Hunter’s Fall 6 – Inferno

Day Seven

On the seventh morning, Kryzzk finally drew the right card, and Samus knew her luck has finally come to an end.

With each passing day, Samus found herself having a harder time telling which of the pirates holding her captive she hated the most. She had spent the last night with Orzarl, who was making an excellent case for himself… not because his ideas were so much more or more violent than anyone else’s, but because he was so damn cheerful about all of them. He had spent the night delighted in choking her out on his cock over and over again as he tried to make her take it deeper, and deeper, and deeper, and each time she had passed out he had just smiled at her with the buzzing, double-jawed disgusting smile of theirs, and told her it was alright… that she could always try again. Then he had buried himself in her again. Sucking a rapist hard again after he fucked her was nothing new to her at this point, but Orzarl seemed to prefer the opposite… he’d fuck her face until he came, then before he got too soft he would skewer himself in her asshole and just let her insides slowly milk him back to being hard enough again to take a new turn in her throat.

By the end of the night, she had a half dozen loads of cum in her stomach, all of them pumped directly down her gullet. It was bad how she could feel the hot cum there, like a molten load of lead in her chest… but worse was how she was almost grateful that he pumped his jizz directly into her stomach without giving her the option to swallow or not. After a week as a sex slave, without a bite to eat, she was still refusing to swallow… but her stomach was treacherously grateful for the food. They would have to feed her eventually, she told herself. If they wanted her killed, they would have just done it already… so they wanted to keep her alive, and relatively healthy… or fuckable, as they would put it. If she just kept refusing to drink down their filth, eventually they would have to give her something real.

When she had woken up the next morning, he had put a leash on the manacles she wore and taken her down the small cargo hold at the bottom of the ship. Taking her down might have been a bit more generous description of events than it deserved, in truth. He had opened the hatch, and then kicked her in her rear to send her tumbling down the stairs into the hold. The bastard had laughed as Samus bounced down the steep staircase into the hold. It was only a single step from the bottom that the sexy blonde managed to stop on, and that was only because she had reached the end of the leash he was holding. The manacles bit into her wrists until they bled, and the sudden, painful jerking of her arms and shoulders was almost worse than the battering fall down the stairs. By the time he stepped over her, Samus was barely conscious… she hadn’t slept in days, and the exhaustion and pain and hunger and humiliation was taking a dangerous toll on her. Her svelte young body was so full of pain that even breathing made her want to moan with agony that she was too prideful to let escape. After walking over her bruised body, the pirate had apologized and reminded her to be careful and not to trip.

Immediately, he had made it known what he expected… he had set her to work licking the floor clean, and he had her damned plasma whip with him to enforce her obedience. Samus had long since begun to regret owning the things because they had quickly become one of their favorite toys to use on her. He had made her bathe every inch of the small hold with her tongue before the Lieutenant had come down while he was in the process of raping her, barely letting him finish inside her womb before dragging her back upstairs to decide on her next host. Samus was pretty sure their insectoid race wasn’t capable of breeding with humans, but every single day she was being given more cause of hope that she was right.

Then they had selected and for the first time, Kryzzk had won.

“Finally!” he growled, stomping forward. He barely wore anything anymore… his exosuit was usually half off these days, like he was only a split second of waiting away from raping her the instant he had permission. He proved it then, too… unwilling to wait even a second, he had tossed the bound blonde onto the floor and kicked as her legs until she was too sore to keep holding them together. Then he raped her, her body pressing against the side of her pilots chair with each thrust as he almost slide her across the ground with the force of his thrusts, feeling his triple ball slapping against her with each time.

Horrible as it was, it was almost a relief. Kryzzk had been filled with all kinds of ideas as to what he was going to do with her when it was his turn… he hadn’t been able to shut up about them for days now. Samus felt like his cock was scraping off skin with each thrust into her abused, horribly sore body, and she felt like her insides were never going to be clean again if she put them through a sanitizer one atom at a time, but she had been raped like this since her first moments in captivity. As much as the thought disgusted her, this was nothing special anymore. It was what he was likely to do after he’d satisfied his initial burst of lust that made her worry… she hated it, but she was slightly grateful for every second longer his use of her body lasted, and when he finally came in her, the cream of his filthy body felt even more foul than usual.

“I’m going to make you wish you had never been born,” Kryzzk buzzed in his rasping, alien voice. His hand tangled in her blonde hair, messy and matted from days of abuse and lack of maintenance, and he began to drag her across the floor while she scrambled on her knees to try keeping up, to make sure that only a little bit of her hair was ripped out of her head rather than nearly all of it. As she was taken down the hall, Samus let out a surprised scream as a whip crashed across her, one more kiss from the plasma lashes of those she was leaving behind… striped the bounty hunter’s perfect, creamy ass with lines of fiery red. Trying to avoid whimpering in pain pathetically, she jerked her ass from side to side in a desperate attempt to escape the pain, but probably just gave them a sexy sight as they continued to abuse her.

