Lone Fox 1 – Chapter 5

When the sun rose the next morning, Seo-yun was still being anally raped.

For the first few hours, she’d clung to the faint hope that she’d get used to it as time went on. The thought of her asshole being permanently stretched out had been horrifying when Levinson had first raped her back there, but she’d quickly begun welcoming the idea. She’d do almost anything for a loose asshole that didn’t make her feel like she was being torn in half every time another fat cock forced its way into it. But once again, her body’s capacity for recovery betrayed her. As so many of the men happily informed her on their second, or third, or fourth round with her ass, she was still as tight as the first time.

Seo-yun grunted as another load of cum spurted into her bowels. Like it had for hours now, almost all of it gushed right back out of her, her insides already flooded with their seed. “Fuuuuck, that’s a good hole,” said the man as he squeezed the head of his softening cock, forcing the last few dribbles out onto her ass cheeks. “I could keep doing this all day.” He moved around to her front and slapped her cheek with his wet member. “Now where’s my thank you?”

“Thank you for plowing this fucktoy’s ass, sir,” Seo-yun said meekly, trying to ignore the hot wave of shame that the words evoked. “May she please have the honor of tasting you?” She’d been saying them for hours and they still burned.

His answer was to smack the head of his cock against her lips in an obscene kiss. Seo-yun obediently opened her mouth and got started. Behind her, another man sank into her ass, and she tried not to wince as he grabbed her swinging breasts and used them to slam into her as hard as he could on each thrust.

Sucking their dicks was, in almost every respect, worse than having them shoved down her throat. The pain was less, but the extra humiliation more than made up for it. Before, they’d been doing all the work; with the ring gag, she didn’t even have to go to the effort of keeping her mouth open. Now the situation was reversed. They just stood there, grinning at her, and it was her job to swallow them up, to kiss and lick them softly, to try and pretend she couldn’t smell and taste the fact that they had just been in her asshole. It was the most disgusting and degrading thing she could ever imagine doing, and she’d been doing it for hours, rewarding everyone who raped her.

Every time, every single time her lips or tongue touched their filthy pricks, she longed to bite down on them. Even without her fangs, she knew all about tearing meat off a body. She could chew one of them right off before its owner even had time to scream. But she fought that urge down every time, and instead gently licked their cum and her own filth off of them, and then tenderly and lovingly played with them until they were wet and stiff and ready to get back in line to use her again.

The reason for her behavior was still loosely coiled around her throat, ready to be put to use again at a moment’s notice. When she was sucking their dicks, they didn’t choke her. She could breathe all the sweet, wonderful air she wanted, as long as she did so with her lips around their cocks and her tongue caressing their shafts. It had been a choice between oxygen and dignity, and it hadn’t been a difficult one. Seo-yun knew her reprieve wouldn’t last forever. Eventually they’d get bored and move on to some new torment, one that would inevitably involve denying her the basic right to breathe again. So she did what she could to keep them interested. She tried hard to be a good cocksucker for them.

And they’d noticed. “God, can you believe we only started fucking her yesterday?” said the man she was licking. “Look what a perfect fox slut she is already.” He pulled his cock out of her mouth and used two fingers to lift the shaft up, showing her his balls beneath. Seo-yun suppressed a groan as she began tonguing the hairy, lumpy things. The most shameful part was that she’d known it was coming. She still knew barely any names or faces, but she was starting to recognize their cocks. This one’s owner always liked making her play with his balls, and they were still slick with her own drool from the last time he’d used her.

Not all the men in camp were still raping her. Most of them had gone to sleep after the first few hours, leaving only about twenty who were fanatical about using her ass. By now the number had dwindled to ten, but they showed no sign of stopping anytime soon. And the rest of the camp had already begun to wake up. There must have been a cookfire somewhere, because she could smell meat roasting, and it made her mouth water and her stomach rumble. It had been nearly three days since the last time she’d eaten, and her hunger had become a constant weight on her mind. Seo-yun would have rather died than admit it to any of the men, but a part of her had begun hoping that some of them would decide to finish in her mouth. Their cum tasted almost worse than what she had to keep cleaning off their cocks, but if Levinson was to be believed, it was the closest thing to food she’d be receiving while she was here, and she’d need to keep her strength up if she was going to escape.

The man using her ass cursed and popped out of her, sending some cum splattering to the dirt. “Dirty fucking slut,” he grumbled, and smacked the back of her head. “How am I supposed to enjoy fucking your ass when it’s this gooey? Aren’t you even ashamed of having a fucking gallon of cum in your guts, you disgusting ass slut?”

