yelling… but she found that she could barely move. Her eyes snapped open, but they took a suspiciously long time to come into focus – long enough that she suspected she was shaking off some kind of sedative. She hook her head again, letting her vision swim… but slowly, the man standing in front of her came into focus.

He was upside down… and he was naked.

That brought her up short, eyes widening. He wasn’t upside down… she was. She could feel it now, the biting pain in her ankles as she hung from something wrapped around them. The man, standing up normally in front of her, was old enough to be her father – He was somewhere in his forties, but tall, muscular and hard, with short, dark hair and narrow eyes that were a light enough blue to be a lifeless gray. And his cock was hard as he glared at her.

Her wide eyes focused on that, bouncing along just above her eye level. Alice wasn’t innocent, not like that… she knew all about sex. Her upbringing hadn’t been especially sheltered, and she had grown up in a series of private schools – and then later colleges – where it seemed like everyone was sleeping with everyone else. What she had been, however, was a loner – preferring her own company and her studying. She had never played those games before, not when she thought there was plenty of time later, after she found someone she loved. That plan had dissolved when she found that that she was dying. Even if there had been time to find someone she cared about it, it seemed cruel to make someone else care enough about her to miss her when she was gone, not when he wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. She had thought about trying to find someone, just to try it once – had gone so far as awkwardly picking up a cute guy in the first bar she had ever been in – but she hadn’t been able to go through with it. The thought had made her uncomfortable.

So while she had seen a penis before, even a erect one… it had never been one pointed at her.

It was then that Alice realized that he wasn’t the only naked one. Her whole body was on display. She was pretty sure that that pile over there was her clothing – it certainly had her bag on top of it. She tried to move but found her arms immobile… held behind her back somehow. Her legs were bound as well as they hung from the ceiling, but not together – there was some kind of metal rod between the cuffs, keeping her legs spread. She felt humiliatingly exposed and flushed with shame. Her mouth felt full, stuffed with something that soaked up her spit and made her mouth feel dry.

The man knelt down in front of her, and she recognized him at last… he was the one she had seen, right at the end. The bullet… the coin… the punch. He was one of the soldiers… the ones raping the women in Stanovc. And now he had her.

Then he put the knife before her face, and her eyes went even wider. It was funny… she had already made peace with her own coming death, but the thought of dying here, now, still made her panic. She began to jerk around, thrashing around in her bonds as much as she could. She tried to shout at him, should for help, but she couldn’t form words through the gag.

The man rolled his eyes at her and ground his foot down on her hair. Pain erupted in her scalp as she was abruptly pinned into place by her dangling blonde mane, and for added measure he grabbed her throat with the other hand. “Stop. Moving,” he ordered. His voice made Alice shudder – it was so cold, no uncaring. It seemed every bit as sterile as any medical room she had ever been in – all cold edges and hard surfaces, no compassion or empathy. “I don’t want to cut off something I’ll miss.” Then he brought the knife to her forehead and began cutting.

Alice screamed and flinched despite herself as he cut, but the hand around her neck squeezed and cut off her air completely until she stopped moving, her eyes bugged out. Then he continued cutting and she thrashed again. And was choked again. And thrashed again. Pain, flinch, suffocate. “I could have done this while you were unconscious,” he admitted, actually smiling a little bit. “But it’s more fun this way.” Pain, flinch, suffocate. It went on for more than a half an hour, until she hung limp in her bonds… already exhausted from the lack of air and the effort of jerking around, lightheaded from all the blood pooling in her head and leaking out of whatever he was cutting into her forehead… but at last he was done.

He stood, walking over a few steps to a bench which Alice notice for the first time. It was covered, absolutely covered, in metal and leather tools… it looked like something out of a medieval museum. He grabbed something off of it, and she expected some instrument of torture… but he showed her a mirror in his hand.

He reached his fingers into her mouth and grabbed whatever was stuffing her mouth, yanking it out. It had been her panties. As Alice worked her mouth, the man lowered himself down again and put the mirror before her face, letting her see what he had carved into her forehead.

A symbol she had never seen before, some kind of arching cross. Idly she thought it looked sort of like two interlocking Nike logos. “I know who you are,” he said coldly. “And now you need to know who I am. I am Shane… and I am your master now.” He stared intensely into her eyes as he set the mirror aside. “I’ve been waiting a long time for this, Raven.”

