Hope 4.5 – First Interlude

Time in the Darkstone was a strange thing. It flowed in Arcadian rhythms, far quicker than the passage of time outside. On the inside, Esperiel had been slaughtering her way through the horde of demons for more than a year. Outside, Bren was just returning to the fortress monastery of the Order of Flame.

It had been a rough last few days. With the matron of their order vanished into the Darkstone, and only 7 of their order left, it had taken days to sort through the carnage and recovery the bodies of the fallen. Laika was still speaking with Kings and Queens, speaking as the head of their order… assuring them that it was over. That the demons were sealed away… solidifying the place of the Order of Flame in the new world, and form a lasting peace. It had fallen to Bren to take over duties in the monastery, assign work to new people, and take on the remainder himself. There was plenty that needed to be done, and Laika wanted everything inventoried… the order prepared for rebuilding.

That was how he found himself walking down the steps into the old prisons beneath the fortress… and found a surprise.

They didn’t use these dungeons for anything but storage, so when he first saw the shape hanging from the wall he assumed it was a trick of the dim light, the flickering of the torch. It was only when he got closer that he realized that it… she… was moving.

The woman was naked, blonde, and beautiful. Her skin was covered in welts and crimson burns with blackened edges like she had been repeated branded with searing metal between whippings. The woman was bound with her hands spread to either side, actually hanging an inch off the ground, and he could see dried semen staining her thighs and stomach… she was clearly being held captive down here, and had clearly been raped, but none of that was the part that most horrified Bren.

It was the curving horns, and the black chitin on her hands and feet.

Marcus had been the quartermaster… this had had his domain before he had died sealing away the demons. His still mourned the death of his brother in arms… and he would have been horrified enough to find that one that he had loved and trusted had abused an innocent woman, had kept her a prisoner and raped her. This was so much worse. It was wrong on all the same levels, and many more of them… he had kept a demon alive. He hadn’t told anyone of her. By the Archons, there was a Demon, still LIVING, on Mundas after Esperiel had sacrificed herself to seal away the rest…

Kiana, Greater Succubus

The succubus stirred, and Bren jumped. “Are you back, master?” she purred. She moved gingerly, like her entire body was one enormous, painful cramp… but her voice didn’t match the pain her body showed. She seemed… almost excited. “I’ve been waiting so long… didn’t anyone ever teach you it was impolite to keep a lady waiting? It’s be-” She cut off suddenly, peering as him past the torch in his hand. “You aren’t Marcus… had he finally decided to share? I’ve been telling him he should…”

Bren stood there, speechless, shocked, unsure what to say. “No, no,” the succubus said in a teasing voice. “You’re holding your mouth open all wrong!” She opened her mouth wide, rolling back her eyes as she stuck her tongue out in a wanton face for several seconds before putting herself back together… and in those few seconds, she transformed from a beautiful woman to a sexual goddess that made his knees feel weak. “See? Like that. Now you try!” She smiled at him… the smile warm and genuine to his eyes.

It was too much. “What the hell!” Bren hissed. “What are… what are you doing here!”

“Waiting to be fucked, unfortunately,” the succubus said with lighthearted tone. “I’d rather be being fucked. So… would you mind? We could talk more, but… do you mind if we talk while your cock’s inside me?”

Bren was overwhelmed, confused, horrified… and hard. If he stayed, he was going to do something that he would regret… so he turned and ran back up the steps, the demoness’ voice following after him, begging him to come back…

“What am I going to do with you?”

Two weeks later, Bren sat in a chair, his elbows on his knees. He hadn’t gone all the way down the stairs since that first day, but he hadn’t been able to stop himself from peaking in on the captive succubus. He wasn’t sure what he was expecting… maybe that she would escape and take away the need for a decision on his part, or maybe that she would starve to death… but that wasn’t right either. She wasn’t mortal… she wouldn’t starve anymore than Stasis himself would, and even if she had, wouldn’t that make him at least as big of a monster as her? If he was going to kill her, he should at least be looking her in the eyes while he held the sword.

So he had come down, fully armored and armed in Dawnsteel, an executioner approaching the condemned.

“What am I going to do with you?” he repeated. He hadn’t been able to do it. Killing a demon on the battlefield, in defense of himself or others… Bren could do that. Had done that. But… this wasn’t battle. It was an execution. She wasn’t a warrior, threatening anyone. She was a helpless captive he was considering murdering.