Then she was back in her own room with just her, Kryzzk, and the gag in his hand. “I thought I was going to go mad waiting for you,” he admitted slowly as he tossed the cum-stained blonde onto the bed. Her face was dirty from licking up the hold, her pussy was leaking, and she was covered in welt, but if the reactions of the disgusting pirates were anything to go on she was just as desirable to them as ever. She wanted to struggle, to kick him into the wall until his exoskeleton shattered… but she was so tired, so weak, so damned hungry that she was no longer sure she could. Even if it were possible, it would get her no closer to freedom… She had no weapons, and there were three more of them on board the ship with Ridley dragging her around from just outside. No fight could be profitable for her now. She needed to wait… needed to, no matter how it burned. So Samus lay there as Kryzzk slowly stroked his cock, gazing at her gorgeous, abused body as he fantasized about what was coming next.

Kryzzk picked up a pair of cuffs and began fastening them around Samus’ ankles, stretching the exhausted woman out of the bed. “I thought my turn would never come… but when I look back on it, I’m glad,” Kryzzk admitted with a buzzing rasp, his hand brushing the crack in his jaw plate as he worked. “It gave me plenty of time to think… think of a perfect use for your soft, vulnerable slut-skin your humans wear.” Once Samus was properly restrained, he reached into his bag and pulled out a small box, opening it up, and smiling. It was filled completely with pins… slim, pointed skewers of steel 2 cm long, with a bright red round ball on the other end.

His cock twitching with lust, he put one hand beneath her chin and lifted it, staring into her blue eyes with his amber ones. “I wonder if you’d be sorry if I drove one of these into those pretty eyes of yours,” he mused as he held up one of the needles between their gaze. “Fucktoys don’t need to be able to see, after all.” His other hand pinched her left nipple between his fingers and pulled her breast out, making a momentary grimace flash across the blonde’s face before she masked it. “Beg me to fuck you,” Kryzzk growled.

Samus’ eyes focused on the needle, her breath coming just a little bit faster. She knew that she was stronger and faster than a normal human with the chozo blood that had been grafted into her, and it had allowed her to recover from some truly horrible injuries in the past… but regrow an eye? Was that something that she could do? In truth, Samus had no idea, and wasn’t even remotely eager to find out – her powers of recovery had never been tested that far. Still… to submit like that…

She met his eyes. “Go. Fuck. Yourself,” she growled, then closed her eyes.

She had no idea if he was bluffing. She was pretty sure that if he damaged her like that, it would spoil Ridley’s fun, but she wasn’t sure about that, and she definitely wasn’t sure that he was smart enough to realize that he’d be putting his own life on the line… but even so, she couldn’t bring herself to bow and scrape like that before one of the monsters that had murdered her parents. She would rather die.

Instead of driving the needle into her eye, though, Kryzzk laughed. “I am going to enjoy this very much,” he promised as he placed the point of that ready needle near the center of her right breast, angling it down as he began to slowly push it in. Samus’ eyes snapped open at the sudden, sharp pain… the stab causing a persistent level of agony far out of proportion to the damage. Kryzzk stared with hungry, fascinated eyes, fascinated by the way her body began to shiver uncontrollably in sheer reaction as her skin dimpled beneath the needle. Small drops of blood oozed out around the needle as he pushed it deeper into the meaty part of her full breast, all the way until he could go no further and it felt to Samus like the sharp metal tip was scraping against her heart with each thudding beat. Only the crimson ball tip was still visible, dripping a small trail of blood to her stomach.

Then Kryzzk pulled the second needle from the box, leaving the first fully embedded. Samus couldn’t help but follow the sharp point with her eyes despite herself, shuddering as he pushed them into her, one after the other. One, two, three, four, five, six… he was alternating between her breasts with each one of them until it felt like her breasts were fiery balls of pain, each twitch a screaming torment searing through her body. Drawing even a single breath was torture as her chest rose and fell.

“Want to fuck me yet you useless slut?” Kryzzk said with a cruel smile.

“You…” she hissed from between clenched teeth. “You’re… a coward…” Talking was hard. She found herself panting with almost every word as every syllable made her chest move. “Un… tie… me, and we’ll see who the… useless… one is…”

Kryzzk’s eyes flashed. “If you’re not going to use your voice productively, you won’t be using it at all.” He reached down into the bag and took out a metal collar with some kind of metal box on the back. Samus wanted to thrash as he began fastening the degrading thing around her neck, but with the way how many movement made her tits hurt like they were on fire, her struggles were far less enthusiastic than they would have been otherwise.

As the collar closed around her neck, a sudden, sharp pain came into the back of her neck, like something in the collar had stabbed deep into her neck. “What the hell was…” she said… or, to her horror, tried to say. Nothing came out, not a whisper. In fact, not even air. A moment later, she realized that she couldn’t breathe in, either… somewhere in the middle of her neck, between the coils of that collar, nothing was being allowed past… nothing in, and nothing out. She couldn’t breathe! It was like there was some… barrier… erected right in the middle of her throat, and no matter how hard she heaved, how hard she tried to suck in air, she could get nothing… nothing that could soothe her burning lungs. A flash of instinctive panic went through her, beyond rational thought, beyond stubbornness and her inherent indomitable will. This went deeper…. Millions of years of evolution that was telling her that she needed to breathe now now now now now now. He was going to kill her… Ridley would kill him for this, but she would be dead.

