Lone Fox 1 – Chapter 6

The fox was being distracting again.

Daniels seemed to think so too. “God, isn’t she fucking sexy?” he commented as he sat next to Morris in the makeshift mess hall, giving the man a friendly shoulder bump. Morris could only nod in silent agreement. It was ostensibly breakfast time, but none of the men, Morris included, seemed all that interested in their meals. Every eye in the hall was fixed on the fox as she laid lengthwise across a table, her butt hanging off the side. Two of her tails were being used to tie her limbs to the table legs, while the other three…

It was hard to see her face, obscured as it was by the tail thrusting in and out of her throat, but what was visible was dyed red in shame. And possibly more; the tail in her cunt was clearly soaked by now, her own juices drooling off it in clear strings. Her final tail was busy in her ass. All three tails moved at the same rhythm as she fucked her own holes, and the sight was absolutely mesmerizing. So much so that even though it had been a full minute since Wilson had pulled out of her throat to spray his seed all over her ripe chest, no one had stepped up to take a turn with her yet, knowing it would mean the end of her one-woman show.

It was Kent who finally made the first move, lightly stroking himself as he approached the bound fox. “Gimme some of that ass,” he said, and she obediently pulled the tails out of both her butt and mouth, the one in her cunt still pumping away. As he got started working himself into her asshole, still tight enough to make progress difficult, she adjusted her position: the tail she’d been deepthroating slid down to his crotch to begin stroking his balls, while the one that had been in her ass went into her mouth to start getting sucked clean. Once Kent had established a rhythm, the fox matched it with her other tails, fucking her cunt and throat at the same rough staccato pace her ass was getting. It might have been possible to think she was enjoying herself, if not for the expression of misery she wore, and the tears of humiliation running down her cheeks.

It wasn’t the first time she’d degraded herself for their amusement, but this time there was an edge of desperation to her movements. She wasn’t just performing to avoid punishment, she was actively trying to win their approval. As if on cue, her stomach rumbled, and many of the watching men snickered. “Looking good so far, bitch,” one of them called out. “You must really be looking forward to guzzling all that cum!” Her blush deepened, but she didn’t let it interrupt what she was doing.

It had been a full week since they’d captured the fox, and just as Levinson had asked, she’d been fed nothing but piss and cum in that time. Yesterday she hadn’t even received that much; knowing how hungry she must be getting, the captain had ordered that her mouth was to be off limits. They could still fuck her there, but not finish inside it. He’d told her that if she could be an obedient fucktoy for an entire twenty four hours, she’d be rewarded with some cum to swallow.

This was another tried and true tactic, but just like the hanging a few days ago, it was earlier than usual. In this case the reason was obvious, though. Her healing powers were incredible, but they didn’t come from nowhere. After being forced to heal almost constantly for the last week, she was looking noticeably gaunt, tens of thousands of calories no doubt burned to fuel her regenerations. Before the captain’s order, she’d already started looking almost eager when someone wanted to use her throat, and after they finished she would suck the last few drops out of them without being asked.

It had been a long day for the fox, even considering what the rest of her week had been like. Every man that used her had done his best to provoke her and find an order that she would refuse. She’d licked balls and assholes and feet, fucked herself with just about every phallic object in camp, and repeated hundreds of verbally degrading lines for their amusement. For an entire day, she had behaved exactly like the fucktoy she was being molded into.

There was less than an hour left, and this was her last ordeal. Surrounded by delicious smelling food, the starving woman was doing her best to earn a drink of cum. At the moment, that meant fucking Kent while he enjoyed her asshole. Her hips were rising to meet his on every thrust, all three of her tails hard at work to make the experience more humiliating for her and more pleasant for him. He was amusing himself with her nipple rings while he assfucked her, twisting and tugging on them to make her buck.

It didn’t take long for the man to finish, burying himself in her with a satisfied groan. Her two tails mirrored his action, penetrating her as deeply as she could manage, while her third continued caressing his ballsack until he popped out of her, soft and sticky with cum. “Don’t forget to clean up after yourself, slut,” he reminded her, and gave her clit ring a playful tug that made her yelp before stepping away.

