One Act of Defiance Ch 4 – Poppy

Riven had started it all.

Ever since the first moment Poppy had met Ahri, she had hated the gumiho… or if not hated, at the very least she was disgusted by her. The woman was a vile bully, a cruel bitch, and overall a monster… but that was just the way things were. Poppy had just stayed out of her way, kept to her own friends, averted her eyes, and lived her own life. She couldn’t change Ahri, so when should she try? Everyone else could stay out of her way too… everyone else could keep their head down, so why shouldn’t she?

It had taken Riven to show her how cowardly that had been. When the woman had stood up against someone as vile as Ahri, Poppy had seen what a real hero looked like. Someone who wasn’t afraid to stand up for what was right. Someone who would put herself on the line for someone else. In that moment, Poppy had finally seen that keeping her head down and refusing to stand up to a bully had been to approve one. Standing up beside Riven in that cafeteria had been the proudest moment of her life… that was what a real hero would do. In that second, she would have followed Riven into the Shadow Isles themselves and had perfect faith that the brave girl would have led them out safely on the other side.

Riven was a hero… not Poppy. That was ok, though. She would keep following the other woman… and some day, she would learn to be a hero, too.

And now, Poppy felt it was all falling apart… and she didn’t understand why.

It had started a month ago, around the time Lux had broken her arm. Before then, they had spent most of their free time together… eating together, playing together, working as a group. Poppy had been longing for that kind of togetherness all her life… that kind of purpose. But then Lux had began to back off from the group… barely speaking with them anymore. Soon she wasn’t even coming to lunch anymore, and she was the caused that had brought them all together.

That was bad enough, but then a few weeks later, Vi had fallen sick. Poppy had stopped by her room a few times, but each time Vi’s voice had chased her away… and not very politely, at that. The foul-mouthed jock had sent her running out without ever seeing her face… she hadn’t seen her in weeks now.

With only Riven of her new friends around, she was spending most of her time with the other yordles in the school… at least, the ones that had been her friends. Lulu and Tristana had been with her for years, and while she had never stopped seeing them for a little while they had taken a backseat to trying to help put Lux’s life back together. Now, with Lux having mysteriously distanced herself, their needs were the more pressing. It was how she found herself in the middle of the hallway when Kled pinned Lulu up against the wall.

“Ah, little thing,” he growled. “And just where do you think you’re going? This here is my hallway. You get your own.” Spit flew from her mouth as he snarled at her. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

Kled might also be a yordle, but he was nothing like that. Poppy didn’t really even have an idea what he was doing at this school, since as far as she could tell he never went to any classes. He was a wild man, more than half insane with a wild beard and eyes that never seemed to obey logic or sense. When she had been dedicated to keeping her head down, he had somewhat scared Poppy. Now, though, she recognized an obvious bully when she saw one.

“Hey, leave her alone!” Tristana yelled back, giving him a shove. “This isn’t your hallway!”

“All hallways are my hallways!” Kled said, turning and pushing Tristana back hard enough that she sprawled on the ground. He took one step forward, standing over her menacingly. “I just haven’t gotten around to claiming all of them yet.”

Poppy felt her palms grow sweaty. He was… bigger than she was. Crazy. Mean. It would be easiest to just help Tristana and Lulu away. Easiest to keep her head down.

What would Riven do?

“Get away from her!” Poppy yelled, stomping over as hard as she could. It wasn’t very. While Poppy was no weakling, she weighed only about fifty pounds, after all… it didn’t make for a very good stamping of her boots. “Pick on someone your own size!”

Kled looked over at her and grinned. “Any idea where I can find one, pipsqueak?” he said, looking her up and down with a lecherous leer to his gaze that made Poppy distinctly uncomfortable. “Skaarl could probably swallow you full in one gulp.” He took three steps towards her. “If you insist, I coul-”

He cut himself off as he launched himself at her, one meaty fist swinging. Poppy’s mind froze in panic as the fist became her entire field of vision. Her body, on the other hand, did not. She ducked, letting the ham-fist sail over her head before she threw herself into him, shoulder first. She slammed him into the wall, making and Klef let out a curse along with his huff of exhaled breath as he scrambled away.

“You’re not so big,” Poppy said with a smile as she followed after him. “When I said you should pick on someone your own size, I meant cockroaches. Maybe ants.”

“Damn bitch,” Kled hissed, grabbing onto the wall and pulling himself along it, away from Poppy. “Damn blueberry bitch…”

“I think there isn’t any hallway of yours here,” Poppy said, stalking forward… and then abruptly freezing as she saw a shimmer in the air in front of her. She narrowed her eyes… she had seen this before. “You too?” she said with bravado she didn’t especially feel.

Kled kept crawling away, giving a wide berth around Tristana as she stood with her fists up in front of Lulu. Down the hallway, a yordle in a dark blue robe stood with his hands arrogantly planted on his hips. “Someone really needs to show you your place,” Veigar said with a laugh.

Poppy clenched her hands. That shimmering wall was a gravity distortion. If she walked into it, she would find herself hurled to the ground… she had seen it before. “Maybe,” she said, trying to sound confident. “Maybe it will be today. You want to give it a try?”

