One Act of Defiance Ch 3 – Vi

Vi walked into the cafeteria yawning, even though it was lunch and after noon by now. Damned Cait and her alarm. Just because she was insane and liked the take a jog around the school before classes didn’t mean she needed to wake her up every single time. That woman slept solidly enough to wake the dead, so the hextech thing she had tinkered up was just short of an explosion in volume. She hadn’t managed to go back to sleep after, either… not today, not yesterday, not for the last three weeks since she built the thing. Seriously, Caitlin might be her best friend since they were kids, but being her roommate was hard sometimes… she was going to need to seriously talk to that girl.

By the time she had filled her tray with reasonably edible food, most of her friends were already seated around the table together. Everyone was gathered around Lux, it looked like…

She blinked. “Lux, what did you do to yourself, girl?”

The blonde looked up at her with eyes that looked at least as tired as hers must. Vi didn’t have a cast on her arm, though. The brace covered most of her hand, keeping it and the fingers both immobile. “I tripped,” she said softly.

There was a note of shame to her voice, a real embarrassment about it… if it had been Cait or one of her other friends, she might have given the girl a hard time about it, but Lux seemed genuinely bothered by that she had been clumsy enough to hurt herself. She decided to hold her tongue instead… and people said she wasn’t tactful. “Is that were you were at breakfast?” Vi asked. “The infirmary?” Lux nodded, then lifted her cast onto the table and made a mark on it. “What’s that for?” Vi asked. Lux just shrugged again.

What an odd girl. She had been coming out of her shell in the last few weeks, but it looked like she was sinking back into it a little. Vi resolved to talk to the others about it. She brightened a second later, however, as an idea occurred to her. “You know,” she said with a grin. “We had a tradition in Piltover. Here, give me that pen.” She plucked it out of the blonde’s fingers, and gently lay her cast down on the table. “When someone hurt themselves,” she said as she uncapped the pen, “the people who cared about her would sign their names on the cast. Wish them a quick recovering.”

Riven was looking on with interest. “What a great idea!” she admitted.

“You really don’t have to do that…” Lux squeaked softly.

“But we do!” Vi said as she finished writing her name on the cast before handing the marker to Poppy. “Your friends care about you, beautiful.” Poppy signed her own name on the cast before handing it to Riven, who was quick to begin signing her name. “We want you to recover as quickly as possible.”

Riven kept signing, and Vi noticed she had added a smiley face. “We could decorate the whole thing too,” Riven suggested.

The pink-haired girl could have sworn that Lux grew paler at that. “That’s… thank you, but no thank you, that’s enough, really… you should eat! Your food is getting cold.” As Riven handed her back the marker, Vi noticed that she was tapping her finger against each pen stroke on the cast, like she was counting them. Then she sighed, gave them a weak smile, and added two more marks to the cast.

Yup, Vi thought as she dug into her food. Definitely an odd girl.

Vi hit the ground hard, barely keeping it together enough to tuck her head and tumble as she did. The pavement of the running track quickly turned to grass as she slowly rolled to a stop, slapping the ground in furious frustration as he lifted her head in a frustrated snarl. Even before she looked, she was confident she would know what she was going to see… she was right.

Nidalee jogged on the track backwards, both of her hands making a rude gesture. “Be more careful, slow ogre,” she mocked as she looked back at the fallen Vi, a cruel smile on her face. “I hear flat ground is dangerous to clumsy idiots.”

A red haired girl ran alongside her, moving in nearly as effortless of run. She was gorgeous, save for the scar down the middle of one eye, and Vi would have bet every dollar she owned and every hextech invention her family had made for her that she had be the one to trip her. “I’m not sure she understands, Nid,” Katarina teased. “Dangerous has three whole syllables. That’s complex for her.”

“You’re right,” Nidalee agreed as she turned around and began to run in truth again. “Ground Hurts, No Fall, Ok?”

Vi cursed in annoyance. She had known the moment she stood up in that cafeteria that Ahri’s clique of friends would never leave her alone, but she wasn’t afraid of them… if they tried to make her life hell in the way that they had for Lux, Vi would put a fist through their faces and they all knew it. However, that just mean that they needed to get create. They had been sniping at her from the edges since that day, but it had gotten especially bad in the last two weeks. No one messed with her directly, no… it was always like this, attacks from the shadows that passed too quickly for her to anticipate, and then were gone before she could retaliate or call them on it… and she knew who was behind it.

Nidalee had been one of her primary rivals ever since she had been recruited to this school. Her family really wasn’t much better off that Lux’s, but she had gotten in on an athletic scholarship rather than an academic one… she was a natural-born competitor, and worked hard at maintaining her form. Track, tennis, swimming, and boxing were her sports, and before her introduction into the school, Nidalee had held the school records in all of them. Ever since arriving, however, she had slowly been chipping away at them. Her last stronghold was on the track, and she defended those most viciously of all. She was also one of that damn Fox’s best friends and enforcers. It had made it easier of a choice than it should have been to stand up to the gumiho… if she was friends with as vicious of an asshole as Nidalee, she deserved to have someone put her in her place.

Katarina, on the other hand, had been an enemy she had made only after standing up to Ahri. Less of a friend of Nidalee than she was of Ahri, she was more of the gynmastics type… not someone Vi had ever competed with directly, but she was quickly growing to hate the red-haired woman. She was as quick as a snake, and twice as sneaky as one.

She heard the footsteps as someone came to a stop alongside her. “You alright?” Caitlin asked. The girl looked out of sorta in the tight track suit… she rarely wore anything like that. Her roommate’s dark hair was tied back in a ponytail much like Vi’s own, though it was far longer, dark with swear as she reached down and offered Vi a hand.

She grabbed it and let her drag her back to her feet. “I’m fine,” she said, looking down at her knees. She’d scraped them them pretty good, but they didn’t look too bad… she’d had far worse. “One of these days, I’m gunna get them,” she muttered darkly. “One of these days, I’m going to get those two in the ring, and I’m going to knock some manners into them.”