She obeyed, using her tail to scoop the cum out of her loosened ass. She’d already been warned about what would happen if she tried to taste any of it, so she instead began smearing it on herself instead, wiping her tail clean on her arms and legs and hair. By the time her ass was cleaned up, it was looking as tight as it had ever been, and her body glistened with Kent’s seed.

Daniels nudged Morris. “Hey, how many times you fucked her already? I made it to the big five oh with her butt yesterday.”

“Oh, um, lots of times,” Morris lied, watching Allen stepping up to fuck her cunt. From the way he slid right in, it was as wet as it looked, and judging by the man’s contented sigh, as tight as ever. “Lost count.”

He didn’t know how the man would react if he knew Morris hadn’t used her at all yet, and he wasn’t eager to find out. It wasn’t because of any reluctance on his part. The fox was as beautiful as any monster they’d ever captured, and Morris had never strayed from punishing them. He’d just been busy, that was all. There was a thousand and one duties to do around camp, from kitchen duty to gun cleaning to vehicle maintenance, and nobody else was in a hurry to do any of them. Half of them would’ve probably burned down the camp if they’d tried; Morris was one of only a handful with real military experience. The rest had been recruited more for their capacity for violence than anything else.

Something in his expression or tone must have been off, because Daniels gave him a look. “When was the last time you got to fuck her anyway?” he asked. “Can’t remember seeing you with her.”

“Last night,” Morris told him. “While she was by the campfire.” There had been a big bonfire, and the men had used the opportunity to heat sticks and torture the fox with them. They’d made her keep smiling while they burned her, on the outside of her body at first and later on the insides. Morris vividly remembered her holding her own cunt lips open so that men could take turns burning her cervix. More than a dozen men had finished inside her ass while that particular torture was going on, her squirming reaction so strong that none of them had lasted more than a couple minutes.

“That long? Geez man, you should’ve said something.” Daniels raised his voice. “Guys, guys, let’s give Morris a turn next. Man hasn’t fucked the slut in a good ten hours.”

There were some grumbles about that; Morris wasn’t exactly the most popular man in the crew. The only reason Daniels was even talking to him was because the man was too new to know Morris’s reputation for being, as most of them called it, “a boring fucking buzzkill”. When their captive were less durable, it usually fell on him to stop things from getting out of hand. If left to their own devices with someone who couldn’t heal wounds like the fox, Levinson’s men would kill most of their prisoners before their first day was over. Even this one would be missing all her tails if he hadn’t spoken up. Many of the men didn’t care for Morris’s involvement, but he’d been with Levinson longer than almost any of them, and was the closest the captain had to a second in command. So they obeyed him, begrudgingly.

Allen was in the middle of finishing up with the fox. He’d already cum, and was wiping his cock clean on the woman’s forehead. “Don’t go trying to eat any of that now,” he said, chuckling. “Wouldn’t want you to lose out on your meal so close to the end.” She reluctantly pursed her lips together, letting his sperm dribble over them and down her chin instead of into her mouth. He flashed Morris an okay sign. “You’re up, champ.”

“I’m… I need to finish my breakfast,” Morris said weakly, gesturing to his plate.

“Fuck your breakfast,” Daniels said, though his tone wasn’t unkind. “Shit will be here when you get back. Go enjoy yourself!”

Morris stood from his seat, then hesitated. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to punish the fox. She was a monster like all the rest of them, and gorgeous, and… he could feel himself scrambling for an excuse not to go through with it. What was wrong with him?

The others had begun to pick up on his reluctance, and now it was him that all eyes were focused on, not the fox. He walked to her table slowly, the weight of their stares melting away as he grew closer. She was right there, splayed out and breathtaking. He realized that he’d never actually seen her from this close up since helping Levinson capture her. Even when filthy with their cum, her red hair was radiant, and her skin looked smooth and perfect. His cock certainly didn’t share his inner conflict; it was standing at attention as he slowly took off his pants.