Kled was almost out of sight down the hall when Veigar laughed again and turned away, the wall of shifting gravity vanishing as the mage directed his attentions elsewhere. “Maybe another time,” he said with amusement in his voice. “I’m just glad I’ll be there to see it.”

Poppy walked forward the moment he was out of sight. “You two ok?”

Tristana helped pull Lulu to her feet, then turned and flashed her a grin. “A-ok!” she said, cheer in her voice.

“You really shouldn’t antagonize them like that…” Lulu warned nervously.

“You have to stand up to bullies,” Poppy promised her. “Only way the jerks ever go away.”

“Oh, is that so?”

Poppy whirled, eyes going wide. Ahri was leaning on the column just a few feet behind her, nine tails idly swirling around her legs with just tiny twitches of the tips. The fox was smiling, both of her triangular ears shaking slightly with mirth. “Is that was you think?” she asked, seeming to shake with restrained laughter. “Just show a little bit of backbone and we’ll all go away?”

Poppy narrowed her eyes. “So this was you then?”

“Me?” Ahri said, bringing one hand up to between her breasts in a gesture of surprise. “Why, I wouldn’t do such a thing. You aren’t worth my time.” She chuckled. “After all… it’s not like you have a backbone. You’re just borrowing the white-haired slut’s.”

“Don’t talk about Riven that way!” Poppy gasped out.

“And who is going to stop me?” the gumiho said with a chuckle. “You?” She put both hand behind her back. “Take your best shot, small fry.” After a few seconds, when Poppy didn’t move, she laughed again. “What’s the matter? No hands not enough for you to think you can stand up to me? Fine.” Ahri closed her eyes. “Surely even you aren’t so pathetic to hesitate now, right? Your white-haired whore is an idiot, but at least she has guts. Where are yours?”

Poppy’s fists itched… but Ahri wasn’t actually doing anything right now. She wasn’t threatening anyone, wasn’t hurting anyone. It wouldn’t be right. Poppy just wished she knew if that was the reason reason she wouldn’t stand up to the woman, or if it was the excuse she was making for her cowardice.

After long seconds waiting, Ahri laughed again and opened her eyes. “That’s what I thought,” she chuckled as she turned and walked away. “Faker. Vi was twice as tough as you. Even Lux had more courage… at least she tried to run.”

“What!” Poppy said, a flash of panic boring through her mind. “What did you say?”

Ahri just kept laughing. Then she was around the corner and gone.

Poppy kept staring at where the fox had vanished, feeling like her stomach was falling into a pit. She said… had she really just said that? What did she mean? She couldn’t… couldn’t…

“Hello! Runeterra to Poppy, ‘ello?” Tristana rapped her on the head three times with a knuckle. “Anyone in there? I was asking if you wanted to go get lunch.”

“Uhh…” Poppy said, still thinking, her mind whirling. “Why don’t… why don’t you two go ahead for the moment. I need to check on someone.”

Vi’s room had been a bust, like usual. At least this time, someone had opened the door. Caitlin didn’t look so well, if she was being honest… there were dark circles under her eyes that said that she hadn’t been sleeping, and her messy hair and lack of makeup seemed to support that she hadn’t been out of bed in weeks. Still, she refused to open the door more than a crack as she told Poppy that Vi was in the infirmary, that she was getting looked at. It seemed reasonable…

But Poppy wasn’t buy it. Something was wrong. Caitlin looked… well, Poppy didn’t know the girl all that well, but she seemed frightened, her eyes glazed with more than lack of sleep. She had closed the door almost immediately, and said nothing further even when Poppy knocked again.

That was how she found herself in the hallway, banging on Lux’s door.

Poppy hadn’t seen the girl at all in three days, but she still knew her schedule… her last class for the day was already over, and if she hadn’t seen her anywhere, there wasn’t anywhere else she was likely to be but her room. The more she knocked, however, the more the pit in her stomach seemed to grow. No one was answering. Her little fists hammered the door harder and harder, but still no one answered. “Lux!” Poppy shouted at the door. “I don’t know why you’re mad at us, but I need to talk to you… please!”

No one answered.

Poppy took three steps back, then turned and reached back to the metal post she had been used to hold up the ornamental plants in the hallway. With the weight at the end, it almost looked like a makeshift hammer… she hoped it would do the job. Hefting it, Poppy ran at the door, driving her shoulders and her body weight into a swing of the hammer at door-knob level. Wood cracked and broke, and the door popped open. Poppy’s momentum kept her moving, tripping as the yordle pushed the door open and was dumped unceremoniously down onto the carpet inside the room. She coughed as dust billowed up into her face, pushing herself up.

Lux wasn’t here. No one was.

Poppy had been prepared for a lot of things. She had been ready for Lux to pop out of bed, stunned as the door opened. She’d been ready for her to be studying, and yell at her. She had even been ready to crash into an empty room, all of Lux’s belongings gone and the girl having gone back home without telling anyone. What she hadn’t been ready for was this. All of Lux’s belongings were here… her notebooks, her pens, her bags, her clothing. Her bed was made, a pair of stuffed animals propped up against fluffy pillows. Her staff rested up against her bed. Everything of hers was here.

Except for the woman herself.

The more Poppy looked around, the stranger it was. She ran one finger over the desk, and was shocked to see how much dust there was accumulated on top of it. It was like…

Like Lux hadn’t been here for weeks.