It was strange. He didn’t look mad. He looked horribly, horribly sane… but nothing that he was saying made any sense. She tried to wet her tongue as much as she could from her dry mouth, but Alice still felt like she was talking around cotton balls. “Mister… I’m not Raven. I don’t know who you think I am, but my name is Alice. I work wit-”

He slapped her, viciously… hard enough that she felt her slip split on her tooth. “Shut up,” he said, his voice emotionless. “I wasn’t talking to you. You’re nothing – just a living condom.” He paused, then chuckled. “Even more of a living condom than a normal woman, anyway. You don’t matter. I wasn’t talking to you.”

He tapped her forehead, and once again Alice felt the pain from the strange scar that had been cut into her forehead. “I was talking to her,” he continued. “So what do you say, whore? Can Raven come out and play? Or are you going to play dumb for a little while longer? You can’t fool me, Passage… I know you’re there.”

Alice was just considering what to say, how to convince this man that he was mistaken without getting herself killed, when something happened. It was like… getting jostled on a as someone walked by with a heavy bag. One second she was alone behind her eyes, behind her lips. Then someone… bumped into her. It wasn’t a violent push, but it was as irresistible as an ocean tide.

When her mouth opened, the voice that came out was like hers… but it also wasn’t. The voice wasn’t frightened, or conciliatory. It was furious. “What do you think you are doing, mortal,” not-Alice spat from between her lips.

Shane slapped her host again. “I will not be talked down to by a whore,” he said with a small smile. “Not even an immortal one.”

Raven felt her temper boiling, and she knew that her host’s blue eyes would be glowing as she glared at the man who dared hold her captive. Rage was good. Rage was comforting. It was better than her confusion.

She hadn’t been having a good day even before this. Being a mortal was miserable. That was, she supposed, the point – she was trying to understand them, but it felt awful. How did they live with the tiny thousand pains of joints and tendon stretching and moving? How did they not shriek in madness at the sound of blood rushing through their bodies, the beats of their own hearts? And even if all of that wasn’t enough, she felt like a cripple.

Trying to pour all the power of a god into a mortal world would never work even if it wouldn’t defy the point. It felt like she had been holding her breath all day, while missing her arms and legs… she couldn’t do anything but exist, and only barely that as she felt every moment of her mortal vessel’s life that day. Usually, by the end of the day, she was relieved to experience the mortal’s death and guide her to Allolyre.

But this time, it hadn’t happened.

“You can’t keep me captive, mortal,” she said, as reasonably as she could as furious as she . “I cannot be bound in one place, and death comes for everyone. I know now how you prevented my host’s death, but it will come eventually… and you will regret your actions. You do not have the power to hold me.”

Shane shook his head sadly. Then he raised up and drove his knee into her face. Agony flashed through Raven, and she felt Alice scream from inside her head. The body might not be hers, but her spirit was sharing it with the young woman… everything she felt, Raven did as well. She thought she heard something crunch, and blood filled her mouth… a sickening iron taste. “Not just a disrespectful whore,” he said sadly, “but a stupid one as well. Didn’t I just finish telling you not to talk to down to me?” Shane lowered his face back to hers again. “Do you need another lesson?”

She tried to talk, but the numbness of her lips and tongue, the pain of it, stopped her, and the blood and spit pooling her mouth garbled her words. She spat blood on the floor before looking up at him. She wasn’t too concerned about the pain… it was a little thing to someone like her, surely. Death was a meager threat indeed… the only thing he could do by killing her was set her free, so what could he really do to her? Still, something stopped her from spitting defiance into his face, even if she wasn’t sure what. “No,” she said, though she didn’t stop glaring.

“Good!” Shane narrowed his eyes at met her glare. “We’re communicating. Good. You’re right… I can’t bind you here. Thankfully, you did that for me, didn’t you?” He reached down and grabbed at both of Alice’s nipples, squeezing them and using them to pull her towards him. Raven, using Alice’s body, winced, and tried not to look relieved as he let her go to sway back and forth softly. “You bound yourself up tight in a powerless mortal body… and you don’t have the power to set yourself free, do you?” He shook his head. “If you did, you already would have. You are stuck here until she dies and releases you. I don’t have to do a thing to keep you here except just… not let you die.”

A sliver of uncertainly appeared in Raven’s mind. That… was true. She had been trying to live as a mortal, to understand mortals and their lives and deaths… and in order to do that, she had needed to leave the vast, vast majority of her power and consciousness behind. She needed to live without power, helpless in the face of death – just like they were – and imprison herself in someone like Alice. She’d been doing it for centuries now. He was right. She didn’t have the ability to break out of this prison, any more than a human’s soul could choose to step outside of its body. Raven was trapped.