“There’s no way, Vi,” Caitlin said as he helped brush her roommate off. “Neither of them can take you. They won’t do it.”

An idea struck Vi then, a brilliant idea. “Cait, I could kiss you.”

The dark haired girl quirked an eyebrow. “That’s forward, even for you…”

“Shut it,” Vi answered, wiping away her sudden blush with a wider smile. “You’re brilliant. You’re right. Neither of them can.”

“I just said that…” Caitlin said slowly.

“I know,” Vi responded as she started jogging forward again. Sighing, Caitlin broke into a run to follow.

Neither one of them could take her… but if she challenged them both? They’d never live it down if they refused, not in a hundred years. It was perfect…

Vi finished changing in the locker room. Her track suit and sneakers had been left behind as she changed into a simple tank and shorts, pulling back her pink hair even more severely that usual to keep it out of her face. They had agreed, of course… when she had challenged them in front of their friends, they had little option if they didn’t want to look like a coward. She should be heading to dinner now… instead, she had a fight to go to. Of course, she wasn’t going to fight them without someone there to observe… it had taken some convincing to get one of the coaches to do it, but he had finally agreed.

Vi finished wrapping the athletic tape around her hands and stared at her gauntlets. They were her prize possession, the greatest things she owned. Invented by her mom, the hextech creations greatly amplified her natural strength and speed, turning her into something truly superhuman. She could put them on. It wasn’t like she had any doubts in the world that Nidalee and Katarina wouldn’t be using their abilities… but using the gauntlets, Vi could seriously injure them. Cripple them, even… and she didn’t have the taste for that. She just wanted to put them in their place. Besides, if she showed up wearing them, they would probably use it as an excuse to back out, say that she had tried to cheat, and the last thing Vi wanted was to let them off the hook.

Reluctantly, she closed the locker and left the gauntlets behind as she pushed the door open and stepped out into the gym.

Katarina and Nidalee were already in the ring, leaning against the ropes and looking relaxed as their eyes tracked her. She passed coach Rodhe, who nodded to her as he sat on a bench… and revealed Ahri sitting on one of the chairs with her feet up on the one in front of her. The gumiho looked relaxed, distracted, and seemed more concerned with checking her phone than the fight that was about to take place. “What the hell are you doing here?” Vi snarled.

Slowly, she put down the phone and smiled broadly at Vi. “Me? Why… I’m here to watch you get beat down of course. I’m expecting quite a show.”

Vi scoffed. “You’ll be waiting a long time, bitch,” she growled as she kept walking, stepping past the gumiho. “You want to step into the ring? I’ll take your whole clique if you want.”

Ahri laughed. “Careful what you wish for, meathead. I’d rather it stay interesting, and I’d rather not get your blood under my nails.”

“Open invitation,” Vi spat. “Any time, any place. One of you wants to dance, feel free to step up.”

Ahri grinned as Vi climbed into the ring. “I am going to enjoy watching this…”

Vi tuned her out… she had bigger problems than that smug fox bitch right now. She climbed in, rubbed her hands together, and said, “So girls, which of you wan-”

They didn’t wait to attack her, but Vi hadn’t been expecting them to. Between one blink and the next, Kat was gone. Vi didn’t hesitate to look… she just ducked, and Kat’s first swung just over her head from where she’d abruptly appeared in Vi’s blindspot. Turning on one knee, Vi pushed off the ring and drive everything she had into a right hook directly into the redhead’s gut. And Vi smirked. Predictable. Kat gasped as he fist sank into her, sagging against the ropes breathless and weak, but Vi didn’t have a lot of time to cheer her victory… She could feel the bounce in the ring as Nidalee jumped. Vi hopped backward just in time for the shapeshifter to land almost right where she had been, her first punch missing by centimeters as it cut through the air. Nidalee landed soundlessly, gracefully, and she didn’t hesitate on missing… eyes as narrow as the cat slits in her pupils, Nidalee followed after, attacking relentlessly.

Vi blocked, striking back a few times. Nidalee was strong, and fast, and knew what she was doing, but Vi found to her satisfaction that she was quicker, stronger, and better. Not by a lot, exactly, but noticeable so. She accepted a few hits to her sides and her arms to deliver a combination that drove a jab right into her mouth before a right cross took her just below the breast, and the entire time Vi had made sure never to take her eyes of Katarina. Sure enough, the woman vanished again, and trusting that she wouldn’t be dumb enough to try the same trick again, this time Vi threw herself to the side. This time, Katarina had kicked her, a sweeping, full bodied kick that would have driven right into her back had she ducked again, but instead it found nothing, knocking her off balance as Vi smirked and countered.

One. Two. Three. Four. Five. And Kat and Vi were both down on the mat.

The pink haired girl wiped her forehead and spit, resisting the urge to kick them. She was better than that. “Get back up,” she said coldly. “We’re not done here. Unless you want the whole school to know not only are you cowards who lost two on one, but that you have a glass jaw to boot.”

Nidalee was back on her feet in moment, the rise as fluid as every other movement she made. She looked furious. While Kat rose slower, however, she did so with a grin on her face. “Not bad for undercity trash,” she admitted. “You could have made a decent grunt in an army. Maybe my father could have hired you as a guard if you knew your place.”

Vi settled her guard up. Ahri still looked bored. Nidalee’s boyfriend Warwick was here in the stands now, watering eagerly. Rodhe was still here, though, so she wasn’t too concerned. “You aren’t fit to shine my boots.”

“Funny,” Nidalee said. “Because you aren’t fit to wear any.”

The ring shook something heavy depressed one side. Vi looked over, stunned, as Renekton stepped into the ring. Renekton was… simply enormous, and there was nothing human about him, not anymore. He was one of the Ascended, from the fallen kingdom of the desert. To hear him talk, he had once been human, but now… now he looked more like an enormous crocodile, if any crocodile in the world could walk to two legs and speak. At least a foot taller than her, he outweighed her by what had to be at least four or five hundred pounds, and his fist looked more like hammers than they did hands.