Poppy’s heart joined her stomach in that bottomless pit. Lux… and Vi…

She needed to find Riven.

This time of day, Riven should be in PE. Poppy raced down the hallway, running towards that side of the school. She wasn’t sure what to do, but Riven would know. The exchange student was a hero… she’d know what to do, how to stop Ahri, how to save their friends. She would be able to tell Poppy what the right thing to do was.

She was so caught up in those thoughts that she almost ran into the wall of stone that abruptly heaved out of the group and blocked her path. She skidded to the stop, still clutching the awkward hammer so tightly that her knuckles were turning white, looking around.

“Well well well,” came a woman’s clipped voice. She had a strange accent, but the haughtiness in her tone required no translation. A white-haired girl with chocolate skin stepped out from behind one of the pillars, carrying a strange weapon that looked like a bladed ring. “Did no one ever tell this little thing not to run in the halls?”

Poppy had turned to put her back against the strange wall of stone that had risen from nowhere and look at the newcomer… so she was taken complete by surprise when Katarina whispered in her ear from behind. “Some people just have no manners…”

She whirled, swinging the hammer, but as the haft of the weapon blocked her view for just an instant, Kat seemed to vanish again between one moment and the next. Her weapon smashed into the stone, sending some chips of stone flying and making the unstable haft of rebar shake in her hand. Turning, she sat that Kat had reappeared next to the other girl, grinning wildly. “Well Qiyana, I don’t think she wants to play,” Katarina said with a laugh.

“Poor little thing,” Qiyana said, shifting the ring-blade so it wrapped around her on an angle. Three gemstones, an emerald, a ruby, and a sapphire, glowed brilliantly as she infused them with magic from somewhere. “I suppose we’ll have to show her her place properly.”

“Get out of my way,” Poppy growled, trying not to let her fear show on her face. “Fox lapdogs. You aren’t going to stop me from getting to Riven.”

Katarina and Qiyana looked at each other. Then they both laughed. “Oh, is that where you’re going then?” Katarina said with a snicker.

“We can let you do that,” the dark skinned girl agreed.

“Of course you can go,” Katarina said with a tiny sneer. “Of course, if you leave, well… you’ll be abandoning your friends.” She opened the door behind her…

Poppy peered into the darkness… and gasped in horror. Veigar and Kled were in the classroom… and they weren’t alone. The two were humping away at two bound girls up on desk, their tiny legs kicking out around the men between their legs. She couldn’t see much of them… but she didn’t need to in order to recognize them. “Trist! Lulu!” she shouted.

Neither girl responded, but Kled looked up, his face twisting in a snarl. “Well if it ain’t the midget,” he spat. “Mind your own business this time, runt.”

Poppy took one step forward before she noted that Qiyana and Katarina had stepped into her way again. “Weren’t you leaving?” Kat mocked. “Not very heroic, is it Qi?”

“Downright cowardly,” the other woman agreed, her posh voice filled with amusement. “But what do you expect from a little blue weakling?”

Poppy tightened her grip. Four of them… there were four of them. Ahri’s friends and some other bullies… and just one of her. But… that was what Riven had done, wasn’t it? She hadn’t know anyone would stand up alongside her when she had decided to stand up… she had had the courage to do it alone. The courage to do what was right, even when it was hard… that was what made her a hero.

And she had done it for a girl she didn’t even know. Who was Poppy if she couldn’t do the same for her friends?

Poppy lifted the feeble, makeshift hammer in both. “Get off of them,” she warned.

Katarina smiled. “Make us, weakling.”

Poppy rushed forward, and she saw Qiyana’s smile for just a second before the strange ringed tool flashed blue. Ice lanced out at Poppy then, sticking her feet to the ground just as Katarina disappeared. She ducked… and a knife flashed by just before her eyes. A real knife, its edge sharp and glittering. She swallowed, then strained her legs against the ice until it broke, swinging around the metal block.

Too slow. Katarina was already gone, and Qiyana was coming, her weapon glowing with tricolored light. She darted to the side as the blade crashed at her, but the blade itself wasn’t the issue… the magic that came flying from it with each slice was. Rocks flew at her, crashing to the ground around her as she dodged. Bolts of water and ice flowed around her, trying to surround her, capture her. Vines and shrugs erupted out of the crushed earth, growing into snarling masses of flora trying to tangle her. The swarm of magic kept her down, dodging, running and not attacking… and it wasn’t made easier when Kat kept dancing in and out of the fight.

The fear grew with every passing second… Qiyana was so strong. She felt like any second the flurry of magic had to come to an end, had to run out, but it never did… it just kept coming in a never ending flurry as she spun the ring blade, different gems flashing in sequence as channeled more and more power at her. She needed to get through. She needed to reach the woman. She couldn’t lose hope. As long as she still standing, this battle wasn’t over.

“Pathetic,” Qiyana said, her smile broad and mocking. “This is the best you have? This is a school for the talented… where is your talent?”

Katarina reappeared on Poppy’s backswing, standing on her hammer, driving it down. Poppy’s eyes went wide, right before the redhaired woman kicked her in the face and them her other foot pushed off, sending her into a flip away even as Poppy sprawled towards the wall of the hallway, tripping.

“Witness mine,” Qiyana growled.

