One Act of Defiance Ch 2 – Lux

The last three weeks had been among the best days of Lux’s life. She had friends… real friends… and Ahri had been avoiding her. If someone had asked her, she had expected that that gumiho would never, ever, leave her alone… but one humiliation in the lunch room was apparently all it had taken. That wasn’t to say, however, that she hadn’t seen the fox… in fact, she had seen her almost constantly. She just hadn’t been bothering her.

Instead, it seemed to be her own group of friends that was bearing the brunt of the fox’s bad attitude now. More than once, Lux had caught her yelling at Evelynn or Nidalee or Katarina, berating them for one thing or another. It was a wonder that cruel girl could get anyone to follow her at all. Lux sighed as she closed her notebook, people moving around and putting notes and books into bags as class ended… she had to keep up grades as one of the top students in the school or lose her scholarship, so now that she wasn’t being harassed on a daily basis, she was able to focus on that… but it was still a lot of work.

Someone tapped her on the side, and she turned and smiled to see Poppy there. “You want to go to lunch?”

Lux smiled at her new friend. “I’d love to, but I need to head back to my room first, I don’t have my stuff for the next class. Meet you there?”

“We’ll meetcha,” Poppy agreed with a grin. “Should be everyone. Riven’s treat for desert today. See ya there.”

Lux tried to hide her blush as Poppy turned and walked away, meeting up with Tristana at the door. She was never sure if the other girls knew or not… but Lux was bright enough to realize she was carrying one heck of a torch for the exchange student. She had been the one to stand up and protect her first. She had been the one to stand over Lux, and help her up… to give her friends, to give her a life. And she was absolutely gorgeous… it seemed that every time Lux closed her eyes, she saw her in her mind…

Lux was glad that everyone else had left the classroom already, because she was blushing furiously now. Shaking her head, she picked up her back and stepped out into the hallway. The halls were almost empty, everyone having already gone to lunch, so she hurried down them, her footsteps echoing in the empty hall… and almost froze when she turned the corner and saw Ahri at the end of the hallway, near the door to her Dorm.

For a brief, horrified moment, Lux thought that the fox was waiting for her… and she was suddenly, terribly aware of just how empty the hallways were. But no, the Gumiho wasn’t looking at her… she was looking at Evelynn. The blonde girl was being held against the wall by one of Ahri’s tails… wrapped around her throat.

“You,” Ahri said, glacially cold voice carrying down the hallway as Eve grabbed at the tail choking her, “are useless. Pathetic. Worthless. Get out of my sight.” She pulled her tail away, and Evelynn collapsed to her knees, breathing hard. “I never want to see you again,” she said as she turned and strode down the hallway and out of sight.

Lux knew that she should turn and keep going… but then she heard Eve sob. And before she knew what she was doing, she was walking down the hallway towards the girl in a the red dress. Evelynn knelt, holding her head in her hands, sobbing. She looked terrible… the side of her face was bruised, she was probably going to have a black eye, and her eyes were blotchy and red. When she saw Lux, she popped to her feet. “What the hell do you want, trash?”

It probably would have made a more convincing insult if her voice didn’t break halfway through it.

“You don’t have to let her treat you like that,” Lux said softly. “She doesn’t have the right.”

“I don’t…” she started softly, then her voice turned angry. “I don’t know what your talking about. You don’t know anything about it.”

“I do…” Lux whispered softly. “Please. Let me help you. She’s just a bully, Eve… I can help you. We can help you.”

“You don’t understand…” Evelynn said in a hoarse whisper, seemingly about to burst back into tears. “I can’t, she’ll… she’ll…”

“She’ll do what?” Lux put a hand on the girl arm, and while she flinched, she didn’t pull away. “What can she do to you, Eve?”

Looking like a trapped animal, Evelynn looked left and right down the hall, as if terrified someone… the gumiho… would overhear. “I…” she swallowed. “I’ll show you…” She met Lux’s eyes… and for a second, they looked less that their perfect gold. They looked almost pink for an instant as the caught the glowing light of the exit sign. Then when Lux blinked, it was gone. “Meet me in the main lecture hall…” Evelynn said. “Tonight, after the last bell of curfew. Meet me, and I’ll show you…” She blinked, looking painfully earnest. “Just you, ok? I can’t… I can’t let anyone else know…”

Lux gave her a small smile. “Ok, Eve… Ok… We’re going to help you. I promise. I’ll meet you.” She backed up a few steps. “I’m going to go eat lunch… do you… want to come?” When a panicked look crossed Evelynn’s face, Lux held up both hands. “Ok… ok… just… know that you can, ok? I’ll see you tonight…” And she turned and walked off towards her room as quickly as she could, feeling strange good about herself. That she could help someone, like Riven… beautiful, exotic, lovely Riven… had helped her.

