Menagerie Trapper – Prologue

“… and with the debate about the Exotic Species Protection Act still raging all over the nation, the bill has passed through the first subcommittee for a vote during today’s session,” the new anchor said, tapping his fingers on the desk in front of him for emphasis. “The act has drawn together an unusual coalition of support, from woman’s rights activists to pharmaceutical companies, and you can’t walk down a street in DC for weeks without seeing a group covered with signs. The bill is one step closer to becoming a law today… but does it deserve to be?” He turned to the right. “To discuss this with us today, we have Rachel BinToro, spokeswoman of the Mermaid Protection League and Malcolm Galdys, a representative on behalf of Plenty of Fish, the world’s largest retailer of mermaids. Welcome, both of you.”

“Good to be here, Alex,” Malcolm said. Rachel nodded.

“Malcolm, I’m sure you haven’t missed the news about the bill. What do…”

“This isn’t a bill,” he said firmly. “This is a travesty. An attack on property rights. The bill is moving to have mermaids classified as a protected species on the basis of their rarity. The government only has a right to do that if there is compelling evidence that Mermaids are in danger of being endangered, and that simply isn’t true. Once we know how to look for them, they are incredibly plentiful, and breed quickly. There hasn’t been a shortage of available mermaids for sale in the last decade, not since the first year.”

“That’s not the point,” Rachel cut in. “It’s barbaric.”

“I’m sorry,” Malcolm said. “And what part of the bill deals with barbarism? Morality? Your concerns are irrelevant to the law.”

“And you’re repugnant,” she said with a sneer. “No better than a pimp and a slaver.”

“Man raises animals as pets, as food, as beasts of burden, and has for the lifetime of our species. This is no different. What does it matter if the work they are largely bred to do is sexual? They’re still animals!”

“What you have failed to consider-”

“Turn that shit off,” Thomas spat as he walked through the room on his way elsewhere. “Last thing in the world I want to hear right now.”

Matt quickly turned of the TV, not wanting to provoke his father by leaving it on. The man had been decidedly tense the last few months, since the activist push towards protecting mermaids had begun. It wasn’t like it was hard to understand why… they could put them out of business in a heartbeat. If mermaids were moved to a protected status, they couldn’t fish them anymore without following strict standards, but more to the point people wouldn’t be able to buy them as pets in the US any longer. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that that was far and away their most lucrative market, and breeding mermaids wasn’t cheap. They could quite literally be out of business in a single day if that bill passed.

Matt stood and sighed. But what could he do about it? Barry and Donny, their cousins, were already on capital hill and doing their best to fight back on behalf of the business, but they just didn’t have the kind of money behind them that the activists had… maybe, if Barry and Donny could figure out where the money was coming from, who wanted to put them out of business so badly, they could make some headway… but for now, they were fighting against a riptide.

He had barely taken twelve steps out of the room before he found Becky right where he expected. She spent most of her days in the lab with her mother these days, working through the genome of the herms, trying to extract every bit of value they could from the unique genetics of the mermaids. If their breeding and fishing operations were shut down, the medicines that they harvested would be the only source of income, and they would be relying on it even more heavily.

His sister wasn’t getting much done, though, and the reason was plain to see. Her daughter, Ceres, was in her usual spot between the woman’s legs. With her tail bound up beneath the desk, Becky could work with one hand in the black-and-yellow mermaid’s hair and grind her into her cunt. Matt could remember, vaguely, a time when the mermaid had been innocent and untrained, unaware of what was being done to her… that first time he had fucked her. After that, he remembered a rebellious stage when she had, well, rebelled. Both of those were long gone now… Becky’s daughter had given them more than a dozen mermaids by now, and she did her duties for her mistress with passionless skill. She didn’t even cry when his sister started smothering her with her cunt. “Whats up, Matt?”

“You and Mom having any lucky?” Matt asked, hoping for good news.

“None at all,” she admitted, tightening her grip of Ceres’ hair as she began to squirm. “I’m telling you, there isn’t anything left to harvest from these fish. We’ve gotten everything we can.”

Matt sighed. “We can’t give up.”

Becky let her daughter get a single gasp of breath before pushing her back into place, moaning softly in pleasure. “It’s not a value judgment bro… there’s just only so many ways we can combine their blood and cells. We got more out of them than anyone could have guessed… they were a gold mine but they’re tapped oooooooo-ut,” she moaned as she came on her daughter’s tongue, breathing hard. “Oh Ceres, you know just what Momma wants don’t you…”

“Hey Matt!” his mother called.

“Whats up?” He asked, peeking around the corner. His mother Sarah was a beautiful woman… it was easily to tell exactly where his sister got it from.

“Stop distracting your sister, I need her.”

