Lone Fox 1 -Chapter 2

Chapter Two

It was a very long night for Seo-yun, who didn’t manage a single minute of sleep.

Though no one came to torture her again, she did a fine job of it herself. She replayed everything that had happened in her head a thousand times, and thought of everything she could have done to avoid it. If she’d only been a little smarter, a little faster, she would be digesting Levinson right now instead of waiting to be his plaything again. She tried to focus on the future instead, on how she might escape, but her attention was constantly being stolen away by her darker thoughts. Most distracting of all was the sight of her two former tails lying in the dirt like so much trash. They had been a part of her all her life, as much as any limb, and he’d cut them off like they were nothing. Every time she moved, and felt that lack of familiar weight, she was reminded of their absence. And worst of all, she had to struggle against the old memories the sight continued trying to conjure up.

As the night slowly passed, Seo-yun found herself increasingly on edge. Her first day of captivity had been unquestionably one of the worst days in her centuries long life. She had been used, hurt, and humiliated in ways she had never dreamed possible. And she was certain that her second day of captivity would be even worse.

It wasn’t only emotional pain that haunted her as she stood in place for hours. Though her position wasn’t the pure torture Levinson had intended for her, thanks to the strange interference of Morris, it was still far from comfortable. She’d begun whimpering from the pain before the sun had finished setting. The discomfort grew with each passing minute, and by the time two men came to release her shortly before dawn, Seo-yun was almost happy to see them, despite knowing that their arrival only heralded some new torment.

If they’d noticed what Morris had done with the boxes, they gave no indication. They seemed far too preoccupied with her naked body. “God, Kent, look at those sweet titties,” one of them said with a grin, while his partner untied the rope around her neck. He grabbed her left breast with one hand, crushing it painfully. “Soft and plump too!” Seo-yun squirmed as his teeth found the nipple of her right breast, his hand still roughly kneading the other.

“You think those are good, you should check out this ass,” his companion said, and Seo-yun let out a surprised squeal as he smacked her hard. “The commander was right: you can’t even tell Morris spent yesterday whipping the shit out of it. Looks as smooth and perfect as any I’ve ever seen.” He finished with the rope, and Seo-yun was finally able to put her feet down on actual ground for the first time in almost an entire day.

The first man snorted. “That doesn’t mean much. That fucking pussy probably barely touched her. Let’s check her out for ourselves.” His teeth closed around her nipple again, and this time he chewed hard enough to draw blood, making Seo-yun grimace. “Fuck me, will you look at that?” he said appreciatively after he drew back. “I can see the bite mark closing up!”

“Yeah?” Kent said. He spanked her again, this time much harder, and whistled. “Ha, you’re right! Any other bitch would be starting to bruise up after a love smack like that. Her skin ain’t even red anymore! Imagine that, a fucktoy that never gets worn out. Her owners are gonna be some lucky sons of bitches.”

“We’ll just have to make the most of her then,” said the first man, who was now amusing himself by torturing her nipples. He had them pinched between his thumb and forefingers, and was twisting them this way and that, occasionally tugging on them like he meant to rip them right off her chest. Seo-yun didn’t want to show weakness in front of the two men, but his treatment of her was too severe for her to completely hide her reactions. Every wince and hiss of pain only seemed to encourage him further. Then he chuckled. “Oh shit, check if her cunt’s like that too!”

Kent’s hand slid between her legs, and Seo-yun squirmed as his fingers penetrated her. “I think you’re right…” he said, still working his fingers into her. “She’s tight as a fucking drum in here, and the sluts are usually much looser after the captain has…” He barked out a laugh. “Get your hand in here, Garret! You’re not gonna believe this!”

A second set of fingers pushed into her. Together they were spreading her even wider than Levinson’s cock had, and she had to bite her lip to stop herself from screaming. “Is that…?” Garret asked.

“Bitch grew her fucking hymen back!” his friend confirmed. “You know what that means?”