Behind her, Evelynn stood up straight. The bruises on her face shifted, then paled, diluting, vanishing like they were never there. And quietly, so quietly that the sound didn’t even reach her own ears, Evelynn began to laugh.

Lux was uncomfortable being out this late… being out after curfew was a demerit, which she couldn’t afford, but Evelynn needed her help… she would just have to not be caught. The hallways were empty and silent as she crept through them, but she needn’t have bothered… not once in the walk between her room and the main lecture hall did she see a single teacher or other student, no one to hide from, nothing to fear.

She opened the door and slipped inside, putting her back against the door, breathing harder than she probably should have been. It wasn’t like she had ever been in danger of getting caught, but it had made her nervous anyway. “Eve?” she whispered. “Eve, are you here?” Looking through the darkened room, she saw a the blonde girl sitting in the second row, her feet up on the first. “Evelynn?” She started walking forward, down the stairs towards her.

The blond woman slowly stood up. “You came alone?” she said softly, eyes sweeping over her in the darkness. “Yes… you did. Good.”

Lux took another step forward. “What did you wan-”

Evelynn’s eyes flashed a glowing red in the darkness. “Stop talking.”

Lux suddenly felt like her lips were sewn shut. She didn’t simple stop talking… she couldn’t talk. Her blue eyes went wide as Evelynn approached her in the darkness, her eyes normal again as he reached her and stroked her cheek with two fingers. “Pretty little thing,” she said softly. “Such a shame, really. I’d have liked to keep you as a pet… but what Ahri wants, she gets.”

She couldn’t speak… couldn’t scream. Lux turned to run…

“Don’t move,” Evelynn said coldly, and the blonde felt like her feet were nailed to the ground as Evelynn walked walked back in front of her. “I can’t believe you actually bought that we were fighting… that I would turn on my soulmate for you.” She clicked her tongue. “You really are stupid aren’t you, poor trash? Ahri cares way more about keeping people like you out of her school than I do, but I have to confess… damn, you are an idiot.” Eve chuckled as tears ran down Lux’s face. Then she grabbed the tie hanging from her uniform, and holding it like a leash, began to pull. Her eyes flashed again. “Follow…” she commanded… and Lux obeyed, screaming in the depths of her own mind.

Evelynn lead her to the center of the lecture hall before standing her still, circling around her like a shark. Something sharp abruptly sliced through her uniform… the only uniform she had… and it fluttered to the ground in three cleanly cut pieces. When she circled around again, though, she wasn’t carrying a knife or anything in her hand… What had cut her?

One of Eve’s hands slipped beneath her bra and squeezed. “So soft…” she muttered, “like they’ve never been touched. Tell me, slut… anyone ever touched these before?” She tilted her head, and then smiled. “Oh, right…”

And suddenly, Lux could talk. “Please…” she whimpered, still unable to move. “Don’t do this…”

Evelynn sighed. Then he ran one hand down to Lux’s right hand, cupping it lovingly in her own. Almost tenderly, her other hand covered Lux’s mouth. “Little girls,” she whispered. “Should do what they are told…”

Then she snapped Lux’s index finger with a savage twist of her other hand.

Lux screamed, but the scream all but vanished into Evelynn’s hand… it certainly didn’t reach the door of the room, let alone anyone else would could help her. She screamed and screamed as the pain turned from a sharp agony to a dull, sullen throb, tears running from her eyes, and only once she was silently sobbing did Evelynn speak again. “Your mistress asked you a question…” she whispered, golden eyes amused. “And she expect an answer. Just an answer. Speak again when you aren’t an answering a question your mistress asks, and next time I’ll break two. Understand?”

Sobbing, Lux couldn’t move her head to nod… she couldn’t seem to do anything that Evelynn hadn’t given her permission to do… but if she could have, she would have practically given herself whiplash. Anything to stop the blonde sadist from hurting her again. When she removed her hand from Lux’s lips. “Yes, yes, I understand!”

Evelynn sighed dramatically and covered her mouth again. “Clearly not.” And she broke another finger.

When Lux had finished screaming, Evelynn smiled. “I believe I told you how you should address me, stupid girl. Try again.” She removed her hand again.

