Menagerie Trapper – Two

Chapter 2

Days like this were what Lilith lived for. The sun was up, it was a warm morning, she’d slept without dreaming, and there was science to be done.

The grey-haired girl walked awkwardly across the camp, ignoring her overly large belly as much as possible for a moment as she crossed the threshold of the wire fence they had put up around the field lab. All the demihumans they had captured so far were being kept in cages inside this perimeter, and it was starting to look like a decent haul.

The first day, the deer and their stag had been a nearly magical find, but they hadn’t been the only thing they had found. Another mouse, a pair of weasels, and even an otter they had found sunning herself by the side of the river had fallen into their grasp so far. Matt had mentioned seeing a pair of humanoid figures up int he sky, though no one else had caught sight of them and the species was currently unknown, and all of the hunters had caught sight of rabbits a few times. That was an exciting find, given how much they would likely sell for given the associations, but each time they had proved too quick and nimble to catch, vanishing into the brush and losing their hunters in just a few seconds. Thomas suspected they had to have a warren of holes nearby that they were fleeing into, and Lily knew he had made it his mission to find it.

Now that they had found enough of the creatures to know that there were plenty more, the real work began… the work that didn’t have anything to do with running through the woods or shooting darts.

The number of valuable hormones, drug compounds and genetic materials they had discovered and harvested from mermaids alone had been staggering, and Lily had no reason to suspect they wouldn’t find a likewise treasure trove here. Last time, Sarah had done the lion’s share of the research, since Lily had been too young to know what was going on. She had made up for it on the periphery, coming up with new ways to use the things that her aunt had discovered and some new applications of her research, but this time she didn’t mean to miss out on the most exciting parts.

Based on the fact that Rebecca was already awake and working, she was just as excited for the prospect as Lily was.

“Welcome to the world, sleepy-head,” the red-haired girl said with a smirk, looking up through the goggles she wore. Safety first, after all. “Here I thought you were going to sleep all day.”

“It isn’t even nine yet,” Lily complained, waddling over to the portable GCMS she had started working overnight. “Not my fault you wake up early like a freak.”

“Perks of being a fisherman,” Becca said smartly, flashing her a grin. “You wake up with the tide or you don’t bother. And don’t pretend like you weren’t there with me the last few days, either.”

Lily shrugged as she checked the readout. “I wasn’t showing so much then.”

“You didn’t have to get yourself knocked up, you know,” her cousin chuckled.

“I don’t have to eat or breathe, either, but somehow, life just isn’t worth living as much without them.”

“Shorter, anyway,” her cousin muttered. “Did you finish synthesizing that new accelerator?”

Lilith lifted a beaker and tilted it, looking into the bottom and checking for unreacted components. “Trial version #7, ready on schedule.” She reached into the rack and picked up the next syringe in order, dozens upon dozens of the sterilized things waiting to be taken and used. “Who is our lucky girl today?”

“Grey with black spots. Ami.”

Lily scoffed. “Subject Thirteen.”

“Ami,” Becca said again, firmly.

Lilith rolled her eyes. “Bad science to name the subjects, silly,” she chided.

“Is that why the stag has ‘Cerridwen’ written on her collar, then?” Rebecca said, quirking an eyebrow.

She felt a blush spread up her face. “That’s… umm… different. Because… ummm…” Lily grasped for an answer, seeing as ‘Because I wanted her to rape me senseless and I wanted to be screaming her name while she did it. Because screaming Subject One just didn’t have the same appeal. Oh Subject One, Give it to me Subject One…’ didn’t make for a very good argument.

Becca just laughed and got back to work. “Go give Ami the dose,” she said with a grin, putting a slide of something beneath a microscope and peering into it.

Letting her cousin win the argument… of course… Lily waddled out into the yard again, syringe in hand. It had been five days since she had dosed herself with the control substance, the mermaid accelerant. It led to mermaids giving birth in only about thirty-six hours, and humans giving birth to human or mermaid children within forty-eight, but after five days Lily still wasn’t quite ready to pop. It was still marvelous, of course… but it could be optimized so much better. That was what the new version was for – different amounts of new hormones taken from the deer mixed in, replacing mermaid genes.

It wasn’t just about birth, either… it would give them clues on how to make the growth accelerant, and that was what they really needed. Breeding deer was all well and good, but needing to wait two decades before they became viable for sale would make them more expensive than they were worth. A few weeks between pregnancy and sale was the goal. Thankfully, if the mermaids had taught them anything, it was that these creatures came in categories: the hormones that worked for one type of mermaid worked pretty well on the rest of them. These mammalian girls would probably work much the same way.

She idly counted cages as she walked. One. Two. Three… passing knocked up deer after knocked up deer, all of them cowering from her as she passed. Each one had a sign with a number, and, to Lily’s mild annoyance, a name. Painted-on lettering indicated which version of the accelerant each had been given, and when. Number one was the green-haired fawn that had gotten bred by Cerridwen the same time she had, and dosed at the same time as well. She was just barely further along than Lily herself. Some of them were already showing… including 11 and 12, the two she had dosed just yesterday. That was a good sign, although they weren’t showing quick as much as she would like.

Subject Thirteen, Ami — she admitted to herself if to no one else — wasn’t hard to find. She was the one in the middle of screaming as Cerridwen plowed her over and over again. To prevent the ones being raped from hurting themselves, or their only stag, they had stuck them in a makeshift pillory that put their hands and heads together on one side of a post, and left their asses and pussies exposed up in the air on the other side… perfect for a raging, drug-high herm to do everything she wanted to their vulnerable bodies.

Tears were running down Ari’s face, leaving messy streaks down her dark fur as she cried out with every thrust. Even standing up, Lily could track the bulge the cock was making in the slim doe’s body as Cerridwen fucked her hard, hammering that tight, squeezing quim as it stretched around her. Lily could almost feel it… the memory of how that dick had felt inside of her almost a physical thing that made her want to sway in place. She remembered being split open as it ravaged her time and time again, the flat head of the cervid cock compressing her insides as he knocked at the door of her womb over and over. It had spilled so much cum into her, stuffing a baby in her belly the same way it was doing to the helpless fawn in this cage, and Lily wished that she could take Ami out of the stocks and slap herself into them instead.

Eager, Lily ran a hand down Ami’s thigh, her fingers splitting to rub against that thick, eager cock as it sawed away at her insides, stretched her obscenely wide to the wet, lewd sounds of their rape-breeding carried to the nearby cages and made other fawns cringe at what their “father” would soon be doing to them as well—plowing them until they couldn’t walk anymore even if they were untied, filling their bodies with gallons of rape-cream to give them fresh baby fawns of their own, as… as…

Lilith shook her head. ‘Focus now… get laid later.’ Unworried about the herm, she just walked past the distracted creature as it used Ami as a sheath for the gigantic sword of meat hanging between her legs, pushing the syringe into the deer’s exposed, immobile neck and squeezing out the injection.

Lily could have sworn that Ami’s screaming and the look in her eyes took on a begging tone as she looked up at her. “Now don’t be sad,” she said with a grin as she patted the deer’s head, running one finger over the tiny antlers. “You’re going to make a great mommy.” She stared into the weeping fawn’s eyes for a moment before bending down and kissing her, letting Ami scream right into her mouth as she kissed the bred deer and forced her tongue into the demi-human’s mouth. Like this, it was easy to imagine that they were tied down together, their necks wrapped together with a cord to keep them from moving as they were fucked and fucked and they screamed as their bodies were tormented by big, thick herm cocks and…

Get. It. Together.

Pulling away, Lily wiped her lip and smiled. Ami… Maybe this one having a name wasn’t so bad… after she was done with the experiment, maybe she would play with the tight, screaming doe some more. She was sure she could tempt Lila to ravage to two of them senseless while they were tied together… but later. Whistling to herself, she turned and left the cage behind. It would be at least an hour, and four or five more loads of cum, before the stag would be finished with the fawn, and as much as she would like to watch, there were probably other things she should be doing.

As she was closing the gate behind her, she saw Sarah pulling Subject 21 out of her container, further down the line. “Oh, hi auntie. What are you doing there?”

The blonde woman looked up and grinned. “Just testing your latest aphrodisiac batch on Briaca here.”

Lily ground her teeth. Subject. Twenty. One. Then she sighed. “Auntie… that batch isn’t ready yet.”

The woman looked Lilith dead in the eyes, making the submissive girl squirm. “Lily, how many versions of the mermaid aphrodisiac have you made?”

“Uhhh,” she blushed. “Forty-three. Ma’am.”

“And after which version did it start working?” Sarah asked with a knowing grin.

Lily squeaked. “…two?”