In that moment, Samus’ desperate mind would have begged him to fuck her… but she couldn’t say a word.

Then he picked up more needles and got back to work. Samus was thrashing now, the fire of the needles agonizing but her mind wouldn’t let her remain still, not with the desperate struggle for air and the instinctive panic it inspired. It made every pain sharper, more profound… etched it more violently into her mind. Samus was looking forward to the moment she would pass out. As the pain grew greater, and more and more needles found their way into her skin, the thoughts of never waking back up began to seem almost a mercy.

But no matter how her lungs screamed, no matter how she suffered, Samus didn’t pass out. Her vision did not begin to go dark, her mind didn’t cloud, and the pain didn’t stop. “Understand yet?” Kryzzk snarled at her. “Stupid worthless whore. Your species entire species in weak and pathetic. So easy to torment. To easy to make suffer.” That doubled jawed expression looked like an especially cruel smile to Samus at the moment. “We built these for punishing human slave fodder,” he told her as he reached down for additional things to torment her with. “The collar is putting oxygen into the blood directly. You’re getting everything you need, pulled right out of the air and put into your veins. You’re getting everything you need…”

His grin grew wider. “But it also stops any of the CO2 from escaping your lungs, and your human body is as weak and pathetic as ever. It is telling you, over and over and over, that you need to breathe now… or you’re about to die. And it can’t vent that gas, so it’s going to keep screaming… forever and ever.” Kryzzk snorted a buzzing laugh. “Isn’t it beautiful?”

Kryzzk held up a tiny tube that sparked to life, flame emerging from the tip in a blazing diamond torch as he lit it, even while he left another bundle of long, sharp pins in his other hand and smiled at the bound, helpless beauty. Samus’s eyes went wide as the flame sparked and fluttered. Samus wanted to scream in horror and frustration and terror but she couldn’t make a sound… she didn’t even have the ability to beg anymore and do as he asked. Her attempt to scream only grew greated as he brought the flame down to her cunt, tracing it lightly over sex, burning away the tiny hairs that had begun to grow during her week in captivity. Her body thrashed in a desperate attempt to make Kryzzk pull the flame away from her tender cunt, but she was too bound to get away… she could only hear the crackle and sizzle as her hairs burned and her body exploded in agony. A second later, one of the pins vanished into the shuddering flat plane of her belly. He caught the lip of her navel and pushed the pin right through it, making Samus writhe madly against her bunk.

Kryzzk didn’t touch her with the flame, not wanting to damage her yet, but he brush the flame no more then a quarter of an inch from the fluttering lips of Samus’s cunt. The bounty hunter bucked and shuddered in terror and pain, so much of her body vanishing in the pain, her lungs, her breasts, her sex, her belly, her mind… all of them burning beneath the space pirate’s cruelty. Part of her had thought that she had seen the limits of suffering and degradation, that she had been taken down as far as a woman could go… but she was now just realizing that she had been impossibly wrong. Suddenly, Samus felt pathetically naive for believing she would be able to make it until they landed on Zebes… that there would be anything left of her to escape when they did. Kryzzk, Ridley, and the others would always have some new cruelty to inflict on her helpless, sexy body.

“Kiss my cock, human slut,” Kryzzk said, slapping her wide eye, pain-twisted face. His shaft was almost right before her face, hard as a rock. “Show me what your mouth is for, and maybe I’ll let you breathe. Give it a big wet kiss… wrap those cocksucking lips on your god’s cock and show how much you love it.”

Samus stared up blankly at Kryzzk, barely comprehending the words through the ocean of pain… but she was quickly realizing that she really would do anything they asked, suffer any indignity, if only the collar would come off. After only a moment of hesitation, she opened her mouth and pressed it against the underside of Kryzzk’s cock just behind the chitinous bulge of his head. Her lips parted, her tongue teased out to play over Kryzzk’s heated exoskeleton.

Just because she was doing what he wanted, didn’t mean the pirate was finished. Still the fire brushed her legs, her pussy, seeming to burn her soul itself. Kryzzk played the flame a quarter inch from the tendons that lined her inner thighs watching the muscles jump and twitch with involuntary reactions, trying to flinch away from the pain… a second before he plunged a pin deep into the muscle of Samus’s right thigh. Not satisfied with merely sticking it into the burned skin, he then screwed the pin around until a drop of bright red blood oozed out to streak over her silky skin. He plunged another pin into her leg just above her kneecap, a third up into the soft pillow of flesh where her thigh met the curve of her ass. A forth went high on her hip. One inch at a time, Kryzzk methodically tortured her the right side of her body with the sharp skewers of metal.

