Frozen with Fear – Chapter 2

Lissandra fought to shake off her disorientation from being forcefully teleported so abruptly, trying to locate herself by looking around. She was somewhere in Summoner’s Rift… or at least the pantomime of it that was created for the training chamber. It wasn’t real, not in truth, but it certainly felt real… the dirt beneath her feet felt convincingly solid, the tree she leaned against felt like it had truly been grown from seed. It wasn’t. Everything here, from the soil to the water to the flora, had all been summoned from Mana, conjured out of nothing from the ancient leyline the institute had been built atop of. Here, the only rules were what you had the magic to create… and the summoners had all of it.

Lissandra had none.

A flash of purple energy, and Cyn appeared before her, having teleported into place just a few feet away. Additional flashes of light began channeling right behind him one after the other as the other summoners followed. Lissandra longed to freeze him solid and shatter him, to break him like thawing snow, but as much as it pained her pride to admit it, here he had all the power and she had none. Here, her magic was bound, and his was nearly limitless. She couldn’t fight. She had to escape… somehow.

She turned and ran.

Lissandra didn’t often run these days. In her role as the Queen of the Frostguard she moved with regal dignity, and when she was the Ice Witch she used her magic to propel her, the ice driving her along. She wasn’t practiced at it, but her legs were long and strong, and she had desperation on her side. She sprinted for the treeline, away from from Cyn and the other teleporting summoners…

And a few steps later she found herself running back towards them from the other side.

Skidding to a stop, Lissandra hissed furious and turned, running the other direction… and a few steps later she found herself running back towards Cyn’s smiling face, the man just appearing before her. This time, she had sensed the magic… he wasn’t teleporting. She was. Cyn was expending energy to flash her around the clearing, keeping her within a fence made of just magical energy and willpower. The other summoners had arrived by now, most of them naked as they day they were born, and were laughing at her… laughing at HER!… as she tried to figure out a way to get away. “I will make you pay for this!” she hissed. She felt so tired, so weak… the summoner’s power still sapping her own. “You will spend the rest of your lives entombed in ice, buried miles below the surface…”

Cyn stepped forward, raising one hand towards her. “We could be having a good time right now,” he said with a sigh. “We could have worked something out… and celebrated my elevation… and yours… together. But I guess you didn’t want that.” He shrugged. “Fine. We’ll do it the hard way.” Ethereal chains lashed from his hands towards her, fast as striking snakes. She had barely any magic here, but the first chain she managed to get out of the way of, and the second she deflected with a shard of ice she summoned from the air, but the third struck her midway up her chest and wrapped around her like a living thing, coiling her arms her sides, wrapping around her lefts, squeezing her breasts between a few wraps until she was teetering on two legs too close together, unable to move or adjust her balance.

The summoner walked up to her with several of his fellows right behind. “I have a rule,” he said simply. “Girls are allowed to bite… once. Never twice.” He put a hand on the center of her chest, right above and between her breasts, and lightly pushed. Lissandra gave a brief cry as she lost her balance and fell over, but the chains caught her before she hit the dirt. Instead, she found herself being hauled up by her feet towards one of the trees she had ran towards, her long hair dangling towards the ground and dragging along the dirt. “Right now, you probably think thats bullshit,” Cyn continued with a grin. “That’s ok… you won’t by the time I’m done with you.”

The magical chains moved, shifting in ways that real ropes or chains never could. Her hands were dragged behind her back and restrained there instead, the chain wrapping around her wrists even as it vanished from around her chest. It stuck to her legs in all the right places to keep her dress from falling down, an oddly specific way to preserve her modesty, but most of her weight now rested solely on her ankles… a surprisingly painful position that grew more painful with each moment she hung there.

“Team celebration or a solo event?” one of the summoners… Rogim… asked Cyn.

“I’m not greedy,” he answered with a smirk.

Hanging by her ankles, the Ice Witch awaited her fate. She still wore her gorgeous dress, but with the chains drawing it taut across her body she felt almost more naked in it than she would without it. Her hair dangled in the dirt as she watched the summoners through her visor, waiting for what else they had in mind for her. “Sounds good,” Rogim said with a matching smile. Then he whirled, extending a hand a hand toward Lissandra, and a ghostly blade of blue light shot from his hand in a solid beam as he whipped it across her in a slashing movement. With a cry of surprise, Lissandra jerked as it found its mark on her thigh, leaving a tiny rip in her dress. The cry was as much of startled rage as it was of pain… while the impact stung, it didn’t truly hurt badly enough to injure her body. Her pride, on the other hand, was another matter.

That had been a smite. It was a kind of summoner magic generally reserved for mindless automatons and animals, not for champions like her. Lissandra had found wars before any of these men had been born. She was no stranger to pain and she had been wounded in more battles than she could count, but now she could exact no retribution, there was no opponent she would direct her magic against, and it made everything hurt worse for her helplessness.

Grins creased the faces of the crowd of summoners as they began to gather around Lissandra, their little game beginning. The first strike had struck a tiny welt on her shapely thigh… but there was going to be more to come.

The summoners began to step up one at a time, one, two, three… their strikes landing on her back and spinning her around. One of them cut the dress, others did not. She kind of screamed, a halting, spiteful scream full of rage and hate. The next smite landed on her right calf, above the line of the dress and on bare skin, Making her hiss in pain. Each slash came not only with pain but with a bone deep chill that was cold even to hurt, like it was injected true-ice directly into her veins. Further weakening summoning magic inflicted on her with each smile. The summoners hit her again a few times, pausing in between to let the next man step up as they circled around her and drove the smite into her stomach.

Then Cyn drove a smite that was that crimson rather than blue directly across her left breast.

Lissandra cried out for real at that… that smite wasn’t cold this time but instead burned like fire, and she jerked violently in her binds. The onlooking summoners salivated at the sight of the voluptuous body writhing under the that kiss of flame, doubly so because it had struck hard enough to rip a slash in the dress over her breasts.

“You’re proud,” Cyn growled. “Stubborn. You do not yield so easily. Those have been traits that have served you well for a long time… but soon you will find that it only means more pain.” He smote her again, lashing her long, gorgeous legs again before finding her ass, each strike drawing a line of fire across her body. Then she was whipped by a cold smite in the other direction, pushing her back towards Cyn… battered by hot and cold. “Submit,” the cruel summoner commanded. Cyn didn’t stop striking her every couple seconds, but the others summoners continued to rotate, keeping a battery of cold smites coming from each direction. Her breasts quickly proved a favorite target… a difficult one with the way she was thrashing now, but through sheer volume of strikes they managed to hit those tempting tits plenty of times, and they were rewarded as the fabric tore more and more.