Garret grinned. “Means we get to spend a solid two weeks enjoying virgin twat!”

“Lucky. Sons. Of bitches,” Kent repeated. He casually finger fucked her while he talked, and Seo-yun forced herself to hold still and not let him see how painful his digits were in her tight, dry channel. “If I’d known what perfect fucktoys these foxes were, I would have convinced Levinson to go bag one for the team years ago. Hell, I’d work for free if there was a slut like this waiting in our barracks every night.”

“Well fuck, just make him a counter offer for this one then ,” said Garret. He’d pulled his own hand out of her so he could focus his attention back on her breasts, playfully swatting them back and forth to make them jiggle. “Twenty or thirty million oughta do it, right?”

“Fuck you,” Kent said without any heat. He finally withdrew from her sore pussy and wiped his fingers off on one of her tails. “Come on, let’s get the bitch set up. Sooner she’s ready, sooner we get a turn.”

Together, they dragged her out of the tent, and for the first time Seo-yun was able to see where she’d been taken. She recognized the area: a clearing near the edge of the forest. There were more large tents set up, forming a rough circle. She stared at the thick canopy of trees that surrounded her, longing for the safety they represented. If she could break free, vanish into the woods, they’d never find her. Even without her true body, she knew every inch of her home well enough to hide from them forever. But she was exhausted, and knew better then to try anything right now. They would catch her easily in this state, and make precautions to prevent her from trying again. Her only chance was to wait for now, and hope that her seeming acceptance of captivity made them careless.

Men milled about the clearing, far more than the eight she’d seen yesterday. Some were eating, others were talking or playing cards, but all of them paused what they were doing to watch her. Dozens of hungry eyes stared at Seo-yun as she was dropped unceremoniously face up onto a large stump near the center of the clearing. All of her weight was on her bound hands, and she shifted uncomfortably.

“Hold still, bitch,” Garret said almost absently, and delivered a solid smack to her mound. “You can wriggle that sexy body all you want in a minute.”

The two men tied her down with an efficiency that spoke of experience, though Seo-yun doubted that many of their previous victims possessed tails that made it so humiliatingly easy. A tail was looped under each of her knees, drawing them up to her body and forcing her legs to spread painfully wide. Another was drawn around her neck and cinched tight, forcing her to keep her upturned head still and facing directly up at the sky if she wanted to breathe. She couldn’t even tilt her head down to look at Garret as he happily mauled her breasts some more.

“Trussed up and ready for playtime,” he said cheerfully. “You want to tell the captain she’s ready?”

“The captain already knows,” Levinson said sourly, and both men jumped. The blond man was leaning against a tree at the edge of the clearing. “I sent you to get her twenty minutes ago. What took you so long?”

“S-sorry sir,” said Kent. “It’s just…” He looked at the seven tailed woman helplessly. “We, uh, we couldn’t resist getting a closer look at her.”

Levinson grunted. “She’s a prettier bitch than most, I’ll give the animal that. But she’s not quite ready yet.” He turned to one of the watching men. “Daniels, get me a hammer and three of the spare tent stakes.”

Seo-yun resisted a shudder as he grabbed one of her three tails that wasn’t being used to restrain her legs, arms, or head. She couldn’t see what he was doing, couldn’t tell if he was holding that damn knife of his. Had he decided to mutilate her further before her next round of torture?

But that didn’t happen. Instead he knelt, pressing her tail against the grass. Unable to watch, Seo-yun couldn’t tell what he was planning until she saw the man he’d called Daniels returning, carrying a hammer and three long pieces of metal with pointed ends. When she felt Levinson press the first point against her tail, she almost begged him not to. Almost told him that she would stay still as he wanted, and that he didn’t have to do this. But she held her tongue. Begging would get her nowhere.

She didn’t see him raise the hammer, but she felt it when it came down, driving the metal stake straight through her tail and several inches into the ground. Seo-yun screamed in pain, and the volume increased as he brought the hammer down again a moment later. Levinson kept striking the stake until it was completely buried, the cap on its other end flat against her bleeding tail.

