Frozen with Fear – Chapter 3

Lissandra was stuffed.

There was no other way of putting it. She was completely crammed full of cock. They had left the river behind at some point, preferring to take her on more solid ground, but Lissandra couldn’t tell exactly when they had moved… every memory that didn’t have to do with making a man cum seemed impossible vague to her at moment, like a dream after waking. It didn’t matter, so she discarded it, instead focusing on how to best please the multiple dicks that were using her. Otherwise, they might stop letting her breathe again.

One man was beneath her, his length shoved up her ass. It hurt, but she tried to squeeze on him anyway… every time he was annoyed with how well she was doing it, he would reach up and wrap his hands around her neck, so Lissandra tried her best to fuck him for the sake of air. Not that she could do much – another man was between her spread legs, and her body rocked to his rhythm instead of her own as he raped her sloppy cunt. A third man was on top of her, crushing her tits around his cock and thrusting between them. It had been a hypnotic sight, watching the head disappear and reappear between the valley of fuckable flesh he had turned her into. After the river, they had stopped bothering to keep her hands tied… they were free, and wrapped around a prick of their own each. It was hard focusing on stroking them with everything else going on, but Lissandra found herself highly motivated — when she forgot, they hurt her. Someone was even standing behind the man fucking her and pressing her feet together around a dick so that he could full the space between them as well. It was like every single inch of her had been reduced to less than a person… nothing but a masturbatory aid. Something for men to fuck, cum on or in, and then discard. Fucktoy, Cyn had called her. That’s what she was. A toy for cocks to enjoy themselves with. A fucktoy.

Lissandra might have cried out at her degradation, but of course, she could barely breathe… not with the thick cock plunging in and out of her throat, cutting off her air and making her gag. Still, she struggled — not to escape, but to bring him off faster. To lick and suck at the cock that was smothering her, like they had taught her. To live up to her purpose.


Heat of a dozen summoner bodies washed over her, filling her chill skin until Lissandra felt like she was melting, like her body has dissolved away and it was just her mind floating in a sea of degradation and insanity too vast and chaotic for her to understand. She had no life except for cock. She had no dreams except for cock. She had no purpose except for cock. Her only anchor to the world was the touch of their skin on her… usually brutal. Slaps to her face or tits. Hands on her neck. Fingers twisting her nipples. The occasional smite when she didn’t live up to their expectations, when she gagged hard enough on the cock throating her that she stopped sucking, when her hands stopped moving back and forth on the dicks they held, when her ass stopped being such an enticing fuckhole for whichever summoner was enjoying it. She heard their voices, too… taunting, mocking, superior. Fucktoy. She was a fucktoy, and they weren’t shy of letting her know. Ice Queen became whore in her mind. Frozen Watcher became cunt. There was nothing else to her.

Nothing else at all.

She had lost track of how long this had been going on… it felt like days, but had to just be merely hours… “merely,” as if it wasn’t the single most excruciating experience of her life. She was hardly an expert in the way of sex and men but from her understanding, they should have long since needed to stop using her, having exhausted themselves. Of course, in this place, that would never happen. Lissandra had experienced the magic refreshment capable of being delivered by summoner magic, and here at the center of the leyline, they had a nearly infinite supply. There was no limit to their ability to recuperate – The summoners would be finished using her when they decided they would be.

More jizz pouring down her throat, more of the pale blonde girl struggling to swallow. Lissandra welcomed it… it meant that she had earned another breath or two. This time, they let her get nearly six full ones before fingers were being hooked into her mouth. “Open wide,” one of the summoners told her, and Lissandra obeyed… she couldn’t think of doing anything else. It wasn’t until a moment before it happened that she realized two cocks were approaching her, not just one. Then any tiny protest the utterly overwhelmed Ice Witch might have managed was stiffled utterly as her mouths were crammed full by two thick rods.

Over the dozen times she had been throat-fucked so far, Lissandra was slowly beginning to become competent… to learn to catch whispers of breath in the heartbeats where her esophagus wasn’t completely clogged full. Now, as two dicks competed to be the one shoving all the way into her, that wasn’t an option… she was choked completely, the gaps between a cock popping free of her throat and another one taking its place microscopic. Lissandra wanted to cry. She wanted to fight. She wanted to beg and plead. Instead, she tongued the dicks and kept stroking the ones in her hands like a good little whore.

Better this than being taken back to the river.