“I think my boyfriend,” Kat said with a smirk, “is a little upset you hit me.”

“Cry me a river,” Vi said quietly, mumbling as she looked at the enormous lizard and tried to think through the head of steam she’d built up. She… doubted… that she could take this monstrosity. Maybe… “Did you get tired of fighting yourself? Figure you needed a man to step up and fight your battles?”

“You did say it was an open invitation,” Ahri said from the chair. She still wasn’t even looking… watching her phone instead. “We all heard it, but if you want to tag out, by all means.”

Vi glanced over to coach Rodhe again, before shrugging. “Fine.” Honestly, she had been looking for a challenge. “The bigger they are…”

Renekton laughed as Nidalee and Kat stepped out, Kat wiped a trickle of blood from a split lip. “Fragile human,” he growled, and his voice was like boulders tumbling down a slope in a storm. “There is no suffering too great for you.”

“Whatever you say, bozo,” Vi mocked. “I’m going to turn you into a new set of boots.” Then she attacked. Unlike with the girls, she didn’t have to worry about being surrounded here, and even a quick look at Renekton told her she wasn’t going to have much luck blocking… go for a knockout, bat around that big skull of his. Once he was on the ground, he wasn’t really any bigger than anyone else. Punching him, however, felt like punching stones… his scales were as hard as a wall. She ducked a swipe of one huge hand, and drove two punches into his side right below the arm. He swung back the other way, fast and close enough that it dragged her ponytail with it with the speed of its passing, and she drove another three quick hits into his stomach. Beyond tiny grunts, she wasn’t getting much reaction from as much punishment as had put Kat and Nidalee on the ground. He was tough as nails… as she had expected, to be honest. Still, she had expected more reaction from him that this… this felt less like a fight and more like trying to punch a locomotive.

One punch from Renekton clipped her shoulder, just a little too slow on her dodge. Even that tiny impact spun her, send her tumbling to the ground to the tune of Ahri’s laughter. She rolled just as a clawed foot stomped down where she had been, driving both of her legs into that tree-thunk of a limb in a double kick. He just barely swayed, rocking back for a moment, but that was enough to let Vi get back on her feet. This wasn’t going great. At least she she had taken Kat and Nidalee, and she could boast about how she had given them a bit of what they had earned, but she had to admit that this behemoth might just be out of her weight class.

Vi darted back and away from two powerful swipes of his huge hands… he was so much faster than he looked… and drove both first into his snout, one after the other. He let out of huff of breath, and the furious growl as he rushed at her, right at the edge of the ring. She had no more ground to give, so instead Vi threw herself to the ground in a roll, trying to roll past him…

And his tail smashed into her back like a hammer.

What had started as a controlled roll accelerated great, Vi, landing in a painful sprawl in one corner of the arena. She was still trying to get her hands back under her and push herself up when Renekton had caught back up her. She tried to punch up at him, but he simply caught the arm and twisted it painful, grabbing her other limb and pulling them both behind her, one of his huge feet rested on the small of back.

He tugged, and Vi grunted in pain. She struggled for about a second before she realized it was pointless. His hold was too good… she’d dislocate her own shoulders or break her own arms before she got free. “Yield,” she said.

Renekton growled and pulled harder.

“Yield!” she said louder.

“Breaks so easily…” he growled low. He yanked hard enough that she cried out a little.

“He’s not listening to you,” Nidalee said as she climbed back into the ring, a grin plastered on her face.

“That will do,” Ahri nodded in approval as she stretched both arms above her head and finally really looked at Vi, a sadistic glint of glee in her eyes. “Have fun, you kids.” Then she turned and left the room… and to Vi’s horror, coach Rodhe went with her.

“Wait!” Vi protested. “What’s go-”

Nidalee drove her fist into Vi’s stomach. “Stupid,” she growled, punching her again. “Stuck up. Slut. Think. You’re worth. Anything?” Each word was another fist, another gasping cough from the helpless pinked haired girl. “You’re. The. Animal. You. Bitch.” She finished by driving a knee into the restrained girl’s stomach, making Vi feel like she was going to throw up.

Katarina stepped up next, pausing for a moment to brush a hand over Renekton’s muzzle. “Thanks hon,” she said with a grin before she grabbed Vi’s pink hair and pulled her head up from where it had sagged after that. “Whore,” she spat, right before punching her across the face. “That’s for the stomach,” she said, driving another fist into her face. “That’s for the take down.” She shook her first, shaking out the sting. “And this is for hurting my hand on your stupid, fat face,” she hissed right before she kicked Vi right between her spread legs.

Vi let out a breathless scream as agony ripped through her, a kind of agony that athletic girl had never felt before, had never even considered. It made her mind swim, made her feel lighthearted and turned her legs to jelly. If it weren’t for Renekton yanking on her arms, she would have collapsed entirelyThis wasn’t how it was supposed to go… this wasn’t a fight. Why had Rodhe left? What was going on? She needed to get away…

Abruptly, there was a sharp point at her neck. Nidalee rested one hand there, and her index finger had suddenly sprouted a long, curved claw that was sharp as any razor. “You dumb cunt,” she hissed. “You get off on trying to making me look bad?”

“Barely… needed… to try…” Vi coughed out. It was probably a bad idea to provoke her… but Vi had never been one to shy away from telling people when they were wrong. Defiance was baked into every single fiber of her being.

Nidalee’s eyes narrowed further. “You just don’t know…” She ripped downward with the claw, cutting right down the middle of Vi’s tanktop, the bandages she used to bind her breasts, and tracing a crimson line down the center of her chest as well. “…when to shut up!”

Warwick laughed from the sideline. “God damn, look at the tits on her, love. Is that Vi in the ring, or did someone replace her with a cow?”