She didn’t show her fear. Instead, she narrowed her eyes. How?” she spat. “She was supposed to die. How did you do this?”

“Did you think we were stupid?” Shane mocked. “One day every five years when no one died? Did you think no one would notice? I noticed. I missed you ten years ago in Beijing, and 5 years ago in New York, but this time… this time, I found you. Then it was just a matter of finding out who was supposed to be the one who died and saving her life. Easy enough with a little bit of help.”

Help. He had help. Of course he did… that coin. Raven wasn’t sure what he had done, so far… but he had changed her vessel’s fate. “What do you want?”

“What does anyone want?” Shane said smiling. “I want to live forever.”

Raven laughed. It obviously wasn’t the response that Shane was expecting, because the smile froze on his face, becoming rigid and dangerous. “Then you’ve captured the wrong goddess,” she said. It was hard to smile back at him, especially while hanging upside down, but she managed anyway. “You should take it up with my sister Allolyre when you meet her. I’ll take you to her someday.”

He shook his head, and then slammed his fist into her face again, setting her to spinning. “Dumb cunt,” he growled. “You won’t be taking me anywhere, that’s the point. You are going to leave me here. Forever.”

Raven could feel some of her teeth loose beneath her tongue as she spat the taste of blood out of her mouth again. “You… get what everyone gets,” she said quietly. “A lifetime. No more, no less.”

She circled back to Shane being in sight, his face coldly furious. “We’ll see about that,” he growled. “By the time I’m finished with you, you’ll be to terrified of me to ever step into my presence again.”

She felt a rising sense of horror from within her… not her own, which was beginning to beat distractingly in her head, but Alice’s. The sense of confusion her host had been overwhelming with was beginning to fade, replaced by panic and terror as she was beginning to realize she was not alone in her head. Her will began to beat against Raven’s like fists against the bars of cage, struggling for control back of her own mind.

Raven could have fought. Human will was strong, but so was hers… but this was Alice’s body. She was the intruder here. And, it seemed, it might be her fault that Alice was going-

Raven cut that thought off ruthlessly. Don’t care, don’t care, don’t care… She gave up all control, retreating to the back of Alice’s mind.

Alice felt like she was going to be sick.

At first, she had been too confused and disoriented to know what to make of it. Words pouring out of her mouth that weren’t hers. A man talking to someone else in her. It was enough to make her wonder if she was mad. The repeated blows to her head did nothing to help her think… but eventually she really that she wasn’t crazy.

The world was.

Someone else was in her head. She could feel this… Raven… inside her. She had tried to shove her to the side, but found her as immovable as a mountain, and now that she had noticed her presence it felt suffocating… like there wasn’t enough room of her soul to breathe, like she was crammed in a contained several sizes too small. She tried to move, to breathe, to scream, and her body just… didn’t… respond. It was like she was paralyzed, or perhaps in a coma. She strained to move, pressing against that immovable weight…

And then it vanished like mist, and she gasped as she was suddenly able to move again.

“What a shame,” Shane said, shaking his head. “I guess it was Raven’s bed time, huh? I’ll have to see if I can wake her back up.”

Tears were leaking down Alice’s face as she stared up at the cruel man. “What… what is happening to me?”

Shane rolled his eyes. “You slow, cunt? I thought I made it clear already… this isn’t happening to you. You just happen to be here too.” He grabbed her panties off the floor, scraped them through the dirt for a second, then pushed them back into her mouth, making her gag on the taste. “Thanks for taking care of your body, though… will make this much more fun. When I saw the fat pig she had spent the day in in New York, I was almost glad I missed her.” He slapped her across the face again. “Now shut. Up. Scream all you want, though.”

Alice wept softly as she watched Shane walk back over to his bench full of toys. The sick bastard… he paused to enjoy the sight of her luscious body in inverted suspension. Alice knew he was telling the truth… she had never thought of her self as being particularly beautiful, but she had seen the way men looked at her, the way their heads turned. She was a tall, athletic blonde with fair skin… men liked looking at women like that. Shane, unfortunately, certainly seemed to. He smiled in pleasure as he picked up a heavy, dangerous looking whip, like it was out of Indiana Jones. “Yes… this body is much, much better.”