“Yes mistress!” Lux moaned in terror.

“Good… you can be taught. Ahri will be pleased.” Evelynn circled her again, getting behind her, and putting both hands on her breasts beneath the bra. “Now, tell me. Has anyone else ever touched these whore tits of yours?” And she squeezed them hard.

“Ah!” Lux cried out softly. “N- No mistress!”

“Then I’m pleased to be the first,” the sadistic bully said. Lux felt the graze of something sharp against her skin, heard a snap of cloth, and her bra was fluttering to the floor. “And this…” Evelynn continued, sticking a hand down Lux’s panties and making her shudder as she felt fingers graze her pussy. “Has anyone ever touched this for you?”

“No! No mistress!” Lux whimpered, her voice higher pitched. “Pl-” Lux cut herself off.

“What was what sweetie?” Evelynn said with a smile, grabbing her hand with her other hand. When Lux remained silent, Evelynn let the hand drop. “Training…” she murmured happily. “Virgin little pet. I’m going to have so much fun with you, little lightweaver. Ahri wanted to take care of you herself, you know… I beeeeeeeegged her to let me do it. I’ve been waiting for this since the day you showed up here…” Another graze from the sharp thing, and her panties fluttered down, cut on both sides. “Now… on the floor.”

And as Lux’s body began to move without consulting her brain, Eve began to strip out of her clothing. Even now, Lux had to admit the woman was beautiful… sweet, creamy pale skin almost too smooth to be believed, soft curves and a gentle swell. The blonde bully stood over Lux, letting her stare up at her and the slit between her legs, and then Evelynn sat down on her face, her bare pussy resting on Lux’s lips. A second later, nails were digging into her breasts, raking across them, pinching her nipples. “Use that tongue of yours for something more than whining for once, lightbinder. Be a good little dyke and make me cum, and then I’ll leave your tits alone. Lick.”

It was a command… but not one that Lux didn’t have a choice but to obey. She could have refused… but her fingers still throbbed, and her breasts were already starting to ache. She licked.

Evelynn didn’t taste how Lux had imagined. Her flesh was… more savory, her pussy juice ever so slightly sweet. Still she buried her tongue further up. She had no idea what she was doing, and had no skill at it, but she had the kind of desperation that came from having a sadist on top of you that was trying her hardest to rip her tits off with her bare hands. Lux sobbed and wept as she licked… she thought that Evelynn needed help! She thought the girl could be her friend!

Then the sadistic woman slapped her tit. “I know you can do better than that…”

Lux whimpered as the woman grabbed onto her broken hand again, and she found she could move… but far from trying to resist, Lux pulled her head back and shifted so she could put her face deeper into Evelynn’s pussy. She couldn’t escape… she couldn’t do anything but try to avoid pain. Squirm and lick. She quickly pushed her tongue deeper into the woman’s folds. For all of the bully’s complaints about the poor blonde’s poor performance, her insides were hot and sticky, and she heard the woman moan softly as her tongue found a sensitive spot.

Lux froze when she felt something press against her own pussy, hard and thick and sharp. It felt like the knife that had been cutting her clothing… But… Evelynn was too far for that, wasn’t she? “Nobody… told you to stop,” breathed Evelynn. Lux whimpered quietly and got back to it as Evelynn continued teasing her pussy with… with whatever the unseen thing was. “Are… are you wet, freak?” Evelynn accused with a laugh. “If you told me you got off on pain, maybe I wouldn’t have hurt you so much…” She made another whimper escape the tormented girl as she grazed her broken fingers with one hand. “Or maybe just hurt you worse and see how much it took…”

Lux wanted to scream. She wasn’t enjoying this! She didn’t take the slightest pleasure in it… but she could hear the soft slick sounds her pussy made as she was teased. It wasn’t Evelynn causing it… Lux had just been constantly wet since… since… An image of Riven breaking through the doors of the auditorium and kicking Evelynn off of her flashed through her mind. Please, Riven… save me…

Meanwhile, Evelynn was looking through her handbag, seeing what she had available… eventually pulling out a hair brush. After using it slap Lux’s breasts a few times, she somehow started working that into the blonde’s virgin pussy from too far away… Lux didn’t understand what was going on, what was happening to her, but she was all too horrifically sure this wasn’t a nightmares… that this was really happening. She really was being raped on the floor of a classroom, and there was no one around to help her. Her tight pussy lips split for the handle of the brush, the end pressing lightly against her virginity while she whimpered and licked harder, deeper, more enthusiastically… hoping she could encourage Evelynn to show her mercy… and sure enough, she began withdrawing it…

And then slammed it back into it.