Vi looked down in horror, and then blush crimson. Her breasts were… large. Larger than was convenient, that was for sure… it was why she tended to bind them tight. Running with them, fighting with them, doing anything with them flopping around was a chore. They had never made her feel especially sexy, so much as they got in her way whenever she tried to do anything. She hide them away to point that they looked almost normal… and now the group was leering at her exposed breasts as they hung from her bare chest.

“I told you,” Nidalee snarled. “Animal. Big, dumb cow.”

“I am not a-”

Nidalee slapped her. “Animals don’t speak,” she hissed. “They scream, but they don’t speak.”

“Fuck y-”

This time, Kat slapped her. “Lover, shut her up for me, would you?”

“Permanently?” Renekton answered with a growl.

“Just for now is fine,” Katarina said with a smirk.

“What fun is that,” Renekton grumbled, but immediately began to pull at her arms again, wrenching them downward, and downward and dow-

Vi screamed as she heard the snap, before the pain even registered. Then it lanced through her entire body and the scream became pathetically high pitched as both of her arms broke at once. “Nooooooo!” she shouted. When Renekton released her, she sagged to the ground in a pained heap. Her twisted, broken right arm was right before her eyes… it hurt so bad it felt like he had ripped it off.

Nidalee kicked her. “Animals. Don’t. Speak.” She grabbed a handful of Vi’s hair and pulled her head up. “Get it, cunt?” She looked over at her boyfriend, where Warwick had climbed into the ring with the others. “Do me a favor and rape this slut for me.”

“With pleASURE!” Warwick answered. Halfway through the sentence, his voice began to change, growing deeper, harsher as fur erupted from the werewolf’s body, growing taller and stronger as he erupted out of his clothing like flimsy rags. “I’ve been waiting to make her scream for a year now…”

Warwick reached out and grabbed two clawed handfuls of her tits, crushing her breasts in his powerful grip as he rasped. “Struggle all your want… you’ll only tired yourself out. Nothing is going to change… you’re fucked.” He laughed as he kicked her legs apart, his body having grown incredibly strong as he transformed. The wolf-man pulled Vi down the mat as he rubbed the slimy, cum-slick crown of his ugly shaft against her bare leg beneath the short. The thing looked solid red to Vi, and slimy, and growing harder by the second as he grabbed onto her shorts and tore them off her, his claws ripping them to shreds in short.

Vi felt unbelievably helpless. Her entire body ached from her broken arms, but the pain in her soul, in her dignity, was even worse. She had never felt this powerless and weak before. “Please…” she begged. “Stop… don’t do this…” Vi begged, her eyes desperately meeting the wolf’s.

Nidalee’s hand closed over her throat and began to squeeze. “You really can’t shut up, can you?” she laughed. “I’ve trained dogs smarter than you. Even the stupidest animal will learn to cower if you kick it enough times… but not you, apparently.” Her hand clasped her neck hard, sharp enough that her nails pricked bloody dots in her skin as she trapped the air in her lungs with her fingers. Vi gurgled, an attempt to cough and force air up as she jerked away, but Nidalee’s grip was too strong. Her mouth flapped while Warwick continued rubbing his prick on her pussy.

The look of Vi’s face as she slowly suffocated filled Warwick with burning lust. He wanted to break that bitch, leave her a blubbering, ruined wreck for the trouble she had caused. His slick, stiff member sawed back and forth over her tight little cunt, each pump causing a little jerk of her legs and a further flop from her lips as his prick rubbed over her lips and clit. Smirking, the wolf leaned down and bit at her right breast. He didn’t sink his teeth hard, but when he pulled back he could see a pattern of furious red marks and indentations on her vulnerable skin. Grapping onto them again, he grabbed those fat animal tits and pulled on them, shifting her closer to him so that the tip of his staff was pressing against the opening of her narrow pussy. Vi squirmed, both from the sensation and from her suffocation as her narrow, tender cunt lips began to part for him… and then he sank into her.

Vi had no hymen from year of activity, but she hadn’t ever had a lover either. Nineteen years without a man was tossed away in an instant as Warwick forced himself into her, her tightness swallowing his prick and resisting with every inch but losing. Vi jerked from side to side as she was speared by Warwick’s thick tube of meat… It split her cunt open wide around it’s thickness, and as he bucked forward again and again, he shoved deeper into the core of her body. She could feel the head of it as it rubbed against her insides, the ugly, fat bumps of the head scraping against sore, abraded pussy walls and making her want to cry out in pain if she had the breath to do it.

Vi could taste the air, could taste the musk of the wolf and the spicy scent of Nidalee and the sourness of sweat and exertion, but the air wasn’t getting further than her tongue. Her eyes were wide with panic as her head swirled and collapsed, dizzy darkness gathering as the edges of her sight as her body began to feel weightless. Her eyes started rolling back in her head… And then Nidalee released her to heave and cough and retch, breathing in huge, desperate gasps of air as it rushed into her abused lungs. “No, you aren’t passing out,” Nidalee said with a growl. “I don’t want you to miss a minute of this.” She looked up at Renekton. “You shut her before… would you mind doing the honors again?”

Vi couldn’t believe what she was seeing at the crocodilian monster pulled his pants off. If she had thought Warwick’s prick looked big and threatening, this was insane. It looked more like one of her arms than a dick, covered with scales and ridges. That thing would kill her… Vi stared at it with wide, horrified eyes.

“Impressive, isn’t he?” Katarina said with an aroused chuckle. “Don’t worry, you can take it. After all, I manage…” A smirked covered her face. “Of course, he’s gentle with me, because he cares. Who cares about a bitch like you?”

“Take the cunt’s pride,” Nidalee growled as she stared into Vi’s face with a rapt, hungry expression.

Warwick had nearly half his fat prick buried in her split cunt before he began backing out. He gave her just a moment of whimpering before he pushed back in quickly, deeper than before. The suddenness of the thrust made the captive athlete yelp and throw her head back… right into Renekton’s waiting prick. Dragging Vi closer by her hair, the juggernaut gripped the base of his hard treetrunk of a cock in his other hand, guiding it towards her prey’s face. “Don’t you even think about it,” his hissed, glaring up at her captor with fury in her eyes. “I’ll bite it off if you put that in my mouth.”