“Yes sir,” she mumbled around the other’s cock, and she meant it. Even a single drop of their seed in or on her would’ve been enough to make her skin crawl, and she was far beyond that point. There was so much of their cum in her ass that her acute ears could catch it sloshing and churning with every thrust in and out of her. A century of rainstorms wouldn’t be enough to make her feel clean again.

“Alright, nobody fucking steal my spot,” he growled. “I’ll be right back.” Seo-yun heard him race off towards one of the tents. She wasn’t looking forward to finding out what he intended to do, but her attention was taken up by the man using her mouth, who’d let go of his cock so she could resume sucking it.

“Don’t worry about Allen,” he said, tousling her hair as she worked. His tone was cheerful, but she could hear the cruel laughter just behind it as he enjoyed her submission and humiliation. “You’re a wonderful little ass slut, and that tight butt of yours deserves to have cum leaking from it every minute of every day.”

Seo-yun’s blood boiled at his sick idea of a compliment, and for a moment she almost gave in to that urge to castrate him. But all she said was “thank you sir” and kept dragging her tongue up and down his shaft, which was already beginning to stiffen again.

“Alright!” said the returning man emphatically. “I’ve got a stick, I’ve got some tape, just give me two seconds and… there!” Seo-yun let out a surprised squeal as something thick and furry was shoved into her asshole. She didn’t want to recognize it, but she did: another one of her severed tails, wrapped around a tree branch or something. The man reamed her out with what had been one of her precious tails for centuries, using it to scrape their cum out of her. He wasn’t gentle, and even her usually soft fur felt rough and scratchy to her well used insides as she was violently scrubbed with it.

The other man slapped her face with his wet cock. “Don’t go getting distracted, fox slut,” he said, more amused than angry. “You’re not quite done thanking me for the ass fuck yet.”

“Yes sir,” Seo-yun said, and swallowed him back up, trying to ignore the pain and outrage she felt about what was being done behind her. A familiar voice inside her head whispered that this was her own fault. If she’d done a better job obeying Levinson, she’d still have all of her tails, and they wouldn’t be able to defile her like this. The voice was still small and quiet, but it had been growing stronger all night.

Another man whistled. “Jesus, Allen, she looks like a freaking horror movie back there now! There’s blood everywhere!”

“Who the fuck cares?” answered Allen, and Seo-yun heard her repurposed tail thump to the ground. “The fox slut will heal.” He grabbed her breasts again, his fingers squeezing her flesh like he wanted them to pop, and Seo-yun howled as he rammed himself back into her ass. It hurt even worse than when Levinson had broken her in back there. She could feel the blood seeping out of her, but it wasn’t nearly as good a lubricant as their sperm, and his cleaning of her rectum had left it tender and swollen. It felt like she was being impaled as he forced every last inch of himself into her, having to use all his strength to overpower her tight, clenching hole. “Now this is a proper ass!” he said triumphantly, rearing his hips back so he could begin pounding her bleeding hole.

“What’s all the goddamn screaming about?” complained Levinson, emerging from a tent. His hair was slightly disheveled, and he looked like he’d just woken up. Despite the burning agony of her ass and the continuing humiliation of the cock between her lips, Seo-yun felt a pang of jealousy at the sight. What she wouldn’t do for a few hours of sleep… The blond man chuckled as he came closer and saw for himself the source of her distress. “Never mind. Carry on, Allen.”

“Yes sir!” said her anal rapist.

Levinson crouched by Seo-yun’s head, studying her as she sucked on the other man’s cock. Her cheeks flushed red at being observed so closely. “When did this start?” he asked.

“About six hours ago,” said the man. “We were all getting pretty filthy after a couple goes in her, and it was Daniels who asked if she’d be willing to show her gratitude if he had us stop whipping and choking her. I still think he was an idiot for sticking himself in her mouth that first time, but the fox slut wasn’t too stupid to know better than to bite.” He tousled her hair again. “She’s on her way to becoming an excellent cock sucker, sir.”

“Is that right, animal?” Levinson asked. “Have you already accepted being a fucktoy?” She could tell that he knew better, that he knew exactly why she was doing this, but Seo-yun nodded anyway, trying not to show the rising tension in her. If he tried to make her suck him, she didn’t care if they choked her for days after, or just tortured her to death. She wouldn’t miss her chance for revenge.

But the blond man didn’t give her the opportunity. He just nodded to himself and straightened up. “Once you’re finished and she’s cleaned you up, Allen, untie her. It’s time for the bitch’s break to end.”

His words made her ache even more than Allen’s pistoning cock inside her. As painful and degrading as the last few hours had been for her, she knew he was absolutely right: compared to everything else, it had almost been like getting to rest.