It didn’t break her cherry… Lux gasped in pain as he pressed exactly against it but went no deeper, an extreme level of caution and care for how recklessly and violently she had stabbed her victim with it. Then it was coming out and fucking back into her again, and again, and again… A pinch of her nipple reminded her that she was supposed to be licking, and with a sob, Lux got back to work at eating her abuser out. Evelynn’s juices were flowing freely now, and the blonde bully seized Lux’s head with both hands, grinding the woman’s face against her wet slit. She gulped down the thick cream as quickly as she could while running her tongue over throbbing flesh, and Evelynn purred in pleasure, seeming to derive as much enjoyment in Lux’s discomfort and pain as she did from the physical stimulation, and Lux’s whimpering and crying and creations were exciting her further.

Evelynn moaned. “That’s it… you pathetic little piece of back country trash.” She was fuck Lux brutally with the brush now, changing angle over and over, explore new untouched territory with even the shallow thrusts. A rain of hand after hand slapped on her tits… and a third… a third… hand somehow closed around her throat, squeezing… and then a fourth grabbed onto her hand, broken fingers and all. “Make me cum you filthy bitch… let me hear you scream as you… as you make me…” She let out a long, loud groan, body rigid and quivering as the orgasm hit her. Her thighs locked painfully tight around Lux’s head, ensuring the woman had no choice but to keep licking and licking, pussy juice running down her chin, as the other woman rode out her orgasm.

Lux couldn’t breathe at all… she could do nothing but lick and lick and hope the other woman would finish before she suffocated. Finally, her thighs released, along with the hand on her neck. “That… really… wasn’t half bad for a dumbass freak,” she groaned pleasantly. “You really would have made a wonderful pet.” She relaxed, stopping slapping her, stopping fucking her with the hairbrush… but a hand remained on the back of Lux’s head, keeping her pressed to her crotch. The sadist humped herself against the other’s face. “Didn’t tell you to stop, freak… or do you need a reminder of who your mistress is?”

Lux quickly resumed licking.

“That was… a decent bit of foreplay… but knowing how to use your tongue is one thing. There’s a lot more of your mouth to explore,” Evelynn groaned out in pleasure. And then…

Lux froze. Something was… growing out of the other woman’s pussy. Right before her eyes, the pale white skin of her abuser took on a blue tint, darkening… the taste of her changing to grow more spicey, more musty. And something kept pressing out of her pussy and into Lux’s mouth, inch at a time, pushing her tongue away, battering it down. The rod found the entrance to Lux’s throat and forced its way in, making the innocent student start gagging… and once she started, she didn’t stop.

Lux felt dizzy, like she was going mad. Somehow, Evelynn had grown a cock… and that cock was down her throat now. Jagged edges seem to cover it, scraping at her throat, and Lux began to struggle in earnest… but hands grabbed her both her arms and legs, pinning her down to the floor as the dick sank deeper and deeper into her, further and further down her throat.

Then she drew her hips back and started to fuck her, and Lux learned what hell was. The cock seemed to scrape at her throat, every sharp, unnatural edge of it pushing against her even as it stretched her neck wider than it was never meant to go, making her swell and retch in anguish… and only succeed in further pleasing her rapist. “Guk guk guk!” Lux gurgled over and over as Evenlynn bucked her hips back and forth to fuck her throat in a frenzy, showing absolutely no concern for her. Her face slapped into Eve’s crotch over and over, her features covered with drool and balls that had appears out of nowhere bouncing off her nose and forehead. She drove into Lux’s throat without any regard for how much damage he might be doing with his scales, or whether she would have time to breathe, taking sheer sadistic joy in her anguish.

After thirty seconds, Lux thought that she wanted to die. After a minute, she was sure of it. The woman’s grotesque, unnatural cock stretched her gullet and seemed to rip at her flesh, and he used the reduced resistance to help her fuck her harder. Lux was sure she was killing her, ripping her throat apart it hurt so badly… she didn’t understand why the cock didn’t taste of blood each time it drew back, why she was still alive after five minutes of this, five minutes of the cruel woman turning her ruined throat into a fuckhole for her.