With each lash, Lissandra felt her resolve waning. She could not dodge the strikes of the summoner magic… while she could make them miss their specific target, they more far too quickly for her to dodge even if she wasn’t so strictly bound and hanging. She could not fight back, either… all she could do was writhe and scream. She cried out as the summoners launched a rapid barrage of strikes from all directions in rapid succession, raining one spell impact after another all over her body as she gasped in pain. Each individual smite was unlikely to even damage her outfit, but there were so many of them… broad patches of her skin was exposed now, bit of pale skin sticking out of the light blue of the gown.

Those sick bastards were clearly enjoying the sight, too. More than one of them was stroking himself as they watched her luscious body hang in inverted suspension. Lissandra was a tall, athletic blonde whose fair skin was now crisscrossed by welts on all of the exposed flesh and most of it still hidden beneath clothing. Removing the rest of her dress would have been as simple as grabbing a handful and tearing at this point, but Cyn seemed to have no plans on that. Instead, he was taking aim for the soft underside of her firm breasts, and one smite at a time he made a point to himself to remove the shreds of her dress still clinging there, striking first one and then the other as her head bent backward in a silent cry of anguish. Strike after strike, the summoners attempted to force further real screams from Lissandra, but they only managed to obtain muffled cries, hisses and gasps as the Ice Witch struggled to deny them the satisfaction. Her pride and stubbornness, however, brought her no mercy… it only lead to their smites becoming more vicious, with even shorter pausing between. Nobody was keeping count, but the blows rained on the writhing champion with viciousness, causing her to twist and bend at the waist, shaking her head in anguish. Her tits were now marked by a number of crimson slashed welts, and her nipples felt like they were on fire. And at last, and the beam of a crimson smite crashed across both her nipples at once, Lissandra screamed.

Screaming and vainly fighting tears, the Ice Witch clung to her dedication as the urge to give up first entered her mind. If she yielded, surely would stop… could doing what the summoners wanted truly be worse than what she was suffering? Then, just as she was on the edge, they stopped. No more smites. No more flashes of hot and cold, no more fresh snaps of pain. Even her exhaustion… the magical kind, anyway… seemed to begin to vanish. Lissandra just dangled there from the tree, unable to move, left to await the next torture of the summoners.

She didn’t have long to wait. The summoners began to crowd around her, eager to explore with their hands the part of her body that had been exposed by the magical lashing. Her breasts were especially a favorite, to her painful lack of surprise, and even a graze of their fingertips made the abused flesh burn. Grazing her skip, however, was nowhere on the plan… Summoners crudely grabbed at her, squeezing those breasts in their fists and pushing them together, making her moan softly in pain… her defiant words momentarily beaten out of her head. It wasn’t just her breasts either… her legs and arms were nearly as popular, hands tracing over her long, formerly smooth skin and making every single welt feel like a cut to the hanging girl. Hands slipped through tears in her beautiful gown to caress her still mostly-hidden ass, slid and and down her thighs, rubbed her stomach… one of her heels had fallen off and rested on the ground, and one summoner was happily stepping onto the true ice and digging it deeper into the ground as he reached up and stroked the foot it had left exposed. She felt like a thousand hands were on her, but it was until the first of them brushed her cunt over her panties that she let out a furious little scream.

“Get off me!” she shouted. “I’ll kill you all… kill you all!”

“No, you won’t.” Cyn stepped in front of her again a moment later, his cock thick and firm in her face. She could smell his musk, the scent of precum on his shaft as he slapped her cheek with it. “The closest to hurting us you’re ever going to get is making our dicks sore, little mageling…” He grinned as he grabbed onto her head and held it immobile. “I’m not going to bother telling you not to bite me again,” Cyn said as he raised one hand, and she felt something appear inside her mouth, wedging it further and further open as those same ethereal chains shifted, holding her jaw open wide. “We both know you’re too dumb not to, Ice Bitch.”

He stepped on her hair then, pulling her down towards the earth by the scalp and making her cry out again as his cock rubbed against her cheek. “I’m not going to tell you to swallow either,” he said. “You’ll figure out that bit on your own.” His hands gripped her dangling blonde hair, and he pulled her head up and forward onto his cock, hot shaft sliding against her lips.

In her thousand years of life, Lissandra had never felt more disgusting by the taste of anything as she did at the moment with the feel of Cyn’s cock on her unwilling tongue. She had never, in all her life, submitted to a disgrace like this, of serving a man with her mouth and she still found it even worse than she’d imagined – it wasn’t even the actual taste but the entire idea that was so nauseous to her that it made her stomach turn, making her gag with disgust… and soon with the struggle to breath as he kept bringing her head forward, pressing the head of his shaft against her throat and making it difficult to breathe. Lissandra tried to pull back, but his grip was too strong. Unable to move or bite, she could do nothing but hate him as Cyn violated her mouth.

“Now that’s all I wanted,” Cyn said, pumping slowly in and out of her, “just a little bit of consideration for my time and effort. I could have made you a star of the league, Lissandra… I’ll have to settle for making you a whore, instead.” He made a whine escape her throat as he shifted forward, putting even more strain on her hair… the way it pulled at her scalp sent shivers of pain racing through her nearly as bad as the whipping had been.

Then, an instant later, he used that painful leverage to thrust deeper into her, hammering against the back of her mouth until he found the right angle. Only then, when he began to push into her throat, did she realize what he intended. Her first thought was one of simple disbelief. She’d known of oral sex, something she would have never been willing to try, but she understood it was a thing. This was something different. Cyn was nothing like the man she had hoped, a wretch and a monster, but not even he could be so… foolish and barbaric… as to think he could her her throat to pleasure herself. There was just no way that would ever work, surely…

Her second thought was outrage. Death in battle, at the hands of another… that was a thing she could accept. It was the way of life… kill or be killed. She had no doubts that the summoners intended to rape her, and even that as horrific as the thought was Lissandra could bring herself to accept. It wasn’t even entirely unexpected. She had been a warrior… a female warrior… stepping into battle for a thousand years. Rape as a consequence of that wasn’t a horribly unexpected thought, even if it was never one she would acquiesce to. She was defeated, even if it was through trickery and unfair advantages, and being defiled was the consequence. She hated it… but she could accept it.

