Menagerie Trapper – One

“I’m telling you, I don’t like them,” Matt said, crossing his arms over his chest. He sat in the back seat of the Range Rover, wedged in the back seat with his sister and what supplies they were bringing that didn’t fit in the trunk. He barely fit.

“What, your aunt and uncle?” Sarah asked, checking the map on her phone. “Turn coming up, hon… Maggie and her husband have been great to you your whole life.”

“Not them,” Matt grumbled. “I like them just fine, and Lily too. It’s Lila I can’t stand.”

Across the seat, Becca laughed. “You’re just jealous because she has a bigger cock than you do,” she teased. “…and because you’ve seen her fuck a mermaid into submission in about thirty seconds.”

“That’s not it at all,” Matt protested. “I just don’t like her attitude.”

“Is that what we’re calling what hangs between your legs now?” she asked with a smirk. “Attitude?”

Thomas sighed. It was just as well that there was so much between the two of them in the back seat… otherwise, he probably would already be listening to her gagging on his son. Really, the way that girl liked provoking him… “Enough,” Thomas said, taking the turn that his wife had indicated, leaving the main road and turning into a road of gravel, heading up the ridge. His sister-in-law’s lodge was up at the top of the valley, so they needed to work their way up a couple of switchbacks as they went up the hill. “Matt, this is family business. Make peace. Rebecca, stop being a brat for thirty seconds, please.”

“I’d never do anything to hurt the family, dad, you know that,” Matt said with a huff. “I’ll work with her. It doesn’t mean I have to be happy about it.”

“That’s all I ask,” Thomas said, turning them around the next switchback.

As they crested the hill, the lodge came into view, and Thomas had to whistle in approval. The house had begun as something of a cross between a farm and a hunting lodge, but now it was crawling with people. A dozen people who looked like farmhands were around, helping put up new fencing and new buildings. Elsewhere, a couple of dirty, dusty trucks were parked with people who definitely looked like contractors moved. And in the middle of it, standing calm like the center of a hurricane, was Steven.

Thomas pulled up and rolled to a stop, stepping out and grabbing onto Steven’s hand. “Good to see you,” he said pleasantly, shaking his brother-in-law’s hand. “You look like you’ve been keeping busy around here.” He looked around, scanning the preparation. ‘Kennels?” he asked.

“Something like that,” Steven said, rubbing the back of his head with one hand. “We didn’t want to go too far, not without consulting with the professionals first, but I wanted to get some of the setup started.”

Thomas nodded as he looked at where his family was managing to fold themselves out of the crammed car. “I can understand that. I think I might have a recommendation or two. You have a lot more people here than I’m used to working with, but I guess that’s the benefit of fishing… I don’t need as many.”

Sarah walked up and gave Steven a hug. “Where’s Maggie?” she asked. “And where am I supposed to set up?”

“The same answer to both,” Steven said with a smile. “We made room in the basement for your lab… Maggie’s been clearing it out, helping move Lily’s science stuff from her room to down there; if she hasn’t stopped to make lunch yet she should still be down there. It’s the second left from…”

“I remember,” Sarah said with a grin, half walking and half skipping off to see her sister.

“I was meaning to ask you,” Steven said, turning back to Thomas. “Do we need to… I don’t know, block off the valley or anything? Fence it up or something like that?”

Thomas shook his head. “Not necessary. I’ve been finishing mermaid waters for… almost six years now,” he said, almost surprised it had been that long. “The fish don’t leave their habitat; they might try and hide or avoid some spots for a bit, but they’ve never actually left. If these beasties are anything like the fish, they should behave much the same. Unless you burn down the valley or turn it into a parking lot of anything, you don’t need to worry about them running. They’ll be here waiting for us. Although… once word gets out, we’re probably going to have activists here too before too long. I’m not so worried about a fence to keep the prey in, but something like this to keep people out might be useful.”

Steven smiled. “Already took care of that,” he admitted, pleased with himself. “I’ve had signs posts for no trespassing up for… months, actually. Then, in the last two weeks, we purchased the entire rest of the valley and got it declared a game preserve. Access and hunting by license only… and we administrate it. No one can step foot in there legally without our say so, and I’ll have some of the boys set up a fence to make sure of it. Just needed to know if it needed to keep things in too is all.”

Thomas couldn’t help but chuckle. “Good thinking,” he agreed. “Yeah, that should about take care of it. Let’s take a seat while the kids get the car unpacked and we can discuss the rest of your preparations. Matt, can you…” He looked over, and found Matt leaning against the car, glaring off into the distance. Following his gaze, he found a young girl with the same solid grey hair as her father directing a few of the contractors as they set up a pen. Another girl, looking almost… not, not almost… the same sat nearby, watching as she paged through a book of some kind.

Thomas sighed. “We might as well get this out of the way,” he muttered. “Why don’t you have the twins help unpack the car?”

Steven looked over at Matt, then to his daughters, and sighed. “Yeah… probably no sense waiting around.” He raised his voice. “Lily! Lila! Need you over here!”

Lily slowly closed the book she was reading, setting it on the ground before walking over to her sister. Then the two of them began walking over together, with Lily a half step behind her twin. The two girls cross the field, giving Thomas plenty of time to appreciate the view. With all the craziness, it had been a little over two years since he had last gotten to see them, but they were just like he remembered… they had taken the best of Maggie’s features and combined them with the angled, almost harsh look of their father.

The girls were identical, but that wasn’t to say than anyone would have any difficulty telling them apart. While their features might be the same, Lilith… or Lily… dressed in a short skirt and a top that left her belly exposed. Her makeup softened her features considerably, made her eyes less angular, rounded her cheeks a little. She was also brilliant – His wife and his daughter both had been communicating with her for years, running ideas and experiments past her, sending her samples to work with. Thomas was no idiot, but half of the things that girl said went right over his head. She also wore glasses, which her sister did not. She had claimed to Thomas before that it came from spending all of her time staring at books and computer screens, but he had never seen her have any trouble seeing anything without them on… he was pretty sure the real reason was that her sister found them hot.