“I can think of a few ideas,” the succubus said cheerfully. “Marcus was always especially pleased with my asshole. He always swore it felt like I was trying to crush his cock with it. That sounds like it would be a bad thing to me, but he seemed to enjoy it, so he must have been exaggerating… his dick was fine afterward.”

Bren sighed. It was far from her first suggestion like that. “Not what I meant.”

“Why ever not?” she asked. “I’m yours… I’m here, and helpless, and available… and I can see your cock as hard as iron. I couldn’t stop you, even if I wanted to… why don’t you enjoy yourself? I want it… I promise I won’t fight… unless you’d like it if I did. Is that what you’d like? Holding down a squirming, fighting demoness against the stone while you pound her? I’d make you earn it. Or if you wanted, I’d just wrap my legs around you, master, and squeeze your dick with my cunt until you… just… pop… inside of me.”

The energy pouring off her of what a strange thing. It was a mix of pure, wanton sexuality, and strangely a sense of innocence. For her, it really was that simple. He wanted to fuck her, so he should. Everything that made it more complicated was irrelevant. “I can’t…” he hissed.

She pouted. “Why not, master? I feel so hollow inside… and I’m not an idiot. Marcus isn’t coming back… so if you’re not going to fuck me, could you find someone else who will? It’s like having an itch you can’t scratch…” She paused, considering. “Or maybe that’s the torture you’re using on me! That could be fun. You could leave my cunt wanting and fuck your whore’s face instead… There’s a ring gag on that table, over there. Marcus always used it. I told him he didn’t need it, that I could do a better job if he left it off, but he didn’t believe me. You don’t need it either, but if it would make your more comfortable…”

“I can’t!” he said louder. “Do you understand? I have to kill you!”

She was quiet for a moment. “I know…” she said softly. “Marcus always said that, too. That he would kill me as soon as he finished with me. There was always another way to fuck me, another way to hurt me. I’m glad.”

“Glad he didn’t kill you?” Bren asked.

She shook her head and smiled. “Glad he fucked me first!” she said brightly. “Glad he spent so much time with me, paid me so much attention. I was dead the moment he captured me. At least I get to enjoy the road.”

Bren shook his head and slowly stood. “You’re insane,” he cursed.

“No, I just know what I want,” the succubus answered. “You humans make everything so complicated. Why don’t you just try living for a while before you die?”

“What even happens to you when you die, now?” he asked as he stepped up to her. “Before, you would return to the Darkstone, but now it’s sealed. Do you truly die?”

Shrugging was hard when she was suspended by her arms, but the succubus tried anyway. “I have no idea,” she admitted. “We could find out… it might be fun.” She lifted her chin. “You could wrap your hands around my neck and squeeze… feel my life throbbing against your hands.” She clucked. “Oh, don’t look so sad, lover… you’re the one who said you needed to kill me. If you feel so bad about it, you could make sure I enjoyed it. You only ever get to die once… it would be a shame for me not to get to experience it fully. And you… I bet it would be so tight for you when I died with a cock inside me. What might it feel like, I wonder, as I turn to ashes around your dick? Pleasant? I hope so… but if all the other demons on Mundas are locked away, you could be the only one in history to find out what it feels like.”

Bren was breathing hard.

“Send me out with a gift, Master,” she begged. “Make the last thing I feel in this life your seed spilling inside of me…”

Bren didn’t recall willing his armor to change form, to peel away from him… he didn’t recall stepping up next to the succubus. It wasn’t until he heard her scream out in pleasure that he realized he was inside of her. “Yes!” the succubus growled. “Fuck me, Master… rape your little demon whore… Fuck m-urk!”