The fox had been strung up for hours now.

Morris had a good vantage point of the tree from where he was working on kitchen duty. Almost everyone in the camp cared about nothing but the fucktoy training right now, but keeping everyone fed was important, especially given how many calories people were burning, so he’d volunteered for what he knew would be a thankless task. A hunting team had brought back two deer that morning, and though it would take a long time to fully dress and prepare them, it would leave them with enough meat for days.

The fox was trying hard to satisfy the two men using her. Garret was in front of her and Jacobs behind, the two men fucking her cunt and ass while she hung from the tree branch. She was low enough that if she’d just put her legs down, she could have easily reached the ground, but instead she held them up in a near split, letting the rope tighten around her windpipe. Her body bobbed back and forth as she flexed her muscles, squeezing both men with her holes. Behind the tree stretched a line of men enjoying her performance, waiting for the top of the hour when two of them would get to replace Garret and Jaocbs. Based on their numbers, the fox was going to be spending the entire day hanging there, and probably all of tomorrow if most of them wanted a second go at her.

This was one of Levinson’s favorite games for breaking a monster. He must have really had it out for this one; usually he saved this for much later in the training, when their captive had already unwillingly gained plenty of sexual experience. He’d never known the captain to introduce it as early as the third day. He supposed it probably had to do with that fox marble the man seemed so determined to get. Well, that behavior wasn’t anything new for the man. For as long as Morris had known him, he’d had a habit of keeping a trophy from every monster they took. The eye of a gorgon, the scale of a naga, the fangs of a vampire… he always liked turning a piece of what they were most proud of into a memento of their destruction. The only difference now was that he couldn’t just cut or smash what he wanted off of the monster, and Morris knew Levinson well enough to know how much he hated having to ask for something.

If the fox had been smart, she would’ve given up her marble the first time he’d asked. Levinson didn’t like being told no. He was cruel to even the most obedient of captives, but he’d gone a step beyond for her. The man wasn’t just trying to break her, he was trying to smash her into little pieces. Usually she would have been given some time to rest by now, maybe even some scraps of food if she’d performed well, and the truly vicious tortures like this one, the kind Levinson loved most, would be spaced out more.

The rules to this particular torture game were simple. As long as the fox did a good job pleasuring both men, and obediently choked herself on the rope, they would let her set her feet down every minute or so to catch her breath a little. But if she tried to breathe without their permission, or they thought she wasn’t working hard enough…

Even as he watched, Garret shook his head in mock sadness. “You call this a warm, loving twat?” he said. “You’re supposed to be hugging my cock, not giving it some light pats.” The fox made an urgent noise, and the rope swung back and forth as she began bobbing her hips much faster than before, but it was too late. Jacobs held her legs up, still enjoying the tight confines of her ass, while Garret pulled out and picked up the spreader bar lying on the ground. It took only seconds to snap the ends onto her ankle cuffs, and just like that there was no longer anything voluntary about her strangulation.

“What you gonna use this time?” Garret asked casually, regarding the pile of tools lying by the tree. “They’re all fun, but I love the way the crop makes her squeal, personally.”

“Can’t resist that soldering iron,” Jacobs said with equal calmness. Neither of them seemed at all concerned with the way the fox’s face was changing color while her body twitched helplessly. Not that it was an unusual sight for either of them anymore. In just the half hour they’d had with her, this was already the fifth time she hadn’t met their standards. “Most bitches, we can only use that on them once or twice before there’s nowhere good left to burn, but this little slut…” He gave her ass a hard smack before pulling out to grab the iron off the ground. “I can’t even see the marks from the last time anymore. You want to start now or let her take a nap first?”

“A nap, definitely.” Garret gave the fox a little wave as her struggles slowed and her eyelids drooped. “Nighty night, fox slut. Sweet dreams.” Both men enjoyed the sight of her slow descent into unconsciousness.

The rope went up and over the tree branch and then back down, the other end tied to a smaller branch at about chest height. Once the fox was completely out, Jacobs untied that other end, and was almost gentle as he lowered her down the ground, doing his best not to wake her. They gave her about a minute like that, letting her heavy breaths calm down until she looked calm and peaceful. Then Jacobs yanked on the rope, pulling her back up, and quickly tied it back off.

The restarted strangulation woke the fox up, but before she could so much as open her eyes, Garret was striking her chest with the riding crop. Her tits were round and perfect, showing no sign at all of the heavy abuse they’d been subjected to over the last few days, and the way the crop bounced off of them was mesmerizing, even to Morris watching from a distance. The red mark left behind by each slap of leather stood out beautifully against her smooth olive skin. The man made her fat breasts jiggle and dance as he struck them from multiple angles, putting his full power into each blow of the crop. Just like he’d wanted, the fox squealed with every vicious blow. For the last couple hours, she’d been much more vocal about how much they were hurting her. Morris didn’t know whether they’d simply worn her resistance down, or if she’d realized that trying to hold back and act tough only encouraged them to go at her harder.