The whole while, the blue-eyed girl stared at Kryzzk’s huge, stiffened cock with wide, horrified eyes. She didn’t want to see what he was doing to her helpless body as her tongue slowly lapped at the hated bastard’s fat prick. Her leg was dotted with pins by now, and the bright crimson heads looked like drops of blood from wounds. At less thirty of them of them poked into the soft flesh of her thigh, perhaps as many as twenty more sticking into her calf. Kryzzk stabbed one into the super-sensitive flesh just behind her knee, and from the tremble her tongue against his cock, he could tell that she had tried to scream and been unable to make a sound. Before her tongue had stopped trembling, he had plunged in another two.

She kissed and licked her way up and down Kryzzk’s thick cock, desperately hoping to please him, hoping she could convince him to stop torturing her… maybe even to let her breathe. The hope seemed foolishly faint, but it was the only desperate one that Samus had left, so she slithered her tongue all over his wrist-thick prick, lathering the chitinous pole with her spit and then kissing it away. She even willingly pressed the big cock between her lips and pumped on it, slurping up the disgusting, filthy drops of pre-cum that oozed from the sharpened head of his prick. “That’s it, whore,” Kryzzk said, twisting his hand even tighter in her hair and jerking her from side to side. “You’re starting to learn.” He repositioned himself above her head, and plunged his fat cock down between her lips. Samus found that she couldn’t suck it even if she wanted to… just as she couldn’t draw air, she couldn’t produce any suction, but she tried anyway, bob her head frantically forward and back. At the angle she was bound, it hurt terribly to take the full length of Kryzzk’s cock down the narrow tunnel of her throat, but he wasn’t giving her any choice. It made her gag constantly and rubbed her tender throat raw, but a genuine tear dripped down her face as she realized that with the collar, he didn’t need to pull out at all… that she could suffocate like this on his prick forever, and she could do nothing about it. The bounty hunter squirmed, her tongue all over the fat rod as it pushed back and forth through the warm wetness of her mouth, hoping against hope that if she could make him want to cum more than he wanted to hurt her for a second, maybe he would leave her alone for just a moment.

Then she felt something being pushed into her cunt. Something thick, rough, unyielding… vaguely phallic-shaped, but rougher, harsher, obviously made of metal. At the same time, his other hand was working another pin into her body, reaching beneath her to drive them into her ass. One after the other, sharp pins disappeared into her rear, and the beautiful bounty-hunter ass tensed hard as a rock with each new pin Kryzzk stuck into the silky cheeks, but not matter how she her muscles tried they couldn’t clench tight enough to keep the pins from spearing into her vulnerable flesh. Samus tried to jerk away from the pins that were stabbing her, but the effort only ground her pussy more violently into whatever Kryzzk was still shoving up inside of her.

Kryzzk fed her his cock, pushing it pass her stretched lips through the warm, unwilling cavity of her mouth, not stopping until he was clogging the tiny, sore tunnel of her throat. Samus did her best to suck him, letting her mouth fill with spit and then swishing it over the thrusting prick. But he was fucking her throat too fast and hard now for her to do much more than that, even if she was able to draw breath to apply suction. The best she could was squirm her lips around the fleshy rod as it speared through them.

“Fucking whore,” Kryzzk swore. Then abruptly, unbelievable agony flashed through her, an electrical shock that started deep in her pussy and spread out, overwhelming her body and mind complete. Agony more complete than anything she had ever felt before took away every other sensation… but only for a second. Then she felt almost nothing anymore… not the pins, not her legs, not her ass. Only the burning in her lungs remained below her neck. What had he done to her? Kryzzk didn’t pull his cock out of her mouth… instead, he simply leaned over and undid the cuffs on her legs. They were limp in her hands, and while her body slowly began coming back to life, she couldn’t feel his hands on her as he brought her legs up to him, recuffed them to the bed by her head. Only then did he finally pull out to walk around her, and she could see what he had stuffed into her pussy… her Paralyzer. That was a charged shot he had just shot into her… an electric suppression weapon that was designed as a capture and personal protection weapon for her when she was out of her suit. It meant that the numbness wouldn’t…

Agony returned all at once. Her body suddenly screamed every injury at her in unison as her nerves all woke up at once, and Samus would have screamed like a banshee if she had the air to do it. Instead, she could do nothing but cry as Kryzzk resumed torturing her, grabbing a new handful of pins and thrusting one of them into the ring of her asshole. Samus eyes lit up with the overwhelming pain of that, jerked her hips wildly from side to side in a wild effort to dislodge the awful metal pin, but there was no hope of that… the Space Pirate just waited until she had exhausted herself before he pushed another, and another, and another pin into the ring of muscle, one after the other until the red heads made her ass look bloody and swollen, her shithole outlined by the sharp pins.

Mercy. It was the only thought in Samus’ mind… there was nothing else between her and giving in and begging but her own lack of air to speak with. She wanted to scream as Kryzzk grabbed her paralyzer again and began fucking her savagely, raping Samus’ tattered pussy with her own weapon, relentlessly and violently ramming the unyielding metal deep up her snatch. It made Samus thrash and buck like a wild dessgeega, her mouth slammed closed, teeth chattering together.