And he pulled back and lashed the whip forward.

It hit her in the stomach and the sudden explosion of pain stole her breath. A long, crimson welt opened up across her belly that roared with pain that came in waves. The initial sting of impact that shocked her and robbed her of air. The pulsing, sullen agony as it began to swell. And then the slicing, draining sensation of throbbing pain from even the caress of air against her inflamed skin. Shane stood, waiting and letting her experience every layer of that agony… let her understand fully what every stroke would mean. Then he struck again. And again. And again.

Another three strikes, in quick succession, landed on Alice’s back. She kind of screamed, a halting, muffled scream through the gag… and maybe she imagined it but she thought she heard a scream echo in her head as well. The next strike landed on her right calf, on bare skin, drawing blood as she hissed. Shane hit her again a few times, pausing in between, then circled around and landed the next blow on her taut stomach, followed immediately by another at the front of her thigh and by a third which landed on her left breast. She cried for real this time, and Shane salivated at the sight of her beautiful body writhing under the whip.

Alice writhed beneath the lash as he pressed on, lashing her long legs again, before focusing on first one and then the other tempting breast. Alice had never imagined anything could hurt so badly, not in her whole life. With each lash, she thought she could feel her sanity fraying already. While she had known pain before never had it been inflicted on her with this kind of savage glee… and never had she been so helpless in its face. Alice could not dodge the whip, she could not fight back, and she could not escape – all she could do was writhe and scream.

Somewhere, in a distant corner of her tortured mine, Alice thought that perhaps she would go numb… would fall into some kind of rhythm. Shane, however, did not strike at regular intervals. He often paused to let the pain sink in before renewing it, before launching into a new flurry of blows like he was doing now. He lashed her furiously, not pausing to recover at all as he rained one slice after another all over her body as Alice sobbed gasped in pain.

The whip slashed again at her legs, drawing a crimson line across her thigh and causing an audible moan from between her gags lips. It was followed a second later by a far louder one, higher in pitch and more desperate, as the bullwhip cut a bloody welt across her exposed ass. There must have been something in the way she moaned flinched away from that that Shane liked, because he kept going it, her ass contracting in on itself a dozen times as he whipped her again and again. An agonizing sting as it bit her side, then immediately a scarlet line across her tight stomach, turning her in a circle.

The lashes climbed up her athletic body to the tips of her toes, and then down again to her shoulders… her bruised face and her vulnerable neck were the only bit of her he didn’t whip. She felt like her entire body was flayed open as he stretched all the way down to whip her breasts over and over and over again to the chorus of gagged shrieks… and now she was certain she could hear them echoing in her head as well. Then he climbed back up her body to whip the backs of her thighs again and again.

Oh by the four Originators, it hurt.

Raven had experienced a few dozen deaths, riding along with mortals, and some of them had been painful. None had been a fraction as painful as this. In the last hour, she was beginning to realize that she barely knew of pain as a concept, and that she certainly hadn’t ever really experienced it before. This was all new to her, and by far the worse for its novelty.

It was to her shame that she had reacted to the pain before her vessel had. The mortal girl had suffered just as badly as she, but it had been Raven’s will that had given out first. True, her vessel had far more experience with the pains of a mortal existence than she did, but it still shamed her, made her feel weak. At least this butcher hadn’t been able to hear them.

She resolved that she would be stronger… that he wouldn’t hear her scream ever. Raven was determined… but a smart part of her wondered if she had any idea what she was actually in for. She hadn’t taken much of an interest in humanity for millenia, but she had certainly escorted plenty of broken, shattered bodies to the other side… and the mortals had done that to one another. He could do it to her… for as long as it took to kill her.

Ali- Her vessel had begun reacting less and less to the brutal onslaught that she called a “whipping,” so Shane paused in his attacks. The blonde girl didn’t seem to notice… she stared at nothing. Raven could see through her unfocused eyes as she stared at the floor, right up until another bucked of ice cold water was dumped over her limp body. There were actually chunks of ice in it, and it brought her immediately back to full consciousness screaming.

“I’m not sure if the girl not paying attention means you aren’t either,” Shane said to her through the blonde’s ears, “but let’s not take a chance on it, shall we? Wouldn’t want you to miss a thing.”