The fox was looking at him, and her expression was now more confused than humiliated. She recognized him, or at least recognized that she hadn’t seen him use her before. She didn’t let that stop her from fucking herself, though, her dirty, ragged tails still moving in rhythm. He remembered the way she’d been like on that first day. He’d been one of the men wearing night vision goggles, tracking her movement through the trees with thermal imaging. Even in that form, there had been such grace to her, the presence of something rare and awe inspiring. When she’d become more human, that sense of her had only grown. He was certain that he’d never seen anyone so beautiful. And now…

There was barely anything left of her, that was obvious. The spark of life that had persisted all week, that had led her to resist capture for so long that first day, was nearly gone. Most of the other men weren’t good for much, but they could all beat, rape, and degrade with the best of them. They’d worn her down like a grindstone, stealing her independence, her dignity, her self esteem. She wasn’t going to last another week. She’d be lucky to last another day. And then the magnificent creature that he’d seen would be completely gone. There would just be a red haired fucktoy with furry ears and some tails.

And Morris realized that he had no desire to help make that happen.

“Morris,” Levinson snapped, standing at the entrance to the mess hall. “We’ve got the call with the buyer, remember? They demanded a status update after the first week. Come on, you can fuck the animal after.”

“Y-yes sir!” Morris answered, tearing his eyes away from the fox and putting his pants back up before following the captain out of the tent. Behind him, one of the other men had already started raping her in his stead.

Reception wasn’t easy to come by out here, and was half the reason they’d set up camp in this particular clearing. The cell phone connected, but it crackled with static the entire time. “Wha- the prog- -ss?” asked a voice that sounded miles away.

“We secured a kitsune as requested,” Levinson said loudly. “She gave us a little trouble at first, but we’ve done a thorough job teaching her why that was a bad idea.”

“-ood, and h- state?”

“Coming along just as planned. You’ll have a completely malleable animal by the time she reaches you.”

“Exce- -ent. Wh- the dr- -off?”

Levinson nodded at Morris. “We’ve already secured a discreet flight to England for next weekend,” Morris answered. “We’ll be arriving with the package in London Heathrow Airport at three AM Monday and then proceeding to your location. We expect to have her hand delivered no later than seven in the morning.”

“Very g- Your paym- -ill be re- -y on de- -very” The static cut off abruptly as the buyer hung up.

“There, that’s done with,” said Levinson. “What time is it?”

“Oh eight thirty sir.”

“Perfect. Let’s go see if the fox slut gets to eat today.”

She was back to her one-woman show when they returned to the tent, though Morris could tell that she’d taken several more loads of cum in the interim. She regarded Levinson with fear as he approached, but kept her tails in constant motion. “What’s the verdict, boys?” Levinson asked. “She been a good fucktoy?”

There was a general chorus of agreement. “She’s a huuuuungry cum slut,” one man said. “Bitch masturbated with one of my old boots. Got all the way up to the fucking heel, then licked her pussy juice off it when she was done!”

“I got her to stick an entire box of pins into those fat tits,” said another. “And then she gave me a tender loving blowjob while I pulled them out one by one!”

“The fox slut spread her legs and begged me to piss up her ass! Told me she loved me afterward too!”

“We helped the bitch with her hunger pangs by letting her clean the barracks with her tongue! She may be jonesing for cum, but she’s got plenty of dust and dirt filling that stomach!”

Levinson listened to everyone’s accounts for a while, then held his hands up for silence. “Alright, alright.” He looked at the fox. “And here I was, certain you were going to screw up again. Guess you’re a better fucktoy than I thought.” His words seemed to do nothing to comfort her; if anything, her tears increased at hearing his praise.

“How many of you know the stories about these foxes and their tails?” the captain asked. Morris didn’t miss the fox woman flinch at the word. “See, in all the legends they’re born with just one, and as they get older and wiser they acquire more till they get the full nine. But if you couldn’t already tell from this dumb cunt, that’s a load of horse shit.” Some of the men dutifully laughed. “Every damn one of them has nine tails, and all that nonsense about wisdom is just to trick people into thinking they’re more than a bunch of stupid animals.” The fox went rigid as Levinson pulled out his knife and stroked it against one of the tails that bound her legs. “That’s why I cut these things off you, fox slut. I’m just helping make the stories more accurate. Every time you demonstrate that you’re too stupid to deserve all the tails you have…” He made a tiny cut on the tail, and she cringed, helpless to escape.