Jacobs was equally devoted to punishing her butt with the soldering iron. He pressed the hot tip into her full cheeks, the flesh dimpling as the iron seared it. After each involuntary jolt of pain ran through her, he’d pull the iron back and choose a different spot. Morris had watched the man use the opportunity to write several words across the fox’s cheeks – SLUT, WHORE, CUNT – but this time he had other intentions. He aimed carefully, then drove the soldering iron right up the fox’s squirming asshole.

The effect was immediate. Even with the rope around her throat, she let out a scream that must have been audible for miles. Jacobs’s response was to snicker and shift his angle so he could force it in even deeper. “Aww, does the fox toy not like getting her shithole fucked by a soldering iron?” he mocked. “Then try to remember that next time my cock is in there! A warm spongy cock or hard burning metal: it’s entirely up to you which your ass gets, fucktoy!”

Garret must have been inspired by his companion’s cruelty, because he left the fox’s tits alone so he could slap the riding crop against her splayed cunt instead. It didn’t gather the same vocal reaction as the iron, but Morris saw the utter misery in her expression every time the man paddled her. “I don’t know what’s worse, fox slut,” he remarked as he beat her pussy black and blue. “The fact that you have such a slutty, cum guzzling cunt, or the fact that you don’t know how to use it.properly. Good thing you’ve got us here to keep it well fed and well trained.”

The brutal double torture session didn’t stop until the woman had passed out again. The next time she woke up, the spreader bar was off and their cocks were already back inside her. “You learn your lesson, fox slut?” Garret asked, and the woman nodded her head quickly as she forced her tired legs back into that near split. “Let’s find out if you’re lying.”

The fox went at her task with an enthusiasm borne of terror, and both men smiled as her hard working holes clenched their dicks. “There’s that good fox slut we know and love,” Garret told her after a little while, his hands groping and molding her beaten tits. “Give yourself five seconds.”

“Thank you, sir,” the fox panted as soon as her feet hit the ground. Her voice held nothing but honest gratitude for the privilege of breathing. She sucked in large, quick gasps of air, and then raised her legs back up five seconds later without waiting to be told. The tree branch creaked as her holes got back to work.

Her performance wouldn’t be good enough for long; Morris had seen Levinson create more than enough broken slaves to know that she wasn’t there yet. He didn’t know if she was obeying purely out of fear, or if the genuine desire to obey was being instilled. Possibly neither, and she was only trying to make them lower their guards. But whatever the drive behind her good behavior, a slight hesitation to her movements remained, a stiffness brought up by still thinking of herself as a person, not a sex toy.

It wouldn’t be there forever. It was already visibly diminished compared to when they’d hung her up that morning. Given enough time and pain, every last trace of her sense of self would crumble away, leaving only the servile toy they’d been hired to create. And that spark of life in her eyes, the one that still persisted despite everything they’d put her through, would die out completely. Just like Morris himself had helped do with so many before her.

He still didn’t know why the thought of it happening to her bothered him.

“I haven’t decided if you’re the most stubborn bitch I’ve ever met,” Levinson mused, “or just the stupidest.” The fox whimpered as he put the point of his knife against her left cheek and pushed, the tip easily sinking into her smooth skin. A thin trickle of blood began running down her face, thickening as he dragged the knife slowly up, turning the puncture wound into a long gash that ended just before her eye socket.

The animal was with him tonight. He knew the men were disappointed to lose hours of potential time with her, but they were loyal enough not to complain. The two of them were in his private tent, and she was suspended face down, three of her six remaining tails tied to some of the poles that made up the ceiling. Two of the other three were being used to bind her arms and legs behind her back in a hogtie that he’d made as uncomfortable as he could manage while still leaving her holes available, and the last tail was wound through her hair, forcing her body to remain horizontal and her head upright. It wasn’t an ideal position to suffocate her, but the bitch didn’t deserve oxygen yet, so he’d attached a custom choke collar to her neck. Its leash trailed on the floor, and all it took was a single step on it to have her gasping for air.. After years of teaching all sorts of creatures that breathing was now a special privilege that they would need to work hard to earn, it required no conscious thought to ease off every time she got close to actually passing out.