Soon, he was bored of that particular torment, and even though he didn’t pull the paralyzer from her raped hole, he moved onto a new torment. With dedication, Kryzzk began working to turn her left leg into the same type of pincushion that her right already was. He drove the pins into her hip, thigh and calf. He even stuck one pin beneath the nail of her toe, making Samus want to howl furiously. Without warning he abandoned her leg and stuck a pin right through the taut, swollen lips of her cunt. “You exist to suffer,” Kryzzk promised her furiously as he speared her clit with one of the horrid, long pin. Supernovas of bright light and anguish exploded behind Samus’ eyes, and she cursed her Chozo blood… without it she would have surely passed out before suffering this kind of agony. Instead, she was still aware and sensitive, ready to feel more and more. Kryzzk fucked her clit with the needle a few times, sliding it back and forth with delight before grabbing a second needle and sending it to join its brother through her quivering clit. Only after four more did he move back to her swollen pussy, sinking additional pins into her cunt-lips on the other side before moving on to her shaking, jerking inner thighs. He ground pin after pin into the long crevice that stretched from the end of her pussy-slit throughout her ass-crack up to her tailbone.

And all throughout the process of being turned into a living, suffering pincushion, Samus could feel the tiny electrical charge as her paralyzer built up a second charge inside her swollen cunt. The gun was buried deep up inside her, her delicate pussy stretched and filled in ways that it had never been meant to go. Her legs shuddered in their bondage, held helpless for the pirate to use them to hurt her.

Kryzzk lined her vulnerable flanks with pins, driving them deep and twisting them to draw little beads of blood with each and every pin now. The pirate drew a line of pins from her hips to under her arms, then up her arms and to her fingers. “So soft,” he growled. “So fragile. So pathetic.” He stuck pins through the soft webbing between each finger, driving it deep into her palm through the gaps between her fingers. As an afterthought, he returned to her feet and did the same between her toes. The pain was overwhelming, and combined with the agony in her lungs and her pussy it was reducing Samus to pathetic tears… she no longer had the awareness to care that he could see, that she was giving him what he wanted. She still cried bitterly.

“Stick your tongue out,” Kryzzk instructed her as he began dotting her stomach with dozens of the sharp pins. “Maybe, if you look like enough of a slut, I won’t have to keep hurting you. Probably not, but you can hope.”

Samus opened her mouth as wide as she could, and let her tongue dangling out. Kryzzk walked around, and knelt on top of her, dropping first one, then all three of his alien balls past her lips. Together, the three filled her spit-slick cavity utterly, distorting Samus’s beautiful face as her pretty cheeks puffed out horribly to make it all fit.

“That’s it hunter-slut, tongue them like the soft-skin whore you are.” Kryzzk rubbed his dripping cock across her forehead, leaving trails of pre-cum all over her. With her face held immobile like that, it became the next target for the pins. Samus had never pierced her ears before, but now they were pierced and pierced and pierced again, each ear drove completely through over and over again. She tongue his balls, trying to please him… but he didn’t stop. Not when he finished with her ears and began skewering her shoulders and the hollows of her collarbone. Not when he he drove them into her armpits. Not even when he grabbed her tits with both of his hands and squeezed, digging dozens of pins deeper and deeper with each agonizing squeeze.

Then she started weeping openly as she pulled out of her mouth, grabbing another handful, and got back to work on adding more to her tits, one pin at a time turning her perfect breasts into something that looked more like the back of a greemer. Samus could do nothing but whimper silently and suffer at the obscene spectacle of him forcing hundreds of the pins deeper into her tits.

And he had saved the best for last. When her breasts were almost so covered in the red pinheads that she looked like she was wearing a red bra, he grabbed two final pins and holding them up before her eyes.

Samus just wept. She knew what he was going to do with them. She prayed she was wrong.

She wasn’t.

Kryzzk grabbed her pin-riddled burnt left tit with his left hand, holding it still in spite of Samus’s frenzied thrashing. He steadied his right hand next to his body and positioned the needle at a proper angle at the base of her nipple. Then he shoved the thick, long, sharp needle directly down into the bud of her nipple. Samus thrashed with more energy than she had had in nearly an hour, her beautiful face twisted with pain and terror. The tip of the needle disappeared down into the very depths of her nipples, thousands of nerve endings screaming in unison at the violation.

Then his hand gripped her right tight, and she began weeping again even before she felt the next needle.

Kryzzk moaned with pleasure as he looked at the work of art he had created, covering her completely in painful, agonizing dots of crimson. He reached down and smashed Samus’ pin-cushion tits together for a few moments before he grabbed her nipples, squeezing them around their skewer as he twisted them in separate directions as viscously as he could.

