Hunter’s Fall 7 – Voyage’s End

It was increasingly hard to remember who she was.

Four weeks ago, Samus had a plan. Four weeks ago, she had decided that she was going to hold out until her suit’s self repair functions had completed, until they had made planetfall… to endure until she had a real chance at escape. Four weeks ago, Samus had been an idiot.

The blonde girl had no one watching her, no one to impress, no one to judge her… she whimpered freely as she forced her tortured, exhausted body to keep working. It ached, and it was all her own fault because she was doing the thing that made it hurt, but she didn’t have a choice. Her cunt was clutching around the pumping shaft of the paralyzer that pierced it, and the lube of her well-fucked hole drenched the seat she was strapped to. The tiny, swollen mouth of her asshole sucked and winked around the fat stick of the faux cock that was spiking through it, working in harmony with Samus’s pussy as it punished her again and again and again.

“Mmmmmmm!” Samus moaned around the thick fat stalk of rubber cock that filled her mouth, a toy of her own that they had found in her belongings. “Mmmmmmm, ohhh-ah! Ah! Ah!” It had been hours since she’d been left here, and every second had felt like a year of suffering. The bounty hunter’s pussy felt like there wasn’t a single inch of her insides that hadn’t been hurt by the paralyzer systematically scraping each inch, and her asshole felt like they would be able to stretch it wide enough to drive her spaceship through. The muscles in her long, sexy legs were knotted and cramped with effort of kicking them out again and again on the pedals, and it was harder every passing second for the exhausted beauty to keep from passing out from pure exhaustion. Fear and determination were the only things still driving her on, fueling her beaten, ravished body with enough energy to keep her going.

“Agh… agh… agh… Ooooooo!” Samus eyes rolled back in her head, and she lolled on her shoulders in slow, lazy circles on her shoulders. “Agh! Agh! Agh!” The clips that Tsallit had fastened on her nipples and clit might not actually be tearing her body but as they pulled at her she certainly felt like they were, stretching them so far from her body that Samus couldn’t believe they would ever be the same again. Her nipples were pulled out over four inches from her breasts, an agonizing experience, and while she couldn’t see her clit it seemed like it had been even further. She would have sold her soul for a drink of water — Her body was bathed in sweat beneath the taunting, ruined zero suit that was skintight against her aching, hard-working body.

Then a pulse of electricity smashed into her through the clamps, as it had every fifteen minutes or so since she had been put here. “Aaagggghhhh!” Samus screamed as the current hit her, and her sleek body writhed and twisted against the bonds that held it in place on the equipment. She twisted and squirmed and jerked against the frame, her lean, sexy body going rigid as the shock waves of agony overwhelmed her and made her limbs tremble, her flawless body taut in the bonds. She screamed as lightning bolts of agony shot through the clips that cut into her nipples and clit. Her teeth chattered against the dildo she was holding in her mouth, spit from her watering mouth poured from the corners of her lips. Her body trembled more powerfully then ever, shaking with the high voltage shock she was receiving.

Samus screamed like a dying woman around the huge rubber dildo, shaking her head from side to side in a frantic effort to deny the searing pain that was coursing inside her sexy body, the pain that was flowing through her every cell. The anguish of the dying.

It wasn’t until the paralyzer fired that Samus realized she had working her feet on the frame. Unbelievable anguish washed through every nerve in a second before her whole body went limp, every nerve shutting off before coming back to life in a crippling rush of pain. She tried to pump the pedals, but the muscles in her shapely legs had turned to mush. She fell forward over the front, gurgling and drooling in agony as torment flooded through her. The paralyzer and the other shaft stopped the thrusting inside her cunt and asshole, but the spike of agony that her reawakening nerves poured through her body made her shake up and down on the shaft as if she was engaged in the world’s most violent coupling.

“Aghhh! Fuck… fuck…” Samus couldn’t get her muscles back under control. The pain was blinding her, and her heart was beating so loudly that she could hear it thundering in her own ears. She couldn’t breathe. She couldn’t control her arms or legs or head, but she was thrashing around regardless, her cunt muscles clenching over and over on the source of her agony as the last vibrating tingles died away. Her asshole contracted around the ribbed metal phallus that pierced it until the pain from her shit-chute was almost equal to that of the electricity still dancing through her strong, beautiful body.

She was shocked again. The electricity burned her nipples and clit like open fires pressed against them. Through a haze of agony and exhaustion, Samus realized that she had to start moving again, had to work the pedals, or her torment would continue. Even her augmented physiology had its limit… too much of a shock could kill her. She had to work… even if it meant that it went back to having the paralyzer and the other makeshift dildo pumping inside her, had to feel pain as they raped and chafed the insides of her pain-drenched pussy and asshole raw.

Slowly, her lean body trembling with the flow of electricity and the strain of working her exhausted muscles, Samus begin to pump her legs. The first hard thrust of the paralyzer deeper into her cunt almost made her cry out and fall down again, but she forced herself to keep going. And, at last, the electric shocks stopped.

Samus had long since lost track of how long she had been here. When Lieutenant Tsallit and the others had stuck her here, he was supposed to be back for her in the morning. It seemed like she had been here for weeks. After a while, the pain and the rape and the shocks and the blasts from the paralyzer had begun to blur together into one continuous whole, until it was hard to remember she hadn’t been here for her entire life. Her endurance, however, had its limits. At first there had been a deep, painful burning through her lush thighs and long, lean calves. Then Samus’s hadn’t been able to straighten her legs. Finally she could visibly see the muscles twitching and bunching under the sleek, tight blue zero suit rubber covering her creamy, silky legs. After that, they threatened to stop working altogether…

It had started halfway through the day, when Samus had retched rather than successfully taken the space pirate’s cock deep into her throat. It was something she had learned to do tragically successfully over the last four weeks, but today, she had failed… probably because she had barely been allowed to sleep the entire month of space travel. The lieutenant who had drawn her number today was less than pleased to see the mess she had made. “Please Tsallit!” Samus moaned, too tired to scream at the pain that burned through her scalp as he dragged her through the ship by her hair. She hated it… hated so much that she was actually begging… but after a month of suffering, Samus did all kinds of things now she never would have imagined being willing to do. Even if she escaped in the next seconds, she was beginning to fear some of the changes might be permanent. “Please let me try again! I’ll make it good for you… Let me rest for just a second! Please! Just a second and then I’ll do whatever you want!”

“Move your ass, you lazy hunter-whore!” Tsallit growled as he pulled her through the hallway of her gunship, into the small gym. Flying through space and away from normal gravity for weeks at a time meant that Samus needed to spend a lot of time making sure her muscles didn’t atrophy… part of that was exercising daily, so she had some equipment to work with. Naturally, the only kind of exercise she had been getting this week involved stretching her holes, so she hadn’t been in here since her captivity had begun. As she came into sight of the equipment in the room, Samus gasped.