Knowing that the two other stakes were coming didn’t make them hurt any less. By the time all three had been pounded into her, Seo-yun was wishing she’d been left back in the tent longer. Her new position was just as uncomfortable as her old one, and only barely easier to breathe in, her neck already straining to keep her from choking herself with her own tail. And now even the slightest twitch of her body tugged on all three staked tails, delivering three separate jolts of excruciating pain. The red haired fox woman had never felt more vulnerable. She was trapped, utterly helpless, and surrounded by predators. Her heart pounded in her chest as she braced for what was to come.

She didn’t have long to wait. Levinson appeared in front of her, his cock once again thick and firm. She could smell the dried cum on it from last night. “I’m not going to bother telling you not to bite,” he said as he pushed something round and metallic into her mouth that stopped her from closing it. He took the two straps dangling from it and connected them together behind her head. “We both know you’re too stupid to listen.”

He turned away from her and then stepped backwards, leaving his legs on either side of her neck and his cock rubbing against her cheek. “I’m not going to tell you to swallow either,” he said. “This is all you’re going to eat for the next two weeks, so you can starve yourself all you want.” His hands gripped her red hair, and he pulled her head up and onto his cock, hot shaft sliding against her lips.

In her neverending quest to find prey that was as delicious as humans, Seo-yun had tasted many foul things. Skunks, frogs, birds… she’d even tried crunching on insects. None of them held a candle to the sweaty, dirty taste of Levinson’s cock as it met her unwilling tongue. She’d known it would be like this – raw meat only appealed to her when she was in her natural fox form – but it was still even worse than she’d imagined, so nasty that her stomach turned and threatened to spill its contents out. His cock was greasy and unwashed, and flecks of hair came off on her tongue as he rubbed himself against it, making her gag with disgust. Worse still, the way he was bringing her head forward pressed her throat against the tail around it, making it difficult to breathe. She tried to pull back, but his grip was too strong. Unable to move or bite, she could do nothing but glare up at him as he violated her mouth.

“Before the rest of you help yourselves,” he said, pumping slowly in and out of her, “there’s a special condition this time. This bitch has refused to do something I asked.”

“Licking your asshole?” one of the men called out, and the others laughed.

“Drinking your piss?” suggested another to more laughter.

“No, she’ll do both those things soon enough,” said Levinson. “She refused a far more serious order. So for the rest of the day, if one of you can make her submit, every man using her at the time gets triple pay for this assignment.” A surprised cheer resounded at the news.

“Just leave it to me, boss!” one of them shouted. “I’ll have her licking your feet and begging forgiveness before lunchtime.”

“Then you’d better hope your turn comes before mine,” another declared. “Because I’m gonna jackhammer every last ounce of disobedience out of that hot little piece.”

More cries went up, every man eager to claim the prize being offered. Their words chilled Seo-yun, as did the sheer number of them. They were all going to use her? Every single one of them? She wasn’t sure she could survive the experience. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to.

Levinson stole her attention away by grabbing her ears, which made her let out a shrill whine. Unlike a human’s, her fox ears were long, soft, and incredibly sensitive. The way he roughly squeezed them sent shivers of pain through her that were nearly as intense as when he’d raped her. Her whine cut off a moment later when he used his painful grip to thrust deeper into her.

Seo-yun had never heard of oral sex, and hadn’t understood his intention with her mouth at first. She’d assumed it was just an act of dominance, a way to humiliate her before the actual act of copulation. Even now, when he started hammering at the back of her mouth, she thought it was just his latest attempt to hurt her. It wasn’t until he found the right angle to wedge the head of his cock into her throat that she began to have an inkling of his true plan.

Her first thought was disbelief. She’d known the man was a wretch and a scoundrel, but not even he could be so barbaric as to think he could, could pleasure himself with her mouth! It was ridiculous! He should be just as revolted by the idea as she was. Did the man have no respect for his own body, to go sticking himself in places that weren’t meant for it?