Lilian, on the other hand… well, she was far more like Matt. While her clothing was tight, it was also practical… boots and pants and while she wore a tight shirt that her breasts strained against, she had a jacket on over it. She’d been working the farm here since she had been old enough to walk, more or less… always preferring to work with animals significantly larger and stronger than she was. She’d learned to tame horses when she was twelve, and herd rams three times her size and aggressive by fourteen. She didn’t soften her look at all, so while she was just as beautiful as her sister was, hers was the beauty of a predator on the prowl, all sleek lines and dangerous grace. She was also, he noticed, wearing a strap-on the size of a forearm on her belt like a pistol in a holster, and she seemed to treat it with the same kind of respect. Thomas had been around the two of them to know they had a relationship with each other not horribly unlike that of Matt and Rebecca, just… more so.

Together, as they crossed the field all in dark clothing and with their father’s grey hair hanging to their mid backs, they looked like nothing so much as a pair of wolves stalking forward.

“Hi Uncle Thomas,” Lila said as she stopped beside the car, Lily stopping behind her and leaning close to her ear for a second before shrinking back. “Hey Becca. My sister says she’s glad to see you.” Behind her, Lily nodded and smiled softly, which Rebecca responded to with a beaming smile. Then Lila turned her gaze to Matt and her expression fell flat. “Heya pencil-dick.”

“Cunt,” Matt said, nodding to her.

Thomas rolled his eyes. “Get the stuff out of the car, please… personal effects to the guest rooms, everything else to the basement.” He looked over at Steven. “Let’s go talk,” he said, gesturing towards the house. “What do you have to drink around here?”

Lila was not happy to see Matt—the dude was an asshole in her opinion—but the prospect of hunting her own breed of girls like the mermaids had her excited enough that she would have tolerated working with anyone if it gave her an opportunity to do it. She had gone to the Caribbean and caught some mermaids of her own with her Uncle, but while being able to do whatever she liked with them was fun and all… it lacked an element of challenge. For the most part, they came to you, and you trapped them in a net. No fight. No struggle. No dirt and grime and grit. If all she wanted was a girl she could hurt and fuck and do whatever she wanted with… well, what were sisters for? But if she wanted a fight…

Well, she hadn’t ever got it from a mermaid.

The prospect of the new species to hunt changed all of that. She had been hunting since she was old enough to learn to handle a gun safely, but even that had never really satisfied her. Perhaps she had watched “The Most Dangerous Game” too many times as a child… or maybe just “The Hunger Games…” but most animals weren’t smart enough to make a fair contest. She wasn’t a psychopath, so hunting humans was out of the question, but nothing else seemed like good enough prey to satisfy her.

Now, however… now she was beginning to think that she had finally found something that would.

“Alright,” Matt said with a grimace. “Let’s get on with it.” He pulled open the truck and tossed the first trio of bags to his sister. He grabbed a few himself, setting them on the ground and reaching down to grab one of the big suitcases. “Here, help me with this.”

“Why me,” Lila asked, glaring at him.

“Because it weights a ton and I can’t lift it myself,” Matt growled, holding on to the side. “If you want to make your sister or Becca try to carry it…”

“Baby,” she mocked coming over to grab it and start lifting and… and… Jesus fucking Christ what were they lugging in this thing, bricks? She had been intending to put him to shame, but after even a second of lifting she realized she would look preposterous to try. Thankfully, Matt didn’t seem to recognize what she’d been aiming for and lifted his side without comment, grunting as he heaved it up and out of the back. “What is this thing?” she asked.

“Becca here is special needs and can’t go anywhere without her daughter,” Matt grunted.

“Just because I’m not callous enough to leave mine with Dierdre to babysit the way you do,” Becca argued as she hauled out another set of bags, “doesn’t mean I need to have her with me… I just wanted her here. Who knows when the next time will be I find a vibrator thats as much fun as she is?”

“Set it down, we’ll let the water out,” Matt grimaced. “And it’s not like she’s the only thing worth fucking, Becca. She’s wonderful and all, but it’s not like you couldn’t just strap Lily down between your legs if you want a tongue in you. She’s got just as good a mouth.”

“Hey!” Lila growled as they set the heavy case down. Now that she had it out, it was obvious most of the case was galvanized rubber to keep the water in… it wasn’t one of the mermaid storages cases that she had ever seen on the market, but given who owned it that wasn’t surprising. “Don’t speak for my sister like that!” She then turned to Becca and winked. “He’s right, Becca. Just remember to smother her good… she’s a screamer.”

Off to the side, carrying the single bag that Becca had handed her, Lily blushed and looked at the ground.

Matt grumbled darkly to himself as he found the nozzle on the side of the container and twisted it, letting water abruptly flow out of the thing from a dozen tiny ports. “I like fucking mermaids, but damn they can be a pain to move around,” he said, picking up his side of the container again. Then he reached in and grabbed the last suitcase… heavy as well, but at least it had wheels. “So if there’s nothing else going for pets like these…” he tapped the suitcase, feeling Eve within it squirming, “…it’s that at least they’ll be easier to take with you.”

About half of the luggage in hand, they made their way up to the house. Lily and Becca, already chatting like best friends, took their bags down to the lab they were building in the basement, and where everyone expected that one of their mothers would already be between the legs of the other. Lila and Matt, on the other hand, followed the twins direction to the back of the house.

Matt groaned when he realized where they were going. “You mean you still have it? Really?”

“Of course I do, whiskey delta,” she laughed, helping lift the mermaid-containing case up a little higher. “If I’m going to play with one of your docile wimps, I need to at least make it challenging.” They emerged out onto a deck a decently sized pool, looking much like a common pool a family might have in their house. Lila had never seen a pool for swimming that someone had turned into a habitate for mermaids, however – she even had a fake forest of kelp in this one.

“I still think you’re fucking nuts,” Matt said as they set down the case, unfastening the watertight lid one clasp at a time. “Dangerous to try to fuck one in there. The ones we sell prefer flight over fight, but it’s still deep enough for one of them to drown you in during the struggle even without trying.”

“That’s the point,” Lila agreed as they opened the lid together, revealing the beautiful mermaid cowering within. “Oh my, she is lovely. Anyway, if there’s no danger, no challenge, it’s not fun! You guys don’t know how to have any fun…”

“We’re not in it for the fun,” he said firmly, and in that moment she could have sworn he sounded exactly like Uncle Thomas. “It’s business. We do it quick and fast and safe.”

“Well, this is recreation,” she said. “OSHA isn’t exactly going to be checking up on how I have my fun, is it?” Together, they tilted the case up, letting Ceres slip beneath the water and immediately swim into the darkest, furthest corner of the pool. “I’ll have to take her for a test drive later, once Becca is around.”