Like everything else she owned, it had either been destroyed or turned into one more way to torture her. The gravity bike was designed to work out every part of her at once, to simulate old earth gravity in how it pulled, but how there two ugly protrusions attached to the seat. The first was dangerously familiar… her paralyzer, the long barrel of the stun weapon jutting upward like a blade. The second was a piece of ribbed machinery, a replacement part for one of the air compressors on the ship. Together, they had the shape of two hard, ugly male cocks, each a foot long. Tsallit tossed her against it, and she all but collapsed onto the frame. Just leaning on the seat made the fake pricks thrust up and down slowly. Samus could see the mechanism that shifted the device and manipulated gravity had been attached to them – pressure on the seat would cause those two shafts to move like pistons, plunging them up and into whoever was sitting on it.

And she knew who that person would be.

Samus didn’t have much time to see anything else before the big space pirate grabbed her and pulled her leg over the side of the bike. Samus struggled desperately, urging her fucked-out, worn-out, malnourished body to frantic motion in a vain attempt to escape the horror the cruel lieutenant had planned for her. It was no use. In moments she felt the two huge fake pricks splitting open her swollen fuck-holes. Tsallit pulled her down to the base of the seat, filling her asshole and cunt with the fat metal shaft and the barrel of her own weapon, making her cry out softly as he began fastening straps over her thighs and hip.

Cold terror froze Samus as she felt the paralyzer sinker deeper into her than it ever had. The memory of the unbelievable agony that it was capable of delivering was almost more than she could stand. Not for the first time, she wondered if they were going to kill her on accident… she had little doubt Ridley would obliterate the pirate responsible, but she would be just as dead. How much more could she take? The makeshift cocks speared so deep inside her body that Samus couldn’t keep from squirming, trying to ease the terrible pressure they exerted on her already battered channels. The foot-long barrel of her weapon that skewered her pussy pressed harshly against her cervix, stretching her swollen, beaten cunt to the very limits of its elasticity. The equally long shaft of unyielding metal that clogged her ass made her cheeks feel as though they were being pulled apart, and made her legs feel as though they were no longer joined to the same body. She could feel the fat, blunt head of it pushing deep inside of her asshole, making her bend forward over the exercise equipment in a desperate effort to relieve the pressure.

“Now for the fun part,” Tsallit growled. “This will teach you your place.” He clipped a large, cruel-looking, sharp-edged metal clip with interlocked metal teeth onto each of Samus’ raw, swollen nipples, letting the cruel metal teeth bite deep into her tender flesh. Samus screamed despite herself as she watched the steel jaws indent her sensitive nipple-flesh. Tiny droplets of blood oozed from the minute piercings in the hard nubbins of flesh. The pain was so bad that Samus thought her nipples had been ruined, torn from her firm, soft tits forever until she looked down and saw that somehow they were still there, squashed almost flat by the clips. It hurt so much worse than even the needles had.

Samus thrashed, half mad with the pain, but even then she was aware enough to see that Tsallit had a third clamp… and his tri-jawed face was twisted into a sadistic smile as he ran it between her swollen cunt-lips. She tried to jerk away… but it was too late. Tsallit let the clip snap on her clit and Samus’s world exploded in a haze of agony. She twisted and thrashed on the bicycle, causing the twin shafts to sink brutally deeper into her pussy and asshole. The paralyzer struck against her cervix hard enough to force her to rise up.

She grabbed for the metal squeezing her clit with her bound hands, ready to tear it off in spite of the terrible punishment she knew would follow, but the Space Pirate stepped in and caught her wrists. Samus fought so savagely that Tsallit had to hit her in the face with his other hand to stun her before he could force Samus’s attached wrists down to the cross bar where the handlebar would be if it hadn’t been modified into another form of bondage for her. The space pirate then snapped the catches securing Samus’ wrists to the bar of the bike. The luscious, exhausted bounty-hunter howled in animal frustration and mindless agony. After that, strapping her ankles in place was simple for him, no matter how she wanted to struggle.

Tsallit stood then, looming over her, checking the exercise gear and the other surrounding equipment Samus was strapped into like a General inspecting his troops. “This is your next lesson, hunter-slut. Keep pedaling. You keep pedaling, you get yourself fucked like a whore. Stop, and you get hurt.” He sneered at her. “I’ve already seen what a little whore you are, so I don’t imagine it will be hard for you to to make a choice which you’d prefer. Personally, I really don’t care.” A chuckle. “The next person will be up in only about twelve hours. Sure you can last until then, little fucktoy.”

“You can’t…” Samus gasped. “You can’t… leave me like this…”

“Of course I can,” Tsallit chuckled. “The faster you go, the longer they can go without blasting you.” He stood back, obviously proud of his work. Tsallit flipped a switch and Samus felt a faint, ominous electrical tickle in her cunt as the paralyzer began to charge. “I recommending starting to pedal.”

Samus squirmed uncomfortably on the two huge prods. Even though the two foreign invaders were hurting her terribly, deeply violating her tenderized fuck-holes, it seemed blasphemous to give them what they wanted, to yield to Tsallit’s demands.

“Now you see, the chains on your tits and clit are going to pull,” Tsallit said. “But I’m sure a slut like you could keep going forever, despite that. So I decided to make it a little bit more fun.” He flicked a switch…

Samus tried to scream, and she couldn’t. She couldn’t breathe or scream or move. All she could do was shake like she was having a spasm, drooling like an imbecile as electricity coursed through her muscles from the metal clips, making her gurgle deep in her throat. The charge made her bounce on the equipment like a frenzied dancer, resulting in the fake cocks pulling back and thrusting back into her several times as the charge course through her sleek, athletic body. It felt as though her nipples and clit were being burned away, although that was only wishful thinking… if they had, the pain would finally stop. Instead, it got worse with every second. The agony from the clips was still there, still grinding and piercing and horrible, but it was nothing compared to the lighting bolts of raw electric current that were shooting through her strong form through the metal clips.

Then it stopped.

“The harder you pedal,” Tsallit said offhandedly, “The less frequent the shocks will be.” He smirked. “After all, can’t have you getting fat on all the cum we’ve been forcing down your throat, can we? You need to do some work around here.” Samus was too dazed to fully understand what he was saying, what was happening… but she knew the only thing she had to do. With a force of will she would never have thought she had, she forced her numb legs to push down on the pedals.

Samus screamed with sudden agonizing pain as the two huge dildos began to thrust deep inside her cunt and asshole. They were bigger than any of the pirates, and neither was smooth in the way that befitted using it as a cock in her body, so they scraped against the injured flesh of her fuck-tunnels until it felt as if every inch of her insides was raw. Samus pedaled faster and faster, determined to drive away the killing bolts of electricity again, keep them away. The muscles in her shapely, slender legs were already exhausted from weeks of abuse and lack of food. She fought anyway. Every push of the pedals made with her legs a deep aching pain settle more heavily on them, but Samus knew she had to strain against her bondage, to work her exhausted body as hard as she could.