“You already know I can do anything I want to you,” he said, leaving an identical cut on her right cheek. “If I wanted, we could spend the remaining nine days we have together finding out how many chunks of flesh I can carve off you without killing you.” The blade point sank into her stomach next, just above her belly button, and traveled all the way up to her shoulder blades. “And if I go too far? We just start over with one of our other leads. You’re hardly the only fox woman in the world, just the easiest to capture.” The knife cut into her upper thigh next, then the soles of her feet, then all the way down the length of a tail. “So when I tell you that there’s something you can do to make your pitiful existence a little easier,” he continued, adding cut after cut, “you should be jumping at the chance. I can promise you’ll never find a more generous offer in the rest of your miserable life.”

The cuts on her face had almost closed up already, so he reopened them with a couple flicks. Then he moved on to the others, undoing all the healing her body was working hard to do. By the time he’d finished, it was time to go back and begin again. He repeated the cycle several more times before he found himself growing bored. He set the knife aside and picked up the lighter instead. The bitch wailed as he pressed the heated tip against one furry ear. “I’ll let you eat real food.” Next was her nipple. “Let you sleep in a real bed.” Then the skin between her thumb and forefinger. “Give you water to drink instead of piss.” Behind her knee. “I’ll even tell the men to go easy on you.” The center of her forehead. “There are different levels of breaking, you know.” Her wrinkled anal ring. “We could turn you into a perfectly acceptable fucktoy without completely destroying who you used to be.” The inside of her lower lip. “And all you have to do is give me your fucking marble.”

The fox flinched at the sudden volume of his voice, but gave no other response. He left another twenty or thirty burns all over her body before he picked up the pliers. “Cuts and burns we know you can heal. Chopped off pieces you can’t. Where’s the line drawn, animal?” He gripped the base of her right pinky with the pliers. “What about broken bones?” He twisted the pliers slowly, enjoying the feel of her muscles trying and failing to resist him. He looked right into her red choking face as he increased the pressure little by little, savoring the terror in her bloodshot eyes, until there was a crunch and the animal screamed. He kept twisting until there were no more snaps and crackles, then twisted the pliers all the way in the opposite direction for good measure. Once he was satisfied that the finger was thoroughly mangled, he inspected it closely. “Yes, there are some signs of healing. Not as quickly as your usual wounds, though. I bet I could break your other nine fingers long before this one is fixed.”

He gripped her ring finger with the pliers next. “Should we find out? Or are you going to make the first smart decision of your life?” She just closed her eyes and shuddered. He managed to break her ring finger even more slowly than her pinky, and her middle finger more slowly still. “Maybe you just like pain? Is that it?” He got a good grip on her index finger. “Am I making you wet, fox slut?” He carefully, almost delicately, snapped the digit in four different places before moving on to her thumb. “It would explain a lot. I can’t imagine anything but a dedicated paintoy putting itself through so much torture for so little.”

By the time he finished all ten fingers, more than half an hour had passed and the bitch was sobbing like the pathetic fucktoy she was always meant to be. He tapped the pliers against one of her big toes next. “And now these.”

Crunch, crunch, crunch. When he was done with her toes, her right pinky was looking a bit better. Nowhere near fixed, but definitely on the way to healing. So he broke it again, and then her nine other fingers again, and all ten of her toes again. The bitch looked half dead by the time he was done with round two, and not just from the oxygen deprivation. She wore a look of despair so profound that he nearly came then and there. But he held back. She hadn’t suffered enough yet to earn his cum. “Last chance, fox cunt. Then I stop going easy on you.”

There was pure horror in her eyes as she digested his statement. She could see that he wasn’t bluffing; he had never once felt the need to lie to fucktoys. She was close to giving in. Right on the edge. But the stupid, stubborn bitch continued to resist, shaking her head no. It was frustrating, and part of him itched to beat the sorry cunt to death for being so troublesome, but at the same time, Levinson couldn’t really say that he minded. He’d been looking forward to both really getting to hurt the animal, and to finding out for himself the full extent of her healing. He’d seen other kitsune and gumiho before, but he’d never had an opportunity like this to experiment with them.

Levinson began by strapping her ring gag on her. If she wasn’t going to be smart, he wasn’t interested in anything she had to say, and he wanted her mouth ready and waiting when it came time to fuck it. She might be willing to suck the others off without it, but he wasn’t stupid. Then he took hold of her swinging tits with both hands, enjoying the warm flesh as he kneaded it. “You ever heard of piercings, animal? No, of course not.” He let go of her tits and picked up the knife. He placed the point against her left nipples this time, using his other hand to hold her still, and she trembled as he worked the knife point into her one millimeter at a time until the bloody tip emerged from the other side. He repeated the action with her right nipple, then picked up the two silver rings. It was no trouble inserting them, and afterward he played the lighter over them for a while to seal the rings closed, and then a while longer just to enjoy her screams. By that point, her fingers and toes were looking almost normal again, so he went ahead and broke them all a third time.