The whip uncoiled with a crack as he lashed it out and it bit into the girl’s left arm with an explosion of pain. Raven felt she should be getting used to the pain, that it should hurt less with experience, but the agony seemed only to grow. Then it got worse as he slashed downward, and the tip of his whip found its way between the cheeks of her pert rear. Alic- the vessel shrieked at that, and Raven could feel that the repeated screams and gravity had finally loosened the cloth out of her mouth until the underwear fell out and she could scream in earnest. When he noticed, he seemed to eagerly take advantage by making his blows even more vicious, with longer pauses between them to reposition and strike another place. Raven couldn’t have counted the lashes, not through the pain, but there had to be thousand of them and her vessel and her writhed beneath their combined agony. Her vessel’s entire body was covered in scarlet lines, some of them bleeding, others just swollen and throbbing. Her breasts were the worst – practically glowing red hot with agony – but even with them already so throughly tortured they seemed to be Shane’s favorite targets. Her nipples couldn’t have hurt more if they had been lit on fire as he made a martyr of her vessel’s breasts.

And then hellish whip smashed down between her legs, and Raven’s world went white with agony as she and Al- her vessel screamed together in a horrible chorus.

It seemed to take forever before Raven could feel anything else but the anguish radiating from her host’s sex, but Shane waited, kneeling to look directly into both of their blue eyes. “That’s call a cunt, Raven,” he hissed. “You have one for a single reason – so I can make it hurt. I look forward to spending the rest of this slut’s lift showing you each and every different way there is to hurt it.” He stood and lifted the whip, and Raven learned that being prepared for the agony between her legs helped not in the slightest.

An hour into being whipped Alice no longer felt like a nurse, or even a long woman. She no longer felt brave or insane or intelligent or frightened. She just felt like a pain wracked bundle of flesh and sinews with raw, exposed nerves on fire as her tits were whipped again. Shane wasn’t even in front of her… he was wrapping the whip around her body, lashing her sides and the undersides of her formerly perfect tits at once. He made the dangling globes dance, and for his report blood drips from them down onto her face and where her hair dangled on the floor. She was bound in place far too throughly to escape from the whipping, but her body tried anyway – causing herself additional pain as her entire form writhed in vain to move out of the path of the whip.

She caught a glimpse of Shane’s grin as he circle. He had seemed so emotionless as he spoke earlier – he seemed only to come to life when inflicting pain. Carefully, he began to lash the soles of her feet, one after the other. She wouldn’t have expected it to hurt as badly as it did, drawing more tortured screams from her before he returned to her ass and wrenching a shrill cry of despair from her ragged throat. He timed the subsequent strikes to her soles carefully, and then moved to the back of her thighs, where her skin was already torn and bleeding.

After a few more lashes on her back the sadist stopping whipping her for a second and approached to inspect her. Alice doubted she looked like much anymore. She was breathing heavily, desperately, and her entire body was soaked with sweat that stung the thousands of welts and bleeding stripes. His hands ran over her body, making her wince with each welt he moved over, but she couldn’t stop herself from looking up at him. Alice wished she hadn’t… then she might not have seen the wicked grin on Shane’s face as he uncoiled the whip and gazed hungrily on her vulva, which clenched thighs could no longer shield.

Alice wished then that she believed in God, or heaven – then perhaps faith in a god could have given her strength to withstand what was to come. The mad knowledge that Shane insisted she was apparently sharing a body with a goddess was no comfort whatsoever as her the first lash landed on her pussy. She cried once, at the top of her lungs, and felt the strange voice within scream as well. Another blood to her bleeding labia and she viciously shook her head back in forth in anguish, biting her lips savagely as the strike tore at the folds of skin where they joined. Her cry this time was loud enough to wake the dead.

For many, that weakness and agony would have inspired pity… but Shane was a predator. All it meant to him was that the torment was working… that she was vulnerable. He slash her labia, once, then twice, and then… paused. She caught him looking down at her, and grinning madly. No no no no no…

The next lash landed right in the center of her, right across her bud, and she screamed like she was being gutted. Usually after a strike like that he would pause a moment to let the pain sink in, but not this time. He smashed the whip down again and again and again, right on her clit until she couldn’t feel anything else. The ache in her ankles where she hung, the gurgling hunger in her stomach, the rush of blood to her head and the symbol carved on her skin, all of the welts and cuts, even her bleeding breasts… it was vanished. Her entire existence shrank to the size of a tiny strip of white hot agony between her legs. She was in absolute agony. No wound had ever been so painful, no pain so humiliating, as this… sending her shrieking at the top of her lungs.