Then the wall shook and erupted, stone flying out of the wall and battering Poppy’s body, sending her flying. She banged into the doorframe, sprawling into the classroom hard, gasping in pain. She could hear Lulu and Tristana, screaming into gags. They were just a few feet away… She slowly crawled forward, putting one foot in front of the other, reaching out a hand towards them…

Kat appeared next to her and drove a foot into her stomach. Poppy gasped, collapsing back down. She had no idea where the hammer was, but it didn’t matter. They were right there… she could save them. Not… over… She struggled to rise again. As long as she was standing… like Riven… not over…

“I’ve been waiting far too long for this,” Katarina purred into her ear from behind, her hands coming around to wrap around the helpless yordle’s waist as she rose to her knees. Poppy tries to struggle but she was just… too weak. The woman’s grip felt like iron. She heard Qiyana’s laugh, and the truth that she had tried to deny came rushing back to her. It was over.

The defeated yordle was on her knees, at the mercy of the triumphant bullies standing over her. The sound of despair from Lulu and Tristana formed a chorus of woe just a few feet away… Viegar and Kled hadn’t even bothered to stop raping them while Poppy fought to reach them. The two yordle girls seemed only all too aware that their chance at escape had lapsed with Poppy’s defeat. Now, Qiyana stood right in front of her, tall and towering over her as he looked down at the conquered woman, her clothing ripped and torn, her arms shackled helplessly behind her back by bands of freezing ice. Her makeshift hammer lay broken by her side, but even if could still grab it, even if it were intact, Poppy no longer felt strong enough to swing it… the beating that Katarina and Qiyana had laid on her made her feel like there wasn’t a single part of her that didn’t ache.

One of Katarina’s strong hands grazed over her neck, threating at any second to choke her out. “I wish Ahri would have just let me handle you all from the start… it wouldn’t have taken half this long to show you all your places.”

“Neither of you was even there!” Poppy protested.

“Lucky for you…” Qiyana said with a chuckle. “If we had been, you’d have been on your back with your face between our legs within minutes.”

“Not so lucky, really,” Katarina whispered to her. “The interest on trouble is a real killer.”

Poppy tried to look up at the white haired girl standing over her with defiance, but there was more fear in her violet eyes than she wanted to admit. She was completely powerless, and she knew it… but she tried to offer lip anyway. “Riven would have put you on the floor too,” she insisted.

Qiyana sneered and drew back her hand before swinging it forward in a brutal arc that backhanded Poppy across her face, snapping her head to the side sharply. “Pathetic worm,” she said venomously. “I’ll show you you’re place.”

If Poppy had any doubt in her mind about what they had in mind for her after watching how Lulu and Tristana were being raped, it evaporated as both the elementalist’s hands slid beneath the school uniform and yanked her panties down her legs, letting the green slip of fabric fall to the flood, half draped over one of Poppy’s knees. The fallen yordle pulled at her bindings uselessly and tried to stand up on her feet, but Katarina held her from behind, one hand cupping one of Poppy’s small breasts through her own uniform, the one on her shoulder, pressing her down firmly. “No, no, you aren’t going anywhere, cowardly whore.”

Poppy’s eyes widened as a red glow shone from her hands, and suddenly her skirt began to tent up, rising as the longest, thickest cock she could imagine began to rise from the elementalist’s body. “Wha…what?” Poppy gasped.

“An easy magic trick,” she mocked. “If you have even a bit of talent at the art. Not that you would know, useless prawn.” One hand moved down to grip it, her slow strokes on the member pushing the skirt away and revealing that a prick made of rocks had grown right out of her body. She cooed gentle as her fingers brushed over it… she could feel it as clearly as her own skin. “Now pay attention, weaklings,” she said, looking over at the other yordle rapists. “Watch, and I’ll show you how someone with talent does it.” Qiyana stepped forward and tapped her swollen stone cockhead against Poppy’s petite nose. Huge and hard as anything she could imagine, the massive thing throbbed with some kind of inner red light in her face. Gripping it firmly at the base, the dark skinned girl slapped her across the face with the full length of her stoney cock, smearing something wet pouring from the tip across her cheek.

The prick seemed to radiate heat, almost like it was packed with molten stone, and it did far more to intimidate the yordle than any bluster or threat could have. Poppy found herself shivering, suddenly feeling so vulnerable as the full weight of defeat crashed down around her. This wasn’t how it was supposed to go… she was supposed to be able to save everyone! It’s what Riven would have done, it was…

The hot tip of that unnatural cock moved to press insistently against her lips. Panicked, Poppy tried to turned her head aside, but the bullies weren’t going to let her get away with that kind of defiance. Kat roughly grabbed one of the ponytails of her hair and twisted her head back to face the twitching pillar of fuckmeat ready and waiting to fuck her throat raw. Poppy whimpered softly despite herself as a wad of something wet and sticky oozed from the tip of that unnatural cock and Qiyana smeared it across her chin and lips like sloppily-applied lipstick. “Open up, runt,” Kat growled into her ear. “Your little friends have been taking cock like a pro for more than an hour now… you have a lot of catching up to do.”