Her second thought was outrage. Death at the hands of another she could accept. That was simply life. Even being raped, as horrible an experience as it had been, was not unexpected. He’d beaten her, even though it was through trickery, and claiming her was a natural consequence of that. But this was completely different. This was pure defilement, treating her body as nothing but a set of tight openings to work his cock into. How dare he!

Panic filled her as Levinson began stuffing more of his thick shaft down her throat, hammering her with short sharp strokes that let him go a little deeper each time. She couldn’t breathe! Between the tail against the outside of the throat and his fat member plugging the inside, the only air she could get came from a meager trickle in through her nose. The memory of yesterday in the tent made her whimper before she could stop herself. Not that again, she pleaded silently, not the horrible waking nightmare of suffocation. Anything but that. Face burning with shame, she spread her legs even wider and humped her crotch, hoping to entice him to use her there instead. If he had to rape her, at least he could do it the natural way.

He must have understood what she was doing, because he barked out a short laugh. “What’s wrong, bitch, don’t like getting your throat fucked?” He twisted around to slap her right on her spread slit, making her first buck, then yelp as her three staked tails protested. “Or was last night all it took to make you a hungry little slut? You’ll get that needy cunt filled soon enough.”

Levinson tightened his grip on her ears, and Seo-yun gurgled helplessly as he drove himself relentlessly forward, yanking her head towards him at the same time, seemingly determined to get all of himself into her throat. Within a few seconds he succeeded, his hairy ballsack rubbing her chin as she was forced to swallow his entire prick. “Now growl for me, fox cunt,” he ordered. “Show me how you feel about the big nasty human turning your throat into his fleshlight.”

Seo-yun didn’t know why he wanted her to, but she didn’t need much encouragement. She let out a low, menacing growl, putting every ounce of rage she felt into it. She’d never encountered any living creature that didn’t fear the sound of her anger. A single growl had always been enough to make everything in earshot flee as quickly as it could. Levinson, however, responded by stiffening, his entire body quivering slightly. Seo-yun had a moment of confusion, and then understanding came, replacing righteous anger with humiliation. “That’s it, bitch,” he breathed, confirming her suspicion. “Good little fox cunt, making her fleshlight throat feel even better. Keep growling.”

When she didn’t obey, he twisted one of her ears sharply, causing a bright explosion of pain. “Be a good throatfuck for me or lose an ear, animal. Your choice.”

Seo-yun wanted to keep fighting. She wanted to resist him with everything she had, and die before giving him the slightest satisfaction of her submission. But if she’d learned anything so far, it was that Levinson didn’t believe in bluffing. If he said he’d rip her ear off for this, he meant it. So though it made her grow nauseated from self revulsion, she let out another growl, quieter this time.

Levinson released her ear and patted her head. There was no affection to the action, just a reminder of ownership. “Less than twenty four hours and you’re already becoming an obedient bitch,” he told her. “There’s going to be nothing left of you in two weeks.” Seo-yun’s heart ached at the knowledge that he might not be wrong. The blond man raised his voice. “Someone get over here and pack her cunt.”

Seo-yun heard noises as many men responded, all sounding eager to do as he’d asked, but she couldn’t see the man that approached. She could only feel his hard cock push against her slit. It was no easier a fit for him than it had been for Levinson yesterday, but just like his leader, he showed no hesitation in forcing himself deeper into her dry channel.

“Hey, those two idiots were right,” the man called out. “Fox slut got her hymen back! Feels as tight as any virgin I’ve ever had too.” Hands grabbed her thighs. “Let’s take this cunt for a ride.”

The red haired woman screamed around Levinson’s dick as the unseen stranger fucked her hard and fast. It was an even more horrible experience than yesterday’s rape. She was still hurting, still tied up, still barely managing to breathe, but now she also had Levinson, who’d begun pumping in and out of her throat, his scrotum smacking her chin with every thrust. Sometimes he would pull completely out of her so he could rub her face with his slick cock, smearing her spit and his precum all over her face. The slimy texture and sickening stench made her stomach heave. “The perfect makeup for a filthy fox slut,” he taunted.