Levinson hooked a finger into each nipple ring and pulled down, and was rewarded with a strangled scream from the bitch. Perfect. Her cries were only slightly less pained when he tied a small weight to each ring. He gave both her tits a hard slap, sending the weights swinging and making her groan with agony.

He wasn’t done with those tits by a mile, but for now he picked the knife back up. “Let’s find out if bits and pieces can get reattached.” He thought he’d heard the bitch howl plenty of times before, but she really outdid herself when he began to saw at her left ear. Even with the collar choking her, it was loud. Without it, she probably would’ve woken the entire camp. Once he’d cut about three quarters into the ear, he grabbed hold and slowly ripped it off the rest of the way, making her howls grow even more pronounced as he did.

When he was done, he looked at the bloody lump of fur in his hand. He was half tempted to toss it away just to make her miserable, but this was an important test. Besides, he could always do it afterward. So he pressed the severed ear to the stump and waited. Almost immediately he felt it shifting slowly in his grasp, and when he let go it stayed in place, the wound slowly closing up. “So that works,” he said. “How about this?” He grabbed her right pinky, still in the middle of healing, and lopped it clean off.

He picked the severed digit up off the ground and showed it to her, amused by the way her eyes widened at the sight. “What happens if we give that hand a minute to heal, animal? Let’s find out.”

While he waited, Levinson attached another pair of weights to the existing ones. Her nipples were now visibly stretched by them, and when he slapped her tits this time she made a sound like he was killing her. It was so nice that he went ahead and added a third pair of weights.

By now the stump of her pinky was covered in smooth skin. He pressed the severed digit against it, and confirmed that nothing happened, not even when he sliced the tip of the stump off and pressed the pinky finger against the wound. The damage was permanent. “Well, you don’t have nine tails anymore, but at least you’ve got nine fingers,” he said, and tossed the pinky in the wastebasket. He caught her staring at it sadly, her disfigured hand slowly flexing, and laughed out loud. “Time for more weights, bitch.”

Every pair of weights stretched her nipples out further. By the time there was a chain of ten hanging from each ring, her nipples looked grotesquely long. She was making frantic sounds, and he didn’t need a translation. “That’s exactly what’s going to happen eventually,” he confirmed. “I stretch these slutty nipples enough and they’ll tear right off your chest. And now that we know they can be reattached, I can make that happen as many times as I want. And you know what?” He gave her tits another hard slap. “I’m done asking for the marble tonight. I’m going to play with you until morning, fox cunt, and there’s not a damn thing you can do to stop me now.”

He added four more weights to both nipples, and then decided the fucktoy could use a little more jewelry. He peeled back her clitoral hood, and stroked the knife tip against her clitoris, wanting to be certain she knew what was coming. “Don’t forget, fox cunt, this isn’t part of your training. The one and only reason I’m doing this to you is because you refused me. This is what happens to bitches who refuse orders.” He jabbed the tip through her flesh.

It took a while to add her new clit ring, seal it shut with the lighter, and give it its own set of fourteen weights, especially since he stopped twice to reopen all her cuts, reheat all her burns, and re-break her remaining fingers and toes. He couldn’t remember if he’d ever seen a creature in more pain than this pathetic bitch, and it was making him rock hard. No sense letting that go to waste.

Her cunt was as warm and snug as it had been on Saturday. Even without her restored hymen, which he ripped through on the first thrust, he never would’ve guessed that it was a hole that had been getting pounded for several days straight. The bitch mewled as his hard thrusts made all of her weights swing back and forth. He fucked her involuntarily clenching twat for a couple minutes, then shifted to her asshole. It too was as tight as ever, despite the fact that he’d personally shoved his entire arm up there just that afternoon, as had more than half the camp. The men were absolutely right; he did need to get one of these foxes for himself.

Levinson continued alternating between her two holes, using them both roughly. They were both among the best fuckholes he’d ever enjoyed, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t improve on the experience. The volume of the fox slut’s cries didn’t increase much when he started breaking her fingers yet again, but the way her holes constricted around him with every wet snap told him that he had her attention. Her constant agony was making him feel so good that he even got distracted enough to let her pass out once, holding his foot on her leash for just a little too long. To make up for her getting a tiny break in her torment thanks to being unconscious, he pierced the tips of her fox ears after she woke up. Each time his knife stabbed a new hole into her delicate flesh, she clamped down so tight that she nearly wrung his cum out. He put four rings into each ear, lined up in a row. He made a mental note to seal them closed in a minute, but for now his cock was demanding release.