“And is it finished yet?” she prompted.

“No ma’am, of course not!” Lily protested. “There is still a bit of an abrupt come-down period, and certain herms take a minute to rev up and I still don’t know why and it doesn’t increase sensitivity quite enough yet and—”

“Lily,” Sarah said flatly. “Your standards are really high. That’s not a bad thing. But it’s definitely ready for a test…. Ok?”

Lily sighed heavily. “Yes ma’am. Sorry ma’am.”

“Alright then,” Sarah said with a grin. “Let’s see what this baby can do…”

“Twenty bucks I catch a bigger one than you,” Matt said as he crept through the brush. He carried a rifle at his shoulder, loaded and ready to go. They weren’t taking chances… not if Steven was right about this one.

“The hell do I need your money for?” Lila hissed as she pushed a brush out of her way, letting go of it when she was pretty sure it would swing back at Matt and frowning as he ducked it.

“Nothing, because you won’t be getting it… but I would be happy enough to take yours,” Matt answered as he stepped over an unsteady log. “I’ll frame it and put it up on a wall. The first trophy of many.”

“That trophy rack is going to be more lonely than a vegan’s mounted head collection,” Lila snorted. “No, I have a better idea. First pick of the hunt today?”

“…double or nothing: first pick of the rabbits when we get them?”

“Oh, now there is an idea,” Lila said with a grin, pausing at the edge of the woods. “Surprised you didn’t try to barter with your imaginary winged girls.”

Matt shrugged. “You are going to look awfully silly wiping that egg off your face when we find them.”

“First pick of the rabbits,” Lila agreed, holding out a hand. “You are on.”

Matt smiled and lightly slapped it as he passed her. “Easiest cunt I’ve ever won.”

Both of their eyes moved forward, taking in the cave. The net that Steven had rigged up after following the trail here still hadn’t been sprung, so the pack hadn’t tried to leave yet. The game was on.

Eve had been fleeing something when she had stumbled into the trap that had started this whole thing, and the ecosystem hadn’t collapsed yet, so that meant there were predators here somewhere. That was what Steven had been focusing on finding ever since their first successful hunt… they had all heard the howls at night, but it wasn’t until sunset last night that he had had actually caught sight of one of them — a wolf, one of the scouts for a pack. He had tailed it all night, following its tracks, and it had led him back here before he had set up a trap and radio’d in the location.

By his estimate from the track, thirteen. There were thirteen pack members of a race of apex predators lurking in the darkness there. Matt and Lila both raised their rifles, stalking forward as three other women and five men, including Thomas, also broke the edge of the woods and began a slow prowl towards the darkness.

The first growl came before they had crossed half the clearing… echoing out of cave towards the hunters. So they were aware then, they simply hadn’t fled because they were aware of the trap.

“Clever mutts,” Lila mused. She hadn’t known what to expect from them. She had worked with hounds — including more than one with wolf blood — all her life, but she hadn’t know how much to expect from these girls. If they had recognized the trap, not panicked, and noticed the hunters, they were at least as bright as the brightest hounds she’d worked it.

It was intriguing.

“Fire in the hole,” Thomas said, pulling a metal cylinder from his belt. This wasn’t going to be very sporting… that was her uncle’s motto, Safety First. Lila would have rather stalked into the cave and test them against her abilities, hunter against hunter… but as dedicated as she was, she wasn’t stupid. She recognized just how terrible of an idea that was.

As the smoke grenade landed inside the entrance to the cave, she still couldn’t help but think it a shame she couldn’t do it anyways.

The hunters waited as the smoke billowed, filling the cave as the uniform sounds of growling began to be replaced by the sounds of coughing and panicked whines. Lillian raised her rifle, sighting along with the iron sight and ignoring the scope as she counted down in her mind, a timer that had started from sheer instinct. The smoke was building, and fear with it. Any second now…

Her internal countdown had reached zero only a second or two before the rush came. Lila started shooting as sleek, furry shapes darted through the smoke towards the exit, coming into the daylight and out of the smoke and into a hail of darts. These were Lilith’s new darts, her new best guess about dosages and metabolism… They were designed to deliver an initial burst of tranquilizer and then a low dose for a few minutes afterward. As long as the excess darts were pulled out within a minute or two, they could safely riddle the girls with darts and they would… probably be fine.

Even through the hail of darts, several of them managed to reach the entrance, and Steven and two other woodsmen lifted the net up, making them screech to a frantic halt, screaming in frustration and fear and standing still for fateful seconds as they were hammered again and again with darts.

Seconds later, it was done.

Lila picked her way forward as the net came down, stepping over the tranquilized bodies of a half a dozen wolf-women. As she walked past one, she ducked down to trail her fingers through the fur of one of their thick, bushy tails… softer than she would have expected for a wolf, even without the care a human owner would bring them. Their ears were nearly lost among their hair when they had had been charging, having almost precisely the same color, but lying prone the triangular shape and white tips made them stand out brilliantly. There was nowhere near the variety of appearances in them as there were in some of the others: their hair was all within one or two shades of the same black-grey, and their skin was very close to the same tan. Instinctively, Lila felt she understood; the deer, the mermaid schools, other such things… they were groups of the animals. This was a pack. This was one close family.

Lila could respect that.

Thomas tossed several chemical flares deeper into the darkness, lighting the shadows in garish red glows, revealing the collapsed ‘bodies’ of another half dozen members of the pack. Immediately, Lila’s eyes were drawn to the movement… three young wolves pulled at one of the others who was down. These weren’t adults — they were the pack’s adolescents, and they had no doubt been hidden in the very back of the caves. They hadn’t been darted.

All three turned and growled at her as she approached, standing between her and the fallen wolf. Not their mother… she looked too young for that. An older sister, perhaps? Lila nodded, putting it together. When the smoke started pouring in, the young ones in the back would have suffered the most — they actually could have suffocated back there. This one had realized the danger they were in, and gone back to get them, bringing them closer to the hunters because she had realized that was a safer place.

It actually gave Lila pause. She had seen some of the mermaids be clever. Eve, in her own way, seemed bright enough: she was even starting to learn some human words. This was something else. This was a kind of understanding that she hadn’t seen any of the others display yet.

“Cover me,” she said to Matt where he stood behind her.

“Are you crazy?” he hissed as she put away her rifle on her back, but to his credit he kept his up and moved to the side to gain a clear lane of fire as she began slowly walking forward.

“It’s done…” she said quietly, calmingly, at the growling pups. “It’s alright. I don’t want to have to shoot you, alright? Just lay-”

The growling peaked and two of them leaped at her, and Matt opened up. By the time they reached her, their arms were heavy and leaden, and weak. The leader less pounced on Lila than she collapsed into her arms, sagging down and making a halfhearted growl before passing out. The other two never even reached her.

“You are crazy,” Matt said with a nod. “Completely.”

Lilian shrugged. “Can’t say I didn’t try.” She looked back once at the fallen older sister… that one was hers. “Ok, let’s go see who has the most darts in the biggest one,” she said. “Can’t wait to have first go at the best rabbit…”

Sarah took the syringe and pushed it against Subject 23’s neck, but then paused. “Do you want to do the honors?” she asked Lily. “It’s your compound, after all.”

Lilith stepped forward. “Guess I should. No one else to take the blame then if it doesn’t work.”

Sarah rolled her eyes and handed the device to her. “Honestly, niece… you need to learn some confidence in your work.”

“I’ll be confident when it works,” she said, probably lying. Then she leaned up and drove the needle into the side of Subject 23’s neck and squeezed, making her squeal in such a delightful way. Then Lilith stepped back and waited.

“So, how to do you like that Briaca?” Sarah asked softly, whispering into the deer’s ear. “Is it starting to drive you wild yet?”

Lily made it all of ten seconds of waiting before she sighed. “It doesn’t work right on them,” she said finally. “One of the compounds I changed must have been one of the active ones. I can recalibrate the put in a new dose for t—-“

Abruptly, Briaca’s legs gave out on her and she sagged. Sarah let her go, surprised, as she dropped down to her knees, both of her hands going to between her legs… and letting go an enormous, loud moan as she began to recklessly finger herself with one hand while playing with her clit using the other. Her mouth opened and she moaned again, her tongue beginning to stick out as she gasped over and over, her cunt already making sound as wet as Lily’s ever did as she played with herself violently on the ground of their field-lab.

“Wow,” Sarah muttered. “I think we might have actually given her too much.