“I think she’s distracting herself just fine, mom,” he said indignantly. “I’m not doing anything.”

“Did you father say anything about what Barry wanted?” she asked.

Matt opened his mouth to answer, but then paused. “What about him? Last I heard, he was busy in the US.”

“Well, I just got a text that my brother landed,” Sarah said, quirking an eyebrow. “I had assumed it must be something he had talked to your father about.”

Matt shook his head. “I just talked with him… briefly… but he didn’t say anything about it.”

Sarah sighed. “I wonder what that ambulance-chaser wants now,” she grumbled, getting back to work as Matt went in search of his father to tell him that Barry was on the island…

Barry was practically the definition of an average man. Five foot six, he wore his brown hair short and wore white and black tennis shoes over blue jeans and a polo shirt. No facial hair, no glasses, nothing at all to distinguish him from hundreds of thousands of other random white men. If Thomas saw him in a crowd, he would forget his features practically before the man left his sight.

For all of that, however, he was a damned good attorney. The entire legal mess of being able to sell mermaids in the first place might be rapidly threatening to unravel, but the fact that there was anything to unravel in the first place only existed because of clever use of old maritime laws and animal husbandry rights that dated back to the 1700, and one East India Trading Company British charter that was significantly older than that. Thomas didn’t know anyone else who could have put it together.

He was grateful to his brother in law… but that didn’t mean he wasn’t annoyed that the man was here.

“So, you left the country in the middle of the greatest legal debate of our time?” Thomas asked, trying to understand what was going through the man’s head. “You of all people should understand exactly how fragile our position is… how easy it would be for the house of cards to come toppling down.”

The two men were sitting in the lounge their island, but they weren’t alone. Matt, Sarah, and Rebecca were all around as well, even if they weren’t sitting on one of the chairs in the center and sipping on the same bourbon. The Pandoris family stuck together, after all… even in the face of a mess like this.

“Because we’re losing,” Barry said simply. It wasn’t an especially controversial statement to any of them, but hearing it still dampened the mood for the whole room. “The bill is going to pass. Congress is going into recess for a month on friday. I can delay long enough to keep it from moving forward before then… but I think they’re going to shove it through first thing in the new session. We need a new strategy, so… I’ve been digging around.” He leaned forward. “Do you know my other brother in law, Steven? Face like a wolf, married my youngest sister, lives in Wyoming?”

Thomas shrugged. “More or less,” he agreed. “I think I met him at Christmas a few years back, right? Grey hair in his 30s?”

“That’s the one,” Barry agreed. “Anyway, he came into town suddenly the day before last, had something to show me… something he thought might help. Once I saw it, I knew I had to show you right away.”

“You couldn’t have called?” Sarah asked, shooting her brother a look. “We’re kind on a short schedule here…”

“Leave me alone, sis,” Barry complained. “No, I couldn’t call. Have you been watching the news? These MPL Jackasses are all over us, twenty four hours a day. They know everything we know before we even do it, I swear. I think they might be listening in to our phones… either way, I didn’t dare do this any way other than in person…”

Despite himself, Thomas was getting intrigued. “Ok, so… what is this thing?”

Danny picked up the large suitcase that he had brought with him and lay it down on the ground, then slowly, dramatically, began to unzip it. “Jesus Danny, you like being over dramatic,” Sarah complained.

Then he finished unzipping the luggage and opened it, and no one had anything to say about his sense of drama anymore.

Inside the suitcase, folded in on herself and hugging her knees to her chest, was a girl. A little too short, a little too think, she had a messy mop of brown hair, and her wrists were cuffed to the opposite thigh to keep her in place. A gag in her mouth had kept her silent for the trip, and she wore nothing at all… but the truly shocking part was that while she was a girl… she wasn’t human. More importantly, she definitely wasn’t a mermaid.

She had small, rounded ears peeking through her hair, fur covering her arms and legs from her elbows and knees down, and paw-like hands and feet at the ends of her limbs. All of them could clearly see the grey-brown tail wrapped around her legs.

Matt and Becca could never recall seeing their father speechless… but this had managed to do it. Long seconds, during which the girl began to squirm in the suitcase, passed before he looked up. in the silence, Danny finished his drink and slowly poured himself a new glass. “For the record… when you go over the finances at the end of the month and wonder what took a bite out of the family expense account… she’s why. You don’t even want to know the amount of hell I had to go through to get her through customs without anyone finding out.”

Eventually, Thomas grinned, a fire in his eyes. “Is this what I think it is?” he asked. There was an uncharacteristic eagerness to his voice.

Danny nodded back, showing just as many teeth. “Steven found her in a trap in a valley by his lodge last week. You want to give her a test drive?”

In the suitcase, the mouse-girl whimpered softly.