One after the other, dicks plugged her neck, expanding her, making her feel swollen and bloated. Lissandra gagged like she was dying… but feeling like she was dying was just one more piece of being a fucktoy. They had taught her that well by now. She just kept sucking, even when the pressure began to slowly force both of them into her throat at once. The only protest she mustered was a tiny whimper that didn’t even escape her clogged neck. She kept licking.

When they eventually came right down into her stomach, and only a single cock replaced them, Lissandra found herself genuinely grateful. She knew she should be ashamed of that, should hate herself for that reaction, but she was just too tired, too fired to feel anything but happy that she was being shown even the tiniest shred of mercy, grateful for the ever-decreasing shreds of comfort – and oxygen – that she was allowed.

She sucked on that cock like it was the greatest present she had ever received as his wet balls slapped against her nose, and the summoner noticed. “Look at the little frosty cunt now!” a summoned teased. “She’s pushing her tongue all the way out she’s so eager to lick it. You work with a real whore here, Cyn!”

She heard Cyn’s voice as he answered. “Why do you think I picked her, for her talent? It was her tits!”

Part of the corpse of her pride died again, but Lissandra could argue even if she had a mouth free to do so. She was acting like a cheap whore. She was licking his cock like a cheap whore. She was a cheap whore. She just suffered through having her body used like a ragdoll, fucked in every way possible, and just did her best to make it more pleasant for her rapists. The next time men approached her face, it was two again. She wanted to weep. Instead, she sucked.

After them, the next solitary summoner who wanted to use her mouth was almost a relief… until he shoved all the way into her throat and stayed there. Lissandra licked and sucked at him the best she could, but he didn’t seem interesting in fucking her… he just wanted to stay impaled in her throat and let her gagging, retching neck muscles milk him while she could do nothing but suffer. “The whole thing, your highness,” he mocked. “I had my nuts in the mouth of the other two whore queens, I won’t let you be left out. I want the whole set.” His thumbs dug into her jaw, forcing her ever more open.

Without her visor, Lissandra was blinded, and she couldn’t have seen what the summoners were doing elsewhere while she was busy gagging on a cock being stuffed ever deeper into her mouth, so Lissandra had idea idea of the kind of depravity that awaited her, and never could have imagined it. She was barely paying attention to the sensations in her cunt – even through it had been raped so raw at this point that each thrust felt like the cock was coated in razor blades, so she missed it when one man pulled out and there were suddenly too many hands on her, her legs being spread wider.

Then there were two of them inside her.

It happened so quickly that she couldn’t have protested even if she hadn’t been gagged, her body shaking and trembling as she felt not one but two different cocks shoving into her pussy at once. For a brief moment, she wondered if one of the summoners had missed her ass… until she realized she was still impaled on a thick shaft from below as well. Confused, overwhelmed, and shivering, Lissandra’s body was forced to yield further than it had been before, her cunt stretching and warping to fit the two cock heads shoving into her and spreading her as she had never been spread.

For one horrible moment, Lissandra was pulled back into sanity by the sensation… a brief, horrible pain, a new utter degradation as she realized the obscene use to which they intended to put her vulnerable body… but she could do nothing to stop it. Silent tears flowed from her frozen eyes, but with the summoner so busy trying to jam his entire package into her mouth, no one even saw them. The prick down her throat shut up any whimpers she might have managed as he managed to push his balls past her lips as well, and she just tongued and sucked at him desperately even as she squeezed and stroked the dicks in her hands more energetically, hoping beyond hope that if she pleased them maybe they would make the men between her legs stop their idiocy. It seemed a horrible feeble hope to her, but it was all the ice witch had.

If her sluttish behavior inspired any mercy, she couldn’t feel it. She gave a muffled cry as the man came in her ass and was replaced by another man… no, no, they couldn’t possibly. Lissandra hoped she was wrong, but as she felt the people move around her, the Ice Witch felt completely, dismally certain she was not. A second later, they confirmed it for her as a pair of cocks began forcing their way into her raped and swollen asshole. A scream, completely muffled by the cock in her mouth, only made the summoner fucking her throat groan with pleasure and failed to elicit any sympathy. “Do that again,” he said instead with a smile. “If she screams of my cock like that again, I’m going to cum…”

Lissandra felt lost in hopelessness to how they pushed in, the men taking right to fucking her as hard and deep as they could. She screamed abysmally as felt her body used more roughly than she could have imagined yesterday, her body bucking as shivers raced up and down her body. Her body was nothing but a playground for dick now, two cocks in each of her fuckholes stretching her out so wide she felt she’d never recover, stuffing her body full of male meat well past her limits even as her screaming earned her another load of cum and another desperate pair of breaths. Her body couldn’t take it… but the summoners didn’t care what she wanted, what she thought she could take. They would make themselves fit, having their way with her in any way they wished, and she was just going to have to accept that.