“Yeah…” Lilith said softly. She could feel her own pussy getting soaked just by watching, and she wished she could get someone to pound the shit out of her while she was pregnant, but Morris didn’t think it was a good idea, and the herm would be too violent, and… and…

“Hey, Morris!” she called. “Excuse me sir… Morris, over here please…”

The assistance came up, looking as delicious as ever in his tight shirt stuck to his body in the heat and hard work. Just her luck that he was here today and he still wouldn’t give her the fucking she deserved. “Yes?” he said cautiously, shooting a suspicious glance over at Sarah where she was watching the deer masturbate furiously on the ground.

“Pant’s off,” she said, a twinkle in her eye.

“What?” he stuttered. “Lily, I’m really not sure that’s…”

“Pants… off… sir,” she said with a smile, reaching over and grabbing his belt, unbuckling it and pulling off him in one swift yank. “You can punish me later if you want,” she whispered coyly, causing him to take another panicked glance at Sarah to make sure she wasn’t paying attention.

As soon as his pants dropped, it was almost like someone had put up a sign for Subject 23. Briaca’s head swiveled immediately, her nose shaking as she scented the musk from between his legs as his proud cock became exposed. Then she was crawling frantically across the ground towards him, all but lunging at him in her eagerness to bury his prick all the way down her throat.

Lily knew from experience that he was thick enough that it was sore to swallow him, but the cervid appeared not to care in the least… if anything, she started moaning harder, her body vibration as her throat hummed on the dick impaling her. She gagged with each thrust, but it didn’t her down for a second… she just kept pushing. It didn’t matter that it hurt to swallow a dick that big, or that she couldn’t breathe, or that she had never done anything like this before. She just kept pushing. That there were tears in her eyes, gathering without falling… that she was choking on it… didn’t matter. She kept sucking.

She pushed herself forward until her lips brushed the very base of his cock, her tongue flicking out to taste his balls before she began to pull back out until the head of Morris’ cock rested on her tongue and she was heaving deep breaths around him length while the ranchhand held her head in both hands.

And then Briaca slammed herself back in, all the way to base of his cock. Then out again. Then in again. Then out again. Each thrust of her mouth back over his length caressed the entire shaft from balls to head with her tongue and lips, each one producing a wet, wretched gurgle… but her hands never left her own pussy as she did it. Again and again and again, she pushed her head back and forth over her, burying her nose in his pubes, spitting on his cock, licking and sucking and choking as his thickness began to slowly stretch her inexperienced throat, letting her rape her own facer faster and harder with each thrust.

Lily couldn’t take it anymore. She had to start playing with herself as well as she watched the deer-girl willingly — enthusiastically — choking herself senseless on the man’s cock. “How is she, Morris?” she said with a grin as she settled behind Briaca, playing with her breasts with one hand while the other sank between beneath her waistband and begin pinching and pushing at her clit.

“She’s… uh…” he groaned, trying to keep it together, looking at Lilith out of the corner of his eye. “She’s alright, I guess?”

A smile stretched across Lily’s face… a wide, mischievous smile. “Only alright?” the light-haired girl said with mock-concern. “Well, we can’t have that, can we?” She grabbed the head of the slutty, hormone-driven deer and pulled her back, dragging her off his dick… just the second before she pushed her way next to her and swallowed it all the way down himself. Briaca just looked on in wide-eyed lust and dismay before she dove back in herself, licking at Morris’ balls and tonguing whatever bits of his cock Lily didn’t have down her throat at any given second. Lily didn’t want to let her have too much… she wanted it to herself, so she didn’t hesitate to shove as much of him down her throat as possible, uncaring that it but her in the same position that the cervid had been in. It hurt to stretch her throat that far… hurt so good.

A few thrusts later, she pulled back far enough that Briaca saw an opportunity and forced herself in further, displacing Lily in the role of swallowing Morris’ shaft. Lily, for her part, allowed it to happen, continuing to lick and suck and tongue every inch of him that she could still reach until she saw her own opportunity to take over.

With two eager, frenzied cock-sucking throats each fighting to outdo one another at swallowing him, it wasn’t a matter of if Morris would be able to hold out… it was just a matter of when, and which girl was going to be the one swallowing him when it happened. Lily could have held back… could have done less of a good job when Briaca was sucking, but that wouldn’t have been honorable… after all, what kind of fucktoy was she if she wasn’t doing her best to make the sweet boy cum for her?

She was licking at his nuts when she felt them churning, felt his groaning reach a fever pitch. That was a shame: she had been looking forward to tasting him, but that was the life of a sexy slave-girl. If you always got what you wanted, you weren’t much of a slave.

Still, he surprised her. Morris only let her worry about getting to taste him a second before he pulled out, jerking his cock in one fist in front of both of their drool-slick faces. Both she and Briaca barely had time to open their mouths before he was cumming, spraying the two women with thick ropes of cum. Not nearly as much of it ended up in her mouth as Lily wanted, so she started licking at her lips, hoping to gather more. And while she did, Briaca — still maddened by the lust running through her like a wildfire — all but tackled Morris to the ground.

The deer-girl wrapped her lips around his cock again, sucking and licking like she wanted to draw the last of his seed out… and then, after she was sure she had gotten everything there was, she kept sucking until he was as hard as stone again.

“Well,” Sarah mused as she leaned against the fence with a smile on her face. Briaca seemed to have forgotten Lily entirely already, and long since forgotten about Sarah… she was crawling up Morris’ body and rubbing her soaking wet cunt against his shaft, seeking to impale herself. “I think the effectiveness of the aphrodisiac is…”

She was interrupted by a scream of mingled pain and pleasure as Briaca fucked her own virginity away in a single thrust on Morris, and just kept pumping her hips up and down on him without pausing a second in memorial for her slain chastity.

“…academic at this point,” Sarah finished as the deer began to frantically ride Morris, bouncing on his pole like a frenzied, cock-drunk animal in her eagerness to feel it sliding in and out of her.

Lily, unwilling to be left out, crawled her swollen belly over to where Briaca was riding and embraced the sexy deer, rubbing her swollen, pregnant tits against the young fawn’s smaller ones as she began to lick at her face, eager to get as much of Morris’s seed off her face and into her mouth. As she did, the cervid began to do the same thing and lick at her face, too, stealing back some cum of her own. That was fine… fair was fair. Even when Morris put a hand between her spread legs and began to finger her. Even when Briaca started to kiss her, racing her tongue through Lily’s mouth and seeking for unswallowed traces of seed that she could take for herself. Even when her mouth closed around one of Lily’s swollen nipples and began to suck, hard enough that she felt milk begin to splash into the cervid’s mouth. Her belly was clenching with lust and…


Not lust.

“Auntie,” she moaned as she reluctantly broke the kiss. “What… time is it? Exactly?”

Sarah looked confused but checked her watch. “11:34,” she said after a moment. “Why?”

“Because… “ Lily moaned harder, “she’s coming.” 11:34… made it a bit over 6 days, four hours, for one pregnancy with this dose. Gently, she crawled off from where Briaca and Morris were increasingly violently fucking, laying on the ground just a foot or two away and spreading her legs. “Ow. Ow. Ow… Do we… uh…. Ow. Do we have that labor-ease ready?” When Sarah handed her a pill of the powerful sedative they had been developing, she swallowed it down eagerly, even dry. Then she leaned back and watched Braica milk the cum out of Morris again, and again, and a third time before the drug began to finally wear off and she collapsed to the ground, shaking and exhausted and fucked senseless.

By then, Lily was well on her way to being a mommy… And she had never, ever felt this full before. She preferred being fucked to this, but there was something wonderfully degrading and hot about serving a temporary purpose as an incubator for a girl destined to become just one more demihuman sextoy for sale. She squeezed and gasped and Morris was a real sweetheart in coming over and letting her suck Briaca’s pussy off of him while she suffered through the pain of birth, squeezing, screaming, pushing as she licked and sucked and-

“I’ll be damned,” Auntie Sarah said from where she kelt. Just a few moments later, Lily felt the relief and release of being abruptly empty as her child emptied from her twat, squeezed out into the waiting hands of her family.

Lily pushed herself free of the cock in her throat for just a second. “Whaaaat…?” she moaned, high as hell on the pain and the sex and on feeling like a used object.

“She’s a herm,” Sarah announced, a dreamy tone to her voice.

That got through the haze around Lily. “Really?” she whispered. She pushed Morris off her just a little, just enough to see that what was between her offspring’s legs was not a slit. “Auntie, didn’t you tell me that you’ve never seen a mermaid herm born in captivity?”

Sarah was shaking her head. “Not a single one,” she muttered. “Loosely, we figure they are one in about 500,000 at this point, based on what we’ve found. The mermaids have a high birth rate, but very few breeders.”