The way her body moved as she used the equipment made her chains connected to her nipples and cunt grow tighter and looser with each rotation, and Samus winced with pain as they pulled her flesh brutally tight. The sight of her nipples being pulled out to over three inches long made Samus sick. She was glad she couldn’t see how far her tiny pink clit was being dragged.

The barrel of her paralyzer in her cunt and the machine shaft in her ass were plunging up and down with ruthless, brutal force. They rocked her body, sent thundering shock waves of pain rumbling through her slender frame. Samus grunted with each powerful impact of the twin probes inside her. The pain made her entire body flinch away from its source with each paired thrust, jerking in her bonds holding her to the seat as Samus undulated in sexual agony.

They watched with lusting gazes as Samus’ lean, athletic body labored to move fast enough to prevent further agony. The suit-clad blonde looked utterly beautiful as she gyrated over the bike like some sleek, sexy snake. Her sexy legs seemed longer than ever as she pedaled the bike. Her tits stretched with her nipples as the clamps pulled them taunt, seemed bigger and pointer then any other time he had seen them. Samus moaned in misery. Her young body was already bathed in sweat beneath the skintight suit as she worked… the hot misery made it hard to breathe. Sweat poured down her beautiful face in fast-moving rivers.

“You love it, cunt!” Tsallit snarled. He picked up a black dildo… one that he had taken from her own belongings in her room… and held it up in front of her. “Just one last thing, Samus. Hold this big rubber prick in your mouth. If it’s on the floor when I come to get you, I’ll whip you for an hour before I let you off.” Samus barely heard his words through the horrible misery she was feeling, but his meaning began clear as he began stuffing the big thing into her mouth. It tasted like a mix of disgusting space pirate cum and her own pussy, from the last time he had fucked her with it.

He slapped her viciously across the face. “See you in the morning, disobedient cunt,” he said. Then he turned and left her to her misery, and Samus was alone, strapped to the modified equipment of her own ship’s gym turned into a torture chamber, fucking herself with two huge, pounding dildos while she held a third in her mouth to avoid being shocked. For hours. And hours. And hours…

Samus didn’t know how many hours there were left until morning, but when her legs finally gave out, she found out how much worse it could get.

She had expected the shocks to become almost continuous and even more intense. She had expected the paralyzer to keep firing off, over and over again. What Tsallit hadn’t told her was that the two shafts inside her would start pumping by themselves again… but after she had endured the steady blast of electricity through her broken, sexy body for a full fifteen minutes, after she’d been stunned into numbness and recovered a full five times, that was exactly what happened.

Samus didn’t have the energy to scream as the huge metal intruders into her body started churning through her cunt and asshole again. She whimpered, when the chains pulled taunt her nipples and clit. She didn’t even have the energy to raise her head from her chest, or to move her legs an inch, no matter how hard she tried. With each passing moment, the dildos fucked harder and faster into her cunt and asshole, the speed and violence of their rape increasing until Samus’ fuck-holes were burning unbearably with the friction, and all the while the electricity coursed through her body, frying each and every nerve. Her sexy body jerked and trembled atop the torture machine that had strapped her into as she was bathed in her own sweat. Samus felt herself beginning to pass out, her enhanced endurance finally taxed beyond its limit. Lost in the world of agony, the dildo finally slipped from between her lax teeth.

Samus cried bitterly at the loss of the dildo. It was perhaps the most pathetic she had ever felt. She had held onto it fiercely throughout the night, gagging of her own toy, weak and desperate not to give Tsallit and the others any further reason to mistreat her abused body. Now she was crying because all her degradation was for nothing.

The next thing she knew, someone kicked her in the stomach. “Stupid human slut!” Kryzzk howled at her. A second later, she felt the kiss of the plasma whip across the zero-suit covering her ass.

“Whore dropped her fucktoy,” Lieutenant Tsallit said with a chuckle.

“She is the fucktoy,” Quazzt corrected. “Makes it even worse. That’s like leaving behind her brother.”

Samus didn’t react to the bite of the whip. She had nothing left… she draped limply in her bonds, unable to move, unable to speak as they finally turned the device off. Her nipples were swollen and an angry red from the constant electrical current pumped through them. She felt her cunt would never be right again. She felt her ass would never close again. She didn’t care. She just wanted to sleep. Instead, she was whipped for most of an hour before they took her off, letting the limb, sexy blond sex slave lie on the floor, whispering pleas for mercy that not even she understood.

“Get up,” sneered Kryzzk as he stared down at the helpless bounty hunter. “Someone had to do maintenance today. Orzarl drew the short straw… so we decided that the three of us would keep you company and remind you you’re nothing but a cumdump. It’s hard to remind a slut who’s used to being a living, thinking thing that she’s supposed to be an object. You need to remind them every day, like training a particularly stupid mutt. Maybe after you’ve taken a few dozen loads today, you’ll lose that stuck-up attitude of yours, and maybe it will stay away this time.”

A whimper rose in Samus’ throat, but it quickly died when Quazzt’s hands grabbed her naked tits and used them to pull her against him, cupping them from underneath. “I think a night with chains attached to these made them bigger, what do you guys think?”

“Her nipples certainly look like they could stab an eye out,” laughed Tsallit with a sharp whistle. As he watched his friend gently squeeze her fat tits, he couldn’t help but test them out for himself. The lieutenant took one of her burned nipples between thumb and forefinger and pulled. The supple flesh of Samus’ youthful and plump boob stretched outward but quickly snapped back into its firm shape as soon as he let go. “Perfectly ripe and ready to fuck.”

Samus’ cheeks burned, still able to feel shame despite herself. She was too tired to struggle, too weak to escape their grip, but her spirit wasn’t completely broken… not yet. “L-let me go! I-I’m not your… your… plaything!”

The pirates laughed. “See what I mean about thinking she’s still a person?” sneered Kryzzk, reaching out to pinch her other nipple for good measure. “You’re our plaything for the rest of our life, and nothing else.”

“I swear it looks like they were stretched out,” Kryzzk said, examining her tits. “Always thought it was a shame they weren’t any bigger. I’d have loved to get a titfuck from this little human whore. Now I’m eager to try and see if I can.”

A moment later, Quazzt’s fingers joined those of the other pirate in toying with her tits. The pale flesh was easily the softest part of the dancer’s muscle covering her lean, athletic body, yet both nipples had become quite hard from the burning and torture, and were a dark crimson from the agony they had been put through. Quazzt squeezed the stubby tips in his fingers, tugging on them cruelly to draw another protest from Samus’ throat. Tsallit, meanwhile, hooked his intrusive fingers down against her cunt, only causing additional humiliation as the lecherous pirates ran their hands over her body. The Samus could barely remember the bounty hunter she was, the soldier she had been, usually so confident and capable. She felt more like a whore than anything like that now, especially as six hands raked over her body. Tsallit took his time running his fingers through the lips of her cunt, the angry red and abused gap between her leg and the smoking clit. She wanted to kick him. She wanted to fight… but her quivering bottom lip betrayed her weakness.