Then three others… Rogim and the twins, probably, from their muttered conversation… were standing before her, rubbing three hard cocks against her face.

They couldn’t.

They can’t!

They did.

With a gesture from Rogim, Lissandra felt tendrils of summonered, ethereal chains slipping into her mouth again, prying her open… and then continuing to pull, stretching her wide beyond the point of pain, until she felt like her jaw was going to break at any second. Only then did not one, not two, but all three of them begin forcing their dicks past her lips. The blonde champion tried desperately to convince them. She licked at them, trying to please. She applied as much suction as she could. As a last resort, she tried to put her tongue in their way, like a hand holding them back. None of it made the slightest difference – within a minute, the three brutal men were forcing her throat to accommodate all of them.

It was a very, very slow and agonizing process. Her esophagus was not meant to stretch anywhere near that far, but slowly they made it work. She felt like she was going to rip in half, but this training room was their domain… she had seen injuries restored in seconds here, reality itself warped to meet their needs. If they wanted her to take something, they had the ability to make her take it, and just that knowledge was nearly enough to make Lissandra give completely into madness – it felt like there was just a tiny spark of her left, hidden beneath layers and layers of cum that the summoners had poured onto it.

“The way she thrashes as she chokes on you guys…” a summoner said with a laugh. “It feels like the bitch is going to break my dick she’s squeezing so hard.”

“Nah, we’ll just break her instead,” another said to him. “Break her holes wide open.” Lissandra couldn’t have agreed more… she had no idea how she was still alive. The summoners had no sense of mercy, none of her anyway. This was too much, just far, far too much… and far from being concerned, the men raping her just laughed off her degradation, slapping her ass and tighs and tits just to degrade and hurt their plaything just a little bit more.

She couldn’t get a breath at all, but she was used to that… just needed to try harder. Make the men finish faster. Earn more air. Be a better fucktoy. Be the best fucktoy and breathe… it was what they had taught her. How they had trained her. Fuck and you get air. She tried to move her body more rhythmically, trying to help the three men force their cocks further into her throat, trying to turn the hole closest into her brain into a worthless, stretched out cocksocket just so they would let her take in a whisper of air. Her body rebelled against the tiny spark of personality and dignity and respect she had left, and she forced herself to surrender completely… to be the perfect fucktoy for the men or die trying. Drool ran down her face, into her unseeing eyes and coating her hair as her lips couldn’t close around the trio of shafts sawing into her, and still she slobbered and licked and sucked and forced her way further onto the three of them. She really was their fucktoy. That was all she was… and if they would just let her breathe she would happily be their whore for life in the moment. Back and forth, back and forth, back and… and… a little more… a little…

Lissandra woke, still being raped… but not by any of the same people. Her throat felt stretched and managed, her bowels and womb stuffed with cum, but she only had a two dicks in her ass right now, not a second in her cunt… and her mouth was free. She gasped in desperately, eagerly… until she felt three more summoners gathering around around her face. She could see them vividly in her mind’s eyes, hard, destructive cocks jutting from their bodies as they lorded over her, ready to take her for their own.

Some insanity must have come over her then… because she tried to speak. “No more…” she pleaded desperately. It was barely understandable with her mouth open, with her ragged lung and throat, her drool-and-cum clogged mouth, but the summoners heard it.

“What did she say?” one of them said.

Then Lissandra felt her hair yanked on and she was pulled up to where Cyn could stare furiously into her blind eyes. “Did we rape you stupid?” he growled. “Or were you always this dumb?”

The blonde closed her eyes. “Please…” she begged. Letting go of every bit of pride she had, Lissandra begged. “Please, please, please…”

“Fuck you,” Cyn spat, raising one hand, magic gathering and flickering between his spread fingertips like static electricity. “Learn your place.”

And Lissandra’s world exploded into anguish.