The Ascended laughed. “Good luck, fleshling,” he hissed, “but say goodbye to your teeth first.” He slapped Vi’s face with his cock, and it felt like a punch to the face. “Your throat’s my cocksleeve now, weakling. Accept it, or that’s all your mouth will ever be again. His eyes burning like the embers of a dying forge in his skull as he glared down at her. When Vi didn’t have an immediately response, that was all the consent Renekton needed. The next moment Warwick thrust hard enough to make her gasp, the monstrous crocodile forced his scaled, pointy cockhead past her lips.

Vi could feel that thick, ribbed shaft resting against her tongue, and the disgusting taste of it made her eyes water. The taste of Renekton’s rough scales was like musk, ashes, and dirty skin and the filth and humiliation made her gag.

Vi bit down.

With everything the defiant girl had, she tried to bite down on Renekton’s monstrous manhood… And she nearly broke her teeth. The wasn’t a fleshy rod with just scales on it… it felt like biting on a shaft of iron. Renekton was at least as hard as a brick, the scales like natural armor his prick from her. One of her teeth chipped as she bit, and Renekton laughed as the ringing pain forced Vi to flinch away, opening her mouth wide. It wasn’t a warning not to bite him… it was a warning that she couldn’t. She was helpless against the cock. Vi sobbed, having nothing left she could do to defend herself from the brutal face-rape that was coming.

Renekton’s inhuman precum felt like it was burning on her tongue, and the longer it stayed on her taste-buds the worse it got. She actually needed to keep swallowing to force the taste out of her mouth, and in the process it was like she was washing his cock as she kept smearing his thick pole with her drool and swallowing it down, unable to spit, unable to resist his grip on her head.

Again, Warwick pulled back and slammed in deeply. He repeated herself again and again, making thrash harder as he crammed his prick as far as he could into Vi’s ravaged cunt. Everytime he impaled the girl, his cock sunk a little bit deeper, until finally he had forced himself all the way in, squeezing all eleven inches of cock into Vi’s tight little flower.

Renekton’s cock was less than half the way into her mouth and Vi was already gagging horrible, that monster of a cock poking at her throat and making her convulse and retch. If her arms hadn’t been broken, she would have been punching at him, slamming her fists against him, doing everything she could to get him to pull out, but she wasn’t sure if he would even notice. The Ascended just kept forcing himself forward like one of her hextech machines as the head forced its way into her throat the steel-like cock beginning to travel down her gullet. The incredible girth of it forced Vi’s neck to bulge obscenely, feeling like it made her neck twice the size as a bulge the shape of Renekton’s cock slid down her throat. The scaled ridges scraped at her esophagus painfully and the veins burned, scorching the sides of her throat as he suffocated her purely with his cock.

Just as her vision was starting to darken again, Renekton pulled back, dragging her heavy, reptilian cock back out. The ridges and scales caught every bit of her sticky drool and dragged much of it out with the staff, spitting it all down her chin and neck. The moment her throat was cleared, Vi desperately sucked in air through her nose, but he never pulled back enough to let her breathe through her mouth. After barely a pair of breaths however, the monster was thrusting force once again and cramming his huge, mishaped bat back down her throat. The crippled athlete’s gagging, constricting throat only squeezed Renekton’s prick harder, sliding it down into her neck like it was a sleeve perfectly formed for his prick… but in truth, it was just a vulnerable hole too weak to resist the cruel, crushing force of that cock as it plunged directly towards Vi’s churning stomach.

Tilting her head is his grip, Renekton’s clawed hands gripped her victim’s skull even more tightly. A furious growl erupted from that mammoth, scaled prick as he lunged forward, his pelvis pummeling her little cocksucking whore face. Vi gagged and tried to throw up but she was too throughly plugged… she could do nothign but gag and suffer as the inside of her throat was scraped raw.

Vi’s eyes watered from being stuffed so full, choking on cock. Her pussy had never been stretched so wide before. She swore she could feel the slick, disgusting, inhuman cock inside her trying to batter down her cervix it had dug so deep into her twat. Warwick snorted and growled, leaning forward to bite harder on the crippled girl’s tits, sinking fangs into them and making her cry out around Renekton’s cock.

Then, as Vi’s eyes widened further, Warwick’s prick began to swell.

Nidalee noticed it immediately and grinned. “There we go. Ruin that slut.”

Vi panted hard around the cock in her mouth. She kept thinking it was going to stop, that it would stop growing bigger, but it wasn’t, it wasn’t, it wasn’t… it was like a slow motion explosion inside her cunt as Warwick’s knot kept swelling and swelling and swelling. It hurt enough that she stopped even thinking about the cock choking her. She just screamed, the sound shaking her body but barely reaching her own ears through the Renekton’s dick. The monster’s cock was splitting her open, but it wasn’t stopping fucking her, plunging deeper and deeper. Her tight sex was like a vice on him, her her muscles clenching, her skin squeezing in a desperate, doomed attempt to resisting the defilement, but she just succeeded in making herself tighter for him and purred the monster on even more. The swell of his thick knock kept scraping away at her cunt, wearing away both her inner walls and her strength until he could continue pillaging her pussy without even a hint of mercy.

“I love watching her suffer,” Kat said as she watched the athlete cry and gag on Renekton’s cock. Renekton stared down at the sight of Vi’s lips stretched pathetically wide around his prick as she gagged on it. Forcing her to swallow the entire length, he was almost in her stomach as he ground his scaled balls against her chin. He facefucked the suffocating Vi for what felt like ages, cutting off her air and relishing the way she gagged and squeezed the reptilian cock as he made her suffer. Her eyes rolled back up into her skull, and her face was a mixture of red and blue from oxygen deprivation, the sight turning on the monster further as her weak tongue batted at him like the world’s most pathetic attempt to push him out of her mouth.