“Could just be lucky, right?” Morris asked, idly shoving his fingers up Briaca’s cunt. “Just random chance?”

“I mean, it’s always possible…” Sarah said doubtfully, “But…”

Lily nodded. “German tank problem.”

“Uhh…” Morris paused, leading to Briaca writhing in moaning agony. “The German… what now?”

“What, you’ve never heard of it?” Lilith winked, even though Morris wouldn’t be able to see from where he was above her. “It means that if you have a small sample size, and something unlike- urk!” she gasped as he shoved his cock back into her mouth. Gamely, she started running her tongue up and down his length as an apology for neglecting him.

“It means,” Sarah finished. “That it isn’t as unlikely as we thought.” She smiled broadly. “We might be able to breed these things faster than we imagined…” She put one hand on Morris’ shoulder as she brought the baby up to Lily’s chest, making her moan and coo around the dick in her mouth as the babe’s mouth immediately latched onto her nipple and began to chew at it with tiny, flat deer teeth, sucking and nipping as she fed him from her incredibly sensitive tits. “Hurry up and give her something to swallow, son… we’ve got lots of work to do…”

To Lilith’s delight, Morris started viciously fucking her face, and soon, that was precisely what he did.

Everything hurt.

Lyanna walked along with the rest of her pack, her hands bound behind her back, some kind of vine wrapped around them and attached to the ankles of the next wolf in line. The vine itched, and she hated it. She also hated that her head hurt, and that her feet were sore from walking —- the hairless predators were too stupid to pick a clear path! —- and that her fur was sticking up on end and that with all the smoke still in her nose, the only thing she could smell was the terror of the others wolves, especially the younger ones.

Lyanna wasn’t afraid. She knew that because she told herself that, firmly. Lyanna was mad. Yes. Mad. Furious. She would tear the hairless ones apart and take her family from this place, the first opportunity. Lyanna was not frightened of their strange fangs that struck at range, or the magic smoke they produced, or of how they could produce light in the darkness. Not even a little bit.

Soon, even her smoke-blind smell could catch the scent of prey… lots of prey. The hairless ones weren’t doing a good job of masking the scents of their catches — anyone would be able to find this place. Anyone who wasn’t blind or stupid and had a nose, anyway. Lyanna was not afraid, not even when her eyes widened and she saw that there were many, many more of the strange predators… dozens of them, maybe as many as then times her pack’s size as they moved about, doing work, preparing food and… and…


Looking to the side, she caught glimpses of deer and weasels and mice, all of them held down and forcefully bred by the predators. Lyanna didn’t understand that. Not the breeding… that, of course, she understood. She had hunted down more than one prey animal for their own Alpha to breed. What she didn’t—couldn’t—understand was how these strange, hairless things had so many Alphas. Didn’t they fight? Did they go and form their own packs? Compete for mates?

Apparently not… and if this den was any indication, Lyanna could maybe understand that. They had so many prey animals here. Dozens. They had plenty of fresh bodies and wombs to go around, deer and weasels and mice and… and…

She swallowed.

And now wolves.

She was not afraid.

The hairless ones took them to strange-looking caves surrounded by a canopy of stinky material that she could see through, and that she heard them call a fence. One by one, wolves were freed from the vines that lashed them together and taken into individual caves. Most of them whined as they went — wolves were not meant to be separated from one another. Most that were keeping on a brave face began to cry as they were separated from their family. Not Lyanna though… Lyanna was not afraid. She struggled as the hairless pack separated her from the rest and tossed her into her own containment, bound hand and ankle.

And there she waited.

The sun reached its zenith, and passed it, sinking down towards the trees. Around her, the scent of mating and prey was growing thicker. More than one of her family had been pulled from their cages and taken someplace out of sight… but not out of hearing, not out of scent. Wolves were not meant to be bred like prey, but the hairless predators didn’t care — Lyanna could hear as one of her sisters after another was taken and forced. She could smell everything, and it was beginning to concern her. This den was obvious. Strong as the wolves were, they needed to hide their den from other predators who might try to cull their numbers for breeding or even food. The wolves were strong, but no one was invincible.

These hairless predators, however… they did not hide. They had to have been found by other predators —- by them —- by now, but she couldn’t smell a single one of the other predators here, hadn’t scented one on the way in. It meant that everyone who had found this place and turned around and fled the other direction.

Lyanna was not afraid. She was a wolf, and wolves were not afraid.

More than one of the others had started biting at their bonds. Whenever the hairless ones saw that, they immediately stopped it — they beat them, or took them away to be raped, or sometimes struck them with those strange, long-reach fangs. Lyanna didn’t so much as glance at hers. She didn’t want any of them taking to close a look at her.

When the sun went down, she was still being ignored, even though about half of her pack had been lead away, and the yelps and whines they were making told her of their fates. It was dark enough now… even with the strange moons that the hairless ones summoned at the top of posts. She was deep in shadow as she crouched in the corner of her isolated cave, and only then did she began to steadily, quietly bite at the thick, straw-colored vines wrapped around her limbs.

Lyanna didn’t understand how the hairless ones lit the darkness… but she understood that they did. It meant that their eyes were prey-eyes — they could not see in the shadows like a wolf. She could avoid notice. She could get free. After she was loose, perhaps she would find a way out of this cave, or perhaps she would not, but Lyanna would rather be as free as she could be to prepare either way. Sooner or later, one of the hairless predators would try to make her their mate, and she would tear out its throat.

Lyanna was no one’s mate.
The vines were thick and tough, but they were no match for a wolf’s fangs once she was given some time to work, and soon Lyanna was free. Prowling quietly around the cave, she found that the entrance was sealed even more thoroughly than the hairless ones had sealed up the pack’s den… but before too long, someone would come and open it for her. That was happening to most of her sisters. Even her alpha was gone, although what use they had in mind for her, Lyanna couldn’t guess.

Voices. Scent. Footsteps. Someone was coming. Lyanna sank down into the darkness, sitting down on top of the scraps of the vines, and waited.

“Is this the one?” A voice asked. A lighter voice than the alphas had. Lyanna had noticed the hairless alphas had deeper vocalizations. This wasn’t one of them… one of the hairless prey animals. An instinctive sneer crossed Lyanna face.

“She is,” another higher-pitched voice. She stopped walking before the entrance to Lyanna’s cave, leaning against it and peering in. The girl had grey hair, lighter than Lyanna’s own. The prey wasn’t weak —- she was built as least as solidly as she was herself — and her eyes…

Lyanna swallowed. They were the eyes of a wolf.

She was not afraid. This woman was prey. She would escape through her.

“You want me to help you?” the first one said.

“Thanks mom, but I’m fine… just want to have you around for backup for now. You know, get advice and make sure everything is set up right,” said the wolf-eyed girl. “I think this one is smarter than the rest.”

Lyanna heard the same click the opening had made when it was sealed, and she gathered her limbs beneath her, ready to pounce as soon as they moved far enough away from the door they wouldn’t be able to close it and lock it again. Just a few more seconds now… the wolf-eyed girl was walking in. The second prey was right behind her. Another second or two…

The other prey closed the door, leaving the two of them alone.

“You can get up,” the wolf-eyed girl said. “I would have gotten free by now… if you’re worth my time, you have too.”

So the furless thing knew? Lynna played dumb… that usually worked. She did that a lot… with members of her own pack, with other predators, with some prey. No one expected her to understand as much as she did. She kept her head down, but her eyes followed the wolf-eyed girl through the curtain of her dark hair. It didn’t matter that feigning submission might be wiser, however… a wolf did not permit herself to be touched by prey.

As the prey reached for Lyanna, she exploded to her feet with a snarl, leaping at the prey animal. Her hand stretched forward, claws curled, her eyes narrowed and intense… and she landed in empty space. The wolf-eyed girl had leaped backward, quicker than Lyanna had seen the others move. One of her hands was extended forward the wolf with a warding gesture. The other was back towards the other prey. “Not yet,” she said calmly. “I got this.”

Not in Lyanna had anything to say about it. She pounced again, directly at the prey trapped in this cave with, and felt it more than she saw it as the wolf-eyed girl moved to the side to let her pass, grabbing onto her arm and dragging at her as she pass, running her into one of the strange walls. Lyanna hit it hard enough to bounce off, toppling momentary to the floor, shaking her head as she stared at the prey animal.

She was not afraid. She was not. This wasn’t an alpha… this was prey. She would make a present of this one to her alpha after she escaped and saw her pack free once again. This would be a prize to be delivered. Lyanna rose to her feet again, kicking off against the wall, throwing herself into what looked like another bounding leap… but instead brought her down far quick, letting her turn and grab at the hairless predator as she tried to slip to the side.