“I doubt she’ll give you the kind of fight you’re after,” Matt teased. “Becca has her pretty broken in.”

Lila shrugged. “Maybe I can inspire her. Give me at least a bit of danger.”

Matt’s paused for a second, then continued. “For all the shit I give you about this deathtrap of a pool of yours, I want you to remember something.” He pointed at it. “You know just how dangerous they can be in their element… you’re counting on it. Well, whatever we’re going to find out there, they’re all going to be like that, all the time. That is their element. And easy money says they won’t be as weak as a mouse. Don’t let your guard down.”

His words were a bit sobering, but she leered anyway. “Careful cuz, you almost sound concerned.”

“Yeah, well,” he scowled, standing back up. “Don’t let it go to your head.”

Lila looked at the suitcase, where the girl inside… Eve… was beginning to squirm again, pushing against the fabric… obviously aware that something was going on. “I’ll worry about Ceres and the other beasties out there later,” she said, a grin slowly growing on her face. “Right now… I’ve been waiting on a turn with that thing since we found her.”

Becca didn’t taste the same as Lila did. Her flesh was a bit saltier, and once once Lilith’s tongue had begun to coax her juices to flow they were noticeably thicker and sweeter than her twin’s. That wasn’t unexpected. In her experience, every man or woman who wanted to use her mouth tasted different… and she loved them all.

The two of them were in the den, with Becca lounging on one of the comfortable chairs. She had her knees up and legs spread, while Lily lay flat on her stomach on the coffee table with her head between her legs. She was bound, of course. Lily would never dream of resisting, but the mere thought of being helpless made her pussy melt… and with Rebecca’s hand on her head and shoving it into her cunt, it wasn’t like she could have anyway.

“So, that’s the general plan,” Thomas was saying as he and Steven looked over an aerial map of the valley, stretched out over the main table. “Move in and set up a base camp. Doesn’t have to be big… we can move most of what we catch back here right away, but we don’t want to be heading all the way up the ridge every time we find anything, so we’ll set up a pen there. Then we set up some blinds, set up bait, and wait for something. Then once we find it, tranq it or run it down.” He looked at Steven. “You’re sure the dogs will work? They aren’t any good to us if they’re badly injured.”

“Oh, I’m sure,” Steven said with a smirk. “They’ve been well trained… we didn’t know this was ever going to come up, but Lily there was quite adamant in teaching them to be… shall we say, excellent guard dogs.”

So she had, Lily had to admit. They could run her down, knock her over, and knot her before she could get twenty feet most days. Just the memory of the last time made her want to cum…

Lily pulled her head back and shimmied forward on her stomach so she could reposition her face to get deeper into Becca’s pussy, not for the first or last time wishing she had a longer tongue. Her arms bound behind her back, her legs bend back and tied ankle to thigh with cuffs that she carried in her own pockets, she couldn’t do anything but squirm from this current position. Squirm and lick.

Becca pushed her legs against Lily’s head, and she quickly pushed her tongue deeper into the woman’s folds. Her insides were hot and sticky, and she heard the woman moan softly as her tongue found a sensitive spot.

Lily froze when she felt something press against her own pussy, hard and thick eager. She couldn’t even be sure which man in the room had decided he wanted to fuck her, not without taking her tongue out of her current mistress’s cunt, and that would be wrong. Lily whimpered quietly… eagerly… and got back to it as the man behind her starting pushing his dick into her.

“Look at how wet you are, littly subby,” accused Becca playfully. “If you told me you enjoyed this so much, I wouldn’t have let you replace my daughter for the night so eagerly.” Lily was pretty sure that wasn’t true… but the dismissal evident in it got her even wetter. “You’re here to make me happy, not you. Cum without permission and I’ll have to punish you…”

That sounded great to Lily. Maybe she would spank her… or toss her to the dogs. Or maybe hang her up from the ceiling with vibrators in all three of her holes all night. Or maybe she would…

“Your punishment… I’d just have to stop fucking you and get off with someone else…”

Lily gasped, and threw herself into licking to focus on that anymore… thinking about anything but what it felt like as her pussy was split open, the soft slick sounds her twat made on the cock invading her. Couldn’t cum… couldn’t let that happen.

“We’ll start from where you found Eve,” Thomas said. “That seems like the logical place to begin… we know the general area is right. Set up the base camp there…”

“Mmmmm,” Lily moaned into Becca’s cunt, then pulled herself up slightly so that she could speak. “No… further away…”

Thomas stopped. “Something to add, Lilith?”

“Mmm Oooooo,” she groaned as she felt her pussy just spread and spread and spreeeead around the cock shifting inside of it, and tried to focus on what she was saying. “Don’t… don’t want to… disrupt… the ecosystem…” she groaned. “Something was… hunting her… there… game trail…”

“She’s probably right,” Becca added. “It’s like one of the lagoons, Dad… you know the mermaids move between them at high tide. It would be like building a dam on a known hunting route.” When Lily nodded in agreement against her pussy, Becca smirked down at her and pushed her back into place. “Don’t get full of yourself smarty parts… let me get full of you instead.”

“So further out,” Thomas agreed. “Makes sense… away from the game trail. We’ll make that the primary hunting ground. We need to take enough samples to prove a point, but we don’t want to take too many until we’ve observed how fast they breed, what the predators are like, how many there are… all of that. Don’t want to wreck our new found ecosystem, no?”

“Agreed,” Steven said with a clink of a glass.

Becca’s juices were flowing freely now, and the red haired woman seized Lily’s head with both hands, grinding the woman’s face against her wet slit. Lilith gulped down the thick cream as quickly as she could while running her tongue over throbbing flesh and Becca purred in pleasure, seeming to her to derive as much enjoyment in Lily’s discomfort as she did from the physical stimulation… or at least she certainly hoped so. Lilith was used to being a receptacle for sadists, of course, so she made no attempt at stoicism. Instead, she freely whimpered and cried out in response to being fucked and having Becca occasionally yank on her hair or reach down smack her tits or pinch her nipples, hoping her reactions would give her cousin pleasure.

Out of the corner of her eyes, she saw Lila walk into the room with the bound mouse-girl over her shoulder like a sack of grain. “What did I miss?” she asked. Lily noticed with an eager shudder that she was wearing her strap on. Lila was proud of having made it herself… and she had slaved to actually put it together and make it work right for months… but the way to build it so its base would inflate and swell, that had been all Lily design. One of the greatest ideas she had ever had… Lily had passed dozens of pleasant nights with that thing knotted inside of her.