“You aren’t a hunter anymore,” Kryzzk snarled, still clearly furious, hating her more and more with each outrageous, painful violation he forced on her body. “Not a warrior. Not a pilot. You aren’t even a disgusting human. From now on, all you are is a mouth, a cunt, and a asshole all wrapped up in one slutty package.” He spat on her face. “All you’re good for is getting raped and hurt… it’s the only meaning of your life now.

Part of Samus’ mind felt disconnected, even her super-human mentality stretched to its limit by an overwhelming pain. Her anguish just seemed to intensify over and over until it was absolutely unbearable. She could barely feel any individual one anymore as Kryzzk moved to the front of her, gripping her hair and forcing her face to the right angle to once again shove his cock into, sliding it brutally down her throat. Even the pain in her lungs had become just one more pain in the cloud. She felt like she didn’t have a body anymore… the sensation of her throat clenching around his thick alien cock felt like it was happening to someone else. It throbbed in her throat almost in time to the beat of her heart.

And then he fired off the paralyzer again.

If she had breath, Samus’ scream would have split the air every single agony was abruptly overridden again at every nerve fired at once, her body jerking and clenching like a fist on the cock in her throat. A savage grin was locked on Kryzzk’s alien face as he watched her muscles jerk spasmodically in their bonds. The paralyzer sent electrical current coursing into her cunt and all the way up her body, to the point he could see tiny arcs of it between the tightly-packed needles in her tits, and it made her entire body convulse as the weapon firing her nerves beyond the limits of even Samus’ endurance, turning her body into a churning mass of pain. Then, abruptly, she went limp, nearly painless… but it wasn’t a relief. Instead, it just let Samus focus on the feeling of having her throat raped to the exclusion of nearly all the pain, while dread built in her mind. Any second now…

Every single nerve in her body woke back up at once, and it felt like every single pin had been driven back into her at once like it was the first time. Her cunt realized that it was being so horrendously packed. Her lungs realized they were suffocating. All of it crashed over her at once like it was happening for the first time, and Kyrzzk moaned in pleasure as her throat spasmed with the attempt to scream and scream and scream. The pirate gripped her head between his hands, feeling like he was going to crush it as her throat spasmed around his cock, sending chills up his spine as her saliva dripped from her lips and slid down his testicles. He began to fuck her face with short, sharp jabs, feeling his three balls smack her nose with each fucking motion, reveling in the feeling of using this cunt like a piece of meat, the a spasming, jerking piece of fuck meat.

Then, when Samus finally finished thrashing, he triggered the weapon again. Like a fiery, pulsing star, it exploded in her cunt — the current throbbing into her tits and clit sending screaming flares of agony through her mind. Then nothing, just a fucked face. Then all the tortures inflicted at once again as her nerves returned to life. Then shock. Then numb. Then tortured. Over and over and over again as she felt like she was being raped forever, a cock in her throat as she suffered through more than an hour of torture over and over and over again in a single second of horrible awareness. Pain flowed through her in waves like the crashing surf as she convulsed in her bonds, her throat clenching so hard that Kryzzk wondered if it was going to rip his dick off… Samus howling in silence as the sadistic Space Pirate fucked her face until his cock finally spilled its seed down her gullet.

By the time Kryzzk ripped the paralyzer out of her and got off her face, Samus didn’t feel like a hero. She didn’t even feel like a person. She felt like a warm sheath for cock, and one that had been horribly mistreated. She felt like… nothing at all.

Kryzzk slowly uncuffed her. Samus had her hands and legs free for the first time in days. This was the moment she was waiting for… but she felt utterly drained. Enervated almost to the point of death. She felt she would lose a fistfight with a baby as he reached into his bag, grabbing some new implement of her torture. Samus couldn’t bring herself to even twitch to try to escape. “Put this on,” Kryzzk said, tossing something at her. The tight suit, something like rubber, landed on her face. “Get this on, and I’ll take that collar off you for now. Wouldn’t that be nice?”

Samus was horrified to admit that it did. She felt like she would do anything just for a single breath… the thought of being able to breath normally again was more intoxicating that any narcotic. She held up the blue suit… and stared at it in dawning horror.

“I’m going to time you, hunter-whore,” Kryzzk warned her. “Every minute it takes you to squeeze your slutty little body into that is going to mean ten more lashes from the plasma whip. Better get started.”

Samus held it in dismay. It was one of her inner bodysuits… a zero-suit, but… something was wrong with it. It felt thinner… and smaller. She looked at him in horror, and just noticed him smiling and stroking his cock. “Fifteen seconds already, human slut. You must not want any of that soft skin of yours to be left when I’m finished with you.” Slowly, Samus began to stretch it out. It took all the energy the blonde had left just to roll to her knees and unfold the blue bodysuit. As gently as she could, she slipped her foot into the right leg into the outfit, she realized how hard it was going to be to put it on.

Samus didn’t have an ounce of fat on her, but she wasn’t a small woman either… she was fit, well muscled, and tall. This suit had been made in her fabricator at what seemed like half the normal size… far, far too small for her. It was going to squeeze every inch of her… and the pins were still embedded in her. She looked up at Kryzzk, silently begging for mercy, and he just snarled at her. “Thirty,” he said coldly. “And if you pull out a single one of those, I’ll replace it with a dozen more each.”