The supple, firm cheeks of Samus’ ass were groped, pinched, and spread as the pirates touched her everywhere their hearts desired, and Samus could do nothing but shudder, trapped between the strong, vicious pirates as they used her body as their plaything just as they promised. As they toyed with the abused girl, Kryzzk took the opportunity to divest himself of his clothing and armor. Once he was more nude than the zero-suit covered Samus was, he lay back atop the matted on the floor and waited patiently for his friends to have their fill of the bounty hunter’s body before finally dragging her over to him. Forced to kneel between his spread legs, Samus looked down at the waiting sadist with dead, exhausted eyes as she stared at his cock, hard and long and threatening between his legs. “Guess you’re first,” Quazzt said as he pulled Samus’ arms behind her back and tightly held both wrists in his iron grasp while Tsallit riped a pair of holes in the zero suit just above and below her tits.

Samus shook her head in denial, but she didn’t have enough hope to fight or protest further than that… she already knew what was coming, and that she could do nothing to stop it. The pirate’s firm hands on her back pushed her upper body closer to Kryzzk’s crotch. They positioned her in such a way that soon his long cock was nestled in the gap in her suit, slipping up within the valley of her breasts, and Samus groaned loudly as she felt the warm precum leaking from the tip smear across her pale skin.

“Let me show you how it’s done, hunter whore.” Tsallit growled as he reached around her from behind and grabbed hold of both her breasts before crushing them together around Kryzzk’s shaft. “You’ll be doing this yourself soon, so pay attention.” Samus didn’t have the kind of cow tits the bastards wanted her to, but they were more than sufficient to envelope the pirate’s cock. With her breasts smashed around him, their fullness surrounding his shaft with her soft titflesh, he began to force Samus’ entire torso to shift up and down to fuck his cock with her cleavage. The blonde captive whimpered as they guided her along, the burns and bruises and raw nerves on her breasts hurting more with every passing second. She looked down with horrified, hypnotic fascination each time the cockhead pushed upward and poked out between the tops of her breasts and just outside of her suit. More precum dribbled out and ran along the cockhead to smear across her tits. Soon, her entire chest inside the blue fabric was wet from both sweat and precum.

“Good little human bitch” shouted Kryzzk. He had been trying his best to lay back comfortably as his companion helped turn Samus into a masturbatory tool for him, but soon he was bucking upward from his impending climax, enjoying the ride her tits were giving him.

“Don’t…” Samus whimpered. She twisted her head from side to side as if to avoid his cockhead each time it thrust up toward her face. It throbbed angry and purple and red before her eyes, and she knew what was coming. With a screeching, insect bellow, Kryzzk lifted his hips off the mat and gasped as he blew his load all over the blonde hero of the Federation. Ropes of spunk lanced outward and splashed against her collarbone, the underside of her jaw, and all over her neck. Samus tried her best to dodge each shot, but her movement actually caused one wayward shot to land across her eyelashes. After that, she stopped struggling and stayed still as Kryzzk continued the process of decorating her body with his cum. Some landed inside the suit, some of on top of it. Heavy droplets dribbled off her chin and drizzled across her breasts, leaving her proud and firm tits a cummy mess both inside and out of her zero suit.

Laughter and sounds of congratulations from the other pirates filled the room, but Kryzzk was too preoccupied rubbing his slick dick off on her breasts to scrub himself clean to pay attention. It didn’t work very well… mostly it just spread the mess around and made Samus feel even more filthy. Tsallit grabbed a fistful of Samus’ blonde hair and tilted her head back to look up at him so he could inspect the aftermath. While Samus’ discomfort was clear, it was more obvious that the cumshot that had glued her eyelid shut was even more vexing from the way her eyebrows furrowed and the subtle twitches in her face. “Is that annoying?” Tsallit said with a grin. “Here, let me help you out…” Tsallit used one of his taloned fingers to swipe the cum off her eye. If Samus felt any sort of gratitude, even for a second, it quickly disappeared when he shoved the same sticky finger into her mouth.

Samus, to her everlasting shame, began to lick at that finger automatically. The taste was disgusting and she hated it, but her tongue didn’t consult her brain before it began to work. Her body had figured out weeks ago that the only thing she had to eat came out of one of the pirate’s dicks, and her stomach was constantly cramped and in pain. Tsallit’s finger forcefully drove all the way to her tonsils, so it wasn’t like she had any choice but to swallow the whole thing, but the fact that he hadn’t made her take it burned in her sanity… The pungent taste overwhelmed her senses and even wafted back up through her nostrils so she could get the full effect. The taste of the cummy snack made her gag… but she swallowed.

Tsallit pulled out his finger only once it was as clean the filthy race’s chitin ever got and wiped the girl’s saliva off in her own hair. “Who’s next?”

“I know what I want,” Quazzt said witha cruel smile, his iron grip still holding Samus’ arms at the small of her back.

“Don’t we all,” Tsallit grinned, taking his place where Kryzzk hand been, standing over the still-kneeling Samus.

Samus, for her part, was trying to go far, far away. The real world had nothing for her but pain, humiliation, and suffering. The glassy stare in her eyes said clearly that even after four weeks there was a part of her that still couldn’t believe what was happening, but Tsallit’s big cock slapping against her face was a stark reminder that this was real… that the real world was going to continue to press into her fantasy escape. Samus could barely even see around the fat girth as it lay across the bridge of her nose from chin to forehead, marring her lovely, soft skin with precum. Yet as if having a fresh cock throbbing against her face wasn’t bad enough, Quazzt was also using his free hand to play with Samus’ body freely. At first he was at her cum-covered breasts, playing with whatever flesh he could find that wasn’t soiled by Kryzzk’s seed, but soon she felt his fingers taking this place over her cunt mount.

The merest touch of his fingers of her abraded skin made her whimper, but Samus didn’t have much time to dwell on what was happening below as Tsallit soon had his bulbous cockhead pressing insistently against her mouth. His fingers laced through her golden hair, gripping it like a leash or perhaps like handles to hold her head still and prevent her escape as he angled his hips to rub the leaking cockhead against her mouth. Precum smeared across her plump lips, painting them like crude lipstick in the moment before he shoving into her mouth. The difference in attitude in taking his cock from the first night in her bed was stark… compared to then, she wasn’t cooperative but she barely fought. The first few inches of his cock were soon shiny with spit, and as he guided Samus’ head back and forth on his shaft the watermark traveled further and further down to the base. She moaned in obvious, abject misery every step of the way, but her muted protests did nothing more than hum pleasantly around Tsallit’s cock. If anything, the pathetic sounds only spurred him on even more to facefuck the worn down girl. “This is what you get, Federation jizzrag,” he snarled at the fat tip of his cock bumped up against the back of her throat. “Did you really think you could get away with fighting the rightful rulers of the galaxy? Did you think think there wouldn’t be consequences in being such a murderous bitch?”