Poppy felt humiliated, but she couldn’t give them what they wanted. She held onto her resolve to hold on, keeping her lips and teeth tightly shut. That lasted right up until Qiyana’s perfect, strong fingers closed down around her nose, cutting off her only source of air. Poppy’s eyes suddenly widened in dismay, but she held her lips pursed all the same, trying to slowly suck breath through her teeth. That worked for a few second… but then her lungs began to burn as she wasn’t getting nearly enough. The next best thing was a short gasp, trying to close her mouth again, see if she could beat the stone prick into her mouth. Qiyana, however, didn’t ever try… the white-haired girl just waited, smiling haughtily as Poppy slowly began to realize she wasn’t getting enough air that way either.

She tried to resist. In her mind, it was better to die here rather than allow these evil creatures the sick pleasure of defiling her body. As each excruciating second after excruciating second passed by, however, the agony in her lungs burned more than any pain she had ever known. It wasn’t long until her body’s survival instincts kicked in and involuntarily opened her mouth to take a deep, relieving gasp for fresh air… and with that breath of precious oxygen came a pillar of cock so thick that Poppy felt her jaw ache as it was forced wider around the thing.from the strain.

The violated yordle’s eyes bulged, and she whined miserably as Qiyana’s cockhead slammed against the back of her throat, the tip seeming to hot to be real as it pressed against her tonsils. Her soft lips were stretched impossibly wide around the girth of that stony girth, and tears rolled down her cheeks and across her lips as if to provide the only lube her lips would know. Poppy couldn’t even bite down… the invading rod wasn’t flesh but rock. Each rib of the pebbled pillar rubbed against her lips as Qiyana sifted, moaning pleasantly, and the yordle felt sure that her teeth would break before that cock did. Worst of all, the breath she had stolen had already run out, and Poppy’s tears grew thicker and more ugly as she realized that her stubbornness had accomplished nothing but amplifying her own suffering, ensuring that was she was already completely out of air as her mouth was stuffed full.

“How’s that one?” Kled groaned from across the room. “Can’t wait to paint her insides too, I reckon.”

“Quiet, ruffian,” Qiyana spat. “This one is for Ahri… your presence here is that of a guest.” She moaned as she took firm hold of Poppy’s blonde-white ponytails in both hands. “If we’re feeling generous, you can use her when we’re satisfied.” Then Qiyana tightened her grip and began to roughly skullfuck the stunned yordle.

She wasn’t even remotely gentle. The dark-skinned girl pushed her down harshly to feed a few more inches of her unnatural length into her Poppy’s warm, wet mouth until her cock could go no further, then she would pull hard on her hair to drag her lips all the way back to his fat tip… then repeated the motion over and over again, slamming her face full of cock. Each gagging, retching thrust into the innocent, untouched yordle managed managed to shove another inch or so successfully down Poppy’s spasming throat. Katarina didn’t let go of her nose, either, but she did purr in pleasure while she suffocated Poppy, playing with one of her tits through the uniform as she watched her friend facefuck the defeated girl. “This is the one that thought she could be a hero?” Katarina asked with a chuckle. “A heroic cocksucker, maybe. Look at that go. You can actually see her throat bulge!”

Poopy was pitifully aware that was true. As she struggled to take every inch of Qiyana’s cock, she could feel her neck stretching, growing outward grotesquely as her small body was stretched further than it had ever been meant to go. She thought it was going to rip through her at any second, make her burst… but yordles were made of tougher stuff than humans were, and her throat was forced, one thrust at a time, to accept whatever her rapist wasn’t to give it. Lewd, soaked glurk-glurk-glurk noises filled the room, overpowering even the muffed gagged whimpers of Tristana and Lulu and the wet pounding of their cum-soaked holes as Poppy’s throat was being hollowed out beneath the full force of Qiyana’s lustful violence. Thick blobs of spit bubbled out around her lips to pour down her tiny shin in slimy rivers, smearing across her face and joining with her wet tears as her cute visage was plastered with the evidence her facial rape, and her purple eyes began rolling back from her inability to breathe properly. Whereas Poppy’s was still fully clothed, unlike her friends, from the neck up she was quickly coming to look just as perfectly like a used-up piece of yordle fuckmeat as her innocent friends were.

Qiyana, however, had no plans to hold back in the slightest. To the mixed blessing for the utterly overwhelmed Poppym that elemental cock she had crafted for herself was incredibly sensitive, and riding her so hard with it was making the dark-skinned girl go weak at the knees with the pleasure her body was bringing her. She felt no need to restrain herself from taking maximum pleasure… between her and Katarina, they had plenty of lessons to teach the self-styled “heroic” yordle, even if there weren’t plenty of additional cocks eagerly waiting for a turn with her. There was nothing in the world she wanted to do more than she wanted to brand deep into Poppy’s mind that her place was as their group’s newest cumdump… so when she felt her edge approaching, she sped up rather than holding back. With a non-entirely-dignified cry of pleasure and a sharp thrust of her hips, Qiyana yanked on Poppy’s braids to shove as much of her sharp stone cock down her neck as possible. Then she let herself cum, her insides writhing and squeezing on nothing even as the elemental dick jerked and swelled and pumped a load of heated, magic-infused spunk into the innocent yordle’s gullet.