Lila pushed the mouse—Eve, she thought her name was—down onto the couch and watched her squirm beneath her grip. “She’s just adorable,” her twin said, a hungry growl on her face. “I’ve been wanting to make this little thing scream since I second I saw her in that trap.”

“Muzzle her first, dear,” Steven said idly. “We’re working.”

“Fine by me,” Lila said with a smirk. “It’s now how loud she screams that matters… it’s how much.” She started winding something over her mouth, but Lily had trouble paying much more attention than that… not with her cousin grinding Lily’s nose in her clit as she pulled her harder and harder into her, her pussy forming a muzzle for her as well as she continuously wanted to scream into Becca’s cunt.

Becca moaned. “That’s it… juuuust like that Lily.” Behind her, the man fucking her began to ram in and out of her far harder, driving her face forward into her cousin harder with each stroke, fucking her as hard and fast as any cock she’d ever taken. He began repeatedly spanking her hard, alternating cheeks with each strike. “Make me cum… let me hear you moan as… as… you make me…” She let out a long, loud groan, body rigid and quivering as the orgasm hit her. Her thighs locked painfully tight around Lily’s head, ensuring the woman had no choice but to keep licking and licking, pussy juice running down her chin, as Rebecca road out her orgasm on her face.

The scream from the mouse was audible even through the gag, even through the thighs covering Lily’s ears. Without needing to see she could tell that her twin had rammed all the way in in a single thrust… it was how it should go. The only question was which hole. She hoped it was the mouse girl’s ass. She hoped soon she would join her.

“That… that was… amazing…” Becca moaned. “You’ve been… practicing…” She relaxed her thighs, looking over at the raped mouse with a smirk. “And you didn’t make her scream half that loud, little bro.”

Lily whimpered as the man behind her—Matt apparently—pulled out, disappointed… but she gasped and he began pushing into her asshole instead. He didn’t bother to lube up with anything but what was drooling out of her cunt, but that was great… it was pleeeenty. She moaned into Rebecca’s soaked twat, trying to pay attention to the meeting but it was so hard when she was having sooo much fun…

“It might make sense to set up some traps, dad,” Lila said, still able to converse easily while she was fucking the mouse senseless. She envied her twin that… how did she do it? Lily could barely keep a thought in her mind through all the feelings of that wonderful, glorious cock filling her asshole. “There are going to be predators… sharp claws and teeth and all, but if it’s anything like a normal ecosystem, there won’t be many. Something like one for every hundred prey animals. The real concern will be being able to keep up with the prey.” She was leaned over, grabbing onto Eve’s tits and using them like handles to fuck her ass harder while she squealed and squealed. Lily knew the feeling… she wanted to squeal herself. It was a shame Matt’s cock couldn’t swell and knot her the way the mouse’s asshole was being stretched.

“They are going to be fast,” Lila continued. “So fast that running some of them down might be a problem. Far easier to drive them into a set of traps and pick off the ones that get stuck. Keep those horns, hooves, whatevers all safely immobile and…” she sighed. “Boring.”

“Safety first, Lila,” Thomas admonished. “For us, and the merchandise. Either being injured is something of a problem for us… I’m partial to both money and keeping all my body parts.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Lila agreed halfheartedly as she continued railing the mouse.

“M-m-mmmmistriss Rebeccaaaa,” Lily moaned. “Can I– I– cum nooow?”

Becka looked down at her and actually blushed. “Oh, right. Absolutely.”

And Lily needed absolutely no further encouragement. She screamed at the stretched, full sensation of her ass, her slapped skin, and the insane pleasure filling her head as she came, her entire body clenching and milking on the cock that was still fucking her and all but wringing the cum right out of him, her asshole rippling on him and squeezing and sucking until her other cousin filled it with cum. “Oh, ooooooh, yessssssssss….” she groaned as her scream tapered off.

“Now that was a scream,” Matt said from behind her as his cock popped free of her tight rear.

“Only because she got off on it!” Becca protested. “That’s not a fair comparison.”

“Not my fault our cuz loves a good dicking,” he said with a chuckle. “Can’t blame me for that.”

Lily moaned in agreement. “Again… again?” she whispered.

Matt knelt down next to her. “You are insatiable, you know that?”

She gave him a smile, even though bound on her stomach it was hard to look up at him. She endured anyway. It was just what sluts like her did. “If I don’t get pooounded all night tonight, it’s all I’m going to be thinking about tomorrow,” she pouted. “And I want to at least try to focus on catching you all some more pets…”

Matt laughed. “Alright then. You win, Lily. Get me hard again, and I’ll see if I can make you scream any louder.” Lily eagerly opened her mouth, thanking god she had been born into such a wonderful, wonderful family…

“And all I’m saying,” Lila muttered softly, “was that you should have taken another shower first. I think it’s your smell that’s keeping them away.”

“For the last time,” Matt hissed beneath his breath, “I don’t smell.”

“Not to you,” she said with a chuckle, pinching her nose as she looked back at the woods. “The rest of us… and the prey… are wishing we have cloth pins.”

“Not my fault if you set us up in the wrong place!” Matt protested, quietly as he could. “You insisted this was the game trial, but we haven’t seen so much as a whisper of movement all day…”

The two of them were in one of the blinds they had constructed off to the side of what Lila had identified as the game trail, setting up and waiting for the first possible animals to come by. So far, no one had.

“Which, honestly,” Lila said softly, “tell us something about this valley.”

“Huh?” Matt asked. The sudden change from ribbing him to genuine discussion caught him off guard.

“Like you said… We’ve been here all day, and nothing bigger than a bug,” Lila agreed. “No birds — at least none beneath the canopy — no squirrels, no mice… you guys ever catch any actual fish in your nets?”
Matt thought for a moment before he slowly answered. “…a few,” he admitted, “but not many. These things are definitely smarter than your average animal, so potential prey stay the hell away from them.”

“Which means,” Lila said with satisfaction, “that the mouse definitely wasn’t an isolated example. One way or another, we’re in the right place.” She looked over at him. “If you don’t scare them all away by being upwind, anyway.”

He was about to growl an answer back at her when he froze. “Look,” he hissed, pointing.

