Lone Fox 1 – Chapter 4

“Listen to this gross fucking cunt of yours,” said the man pumping Seo-yun with his cock. “You hear all that squelching? That’s the gallon of cum your tight hole has wrung out of us.” He slapped her clit, making her yelp. “I’ve never seen such a slutty, drooling twat.”

“You think her cunt is gross?” asked the latest man using her mouth. He was using his grip on her hair to make her fuck her throat on his dick. “I’d say look at her face, but you can’t even see it after all these sperm facials! Even her hair is all wet and sticky by now. I’m gonna have to scrub my fucking hands clean after I’m done with her.”

“Don’t listen to them, sweetie,” said the man sitting on her stomach. His weight was painful, but it was nothing compared to the way his hands crushed her breasts, grinding the tender flesh against his hard shaft that laid between them. “You’re perfect right now. Your slimy tits are making me feel wonderful.”

Seo-yun tried not to react to their attempts to humiliate her. They didn’t have to remind her of their disgusting semen caked all over her body; she could feel every drop of it. After so many hours being pinned to the stump and raped, it was plastered to her legs, and coating the inside of her mouth, and gluing her eyes shut, and… she wanted to scream in frustration. She felt filthy and used and broken, like a half chewed piece of meat spat out onto the ground.

And her defiled state only spurred them on. They’d made that clear quickly enough. The more they degraded her, the more they enjoyed raping her.

“Someone oughta punish this greedy little twat,” said the first man. “We’ve spent all morning feeding it, and it’s still trying so hard to suck my next load out of me.” He was putting all of his weight into every thrust now, slamming his crotch against hers as hard as he could. Seo-yun knew all too well by now that it meant he was close to finishing. In the beginning, she’d hated when it happened, disgusted not only by the squirt of more foul sperm in and on her, but by the knowledge that her pain and misery were helping them get off. Later, she’d found herself welcoming it, telling herself that every ejaculation brought her ordeal one step closer to being over.

That sentiment had faded over time too. As the man clutched at her thighs, she met the warm gush of his filth into her with nothing but despondence. There would be another man after him, and another, and another. Their orgasms, derived from her suffering, were just another piece of the endless hell she was trapped in.

“Her throat’s no better,” said the man. “She’s a thirsty slut, that’s for sure. Most fucktoys get all loose and sloppy after they’ve swallowed the first dozen cocks or so. But not this one. Sloppy, yeah, but when I’m buried in her gullet she feels like a virgin enjoying her first taste of dick.” He slid out of her and rubbed his shaft over her face, scooping up some of the smeared cum before pushing back in. “Here’s a little snack to lick off me before I feed you the main course, fox slut.”

Seo-yun tried without success to ignore the taste of stale semen as he rubbed himself against her tongue. When Levinson had first taken her mouth, she’d thought it was the most degrading act in the world, and human sperm the foulest taste. The hours following that had done nothing to prove her wrong. The blond man had called her an object for helping men cum, and it never felt like a more accurate description than when one of them was using her throat to get off. It told her in no uncertain terms that they viewed her as nothing more than a collection of tight orifices that would feel good around their cocks.

And the taste… every man tasted different. Some were saltier, or more bitter, or more viscous. But they were all disgusting. At one point, about an hour into the gangrape, the slime coating her tongue had just been too much, and her stomach had rebelled, emptying itself onto the ground. She’d expected anger or punishment, but all the men had just laughed. And then they’d taken turns scooping up the regurgitated semen with their fingers and forcing it back down her throat. Her stomach had protested many times since then, and it had taken all her willpower to hold it back, to keep their disgusting seed inside her even though she could feel its warm weight every second.

The smells somehow managed to be even worse. Their cum and piss, her sweat and blood. She was soaked in their bodily fluids and her own, and the result was overpowering. Sometimes when they pinched her nose shut, enjoying the way she squirmed uselessly for air, she almost considered it a fair trade for blocking out the acrid stenches.

“Aww, don’t be so hard on her,” said the one using her chest. “She’s just a big tittied fox slut who doesn’t know better. After all those centuries of celibacy, she must be eager to make up for lost time.” He shifted his grip, pressing her nipples close enough to each other that he could pinch them both with one hand. This forced her breasts close together, creating a tunnel of flesh that he began humping eagerly. “Don’t worry fox, I don’t hate you for being a pathetic, cock hungry slut. How could I ever hate someone with such fat, fun titties to play with?”