She wasn’t there.

The wolf-eyed girl struck her from behind, sending her sprawling to the ground with a hand on the back on her neck, holding her down as she ground her face into the dirt. Spitting and snarling, Lyanna kicked at her, thrashing, trying to get free as he felt something hard and stiff prodding her from behind. Impossible… this was prey! She was prey! She was not afraid of prey!

“You are mine,” the wolf-eyed girl hissed, grinding her down into the ground while she struggled.

She was not, she was not! “Off… me…” she growled, and while the words had a bit of an odd shape in her mouth, they were understandable. Very few of her pack spoke any of the strange pidgin that they spoke, but Lyanna had picked it up easily enough. If they spoke it, she was going to as well. These hairless things seemed to speak it as well… better than anyone she had ever seen, but her word chilled Lyanna’s blood. She was not this prey’s! She belonged to her family, to her alpha.

The prey pinning her laughed. “I knew it,” she hissed, a victorious sound. “I knew you could understand me.” Another laugh. “Say your owners name. ‘Lila.’ Say it.”

“You… prey,” she growled. Then Lila briefly froze as she felt that hardness behind her brush her barely pussy. “No! Off! Prey off!”

“Oh, I am going to enjoy teaching you your place,” the wolf-eyed girl… Lila… said from behind her as she began to push forward.

Lyanna thrashed desperately. Since she had come of age, her alpha had chosen her to breed only a handful of times. She had always been gentle… caring. It hadn’t been so bad as it could have been, but her size had still hurt inside of Lyanna’s tight body. The breeding had never taken, and soon the Alpha had stopped picking her, letting her hunt instead. It had been years now since she had last been picked.

Lila was bigger than her Alpha, and she was not gentle at all. The thrust of the prey-turned-alpha into her tight breeding-hole felt like it was splitting her open, and for the first time, Lyanna let herself admit the obvious.

She was terrified.

“Off! No! Off! Off! Off!” she screamed into the ground, oblivious of the tears that had begun to leak from her eyes. “P-puh-please! Please prey! Off me!”

“No,” Lila said, holding her struggling hips down with one hand on the small of her back while the second continued holding her neck down to the ground. She put more of her weight into it, and Lila screamed as she felt the Alpha’s cock tear through her resistance, splitting her wider and wider to make room for it to intrude into her core.

Nothing had ever pushed her so far open. Her pack’s alpha had resisted knotting her, resisted knotting any of them, but this cock seemed to swell more and more with each thrust into her… each movement finding new virgin territory in her body, deeper inside her than anything had ever gone. She screamed at a particularly vicious thrust that scraped her face against the dirt as it shoved her forward, making her breath in some of the soil and cough viciously. “Can’t… I… kill…”

Lila laughed again. “No, you won’t,” she said, leaning down to grown into one of the wolf-girl’s pointed ears. “You belong to me. I’m your pack leader now. You obey me.”

“Never—AH!” Lyanna spat, and then a second later screamed as Lila released her neck and grabbed onto one of her ears instead, twisting it and using it to drive her down into the ground. “Aiiiiiieee!” she wailed, ashamed of the high-pitched screech that the pain brought out of her. Wolves were not afraid. Wolves were not afraid.

“Mine,” Lila repeated as she gave another especially brutal thrust that made Lyanna collapse enough that her nipples scraped against the dirt as she was pushed forward. Back and forth, back and forth her breasts swayed as she was she was pounded from behind, drawing her attention to their motion as they scraped painfully against the ground with each movement now. “You should just give in,” the wolf-eyed girl told her. “You’ll be so much happier as my pet. I’ll give you a purpose… I’ll show you things you never imagined existed… and all… you have… to do… is… submit!” Lila shoved all the way into her, and to Lyanna’s horror, she felt something squirting into her. Seed shooting out of this wolf-eyed prey’s… alphas… cock inside of her, making her squirm in one last helpless, doomed effort to escape that only got her ear twisted harder. Lyanna could just sob and whine as she felt it filling her up.

She could smell it. It was her cum… her alpha’s cum. She was squirting that into her, impossibly, horribly. Confusingly. Lyanna understood so much more than most of her family… but she didn’t understand this. She lay on the ground, confused, devastated as Lila bound her in the strange vines against and pulled her to her feet, finally marching her out of the cave past the other smiling prey animal, past other hairless alphas, and deeper into their strange den.

Everything hurt.

The prey — Lila — had taken her into a strange, more firm kind of cave, one with solid sides that smelled of animal skin, of wood, and of stranger, less natural things. There, she had brought here to a strange device that she called an obedience pole. It looked like the trunk of a small tree turned sideways, but it was harder, and colder, and shone silver like the moon. It was supported by two other, similar ‘poles,’ one on either end, with a pair of circular links on either side. Lyanna didn’t know the purpose of the thing, but it smelled like sex, and that put her on edge… her pussy was still sore from the violation she had been put through. She didn’t have a way of recognizing how those circular links would wrap around her ankles, or that those other poles were ratchets, or how they could be used against her… but soon she would be intimately familiar with the device.

She didn’t want anything to do with it… but she couldn’t protest. Not since the wolf-eyed Lila had forced something strange into her mouth. She had tried to bite, of course, but the thing she had pushed in was large, and hard and completely unyielding… it held her mouth open around open space. She wished that she could spit the taste of it out of her mouth — it tasted like water off of a rock, metallic and foul — but with her mouth held open spitting was a problem. Anything but breathing and whining wordlessly was a problem, really.

Unaware of the torture she was in for, Lyanna was made to straddle the pole, which stood about knee height. Her ankles were then locked into those rings on the floor, and the wolf quickly realized that she couldn’t move them… that those anklets were as firmly in place as mountain-stone. “You have such a lovely tail,” Lila mused, stroking her fur and making Lyanna shudder at the sensation from the sensitive appendage. She tried to yank it away, but it could only go so far… the hairless woman just grabbed it again. “So sensitive… so flexible. I wonder…”

Her grip on it tightened, and she pulled it up. Another whimper escaped Lila’s mouth before she could stop it as it was pulled at and and wrapped around her wrists. It grew tighter, tighter, tighter, until she shrieked softly, sure that she had broken the soft tail. Only then did Lila back off, admiring something that she couldn’t see. “I actually think that works,” she said with pride in her voice before taking out a shining, sharp tool – they used them sometimes, Lyanna noted, they called them knives — and cut the vines holding her arms. To her horror, however, the wolf found she was still unable to move her hands… her own tail was now tying them in place.

Lila then stood by one of the vertical silver trees and turned a crank loudly, one click after another, just like the seal on the cave earlier. Only when the horizontal length between her legs began to raise up did Lyanna realise what was going to happen. The pole moved upwards with an escalating series of clicks, one after the other. Another click, and she felt the cold metal against cunt lips, initially soothing her beaten and bruised pussy. Another click, and it became an uncomfortable pressure. Another, and she was forced up onto the tips of her toes to relieve the pressure. Another click, and the pole started to lift her from the ground, and Lyanna cried out. The pain in her sex was incredible… and yet Lila was turning the device again, and yet the men were struggling to lift the pole still higher. Lyanna heard another click as she was lifted completely from the ground, the shackles on her ankles at full stretch, pulling her back down against the torture device.

So suspended, all of her weight was driving down against her cunt, wedging the edge of it up into her body. Only then did Lila back off and watch as she struggled to find release. It took the wolf more than a minute of stretching, of straining her body to its absolute, but she managed to touch the ground with the tips of her toes.By straightening her spine and stretching her feet down as far as possible, she could just barely brush the ground. The stretch was incredibly uncomfortable, and she couldn’t support much of her weight with it… but it kept the whole of her weight off her pussy and clit, however, so she strained to keep that position… sharing the agony between two parts of her body rather than just one. After just a few seconds, her legs were already trembling with the strain of keeping herself up, and she was starting to sweat enough with the effort that her hair felt damp, but she could keep it. She could.

“That’s a good girl,” Lila said as she stood before the moaning wolf girl and began squeezing her tits. “I built this for my sister, actually. They call them horses, but I found that the non-adjustable ones that people made just didn’t work well enough. Lily really needed a way to be punished when she acted up, and I thought this pole would be it.” She sighed. “I was an idiot back then. If anything, she started being more disobedient, eager for more time suffering on it. Somehow, I doubt you’ll enjoy it quite so much.”

Lyanna didn’t understand any of that. Oh certainly, she knew the words, but the context made no sense at all… it sounded like madness to her. She didn’t understand why anyone would make something like this. Why someone would inflict it on their sister — her family looked out for one another, didn’t these strange, hairless things do the same?