“You are… nothing…” Evelynn groaned. “Just a warm hole for my cock. Nothing but a warm hole for my cock. Yesss…”

Lux had heard of sex toys before, but this was her first time really understanding what one was… what being one felt like. It wasn’t that the cruel woman didn’t care that she was hurting Lux… she knew she was hurting her, and relished it. Took pride and joy it in it! She didn’t care about anything at all but her own satisfaction right now, and that involving hurting her. Thrust after thrust after thrust stretched her neck as Evelynn disregarded the blonde’s need to breathe, loved the crushing agony she caused every time her scaled cock pounded Lux’s soft throat.

It took only a few more minutes for him to start cumming… but she still didn’t slow down. As cum pour down her throat directly into her stomach, Eve continued slamming herself against Lux’s soaked face, pummeling her, enjoying the milking sensation as her throat tried hopelessly to expel her. She fucked her face to a second load… and then a third… and then a fourth.

The entire time, Lux was never less than perfectly miserable. Evelynn had long since stopped holding down her limbs… they felt too weak to do anything but lay there anymore, anyway. She managed to steal a gasp of air of each thrust, but it was never enough to stop her from feeling lightheaded, never enough to feel sated. She suffered through each and every use of her body until Evelynn finally finished cumming a fourth time into her stomach, making it feel like she had a bowl of steaming hot soup squirming around in there. She barely dared to hope when Eve began to shift and pull out… but then the cock popped free of her lips, and she was free to finally BREATHE.

Then, gasping, she looked up at Evelynn in horror.

The woman looked nothing like the blonde she had seen originally. Her skin was a pale blue, her hair had paled from blond to white, and her smiling maw revealed sharp teeth… but that wasn’t even close to the most severe changes. Her limbs were covered in chitinous scales from below the knees and elbows, burning her hands in cruel, sharp talons. Two tails stretched behind her, weaving eagerly through the air, their tips knife-bladed and glinting in the pale light. And her cock… She looked at that cock and wanted to scream at the sight of it, go insane at the horror that that thing had been inside of her. It was massive… covered in hard plates just like her arms and legs, and longer than her forearm. It must have almost been in her stomach!

“You always put on the best shows,” Ahri said. Evelynn and Lux both looked over at the nearby rows of desks, where the gumiho sat with her feet up, watching with a self-satisfied smirk. “It’s always been a unique pleasure to watch you work, lover…”

Eve smirked. She looked down at Lux, and her eyes didn’t flash this time… they went entirely red for a second. Pupil, iris, cornea… everything turned a deep, bloody crimson. “Hold your breath,” she ordered. Then she walked over to Ahri. “Glad you enjoyed,” she chuckled, one hand stroking her cock. “Did you want to take a turn with the bitch?”

“Perish the thought!” Ahri laughed, aghast. “On does not have one master artist take over for another… it would be an affront to both artists. Please, finish…”

“Happily…” Evelynn purred. Then she moved in and kissed Ahri, the fox moaning in pleasure as Evelynn’s tongue pressed into her mouth.

Meanwhile, Lux was gathering her feet beneath her. Her hand ached, and she didn’t didn’t understand what the hell was going on and who that person was where Evelynn had been, but she was going to get out of here. Riven, Vi, Poppy… they could help her. Together, they would be safe… and she would never go anywhere alone again. She leaped to her feet while Evelynn and Ahri were distracted with each other, running past them and up to the door.

Then the floor rushed up to meet her, her brain lightheaded, weak… confused.

“Oh Eve dear… I think your toy thinks she is leaving.” Ahri chuckled.

“Thinks? I’m not sure she’s ever had a thought in her head…” Evelynn answered. Lux felt something… one of the woman’s tails… slithering around her ankle. Then she was lifted up into the air, danging from one ankle as she stared down at Lux and Ahri in confusion. “One breath, pet.”

And Lux breathed in once, and the anguish in her lungs subsided for a moment, and Lux understood. She had run out of air, and her body… had failed her, completely. “Please…” she begged. “I’ll leave the school. I’ll never come ba… a… ack…” She was all but whispering at the end as her air ran out again.

And Ahri laughed at her. “It’s far, far, far, too late for that, street rat. Me trying to make you leave? That was me being merciful… and I don’t feel like it anymore.” She smiled as the corners of Lux’s vision began to grow dark. “And that was a very poor use of your one breath…”

Lux blacked out.