Matt and Lila looked on with fascination as a humanoid shape stepped out of the woods. She had tall antlers coming from her head with long brown hair and flowed all the way down to her ass. Her legs were reverse jointed and ended in cloven hooves covered in fur the same color as her hair, and her forearms were covered in the same fur, with black tips at the ends of her fingers. Both of the hunters raised binoculars to their eyes and watched as she tentatively stepped into the open, a cock swinging between her legs as she sniffed the air, looking left and right.

“Unbelievable…” Lila whispered, and despite everything Matt didn’t have it in him to disagree. The creature was magnificent… tall for a woman and statuesque, she was strongly muscled and built like a boxer. The “stag” stepped further into the open, her eyes darting around, searching.

Matt, despite his amazement, was conflicted. Finding a herm of the species immediately seemed like a stroke of luck. It certainly would have been for a mermaid. However… it wasn’t where the money was. They had no idea how rare they really were for these species…

And then the stag gave a soft, keening cry, and fourteen other women stepped out of the treeline. About half of them looked like mature females, maybe equivalent to a human woman in her late twenties or early thirties. These women had horns as well, but far smaller than those of the patriarch of the herd… rarely more than a hands width or so. One of the women looked older than that, perhaps middle aged. Then there were 6 of them that looked… young. Almost like human teenagers. These ones’ horns were barely there at all, just tiny, rounded protrusions of bone just beginning to grow from their heads. All of them looked healthy and as they stepped in, the girls began ripping grass out of the clearing and feeding it to one another.

“They’re social…” he whispered to himself. “They travel in herds… just like normal animal ones.” One “male” to a group of breeding females and their offspring. Amazing. He lowered his head and clicked his radio, whispering into it. “Dad, are you seeing this?”

A moment of silence, a soft buzz,and then his father’s voice. “I am…” Thomas said, his voice seeming a little awed himself. “Are you and Lila in position?”

“We are… do you want us to go now? It seems a bit early… quite a few of them will get away.”

“Agreed… but we don’t need them all,” Thomas said. “And to be honest, looking at them… I’m not in the mood to risk them getting away because we wait.”

“Understood. What’s the signal?” Matt began stretching out, keeping as quiet as he could as he did. Off to the side, he noticed Lila putting on that damned strap-on cock she preferred. Damn thing.

“When the buck drops,” Steven said on the radio. Then it clicked silent.

“Let’s go,” Lila whispered, leaving the blind and beginning to creep through the woods.

“Careful…” Matt warned. “If you scare them off, Dad will never let you hear the end of it for the rest of your life.”

“Shut it needle dick, I know that,” she whispered back harshly, creeping closer. From here, Matt could observe the ritual of the adults, probably mothers, ripping up grass and sharing it with their daughters. The part that was most surprising to him was that one of the adults had sank down onto her haunches and begun sucking on the stag’s dick.

It was strange enough that it made him pause for a moment. With the mermaids he had spend most of his life working with, the herms were incredibly aggressive, and as a general rule the other mermaids avoided them just like prey avoiding a predator, even though they were necessary for the breeding. These deer, however… they seem more cooperative with one another, more at peace and helpful with their breeder. They followed her lead, serviced her… it seemed evident all the children in the herd were hers… Matt felt sure there was a way they could use that.

Then the herm flinched as a dart hit her in the breasts. She let out a keening, alarmed wail, took three steps away from the deer kneeling before her towards the woods… and then collapsed down. At almost the same second, dogs started barking as Larson and Lily pushed them into action. Lila let out a whoop and sprinted from the treeline, out into the clearing.

In the clearing, the reaction of the entire herd was the same. A moment of freezing as they stood up tall, looked with eyes wide towards the direction of the barking… then chaos erupted as they began to run as Matt and Lila and the dogs ran into view. Two tripped over themselves in their urge to get back into the woods. Three ran in the wrong direction… one towards Matt and Lila, two towards the dogs. The rest vanished into the woods… except for the one who had been servicing the herm. She actually stayed and tried to drag the buck to her feet, drag her towards the woods.

The dogs reached their targets first. One of the two that had run towards the dogs slipped away and managed to get into the woods… the other, one of the teenage deer, was tackled and dragged to the ground by one of the larger dogs. She scratched at the ground, trying to drag herself away… then started screaming as the dog mounted her, his slimy cock forcing its way into her aggressively. Her screech was high pitched, and got even higher as the hound’s knot began to expand.

Another got dragged down by the dog at the treeline. The adult kept trying to drag the stag to safety, right up until the moment that one of the dogs wrenched her down to the ground, holding her down with his jaws on her neck while a second hound mounted her. Then the dogs vanished into the forest after the rest. Swearing under his breath, Matt put his head down and ran harder, blowing past the downed deer and into the woods after the rest, yelling at them, making plenty of noise and driving them onward.

Driving them into the traps.

Both they and the dogs had come from two different angles to push their prey in a specific direction, towards the side of the woods that Steven had helped to prepare. He might not have known as much about hunting these demihumans as Thomas did, but he knew more about hunting and woodsmanship in general than the rest of them combined, and the traps quickly began to take their toll.

Matt picked one specifically to chase, running after her as quickly as he could. He had no chance of actually catching up to her, he could see that as clear as day—in the forest, she was graceful as anything and he felt like a bumbling idiot, but he didn’t need to catch up to her… he just needed to not let her slow down and be careful. His prey screamed ahead of him as the forest floor suddenly fell away from her, the pit that had been dug and concealed collapsing beneath her weight, and her scream faded and ended with a sharp exhale of breath as she fell heavily to the bottom. With a grin, Matt picked the next sound of crashing flora and set off in pursuit.

The next target was a young woman… her antlers were just an inch of dark bone protruding from her head, and her golden hair fluttered behind her as she ran, letting out whimpers with each heavy, panicked breath. Matt kept on her, reaching for her hair, but she kept an arm’s length ahead of him no matter what he did, even with his far longer strides… right up until the moment she stepped in the rope snare. Her air was snatched from her in an instant as it tightened around her ankle and yanked her up into the air to dangle from one leg.

From all directions the sounds of barking was beginning to die down as more and more of the hounds hunted down a target, and based on the increasing sounds of screaming and wailing, started mounting them and locking them in place with thick knots. A few had gotten past the trap line… which meant they weren’t going to be able to catch up to them. Matt, breathing heavily himself, finally let himself come to a stop… right as one of the adult deer women burst into sight with Lila just a foot or two behind.