“When humans get these, we call them earrings,” he told her as he lightly tugged on the rings one at a time, making her spasm around him. But for fucktoys…” he slid his fingers into all eight, like he was putting on brass knuckles. “We call them handholds.”

Artist: Lichaedesu

The fox slut shrieked and shrieked as he yanked back on them, using her piercings as leverage to fuck her cunt even harder. He pulled on her piercings like he was trying to tear them out, and he was half hoping to see it happen.

Artist: Menoron

But her tight cunt saved her, sucking and hugging him too hard to resist. For a time, for just a brief time, he wanted to cum more than he wanted to hurt her. So he buried his cock as deep as it would go, and emptied himself into her soft, perfect fuckhole.

Artist: Genex

Her holes had left him wet and messy by the time he pulled out, but he didn’t make her clean him off. Not yet. First he took the lighter and sealed the eight ear piercings shut, then it was time for two more weights on each of her nipple and clit rings, then time to redo her cuts, burns, fingers and toes. By then he was more than stiff again, and grateful for the prepared ring gag. His cock slid into her mouth and straight down her throat, where her choke collar was making her extra tight. If he pulled the leash hard enough, he could see the bulge of his prick inside her.

He stuck his fingers in her ear piercings again, and fucked the fox slut’s throat as hard as any of her other holes, using the grip to slam her face into his crotch with enough force to bruise his own thighs. “Growl for me, cunt,” he reminded her, giving her piercings a little extra twist. That immediately got her purring around him, the soft vibrations intoxicating. It was more than enough to make him finish if he let it, but unlike before, he found himself still wanting to hurt her more than he wanted to cum. So when there was nothing left on his shaft but her drool, he reluctantly pushed her head away, popping out of her throat and leaving spit and precum running down her chin.

When the animal realized he was removing the weights from her rings, a wave of relief passed over her red features, and he almost laughed out loud at her stupidity. He took three long piece of twine and looped each one loosely around one of her piercings, then knotted them together. The bitch’s cries as he pulled on them as hard as he could were hilarious. Her pulled until her entire midsection was straining, caught between her tied tails and her pierced genitalia. Only when he was certain that he couldn’t stretch her a single millimeter further did he tie the twine off to a leg of the heavy cupboard where he kept his personal items, leaving the fox slut as taut as a guitar string.

Levinson paced around her, savoring the way she twitched in agony even though he wasn’t laying a finger on her. Not that it lasted long; her cuts had almost finished healing. Once he’d redone everything, he selected a cattle prod and showed it to her. “All it took was, what, the threat of an hour of this to make you throw away every protection you had?” The fox cunt gurgled as he slid the business end of the prod through her ring gag, burying the device as far down her throat as physically possible. “Let’s see how you enjoy three.” He taped down the button and settled back to watch.

Her body began spasming violently, arms and legs flailing in the air. He was delighted to see that her body’s constant healing was the only thing stopping her clitoris and nipples from tearing right off. As it was, both were ragged and bloody within minutes. As she shook helplessly, curves jiggling and every part of her lovely form on full display, he found himself drawn to her eyes more than anything else. Her wide, hopeless, suffering eyes. He’d intended to wait and fuck her after, but the beautiful sight was too much. It only took two pumps of his hand to make his cock spurt thick globs of semen right into those perfect eyes.

The cattle prod’s batteries died well before the three hours were up, as he’d expected. He used the opportunity to redo the cuts, burns, and broken digits yet again, and then shoved a fresh prod down her throat and got back to it. Levinson had expected the experience to become boring eventually, but the fox cunt’s pain was mesmerizing to watch, and the time flew by. When he reached the third hour and switched off what had been the fifth prod, he didn’t bother pulling it out of her mouth before fucking her tight asshole. She was so limp and still with the electricity off that a casual observer might have thought she was dead. But he could still detect faint signs of life. Not with his eyes, but with his cock, feeling the weak rumbling of her lungs as they kept futilely trying to draw in air.

He leaned over to grab her ear handholds so he could ride her like the little bitch she was. “After this, needles,” he decided. “And then the branding iron. And then a hammer to your elbows and kneecaps. And then the cattle prod again. Still hours to go before morning, fox cunt, and we’re only just getting started.” She let out a breathless whimper, and the sound made his cock twitch hard inside of her. At just that moment, there wasn’t anything in the world he wanted more than to fuck her hard, to make her screaming, trapped body writhe beneath him. So he did. He fucked her backdoor like the tight fleshlight it was, every moan and tremble from her inspiring him to be even rougher.