This was something different. It was unnatural, it was vile, and it was pure defilement. Cyn was showing that he meant to treat her body as nothing but a set of tight openings to work his cock into.

Panic filled Lissandra as the summoner began forcing more of his thick cock up her throat, hammering her with short sharp strokes that let him go a little deeper each time. She couldn’t breathe… With his fat cock plugging her airway, the oxygen she could get came from a meager trickle in through her nose. It made her whimper and gag despite herself. The idea of not being able to breath… it was terrifying to her. She had always had nightmares of being buried, being imprisoned in the darkness where there wasn’t enough to breath, where the walls were closing in. Now Lissandra found herself in a horrible waking nightmare of suffocation.

Cyn yanked on her head harder and Lissandra gurgled helplessly around his cock as he drove himself relentlessly forward, gripping her hair in twin fists and pulling her towards him at the same time he thrust into her, seemingly determined to get all of himself into her throat. Within just a few more seconds, he succeeded… his balls against her eyes, half blinding her as she dangled, forced to swallow his entire dick. “You like that little frost queen?” he mocked. “You like me using your pretty face to jack off?”

Lissandra could barely understand him over the sound of her retching. Once she began gagging on that cock, she didn’t stop… over and over she choked and gagged and suffered on his dick, begging for him to pull out with the sounds of her misery… and Cyn responded by stiffening further inside of her, his entire body quivering slightly with pleasure as her throat clench and milked on him. “That’s it, Ice Bitch,” he growled down at her, taking one hand down to squeeze one of her breasts hard and making her yelp in pain, the sound heard by no one but felt by her rapist buried inside of her. “Keep doing just that. Be a good throatfuck for me…”

Lissandra wished that she could refuse him. Her hatred was like a frozen lump in her heart… she wanted to keep fighting, to resist giving him anything he wanted with everything she had. She wanted to choke to death before she gave him the slightest satisfaction… but her body had other ideas. Her desperate struggle for air was overwhelming her, making her thrash from side to side in the attempt to dislodge the cock just enough to suck in a whisper of oxygen. Her body was working to ride him, to make his cock feel good, and she hated every single second of it. Cyn gave her cheek a pair of soft slaps, her skin vibrating against his dick as he proved again how much he owned her. “There you go. Less than an hour of this and you’re already becoming a good fucktoy. By the time I let you out, there’s going to be nothing left of you.”

It made the Frostguard Queen’s heart ache to wonder if he might not be wrong.

Cyn began pumping in and out of her throat, his ballsack smacking her nose and foreheadchin with every thrust. Sometimes he would pull completely out of her so he could rub her face with his slick cock, smearing her spit and his precum all over her face. Even when she had the glorious moment of being able to breathe when he did that, the slimy texture and disgusting idea of that made her stomach heave. “The perfect makeup for a filthy biting bitch,” he taunted as she slid into her throat once again.

“Going to fill you up with cum,” he promised her. “Maybe when you have jizz oozing from all your holes, that will help you remember what you are now – just a weak, helpless fucktoy.” Cyn stepped forward again, further shortening the ‘leash’ of her hair and making her cry out again as he pulled on it harder. “Scream on me, little plaything. Make this fuckhole throat hum for me while I finish in you, Ice Bitch.”

Lissandra couldn’t stop a couple hot tears of pain and humiliation as she unwillingly did as he wanted. She felt hundreds of hands on her, seemingly every inch of her body being caressed or molested or abused… hands on her feet, calves, knees, thighs, ass, breasts, arms, shoulders, hips, waist… above the dress and below it both. The eternal sorceress wanted to scream at him, instead. She was better than him, stronger than him, her will was stronger than his. She had been fighting in this world centuries before his grandfather’s grandfather had taken his first step. For him to be in her presence and still be alive, and not buried in ice, was a miracle that he should be on his knees thanking any god he believed in for. Instead, the mighty Frost Sorceress, her power locked away by the ancient leyline, could do absolutely nothing to stop him as the summoner’s cock swelled, and his semen began to fill her mouth. “Here’s the first taste of your new life, bitch,” he told her. “Welcome to your liquid diet.”

His cum was bitter and slimy, and tasted even worse than his dick. Lissandra coughed, trying to breathe, eager to get the foul substance out of her mouth. She managed to expel most of it, but only weakly… most of it dripped out around his cock and down face, covering nose and coating her visor before dripping into her hair. If her refusal to drink his seed angered the summoner, he didn’t show it… not with the display of the disgraced Lissandra covered in his cum stretched out before him. “Not a bad start,” he told her as he pulled out of her, letting her breathe heavily as she fought to catch her breath. “But just a start.”

He stepped away, and Lissandra could once again see a dozen summoners, naked, cocks hard and stroked, waiting around her… waiting for their turn. As the first one of them walked up to her face, she wasn’t sure if she could survive being facefucked by so many men. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to. She didn’t have a choice. A moment later, another summoner had his cock down her throat, and she was gagging again. Hard thrusts down her throat, hard gags, a struggle to breath, and then more cum. She spat that up too, and the next load, and the next, and the next, until her face felt coated. It wasn’t until the 5th man to fuck her face that one of them drove so far up her throat as he came that she didn’t have a choice but to swallow, and that slimy cum felt like a molten lump of metal in her stomach, the warmth of it disgusting to Ice Witch. The entire time, she felt their hands on her, still molesting her. Then, as she was choking down the fifth load, she felt the summoner magic take hold of her again and she vanished from the rift.

When Lissandra reappeared, it was in a familiar location… the raised plateau between the two rivers that made up Summoners Rift. In the distance, she could see two towers… one on either side of her. Those towers spoke to her of safety… but there was no safety here, not in this place, not for her. Here, the summoners were like gods. Here, the summoners controlled everything.