Thomas laughed. “I don’t mind celebrating,” he said with a smile. “This should be enough to beat those MPL vampires back, right? Their argument isn’t going to hold any water anymore, right?”

“Maybe…” Danny hedged. “Maybe not. One girl doesn’t a species make, and two species don’t inspire diversity. But, see… here’s the thing that occurred to Steven, and that he told me. Those mermaids of yours… they aren’t one species, are they?”

“No…” Thomas said slowly. “They aren’t… there are sharks, and eels, more species…” He looked up at Danny. “You think there are more like her too?”

“When Steven found her, she had a pair of bite marks on her thigh,” he said. “They weren’t from a wolf or a bobcat… and they weren’t from another girl like her. Human sized… or humanoid, and with fangs.” Danny smiled. “I think she ran into the trap while fleeing from something else. Yeah… I think there are others in that valley. And if there are two ecological pockets like that…”

“There are more,” Sarah said with a broad smile as she all but jumped the couch in her eagerness to slither down into the inner circle of the discussion. “We need to find them… right away. The legal fight is one thing, but do you have any idea how much I found out from the mermaids? I need to be there… I need to see them all, Tommy.”

“So,” Danny said, “I take it you’re not upset I skipped out on Capitol Hill then?”

Sarah laughed as she slowly, seductively climbed onto her brother’s lap. “What do you think…” she purred.

Thomas was only barely paying attention as he pulled the mouse out of the suitcase. She was slight, and barely seemed to weigh anything, but started squirming far more strongly the moment he began to lift. Lithe and slippery, this one… even bound, she was making a good effort and slipping out of his grip as he pushed her down onto the chair, looking her her wide eyes as he reached around her neck to undo the gag.

“I… uh… I’m not sure you want to do that…” Danny muttered around his sister’s mouth, looking over at the mouse with half an eye. “She’s a biter, Thomas.”

He shrugged. “We’ve had those before. Just need to know how to talk to them.” He took his cock out, holding it in one hand as he looked down at the terrified demihuman beneath him. “Just need to learn how to communicate.”

Thomas stared down into her eyes as he slowly stroked himself hard, looking at the naked girl, and said one one. “Open,” he said. He rubbed the head of his dick against her cheek, and he wasn’t surprised when she tried to bite. Thomas had been ready for it… before she had even begun to move for him, he had pulled back.

His face betrayed no anger. Instead, he just grabbed onto a bit of her hair, just a trio of strands, and yanked on them, making her yip and squeal as a tiny tuft of her hair was pulled out. Not even a noticeable one… but from her reaction, it was clear that the girl was sensitive. Good. He could use that.

Thomas grabbed onto a second trio of hairs, separating them from their fellows right in front of her wide eyes. Then he looked down at her. “Open,” he said again. When she whimpered and tried to turn her head away, he pulled that trio of hairs out as well. Then he grabbed onto another three of the thousands and thousands on her head. “Open.”

No matter how silly this demihuman was, she couldn’t be dumb enough to miss the point. He could quite literally do this all night without damaging her, one pull at a time. Still, she was stubborn. Tears were running down her eyes like a river, and he had needed to pull out a tiny bit of hair twelve more times before she shook, whimpered… and opened her mouth wide.

Thomas wasn’t quite done yet, though. Instead, while he slapped his cock against her open lips, his other hand grabbed onto one of her surprisingly cute front teeth and pinched it between his fingers. “Open,” he said, in precisely the same tone of voice.

Eyes wide, she forced her mouth even further open. The threat was obvious to her by now. Perfect. Pleased with himself, Thomas began to feed her his cock… and while she wretched as he stuffed her tiny mouth, the head of his dick pressing against the opening to her throat and slowly forcing its way through and further down, she never stopped holding her mouth as wide open as she could. “Just need…” he growled in pleasure, “to know how to talk to them, is all…”

The unnamed mouse gagged as he forced himself deeper, both hands gripping her behind her ears and tangling in her messy hair as he yanked her forward again and again, only yielding and letting her pull back occasionally so he could build up momentum for his next thrust, until her nose was buried his pubes and he could feel her frantic breaths tickling the base of his shaft, her drool slipping out over his nuts as they rested on her chin.

“Fuuuuck,” he hissed between clenched teeth. “This girl’s throat’s tighter than a mermaid’s asshole, god damn!” He began to thrust in and out of her with his whole length, and his watching kids could see the bulge visibly travelling up and down her neck as he did. “It’s like fucking a squeezing fist.”