When his orgasm approached, he all but vaulted over to her front again, driving his pulsing cock down her throat mere moments before it started spurting. He shot his seed all the way down into her belly, using her handholds to grind her face into his crotch. The sneaky fox slut managed to pass out again while he was feeding her his cum, a fact he didn’t notice until his soft cock slipped out of her throat.

He woke her up with a cattle prod shoved up her cunt. “You don’t get to rest, bitch!” he yelled over her agonized screams. “You don’t get to eat! You don’t get to breathe! Until I’m satisfied that you’re a completely broken fucktoy, you will do nothing but suffer every moment of every day!” Her distress had already made him hard yet again, and he forced himself back into what was becoming his favorite hole, her asshole every bit as tight as ever. “And now you’re going to fuck me with this slutty ass!” he yelled, punctuating his words by jabbing the cattle prod into one of her butt cheeks. Her legs danced as the voltage coursed through her. “You’re going to clench this fuckhole around the man who’s spent the last five hours torturing you half to death, and you’re gonna wring his cum out so he can get back to torturing for you another five hours!”

The fox cunt didn’t respond at first, just like he’d been hoping. The dumb bitch hadn’t lost a tail in days, and he’d been itching for an excuse. He sawed it off slowly, leaving the other end still dangling from the ceiling. Her ass had started squeezing him the moment she’d felt the knife, and it had only made him enjoy mutilating her even more. He untied the severed tail while she hugged his cock with her asshole, and then leaned forward. It wasn’t an easy fit, but he managed to cram a good length of it through the ring gag and down the five tailed fucktoy’s throat, bloody end first. “You taste that, bitch?” Levinson asked her as she gagged on her own flesh. “That’s the taste of a worthless fuck-up who couldn’t even follow a simple order.”

He felt her convulse, and then she started retching. He slapped his hand over her mouth before she could throw up, and felt the warm bile strike his palm as he blocked its exit. “Disgusting whore,” he snarled. “Don’t you dare get your filth all over my tent. Swallow it before I chop off another tail.” She shuddered, throat working, and slowly forced the vomit around her severed tail and back down into her stomach. He removed his hand, wiped it clean in her hair, and then leaned back, ready to relax and let her asshole finish him.

The men had done a good job teaching the fox slut, and it only took a few minutes for her asshole to milk him, receiving his fourth load of the night. If he could, Levinson would’ve continued fucking her forever, but she’d drained his balls like a good fucktoy. That was alright, though. In the time he’d spent in her, her cuts and burns had all vanished. Even her finger and toes looked normal again.

But not for long.

7 thoughts on “Lone Fox 1 – Chapter 5

  1. It’s so wonderfully dark and sick I can’t wait for MORE. You guys are geniuses. I actually spammed John for ear mutilatipn and here it is! Can’t wait for more of that treatment. I feel sorry for her, she deserves a hug, but at the same time, keep going.


    1. Thanks.! That last scene is one of John’s favorites, largely thanks to the earrings. Given how much he hates it whenever I cut off one of her tails, I consider it high praise indeed. And if you think you feel sorry for her NOW, well… I’ll see you in a couple weeks 😉


  2. So, one more chapter, and to sum up…sweet Jesus.

    I mean, I should probably have something more eloquent to say, but there are some things that are difficult to describe with words. It’s not super emotional, but the sheer physicality of the torture description made me cringe over and over again. It’s difficult to choose a worst part, but if I had to, it’s either slowly sawing her tail off, three hours of electrification or, and this is probably my pick, the very slow breaking of every bone in her fingers and toes with the pliers, and the knowledge that he does that again every single time he switches to something else.

    There was one emotional blow here too. I think you’ve done the tail thing so many times that it may just not make me sad anymore, but cutting her pinky off, showing it to her and then throwing it away, and her reaction to it, that was really upsetting.

    I had assumed Levinson wanted the fox marble for something magical, but evidently he just wants it as a trophy. Then again, if all he wanted was a trophy, he could have just kept one of her tails, so maybe Morris is wrong about what he wants the thing for.

    The one thing that did almost make me laugh was the illustrations, because:

    1. Now we know where John’s avatar comes from!
    2. The progression of Levinson’s portrayal in the art amused me. He starts out really lanky and thin in the first picture, and then he goes to reasonably muscular in the second…and then to completely roided out in the third.

    Anyway, amusing pictures aside, that was…something else. I’m sure that was hot as hell for people who are into torture as a fetish, but for me that was a harrowing experience. Well, next week is Chapter 6, where something will happen (though evidently 7 is the one John waits for my reaction to), so we’ll see what that is!


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