And there were the stakes. Neither of her rapists seemed to care that their movements were jostling her, causing pain to shoot through her three tails. No, she realized eventually, they very much cared. They enjoyed it. Every time she went rigid with pain, she was tightening around them, her agony becoming their pleasure. The knowledge only made each sharp burst feel worse.

The stranger raping her began pounding her harder. “Is it okay if we shoot off in her, sir?” he asked, voice strained. “Or should we try to keep her clean?”

“Fill her up. She’ll be tight no matter how sloppy she gets, and having cum oozing from all her holes will help her remember what she is now: a weak, helpless fucktoy.” Levinson twisted her ear again. “Make this fuckhole throat hum for me while he finishes in you, fox cunt.”

Seo-yun couldn’t stop a couple hot tears from running down her face as she complied, growling for Levinson while his man began to cum. She felt his seed, warm and sticky, spurting into her, and then he pulled out and wiped himself on her pubic hair.

Her pussy wasn’t empty for long. Less than ten seconds after the first man stepped away, another slammed himself all the way in with a single hard thrust. “Ooh, you foxy slut,” he cooed. “Are you wet for me, is it just all the cum in your well fucked snatch?” He snickered and pulled out until only his cockhead was still inside her, then slammed back in again. “Tight and slick, warm and soft,” he declared as he continued shafting her. “This is an A+ twat!”

Levinson twisted her ear, and Seo-yun immediately began growling again. It wasn’t until he laughed that she realized he hadn’t actually told her to. “Maybe two weeks was a stretch,” he said. “A submissive slut like you, you’ll be nothing but a purring fleshlight by the end of the week.”

The seven tailed woman wanted to scream at him. She was faster than him, stronger than him. She’d been roaming these woods and stalking her prey a century before his grandfather’s grandfather had taken his first step. For him to be in her presence and still alive was a miracle that he should be on his knees thanking his gods for. But the crippled, bound, defeated gumiho could do nothing as her prey’s cock swelled, and his semen began to fill her mouth. “Here’s the first taste of your new life, bitch,” he told her. “Welcome to your liquid diet.”

His cum was bitter and slimy, and tasted even worse than his dick. Seo-yun coughed, eager to get the foul substance out of her mouth. She managed to expel it, but only weakly, most of it dribbling out around his cock and down her chin.

If her refusal to drink his seed angered the blond man, he didn’t show it. His prick remained in her mouth, even as it grew soft and small enough to pop out of her throat. “Last time I was done fucking you, I pissed on you,” he told her. “See if this sends a clearer message.”

Seo-yun didn’t understand what he meant until she felt the hot stream of piss strike the back of her mouth. She howled in wordless rage at this new humiliation, and tried to spit it out like she had his cum, but this time he didn’t let her. He put a hand over her lips, sealing then closed around his shaft, while the other pinched her nose. “You want to skip your cum breakfast, that’s fine,” he said. “But you’ll drink all the piss any of us gives you. You spill any and I’ll enjoy making you regret it.”

With no choice but to swallow or pass out, she reluctantly gulped down the hot, foul liquid. He didn’t let her breathe again until he’d dribbled out the last few drops onto her tongue and she’d swallowed them down. “Our new fox cunt doesn’t like the taste of urine,” he told his men. “So you’re going to help her out today. Every man who uses her mouth had better be ready to feed her his piss when he’s done. If the bitch’s belly isn’t bulging with it by nightfall, you’re going to spend tonight refilling every latrine in the camp and then digging new ones.”

There were some groans at that, but none of the men sounded particularly worried. Seo-yun was trying to wrap her head around the new information. The implication that she was going to be like this all day was chilling enough, but she’d been assuming that the disgusting violation of her mouth was just some sick fetish of his that no one else would repeat. It sounded like that might be far from the truth.