Soon, those thoughts became fleeting as the pain grew. With each second her legs, her toes, and her pussy all hurt more and more. She writhed around helplessly on the pole, trying to relieve the pressure, but it was useless… every position change only brought a moment of relief before the agony began to mount again. Lila still stood beside her, kneading her breasts, pinching the nipples, and occasionally bending down to chew her tender tits. The pain in her abused pussy was too much for Lyanna, and she began to whimper continuously. Right then, if she could have spoken, she would have begged. She would have offered to do anything, obey any command… but she couldn’t speak.

After another few minutes, Lila sighed. “Alright, time to get started,” she said, reaching over to a raised platform and grabbing some strange tool. She pushed it into Lyanna’s open mouth, and she whimpered as something closed tight over one of her fangs. “You and I…” she whispered while staring into the wolf’s eyes, “…we need to come to an understanding.”

Lila pulled very softly at the tooth and Lyanna whimpered, eyes wide. “These teeth of yours are dangerous,” she said softly, almost gently. There wasn’t a hint of a growl in her voice, and it made the threat all the worse. “My uncle… he’s a stickler for safety, but I believe in giving people a chance. If you bite anyone, though… I’m not going to have a choice. You’re going to lose them. Forever.” She gave the woman a sympathetic look as she continued meeting Lyanna’s gaze. “You don’t want that. I don’t want that. You aren’t going to bite anyone.” Her gaze what hypnotically intense as Lyanna kept meeting her eyes, breathing in fast, panicked gasps. “Nod if you understand me.”

Lyanna did it. She nodded her head rapidly up and down, feeling the tiny tugs at her tooth as she moved her head in the grip of the Alpha’s tool, making the threat all the more horribly real.

“Good!” Lila said, smiling softly as she released the wolf’s fang and tossed the tool away. “I’m glad we understand each other.” Both her hands returned to the wolf’s tits. “Now… you belong to me.”

Lyanna froze, pride warring with her fear, before she shook her head. She had a pack. She had an alpha. This hairless predator wasn’t her alpha. She would not obey… even if it did mean losing her teeth.

Lila, however, just smiled. “That wasn’t a question. It’s something I mean to prove to you.” She reached back to the crank.

“Mmmmn! Nnnn!” Lyanna began pleading with her wordless voice, whimpering desperately. “Mmnnn!”

“No more, pet?” Lila said with a small chuckle. “Would you rather be getting fucked?” Lyanna only hesitated for a moment before she began frantically nodding. “And what if I don’t want to fuck you again? What if I’d rather just let you suffer? What would you do to convince me?”

Lyanna could only whimper, and Lila smiled at her. “Alright then. Fair enough… like I could ever not want to fuck you.”

When the Alp—Lila—lowered the pole, Lyanna cried with relief as her feet were permitted to rest evenly on the ground again. Only for a moment, however. Lila quickly unfastened her ankles and tossed her down onto a softer, more comfortable surface. Even in her horrible situation, Lyanna could take a moment to appreciate the bouncy, soft surface beneath her… it was likely the most comfortable thing she had ever laid on.

“Once you learn to behave, you might even get one of these of your own,” Lila said as she climbed on top of her, that strange, hard cock ready between her legs again. “I treat my pack well, you will find.” That painfully thick prick began spreading her open again.

Without further warning, Lila shoved with all her might into the tight young cunt before her. Lyanna’s surprised scream seemed to delight her as the first five inches of her cock disappeared inside of the wolf’s body. Even knowing that there was more to come, Lyanna still squealed again with the next thrust, which forced the remaining half of the dick into her. Lila smiled at the expression on her face as her cock was gripped in the sweet embrace of her tight pussy. “You know, we use ‘bitch’ sometimes for women being fucked. ‘Fuck that bitch,’ they would say. It’s nice to be doing it literally.”

Impaled on the Lila’s huge prick, Lyanna lay helpless beneath her, her slender young body wracked with pained sobs and whines as she began fucking her again in earnest. This time, she had to look up at her as she was taken. Lila grasped her hips as she withdrew, then rammed it all the way back home, banging into her cervix. Ignoring the moaned pleas for mercy from the wolf-girl, Lila continued the brutal fucking, shaking her entire body as she bucked against her pussy over and over.

She was just so big. Each thrust filled her tight, squeezing cunt completely, stretching the tender swollen lips taut around the girth of her and making her whole body buck with pain. Lyanna couldn’t help her whimpering, even though it made her feel pathetic — like whimpering prey rather than like a wolf — but rather than inspiring mercy, it seemed to spur Lila on to fucking her even harder. Her body flopped around beneath her, full tits slapping up and down beneath her as the thick cock became a blur as it vanished in and out of Lyanna. Then suddenly it was no longer inside the pussy, but was pointing directly at her face. Before the wolf-girl could comprehend what was happening, the first jet of cum shot from the strangely-colored member into her open mouth, followed quickly by more gushes which coated her face. Her alpha’s cum, again, coming out of this strange, hairless predator’s cock.

Lyanna collapsed down onto the bed, unmoving, her cum-glazed eyes staring at nothing as pain radiated from her slamfucked cunt to spread through her sore body. The strange thing in her mouth came out, letting her work her jaw for the first time in a while. She felt limp, exhausted, destroyed. She didn’t even hear what Lila said until after the woman had slapped her face. “I said,” Lila repeated as Lyanna whimpered, “Are you ready to say you’re mine?” Slowly, weakly, the wolf shook her head, and the other woman shrugged. “Well, if you aren’t ready to be my puppy yet, I guess I’ll have to treat you like any other.” Taking a fistful of Lyanna’s damp hair, she dragged her to her feet, out through the entrance, and back out into the night.

She heard the hounds before she even smelled them… loud, noisy brutes that the hairless predators kept locked into even smaller caves that they had her sisters. Lyanna never imagined that Lila would open an entrance into there and push her in. “What?” she protested. “But—-”

The first hound tackled her. While she was fresh, while she was rested and didn’t have her tail tied to her wrists, she probably could have taken a few of them… but right now she couldn’t have fought off a fawn. The hound knocked her to the ground, slowly mounting her. “If you aren’t my puppy,” Lila said watching through the entrance as the dog began to blindly hump at her, trying to find an entrance into her with its own cock, “then you’re just another bitch.” She knelt down to Lyanna’s eye level. “Are you ready to acknowledge you’re mine?”

Lyanna whimpered, but the only thing she said was, “I have… Alpha already…”

Lila stood as the hound finally found a way into Lyanna’s pussy and she screamed. “Alright then. We’ll see how you feel about that in the morning.”

Everything hurt.

Lyanna stood in what the humans called a stockade with Lila idly fingering her pussy. Already she was shuddering as the touch. The wolf-eyed woman had forced her to cum at least a dozen times this morning already, and her body felt like spiders were crawling over it it was so sensitive all over… and that just made the burns from what the woman called a cattle prod hurt all the more badly, made her exhaustion all the more overwhelming.

“These are the ones you think we can train?” Lila asked as she worked a second finger into Lyanna’s cunt. She was ashamed to note that it was drooling… while she didn’t want the attention, it was clear that her body was more than happy to disagree. It was all she could do to keep her tail from curling around that hand.

It had been seven moons since she had come to this place… seven scorching, endless suns and seven long, nearly sleepless moons since she had met Lila. Seven nights in the company of the dogs. Seven days she had refused to yield… and she wasn’t even sure why she didn’t anymore. When she did what the Al — LILA! — said, she was rewarded. When she did not, she was punished. Surely it was better to do what she said?

“These are the ones,” the other human, Maggie, agreed. “I’ve been watching them. They’re all clever enough to be possible to train, but some of them are smarter — or more yielding — than others. The rest probably aren’t worth breeding, honestly… we don’t want to pass those genes on. They can stay around as playthings… they aren’t worthy of being anything else.”

There were seven of her packmates here, in stockades just like hers. Tied with their necks and hand encased in wood, their asses raised and exposed in a circle. All of them were bruised and looked exhausted. None of them looked like they had had any kind of gentle treatment, like Lila had shown her on occasion. None of them had a woman fingering them from behind, and they all looked at her with gazes that made her ears twitch.

“These ones, though… “ Maggie continued with a smile. “They can learn. And their children will be even better. It took generations for humans to domesticate the first wolves… with the way we’ll be able to breed them, I bet we can do it in my lifetime.”

“I don’t want them too domesticated,” Lila said with a chuckle. “Not mine, anyway. I’d prefer this one here…” her other hand slapped Lyanna ass, making her yelp, “…keep some spirit.” She got started working a third finger into Lyanna treacherous, greedy pussy as she talked. “Is the demonstration ready?”