She screamed, thrashing in the grip of the men still fucking her as she burned alive. Flames danced over her body… swallowing her face, her hair, her breasts… making her feel like the sweat and cum was boiling right off her. The summoners touching her, however, felt nothing, and they laughed as her frenzied thrashing fucked her body up and down on their cocks. “Oh that’s a good idea,” one of them said, raising his own hand. To Lissandra’s horror, she saw another half dozen do the same. “We’ll thaw out the frigid slut with some fire.”

A dozen fires started on her, crawling over her skin like insects… but not consuming her. A small part of her mind understood. She had felt the power of an Ignite spell before, in battle – It was a nearly overwhelming pain, so intense someone suffering through it could barely think about anything else — but never, ever, had she felt more than one, let alone a dozen of them. Lissandra screeched and thrashed and wept, and her tears turned to steam just inches from her eyes which hurt her further. Soon her agonized, spasming tunnels had literally milked the cum from the balls of her rapists, and they were all standing over her, holding hands out at her, letting her thrash in the dirty.

Normally, an ignite burn faded after five seconds of intense agony… about as long a summoner could maintain the energy for the spell. Here, however, they had an unlimited source of energy, and for minute after minute the poured the flames over her until she blazed like a phoenix in the ground, rolling and jerked mindlessly in inescapable agony while Cyn and the others laughed at her, while the little that was left of her sanity was burned to death.

“Let me have them all,” Cyn told the others as he stood over her, gathering the energy of the spells into one… and the flames began to obey his will, wrapping around her like ropes. Wrapping around her tits. Wrapping around her arms and elbows. Holding her immobile in cords of living fire as he leaned down and looking into her agonized face. “What are you?” he growled.

“A fucktoy…” Lissandra whimpered. It still hurt, still hurt so badly… the agony was localized now, so it wasn’t quite as terrible, but it still felt like her breasts especially were boiling. “Please…”

“Please what?” Cyn said, a threatening tone his voice. “Please let you go? Please stop burning you? Please fuck your brains out? Please whore you out to the worthless iron ranks like a party favor? What are you begging for, ice bitch? And you had better think carefully before you answer…”

Lissandra swallowed. “Please rape your fucktoy…” she whimpered. “I’ll be a good fucktoy.”

And Cyn laughed. “Good answer.” And the summoners laid back into her.

The ropes of phantasmal flame didn’t seem to bother them at all, they didn’t seem to even notice as they continued fucking her. She took three cocks in her mouth again, and again, and again. Her holes were stuffed full again, as well, but while the sometimes they would fuck her as individuals instead of in pairs, her mouth never took less than three. It was her punishment… part of her understood that. For daring to protest, nothing was going to save her from continuing to suffer from what she feared – they were going to abuse her throughly. Lissandra knew that she was theirs now – they’d broken her will, shattered her and left her as just another fucktoy instead of a champion… just like her sisters had become.

Lissandra’s mind shattered as she was fucked again and again, so thoroughly she began to lose track of where she was, what she was doing. The pain became almost like background noise, just a natural part of her life as a fucktoy. Her new normal. Lissandra felt her holes be flooded with cum again, her mouth flooded with so much as that she couldn’t swallow it all and some of it ended up drooling down her her bruised tits and over the thick cocks that she was slobbering on. It made her look like a cheap prostitute, and she didn’t care. Lissandra was just too tired and worn down to care about anything else now but her next breath, but not earning another punishment.

So deep was she in the throes of her insanity that she didn’t even realize when they teleported her elsewhere. It was only when she realized, hours later, that she could feel the thrum of arcane energy against her skin that she realized where she was… laying by the Nexus, feeling wave after wave for magical energy pulse against her skin. It didn’t matter where she was… they could, and would, use her anywhere. Her body felt like they were fucking her with jagged bottles rather than dicks, but that was normal. Her skin felt like it was burning, but that was normal. Her lungs felt like they were hollow, sucking pits in her chest, but that was normal. Being happy, secure, powerful… all of that felt like a distance dream, once remembered but faded after waking. She felt like they were going to tear her body apart with their cocks, and if they wanted to there was nothing in the world she could do to fight against it, so she might as well just surrender and let them do as they wished, suffer through their wicked dreams until they were satisfied at last. An overwhelming sense of surrender fell over her, a hopeless pit of despair that she could only distantly see light at the top of and knew she would never climb out of as she broken beneath the degradation of the summoners. Lissandra had lived for nearly two thousand years as a sentinel against the Frozen Watchers, and it had taken just over a dozen summoners an afternoon to reduce her to little more than the jizz-stained remnants of her dress still hanging off her battered body. All will, and freedom and personality, had been buried beneath a flood of depraved lust and hatred from Cyn and his fellow celebrants, overwhelming her and taking her over… and as her reward for that, for becoming the perfect, broken fucktoy for them, she was rewarded only with more pain and more cum. That was her place in life now.