“But for once, you weren’t a complete fucking moron,” he told her. “So this time we’re gonna add a tail, to show how much you’ve learned with us. Someone go grab one of her tails, assuming they weren’t already burned as trash.” Allen returned with one of them a minute later. It looked even more worn and filthy than the ones she still had. Levinson took it from him and with no preamble started shoving it up her ass. The red haired woman whimpered, but held still as he crammed half of her severed tail into her. “There!” he said when he stopped. “Back to being a six tailed fucktoy. Let’s see if you’re smart enough to stay that way. Whoever wants to help feed the slut her breakfast, line up!”

Almost everyone rose to answer the captain’s request. Morris quietly stepped back, trying not to draw attention to his lack of participation. Jacobs was the first in line, and he eagerly smacked the fox’s lips with his cock. “Here’s what you’ve been working for, slut!” She opened her mouth and took him in, tongue swirling over him. Then her movements froze when Levinson pressed his knife against her tail again.

“You don’t look like a very happy fucktoy to me,” Levinson said, a hint of warning in his tone. “Happy fox fucktoys wag their tails when they get a cum treat.” The woman began bucking her hips, making the tail wedged in her ass flap up and down. “That’s it, fox slut. You’re gonna keep showing how happy you are while they feed you. If I see that tail stop before you’ve swallowed every last load, I’m going to bring you back down to five tails.” He nicked her real tail, and she shuddered and redoubled her efforts, frantically humping the air.

Part of Morris longed to stay and watch, even join in. The way she writhed on the table, her soft lips tight around Jacobs’ cock, made his own member press painfully against his pants. But he resisted his libido, choosing instead to slip out of the tent and make his way back to the barracks, where he could use the quiet to help him think. The fox was a monster, but she didn’t feel like a monster. She felt like a person, and he wasn’t going to rape a person, no matter how tempting or easy it would be. He didn’t know what was wrong with him to make him feel this way, or what was special about her, but he couldn’t deny how he felt. He just had no idea what to do about it.

It was getting harder for Seo-yun to remember what she was.

Everything about her old life felt unreal to her. Had she ever really run carefree through the forest on four legs? Slept peacefully under the stars cradled in the soft warmth of her tails? Tasted a fresh kill between her jaws? It all seemed like foolish fantasies. The real world was nothing but filth and sex and hurting and shame. Every moment of her life in the last week served to reinforce that truth, and telling herself that she had ever been more than this felt more and more like a lie. It was like each new abuse made her less of a gumiho and more of a… a fucktoy, that’s what they’d promised to turn her into. The word alone made her feel sick. That’s all she would be, a toy for humans to use when they wanted to make their cocks feel good. It was hard to imagine a worse fate, and increasingly difficult to imagine having any other.

The true source of agony came internally: her refusal to give up, her determination to keep fighting. It didn’t have to be like this. She could feel a yawning abyss in her mind that promised an end to all the pain and humiliation. All it would cost was her soul.  She would fall into warm, eternal darkness, and leave behind nothing but an empty and obedient husk.  Each new abuse made it harder to ignore its allure, and harder to endure staying awake and present.

Footsteps approached, and Seo-yun tried to relax, give no indication of what was going on inside her head. “Surprised to see me back so soon, fox slut?” asked Garret with a sleazy smirk on his face.  “What can I say, beers just go right through me, you know?”

He reached down to open the stopper plugging her mouth, and Seo-yun got ready to try and catch his piss stream.  She’d drunk gallons of the stuff in the last week, and the experience had only grown worse over time.  The acrid taste of their hot urine was still a disgusting assault on her tastebuds, and as she grew thirstier every day, the saltiness of it became more and more maddening.  It was satisfying her thirst enough to survive, but only barely, and it left her throat burning, which only made the constant face fucks all the more unpleasant.