“Your sister’s been working hard on it for you,” Maggie said by way of confirmation. “Make sure you thank her appropriately. Maybe tie her up for a while.”

Lyanna didn’t know what the humans were talking about, but she knew she was getting ready to cum again. So close now, so close…

She whined pitifully as Lila took her hand away. “Not yet, pet,” she whispered. “Last chance for now. Do you want to be my puppy yet? You can cum if you do…”

Lyanna was more tempted than she should have been. It didn’t sound as bad as it did a week ago. Accepting Lila as her alpha would have its pleasant parts… she would get to cum. She would get to spend time on that miracle the humans called a bed. She would get to eat some of the delicious meat they ate, rather than the dry, foul gruel they fed her. But… the others were watching her. Judging her. She growled, a furious negative.

As usual, Lila didn’t punish her for her refusal. She just pulled away. “Can’t say I didn’t warn you, she said. Then she stepped away.

Lyanna wasn’t listening anymore. She smelled something — someone — familiar. Her hopes rose a second later as Branda came into view across the circle from her. The alpha looked nowhere near as battered as the rest of them… she didn’t even look tired. ~Branda!~ Lyanna called, a chorus of growls and barks. ~Get us out of here!~

Branda looked at her across the ring, and Lyanna could tell immediately that something was wrong… horribly, horribly wrong. It was her eyes — There was a haunted, horrified look in them as they looked at her from across the ring of bound women. She looked…


Branda looked on her packmates with horror, a whine bubbling up deep in her throat. ~I’m… sorry…~ she whimpered.

Lyanna saw a light go on the collar she wore… and as she looked right into Branda’s eyes as she saw the light in them dull and then go out, replaced with a manic, frenzied insanity as she began to pant. In horrible slow motion, Lyanna saw her Alpha’s cock grow hard between her legs.

Catelyn was the closest wolf to her, but she was facing the wrong way. She didn’t see what was happening. She didn’t see the danger… her tail was just wagging back and forth casually as she wriggled in her bonds, expecting her Alpha to set them free any second. Branda all but pounced on her, grabbing her hips and sinking a cock all the way into her in a single second, before she could even scream.

Branda could be a violent woman — she was an alpha, after all — but with her pack, she had always been a kind, generous lover: a gentle, generous Alpha. Now, she was making Catelyn scream horribly with every thrust as she attacked her viciously with her dick, slamming in and out hard enough that it was shaking the stockade. The rest of the pack was screaming too, yelling for their Alpha to stop, asking what she was doing, why she was doing it. Lyanna could imagine what it must feel like… she had felt a cock of that size from Lila, used nearly this violently. Her attention was focused entirely on her packmate’s tortured face… and on the raptured, pleasured look on her Alpha’s. She was enjoying this.

Catelyn’s screaming took on a higher, desperate pitch as she cried out louder and louder, her eyes wide in agony, and tears streaked down Lyanna’s cheeks as she realized what must have just happened. Her alpha’s knot had just expanded within the poor wolf, stretching her agonizingly as Branda came, locking her cum into her raped packmate while she pumped her womb full.

And then she was gone, pulling out with a single last shriek from Catelyn and leaving her sobbing in the stocks, hanging limply in her bonds. She would have fallen over if not for the restraining wood she was locked into, and as Lyanna watched with horror, Branda started to stagger towards the next wolf in line, and a second later Rosalin was screaming as the Alpha started slam-fucking her as well.

Out of the corner of her eye, Lyanna could see Lila standing by and watching with her mother and another relative. Several of the human alphas were watching too, laughing and cheering and chatting with another as they watched the show. Branda was doing this because they wanted her to. Because they made her to. She was obeying this.

That didn’t make what she was doing any better: it made it all the more horrible. Their Alpha was obeying the humans. She was their… what was it Lila had said? Their…. Bitch. Even their Alpha was made to obey!

Rosalin screamed as she was creamed and knotted, and then it was Sera’s turn, and then Nymeria’s. And then she lost sight of the alpha entirely as she lurched behind Lyanna.

There was no warning… no tender touches, no caresses. Lyanna whimpered pathetically as her Alpha’s fat dick began to force its way into her. She could have made stronger, louder noises her distress… she could have screamed to the moon for mercy… but what would the point have been? Mercy wasn’t coming.

Branda’s cock ripping right through the meager resistance of her pussy, sinking deep into her with a single thrust. The pain was overwhelming, overwhelming her mind in a single moment and making a miserable, agonized whine escape her lips as her Alpha continued to rape her, pushing in deeper and deeper. She was wordless as she fucked her harder than anyone ever had, used more more brutally than anyone had. That was the worst part. Branda’s cock twitching with pleasure inside of her as she fucked her, swelling. Evidence that her Alpha was enjoying pounding her like a prey animal.

She wasn’t worth her loyalty.

Lyanna wasn’t sure how long she raped her for. After that thought, time seemed to loose meaning for a while until she felt the cock swelling inside her. She had thought she was beyond screaming at this point. The first moment the knot expanded proved her wrong. Further and further it stretched her while she screamed, longing for her Alph — Lila’s — fingers or dick inside her instead, instead of this agonizing stretching that left her feeling like she was going to rip as the wolf-cock swelled and swelled, and then began to spurt in her.

Branda’s hot cum filled her bleeding hole, painting her insides and flooding her womb. Not too long ago, she would have welcomed that sensation… the idea of being loved and cherished and bred by her Alpha. Now it made her nauseous… made her whimper and moan as she met its arrival with despair.

Her only hope was that the cum might mean that she was done hurting her. That the pain was over. It felt like a pathetically small hope, but it was all the wolf had right now. Her body slumped against Branda’s, fucked senseless, limp and weak and shaking as the last of her strength fled from her body. She was completely spent, completely done as she felt the knot begin to shink just enough to let the Alpha-wolf begin to pull out of her…

Then start pushing back in. She could feel Lila’s hand on her hip as she pushed Branda back into her. “Let’s not finish juuust yet. I mean, if you want to remain with your former pack so badly,” she whispered against one of Lyanna’s pointed ears, “maybe I should just let you?”

Lyanna was too tired to say a word… to tired to even moan or whimper. She wasn’t even sure if she felt the cock sink fully back into her before darkness finally closed in over her vision, and the torment of reality faded completely.

The humans had set a pretty good den here, but it wasn’t one that was going to be a problem for Alyce. She was very good as passing unseen. She had left Ilenia back in the woods, because she didn’t trust the cub to remain unseen, and as confident as Alyce was in her skills she didn’t much fancy the idea of trying to escape from this camp after the alarm had been raised and they were looking for her.

Already she could hear some of the dogs barking, catching her scent… but she had observed that for all the intelligence of the humans, they weren’t often good about listening to the dumber of their animals. She marvelled at that; sometimes, it seemed unbelievable that a species that was smart and powerful enough to have taken a predator and turned it into a pet was too foolish to listen to its superior senses, but that was how it seemed to be. The dogs didn’t have minds that could match the humans: their opinions therefore weren’t as important, and that was that.

That was why she was here. She had to know. She and Ilenia had seen it from a distance… but they needed to be sure. The twin tips of her tail were evidence of her age, her experience — within a year or two it would split entirely, and she had no intention of having it happen in a cage. She would find out the truth of the threat these humans posed before returning to Mother.

They had watched, more than a week ago, as the human had taken down a pack of wolves. That hadn’t been too concerning to them — to say that there was no love lost between their packs was a great understatement — but since then, they had noticed that only some of the wolves were being bred rather than all of them. It had been several more days before Alyce had caught sight of what the grey-haired woman was doing… why she needed to come down here and get a closer look.

Most of the prey the human’s took was kept in the center of the camp. A series of cages that contained one girl each. As Alyce crept by, she noted that one of the cages was ripped open, the fence torn apart, the deer that had been inside missing. She wasn’t the only predator who had come into the camp tonight, and her nose told her which one it had probably been. Ceres was on the hunt for her mate again. It wasn’t her problem… her concern was the wolves.

Most of the wolves were kept in… she believed kennels as the human word… but not this one… this one was staked down by a band — collar — around her neck in the middle of the yard. Normally, Alyce had seen her inside the kennels with the other dogs. Perhaps she was being shown some mercy tonight.

The wolf was unconscious, sleeping the sleep of the truly exhausted, sprawled out perfectly limp and boneless. Alyce put a foot on her and pushed… it wasn’t hard to turn her over. She didn’t wake up alert, either… she looked around stupidly, dazed, for several seconds before she caught sight of Alyce’s tail. Then her eyes went wide and she opened her mouth to scream.