“It’s been a while since you had such a nice, tight hole to plow without needing to care about it, hasn’t it?” Nidalee said as he embraced her boyfriend from behind, her arms wrapping around his furry chest as he continued raping Vi. “She’ll never be quite this tight again… she’s not like me, sweetie… so enjoy it for me, ok? My present…”

Warwick growled. “With this way this pink haired slut is squeezing my cock, it won’t be too much longer.”

“Don’t hold back on my account,” Nidalee chuckled. “Give her puppies for all I care.”

At the encouragement, Warwick began thrusting harder, sharply ravaging her cunt regardless of the ruinous knot stretching his cock. The wolf-man growled his pleasure, moaning and snarling from the slick, tight tunnel clamped around his prick like a vise. No longer holding anything back, Warwick slammed into her again and and again, raping her with furious abandon.

Warwick slammed his hips forward, burying his tool deep in Vi’s raped cunt and letting loose a bellow of lust and hate as he came at last. Vi shook her head and squirmed, fighting against Warwick’s hold on her, weeping in fear but utterly unable to to stop him from cumming inside of her, his balls tight against his skin as they pumped an unbelievable amount of scream into Vi’s vulnerable quim. Her muscles spasmed anew in panic in response, making it feel to the wolf like her pussy was trying to milk Warwick’s cock. Jet after jet of inhuman, hot seed splashed inside of her, flooding the pinked haired girl’s womb and coated her insides. It felt unbelievably hot, and the knot still stuffing her kept any of it from escaping until it felt like her belly was swelling.

“Vi? Are you in here?”

Everyone froze at once as Caitlin’s voice cut through the room, everyone but Vi turning to look at the dark haired girl walked into the room, stopping abruptly with both hands coming up to cover her mouth.

Run! Vi tried to scream. It barely even came out a moan. She wept, knowing it was already too late. Run, you idiot…

In the space between Caitlin freezing and turning to flee, Katarina had vanished. Before she had taken a step, the red head had a knife in her hand, pressing it to Caitlin’s throat from behind. “Welcome to the party!” she said gleefully.

Vi wept harder.

Snarling and growling, Vi finally felt the flow of Warwick’s seed inside of her slowing. Thrusting into her, he made sure to fire the last few spurts straight into her core, unloading the last of his thick sperm directly into Vi’s womb with a satisfied growl. Pressing her sharp fangs against the side of Kat’s neck in a threatening gesture, Warwick wrapped her arms around her pet’s waist and squeezed, holding her tightly. Only then, at last, did the knot begin to slowly shrink and warm cum leak out of her spread hole and coat her thighs around it.

Caitlin was dragged into the ring, her shit already cut from her body by Kat’s knife, her panties stuffed into her mouth and her hands bound with her bra. Sad as it was, Vi would have given almost anything to have her hands bound right now instead of being crippled. She might never be able to fight back ever again. Renekton abruptly yanked out of her throat, giving her face a dismissive slap with that cock that felt like a baseball bat swing before he stomped over to where his girlfriend was molesting Caitlin’s pretty tits. Vi could finally breathe, and her face only slowly regained it color as she coughed. It felt like her throat was permanetly twice as wide, and every breath felt like swallowing shards of glass, but she sucked down as much as she could greedily, desperate for the breath she had been denied for so long.

“Not a bad start,” Nidalee said as he leaned up and hiss Warwick on his inhuman mouth, easily taking his long tongue in her mouth and dancing with her own. “Now lets see if I can fuck her up even worse, eh?”

“You…” Vi coughed. “Asshole. You and… what… dick…”

Nidalee looked down at her… and began to laugh. “You should really, really learn when to shut up.” She pulled her tanktop off in a single smooth motion, exposing bear breasts beneath them. “You really should have worn your gauntlets, whore… you made this too easy. It almost wasn’t satisfying…” She began to squirm out of her pants. “So I’ll just have to to take my satisfaction where I can.”

Behind her, Caitlin screamed even through the gag, and without looking Vi knew that that mammoth crocodile prick had been forced into her tiny pussy. I’m so sorry, Cait… Vi thought pathetically, helpless… and when she looked back over, she noticed with horror that the flesh around Nidalee’s crotch was growing, shifting, twisting. “What the fuck!” she spat.

“You think I can only shapeshift one thing?” said with a smirk. “I’m not as pathetic as you, you pinked haired freak.” The cock growing from her was impossible, nearly the size of Renekton’s, but covered in tiny barbs. If she put that thing inside her…

“I’ve noticed whores like you seem to take pride in having a nice, tight body,” Nidalee said. “So it was my delight to have my boyfriend ruin you. It does present a problem, though… how to enjoy your worthless body.” She smiled again. “Thankfully, it’s easy enough to solve. Honey, would you turn her over?”

Vi froze. “No…”

Nidalee smiled. “Yes… I’m afraid with your cunt so blown out, I’ll just have to leave Warwick to that. See what he can pump into your womb. Everyone else you looks at you with desire for your rest of your pathetic life will be fucking that ass of yours…” Nidalee chuckled as Warwick turned the unresisting, crippled Vi over. “After I break it in for you, of course.”

Vi tensed with horror as she felt her the prodding of that cock against her rear. She tried to focus anywhere else, look and think about anything else, but the only other thing to see was Caitlin screaming into Katarina’s cunt while she was impaled on a cock as thick as her arm. The entrance to her asshole burned as Nidalee pushed, forcing it to stretch… “Stop it! Stop it stop it stop it stopitstopstopstopitstop-”

Nidalee’s hand grabbed her hair and bashed her head down into the mat, lifting her up and bashing her down over and over and over. “Shut. The. Fuck. Up! Animals don’t speak, you simpering weakling!” By the time she was finished, Vi felt like her brain had been scrambled, and the room was spinning. Then Nidalee’s foot landed on her cheek and pinned her down as she continued shoving her prick up her ass. The tapered tip the slickness of it meant that her body had no chance to resist… Nidalee was so strong, and Vi’s vaunted muscles provided no assistance in protecting her asshole from violation. The pain grew more intense with each passing second as it sank deeper and deeper, move of Nidalee’s weight crushing her face down against the canvas of the mat. “Pathetic fucktoy,” she growled. “Too stupid to train, too stupid to fight, too stupid to do anything but fuck and get pumped full of cum. Vi felt too weak and winded to scream as the cock slowly sheathed all the way in her rear, just groaning with each inch of it in absolute misery as Nidalee transformed her ass into the newest fuckhole on her body.