He wasn’t the first man to take her that way. She couldn’t understand why they all seemed to care so much about her breasts. There was nothing special about them compared to the rest of her body. They existed for no other purpose than to feed her young, which she didn’t even have. Yet it seemed barely a minute could go by without them becoming a target for attention. Even when they weren’t being outright used like this, they were still constantly being slapped, or squeezed, or twisted. They’d only stopped chewing on them after she’d gotten too filthy for even their limited senses. It made no sense.

Having them directly rub their cocks on her chest was less painful than having her pussy or mouth raped, but it was still far from pleasant. The way they shook her body as they masturbated themselves with her breasts was pure torture for all three of her staked tails. Even worse, their movements tugged on her neck, frequently making it impossible to breathe. Seo-yun was so tired and miserable by now that she nearly cried every time she found herself choking on yet another dick, a situation that she’d experienced more times than anyone should ever have to. They were already hurting her, humiliating her, molding her into their fucktoy. Couldn’t they at least let her breathe while they did it? It was such a small and pitiful favor to ask for, and yet they continued to deny it.

Everyone had cheered the first time she’d passed out on one of their dicks. “Fucktoys need cock more than they need oxygen,” one of them had told the red haired woman after she’d woken up. “You want the second, you’d better get damn good at handling the first.” The worst part was, she found herself starting to believe it. When one of them raped her mouth without trying to choke her in the process, she actually felt real gratitude towards them, even sometimes tried to do a good job to encourage them to keep treating her kindly. She’d taken breathing for granted all her life, and now it had become a precious reward that she’d sucked filthy cocks to earn.

“Alright, no more after these three finish up,” Levinson called out from wherever he was. He’d used her a couple of times throughout the day, but she hadn’t heard him for a few hours now. Relief washed over Seo-yun. It was soon followed by more cum, shot into her pussy, down her throat, and onto her chin, but she barely minded, even when more hot piss filled her mouth.. It was over. The next day would be terrible, probably even worse, but at least today was ended.

Something soft rubbed against her face, wiping away the dried sperm that had forced her eyes to remain closed. She opened them just in time to see Levinson tossing what had once been one of her tails onto the ground, and had to fight not to be sick. “I thought I told you to make her belly bulge,” the blond man said, inspecting her. “Was my order not clear?”

“Crystal clear, sir,” one of his men said. “But the line to use her was long, and not everyone could wait until their turn with her mouth, so…” She heard something slide across the ground. “We had to improvise.”

Seo-yun was able to turn her head just enough to see what was going on. There was a large white cylinder on the ground. A bucket, she thought they were called. The top was open, and she could hear something inside sloshing as a man picked it up and carried it over. No, she thought with growing horror. No, it couldn’t be…

It was. The man holding the bucket tilted it just enough to let her see what looked like more than a gallon of dark yellow urine. He set it down right by her head. “We even dug up a funnel,” he said, and produced a small gray thing. He placed the tip of it in her mouth, holding it steady with both hands. “We thought you’d like to do the honors.”

Levinson laughed, and it was the first time Seo-yun had ever heard genuine amusement in his voice. “No, I have a better idea. Someone pull the stakes out of the bitch’s tails.” There were brief bursts of pain, and then Seo-yun’s tails were no longer pinned to the ground. She’d been longing for that to happen all day, but right now the bucket was all she could focus on. To her surprise, Levinson tossed the funnel away, and removed the thing that had been holding her mouth open for hours.

The blond man hoisted the bucket up and held it over her head. Seo-yun stared up at it, ready for the filthy liquid to rain down, but nothing happened. “Today’s your lucky day, animal,” said Levinson. “You actually get to make a choice. You can either take those three tails of yours and use them to pour all this piss down your throat, or I can pound the stakes back in, put your ring gag back on, and keep your gangrape going until my men fill you with piss the natural way. What’s it going to be?”

Seo-yun hadn’t been able to imagine anything more humiliating than being forcefed a gallon of piss, but Levinson had found a way. She already knew she had to do it. Compared to hours more of being gangraped, the choice was very easy. Horrific, but easy. She slowly reached up with her tails, grasped the top of the bucket, and tilted it down towards her.

Lukewarm piss flooded her mouth, too quickly to swallow it all. It immediately overflowed, spilling out over her face. Seo-yun tilted the bucket back, reducing the flow to something a bit more manageable. She was still getting almost as much urine on her face as down her throat, and she tried to tilt the bucket even further, but Levinson stopped her. The redhead had no choice but to do her best to gulp down the disgusting bitter fluid as quickly as she could.

“Chug!” shouted one of the men, and soon they all picked up the chant. “Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!”

