A Road map of the Next Few Months

With the completion of Hope wrapped up, and End of Elves nearly finished, that wraps up everything that I am actively working on at the moment… that I have begun posting, anyway. While I still have stories like Black Flag and Turn of the Wheel that I need to continue, and while I have collaboration projects like Surrogate that are ongoing, I will be finished with what I am actively working on for a little while.

So its time to begin all the commissions I have waiting.

Currently, the reason commissions are closed is that I have 4 large, multi-chapter commissions next up on the docket… and in order to get them taken care of, I can’t really afford to be taking any more at this time.

Instead, what I am going to do is rotate chapters between these four commissions:

Ballad of the Managerie Trappers, a follow up to Rhyme of the Mermaid Mariners for the same commissioner featuring plenty of other girls with cute ears and tails…

Frozen by Fear, the latest stories in the Runeterra Rape Squad cannon, featuring Lissandra joining the rest of the Freljordian girls in slavery.

One Act of Defiance, a story of the League of Legends Academy universe, where an exchange student named Riven defies Ahri, the unquestioned Queen Bee of the school… and suffers for it along with all her friends.

and last but not least, I have been hired by a different commissioner to continue work on Hunter’s Fall, my story about Samus Aran.

After there stories are completed, I will be reopening commissions… but all good things must come to an end. Going forward, the commission price will be raised to 1.5c per word from 1c. I am sorry for the inconvenience, but the pile of commissions has piled up too far.

Also in the next month or two, I am likely to start posting several long term projects I’ve been a part of – Constellation and Lone Fox, parts of two shared universes I have been working on with the exceptionally talented Darinost.

I hope you all look forward to reading these stories and more, and I’ll be seeing you once or twice a week with chapters of those above stories.

3 thoughts on “A Road map of the Next Few Months

  1. Look at this amateur over here, having trouble avoiding new stories. The solution is simple: have tons and tons of unfinished stories you’re working on at any given time, so that WHATEVER you want to write, you’ve already got an unfinished story ready to add it too *head tap*


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