Somewhere deep down inside, Samus wanted to shout at him. It didn’t matter that with a mouth full of cock, it would have only come out only as muffled gibberish. She wanted to throw in his face that she only regretted not killing the rest of his pathetic race… she only regretted that she hadn’t kicked them off more worlds. That part of her wanted to throw her defiance into his face. That part of her was silent and numb as, grinning from ear to ear with his inhuman tripart jaw, Tsallit punished her by drawing back and pushing in sideways so that his cockhead bulged out her cheek lewdly. “That’s a good look for you. Samus, the most feared cockholster in the galaxy.” He laughed at her, and his smile turned cruel as he tightened his grasp on her hair, “And murderous little cockholsters get throatfucked.”

Samus’ eyes shot wide open just before his thick cock slammed down her gullet, and she let out a miserable scream around his shaft just before it cut off her airway. Her cries of protest were replaced by obscene gurgling and harsh sounds of the beauty choking on raw cockmeat. There was no way to get accustomed to taking a cock as large and as cruel as those the space pirates used to abuse her… no way to learn to tolerate them. Her 80th throat fuck during her captivity was every bit as hellish as her first had been. The entire outside world faded away and the only thing Samus’ frazzled mind could make sense of was the fat monster stretching out her elegant neck. With her pretty lips smashed up against Tsallit’s crotch, the girl’s entire body heaved in jerking fits as he held the full length down her orifice for several long seconds. When he finally did pull back, he only did so enough to extract his cock from her throat without leaving her mouth. Forced to pull in desperate gasps of air just through her nose, Samus struggled to catch her breath with her lips still stretched around his girth. But before she could even get in a lungful, he shoved his full length back down her poor throat, and once more the room filled with her noisy gagging. When he pulled back the second time, Samus knew better than to assume he wouldn’t do it again, and true enough she only got a few precious pulls of air before the next plunge.

With the blonde fucktoy tortured and starved and facefucked into submission, Quazzt no longer needed to hold her wrists… he could use his second hand to explore her thrashing body as well. One hand pressed firmly on her stomach, feeling every tense muscle flex erratically as his friend throatfucked the girl, while the other continued to explore between her silky folds. They had been stretched and scraped raw over night and felt unbelievably hot, the blood pumping closer to the surface than any Space Pirate vein every went. He started with two fingers and actually struggled to get even that much into her swollen pussy. Her soft inner walls clenched around him like a vice and pulsed in a gentle massage as if to invite him deeper, so naturally he pressed on until he was knuckle-deep.

Samus’ clear blue eyes, once so full of bravado and rage and determination, were now rolled back in her head so far that they were more white than anything else as the brutal use of her throat continued. Spit and other slimy juices dredged up from her esophagus were now dripping in copious amount down her chin to join the cum spackled across her chest and flow down into the ripped hole in her suit. Just to make her suffer more, Tsallit began swinging the power of his hips into each thrust, slamming his crotch against Samus’ face with savage force so that his triple balls slapped her chin. “You might never get to step onto a battlefield again, but at least you can be useful as a cock warmer.”

From the sidelines, Kryzzk watched as the other two abused the arrogant bounty hunter, idly stroking his cock hard again as they treated her like a whore. Tears were rolling freely down Samus’ face from the harsh punishment, but the once-proud warrior was so dazed that she lacked the proper presence of mind to feel any real sadness or anger about the situation. He mind struggled to ground itself, but the lack of oxygen made her dizzy and incapable of focusing. Tsallit didn’t even bother to give her a warning. One second he was thrusting away savagely. The very next, he had fully hilted himself down her neck as thick ropes of spunk fired down her throat. With her face pressed up against his stomach, Samus made the only sound she could in protest – a lurid and wet gurgle around his cock – and shuddered as he fed her his creamy load. It was a halfhearted protest as best, and the way her empty stomach growled undermined it, but the twitching corpse of her pride wouldn’t let her make no sound at all. Soon her belly was full of fresh cum, so warm she could feel it sloshing around in her belly, and she hated that a part of her was grateful.

When Tsallit finally pulled out, Samus’ head fell forward and she took deep gasping breaths with an open mouth as her own saliva and leftover bits of cum dribbled from her lips. Without so much as a chance to recuperate, Samus watched the two pirates swap places. “I’ll be honest, human,” said Quazzt as he slapped the underside of his cock against her face. “Fucking your face just feels like too much work right now… but my balls feel like they’re about to burst. I’m willing to give you a break and let you do it yourself. How does that sound?” He grinned down at her, a lazy smile stretching his face. “Of course, if you continue to be a stubborn cunt, then I’ll just have to get over my laziness, and see if I can punish your throat even harder than my Lieutenant did. What do you say?”

Despite the brutal throatfucking she had just endured, despite her weeks of captivity, despite the growing parts of her brain that just wanted to give up and give in, Samus glared up at him with fire in her eyes blue eyes. Hatred burned there… all the more so because she knew that that ferocity was purely for show. She had no real strength left in her body. Samus knew it wasn’t a bluff… he really would do it. Wasn’t it so much better to do this at her own pace? It wasn’t like she had never sucked one of them off before…

With a heavy sigh, Samus slowed parted her lips and presented her open mouth to him.

Quazzt didn’t waste any time in accepting her invitation and plunged his cock into her gaping maw. “Good girl,” he whispered with a gentle pat on her head. Samus blushed like never before at his dirision as more inches slid past her lips. For all the anger and rage in those eyes, she looked nothing more than a harmless kitten with a mouthful of cock, and Quazzt only chuckled at the irony as he pushed her head further down. “Use your tongue and suck and this will be over before you know it… I’ve been ready to bust a nut in you for hours.”

With great reluctance, she curled the tip of her tongue upward and gently stroked it along the underside of his shaft. The pirate’s soft groan from above told her she had done something correctly, and so Samus pressed the full length of her tongue against his dick and wiggled it back and forth. It seemed so incredibly unfair that their cocks could be too armored for her teeth to hurt, and yet so sensitive to the brush of her skin against theirs. It was enough to make Quazzt speed up a little bit, giving her soft gags as he bumped the back of her throat, a constant warning to perform or suffer. The treatment got another pathetic whine from the kneeling Samus, but she knew better than to speak up. Not that Quazzt would have cared… the lazy pirate never once took his eyes off the blonde beauty as he sawed gently in and out of her mouth.

Kryzzk smiled as he observed the blowjob with his own cock already rock hard and ready to go again. “Let’s stuff the bitch,” he growled.