She didn’t even notice he had stopped until he had sank to his knees before her, seeing his still cock between his legs. “Please stop, please, please, stop please,” she blubbered. “Please pl- gurk!” Her begging vanished into retching, gagging noises as Shane’s painfully rigid shaft force its way part her weak lips and exhausted jaw.

“Go ahead,” Shane mocked with a hiss. “You wouldn’t be the first cunt to try to bite me. About half of them try… once.” Anger glowed in his voice like the embers of a fire. “If I so much as get brushed by a tooth, I’ll rip them all out of your skull and use your throat as a cocksleeve until you think you’ll never stop choking. You don’t need your fucking teeth anyway, far as I’m concerned… so by all means, try it.”

The blonde girl tried to turn her head away, to pull the disgusting rod of flesh out of her mouth, but Shane’s grip on her hair kept her from twisting too far away. He bucked forward again, and Alice gagged violently. Every instinct she had was telling her to bite, to hurt him and get him out of her mouth so she could breath… but he had just spent the last few hours torturing her halfway to death. She had no doubts he was telling the truth – that he really would make her suffer all the worse for it. She was terrified of what he would do to her… and how much worse it could get.

He tasted gross, like sweat and musk and salt and he smelled ever worse – she doubted he had ever watched his prick before. The oily texture of his sweaty cock made her want to gag, and the acrid, bitter taste of him precum seemed to burn her tongue more with each second it lingered on her taste buds. That ugly, rigid pike throbbed against Alice’s tongue, thick and unyielding in her mouth as it butted against the entrance to her throat. Grinding his pelvis into Alice’s face, Shane groaned, mashing him up into her hard enough that his balls swung into her nose.

He was so thick… Alice could have sworn she had known how large the average man was, and she wondered if Shane made a mockery of that or if any man would feel as thick as baseball bat in her mouth. Her lips felt taut around his thick shaft, and her jaw ached from making sure her teeth didn’t brush that thick as she choked on the thick, fleshy spear, trying to ease backward. Shane let her ease back until just the tip of him rested on her tongue, spitting flesh globs of precum out to overwhelm her taste. Then he grabbed the sides of her head with both hand and rammed forward, finally find the right angle to slide into her throat.

Alice’s eyes widened as she gagged, his cock impaling her throat… unable to see anything but his swing balls and his feet standing on her hair as his dick made her convulse. She struggled back, trying to shake her head free in his grip, but her rapist just kept sliding his crotch and her face together like a machine, completely untouched by her resistance. The thickness of Shane’s prick filled her neck completely, making it bulge noticeably as it filled her completely. His cock felt like steel as it scraped against her esophagus painfully… and she couldn’t breathe, through her stuffed mouth or even her nose. Her airway was completely blocked. She was suffocating on Shane’s cruel cock and he didn’t seem to give a shit – he just made a pleased sigh over her squealing breathless please as he pushed further into her clogged hole.

Raven didn’t have a throat to be clogged, lungs to be breathless… all that meant was that she could scream all the louder, because she felt every second of the violation.

This man, this mortal man, had tortured her and her vessel, but if he meant to make her abandon her responsibility and leave him on this world she had expected that… this was something entirely different. Raven was a goddess. She might have taken a female form, identified with it, but she had never… used… it. In all that had ever existed there were only six that were like her, her equals, and all of them were her siblings. To lay with anyone else would be… disgraceful.

One day, she was going to need to take them all to the other side. Even her siblings. She was going to be the last thing left living in all that ever had been. How did she lay with someone knowing that? That they were going to die and she was going to live?

But this man… he didn’t care. He wanted to fuck a goddess. To rape her. Never even in her days spent as a mortal had she known the touch of a man like this, she had avoided it… and now he was doing what he wanted to her vessel… and to her. Nothing she had ever tasted seemed as foul to her, at this moment, as the dirty, sweaty taste of an unwanted cock on her host’s unwilling tongue.

And then Raven began to learn that just because she didn’t need to breath didn’t mean she couldn’t experience pain when her host couldn’t. She had felt it before… usually when people died there was an element of suffocation and pain… but it was always brief. Just before death, and then over. Here, as Raven felt the agonizing burn in her vessel’s lungs, she knew she wouldn’t be that lucky.