She lay on the ground, twitching and exhausted and thoroughly used up, but how tired Lissandra was didn’t matter to her rapists at all… only whether or not they were finished with her mattered, and they were all but limitless in their capacity for rapacity and destruction. They subjected her to hours upon hours of depraved use, never stopping, barley even slowing down as they made her suffer with their cocks in any way they could. She got fucked in all her holes, frequently at once, sometimes once again with unnaturally high numbers of cocks… but the rest of her body served them just as well. she got cocks off with her tits, with her feet, men stroked themselves against her calves or sides or neck or whatever part of her she could reach. They especially loved the way she shrieked when they pushed her breasts together around a cock, further making the flame-ropes burn her. with men jerking off with handfuls of her hair or rubbing up against whatever part of her they could get to. Her body was nothing but a playground fort hem, and there was nothing she could do about it as they raped her into madness.

Then, she could breathe again. No more cocks on her. No more in her. She took one breath after the next after the next, catching her breath fully for the first time in what felt like hours. At first, she was relieved, but as seconds passed without cock, she began to grow nervous, and then frightened. Some part of her was shrieking in alarm that this was too easy, that they were being too nice. She didn’t deserve these breaths… she hadn’t earned them. She felt like a cockroach, waiting for a descending boot as she blindly looked around with unseeing eyes.

Then someone began stuffing something into her mouth. Inch after inch, the foul tasting, dirty rag was stuffed past her open lips until it was cramming her mouth full, silencing her as thoroughly as any cock down her throat. They couldn’t fit all of it in her, however, and quite a bit still hung down her body, brushing against her spermy tits and smoking as it touched the ropes. Her dress. Her beautiful dress… covered in dirt and cum and river water, disgusting and tattered and ruined, and now crammed into her mouth for her to taste every degradation they had put her through as she was pulled up to her knees. Even as she was, however, Lissandra felt some odd relief that she was being treated like an object again. She quivered at the degradation and the terror, too frozen by fear to move, but at least she didn’t feel like she was about to be crushed from on high.

The ropes of fire around her hands disappeared, although the ones on her tits tightened so as not to reduce her suffering any, as the summoners lifted up her arms. “Hold open your eyes,” Cyn told her as she felt someone grab a handful of her blonde hair. Then another, and another, and another, and another…

Lissandra didn’t understand… but she knew better than to try to resist. She hooked her fingers on either side of the blue, blind eyes of true ice in her head and held them open, staring blindly as her year was pulled at again, and again, and again from each direction. She might not be able to see it, but she could visualize it. Surrounded by a dozen summoners, her soft, beautiful hair wrapped around their cocks as they stroked themselves off, their fingers yanking at her scalp in every direction as they masturbating with her body in one last way. Then the first one came, and she had other things to think about.

The cum plastered her face, sticking to her lips, her cheeks, her nose… and one rope of it landed right in her open eye. Lissandra shrieked in abrupt agony… she had no idea how badly that was going to hurt, but it made her want to scream and scream as her unnatural eyes were invaded by millions of sperm trying to impregnate them. The gag kept her silent, though… the men could only hear a pathetic moan as the second man added his seed to the mask on face, and then a third, and a fourth…

By the time all the summoners had cum, her face was one sheet of white slime. Her eyes burned, and despite her fingers she was blinking to cry to clear them, the summoners always slapping her and making her get back to work hoping them open. Cyn was last of all. She heard the summoner growling with pleasure as he rubbed a fistful of her hair against the hard cock he had used to break her, and then he pressed the tip directly against her right eye before he let go, turning her eyeball into one final receptacle of cum.

Then, weeping tears of jizz from both eyes, Lissandra felt another teleportation.

Back up in the lounge above, summoners began to dress, laughing with one another. Cyn got no few slaps on the back and admissions that he had been right, that Lissandra really was a worthy fucktoy… as if there had been any doubts. They had just needed to empty her head of some silly ideas like self worth and respect first.

The whole while, Lissandra knelt in the middle of the room… trembling, whimpering, but too scared to move. She looked almost like a marble statue, her skin was so pale and so covered with white jism. He had needed to dismiss the ignite spell the moment he had reached up here, the distance from the leyline making maintaining it too hard, but that just added to the image of a perfect work of art they had made of her.