As Matt watched, the red haired doe spotted a trap and stepped around it, dancing to the side and barely missing a second trap… but the delay was long enough for Lila to close the remaining shreds of distance between her, grabbing ahold of her arm and using it to swing both of them down to the ground.The girl thrashed, her antlers smaller than those of the buck but still sharp and dangerous as they danced dangerously in the struggle. Ultimately, though, they proved to be her downfall as Lila got a hand on one of them and twisted her catch’s head to the ground on the side as she slammed her own strap-on into the woman’s resisting hole… her asshole, if Matt guessed right.

The doe screamed as she was impaled but it was nothing compared to the sounds she began to make a second later as Lillian flicked a switch at her waist and began to inflate the knot built into the monstrous prick. That doe wasn’t going anywhere now without ripping that strap-on right off of Lila, or dragging the girl with her.

Not wanting to be left out of the fun, Matt pulled down his own pants. Seeing all the luscious prey and running them down had excited him to the point he felt he was going to pop, so he took a moment to relax as he idly stroked himself, taking in the form of the struggling fawn dangling from the tree branch. Suspended about three feet off the ground, her hair was long enough that it was still pooling on the ground. Her free leg kept kicking at the rope holding her trapped one to no effect, and she kept trying to reach up to it with her arms but kept failing to bend that far.

On second thought, seeing that trapped, writhing, sexy fawn struggling against her bonds was doing exactly nothing to calm him down. Might as well get on with it then.

The fawn screamed as Matt stepped on her hair, preventing her to wriggling around any more, mostly locking her in place as he reached you and grabbed her dangling breasts. Her relative youth did absolutely nothing to reduce the size of her tits… it was amazing to him that they stayed as firm as they did with the way they ran around. Benefits of demihuman physiology, he supposed. His thumb flicked over one nipple, hardening it before he bent down to give it a taste, bitting it hard enough to leave a red mark on her dusky skin and make her cry anew.

“None of you are going to be for sale,” he muttered, considering. “You’re all breeding stock and samples… so you all get names. He took in her blonde hair, the pale spots on her darker skin, and smiled. “Faline, I think. That seems appropriate.”

“Who… the fuck… is Faline?” Lila grunted as she rammed her captive doe’s asshole with her swollen cock, yanking her victim’s head back by the antlers as she did. The deer’s cries were already going soft and breathless, the chase and her anal rape silencing her screams as her lungs and throat tired.

Annoyed, Matt grabbed onto Faline’s head, sticking both thumbs inside her mouth and wedging it open. Her dangling like this made her likely-virgin holes out of reach, but it also put her head as a perfect height. “Oh shut up and google it,” he growled as he rammed his cock past her lips, slamming his hips forward while the fawn squealed, bumping against the unyielding back of her throat on the first thrust and drawing back to push again.

The look of the dangling deer girl, the smell of her sweat and her cunt nearly in his face, was driving Matt crazy. “Stop struggling,” he growled, jerking his hips downward as he pulled her head toward his groin. “Know when you’re caught!” His nerves rattled with pleasure as his cock humped into the warm, wet cavern of her mouth, bumping up against the back of her mouth, making her choke and gasp and shake in his grip. Her hands, free, pushed against his hips, but she had no leverage… and with her hair pinned to the ground beneath his boot she couldn’t even meaningfully squirm. She had no chance to stop him at all.

“What a tight, narrow little throat,” Matt growled through gritted teeth as he jabbed his cock into her mouth. Grinding his foot down into her hair to keep her from flinching away, Matt pulled her back towards him by the thumbs holding her mouth. “Swallow it!”

He couldn’t stop himself from groaning in pleasure. He wasn’t even close to all the way in, and his mouth felt like nothing he had ever experienced before… hot and tight and strangely ribbed. He wanted to impale her, to see the fawn squirming desperately as his cock penetrated her throat and choked off her air. Again and again, he pulled the deer girl’s face towards his groin.

Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Lila. With her cock knotted inside of the doe, she had no chance of managing to buck the strong woman off of her, but it certainly didn’t stop her from trying. If Matt that his fawn was being resistant, he was quickly shown otherwise. Compared to the older doe, his was being downright cooperative. Like a cowboy at a rodeo, Lila rode out of the struggles, letting her exhaust herself in the process of the hopeless fight to escape.

“You’re… mine…” she grunted as she held onto the woman’s antlers and let her thrash. With her knot inflated, she couldn’t fuck the woman much… but she used the struggles to grind back and forth in her as much as she could, enjoying the doe’s screams and frantic breathing.

Matt could feel his cockhead push against the soft, warm flesh at the back of his catch’s mouth, could feel her head begin to shake, her body making small jerkings as she tried to pull away. Her hands, delicate, tiny hands covered in soft, dark fur, pressed against his hips, beating against them as if it would help, struggling and gagging as he finally felt his dick begin to slide into her throat.

And the sounds she made as her body heaved… gagging, shaking, horrible retching sounds, all of them muffled as his cock plugged her up, hitting home as his balls slapped against her nose and her spit drooled down her face… They made Matt cum right there. Already excited from the chase, from the new prey, from everything, he jizzed right into her throat as she hung there, groaning as he made her gag even harder. Her throat, already tight as a fist, seemed to clench on him more and more as his cock swelled and spat his seed.

Matt held her there for long seconds, reveling in the sensation of her gagging on him. Once she began to gag, she didn’t stop… choking over and over and over again. He let it milk him back to fully hard, let her retching, choking, humming suffering make him want to fuck her again… hopefully before Lillian noticed.

It wasn’t long at all before her clenching throat had milked him back to full hardness. Once he was, Matt ignored her tiny fists beating against his legs as he slid his cock almost out of her throat before slamming it back in, fucking up into her, almost forcing her neck straight with the force with which he rammed up into her. She yelped as his balls slapped her nose with a wet splash, a cry of surprise and pain between the horrible retching, gagging sounds she was making.

The doe that Lila was pinning seemed to finally be tiring out, its struggling growing more halfhearted. Now that she wasn’t in danger of forcing her off and escaping, Lilian was only too happy to reduce the size of the knot so that she could ram in and out of the woman’s virgin asshole with extra vigor. While her struggles had died down, her screaming had only growl louder as Lila gained the ability to grow more vicious and ride her harder, pushing the doe down into the dirt as she fucked her ass as hard as she could.