The summoners had teleported with her, pushing her between them. She was still bound, and she noted that the touch of a thousand hands had widened the rips in her dress, making it cover even less of her body, but at least she was no longer hanging. It felt like an improvement until they began forcing her to the ground. The first summoner to approach her sat on her stomach, pinning her to the ground as she wriggled and tried to writhe away from the ones starting to grab her legs and spread them, pinning her to the ground. “Get off!” she shouted… or tried to shout. The gagging chains holding her mouth open hadn’t disappeared… the words came out more like a spitting, furious disgrace. “Guh uf!”

The summoners laughed at her as they continued using her body like a plaything. Now that she was on the ground, cocks could be rubbed against her long legs, over her feet, against her breasts. She wasn’t gagging on one, but she was still having difficulty breathing with the weight of a summoner sitting on her, forcing her to take only shallow breaths. She could feel the precum of a dozen men spreading over her, painting her soles, the hollow of her neck, the sides of her thighs as one man stepped between her spread legs…

Lissandra screamed as she felt the summoner grab her panties and eagerly rip them off of her, exposing the tight slit between her legs. Lissandra wasn’t a stranger to sex precisely — she had lived for so long, after all — but it had been centuries since her last lover. The summoner’s fingers dug into her thighs hard, forcing her to spread further as she felt the first cock to slip between her legs in this era brush her cunt, the shaft swollen and throbbing, looking threatening as a spear against her pussy. “NNNNNnn!” she howled, thrashing, struggling, bucking her body, and the summoners laughed as they pinned her, holding her down, keeping her helpless.

“Shut up, you frigid cunt,” Rogim said from between her legs. “You wanted to be special… To be one of the girls we elevate… but you didn’t want to pay the price. This is our price for you now, slut. Now take it!” he guided his cock between her straining, milk white thighs, even as she bucked and squirmed against the grip of the summoners, trying to squirm away from the cock that was about to be raping her… and failing as he drove it into her slippery, smooth, hot, grasping cunt with a single, irresistible stroke.

There was a beat as Lissandra was too stunned, too utterly impaled, the feel the pain… where all she could feel was the disgrace. Then she screamed. “Oot!” she screamed “NNNnnNnn! OoooOtt!” Take it out take it out take it out… her back arched unnaturally as she bucked, trying to flinch away from the painful impalement and unable to escape. Her cunt felt far too tight, far too small for the size of the dick forcing its way into, but all its resistance did was was make her sex spasm and squeeze as the summoner forced his cock right up against her womb. Her ass squirmed and clenched as he drove her back down into the grass, raping her as he drove deep into her. Her tight hole, so unwilling, seemed almost to suck on his cock as it tried to force it out, the silky-smooth, grasping cavern of her cunt making itself just a more pleasant fuck for the summoner buried within it.

Again and again he slammed into her, her body quivering beneath the blows from Rogim’s hips, her hands digging through the dirt as they clenched beneath her body, still bound beneath her as she was fucked. She still couldn’t breathe deeply, her breathing coming in short gasps as the summoner on her chest continued to play with her breasts… forcing them together and forcing his cock between them. The slickness of his leaking dick smearing all over her breasts as he turned that into another tunnel in her body to fuck.

Hands grabbed at her feet and started to pull her remaining shoe off. She had no idea why, but she was already so deep into the confusing swell of the madness around her that she just accepted it, not fighting as she faintly heard them tossed aside, her feet pushing up into the lap of another summoner who pressed them against his shaft and started to thrust. Someone gripped her visor and yanked it like he was trying to pull it off her head, and it forced her face back… back to meet his cock as he forced his way into her open mouth and began to rape her throat again.

Now getting fucked orally, vaginally, and between her breasts, Lissandra being fucked by three cocks at once… but that wasn’t everyone having their fun with her body. Dicks and hands both felt like they were all over her body. She saw one man stroking himself with her hair, his cum further soaking her becoming-filthy blonde mane. Pricks dragged over her sides and legs… too much happening for her to follow it all, leaving the Ice Witch as disoriented as could be. Sex in every direction spun out and left her reeling, utterly overwhelmed by the perverse attentions of the summoners, far more intense of a treatment that her body had ever been subject to before. Her body wasn’t a temple, or even a piece of artwork… it was a playground, a thing for their entertainment. Spit and precum ran down her chin, some managing to spread to her breasts and make it better located to take her more roughly, her entire body moving beneath the cruel touches of men who wanted nothing more than to make her suffer… and she couldn’t do anything at all about it. Every single attempt at resistance she has had made had failed utterly,

Not one, but two summoners were using her feet, thrusting against their soles, holding to coil her toes around their pricks… using her body in a way that she never would have imagined. But the summoners didn’t care in the slightest what she had imagined, what she wanted, what use she thought her body should be put to — they only cared what it could be used for, what her body could do to bring them pleasure. The pair of forced footjobs was just one example of that… that her body was no longer her own to control, the two summoners groaning as they fucked the Freljordian queen’s feet with abandon, proving to her that there was no inch of her that couldn’t be used to pleasure them, no part of her that wasn’t going to be used to make them cum.

She lost herself, gagging on cock, her breasts wrapped around cock, her pussy crammed full of cock… the purpose of her life becoming to serve the group of men’s cocks. There was nothing else. As the summoners came onto her feet, their sticky cum coating her toes her soles, Lissandra could barely notice the disgrace for the feeling of Rogim pumping her faster and faster, all their actions serving to mark her as theirs in one way or the other.

Lissandra’s breath came in short gasps around the dick plugging her throat as she was fucked by Rogim. Each stroke rocked her hole body, his use of her growing more and more violent as he got closer to cumming, his cock swelling inside her body more and more as he reached his peak and exploded inside of her. His hands dug into her thighs painfully as he held her down, making her cry out in pain around the dick gagging her as her body shuddered around his jerking cock while he painted her insides white.

As he pulled his cock out of her drenched hole, wincing at the sensitivity in her abused sex, it left her feeling hollow inside. Her cunt was swollen and gaping, open for further use… and to her despair, she had no doubt that that was exactly what they intended. She felt his seed, warm and sticky, stuck inside of her, felt him as he pulled out and wiped himself clean on her thighs. Then the next man showed no hesitation in forcing himself deep into her unwilling channel. “This slut really must be something special,” he said with a growl, “if she’s still this tight after the pounding she just got.” Lissandra wanted to weep. It was the magic that kept her alive… it kept her healing, kept her pristine. Already, most of the welts on her body had healed… even thought her skin was still so sensitive they might as well have not. “She feels as tight as any virgin I’ve ever had, too.” Hands grabbed her thighs. “Let’s take this cunt for a ride.”