Bren’s hands closed around her throat and began to squeeze. He stared into the blonde demoness’ gorgeous blue eyes, filled with ecstasy and adoration as he choked her and fucked her, throttling her against the wall as he banged her body against it with his own. “Fuck… me… fuck… me… fuck… me…” she whispered, voice nearly breathless. “Fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck…” Bren squeezed harder and finally silenced her as he fucked her harder, the succubus wrapping her legs around the small of his back as she body squeezed him, and she was at least as tight and pleasant as she promised. He fucked her with animal, thoughtless passion, mindlessly eager as her eyes began to roll back in her head… continuously trying to come down, to focus on his eyes, to show him the pleasure in her soul…

He came, and as he did he let go of her throat. The succubus drank deeply of the air, but she didn’t become any less tight… her entire body wrapping around him like a snake as he rode out his climax, sagging in exhaustion against her, and feeling her teeth on his neck…

Teeth on his neck…

Bren froze, finding the succubus resting her mouth at the vulnerable side of his neck. She could rip it out, he knew… he had seen the sharp fangs in her maw. She could kill him right now, and it would be his own damn…

She opened her mouth and whispered against his skin. “Thank… you… Master…” she said with a trembling voice. “Next time, let me know if I was supposed to be fighting… I’d hate to be your eager little slut if you want you really want is a demon bitch fighting you…” She licked his throat softly as he pushed away from the wall, fumbling with his armor as he pulled away from her… leaving her hanging with a contented look on her face and cum leaking out of her pussy. He left her like that, even more confused than he had begun.

“It’s not at all what you think,” Kiana said.

It had been a year. A year of Bren slipping down here nearly every night. A year of fucking the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. A year of struggling to rebuild an order without clear purpose, while consorting with its sworn enemy in its dungeon. A year of speaking with Kiana.

That was her name… Kiana. And she was wonderful.

“I was there, Kiana,” Bren insisted. “I saw the horde rampage over the world, destroying and consuming. I’m willing to believe you might be different, but you can’t tell me demons don’t destroy.”

“We don’t!” she insisted. “Your perspective is just too short. Too mortal.”

It was amazing to him that she could hang there from the wall, chatting idly with cum leaking from both her lower holes. He had fucked her so hard that her breasts had obvious bruises from where had gripped them, but she didn’t even seem sore… just happy. He enjoyed the sex… and the conversation… but trying to reason with Kiana could be maddening. “What is that supposed to mean?”

“We don’t destroy,” she insisted. “We change. It’s not our fault that change is usually a destructive process. Like forests burning down to allow new growth, or a destroyed building cleared away to allow the building of a new one… you can’t build something new without getting rid of the old. Sometimes, that it is as simple as changing a mind… like when you decided not to kill me,” she said with a smile.

He had stopped even pretending he was going to kill Kiana months ago.

“The old mindset is gone… you might say destroyed… but there is something new in its place. But sometimes, the scale is larger… what is being torn down and what is replacing it happening on large enough of a scale its hard for a mortal man to see. When it takes long enough, its easy to think that the forest is burning down to be left barren… but it never is. Destruction without replacement would be of Void… anathma to my kind.”

He shook his head. It was… certainly one perspective, but the loss of life alone… “What are you here to change, then?” he asked.

“How should I know?” she said with a smile. “We don’t usually set out to change something… specific. We just do, by our nature. We change everything we touch… just like your humans do. Like just about everything but the Archons do.”

Bren sighed. “Don’t start on that again,” he said, leaning back in his chair.

“Can’t help if its true,” she protested. “They only want to keep things the same. Make sure nothing ever changes. Do you understand how wrong that is? You lack the perspective… but your society has existed at this feudal level of kings and queens and swords for more than ten thousand years. You should have long, long since moved beyond it… if they would let you.”

“You know,” Bren said with a small smile, “that I have no idea what you are talking about, right?”

“Yeah,” Kiana whispered. “I know. Another of those mortal perspective things.” Then she brightened. “Maybe that’s what I’m here to change. You, Master! Your understanding.”

“I think you already have,” he admitted as he rose to his feet.

“Until tomorrow, then Master?” she asked with a pout.

“Not this time,” he said. And he reached up and undid her shackles.

Kiana dropped down abruptly onto her feet, but they were too weak to support her, and she collapsed… Bren caught her. Her body into his arms, falling against him as she looked up at him with eyes filled with devotion. “Master…” she whispered.

Despite everything, Bren half expected for Kiana to attack him, or flee… she didn’t Instead, she dropped awkwardly down onto her knees before him and nuzzled at his crotch, rubbing her cheek against his soft dick through his pants. “Please…” she whispered. “I’ve been waiting so long…”

His only answer was for his cock to start growing hard, and Kiana smiled as she pulled down his pants and swallowed his cock whole, humming in happiness as she did.

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