Samus felt pathetic on her knees, obediently sucking at a pirate’s cock and awaiting her mouthful of cum that she was encouraging with her tongue… and part of her was eager for it. She was just so hungry, she’d eat anything at the moment. Any conflicting thoughts she had about Quazzt’s climax were rendered moot abruptly as the first spurt of cum hit the roof of her mouth. His hand on her head prevented Samus from pulling back in reflexive disgust at the taste as her mouth was filled with a heaping load of disgusting alien cum. Compared to the last load that went straight down her stomach, Samus got to taste the full flavor of Quazzt’s spunk as it coated her tongue. She lurched and heaved as the pungent aroma blasted back through her nostrils and overwhelmed her faculties. Faced with a bitter choice, Samus once again choose her hunger over her pride and reluctantly began gulping down every salty drop just to make her stomach shut up for an instant… swallowing to the rhythm of the pirate’s laugher. To them, she appeared to devour his load ravenously as if she were thirsty for more… which, in in reflection, Samus had to admit was closer to true than she wanted to admit.

She hadn’t even finished swallowing when rough, taloned hands grabbed at her and pushed her down, rolling Samus onto her back where she was forced to look up at Tsallit with both of her raised legs framing his head. She felt the tip of his turgid cock rub against her tender folds, and she whimpered in agony at even the slight touch. A second later and he was inside her.

She screamed.

The raw fucking of the paralyzer inside of her had really done a number on her, and after having it pulled out, her hole was swollen tighter in its agony than any of them had expected. She was tighter than a virgin at the moment. Every last inch of Samus’ lean body seized up on the first thrust. Her cunt was even still slick from the repeated fuckings over the night, and it didn’t help in the slightest as Tsallit poured all his concentration and strength into fucking her good and hard. He brought her raised legs together and rested both ankles on his right shoulder, which pressed her luscious thighs together and made her already tight pussy even more impossibly snug around his invading dick. Tsallit drove into the moaning girl relentlessly, working to pry open her swollen cunt and make her feel every single each of cockmeat he had to give her. Samus writhed on mat, screaming, her soft lips parted as pathetic sounds of anguish escaped them over and over again. She felt like she was being stabbed, like his cock was in her chest and brushing her lungs, and yet as she glanced down between her cum-stained breasts to look at the mighty shaft plunging between her soft folds, she couldn’t believe how many more inches he had yet to fit inside.

A set of fingers threading through her sweat-soaked hair reminded Samus that the other Pirates would not be so easily forgotten, followed by a second cock flopping down onto her gasping mouth. With the new cock blocking her view of the one thrusting up her snatch – not like she needed to see the thing to know it was there, it felt more like a collection of razorblades pushing apart her inner walls than a dick – Samus turned her eyes to look up at Kryzzk as he cockslapped her over and over while she was unable to keep herself from crying out over and over again.

Any other time, Tsallit might have slowed down, not to give her time to adjust to his huge prick but merely to last longer, to get to pound her more. Not today, however. Samus’ lush tunnel just felt so hot and soft around his cock that he couldn’t help but slam into her possessively. It didn’t help that her tortured cunt was massaging and fluttering around his shaft in such a pleasing way that slowing down was unthinkable. “Shit, your pussy is almost as tight as a vise,” hissed Tsallit as he pounded away at the girl’s sex. He was thrusting now with such reckless abandon that the sound of his hips slapping against the back of her thighs was nearly as loud as her screams.

Samus’s head swam in the pain. She just wanted to die, swimming in what was perhaps the most painful rape she had been given yet. She barely even noticed when Kryzzk’s cock popped inside her mouth, the tip invading her warm depths and spilling foul tasting precum poured across her taste buds. The pirates weren’t even thinking of her as a person… it was hard for Samus to even think of herself as one. They were just treating her like a couple of holes to fuck and fill with their loads. The pirate’s thick, torturous cock slammed her juicy quim, and all she could do was scream about Kryzzk’s dick.

Abruptly, Tsallit pulled out of her clenching snatch. A second later, the first rope of cum lanced across her flat, covered belly. The zero-suit was thin and not thermally insulated, so she could actually feel the creamy spunk as it cooled rapidly on her. Samus shivered in disgust as a second shot landed just under her breasts. Droplets of cum rained down upon her prone body, sprinkling her tattered blue bodysuit with his murky white load. Most of it sloped inward and gathered in the pool of her navel, and the sticky goop jiggled each time her abs flexed on every breath.

Practically before the cum had even settled, Quazzt had his hands on her body. “On all fours,” he said. “Like an animal. I want her to know her place while I take that ass.”

“But I want to…” Kryzzk hissed.

“Shut it!” Lieutenant Tsallit growled. “I can get into that.” He roughly grabbed Samus’ arm and flipped her over. most of the cum sloughed off her stomach and ran down her body, leaving a slimy trail across her hips and thighs, dripping down her legs.

Samus fell back to the floor on her hands and knees, and just seconds later Quazzt was upon her. The big pirate squatted behind the blonde on all fours, his cock angled downward to point at her firm ass. She winced as Quazzt slapped his rockhard dick against her tailbone for no other reason than to humiliate the girl. He didn’t taunt her any further than that, however… it didn’t seem necessary now that he had the high-and-mighty Samus now bent over before him with her ass presented like a beast of burden. The sight of her puckered hole was too irresistible, and he wedged his wet cockhead, still shiny with her spit, into the tight ring of muscle. Samus gasped and pressed her forehead against the mat, tears leaking from her blue eyes as she felt her ass spread around his dick. Her ass hadn’t suffered as badly as her abused cunt had over the night, but that was like saying that a star was bigger than a planet. It was very true, but from the perspective of a mere human on the surface of a planet, it didn’t matter… it still was still agonizing, and every twitch of her body just made it worst. Samus wept and tried not to scream to mixed results, trying her best to stay still and not make it any worse as his tip slipped inside of her.

Samus couldn’t help but shriek as he pushed further in, however. Kryzzk smiled at her suffering, but Quazzt didn’t seem to care in the least… he only cared that her ass was tight and squeezed him pleasantly, and that with her knees together she gave him a glorious view of her vulnerable body beneath him as he fucked her. The way she trembled and sobbed was arousing, but the real sight he cared about was that of the tight hole clenching and twitching around his girth as he forced himself further in, inch by inch. He pushed onward with determination, feeding more of his cock up the bounty hunter’s tight ass and thrilling in every inch of progress up her tight rear.

Quazzt sighed with pleasure as his hips smacked against her ass cheeks, his cock hilted all the way up her ass, bringing a strangled cry from the blonde girl. With a smile, he reached forward and grabbed a generous amount of her full golden hair, even wrapping the damp tresses around his arm… and then pulled back hard. Samus cried out in pain, her back curving in an exaggerated arch. At the same time, he delivered the first proper thrust up her backside, pulling a strange, breathless wail halfway between a scream and a whine from her mouth.