Poppy, her brain riding the razor’s edge of unconsciousness, came back to awareness just enough to quiver in abject revulsion as she felt that cock swelling, felt the explosive, sorcerous orgasm taking place deep inside her tight throat. Nothing in the yordle’s lifetime had had prepared Poppy for the feeling of being force-fed jizz from a cock squirting down the end of her throat. Distantly, she wondered how it was even possible… had the woman’s life magic, the same elemental prowess that had grown plants to grab and twist around her limbs, given life to the batter inside her false cock? The thought lingered, but it didn’t really take much hold in her distressed mind… the raw sensation and the desperate quest for breath consumed her utterly. Her stomach roiled and churned as the hot, creamy spunk pooled within her guts, and her lungs burned. Just when the yordle thought she really was about to die, Qiyana began to pull out. Poppy heaved as she felt every pebbled inch of that stone cock pull from her overstuffed gullet, spurting clingy ropes of elemental jism onto the walls of her throat along the way.

Qiyana pulled back far enough for Poppy to breathe, but her mouth was full of cum… Poppy gasped in breath and took seed with it, her lungs rebelling at the idea of the foreign intruder. Her chest and diaphram rippled in agony as she coughed… but just as Qiyana’s cockhead settled within her mouth, instead of pulling out entirely, the woman smiled and viciously thrust back forward, hilting herself once more in the coughing, choking, impossibly tight throat of the retching girl. A loud, dismal gag from the violated yordle made Katarina coo into her ear as she watched Poppy’s delicate throat bulge out once more from the brutal intrusion. “I wish I had one…” the red head whispered wistfully. “That looks like so much fun…”

Fresh tears of pain and humiliation rolled down Poppy’s face as another searing cumshot dribbled down into her stomach. Once again, the elementalist slowly began withdrawing her throbbing cock. Poppy was too distracted by the coughing and the wracking pain in her lungs to properly brace herself in case he abused her again… she needed to breath, and despite the cum just waiting for her to accidentally suck it into her lung again, she took another gasp and paid the price for it.

Thankfully, this time Qiyana actually was finished. She groaned in pleasure as the tip of her cock lingered in Poppy’s mouth just long enough to coat her tongue with a thick helping of the gooey, foul tasting sap that poured out of her before she finally pulled out. The moment her lips popped off Qiyana’s cock, she directed the thing right up into her violent eyes. Poppy was too slow in shutting them, managing to close them only after the first shot of goopy spunk stung her eyes, serving to help glue her right eyelid shut as the rest of Qiyana’s seed sprayed over her face, redecorating the yordle’s cute visage into a painting of depravity.

Her services no longer necessary, Katarina finally released the yordle’s nose, letting her cough and retch in peace as she tried to fill her longs around the mess of dick-sludge filling her mouth and throat. She wiped her hand, stained with Qiyana’s seed, off in the Poppy’s hair. “Gross,” she said with a laugh. The blue-skinned girl panted heavily, dragging in great, ragged lungfuls of breath as crisscrossing lines of slimy green-white sap splattered across her nose, forehead, lips, and cheeks. It tasted like rotting greens, and smelled almost sickeningly sweet to the yordle’s nose. By the time Qiyana’s cock has stopped its discharge, Poppy wasn’t sure she could even be seen beneath the cum anymore… she felt utterly plastered with it.

Qiayana shrugged… then her cock stopped glowing. A moment later it fell away, raining down to the ground as a sea of pebbles to bounce of Poppy’s knees and scatter across the floor. “Serve the bitch right, no?” she said with a smile.

Never in her life had Poppy felt so humiliated. Her throat burned, scrapped raw by the rough deepthroating, and her lungs still heaved. Her stomach lurched from the vile jizz slushing around inside of it, and Poppy could feel the girl’s thick cum starting to slough off her face in heavy globs that splashed against her uniformed chest and her skirted, her bare knees. She wanted so desperately to wipe her face clean, but with both hands still held behind her by the red-haired bully, Poppy could do nothing but kneel there and feel like a sewer.

Some hero she was. Riven had managed to save people. She had failed on her first attempt, and gotten herself brutally throat-raped and turned into a cum toilet for her efforts, being choked half the death along the way. She couldn’t help but wish they’d finished the other half, too.

She felt Katarina’s knife cutting through her school uniform, the chest already soaked with spit and dripping cum as she sliced and ripped away the clothing, leaving her naked but for the tatters of it. Her and Qiyana hauled Poppy to her feet, walking her over the desks that Tristana and Lulu were stilled fucked on top of. With cum still dripping off her face, Poppy gazed upon the ruination of her friends, feeling the full brunt of the blame for their situation. This was her fault. She had failed to save them… this was her fault.