Right now her head hurt even more than her throat, despite having to swallow the piss of every last man in camp within the last few hours.  It was this new position they’d bound her in.  Like always, they had used her own tails to secure her; it was getting difficult to remember why she had once been so proud of their length and flexibility.  Two of them were knotted around the tree branch above her, another two wound around her ankles to force her legs into a painful split, and the last trapped her arms behind her.  The result left her hanging upside down in a T shape.  As an added humiliation, they’d chosen a tree right at the edge of camp, with the forest proper just a few tantalizing feet behind her.  She could almost smell it through all the piss.

The blood had started rushing to her head from the first moment they’d hung her like this, and the effects had grown steadily worse over the last seven hours.  Her head pounded, her blood roared in her ears, and she felt so dizzy that it was hard to think.  Just leaving her like this for hours would have been pure torture.  But of course, that wasn’t enough for the humans.

Before he’d stuffed both of her holes with the stinging nettles, Daniels had told her that they would make her appreciate how pleasant it was to have some dick in her instead.  He wasn’t wrong.  The tiny, poisonous needles of the plants dug into her sensitive insides, causing an itching, burning, agonizing sensation that wouldn’t go away.  Her body kept healing the puncture wounds and rashes, but the nettles were still inside her, constantly causing new wounds and rashes.  The thought of fat, stiff cocks scrubbing the itchy walls of her cunt and ass had become practically appealing, even knowing that they would also be extra painful.  For the last hour, she’d been tempted to beg each man to fill her.  Even if they put the nettles back when they were done, even if they decided to ram their fists into her instead of their cocks out of fear of stray barbs, she would welcome those few minutes of relief while they raped her.  She would even thank them for it without being told.  The only thing stopping her wasn’t the ruined, rotting thing inside her heart that had once been pride, just the knowledge of what would happen after. Once she started doing that, she would never come back.

Almost every last man, she found herself correcting. There was that one who’d helped her for some unknown reason on her first day. She’d seen him in the background from time to time since then, but as far as she could tell, he’d never used her. He’d come close yesterday, and when she’d seen him there had been something strange in his manner. Almost like hesitation. The fox woman’s life had, in its own horrible, degrading way, become boring, and she’d spent much of the time rolling the mystery of the man called Morris around in her head. Before yesterday, her best guess had been that he wasn’t being allowed to lay with her out of punishment for some past misdeed. He’d considered doing it anyway on the first day, which is why he’d moved the boxes once they were alone, but then decided not to risk being discovered and facing further discipline.

But that didn’t explain the events in the tent, when he’d been encouraged by one of the others to use her. Based on that, her new theory was that he simply found her too disgusting to fuck. Even when only Levinson had used her, he’d been repulsed by her once he was up close. That accounted for his reluctance when he approached her yesterday. He had no interest in her, but the pack would’ve looked down on him for turning down the opportunity for mating, so he had been forcing himself to comply. It seemed a perfectly sound theory, but for some reason, it ached. She was certain that he was just as bad as his companions in his own way, and yet his rejection of her was still unwelcome. Perhaps it was because he never seemed to look at her the way all others did, like she was a fat prey animal dragging her leg. Whenever she met his eyes, it was almost like he saw her, not the cum smeared trash she’d become.

She couldn’t understand it at all.

Seo-yun was brought back to reality by Garret’s urine hitting her cheek.  She moved her head to swallow it, but he shifted his angle at the last second, and she ended up with his piss splashing against her other cheek instead.  For the next few seconds she chased after his stream as it moved back and forth, Garret’s sick grin making it clear that it was an intentional act to humiliate her.  He even angled his cock upwards for a second so he could piss on her tits too.

Finally he allowed her to catch the rest in her mouth.  It wasn’t easy to swallow while upside down, and like every time, some of his piss dribbled out her nose instead.  “Gonna have to do better than that,” he told her, “or you’re gonna be getting your belly filled real soon!”