Only as her vision was going dark did Shane start pulling back, dragging his thick, stinking staff back out. The head of his dick dragged her spit with it as he popped almost all the way out of her mouth, spilling her drool down her face and into her eyes, making a stick, wet mess. Gooey strands of it tethering her lips and chin to various bits of his cock. Alice sucked in air through her nose once her throat was cleared, trying to cough and gasp, but she’d barely had time to suck in a single breath before Shane thrust his hips forward, cramming his dick back down her throat. The blonde’s wail of despair only lead to her gagging, constricting throat squeezing him hard as he slid up into her neck like he was sheathing a sword in her, and Alice sobbed in degradation and misery.

Tilting her head downward, Shane gripped his victim’s skull tightly, adjusting the angle so that he could sink back into her throat. Then, growling with lust and hatred he lunged forward, pelvis pummeling her cocksucking face. All Alice could see through her blurry, teary vision with her eyes half glued shut by drool was Shane’s balls slapping against her as he bottomed out in her neck over and over again. The insides of her throat felt like they was being scraped raw, like his cock was covered in sandpaper, and every single breath she stole was a struggle.

“Never sucked a cock before, have you?” Shane mocked as he fucked her throat, gripping her head and dragging it back and forth on his shaft like he was using her to jack himself off. “Don’t worry, you’ll be an olympic-level cock-shiner by the time I’m finished with you. This isn’t the best throat I’ve fucked, but it might be the tightest… I can work with that.”

Shane skullfucked the suffocating Alice for what felt like years, continuously cutting off her air and relishing the way she gagged and squeezed on his cock with her throat muscles. Why was this happening to her? In her light-headed state, it was actually easier to feel the presence inside of her, the raging inferno of disgust and hate and… fear… that wasn’t her own. That was why. He had taken her because of… what had he called her? Raven? It was because of her. She hated her in that second. If what he said was true, she should be dead… but being dead surely would be preferable to this. She suffered under his predations as her eyes rolled back up into her skull, her face a mixture of exertion read and suffocation blue. Her weak little tongue lay limp against his dick, brushed against with every forceful thrust into her.

Then Shane let go of her head and grabbed onto her raw, bleeding tits and squeezed. Alice and the goddess in the back of her mind both screamed, her tongue thrashing around for the first time in minutes. It made no sound, almost entirely muffled by Shane’s rapestick down her throat, but it send vibrations coursing through his dick and that was the final straw to push him over the edge. “Nngh, here… It… Cums… Slut!” he growled. Humping his hips forward, Shane jackhammered his way down her throat and made her deepthroat every each of him as his balls erupted and spewed his load straight into her gullet. Powerful jets of cum pumped straight into her stomach one after the other, and she could feel each and every one of them. The one mercy for Alice was that she didn’t have to taste any of it, though she had tasted enough foulness during the process of drawing it out of him, and she could feel it filling her belly with its disgusting warmth.

Alice’s eyes watered, tears spilling down her cheeks as her face reddened from lack of air. Shane held himself steady, lodged completely up her throat until he was completely empty. The flood of cum, the first she had ever had was so overwhelming that even her stomach couldn’t take it all. It made her gag and try to cough. So much bitter, bubbling, rich, white jism rose like the tide in the back of her throat, unable to get past the cock clogging her up. This was how she was going to die… not of cancer. Not a gunshot. She was going to drown in a rapist’s cum. Her eyelids fluttered, her mind growing fuzzy…

And then he pulled out and she could breathe again. She coughed and hacked up cum, sucking in deep lungfuls of air between gagging, racking coughs. “Not bad… for a worthless fleshlight. I hope you enjoyed that as well, Raven… I look forward to the day there’s nothing left of this tramp mind and I can look into your eyes when you gag on my dick instead.”

He stood over her as she kept hacking. “You probably think we’re about done, don’t you?” He walked over to the bench and grab something else. “Not even close, whore-goddess. Not even close.”

Her vessel was a sullen, pained consciousness, barely paying attention as Shane moved around. Raven could feel her hatred, however… the blame. She was used to it. All of these years, and still nearly every mortal that deigned to notice her at all hated her. Blamed her. Like it was her fault.

Except this time… it kind of was. She hadn’t needed to her. She could have picked a man. She could have picked an old woman. She didn’t even need to pick someone on this planet, though she always had. A thousand thousand people were supposed to die that day. She could have picked any one of them.

But she hadn’t. She had picked… Alice… as her vessel. And now she was suffering for it. Because she was here.

It actually was her fault.

“I’m… sorry, my host,” she whispered, soundlessly in the depths of the young woman’s mind. If she heard, she didn’t respond.

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