“Hells yeah!” Kled growled as he clenched onto Tristana’s ass with his long-nailed, dirty hands, yanking her rear against him as he plowed into her cunt again and again while she whined. He and Viegar had swapped victims twice already while Poppy had fought and been defeated and facefucked, and growled as he howled, tilting back his head as he plowed into Tristana again and again. Her friend’s was on her stomach, her wrists together and bound down to the legs of the desk while her legs were spread with ropes tying them down the the same legs as her arms were. All four of her limbs had been scraped raw by her struggles, gasping and moaning as she screamed into her gag, but she was still struggling, still straining against the rope holding her in place even thought it was hurting her further. Kled roared with pleasure as he pounded into her. Her insides were already clearly stuffed full of cum as each thrust of his cock into her sent some of it slopping out of her, dripping down her legs or down onto the desk as he fucked her pussy. From the amount, Poppy guessed it was at least the sixth or seventh time she had been raped. Lulu, right next to her, was tied in similar fashion but on her back. Unlike the most feisty Tristana, the yordle sorceress didn’t fight… she just lay there limply while she was fucked by the Dark Mage. He was on top of her, pushing her down against the desk with his hands squeezing her fairly large tits… her nipples were already dark purple and swollen from the abuse, and there were dark marks to show where one of them, probably Kled, had spent a while biting them. Her legs and and ass were coated with more sperm, some of it already drying on her, even as Kled huffed as he came again to the sound of Tristana’s wails, pumping more of his seed into her while tears ran down her delicate face.

“Move,” Kat instructed coldly.

Kled looked at her like he wanted to argue, but then his gaze went to something over her shoulder and his eyes widened. “Uhh, yeah. Sure, no problem!” He quickly jumped down off the table he had been up on to rail her, and gripping onto both of Poppy’s ears to hold her in place, Kat shoved her face into Trist’s crotch.

“You want to be a hero?” Katarina said mockingly. “You want to save your friends?” She shoved her harder into Trist’s sex, hard enough that her nose began to pierce her slit. “The only thing you can save them from now is pregnancy, you useless whore. You want to stop them from getting knocked up? Lick it all up.”

Poppy looked in despair at her friend’s swollen cunt. It look agonizing… nearly chaffed purple, raw, and absolutely leaking cum like a river. She didn’t want to touch her tongue to that. She could still feel the cum in her stomach from Qiyana… the last thing she wanted was more. But…

Reluctantly, she opened her mouth and began to lick

It tasted even worse, if that was possible… whatever she had been sucking out of Qiyana’s unnatural cock was disgusting, but it was sweet and thick and warm. This cum tasted salty, it was mostly cool, and it was runny from the repeated rapes and the desperate lube coming from Tristana’s abused hole. After a second, it seemed like it had coated her tongue and was pouring down her throat while Poppy and Tristana both sobbed.

“You’re going to have to go deeper than that,” Katarina said, lifting her foot and putting it on the back of her neck, pushing her further into her friend. “Get that tongue all the way in there… lick it all up! Clean her out!”

Poppy couldn’t really breath again, and she half expected that smearing her cum-covered face over Tristana’s quim was counter-productive, but she stuffed her tongue into Tristana as deep as she could, licking and sucking to try to pull it all out of her. The worst part in a way was that it was working. The taste was terrible, but slowly, the awful taste of her rapist’s seed began to disappear… she really had licked it clean, pulling all of that cum into her own body instead.

After a minute, Katarina let her up, leaning in to take a look at the far cleaner pussy on the raped girl. “Not bad,” she said with a chuckle, grabbing onto one of Poppy’s ponytails and wiping her cunt dry with it. “Not bad at all. I’m glad to” Then she dragged her over to where Veigar had just finished with Lulu’s messy snatch and shoved her into that as well. “You know the drill,” Kat teased as she shoved her forward violently. “Unless you’d rather your girlfriends have lots of tiny baby-jizzmops instead.”

With Lulu face up, this was even worse… Poppy needed to see the despair on her friends face as she licked her clean. She could also see Tristana’s face… and to her horror, she looked more angry than scared or upset. Angry at her.

Poppy couldn’t blame her. After all, this was all her fault. If she wasn’t so pathetic, she could have saved them both.

The way Katarina was forcing her into position was incredibly uncomfortable… she was forced to bend over, her back arched and her rear sticking out, so it really shouldn’t have been a surprise when she felt what she had been dreading… the brush of a hot cockhead against her smooth, vulnerable entrance.

Poppy found herself holding her breath and even biting her lip before she dutifully resumed licking as the hard shafted speared between the outer folds of her tiny pussy, and the sensation of that combined with the heat radiating off that member made her shiver. Poppy had no experience with sex… the blowjob had been her first, just as thoroughly as this would be her first… A fact that Qiyana was more than pleased to discover.

After even a single experience, the brutal facefucking she had received ensured that Poppy would have recognized that stone prick anywhere… the absurd, horrible heat welling up from within, the utterly unyielding hardness as she began to press into her dry slit. This was going to feel like getting impaled by a hot rod of iron. Poppy stifled a scream as she felt the elementalist’s fat cockhead force its way inside of her cunt, fighting for every inch until it abruptly shattered her hymen and kept pushing deeper and deeper. It was tearing her apart, and the next time the dark-skinned woman thrust, Poppy did scream… a wet, horrible sound that made Lulu whimper and the yordle men laughed but barely was loud enough to reach the door, much less out into the hallways.

The cock slapped against her cervix far before it was all the way in, and Qiyana scoffed in annoyance. “What good is half a fucktoy?” she asked, her accented voice aggravated. “AT least she’s nice and tight. I’ll have to see if I can fit any more in.” Poppy’s eyes widened at the thought of even more of that unnatural cock being crammed firmly within her formerly-pristine pussy, gasping in horror just as Qiyana began to thrust away at her tight, gripping snatch like she was trying to beat it into submission.