He was referring to the large, wide bowl on the ground beneath her. The men had all taken turns pissing in it when they first started, and in the seven hours since then, it had slowly risen with every drop she was unable to swallow. Seo-yun was hanging low enough that her head and neck would have been completely submerged if she let her head drop. Even if the mere thought of drinking enough piss to lower the level below her mouth didn’t make her ill, the stopper gag prevented her from trying. She could only breathe by forcing her upper body into a crunch that raised her head. It was a painful contortion to make, and even worse to hold. For the first hour she’d done her best to maintain it, but she’d eventually given in to the inevitable. Now she would let her head sink into the cold piss, and pull it up only once in a while to grab a quick breath. She’d first passed out about three hours in and discovered that drowning wasn’t really an option. When her lungs filled up, her body reacted on its own, violently convulsing to find a position where it could get oxygen. Once, the idea that she couldn’t drown in a bowl of piss would have aroused no reaction but disgust. Now she found herself feeling a tinge of regret at the idea that she couldn’t kill herself like that.

Garret’s stream ended, and after he replaced the stopper Seo-yun relaxed, plunging back down into the piss. In an act of casual cruelty, one of the men had taped her eyes open. Now even when her head was lifted her vision was tinged yellow, and the only thing worse than the discomfort in her eye sockets was the knowledge of its source. Her trapped eyes regarded the line they’d marked near the top of the bowl. When the urine level reached that point, they’d told her, she’d get a special surprise. She’d heard enough mocking comments between the men about abstained bowel movements to have a strong suspicion of what that surprise would be. Just as their threat intended, she’d done her best to swallow as much of their piss as she could, but it was a losing battle. In another hour at this rate, maybe two, it would be time.

Warm drops slid down her upper body as Garret played with her wet tits.  “God, I’ve never seen a more disgusting creature,” he said cheerfully, pinching one of her nipples between his fingers.   “You’re just a filthy, piss soaked animal.  You know that, right?”

Seo-yun would have voiced her agreement if she could.  She’d never felt more dirty in her life, even after rolling around in mud.  Her hair was crusty with their seed, her skin slick with it.  She’d had the taste and smell of piss, cum, and worse in her mouth and nose for days.  And her tails… it wasn’t just the lost four that pained her.  Her remaining ones had been used to scrub her holes, to clean their cocks, to wipe their noses, to sweep up trash, to scrape their leavings off the ground, and even as toilet paper.  Once her fur had been so soft and silky that sleeping on her tails was like resting among clouds.  Now it was so matted and filthy that the mere sight was almost enough to make her sick, and her skin crawled wherever her tails made contact.

“Aww, don’t be too sad about it,” Garret said with mock concern when he saw her expression beneath the surface.  “You’re still sexy enough to get my cock hard, see?”  He wagged his stiff member at her.   “Maybe a little cum snack will help cheer you up, toilet.”

Seo-yun tensed as he circled behind her, then groaned when he reached into the bowl to grab a fistful of wet hair and pull her head back, forcing her body to bend backwards until her mouth reached an angle he could fuck.  “Here you go, fox slut,” he said as he pulled the stopper out and began feeding her his thick shaft.  “A treat for all your hard work.”

To her shame, her mouth actually began to water.  Her body had begun to realize that its only source of nutrients was their seed, and while it remained as foul smelling and tasting to her as ever, some part of her was starting to crave the white slime.  It was more than just the desire to avoid punishment that made her suck hard, tongue lapping him as he burrowed into her burning throat.  A piece of her that cared nothing about dignity or pride, only survival, was eager to earn a mouthful of his filth if it meant easing her hunger pangs a little.  She was used to resisting the hunger of the yeowu guseul, but not the more mundane kind. And there was a third reason: fear.  Garret was one of the stupidest of her captors, and more than a little drunk by the smell of him, but even he wasn’t blind.

She couldn’t help a whimper when he grabbed her ear piercings with both hands.  All of the men had loved Levinson’s addition to her, and more often than not they were used every time someone was in her.  They didn’t care that she already spread her legs and sucked them whenever they demanded it. They all loved the way it made her helpless, the feeling of power that came from treating her body as one of their fleshlights. Garret used her piercings to slap her face against his crotch, causing a guttural retching sound every time his fat prick bottomed out in her throat.  For a few minutes, there was only the wet sound of flesh on flesh, and her corresponding “grrk” each time.

Finally she felt him pulse, and then the familiar warmth of his cum shooting further down her throat.  She swallowed quickly, not wanting to risk losing a single drop when he pulled out.  She would need every bit of strength it could give her.