The blonde screamed anew around the dick gagging her as the unseen stranger began to fuck her hard and fast. She couldn’t breathe, couldn’t fight, couldn’t do anything but suffer. None of her rapists seemed to care that they were crushing her arms beneath her, that their nails were digging into her skin, that being tossed between the dozen men surrounding her and using her hurt her… until Lissandra realized, to his dismay, that she was very wrong about that. They very much cared — They enjoyed it. Every time she jerked in pain, every time she screamed, she was tightening around them… her pussy clenching, her throat vibrating. Her agony was their pleasure, and that knowledge only made each pain feel even sharper, even more miserable.

Then the man between her breasts came, his sperm pooling in the hollow of her throat. He was replaced quickly… she only had time for a pair of quick, full breaths before her lungs were crushed beneath the weight of another. A man came down her throat again, and that hole, too, was only empty for so long. Less than five seconds after the summoner stepped away, not even long enough for her to finish swallowing all the cum, another was sheathing himself down her neck in a single hard thrust. “We’ve already made you an excellent cocksucker, haven’t we?” he mocked, laughing as he pulled out until only his cockhead was still inside her lips, then slammed back in again. “Tight and slick, warm and soft,” he declared as he continued shafting her throat. “Just like a whore should be. Not even Ashe had a mouth this welcoming.”

Again. Again. Again. Feet. Thighs. Breasts. Mouth. Cunt. Summoners used all of her for their pleasure. Again. Again. They dumped loads in her hair, on her chest, on her face. They came in her cunt, on her stomach, on her feet. They filled her stomach and the hollows of her visor, her belly button and the scraps of her dress that survived. Fucking her and fucking her and fucking her.

Then she heard Cyn’s voice. “Do you understand, Lissandra?” his voice said from out of her sight. “Do you know what’s coming? I’m going to take my big cock and shove it hard up your tiny little cherry asshole… And there’s nothing you can do but take it.”

Lissandra’s struggles had become weak, but that thought inflamed them again. No no no no, that was insane, that was impossible, they couldn’t… she thrashed violently on the ground, her feet and hands digger furrows through the soil. Even with the weight of the summoners on her, she succeeded for a second in raising her upper body. A series of ululating moans could be heard even through the cock gagging her as her shoulders worked, her hips bounced, her legs kicked against the summoners holding her… and Cyn laughed with pure pleasure, clearly enjoying the way she wriggled like a fish on a hook. No, not like a fish… like the worm. Utterly helpless.

For a second, he considered waiting out her struggle… letting her exhaust herself… but why bother? He’d take her like this, during the strongest resistance she could muster, and show her how useless it was. He slipped between her legs, taking them, bending them so that her asshole was exposed, and he positioning his rock-hard cock at her sphincter, and no matter how much she struggled she could not get away.

Lissandra was terrified, her mind filled with panic as she seized with unreasoning fear. That would kill her… it would tear her apart. Her mind had ceased to function other than that, to do anything in the world she could to avoid that fate – the Ice Witch was now all animal fright and sensation. She thrashed wildly, never acknowledging her helplessness, fighting desperately anyway as she felt the pressure build at her asshole. Lissandra knew it was her rapist’s huge cock trying to breach her, and she squeezed herself shut with everything she had, ever strength in her body, a millennium of willpower.

And Cyn pushed, letting all the weight of his body settle into his hips, letting his bodies mass be his weapon against her. The pressure against her ass grew and grew and grew, more and more unbearable… in Lissandra’s mind, it was less a cock fighting her that a force of nature, and irresistable storm she was trying to hold back… and just like the storm, she was failing. The force continued to increase. Lissandra stopped breathing as her throat was fucked, holding it in tight. Even her heartrate seemed to slow, to become ponderous. Her body grew stiff, the muscles rigid. Even her toes were splayed.

For a second, for a split second, she thought, imagined, fantasized, that she might win, that he would not gain entry.

Then the head of his cock parted her sphincter, pushed at it, stretching it to its normal extension. Not enough to admit him yet, of course… his cock was like a bludgeon, and her virgin hole wasn’t meant to stretch that far, but Lissandra was defeated now even if she didn’t realize it. Her strength was falling away, only shreds remaining to her… while Cyn’s will to violate her had grown even greater with his victory over her vanquished spirit. And with that done, he prepared to rip into her with a single thrust, an unstoppable force of her complete destruction. The Ice Witch moaned in despair and pain as even as she gagged on the cock, her ass stretched open as far as it would go, and then further… each new movement a further defeat, each twitch of his cock taking more of her sanctity and salvation away from her. And then he shoved forward.

With a cry of triumph, Lissandra’s felt her conquerer’s shaft sink deep between her cheek, deeper and deep and deeper into her helpless bowels. The contest was over… she was just a prize for him now, a prize he meant to take. He pushed further and further, and while her legs still fluttered, while her body still twitched, she was too weak to do more than scream and moan around the man fucking her face as tears drifted down from beneath her visor. She was wrapped tight around him, tight as a vise. Lissandra had never felt so helpless… more like a quivering, weak, sweating, feeble thing, a defenseless victim as the totality of her mind and existence seemed focused on the stretch and conquered hole he was forcing his cock into. His meat, in the very act of fucking her body seemed to both defile and define it… making her nothing more than a hot, clutching receptacle for his cock. She felt that her identity, her very existence, had been to become nothing more than warm meat to wrap around a dick. He was in her mind, she realized… the summoner managing to slip into her mind using their unique magic in this place, and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

“This…” Cyn whispered in her mind. “This is you, Lissandra.” She felt the smile even if she couldn’t see it. “Your entire life, everything you ever dreamed of… everything you ever fought for, ever wanted. Every battle you ever fought, every war, every struggle… it was all for this. Every sacrifice you made, ever price you paid, it was all to bring you here, to me. To make you nothing more and nothing less than a helpless, clenching hole for my cock. This, right here, is the point of your long life…”

Lissandra groaned, the weak denial the best she could manage, and she felt his cock grow even harder inside her… its rapid pulse stretching her violated asshole that much further as he began to fuck her. Cyn drove relentlessly into her, pulling her hips back, putting all his weight into her body. Lissandra was squashed flat under him, splayed and opened, his force was so relentless that between the man sitting on her stomach and fucking her breasts, the man gagging her with his dick, and the cock skewering her ass, she couldn’t breathe at all anymore. Her defiled anal ring was pulled with his cock, drawn after it as it withdrew back to the head, and then he was sinking back in basking in the renewal of his possession of her again, fucking her relentlessly, conquering her fully.