With the tight grip on her hair and the thick cock railing her anus, Samus wasn’t given a second of reprieve. Quazzt rode her like a mount, tugging back on her gorgeous hair each time he slammed against her ass. With her head and neck bent back at an uncomfortable angle, Samus panted and screamed as tears ran down her face as she struggled to cope with the assault. He was unrelenting, not allowing her a single inch of freedom with the reins while the room filled with the sound of her thick ass clapping against his hips. Samus screamed out over and over again as she watched both Tsallit and Kryzzk masturbating their cocks at the sight of Samus’ beautiful, fit body twisting and contorting as Quazzt pounded her into a slobbering wreck. Drool flew from the girl’s open mouth each time he slammed home and knocked her forward, and her tits flopped back and forth with a mind of their own.

“That’s enough,” said Kryzzk as he stepped up to the rutting pair. Samus rolled her eyes upward to look at the sadist in mindless, irrational hope for a rescue, but he pushed her aside so he could lay down properly. “Lift her up. I’m taking her cunt now.”

“As you wish,” replied Quazzt with a twisted, chitinous smirk. He smashed his hips up against her ass, fully sheathing himself inside the squirming girl, and only then did he lift her up and easily dropped her exhausted, nearly limp body over his ally’s. Still kneeling on all fours, Samus now had her hands and legs on either side of Kryzzk, and the reason became clear when he lifted his hips and brushed his cock against her folds. To her dismay, the second fucking of that swollen cunt was just as agonizing as the first had been. She cried out. No one cared.

The two pirates began to thrust in tandem, one cock pulling out of its respective hole just as another entered. Almost immediately the beautiful bounty hunter was reduced to a gibbering mess as they fucked her holes without mercy. Screams and curses dribbled from her gasping mouth as freely as the spittle running down her chin. Her light blue eyes were frozen wide in shock as she was stuffed full of cock… and then a second later it grew worse for her as the third pirate had had enough of being a bystander and approached her from the front. Tsallit immediately grabbed her by the ears and tilted her head back to look up at his massive pillar of cock waving in front of her face. “Time to close the airlock,” he mocked her. Then he simply rammed his dick once again down her spasming throat.

This was her ship. A month ago, Samus had called this place her home. She had walked her gunship with her head held high. She had been a person. Now, as she received the reckless and brutal pounding of their cocks, Samus realized she was nothing more to them than a hole to fuck… and that her home had been fully converted into a prison for her. They stretched out her pussy, ass, and throat to their utter limits, wearing down the what resolve was left to Samus as three cocks worked to reshape her insides to better suit their perverted needs.

“Little human cocksleeve,” snarled Tsallit as he reamed her throat with his cock. “That’s what you are. Every hole, every position, every day for the rest of your life!”

Samus was too tired to scream… she could only groan around his dick.

Kryzzk was the first to blow, and he slammed the full length of his cock up her quivering snatch just before firing away. Samus shivered as she received his creampie, surely only the first of many more to come today, and moaned weakly around Tsallit’s cock as it settled in her womb. Quazzt came soon after, and just like his friend elected to keep his twitching prick buried in Samus’ tight hole as his thick load redecorated her bowels, repainting her red-scraped insides in shades of white. The lieutenant was the last to cum, but he instead opted to pull out of her mouth and squirt his hot seed all over the girl’s face. Heavy ropes of spunk tangled in her eyebrows, splattered wetly against her cheek, and even landed across her outstretched tongue.

She collapsed in a boneless heap on the floor once they had pulled out of her body. Eyes glassy and blank, Samus stared ahead vacantly with her cum-stained cheek pressed against the floor as the pirates looked down at her. Every part of her body ached like they had lit it on fire. Sticky cum slowly dribbled from both gaping holes as well as from her lips, a firm declaration of her new role as their personal cumdump. And the only resistance she had left to offer was a weak moan. She just laid there, dazed and defeated, in a puddle of filth as they looked down at her.

Then Kryzzk said, “So! Who’s next?”

The flickering monitors on the wall of the ship, flashing data by faster than the eye could follow. Faster than the human eye, anyway… but Sylux wasn’t a human.

Outside the viewport, there was a dazzling display as Federation Station MXC-12 rotated around the multi-ringed planet, but he barely paid attention to it… he wasn’t here for the view, he was here for the data. While the Galactic Federation kept careful track of ship headings over the area of the space it controlled, it didn’t share that data with just anyway… especially not someone like him. He hated them, and these days it seemed the feeling was mutual… but they still were one of the best sources for data in the galaxy, if you could hack into their network.

You just needed a system you could hardwire into while avoiding detection.

The Delano 7 was clamped onto the side of the station, cables snaking across from the Delta-Class gunship to attach him into the relays as his screens flickered through one set of telemetry after the next. A human’s eyes would have gone blurry with boredom long ago, but not his… Focus was just one of many things that he was better at than any human. He couldn’t search through the data… he could only see the relay updates as they came in… but he was patient. He would wait. His bounty would show itself before too long, and then…

Sylux leaned forward.

Now that was interesting.

There had been a distress call from Ceres colony. That wasn’t too interesting in and of itself, there were plenty of distress signals… but the corresponder had shown the name of the ship that was responding. Hunter-class gunship T23823-7… a number that was burned into his memory.


He didn’t realize he was squeezing the console until it snapped with an electric hiss, and he tossed it away like the trash it was a second later in annoyance, focusing on the screen. That gunship, however, had left the system a few hours later… but not moving nearly so fast. And it wasn’t heading back into Federation space…

Abandoning all thought of his bounty, Sylux picked up another console and began calculating course, smiling at what the evidence showed him. Moving that slowly, the ship couldn’t be moving under its own power… it had to be crippled. Towed, perhaps… and she wasn’t heading towards help, but away from it.

It meant that he had an opportunity for revenge… and that was worth more than any bounty.

Orzarl came into the room they had dumped Samus into when they were finished, holding warm water and a washcloth.

It was hours later… the three pirates had fucked her a dozen times each before they had been satisfied. Her fair skin was a mass of pink and purple blotches, near-solid from the line of her rib cage to the top of her pelvis, intermittent on her thighs, ribs, breasts, arms, and shoulders. Semi-solids clung to her shoulder, cheek, and hair. The zero-suit had long since been torn to shreds, and a new one hadn’t been put back on her yet. Her breathing hitched with every inhale as she stared at the ceiling, her arms bound behind her back as she just lay there, motionless and exhausted.

Slowly and gently, Orzarl cleaned the spit and cum from her body. Then he untied her, brought her arms down to rest against her body, set her head in his lap, and began stroking her hair.

After a few minutes of this treatment, Samus started to tremble. No one had touched her with anything that even resembled kindness in weeks… and this wasn’t it. She knew that. She KNEW it… but her body still yearned for it. Even though it was a cruel lie. A high, keening moan passed through her lips. “…Just… do whatever you’re going to do to me and have done with it.” She whispered. She tried to sound strong, but her voice cracked at the end.