By the time Garret popped out of her mouth a minute later, there was only her spit left on his shaft.  “Hungry little slut, aren’t you?” he remarked as he noticed it.  “Don’t worry, I’ve been working on a great big log to feed you la… what the hell?”

It was getting harder for Seo-yun to remember what she was. Soon she’d be too far gone in both mind and body, and there would be nothing left for her but the abyss.

That was why she’d decided that she needed to escape before that could happen.  Tonight.   Here.  Now.

The tail behind her back, the one that she’d spent the last seven hours working free of its knot around her wrists, coiled around Garret’s throat before he could raise a cry. He grabbed it with both hands, trying to pull it off of him.  A week ago he would’ve succeeded easily.  Even with a full belly and good sleep, she wouldn’t have been strong enough to overpower him with a single tail.

But it had been a long week.  They’d all done so many things to her, he personally had done so many things to her.  And this was her chance, her one and only chance to make it stop, and in the process teach this man why smarter humans feared gumiho.  So she held on with a strength she’d never known she possessed, even as he clawed at her tails and kicked her hanging torso and did everything in his power to escape her grip and draw a breath.

It felt like hours passed before he began to weaken, his movements becoming sluggish.  Seo-yun heard him slump down behind her, felt his body sink to its knees.  She kept strangling him, even as he passed out and his movements stopped completely.  She didn’t stop until she felt life leave him completely, his body becoming an even more empty shell than hers.

She didn’t have much time.  There were usually only a few minutes between each man.  The intervals had grown longer as the night went on and people started going to sleep, but sooner or later someone would approach, and there was no way she could conceal Garret’s corpse.  She used both tail and hands to unwind her other two tails from around her legs.  She was now free, save for her last two tails knotted to the tree branch.

Seo-yun hauled herself up, pushing her sore and tired muscles for everything they had, and managed to grab one of her bound tails.  She climbed it like a rope and began working on the first knot.  With her fur slippery and fingers half numb from prolonged lack of use, progress was frustratingly slow. As she fumbled with the knot, she couldn’t help but be reminded of her missing finger. It wasn’t as significant a loss as her tails, but it still made her despair. Even if her plan worked and she escaped tonight, even if she lived another three hundred years, she would always remain mutilated by this experience.

She shook those thoughts from her mind. She could mourn later. For now her sole focus had to be escape. She finally managed to free her tail, but before she could even start on the other, she heard footsteps. Someone was approaching.  Seo-yun’s heart pounded in her chest as she looked at the other knot. It was at least as tangled as the first.  There was no hope of undoing it before she was discovered.  There was only one option left.

She let herself drop back down and twisted around to look at Garret’s body.  She found it by his side: his knife.  Seo-yun grabbed it and grit her teeth, trying to work up the nerve to do what must be done.  It was a choice between becoming a five tailed fucktoy or a four tailed gumiho.  Put that way, it wasn’t a hard decision.

It was was even more painful to cut off her own tail than any of the times Levinson had done it. As much as he’d enjoyed hurting her, he’d had the strength and experience to do a quick job of it. Tired and weak, her pace was much slower, and she had to keep bracing herself against the pain to keep going. By the time she’d sawed through her tail and fallen to the ground, the footsteps had nearly reached her.  She scrambled to her feet and dashed into the safety of the woods, a cry of alarm already sounding out behind her. She didn’t have the time to yank the nettles out of her burning crotch, and had no choice but to endure their agony with each step.

Seo-yun didn’t try to hide, not yet. Even their feeble noses would have no trouble picking up her scent, and she was too exhausted to control her body and keep it quiet and still. Stopping would only lead to giving up. So she ran, lungs pounding and legs aching, through the brush that she’d once called home. It had been days since she’d so much as walked, and her gait was awkward from more than just the nettles stuffed inside her twat. Her legs were cramping up, and there was a stitch in her side that felt like a knife sinking into her gut every time she drew a new breath. Her old self would have been ashamed of her clumsiness as she stumbled through the trees, her feet sometimes catching on the undergrowth and sending her sprawling to the ground. The cold, dirty ground felt so wonderful, and she would’ve fallen asleep immediately if she’d just allowed herself to close her eyes for a moment. But each time she fell, she picked herself back up and forced her body to keep moving. It didn’t matter how much she hurt right now. It was nothing compared to what a single day more in the camp would’ve brought.