Then the worst thing that Vi could imagine happened… Nidalee finished pushing in and began pulling out.

All the barbs on that cock suddenly caught, scraping against the abused walls of her ass and drawing fresh lines of agony through her body. Vi screamed in agony, suddenly realizing that she had no idea just how badly they could hurt her. “Stooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh! She shouted out as the cock finished pulling back and shoved back in again with equal viciousness, the cock pushing back new scratches it had made her rectal wall. Then she was yanking back for another thrust, scraping new ones and provoking another scream, and another, and another as Nidalee raped her ass.

“I was worried for a bit there,” Nidalee said, “that you might stop far enough out of line that Ahri would let me put you in your place. I needn’t have worried. You’re just as stupid as you are fat and weak and ugly.” Nidalee chuckled darkly as she viciously plowed her new plaything’s backdoor. “Your ass really is wonderfully tight. I don’t miss your pussy at all after ruining it… and don’t worry, no one else will either.” Despite the viciousness of her thrust, Nidalee had to really work to shove each barb in and out of her sphincter, enjoying how it was growing crimson with an increasing trickle of blood from her violent assrape.

The air in the gym reeked of sweat and sex, and Vi had never felt more pathetic in her life. She could still taste Renekton’s prick in her mouth, could still feel her throat stretched. She felt like a whore… precisely what Nidalee wanted her to feel.

Nidalee’s abdominal muscles flexed, showing off her toned stomach as she drove her transformed cock forward as hard as she could. With each thrust, Vi’s ass was forced that much looser, and the shapeshifter fucked her harder and faster, reaming out her last remaining virgin hole with absolute no mercy as she ground Vi’s tits town into the floor with the force of each thrust. Vi was screaming herself hoarse, occasionally succumbing to hacking coughs as some more of Renekton’s burning precum erupted out of her lungs from where she had breathed it in. “Stop, oh gods, please!!! Stop!”

“Honey, the animal is talking again,” Nidalee chuckled. “Do you mind?”

Her foot came off Vi’s head, and a second later Warwick’s claws were in her hair. His prick, reeking of cum and her own pussy, was stuffed in her mouth to gag on. Once again, she couldn’t breath… but this time Vi just wished she could pass out, to feel that comforting numbness overtake her and block out the pain from her ravaged and torn asshole. She’d completely given up on trying to fight back or escape, she wasn’t strong enough for the former, and was too exhausted for the latter. Nidalee was still accelerating, and Vi wasn’t sure she could survive any more brutal of a pounding. It already felt like her bards were ripping her open with each thrust.

But Nidalee never slowed, never showed the slightly bit of mercy on her rival… she ruthlessly fucked her, faster and faster, even as Vi began to gag and choke on the cock again. The shapeshifter drove her hips against Vi’s ass as hard and fast as she could, her own tits jigging with each impact as their their bodies collided and just inspiring Warwick to rape her faster. In turn, Nidalee build up more speed, turning her asshole into a swollen, abused fuck-sheath for her impossible cock.

Then, with it feeling like the cock in her throat and the one in her ass were about to meet, she felt that knot begin to grow again. It filled her mouth utterly, taking all available space and stretching her jaw to the absolute limit… and it just kept growling. Vi felt her jaw crack, and tried to scream in pain, but no one could hear anything over the sounds of Caitlin’s rape, not with her gagging on cock. The knot was throbbing to the beat of his heart, each heartbeat causing another flash of agony through her taut jaw…

Then it swelled again, and Vi howled and screamed and cried bitter tears as she felt her jaw break like kindling.

Hearing Vi weep and howl as her body broke beneath the two cocks using her, Nidalee was on cloud nine. Grunting from the exertion of raping her so hard and the tight sleeve gripping her cock, the shifter could already feel her first load of the day ready to fill her sobbing fucktoy as she thrashed in pain. “Finally shut the bitch up,” Nidalee cheered as Caitlin’s screams intensified, Vi thrashing beneath her from the pain, unintentionally bucking her hips against the cock raping her. Vi’s eyes were rolling up into her skull. Only once she heard Warwick growl as he dumped his second load down her throat did Nidalee let herself cum, feeling the pressure release like an uncorked bottle and send hot seed boiling up into Vi’s asshole. Her frothing, thick cream stabbed deep up into Vi’s guts, filling her rectum with just as much seed as her cunt had been stuffed full of before pulling out and letting some of the vicous, pink-tinged goo spill down Vi’s crack and over her cunt before dripping to the mat.

“Every time I fight,” Nidalee told her as Warwick’s shrunken knot finally pulled free of her limp jaw. “I am going to step on that stain I just made, and think of your pathetic ass. That’s the best legacy you can hope for, jizzrag.”

Vi said nothing, just weeping on the mat. Her jaw couldn’t move. Her arms couldn’t move. Her cunt and ass both felt like they had been turned inside out. Her throat had been hollowed out. She felt destroyed.