Orzarl laughed, continuing to stroke her hair. “No, Samus. I’m not going to do anything to you just yet.”

She stayed quiet, waiting for the hammer to fall. Orzarl breathed in slowly through his nose, hard enough that Samus could hear it. “Can you smell that?” he asked her. “I was the one on duty today, so I needed to make food for everyone… and I made some for you. Hot coffee. Meat. Bread. Pastries, or at least as close to one as your replicator could make. It’s even still warm.”

She stayed quiet… but she kept trembling

“Tomorrow, we are going to reach Zebes,” he said softly. “And I don’t know when anyone will ever offer you anything this kind again, Hunter.” The pirate chuckled. “See, the thing is… You’re a murdering bitch, Hunter,” Orzarl whispered, stroking her head gentle. “A genocidal, ball-busting, planet-stealing, too-good-for-everyone snotty little Federation cunt… But no matter what my fellow pirates might say while they’re inside of you, you’re not a whore.”

Samus said nothing.

“You’re not. A whore is someone who exchanges sex for something of value.”

Her breathing shook her battered torso.

Orzarl smiled, although she couldn’t see it. “I think you see where this is going. You’re going to fuck me. You’re going to try to make it good. I think a little tongue is called for. And when I’m satisfied, I’m going to bring you breakfast.”

His hand brushed down her scalp, slowly, tenderly.

“Or, I could leave. Go away. Tomorrow we land on Zebes and who knows, you might never see me again. Maybe they’ll torture you to death the moment we land. Maybe they’ll do something worse. I have no idea… but we both know they won’t make you this offer. I can bring you food… or I can walk out and door and say goodbye. The choice is entirely yours.”

Samus’ blue eyes closed. The corners of her mouth turned down, her chin trembling softly. Her stomach growled. She hadn’t had anything to eat for a month that she hadn’t sucked out of alien balls.

“I’ve been in your asshole and your pussy and your mouth. I’ve taken you by violence and under duress. I’ve tortured you for hours just to enjoy the way you scream, and everyone else has done all that too. Hell, I’m told you’re even taking cocks between your tits now. I want to have you in a way none of the others will.”

She fought to steady her breathing.

“But I’m not doing anything until you make that choice.”

Samus’ breath caught for a moment as exhausted tears rolled down her eyes on his lap. She thought about just staying silent and still, seeing how long he would keep his word not to act until she did. Like a small child sulking in silence, pushing her limits, awaiting punishment. Instead, she sat up, slowly and painfully. Leaned over.

Kissed him. Kissed his disgusting, alien face. His mouth tasted worse than their cocks did. She kissed him anyway.

He didn’t slap her, spank her, or punch her. He didn’t try to hurt her, or even push particularly hard in trying to cum. He touched her body, and sometimes she winced, but he never moved repeatedly over the same area seeking such a reaction.

He was slow, and patient, and almost considerate.

If this was one of the steamy, stupid vids of romance and drama they showed over the Federation broadcast to all the lonely planet-bound woman, she would have cum from the attention. Hell, he probably would have tried to rescue her.

It wasn’t one of those videos.

He didn’t bring violence to bear against her body, but she felt something inside her tear when he came anyway.

Orzarl left the room after he was finished.

Five minutes later, he returned with a heavily laden plate of food and a mug of coffee.

She felt a surge of gratitude. She repressed it viciously, but she couldn’t help the way her stomach growled. Nothing but cum. “I thought… I thought maybe it was a trick. Maybe you would just leave me.”

He leaned down and smiled at her, looking right into her teary blue eyes. “Of course not, Samus. If you didn’t get paid, you wouldn’t be a whore.” He turned and departed, and the door clicked shut and locked behind him.

She lifted the plate with trembling hands, for a moment intending to hurl it against the wall.

Then she set it down on her lap and started eating, tears streaming down her cheeks.

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  1. Ok. So…I’m going to get some technical details and more fun stuff out of the way first.

    I hate that I noticed this, but you mentioned here that Samus’s nipples are being pulled out four inches, while in the previous chapter you said that the pins were each two centimeters long. It’s weird that I noticed that, because I was busy cringing so hard with sympathetic pain over the nipple torture, but I did.

    The potentially fun development here is the unexpected appearance of Sylux from Metroid Prime Hunters. It’s a surprise, but a welcome one, as I feel like seeing more of the NPCs helps the world feel a bit more real. You mention he has a “Manta-class gunship” here, so did he get rid of the Delano-7 between the end of Prime 3 and here? Admittedly, we don’t know for sure that that was the Delano-7 in Corruption (it could have just been another Delta-class), but I was curious.

    I suppose the question with Sylux is, given his hatred for Samus, is what she’s being put through now beyond what even he would do to her, or is he going to love what he sees when he catches up?

    So, those things out of the way, I can’t really avoid saying this anymore. This chapter didn’t actually make me cry, but it came close. Not the torture, but the end, when she finally caves and kisses Orzarl, that was bad; that was where I could feel the heat behind my eyes. And then the scene afterward, where she eats her first meal in a while while crying quietly…yeah, that was the first time during this story where I wanted to hug Samus.

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    1. Re Centimeters vs Inches –

      I am a heathen, and I default to inches, but I hate using measures that are less than a inch in inches, so I go with centimeters. It’s stupid, and it doesn’t really work for any real worldbuilding, but it happens that way in my brain.

      Re Sylux –

      I actually couldn’t find any kind of information about what class his ship was! If it’s Delta-Class, I will change it to that… I made up Manta-class cuz it sounded right.

      Yeah, we are putting in Sylux as another antagonist. We are kind of using him as a Mirror for Samus with a made up backstory that Prime 4 will probably ruin when they actually establish backstory elements for him, but whatever, it works for now 🙂

      As for what he will think of what Samus is being put through… Well, you know what genre we’re in 😛

      Re Orzarl, whoredom, and eating –

      Yeah… I knew this was going to be the rough one. I think that might arguably be the worst low point for her in the story – we probably hit that low or around it again, but nothing I can definitely say is worse for our leading lady.

      Thank you for your review 🙂


      1. I actually couldn’t find any kind of information about what class his ship was! If it’s Delta-Class, I will change it to that… I made up Manta-class cuz it sounded right.

        To be fair, on a second look, it may or may not be a different type of ship. It’s hard to know if this is just the Delano 7 (last post I put a hyphen in there where there shouldn’t have been one for some reason) after some upgrades or if it’s a different ship that just happens to have a similar look.


        1. It has been changed to:

          The Delano 7 was clamped onto the side of the station, cables snaking across from the Delta-Class gunship to attach him into the relays as his screens flickered through one set of telemetry after the next. A human’s eyes would have gone blurry with boredom long ago, but not his… Focus was just one of many things that he was better at than any human.


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