The fawn’s throat was fucking heaven, her throat a spasming tunnel of flesh massaging his cock, almost stroking him over and over. If all the deer were this nice, these were going to become some of the premiere cocksuckers in the world. Every movement of his dick in her neck sent sharp flashes of pleasure through him. His cock slid in and out of her impossible soft lips, and she hadn’t even tried to bite on his thumbs yet… the young fawn naturally gentle and submissive. She hung from the tree, gagging and choking as he fucked her throat, coating her face in her own spit.

To his side, Lila suddenly tore herself out of the doe’s ass, flipping the exhausted prey animal onto her back and forcing herself into her cunt instead. The act and new posture inspired new resistance from the doe, and Matt was treated to the side of her hooves legs kicking helplessly while she was raped by Lila, the wolfish woman staring right into her face with a predatory grin as she fucked her down into the ground until she stopped struggling altogether, just laying sobbing and exhausted on the forest floor. Only then did Lila seem to lose interest.

“You almost finished over there, pencil dick?” Lila mocked as she pulled herself from the weeping doe’s stretched holes.

“Shut up Lila,” Matt growled, fucking Faline’s face, ramming his cock in short strokes up her throat, slamming her viciously as she jerked and thrashed. She choked and gagged and desperately tried to breathe as he grew more and more violent in raping her, struggling frantically enough that she was pulling at her scalp and hair, and Matt grunted with each thrust as he took his pleasure from her quivering, struggling body.

Then, with a yell, Matt grinded himself into her face as he felt the first pulse of a second orgasm overwhelm him as he spurted another load of cum deep into the Faline’s throat. He pulled out, holding his cock while she breathed in her first clean gasps of air in minutes as he covered her lips, cheeks, and the hollow of her throat in his seed.

“These girls…” he groaned happily. “Are truly something wonderful.”

For once, Lila didn’t give him lip. Instead, she continued binding the doe laying limp on the ground and just smiled. “They certainly are…”

Lilith stretched her hands over her head, pleasantly relaxing the strain out of her that came from waiting for so long for the deer to show up. A gesture that made her breasts strain against the thin shirt she wore with a pleasant tingle of friction… she hadn’t worn a bra, of course. Lily practically skipped with excitement as she pranced over to the fallen stag, plucking the dart out of her breast and tapping the sides of it, seeing how much of the drug had been delivered.

All of it. Good.

Lily cocked her head, looking at the stag and trying to estimate her weight. Designing drugs for unknown physiology was a tricky thing, but… she had enough experimentation with the mermaids to make some educated guesses. They would probably burn through the drug soon enough. Putting her hand on the girl’s neck and taking her pulse confirmed… their heart raced more than twice as fast as a humans, even under the effects of the tranquilizer.

Well… not tranquilizer. Not exactly. Lily smiled.

Pumping unknown amounts of soporifics into a girl of unknown weight was a great way to kill their prey by accident… but Lily had come up for a solution to that. Lily had been playing with a chemistry set back when other girls had been playing with dolls, seeing what kinds of concoctions she could figure out how to make. It wasn’t until she had learned about the mermaids, and seen her first Herm when she visited the island, that Lily really started putting it to use. She had headed to her bed, masturbated for six hours thinking about getting herself fucked by Dierdre in a mad rut, and then set to work making it a reality.

Aphrodisiacs were her specialty now… and the mermaids had proven enormously beneficial in that regard. The Herms especially were filled with hormones that could drive them into an insane breeding frenzy when they were in the proper season. Those hormones were always there, though… they were just being absorbed by another one. Once Lily had discovered that, manipulating the balance of two hormones had become her pet project.

The first fruit of her labors had been the breeding collars. They were simple things. They basically injected one of two drugs into their victims — one that would absorb the blocker hormone, or one that kicked its production into overdrive. That worked to control them… but with more work, so, so much more was possible.

That was what this dart was… it was loaded with a mild tranquilizer, and a bunch of that blocker hormone she had discovered. It basically gave a herm about five minutes of listless stupor without knocking them completely unconscious. It wasn’t a great solution, it wasn’t going to work on all the deer or anything else… but on herms, it seemed almost perfect. Of course, truly perfect would be what she planned on doing next…

Lily put the dart back into a case in her bag before taking out a second case and driving the needle into the herm’s neck. Then she went looking for appropriate prey.

The ones the dogs had run down and rutted had been left lying on the ground with a few of the helping hands tying them up as Steven and Thomas had gone to check the traps, taking most of the hounds with them. Lily picked one of them, a pretty green-haired thing that was one of the younger ones, definitely one of the stag’s children. “Excuse me,” she said, tapping Morris on his shoulder and giving him her most dazzling smile.

He blushed horribly. It was so cute how he always did that… it wasn’t like he hadn’t been fucking her for months or anything.

Lily pointed over at a fallen log. “You mind tying her to that for me, face-up?” She leaned in to lick his neck. “I’d appreciate it, sir…” With another blush, Morris picked up the bound fawn and began to take her over to the log. Skipping happily, Lily headed back to the stag, who was only now beginning to stir. The first thing her father had done when he reached her was bind her legs together in a short hobble, so that if she woke and bolted, she wouldn’t be able to run quickly. Lily thought her dad should have more faith in her work, but he was taking his brother-in-law’s “safety before pleasure” axiom to heart.

Lily didn’t want to be careful — She had a fantasy to live. Still, she’d keep her dad happy… even if the idea of getting sodomized tonight had more than a little appeal. She didn’t touch the bonds and just fastened the collar around her neck instead, patting her on the head. “Have fun, Cerridwen… I know I’m going to.” Then she backed off a few steps as she waited for the woman to wake up.

Cerridwen stirred, rising to her hooves, and Lily watched carefully as she did… evaluating the look in her eyes, how clear they were, and slowly cranking up the dial… further. Further. Further. The stag’s eyes clouded…and fixed on her daughter. She rushed her, tripping over herself with her bound legs and beginning to scramble on all fours. She grabbed onto the log, pulling herself up, her cock seeming like a second fallen free between her legs, and without a second of hesitation she slammed the prick to the hilt in her daughter’s cunt.

The young fawn screeched in horror, a keening, ululating wail that slowly faded down to a loud, squirming whine as her lungs were battered by the force of the cock slamming into her. “Aaaaieeee,” she whined, a plea for mercy from the stag that had been her guardian and protector for the entirety of her life, however short. “Aieeeaieaeeeeee!”