“Good girl… so much better behaved now…” Nidalee said softly, her voice a gentle growl as she ran one hand through Vi’s sweat-wet pink hair. “Finally learned not to talk.” She held her dick her her other hand, already hard again. “Lets test the lesson…”

Vi lay in a pool of cum with Caitlin clinging onto her while jizz leaked from their ravaged holes. It covered their faces, their hair, her breasts. Speaking for herself, Vi felt it had replaced her blood inside her body… it was the only way she could make room for it. Her stomach felt obscenely swollen. Just because her jaw was broken hadn’t excused her from sucking additional cock, and she had needed to use her tongue as best she could… before doing the same to Katarina’s pussy. She might be the only one of them without a cock, but she certainly didn’t feel left out… she’d fucked them with the handles of knives, her fists, and at least ten random objects she’d found around. Vi didn’t feel strong enough to stand, even if they left her alone and gave her hours to make her way to freedom.

“Well, you certainly made a mess,” Evelynn’s sultry tone said. “So distasteful. Didn’t you make them clean up after themselves?”

“Their mouths were too busy,” Nidalee said with a growl, glaring at Evelynn even as Warwick did the same.

Glancing over, Vi felt shocked to see that Lux was there as well, crawling beside the blonde seductress. She was naked, and her body was covered with welt and cuts… where she didn’t have a fresh cast on her other wrist. “So, you want me to get them fixed up or not?”

“Might as well,” Nidalee said, shrugging. “They aren’t much use to me like this anymore.”

Two tails abruptly shot out from behind Evelynn, tangling in Vi and Cait’s hair before she began to pull them after her, their bodies falling heavily out of the fighting ring. Vi landed on her broken arm and screamed, but no one reacted… no even cared. They left the gym behind… it had been hours, and the school was dark and abandoned as Evelynn dragged their broken, raped bodies through the hallway. “Your friend is wondering what happened to you, pet…” Eve said idly as she walked, Lux struggling to keep up, crawling on her splinted and broken hands. “Would you like to tell her?” Lux was silent for a minute until Evelynn chuckled. “You have permission to sleep, whore.”

“Yes mistress,” Lux whispered, speaking quietly… using as little air as possible. “I am commanded not to tell anyone about mistress, or draw suspicion to them by saying nothing. I am to take a single breath every sixty seconds and no more. Lastly, I am to keep track of every sentence I say during the day so I can be punished for speaking without permission.”

Vi felt numb. It wasn’t just her. Lux, too… and she hadn’t known. None of them had. Not Poppy and not Riven…


This was all her fault.

Evelynn knocked on one door. She waited a second before knocking again, louder. “I am not known for my patience, whore,” she snarled. A second later, a half dressed Soraka opened the door. From the smell that wafted through the room and the way her panties were down, she had been fucking herself with something… and from the tears running down her cheeks, probably something painful. “Mi- Mistress… what can this w-worthless unicorn whore do for you…”

Evelynn’s tails deposited Vi and Caitlin in front of her. “Fix them,” she ordered. After pausing for a second, she added, “And my whore’s fingers too. She’s been good… haven’t you fucktoy?”

“Yes mistress,” Lux whimpered. “Thank you, mistress.”

Trembling, Soraka knelt down over Vi, extending both arms as her horn began to glow. Warmth filled her limbs as Soraka abruptly screamed, the purple-skinned girl almost collapsing as her legs trembled. “Don’t be such a crybaby,” Evelynn mocked. “It’s just some broken bones.”

“It hurts so bad…” Soraka moaned, hugging herself. Vi found that she could feel her arms again… and her jaw! She could speak again!

She didn’t.

Evelynn grabbed onto Soraka’s horn and twisted her head to the side. “So if you aren’t going to heal my playthings anymore,” she said softly. “I guess you don’t need this anymore, right?”

“No!” she said sharply. “I mean, yes mistress, I do mistress, please! I’ll… I’ll do it, one second…” Weeping, the unicorn knelt over Caitlin and began to fix her injuried, mostly the internal bleeding from what what Renekton’s cock had broken inside her. Soraka’s other hand was fastened to her stomach and her face was a mask of agony as she took the pain from Caitlin into herself, but she didn’t cry out again. Instead she half walked and half crawled over to Lux and repeated the process with her, her fingers twitching and shaking as she felt the anguish of shattered fingers.

Evelynn, who had been standing there watching, smiled and nodded. “Good whore,” she said, her eyes flashing a violent red for an instant. “Now get back to fucking yourself.”

Soraka barely glanced at the other girls in pity for a second before she vanished into her room, closing her door behind her. Evelynn smiled down at Vi. “Time to get you girls back to your room.

Vi couldn’t believe she had thought she had known was being tired felt like before now. She had thought being woken up early was tiring, she had thought running and practicing could leave her exhausted. It was nothing like this… now she felt more than halfway dead from the need to sleep.

As they approached Vi’s dorm room, she barely dared to hope that it was over. Of course, she would never live this down. She wasn’t sure if she would be able to bring herself to speak in class again after the brutal lesson she had been taught tonight, but…

Evelynn opened the door, and her heart sank. Warwick and Nidalee were there, lounging on her and Caitlin’s beds and chatting. “Oh, it’s about time. What took so long?”

“The unicorn is useless,” Evelynn growled as she finished dragging the two girls into their room. It barely resembled it anymore. All of their stuff… almost every single thing was gone. Everything they owned, everything they had, thrown out like trash.

“Sorry to say, you two just came down with a bad case of the flu,” Nidalee promised. “You’ll be staying here with us, until we’re sure you won’t be causing any trouble ever again.” She smirked. “I’d offer you a bed but your beds are so cheap and flimsy we needed to push them together just to give Warwick and I a comfortable place to sleep. Don’t worry, though… we found something for you.” She gestured at the piles of scrap on the ground… what Riven recognized as the shredded remnants of every piece of clothing she had owned. “A perfect bed for a pair of pets.”

As Lux followed Evelynn from the room and the door clicked and locked, Nidalee pointed to one of the piles. “That’s yours, animal,” she said. “That one can be for the egghead.”

Vi shuffled over to the pile Nidalee had indicated, and found that they were actually wrong… there were the scraps of Caitlin’s clothing, not her own. Instead of saying anything, however, the exhausted Vi collapsed down onto the pathetic comfort of the scraps of clothing and was asleep practically before she realized she was weeping.

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