Seo-yun didn’t know how long it took to drink it all. It felt like forever, an endless stream of stale piss to swallow and swallow and swallow. When it was finally over, she didn’t have to look at her stomach to see if it was bulging. She could feel it all inside of her, stretching her out. It hurt, an ache deep inside her that only grew stronger with each passing second. And knowing the source of her discomfort only made it worse. These men had spent all day treating her like garbage, and in return she’d willingly drunk their piss. Seo-yun didn’t feel like at all like a gumiho at the moment. She didn’t even feel like a lowly human. She felt like a fucktoy.

“Stupid bitch,” Levinson said, and grabbed one of her free tails. “What did I tell you about spilling piss?”

“No!” Seo-yun screamed, but it did no good. The blond man took out his knife, and a minute later he tossed another furry lump that had once been a tail onto the ground.

It was too much. After everything she’d been through, and what she’d just done, she couldn’t hold back her emotions any longer. The six tailed gumiho began to sob. Large, wet tears rolled down her face as she cried out her abject misery.

They laughed. Every man there, Levinson included, laughed at the sight of her tears. Seo-yun sobbed harder under the weight of their scorn. They were breaking her. She was fighting as hard as she could, but they were grinding her spirit away little by little, and there was nothing she could do to stop them. She was never going to run free through her woods again. That Seo-yun, the strong and confident gumiho, was as dead as any of the humans she’d feasted on in her life. What was left behind was a weak and cowardly human, and even that wouldn’t last long. They were going to keep chipping away at her until there was nothing left but the sobbing wretch she was now.

The red haired fox woman was so focused on her own misery that she hardly noticed when some of the men flipped her over onto her stomach, the hard stump pressing painfully against her swollen belly. She did notice when the tail around her neck was untied, but her ability to breathe freely was short lived. It was retied almost immediately to force her to keep her head up and facing forward. She didn’t truly rouse, though, until she felt the sharp pain of one of her tails being staked to the ground again.

Seo-yun cried out as Levinson hammered the stake back in, not bothering to re-use the bloody hole he’d left behind from the first time. “Whuh..?” she mumbled through cum smeared lips as he began working on the second tail. Night had fallen. She’d drunk their piss. Why wasn’t it over?

Levinson finished pounding in the second stake and stood up. He met her hurt, confused gaze with a sneer. “Dumb animal. Who the fuck said you’d get to rest when night came? Being a fucktoy is a 24/7 job, fox cunt. You’ll get to rest when you’ve drained the balls of every last man in camp.” He raised his voice. “Anyone who wants to head back to their bunk and sleep, go right ahead. The rest of you, form a line. The fucktoy has one last virginity to lose.”

Seo-yun couldn’t fathom what he meant. He’d already claimed her virginity last night. How could she have another? Was he referring to her healing power? She felt no further enlightened when the blond man went behind her and sank into her pussy, her hole so slick with cum that even though it was as tight as ever, it easily accepted his girth. But the details didn’t matter; they were going to rape her again. More tears streamed down her face at the knowledge that even after everything, she wasn’t done yet. “What do you think?” Levinson called out. “Lube or no lube?”

“If the slut wanted lube, she should’ve done a better job of sucking my cock!” yelled someone. There was a chorus of agreements.

“No lube it is, then,” said Levinson. To Seo-yun’s surprise, he pulled out of her completely, and did not thrust back in. Instead he returned to her front and used her hair, now stringy and dirty, to dry himself off. “Well, I can spare just a little.” She flinched as he reached a hand towards her face, but he didn’t strike her. He just rubbed a few fingers beneath her eyes and cheeks, gathering some of her dribbling tears. Then he rubbed those fingers over the head and shaft of his cock. “There,” he said simply. “The best lube a fucktoy can get.”

Seo-yun still didn’t understand what was going on. He was going to rape her again, that much was painfully clear, but nothing else that they were saying made sense. All she could do was resign herself to the knowledge that she would know what it all meant soon, whether she liked it or not.

The tip of his cock touched her anus.

The six tailed fox didn’t understand the significance of it at first. She thought he’d simply missed his intended target. But then his hands grabbed hold of her butt cheeks, spreading them far apart, and his dick, dry save for a few of her tears, gave an insistent push.

“No…” Seo-yun whispered. She started squirming, trying to evade his prick, ignoring the biting pain of her staked tails. “No! No! Please! Not there! Use my pussy! My cunt! Or my throat! Shove it down my throat! Just please not there!”

To her complete surprise, the pressure on her anus vanished. She even heard Levinson step back. “Thank you…” she breathed. “Thank you… thank you…”

Something touched her neck. It was slightly cold, and soft. A familiar kind of soft. A sick feeling entered the pit of Seo-yun’s stomach, unrelated to the piss still in there, when she realized that it was the tail he’d just cut off of her. Levinson wrapped it tight around her throat, and took hold of both ends. He pulled backwards hard, forcing the red haired woman to arch her back, then harder still, until she was bent backwards like a bow, every muscle in her body taut. Her mouth hung open, tongue lolling, as she was viciously strangled by the makeshift garrote. “This is for saying ‘no’,” the blond man told her.