It was easy for Lily to assign words to the pathetic, sexy screams and whined. ‘Please stop, it hurts, please get off me, please stop cramming my cunt full of meat.’ Lily didn’t understand why she would ask for something so silly, but she admitted she might be a bit of an odd duck. The grey-haired girl sighed in pleasure as she watched the hot display… but it was too much. Cerridwen wasn’t thinking at all right now, she was purely in a rut.

She began lowering the dose. Then, taking off her shirt and letting it fall to the ground, she began to circle the two of them, watching closely. There was a certain… reluctance… to Cerridwen’s movements now. Her thrusts began to slow. They might have stopped altogether, but Lily turned it back up a little, and she began to accelerate again. There was a horrified look on her face… a sense that something was wrong, that she shouldn’t be doing this, that this wasn’t a mate of hers. She didn’t stop fucking her, however… she rammed on, and the fawn’s screams seemed to encourage her if anything.

Hers weren’t the only screams, either. As men and women from the hunting party began to drag does and fawns back into the clearing from the woods and celebrate, the cries of raped deer women carrying through the trees and swirling around inside Lily’s head, making her start playing with her tits as she watched the show.

A few more adjustments were required… the load necessary to keep her at the point where she was in control and not in danger of hurting the smaller woman she was rutting increased and decreased as she came, or got close… but by the time she was fucking the fawn for the fourth time and seed was splashing out of her with each thrust, Lilith was sure she had the rhythm right. She’s set the collar to wax and wane the dose on Cerridwen’s heartbeat… and then, just because she really, really did want to have fun, she turned it up. Juuuust a little. Daddy couldn’t be too mad, right?

Then she flipped up her skirt and pranced over to the two of them, throwing herself on top of the unnamed fawn that had been her test subject. Through the tiny belly of the fawn, she could feel the bulge of Cerridwen’s cock as it rammed in and out of her, pressing against Lily is turn as she lay down on top of her, staring into the pretty green-haired thing’s crying eyes. “Come and get iiiiiit,” she sang, turning to look back at Cerridwen who seemed so lost in her lust and needs that she no longer knew who she was fucking or why, she just wanted to fuck and fuck and fuck and fuck and…

“Ooooo!” Lily moaned as she felt the cock vanished from beneath her belly just an instant before it was ramming into her own cunt, hard and violent and lustful and she screamed as she came on the first damned thrust… oh yes, these things knew exactly how to treat a woman. A few thrusts later, she groaned as the dick came free of her twat, but then it reappeared as a bulge beneath her, fucking the fawn for a few seconds before returning to Lily, alternating between the two available twats to sample. Crying out in delight, she gagged herself by licking the tears from the fawn’s face before sharing them with her in a delighted kiss.

It was everything she had hoped it would be.

Soon, Lily needed to hold onto the fawn tightly in order for Cerridwen’s thrusts not to drive her off the log, so hard was she being fucked. That impossibly thick cock was splitting her open like a plow through a field, thicker and harder and more brutal even that her twin’s strap on was capable of… without the knot, anyway, and not even Lila had ever managed to fuck her anything like this with that thing inflated. If these does were built resilient enough to take a monster like this during a full breeding frenzy and still be snug and warm afterward, they were resilient as hell… and they were going to make some buyers very, very happy before too much longer. If they made one of them half as happy as Lilith was at this moment, they would never own something they treasured more.

Then the balls slapping against her clit churned, and the cock inside her swelled further… and then a hot, creaming load of seed was pouring into her womb, filling her stretched sex in an instant and pouring both out over her legs and deeper into her, utterly consuming her with the feeling of that deer jizz coating every surface inside of her… and Lily realized that it wasn’t everything she had hoped. It was far, far better, and this was only the first day of the rest of her life.

“Well,” Thomas said with a smile, “the existence of an entire other culture of demihumans appear to be very much a matter of fact and no longer one of theory.” He leaned against a tree, enjoying the pleasant tingle in his cock as Eriane obediently sucked at him. From what he’d discovered in just the last half hour, while the does could be more than a little feisty, the fawns were actually quite submissive and eager to please.

Breeding these creatures would be a joy… they could be well trained into obedient little sex pets. He had only been working with Eriane here for a hour since pulling her out of the trap, and he was already quite pleased with how cooperative she was. True, she was still crying and every time his dick got close to her throat she gagged, but the former wasn’t an issue, and the latter could be taught.

“And I think we can already see that this in going to be well worth our time,” Steven said, buried to the hilt in the beautiful fawn’s pussy, fucking her with almost gentle strokes as she lapped at his brother-in-law. He wasn’t in any hurry to blow another load in her… three of them were already split between her various holes, and now he was just enjoying himself.

“Absolutely,” Thomas agreed. “We’ll need to let Sarah take a better look at them, but between her, Lily, and my daughter, I’m sure they can figure out an efficient way to breed them. We’ll have a good stock soon enough.”

“I’m sure,” Steven said, but he seemed distracted to Thomas.

“Something wrong?”

“Not wrong, exactly,” Steven said with a grin. “Just realizing that a childhood dream needs a little adjustment.” He looked around at the woods. “Like every hunter in history, there’s been one prize I’ve wanted more than anything else… the White Stag. They say there’s one in every forest… but I’ve never seen one.”

He smiled at his brother-in-law. “Every since I was a boy, I dreamed of mounting one over my mantle.”

Thomas laughed. “And now?”

Steven laughed too and slapped his hand on Eriane’s ass, drawing a squeal out of her. “Now I’d happily settled for mounting her in my bed.”

Thomas idly stroked one hand tenderly over the fawn’s cheeks. “Then you’ll have her,” he promised. “If she’s real, we’ll find her.”

Steven nodded, groaning in satisfaction as he unloaded another load into the fawn. “Yeah… we sure will.”

Below, the hunters were gathering up their prey. The deer were bound hand and hook, tethered into a line as the hounds nipped at their heels to keep them moving. The hunters drove them towards the camp they had set up that morning, winding through the trees with the drugged and bound stag leading the way.

Alyce watched with interest.

A pair of whines came from behind her… a query. She didn’t answer. “Human,” she said firmly. “You need the practice.”

A coughing sound. A cleared throat. “What they doing?” Ilenia managed to say. The words were broken… poorly enunciated… but understandable.

“Taking their prey away,” Alyce answered. “Mother was right.”

“Eat that many?” Ilenia whispered, horrified.

Alyce laughed. “No, I think they have a very different hunger in mind.” She turned and flashed the other, far younger woman a grin. “Come, Mother will be waiting.”

And with a swish of their tails, the two were gone.

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