Lissandra was beyond shock, beyond awareness. She was conscious, barely, but her mind felt frozen, shattered to pieces. She felt everything but she didn’t understand it, didn’t process it. The companion of Cyn whispering obscenities into her mind had driven her consciousness nearly to oblivion. Lissandra was left trapped in a swamp of degradation and sexual destruction, unable to flee it, unable to do the slightest thing to make her suffering less… and finding herself wishing she had simply submitted in the first place. It didn’t matter if that was her own thought, or one that Cyn had put in her head. It was there regardless, and it built her in her mind, over and over and over.

And as her will broke, her body moved between three men fucking her, she felt the true ice of her visor begin to crack. The summoner fucking her face was holding it, using it as a handle to ram in and out of her, pulling her back it… unnoticing or uncaring fractures began to spiderweb through it, cracking, splintering… Lissandra knew that should concern her, it should horrify her, but with her ass burning, completely filled with cock… with Cyn in her mind, whispering to her, telling her how worthless she was… with her whole body covered in cum… she couldn’t remember why. The summoned yanked on it, burying his cock all the way down her throat, and the visor shattered.

Everything stopped. Lissandra couldn’t see anymore… her eyes were gone, long ago… only the enchantments she had woven on the true ice allowed her to see. She was blind now, even more perfectly helpless… and a small part of her could only think that that was how it should be.

“Holy shit,” one of the summoners said.

“She’s fucking hot!” another said. “I thought she had her eyes ripped or something?”

“She did,” Cyn said, satisfaction in his face. “It healed.”

“Those eyes…” another asked. “It looks like…”

“Ice,” Rogim said with a smile. “Ice blue.”

“She’s at least as hot as the other two queens,” Revis said with pleasant surprise.

She could feel Cyn’s satisfaction in her mind. “She ought to be,” he agreed with a smile. Then he began fucking her again, sawing in and out of her asshole. Slowly, the rest continued to fuck her too, and now Lissandra couldn’t see anything anymore… it made everything even more intense. Made her more lost in the pain and sensation, everything blending together until she almost couldn’t tell if it hurt or not. Cyn allowed himself the luxury of ramming into her helpless, sweat soaked body with ever more brutal force, until finally in a handful of spastic lunges he emptied his load up inside her bowels. This was another violation of her, though by that time Lissandra was long past appreciating it.

“She’s a filthy fucking mess,” she vaguely heard Sephis complain.

“No problem,” Cyn said happily. “I know just what to do about that…

Lissandra came back awake as she was abruptly dropped into water, sputtering and gasping. She had been teleported somewhere into the river. She had no way of knowing that it was the dragon’s lair… she was too busy trying to get her head back above water with her hands bound behind her. As she forced herself back up, one of the summoners grabbed her hair, and she heard a brief laugh before he pushed her back down. Her struggles were weak, but she tried anyway, instinctively struggling for the surface.

By the time the summoner let her up, she was gasping for her breath. “See?” Cyn said. “Clean again.” He stroked the side of Lissandra’s face as he held her hair, and the Ice Witch realized abruptly that the gag holding her mouth open was gone. “I’m going to teach you a valuable lesson, Lissandra… the most valuable lesson anyone had ever taught you. Once you’ve learned it, really learned it, I won’t have to hurt you anymore… won’t that be nice?”

Lissandra ignored him, still trying to catch her breath. The air in the dragon’s pit was stale and musty, unpleasant to breathe in, but she needed the air. She could hear summoners milling all about her, feel their body heat and smell their hard cocks… And to her, everything was dark. Completely pitch black. Her eyes hadn’t worked in nearly a thousand years, and without the now-shattered magic of her visor, they were useless to her – her surroundings were a complete mystery to her, covered in a blanket of blackness that would never retreat. She could hear and feel and smell the summoners around her, she knew they were there, but she could no longer see them, no longer anticipate them, couldn’t brace herself for what they were going to do to her next…

“A very valuable lesson,” Cyn repeated after she had caught her breath. “A gift. From the finest summoner you have ever worked with to you.” The summoner chuckled. “Not mere ranking in the league… some champions rise and some fall. A life lesson. I’m going to make sure you know what you really are.” He chuckled as he pulled her hair. “You’d never sucked a cock before, had you?”

Lissandra didn’t answer, but she could still feel him in her head. He knew the answer as surely as he knew her hair color. “Please…” she whispered. She felt pathetic. She begged anyway. “Please, no more.”

Cyn’s amusement was clear to her. “I warned you… you only get to bite once.”

“I won’t…” she whimpered. “I won’t I won’t I won’t I…”

“No,” Cyn agreed. “You won’t. By the time I’m done with you, cock sucker, you won’t bite ever again.”

Then his hand tightened on on the back of her head and pushed her down. Cold water rushed into her mouth, across her face as she gasped, and he held her underwater. The blonde champion thrashed, trying to lift her head back to the surface, but Cyn was too strong, forcing her to stay down, to keep her head beneath the surface. Her lungs screamed out for as they emptied, begging her for relief, but she was utterly helpless to do anything as her consciousness began to flee, as she ran out of the last few seconds of life they were allowing her.

Is this what he meant that she would never bite again? That she was going to die for their amusement? Lissandra struggled, but even as she slowly drowned in complete darkness, she could still feel it as one of the summoners shoved a cock into her pussy again, and the senseless indignity of it almost brought her to tears, almost made her scream in frustration and rage… but she didn’t have to breath to do it. It wasn’t enough for these summoners to kill her… they had do everything they could to stretch it out, to make her last moments miserable, to make her suffer for the crime of not obeying them. It seemed to her like she was drowning for a millenium as her consciousness faltered, her unseeing eyes of ice closing for one final time…

And then hands were lifting her head up, and she was gasping, water running down her face. “This is your lesson,” Cyn told her. “You obey us… you obey me… and you get to breathe. That simply enough for your little whore brain to follow?” Lissandra was only barely listening, all of her attention fixed on catching her breath as rapidly as possible, and she jumped in the hands of the men as Cyn’s unseen hand slapped her hard across the face. “Do you understand, little Frost Queen?” repeated Cyn in the same amused tone of voice.