Closing her eyes for a moment in despair, Samus began to push. The rubber of the zero-suit was so thin that it molded to every bump and contour on her sexy body… especially the bump of the round pin heads. It squeezed each and every one of them, driving them deeper into her skin like they were being hammered in, making her wince with every movement of her body. The suit was so tight that it made Samus think she might smother if she put it on, even without the collar on. It took every ounce of strength she had to pull it up her long, lean legs. By the time she had stretched it painfully around her lush, creamy thighs, Samus collapsed on the floor, completely exhausted and overwhelmed in the agony. It was driving more and more of the pins into her delicate inner thighs with every twitch now, and her pride was all but abandoned as she wept openly.

“Five minutes already,” Kryzzk said with a leer. “I don’t even think you’re halfway yet, cunt.”

The crotch of the zero-suit had been slit, revealing the swollen pink lips of Samus’s cunt and the tight dark crevice of her ass. That was humiliating, but at least it meant that it wasn’t going to drive the pins in her cunt and ass deeper. It was a small mercy, infinitesimal really, but it was enough to almost make her pray for thanks to gods humanity had long ago abandoned. Samus’ strong arms trembled with effort of pulling the skintight suit up over her full, sexy ass. She squirmed over the floor like a sexy snake, like a cheap dancer in a bar putting on a lewd show as she twisted and jerked her sexy little body across the floor of her cabin, hurting herself horribly with every movement.

“Not yet slut,” Kryzzk threatened as she began to slow while she pulled the rubber slowly and painfully up her torso. “Don’t you want to breathe? Or have you so completely internalized that cock is more important to you than air already?”

Pulling the zero-suit over her tits was the most painful part of all. The rubber crushed her tits, driving more than two hundred pins deeper into her, making her scream soundlessly with each movement as the rubber flattened them against her chest and spread them until they looked like two soft comfortable pillows. There were holes for her nipples, and with her tits crushed so cruelly by the tight rubber and the needles skewering her, the nubs of flesh swelled and throbbed. Her nipples spiked out unbelievably hard and long. Kryzzk leaned over and pinched them until Samus squirmed with agony. He just pinched them harder around the needle down their middle, then checked the time.

“Ten minutes, Samus-bitch,” he spat. “One hundred lashes already. Even a plasma whip is going to burn you after that many, isn’t it? You want to be worthy so bad that you want me to tear that soft skin off your body, do you?” Kryzzk growled in appreciation as Samus pulled the rubber over her arms and onto her shoulders. She tried, and failed, five times to zip up the back before she got a hold of the zipper and began pulling it up… the entire suit tightening around a thousand spearing points of agony with each jerk upward on the binding, her mouth open in a single, desperate, soundless scream that seemed to last forever.

And then she was finished. Samus collapsed on the floor, the zero-suit finally on. If she had felt exhausted before, it was nothing compared to what the last thirteen minutes had done to her. The rubber suit had perfectly molded to every single line and curve of Samus’s sleek, sexy body. Her long, lean legs her full, curvy ass, hourglass waist, and high, proud tits all look as though they had been coated in a thin layer of shining black paint. A thousand tiny bumps were visible on her skin, proof of where the pins were digging deeper into her skin with each second. The way the exhausted, sexy bounty-hunter moved as her body slowly writhed sinuously with pain and fatigue.

Kryzzk looked on with satisfaction as he grabbed onto her neck, staring into her dead-looking blue eyes. There was no eagerness in that gaze, no hope, no strength. He doubted he had fucked it out of her for good, but he had just proved to himself, and her, that it was possible to abuse her badly enough that she was nothing but a mewling whore begging for mercy. By the time the Space Pirates were done with her, it would be a permanent transformation. A bitch as sexy as Samus needed constant fucking.

He undid the collar, ripping it from her neck and letting her abruptly exhale in a vicious huff before gasping in. In, out, in, out, she breathed, genuinely seeming grateful for the tiny privilege. “Is there something you want to say to me, hunter-whore?” Kyrzzk asked.

Samus met his eyes with the blue ones… then closed them. “Please fuck me,” she said softly.

“Of course,” Kryzzk snarled, spitting on her. “After I finish whipping you, of course.”

Samus began to weep again.

18 thoughts on “Hunter’s Fall 6 – Inferno

  1. Everything to do with the pins and the suit is absolutely amazing from start to finish (and the rest ain’t bad either :p). I don’t know if I’ll ever see Zero Suit Samus again and not think of this scene.


  2. Read previous installments of this few months back and I am more than happy to see new chapter to this, especially one so masterfully crafted. Great job!


  3. I don’t want to spoil things for anyone else, so I’ll try and ask this as delicately as possible: if the commissioner changed…did the type of ending change?

    I haven’t actually read any of this yet, mind you; I just went straight to the comments. I’m warily circling the story at the moment.