Rogim tapped a glass with his finger, getting everyone’s attention. “I propose a toast!” the Grandmaster summoner said with a grin. “To my newest colleague… and to his pet jizzrag. May I see you both in the games…” he paused, smiling wickedly, “And outside of them…” he paused for the dark chuckles, “many more times.”

“Here here!” another agreed, pouring brandy into classes and handing them out the summoners. “Congratulations!”

“Congratulations,” most of them repeated, more or less enthusiastically. It seems that the cure of their jealously was giving them a fuckdoll to celebrate with for a few hours… it made being happy for a rival so much easier.

“I’ll drink to that,” another said.

“But what about her?” Revis said, tilting his head towards Lissandra.

“Oh, I have a drink for her to celebrate with,” Cyn said, picking up a glass and undoing his robe. He’d been holding this for hours, now.

“Not what he meant,” Sephis said as Cyn began to pissing the champagne class. “How are we keeping her quiet?”

“Won’t be an issue,” Cyn reassured them. “Couldn’t be easier.” He pushed the glass into one of Lissandra’s hands, and waited until the dumb slut had taken it away from her face and grabbed it before he let go. Then he ripped the disgusting dress out of her mouth, letting it fall to the floor in tatters remnants. “Toast with us,” he told her. “We’re celebrating. It’s a big deal.”

“Congratulations!” the others said again and drank.

“…congratulations…” Lissandra whispered before she parted her lips and put her own glass to her lips. It only took her a moment to realize was she was drinking, and Cyn wished he had an artist to memorialize the look of absolute disgust on her face as she tasted his piss for the first time. Before she could as much as begin lowering the glass, however, Cyn had his hand on the end, keeping it in place.

“All of it,” he warned. “You don’t want to disappoint your host, now do you?”

If Lissandra was smart, she probably would have tossed down the entirely thing then, swallowing it in a single gulp she would only need to taste for a moment… but they had already well established the kind of stupid whore the Ice Witch was. Instead, she slowly, reluctantly sipped at it, her survival instincts warring with her disgust, gagging every few seconds until it finally was gone completely.

The other summoners cheered, for him, and for her. Then, one by one, they finished dressing and left until Lissandra and Cyn were alone.

“You are going to show up on the rift tomorrow,” he told her, standing over her. “You get what you wanted. You’ll be my champion in Grandmaster.”

Lissandra looked up at him with unseeing eyes, the champagne glass falling listlessly from her fingers in her exhaustion… but now that they were alone, she seemed to be regaining a little bit of her strength and will. “Never…” she whispered softly. Then she cringed, like she expected to be hit.

Cyn didn’t hit her. He laughed. “You don’t get to tell me no,” he told her, still laughing. “You think I would work with a useless tramp like you unless I knew how to get the most out of you? You think I would bring you here if I didn’t know every secret you had, oh Queen of the Frostguard?” He sneered at her. “Two thousand years ago, there was another Frostguard queen. Her name was Lissandra, too… and I know her secret.” He leaned down and whispered in her ear. “It’s youuu…” he growled. Her loved the way she went stiff at his words, right before she began to softly shake. “And I know what you did to your sisters back then, too… I wonder what Ashe and Sejuani would think if they knew what you had done to every other reincarnation of your sisters over the last two millennium.” He shook his head, even knowing she couldn’t see it. “They would think exactly what we told them to think, of course… they’re just fucktoys, too. Just like you… but I’m sure if the League were to take a close look at a few murders in the Freljord, I think they might shatter the Frostguard into dust, don’t you?”

The look on her face was haunted, and tears were beginning to slip out of her eyes. “That’s your choice. You spend the rest of my life being my pet fucktoy when you aren’t busy being a queen, and you get to keep your kingdom. Otherwise, we can shatter it… and you.” He spat on her face, enjoying the way the glob of spittle wiping away a clean path through the cum as it fell. “Your choice.”

“I… I’ll do…” She swallowed. “I’ll do it.

“Then get on all fours like a good pet,” he told her, pulling a leash off the table he had been sitting by when she had walked in… Cyn had always known how tonight was going to end. He cinched it tight around her neck before he began to pull the blind girl forward on all fours, out into the hallway and towards his room. “Come along, little fucktoy. We have a lot more practice to do, just you and me…”

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