Then he shoved himself forward, driving his cock into the choking woman’s asshole.

Seo-yun screamed silently as his cock sank into her ass. It hurt so much that she was certain he was killing her. That at any moment she would be literally ripped in two by this grotesque, obscene method he’d chosen to defile her last moments with. But against all expectations, she kept on living as his prick burrowed deeper and deeper into her guts. And none of the men watching seemed the slightest bit perturbed by their captain’s insanity. They cheered him on instead, telling him to fuck her ass hard and deep. They were all crazy! This wasn’t sex! He was just using his cock as an instrument of torture!

It felt like years passed before he bottomed out in her. Slow centuries of enduring her straining lungs and torn up asshole before his pubic hairs rubbed Seo-yun’s cheeks and his balls slapped against her pussy. He’d actually done it. He’d stuffed that entire long, fat prick of his into her ass. Even with all her healing powers, the fox woman couldn’t imagine her anus ever recovering from such an assault.

Seo-yun was naive about the ways of humans, but she wasn’t stupid. She knew that him forcing himself inside her was only the beginning of her anal rape, not the end. That knowledge didn’t make it any less painful when he pulled back, his thick cockhead scraping the battered walls of her rectum. His second thrust into her took slightly less time than the first, but was even more agonizing as he forced his way back into her already sore insides.

“How is she, sir?” one of them called out.

“Oh, I was all wrong about this one!” Levinson answered back. “Plenty of spirit in her! When she isn’t trying to crush my cock with her asshole, she’s trying to rip it right off!” Men laughed. They were all amused by how much he was hurting her.

With her head pulled back, Seo-yun stared up into the night sky, looking at the same stars she’d slept under every night. They were the closest thing she’d ever had to friends. This isn’t me, she told them mentally, as her face turned red and cum flecked spittle drooled out her mouth. Seo-yun was the lithe fox who hunted beneath your light, not this pitiful thing being bound up and choked with her own tails, her asshole being used as just another hole to shoot their cum into.

She felt her body growing slack. She’d been choked out enough times to recognize the feeling, the yawning abyss that she was falling into. Soon her consciousness would fade away, for a short while. But Levinson had other ideas. He let go of the tail around her neck for just a moment, just long enough for her to take a single rasping breath, the intake of oxygen almost as painful to her abused throat as any of their cocks had been. Then he pulled it back as tight as ever. “You don’t get to miss even a second of this, bitch,” he told her. “You’re going to be here for every last second of me enjoying your tender shithole.” He began to pick up the pace, raping her asshole harder and faster with each thrust. “Someone get a whip!” he called out. “I want to make this bitch dance on my cock.”

Seo-yun couldn’t see what was happening with her head fixed in place, couldn’t hear it with her blood roaring in her ears. But she felt it when the whip connected with her chest, ripping a bloody line across her soft flesh. She bucked, letting out a choking rattle, and the men all cheered to see it. Levinson slapped her ass. “That’s it, bitch, dance for me!” She did. Every time the whip tore a new gash in her breasts, her entire body quivered and shook. She could feel her breasts jiggle after each impact, drops of blood and semen flying with every movement. She could feel how her anus clamped around him, and the accompanying twitches of his cock that confirmed he was enjoying everything that was happening.

Levinson raped her asshole mercilessly, with hard and vicious thrusts. Every time he pulled out, his thick mushroom head was sandpaper against her ruined ass. He’d pull back until only that head was in her, stretching out her anal ring, and then he’d surge forward like he was trying to break right through her rectum and sink his cock directly into her organs, inch after inch of his fat prick packed into a hole far too small for it. He wouldn’t stop until he was fully seated in her, his ballsack slapping against her pussy lips again. Then for just a moment he’d be still, letting her feel him, feel every bump and vein and hair of the disgusting thing that had been crammed into her. Feel his happy twitches. Then he’d start all over again by pulling out. It was a horrible cycle that she endured ten times. Twenty. One hundred. Two hundred. The blond man was eager to destroy her asshole, and in no mood to stop.

Air, her addled mind thought… Need air. Need it need it need need it. Fuck my ass, fuck my cunt, fuck my throat. Just let me breathe. Please please please that’s all I want. Fill my stomach with your piss and my womb with your seed and my ass with your ugly stinking flesh. Whip my breasts bloody, tear my tails off, use me as a fucktoy, just let me breathe. I’ll do whatever you want if you just let me breathe.