Alyce stepped on her neck.

The scream was cut off before it started as Alyce pressed her down and silenced her, stifling her breath with the weight of a bare foot. “Shut. Up.” Alyce hissed quietly. “You make a single sound I don’t tell you to, you breathe too loudly, and I’ll take you with me when I go. I suspect our breeders could use another grey-fur prey slut, don’t you?” She ground her foot down harder. “Don’t you?”

When the wolf meekly nodded her head in agreement, Alyce barely hid her surprise. She had hunted wolves before… they were ferocious and stubborn and fierce. Most would rather risk themselves to call attention to another predator. The fact that this one was to readily agreeing…

Alyce lifted her foot, and the wolf didn’t make a sound. She didn’t even whimper, although her ears did shrink back to be flat on her head as she stared up at her. “I have just one question for you, grey-fur. Whose pack to you belong to?”

The wolf’s only answer was to whimper. Alyce raised her foot, but the wide-eyed girl made no further sound. “Whose. Pack?” she hissed again.

“I… I…” she mewled pathetically. “I… don’t know…”

Astounding. Alyce’s gaze flitted unconsciously over to the dogs, barking in their kennel again… and she shuddered. They weren’t just taking wolves as prey. They were…

This changed everything. If one of hers got herself caught, that was one thing. That girl was slow and stupid and clumsy, and deserved everything she got. But if they were turning captive predators into tools and weapons, domesticated prey animals…

Alyce was not going to split her tail in a cage.

“Tell no one I was here,” she growled. “Or do. I don’t really care. No one is going to listen to a stupid grey-fur without a pack.” Then Alyce was racing away across the yard, deliberately avoiding glancing at the dog kennels as she left the camp as quickly as possible, to go and deliver the most important message to her mother she had ever carried… Mother needed to know exactly what Alyce had just seen tonight.

Everything hurt so good…

Lyanna twitched on the bed beneath Lila as she was fucked, her ears twitching arrhythmically as she squeezed on the shaft and tried to crest over to an orgasm. Lila was being gentle today… she had earned a gentle fucking today. She knew that because Lila had told her. Lyanna didn’t know why. She didn’t know what. She just wanted to cum.

She squealed like a prey animal on her Al — Lil — her alpha’s cock as it pushed her over the edge, making her clench her legs on the woman and try to squeeze her further into her, her mouth open in a gasp that felt like it had been going for hours. That wasn’t where the fucking ended, of course… but that was alright. It was her right to use her body as long and as hard or as gently as she wanted to. Lyanna just rode out the orgasm, trying to hold onto it, keep it going as long as she could until her body was quivering like half-frozen water tumbling down a hill and she felt like she was more like a puddle than a wolf.

When her Alpha pulled out at last, she actually moaned in disappointment. “Wouldn’t you ra—” the wolf-eyed woman began.

“Yes,” she moaned, nodding her head enthusiastically. “Yes. Yours. All yours.”

Lila seemed not to expect that answer. She looked suspicious of it. Lyanna tried to smile at her Alpha, reassure her, but it just made her look more suspicious. “Really,” she asked flatly. “Just like that.”

“Yours,” Lyanna repeated. Her new Alpha was much stronger than her old one… and kinder, and this bed was the softest thing she had ever touched and her cock was wonderful and…

“Prove it,” Lila said, standing up. She pointed down to where her prick jutted, still impossibly hard, from her body. “Clean this up.”

Lyanna didn’t understand, but she didn’t let that stop her, either. After a moment’s thought, she grabbed onto her tail and began to brush the length clean it with, leading to her Alpha laughing. “No, no, not like that. Lick it clean.”

Oooooh. She had heard that some alphas liked that. Branda hadn’t been one of them, so she had no experience, but she didn’t let it give her pause.

Lyanna sank down onto her knees, still acutely aware of the Alpha’s jizz inside her womb as some of the wet, warm, slimy seed began to drip from her hole. Down on her knees, she found herself nearly at eye level with that thick, strange cock. It wasn’t like that of the other Alphas she had seen, but she didn’t let that bother her. This close up, it was disturbingly large, and sticky with their mingled cum, but this was what her Alpha wanted – she opened her mouth without complaint, taking the head of it into her mouth as her tongue began to lap their juices off of the shaft.

As she slurped on her big prick, her eyes looked up at her Alpha’s… admiring, devoted, submitting. It was hard to get much of it in her mouth, it was just too big for her to manage by herself on her first time and trying made her squirm uncomfortably, but she did her best to soak every inch of her in her spit.

Lila pulled out of her and slapped the cock against her cheek once, twice, three times. “I think that’s wet enough,” she declared. “You still have a virgin hole.” Her Alpha sat on the bed, that prick jutting from her body like a weapon. “Up on my lap. You want to be my pet? You’re going to fuck your ass for me.”

A tiny whimper escaped from Lyanna. She wished it hadn’t… the look of suspicion on her Alpha’s face, which had nearly disappeared, came back. “Yes. Yes. Yours. Yes,” she muttered, turning around and facing her rear towards her grey-haired mistress. Moving quickly, eager to to sooth her suspicions before she took back her trust in her if not eager for the pain it would cause, she sat herself down on Lila’s lap, feeling the girl’s cock pressing painfully hard against her rear while her tail curled around the hairless Alpha she wanted to reassure of her committment.

“This time, you’re going to do the work for me,” her Alpha said, and Lyanna again was quick to nod in agreement. Anything she wanted. Anything to make her happy. Still, she shook with fearful anticipation as she found the point of that prick and wedged it against her rear hole. This wasn’t what it was for… she couldn’t be bred like this… but that didn’t matter. What mattered was that her Alpha said to do it, so she was going to do it, no matter how much it was going to hurt. And it was going to hurt… that prick felt far, too big to ever fit inside her like this, but she pushed anyway as Lila hands slid over her breasts, squeezing them from behind as she waited for Lyanna do her part.

She pushed harder and gave a tiny mewling cry as the head of the cock popped into her. Immediately, she wanted to hop off her Alpha’s lap, flinching away from the stretching pain. She was grateful for Lila’s hands on her breasts, flicking her nipples and providing tiny flashes of pleasure… reminding her what she was and why she was doing this, how she was supposed to obey. Closing her eyes against the pain, she pressed herself further down, forcing that thick cock deeper and deeper into her tight, untouched asshole. She needed to battle her own body for every inch of depth, and it was so slow and so painful… but it was what her Alpha wanted. A wolf would do anything for the leader of her pack, and Lyanna was a wolf. A wolf was not afraid.

She shoved down with everything she had, and cried as her hips slapped against her alpha’s legs, her thick, worshipped cock fully impaling her. It stretched her so much that she felt like she would feel every single irregularity in its surface… Lyanna wondered if she was squeezing it too hard, and it hurt but she couldn’t stop. As soon as she scream died, she started panting, venting the pain, slowly calming herself and learning to get used to the feel of her Alpha’s dick in her ass.

Lila seemed content to let her breathe and get used to it, but not to wait herself. Leaving one hand to continue molesting her tits, the other snaked down to between her parted legs to play over the clit, making her gasps take on a higher pitch as the pain and pleasure blended together into one confusing hole. Lyanna fought to lift herself back up, dragging her tight, swelling hole over her cock to nearly stand before sitting back down in a rush, screaming again as she fucked herself as hard as she thought her alpha wanted. Then up. Then down. Then up and then she was cumming, Lila’s hand on her pussy forcing her to squeeze and spasm around the dick in her ass. Her legs gave out entirely, collapsing her back down onto that prick even harder than usual, making a second wave of her orgasm crash as the pain felt like more pleasure.

Realizing that her pet wasn’t going to be getting back up, her Alpha showed mercy and didn’t punish her… instead, she merely flipped her around and began to ream her herself, forcing her down into the soft bed as she fucked her ass hard enough that Lyanna moaned and whimpered with each thrust. She couldn’t even tell if it hurt anymore, it just felt so… much.

“You going to give me a nice litter of puppies, pet?” Lila hissed down at her as she fucked her.

There was only one answer to that. “Yours…” she moaned. “If… you want… Lila…”

Her Alpha didn’t fuck her too much longer after that, but it was long enough for to have another confusing orgasm through the confusing mix of agony and ecstasy. After that, she was too tired to even moan anymore, and her Alpha seemed to decide that was enough. Her cock came out of her, triggering a barely audible moan that even Lyanna didn’t know if was more relief or disappointment. Then she felt the woman’s hands on her gently, as something warm covered her… as her Alpha’s bond was on hers. Then she passed out against the leader of her pack, asleep in a bed far softer than anything she had ever known in her life.

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