Sure enough, a new man appeared in front of her, pulling her head up again so he could fill her aching throat with his stiff cock. “I’ve got nothing against you personally,” he told her cheerfully. “But I could really use that extra pay. So let’s see if we can teach you to be a good slut.” He wasn’t as long or as thick as Levinson, but he made up for it with energy, using both hands to bounce her head violently against his crotch.

“Guk guk guk!” It felt like he and the man raping her pussy were competing to see who could fuck her harder. As Seo-yun was buffeted between the two of them like a rag doll, she found herself increasingly furious at their behavior. Didn’t these men understand who she was? The opportunity to lay with her, a revered and powerful gumiho, was a privilege they should be honored to receive, no matter the context. Even Levinson had seemed to understand that what he was doing with her was a rare thing, even if the knowledge had done nothing to blunt his cruelty. But these men didn’t seem to care about who they were sticking their disgusting members into. They were treating her like some… some cheap human whore to be abused for a handful of coin. She was a gumiho! Their kind had once worshipped her! She was a graceful and noble- “Glrk!” Hot semen spurted out her nose as the man in her throat began to cum. He laughed as it ran down her cheeks.

“Look at this messy slut!” he said. “Doesn’t even know how to swallow cum properly.” Everyone laughed, and Seo-yun knew it was all directed at her. In their eyes, there was nothing graceful or noble about her. She was just a fucktoy with their sperm dripping down her legs and face. Something inside her died at that realization, and a few more tears leaked out to mix with the cum.

“Can’t forget the captain’s orders,” the man said, and a moment later he began to piss down her throat. Some of that spurted out her nose too, and was greeted with more raucous laughter, but the rest shot straight into her belly to add to what Levinson had started. “Meant to stay with you longer,” he told her as he dried himself off with a fistful of her hair., “but you’re just too good a throatfuck. Sucked my seed right out of me with it, you little minx. Don’t worry though, I’ll be back soon to try again.”

Her mouth was only empty for moments before another cock showed up to fill it, fucking her throat just as roughly as the last one. A minute later the man using her pussy fired off a load of his own into her, and then he too was replaced by a fresh cock. And when each of them finished, there was another man eager to use her. And another. And another.

3 thoughts on “Lone Fox 1 -Chapter 2

  1. And we’re back for another review post!

    That bit at the beginning where we learn that Seo-yun’s hymen grew back is…unfortunate for her, but at the same is a nice acknowledgment of that particular side effect of regeneration or rapid healing (it’s one of those things I’ve wondered about with characters with that power). Also there’s more overt significance attached to the severed tails and the memories, making we look forward to the eventual revelation.

    Then we head out to the tent circle for what I quickly figured was going to be a gang-rape, but first…damn it, Darinost, again with the tails! 😥

    Ok, ok, that wasn’t entirely serious. At least Levinson didn’t cut any more of them off…this chapter.

    As far as the rape stuff, I was going to say it could have been worse, but then Seo-yun gets semen and urine coming out of her nose! That is some cringey sensory information right there.

    Finally, Seo-yun’s remark about how a human should be honored to lie with a gumiho is interesting, because while she’s coming at it from a place of arrogance, she’s not wrong. Not to talk too much about any of my work, but I actually touched on this idea in The Woman in the Statue. In WitS, the male lead is actually afraid to have sex with the female lead (an angel), because he knows what she is, and considers her something so much more than human that he doesn’t feel worthy to touch her. This is essentially the same idea, and…yeah, but again, it’s balanced out by the fact that it’s her saying it and not a human who’s afraid to touch her. At this point, even without the rape, she’d probably still be like “Yes, you should be afraid to touch me.”

    Anyway, we’ll see what happens next week! 🙂


    1. I don’t often get the chance to write about a victim with tails, so I tried to make the most of the opportunity 😉 And yes, Seo-yun would definitely agree that humans should be afraid to touch her 🙂


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