Levinson did. For half a second. And then the garrote tightened again.

By the tenth time this happened, Seo-yun could barely hold a thought in her head anymore. She couldn’t remember what was happening, couldn’t distinguish between his cock ripping open her asshole and the whip flaying her breasts and the tail crushing her throat. All the sensations had blended into a flood of pain and shame that washed over her, leaving nothing behind. The red haired fox woman was exactly what they wanted her to be: an empty headed fuckdoll. She didn’t even notice when he erupted in her asshole, gushing hot semen that struck raw nerves, or when his cock became soft and still inside her, or when the leather stopped tearing at her chest. It wasn’t until the tail finally loosened and she managed a few hoarse breaths that conscious thought began to slowly return.

“Almost done, fox slut,” Levinson told her. “Just need to christen your last fuckhole.” Hot liquid began to fill her guts, and he didn’t need to say a word for her to understand what was happening. She didn’t try to struggle, or get away from it. She didn’t even have the capacity for disgust anymore. Seo-yun just laid there, panting for breath, as the blond man pissed up her ass. “One last chance,” he said quietly, almost pleasantly, as his stream continued. “Give me the marble and I’ll untie you, let you spend tonight sleeping instead of getting your ass turned into the camp’s cum dump.”

It was a tempting offer. Very tempting. But she weakly shook her head no.

Levinson didn’t bother trying to convince her. He just finished pissing and then pulled out, leaving urine, cum, and blood to dribble down her legs. “Who’s next?” he called out.

Another stiff cock plunged into her ass, reaming her out with eager and powerful strokes. The whip began making bloody lines across her chest again. Please don’t, she begged silently, too intent on recovering her breath to voice the words. Fuck me and whip me, but please please please please…

The tail around her throat tightened, and Seo-yun’s gangrape continued into the night.

10 thoughts on “Lone Fox 1 – Chapter 4

  1. Great read. Piss drinking is another kink I’d never touch willingly before but your stories actually made me appreciate all these victims being given another liquid to consume.


    1. Thanks! It’s one of the acts that I have zero interest ever trying in a real life role playing situation, but find wonderfully humiliating in text form. A perfect fit for Seo-yun’s current circumstances 😉


  2. Another week, another chapter! Thought I was going to miss this one, didn’t you?

    I have to admit I didn’t enjoy this one as much as the last. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not as though I thought it was written badly, but rather that not much happens in terms of story. Seo-yun gets gang-raped some more (and loses another tail, because Levinson’s a bastard), but that’s all stuff we’ve seen before. I mean, aside from the anal. 😉 Uh…point being that this is no doubt really hot for people who are into the fetish, but for me it felt a little like a holding pattern.

    Well, except for this:

    The man holding the bucket tilted it just enough to let her see what looked like more than a gallon of dark yellow urine.

    Darinost, I’m putting you on notice. That was one step, but if I get an inkling that you’re bringing in scat, I will drop this story and go read Constellation instead!

    Oh, who am I kidding? We all know I’ll keep reading this. I’m too invested to just drop it now. 🙂

    In all seriousness, though, that was legitimately nauseating. Seo-yun’s been forced to drink urine previously, but there the act was kind of buried in other things that were happening. Here it’s the main event, and the sensory info of taste, smell and temperature so much so that I actually didn’t really react when Levinson cut her latest tail off; I was still dealing with the pee stuff.

    There is also a pretty emotional moment when Seo-yun breaks down crying. You keep things in balance once again by reminding the reader, even now, of what Seo-yun’s diet is and how she still considers humans lesser beings, but even so…

    We’ll see what happens next chapter!


    1. No scat in this story, by Veto of me. He puts his scat in projects we don’t work on together 😛

      Yeah, unfortunately, we go a few chapters here before we get back to the plot in chapter 6,

      Also “I will drop this story and go read Constellation instead!”

      Oh no! What a horrible, horrible threat! you are a bastard!


    2. Good to see you!

      In hindsight, I would’ve combined chapters 2-4 into a single long chapter. That’s why when it came time to publish the story, I released all 3 in the same update; I was eager to get to the later chapters. Without getting into spoiler territory, this stretch and the next chapter are the closest the story gets to a holding pattern. Every chapter following, including LF2, moves the plot forward significantly.


      1. Darinost: worry about the holding pattern thing. 🙂 That’s only an issue for me because I’m doing this one chapter a week. If I were reading through this faster, this wouldn’t be an issue. Even as things stand, I only have one more week to go and then things start moving again!


        Oh no! What a horrible, horrible threat! you are a bastard!

        I can be utterly merciless! 😛


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