Branches snapped behind her. They were still chasing her, and one of them was only lagging by a few seconds. She could hear his breath as he ran, and she recognized it: Levinson. The terror of being caught by him kept her limbs moving, kept her legs sprinting at full speed even as sweat poured down her naked body and her vision started to waver.

There was movement directly in front of her, and Seo-yun’s heart sank. Somehow one of them must have swung around to cut her off. Her only chance was to change direction and hope that there would be something ahead that would help her. But her body, overworked and pushed to the brink, betrayed her once again. Her ankle twisted as she tried to pivot, and she collapsed to the ground. Even as she struggled to rise to her feet, she knew it was over. Sure enough, a figure emerged from the undergrowth that had hidden him, close enough to reach out and touch her. She was caught.

It was Morris.

For a moment, the two of them stared at each other. Like always, Seo-yun couldn’t understand what he was doing. He was just standing there. All he had to do was step forward and grab her; she was panting and ready to pass out, and he looked barely winded. But instead he stood there passively, making no attempt to capture her. Again there was that sense of hesitation to him.

And then, stranger still, he stepped backwards. The meaning was clear: he was letting her go. It was Seo-yun’s turn to hesitate, her mind whirling with confusion. What was he doing?! Why-

Levinson tackled her from behind, sending her face first into the dirt. “You little fox cunt!” he spat in her ear as he pinned her with his weight. “You thought you could get away from me?! When I’m done with you, just the thought of freedom is going to make you whimper and piss yourself like the little bitch you are.” He looked up. “Good work Morris. Who knows what trouble the cunt might have gotten herself into if you hadn’t helped me stop her.”

Tears hit the dirt as Seo-yun went limp, accepting her defeat. She made no attempt to resist as the two men bound her arms behind her once again, and when Levinson began dragging her back by one ankle, deliberately scraping her body against every root and stone along the way, she lacked even the strength to cry out. She’d failed.

She’d failed.

3 thoughts on “Lone Fox 1 – Chapter 6

  1. I was kind of busy today, so this has arrived like four hours later than it otherwise would have, but I refuse to miss it! Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor viral pandemic shall stay this random internet guy from his appointed Lone Fox review!

    So…you both may find this kind of odd, given how cringe-inducing the torture from the last chapter was, but this was the chapter that really hurt me. There was mention of torture in this chapter, pretty nasty stuff too, about using fire-heated sticks to burn Seo-yun, even driving them into her cervix and making her smile while they did it, and that was bad, but what got to me was presented right away, and…

    It might have been possible to think she was enjoying herself, if not for the expression of misery she wore, and the tears of humiliation running down her cheeks.

    It was getting harder for Seo-yun to remember what she was.

    Couple that with what happens later, with her cutting off another of her tails to try and escape, only for it to fail, and with Morris finally deciding to let her go, only for that to turn out to be meaningless, and yeah, it’s time to say it.

    This was the chapter I wanted to hug Seo-yun.

    We have several more chapters and an epilogue to go, and I expect this feeling to only intensify as I go along, but this was definitely where I couldn’t help feeling this way. You see, torture will make me cringe, but the simple fact is that when it comes to these characters, reading about their pain doesn’t hurt me the way reading about their sadness does.

    Not that there wasn’t anything I liked in the chapter, as Seo-yun using one of her tails to strangle Garrett was awesome. I fully expected her to lose a tail for that, and I guess she did, but in this case she did it herself. Morris is pretty slow to make that character turn of his, but he did kind of make it. I guess we’ll see if that actually amounts to anything next time.

    Speaking of which, next time is the chapter John was waiting for me to read, so I’m anticipating something big. We’ll see!


    1. I know how you feel; I want to hug Seo-yun pretty much all the time. If I say any more I’m going to start slipping into spoilers, so I will say only that I greatly appreciate your reviews, and look forward to next week.


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