Thomas didn’t really want to stop, wanted to keep pounding at this clenching, amazing hole in her face until he exploded down into her stomach, but it wasn’t really what he wanted most. Reluctantly, he pulled out and let the mouse-girl start gasping desperately for the breath his cock had been denying her. “Is she…”

“We saved her for you, man,” Danny said, nodding as Thomas’ wife bounced up and down on her brother’s dick. “We put a ring in her mouth and fed her a couple loads, but we left her a cherry for you… consider her an invitation.”

Thomas didn’t require much encouragement – he eagerly grabbed the mouse girl by her bound ankles and and dragged her forward onto her back so that her legs were in the air and her tight, tiny slit was open right in front of him. “This…” he said, marvelling as he looked at the pretty little banquet of tight holes spread out before him. “This changes everything, Danny… The world just changed for us.” His dick was as wet as it was going to get from her spit, so it didn’t matter to him that her cunt was decidedly not… It parted for him without much trouble despite its tightness, her body yielding to him like it was made to.

The mouse girl screamed… a shrieking, tinny wail too sharp and high pitched to be human, but filled with dismay and terror and pain as her body gave it and split around his invasion, and the only response Thomas could make was to groan. It felt intensely good… tight and warm and gripping with every inch of her, squeezing him like it wanted to milk the cum from his balls. Every single inch was tighter than the last… he didn’t even feel it when her maidenhead broke because every single millimeter further he went felt like he was fighting through a cherry.

And her squealing… Mermaids were rarely this vocal. She writhed on his dick, gasping and whimpering and whining, trying to pull her hands free from where they were wrapped around her ankles, her ass shaking back and forth as she tried to writhe away and just ground herself further on his dick. Even her tail slapped against him, like it was trying to push him away… the soft, furry appendage too weak to resist, too soft to hurt him as he inched deeper and deeper in her untouched slit.

“Never seen anything with two legs get raped before,” Matt said as he watched from the side, his sister’s mouth wrapped around his dick as she kept glancing over. “Is it wrong I find this so hot?”

Becca shrugged, pulling her mouth off him to grin up at him for a moment. “Not human, bro, you’re good.” Then she forced herself all the way down again, keeping her eyes on the show that the mouse girl was making as Thomas forced her to take his length all the way to the base.

Thomas had been the first person, to his knowledge, to ever fuck a mermaid… and now he was doing the same with the first of a new species. A new class of demi-human, and all the possibilities it presented, opening up before him as he forced it to spread on his cock, slamming into her over and over while she made the sexiest sounds for him. She was so tight that she was actually making it hard to cum, squeezing him hard enough that it was making him last better than he would be able to normally so that he could fuck her harder and for longer, but even her incredible tightness couldn’t keep him from nutting forever. He put both hands on her breasts and shoved her down to the chair by those handholds as he came, pumping the first load ever into the cunny of this new cashcrop that had been dropped into his lap, and his orgasm felt like it was lasting forever and ever.

By the time he pulled out, the mouse-girl just slid onto her side, hugging herself and crying as seed spilled out of her pussy, and he stood over her like a hunter over a fresh kill, holding his cock in his hand like a weapon as he panted with exhilaration and pleasure. “We…” he gasped. “We are keeping this one.”

“What’re you naming her, Dad?” Matt asked as his sister licked up the length of his shaft, clearly focused on lubricating him for what was coming next.

“She’s the first of her kind,” Thomas said with certainty. “The dawn of a new age for us… a whole new world. What better name could there be than Eve?” He glanced at his son and daughter. “You two can have the next ride.”

They didn’t need much encouragement… Becca and Matt all but tripped over each other trying to be the first to their new plaything while Thomas looked over at the very distracted face of Danny. “Get word out to the rest of the family,” he said with a nod as he watched his son settle between Eve’s legs while Rebecca crouched over her face. “Anyone who is available. We’re setting up a family… vacation. An important one.”

“This is going to be fun,” Becca said as she held her new victims head in her hands. “What was it again? Oh, yes… ‘Open!’ “ she said cheerfully, before crooning as the mouse started half-licking, half-sobbing into her snatch.

“An open mouse,” Matt chuckled, shoving his way in and causing both the girls in front of him to shriek for very different reasons. “To start off open season.”

Steven looked out at the valley, stretching out beyond his window between the fingers of his hand. Fog spread across the cold glass at the head of his hand, concealing much of the greenery below from his view… flora that he now knew hid significantly more than animals.

This was his home… and a secret like this had lurked beneath his nose for how long? He wasn’t sure if he should feel excited or foolish. Both, probably.

“Aright,” he said into the phone at his ear, pulling back his hand and leaving the print on the window, looking like a map stretched out over the wilderness they were about to hunt. “I’ll be ready.”

Hanging up the phone, he turned to his wife, where Maggie sat on the staircase, looking at him eagerly to hear the news. He smiled at her. “Get the guest rooms ready, honey… we’re going to have company.”

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