Lissandra nodded, panting too hard to speak. One of the summoners was still behind her, still raping her… his cock splitting her open despite everything, despite how she had struggled to breathe, despite how she had nearly been drowned. She could no more evade his attentions that she could breathe the water, however… the summoners could do what they wanted to her, and she could do nothing but but suffer it.

“That’s a good girl Lissandra,” agreed Cyn. “Obeying is good. Breathing is good. You obey, you get to breathe. Simple, right?” She could feel his amusement, could hear it in his voice, and she was torn between hating him for it and trying to throw herself at his feet and beg for mercy. “Let’s see if you can obey.”

Lissandra tensed, expecting one of them to try to fuck her face again, but instead, Cyn grabbed her and shoved her back beneath the water. The blonde mage still hadn’t caught her breath yet and her lungs screamed as they were suddenly denied the oxygen they were still so desperate for. “Suck,” she heard her tormentor say from above her. “You suck, you get to breathe. Or did you forget already?”

The blonde woman understood the instruction, and she quickly opened her mouth to start gulping down the water. Cold as the water is, it felt far colder inside her, colder even that the core of frost within as it leeched the last heat out of her body. It also tasted awful, stagnant and musky, filled with the scent of the dragon’s layer and grime, but drinking it was a better option than drowning… and somehow, despite the massive pool of water she was in, she could feel the water level sink lower around her face with each swallow. The summoner’s controlled the environment here utterly… She couldn’t see the manipulation of the environment by the summoners, couldn’t see how the water was being held back to form a separate pool for her face to be shoved down in — all she could do was drink and drink and drink. She felt the summoner raping her cum, spilling more seed into her already violated body, and she he was replaced by another almost instantly. There was going to be no downtime in her use, and just because Cyn was playing games with her didn’t mean that the others weren’t going to enjoy using her body.

Her lungs were starting to burn, and her stomach felt like it was going to burst, but Lissandra realized that she could breathe. She had drank enough of the water that it was below her nose and she could heave in desperate breaths of air. It had required a frenzied burst of painful drinking, and it left her insides feeling cramp and frozen solid, but she was able to breathe, and at the moment that felt like the biggest luxury in the entire world.

“Good girl,” praised Cyn. “You’re learning. You’re learning how to breathe. This is what it’s like for you, now…”

Her stomach felt swollen… almost like she was pregnant. Lissandra was held there, fucked from behind, her breasts splashing down into the water with each thrust. She’d sucked down an obscene amount of water, enough to make her feel bloating and disgusting, while she would do it again in a second to get to breathe her stomach rebelled anyway, twisting and writhing in protest at being forced to handle so much, so fast.

“Now that you get the rules… let’s put them to the test.” And he shoved Lissandra back down under the water again, her head forced back beneath the surface. This time, she didn’t hesitate – the Ice Witch started swallowing water again immediately, trying to drink her way to freedom, even as it made her insides churn and feel like they were going to burst as her already over-filled stomach was forced to expand and make room. After several seconds, however, she began to realize that she this time, things were different. To a growing whisper of panic, she realized that this time, the water level wasn’t moving… or rather, it was, but much much more slowly. There was far more than she would have to swallow this time. After she had been drinking for longer than it took her to do the entire first time, the water level still wasn’t even close to her nose yet, and her entire body felt like it was rebelling against her. The cold had never bothered her, but now she was shivering, her stomach quaking, her limbs trembling with restrained effort even while she kept being fucked. It took every ounce of willpower she had build up over centuries of living to force herself to swallow, again, and again, and again, pouring the hated, freezing water down her throat until she felt like an overstuffed sack more than a human being. Her head pounded in her ears, her longs screamed and burned even as her blood seemed to freeze, and Lissandra admitted to herself in that moment if she had the choice she would far, far rather be an obedient little cocksucker than be here, be drowning, be swallowing.

But it wasn’t a choice she was offered. She swallowed and swallowed and swallowed and… Lissandra didn’t even realize that she’d passed out. She only became aware of it when she started coughing, when her lungs expelled the water they had breathed in. That was the first thing she noticed… she was above the water. She could breathe again. She coughed and breathed and coughed and breathed and felt someone cum inside her, more cum pouring into her womb while she heaved in air.

“I knew you were a stupid bitch, Lissandra…” Cyn said. “I knew that before I started. I didn’t expect you to manage on your first try. It’s alright… you’ll get another chance… as many as you need.” He laughed without a care in the world. “Again.”

Panic filled Lissandra’s mind like a spike of true ice right through the brain, and an instant later she was shoved down and drowning again. Her despair became an almost physical thing, a weight of solid ice on her back crushing her down. The water was back… all of the water was back. Everything she had worked on, everything she had suffered to accomplish… all gone. Another of the summoners was forcing himself into her asshole, and it only qualified as the second worst thing happening to her. He was huge, his cock splitting her gut, but it felt almost like a pleasant pain compared to the one in her stomach. Her throat tried to close, her body heaved… but Lissandra got to work. She drank as quickly as she could, ignoring her body’s reluctance, beating it back with sheer desperation and will. She had to. The alternative, drowning over and over and over, was too terrifying to even contemplate.

She did it. She was shaking with fatigue and sweating with nausea, her belly so swollen that it felt enormous to the restrained girl, but she had done it. Every gasp of stale, musty air she stole tasted better to Lissandra than the sweetest Freljordan ice-wine.

They didn’t give her any warning. One moment, the blind woman was waiting there, heaving heavy breaths. The next moment, Cyn drove him foot right into her guts. The blonde champion retched violently and Cyn kicked again, directly into her in her bloated, overstuffed stomach. Lissandra wretched, and gagged, and coughed, and then all the water came spewing out of her as she spat it up… so much of it that it was like she was hollowing out, like they were making her push out her organs and guts and soul with it. Cyn kicked her a third time, just to make sure… or perhaps just for the sadistic glee of it… but Lissandra only moaned. Nothing else came out.