    No pressure on what you write, by the way. I’m just…you know…trying to figure out if I can read this when it finally comes to an end.


    1. Keeping the ending was the first thing me and the commissioner agreed on. You are safe to make yourself miserable if you choose. Just know the earlier chapters are from an earlier age of my writing and could stand an editor’s pen, something I will give them one of these days now that the story is moving again.


  4. That was…impressive, in its way. I’ve imagined torture like that, specifically involving needles, but were I writing it, I don’t think I would have been able to draw something like that out to the extent that you did here.

    I…don’t know if I want to describe my emotions during that whole thing. I’m sure there’s more like this coming, so we’ll get to that next week. Suffice it to say, while the torture just made me squirm, the ending was a very different kind of feeling.

    I have two criticisms this chapter, though. First, sometimes the typos can be distracting. I was able to figure out what was going on, mind you, but every once in a while I would kind of stall when a particular typo threw me (for instance: “He just pinched them harder around the needle down their middle, then checked them time.” I thought “checked them” referred to checking Samus’s nipples, but then realized it was supposed to be “…then checked the time.”)

    The second thing is a little bit of science, though this can be explained in-universe. Kryzzk says that the collar prevents Samus from breathing (likely due to some sort of neural interface that immobilizes the diaphragm) and oxygenates her blood, but that her body can’t vent the carbon dioxide, causing the sensation of suffocation, and that it can do this forever.

    That’s actually a pretty cool idea, and shows the research you put into it, but not being able to vent CO2 is far from harmless. An excessive buildup of carbon dioxide in the bloodstream is called hypercapnia, and if the CO2 concentration just keeps going up, it actually can kill you (your blood starts turning acidic and all kinds of unpleasant stuff happens). As I said, of course, this can be explained in-universe. Kryzzk has been shown to be…not very smart, so it’s entirely possible he’s either wrong about how the collar works (maybe it keeps CO2 levels high enough for pain, but doesn’t allow them to build up to where they become dangerous), or he really is in danger of killing her but doesn’t know it, and he just happens to take the collar off in time.

    Sorry if that came off as really harsh; that definitely wasn’t my intention. The typos may have thrown me from time to time, but they never rendered the chapter unintelligible, and I guarantee you that no one other than me is going to notice or care about the CO2 thing. Even for me, that didn’t break my suspension of disbelief or anything; I just thought the science was interesting. Again, I hope you don’t feel bad about this, and I will be back next week!


    1. I don’t feel bad at all, thank you!

      My understanding of the science is the collar would prevent hypercapnia because the concentration of CO2 isn’t changing… neither air nor CO2 is coming into her lungs so what is there is just staying there. Over long enough of a time span, her lungs would eventually convert that CO2 to CO, which would be bad, but without the agitation if breathing to make the gas move around a lot and react it should be a really slow process.


  5. My understanding of the science is the collar would prevent hypercapnia because the concentration of CO2 isn’t changing… neither air nor CO2 is coming into her lungs so what is there is just staying there.

    That is true, but the main source of carbon dioxide inside the body isn’t actually inhaled gas. Instead, carbon dioxide is produced in the body as a waste product of cellular respiration.

    C6H12O6 + 6O2 = 6CO2 + 6H2O

    Apologies for my inability to do subscript here. Basically, six oxygen molecules react to one glucose molecule (from digested food), releasing energy and producing as waste six carbon dioxide molecules and six water molecules. The CO2 dissolves into the bloodstream and is then carried to the lungs to be exhaled (the excess water is removed by the kidneys). Your cells are doing this pretty much constantly, and even more often if you’re doing something strenuous (exercise, sex, writhing in pain from being tortured, etc.). If you can’t get rid of the carbon dioxide, it builds up in the bloodstream.

    I didn’t even know about the CO2 in the lungs turning into CO! That would be really bad! Thankfully, as you said, it happens much more slowly.


  6. I guess the collar filters sufficient co2 out of the blood to prevent acidity I guess?

    Since it’s apparently widely used by Space Pirates, that would be my guess. The little box part of the collar, in addition to interfacing with the nervous system to shut down the diaphragm, is obviously acting as a gas exchanger like the lungs, since it adds oxygen. There’s no reason the same mechanism couldn’t remove CO2, but in this case it removes only as much carbon dioxide as necessary to keep it from being dangerous, while leaving more than enough to cause pain.

    Sorry for blowing up the comments section here.


          1. John can tell you how worked up I got over the end of Hope. I actually had to write some maybe-will-end-up-canon-someday fanfic about Omodomos getting his ass handed to him in the future, because I was so legitimately angry about Esperiel’s treatment.


            1. Yeah, I’ll get into this more when I actually start reviewing Hope, otherwise I’ll end up talking about that story instead of this one, but…I don’t have the words yet.

              Anyway, sorry if I upset you, Darinost, as I really was only faking being angry at you above. I’mma cut this off now and return next week for another chapter. Everyone have a wonderful day!


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