When she woke up again, Ahri was gone… and the creature lurking inside the Evelynn’s body was waiting for her. “One breath,” she whispered, and Lux’s body obeyed, fresh tears coming to her eyes as her lungs already began to burn in anticipation. Evelynn smiled. “You seem to be beginning to understand. Make me happy, and you breath. Fail to do so, and I will make every second of your life as perfectly miserable as possible. Now, pet…” she kicked Lux’s legs apart. “My charm is just your training wheels… my way I ease your transition into your new life. Because I am merciful.” She smirked. “Keep those legs open, or I’ll break them.”

Lux found that she had no doubt that she was telling the truth. She kept her legs spread… even as she trembled as that horrific cock slapped down between her legs. She tested the entrance a few times, apparently enjoying the way Lux tensed over and over… but then she stabbed in and Lux tried to scream… and found herself out of breath, already slipping back towards unconsciousness. Evelynn slapped her a few times as her sharp, jagged cock sank deeper and deeper into her. “Pay attention now, slut… it’s not time for you to have another breath. Look your mistress in the eye… yes… like that…” Lux’s eyes were wide and terrified, but almost unseeing… her entire world was reduced to a pinprick the size of Eve’s face, the burning in her lungs, the stabbing pain at the entrance of her pussy…

“One breath,” Evelynn allowed, and Lux gasped in. And in that second, Evelynn thrust forward, skewered her cunt completely in a single moment, her virginity shattering beneath that cruel cock, and Lux screamed that solitary breath away in an instant, beginning to suffocate again immediately as Eve began to rape her. All her past, all her future, her friends, her hopes, her dreams… they were all stripped away from her in the desperate need for air. All that existed for the woman was the ravaged, agonized tunnel of flesh that was bringing her mistress pleasure and her pain in equal measure and the her mistresses eyes… the only thing in the world that could give her air, could give her life. In that second, Lux found it easy to forget who she was, everything she had ever been proud of, and become just a thing that existed for the pleasure of Eve’s cock.

“One breath,” she whispered into Lux’s ear as she continued to pound her. “Try not to scream it this time… I love the sound, but its a waste of air… and besides… you deserve this…”

She raped Lux with brutal, long thrusts that landed like punches directly against her cervix, sliding her entire body across the floor with each thrust. Lux fought with everything to keep her legs open, but not because she was afraid of a specific punishment anymore… just because some small part of her mind reminded her that her mistress wanted them open, and making her mistress happy so she wouldn’t be hurt any more was the single most important thing in her life now. And then she froze as Evelynn grabbed her broken hand.

“You spoke to my girlfriend earlier,” Eve said, not slowing her thrusts in the slightest… even as one tail brushed tears from Lux’s face and brought them to Eve’s lips to lick. “Did she ask you a question that I missed, slave? Take a breath.”

“P-pl-…” Lux whimpered before closing her eyes in real shame. “No… mistress.”

“I didn’t think so.”

And Eve broke another finger. Lux bit her tongue in her effort not to scream, not to waste the precious oxygen, but some of his hissed between her teeth anyway, making her weep almost as much as the pain of her broken finger did. “Oh, oh, that’s wonderful…” Eve moaned. “You squeeze me so far when you do that. I guess it’s a good thing that you have more fingers…” And she snapped a fourth finger.

This time, Lux screamed, a breathless, pathetic thing. Her eyes snapped open, seeing only Evelynn ecstatic face as she fucked her. “Yes, yes, yes… so good…” she moaned. “Make your mistress cum, slut…” And she snapped the fifth, and Lux had nothing left to scream with… but Evelynn screamed for her, crying out in sheer pleasure as she rammed her inhuman cock to the hilt in Lux’s bleeding pussy and came. Lux felt the heat, the disgusting feeling of being filled up, being polluted… being defiled… and she blacked out again as her air ran out.

When she woke up the next time, she was being dragged down the hallway her hair. Evelynn looked normal again… a perfectly well made-up blonde schoolgirl… but Lux could see the monster inside now, rippling just beneath the skin. “Ah, you’re back,” she said cheerfully, continuing to drag her down the hallway. “One breath.” They reached her room a few minutes later, and Lux was shocked to see how much larger and more opulent it was than her own. Eve shut the door behind them, and tossed Lux onto her bed. “You live here now,” she said coldly. “One breath.”

As Lux breathed in roughly, Evelynn settled down in bed with her. “Now… it’s been a long night. I’m tired… but I’m sure we can find a use for your mouth. After all, we have a lot more training for you…” She grinned. “One breath.”

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  1. This looks great so far. While it would be perfect to have sassy bitches like Ahri put to their place, Lux being a victim is always a good scenario. I’m just curious what do you have in story for Poppy 🙂


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