Lissandra felt like he had beaten every inch her with a club, like she had been dragged around the rift and bounced against every single tree and rock on the way. “I’ll do it…” she rasped weakly. “Please, I won’t bite, I promise. Let me… let me show you…” The shame of giving in, of showing weakness, the sheer pathethic feeling of submission to them paled against the horror of the drowning, again and again and again. How many men had raped her already? How many when she was hanging from the tree? How many afterward? Was this the fifth load of cum pumped into her since they started drowning her, or had she missed some of them while she was drowning or passed out? As she felt another spray of cum into her guts, and a new rapist taking his turn, she realized she didn’t know.

“That’s not how this works,” Cyn mocked her… from behind, this time. Was he the one inside her? “Maybe you will, maybe you won’t… you don’t get that choice anymore.” Someone slapped her ass. “Again,” he commanded.

When her head plunged under the surface again, her despair… and self hatred… was almost overwhelming. She was still trying to breathe when he pushed her down, and she gagged on the first mouthful… breathing some of it in, the water filling her lungs. Lissandra choked, her body convulsing so hard that that she felt like she was breaking something, tearing her out muscles as she thrashed against phantasmal chains and summoner’s hands, adding additional agony to her panic over and over again until she finally, mercifully, passed out. She woke and swallowed and drowned, and woke and swallowed and drowned and was raped, and she woke and swallowed and drowned in a never ending cycle.

Dazed, head pounding and whirling, made completely blind by her destroyed visor, Lissandra couldn’t tell where she was anymore… if she was above or below the water. If she was awake of passed out. If she was even still alive. She swallowed and swallowed and swallowed, unsure if it was air or water, unsure of what her name even was. She sucked and breathed and swallowed and choked and passed out, over and over again. “Again,” she heard Cyn command through the fog covering her brain. She was breathing. That’s what that meant… but not for much longer. Swallow. Choke. Gag. A deeper darkness. “Again.” A small part of her felt grateful to Cyn to helping her keep track of the fact she was alive, if she was being drowned or if she was breathing.




The cold water seemed to burn her going down, like she was drinking liquid ice that was stealing every bit of remaining warmth from inside her body. Her stomach twisted up in knots, her entire body rebelled and fought back, the darkness seemed to grow darker and darker with each passing moment, and her holes ached as they were raped over and over and over. She swallowed anyway. “Again.” She had passed out again. Progress reset. Drowning. Back down. Drowning. “Again.” Swallow, retch, ache, suffer, and then vomit it back out. Lissandra moaned in fear, shaking her head wildly from side to side in useless denial of what would happen next. A foot against her stomach. Pain, retching, a flood of water, more kicks. Another cock in her ass, hands squeezing her breasts. Worthless fucktoy.

“Please…” she begged afterward, a broken woman. “Please, I’ll never bite! Never!”

The summoners around her laughed. “What do you guys think?” Revis asked.

“Again,” came the chorus of voices, and they laughed again even as Lissandra wept.

Only half conscious at the best of times, she began to drown once again. She had never felt more worthless in her life… and more than once, she found herself actively hoping they would just let her drown. She woke up gasping for breath again and again and again, and made to drown over and over and over again. It was getting hard to even remember that there had ever been a time when it wasn’t like this… it felt like it had been a million years since she was last allowed to breathe all she wanted. She felt too pathetic to deserve anything better than this. Too used up. Too worthless. Had she ever really won a war against chaos herself? Had she ever really been a free woman, fighting for her own destiny?

Her holes had become sloppy with their rapes, at least as well as her face and throat. She could feel the evidence of their pleasure, the way they laughed and joked and enjoyed her body. This was what she was meant for… the only thing she was meant more. “Again,” Cyn said. Down she went. Drowning. She sobbed in misery. Kicks. Expel. “Again.” She felt worthless and alone, less like a person than an object as they used her. She deserved this… she couldn’t remember much, but she did remember the guilt… the memories that wouldn’t leave her alone. What she had done. The price she had paid. The crime of betrayal. She was disgusting… she was filthy… she was worthless. This is what she deserved. Why shouldn’t they treat her like this?


Lissandra felt sure she was going mad.


She hoped she was right.

“Again.” Her skin and hair were drenched with sweat and river water both. She felt agony… agony inside, agony outside. Had they started whipping her again? Yes, three drownings ago. Was she being raped in her cunt or her ass right now? It was hard to tell… they both hurt so badly, even when nothing was in them anymore. She couldn’t even cry anymore. This was her life, the rest of her life. Lissandra couldn’t be sure there had ever been another life. Hadn’t she always been here, fighting for air, choking? Puking? Suffering for their amusement? What else was she? She drowned. She breathed. She drowned again.

She could breathe again. That meant it was time to be kicked… but the kick never came. Instead, she felt the cock, hard and slimy and blessedly hot sliding across her heatless face. “This is why we’ve kept you alive,” Cyn said as he dragged his cock over her face. “This is what you’re purpose in life in. Do you know what to do with it? Or do we need to start over?”

Lissandra, her mind screaming a silent scream that the rest of her didn’t even understand, let out a squeal of delight as she opened her mouth and swallowed up his cock, sucking on it hard. She had no idea what she was doing, but she made up for her inexperience and ignorance with enthusiasm, practically hugging that dick with her tongue as she swirling it around him. She didn’t bite. Lissandra couldn’t even think of biting anymore. She wasn’t drowning. She couldn’t breathe well with a cock filling her mouth, but compared to being underwater it was practically the most pleasant experience in the world. In that moment, the broken mage genuinely loved Cyn for his mercy… for letting her breathe. For giving her a purpose in life apart from pain and misery. Even when he pushed down her throat, even when he pinched her nostril shut and began choking her again, she didn’t mind… it just meant she needed to work harder. She just needed to suck harder, harder, harder…”

She sucked his cock with all the enthusiasm she could muster, tasting her own cunt on him, until the summoner’s juices spurted down her throat, adding to the fullness inside of her. Only then was she allowed a breathe. Just one, clean and blessed and desperately needed, before one of the other summoners grabbed her air and made her suck him next. She lived to suck cock. She lived to serve. She swallowed load after load after load of cum without further encouragement, and each desperate, sloppy, adoring throatfuck she assisted with let her breathe again. Why, oh why, had she ever, ever, ever thought of doing anything else?

“This is what you are,” Cyn continued whispering in her mind as she was fucked from both directions. “Everything you are, everything you have done… to be a fucktoy for us.” In this moment, Lissandra agreed.

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