To Poppy, it felt like someone was driving a nail into her cervix with the blows of a hammer. Her body resisted each attempt to get her to open up, but not without suffering – the harsh sound of slapping flesh filled the air as Qiyana did her best to drive all the way through the captured yordle’s too-small body to the rhythm of her muffled screams. Poppy’s arms were still gripped by Katarina, but her hands balled in fists and struggled to keep licking as she endured the abuse of her virgin snatch. Another harsh thrust by Qiyana filled the room with the meaty slapping sound of their fucking, and she heard Veigar laugh right before he climbed up behind Tristana. Poppy got a glimpse of just how much larger his cock was than she would have expected before she saw her friend’s eyes go wide and a muted scream come up as he started fucking her again. The failed hero grimaced against the pain and poured all her focus into licking out Lulu, sucking down all the disgusting cum and getting out of her friend’s twat. That was the only mercy she could provide now… even if Veigar was proving that they fully intended to pack it full once more.

Under the strain of taking every thick inch of Qiyana’s stone cock that her body could fit, Poppy’s body quivered like the last leaf on a tree before winter. She was overwhelmed and distracted, but not so distracted that she missed what Kat said next. “Don’t forget to pull out,” she reminded Qiyana. “Don’t want to make it any easier on the little whore.”

“Yes, yes, shut up,” Qiyana groaned in pleasure. “I haven’t forgotten.” The elementalist pumped her pussy a few more times before pulling out. She heard the wet, squelching sounds of her own hand finishing her climax off. Poppy jerked when the first splash of searingly hot cum was sprayed onto her skin, and she could feel the thick spunk pooling in the depression of her arched lower back. Then she was backing off.

“Warm up…” a deep, growling voice said, mocking dismissal in his tone… one that made Poppy shiver. That voice was too deep to be a woman or a yordle… and too filled with hatred to be entirely sane. A voice that didn’t so much speak the words as it chewed them up and spat them off. “My turn…”

The next hand she felt on her read was huge… it felt more like a mechanical clamp than flesh, unyielding as iron as the newcoming began to push the yordle into place to let a cock press against her raped slit…

A huge one.

Poppy’s passive licking ended with a horrific scream as her cunt stretched open around something impossible large. Her teary eyes snapped wide open, as did her mouth. As the tip of the massive member popped into her, Poppy released an a second horrible shriek. She twisted her face around out of her friend’s pussy, expecting that they were fucking her with a sword… and saw a behemoth of scaled skin standing over her, forcing a cock into her that looked as thick as one of her thighs.

“Give it to her, Renekton…” Katarina purred from where she stood, finally letting go of Poppy now that the yordle girl was in far stronger hands. “Rape that whore for me, lover. Break her on your cock.”

Poppy continued to scream out the agony of the penetration as the demonic crocodillian demigod worked her down the length of his rigid member, one slow inch at a time. Every single inch came with a new torment as the cock seemed to be covered in scale ridges, band after band after band of thick armor that scraped at her hole as it forced its way deeper and deeper. As the yordle screeched in agony, stretched far beyond belief by the extreme penetration, Renekton growled right back at her, his clawed fingers gripping her struggling form firmly as her bleeding, impossibly stuffed pussy continued its slow decent towards the base of his prick.

Freed from Katarina’s grip, Poppy was free to resist, and she reflexively did so at the incredibly pain, even knowing it was pointless. Her legs kicked wildly through the air and her fists beat back weakly against the demon crocodile’s massive hands, trying to inflict some damage against his scales that seemed harder than steel to her. Looking back beneath her arched body, Poppy could see her belly bulging obscenely, filled far beyond her body’s natural limits. A few moments later, like with Qiyana, that prick reached her cervix. Unlike with Qiyana, he didn’t stop. With a snort of aggravation, he began to pull back, and Poppy got only a horrific glance of how much of the monster cock was left to go before Renekton growled savagely… and slammed himself forward.

Faced with the unbelievable power of that inhuman rapist, her cervix yielded first. She screamed deafeningly as her cervix popped open, the tiny opened prying apart by the pointed head of that armored behemoth of a cock. The thrust didn’t end there, either… continues to push forward, fucking up into her womb as he stretched the rest of her body to his size, sending further streaks of pain through her. The beast’s huge member was incredibly hot within the confines of her cunt and womb… with each inch that pushed into her, she felt as if it was scorching away her insides, like he was tearing her in half. Tears streaked freely down her blue cheeks as Poppy’s violet eyes bulged from their sockets. “TAKE IT OUT!” she wailed horribly. “TAKE IT OUT!”

“Don’t be such a wuss,” Katarina mocked as she slowly stripping out of her own clothing, dropping her top on the ground and letting her breasts hang out. “I love him, but I need to put that cock somewhere after all… it’s certainly not going in me. Nice of a wanna-be hero to volunteer for that responsibility… I really appreciate it.”

Poppy’s slim stomach bulged outward as Renekton’s cock filled her womb and spread her small body full to bursting. She tilted her head downwards to stare past her cum-covered tits at the protruding state of her belly. As the skin of her stomach stretched outwards, the yordle girl gained the appearance of being pregnant, although what dwelled within her was horrifically far from being a child. “Aaaargh!” Poppy cried with torment as her pain seemed to grow worse with every passing second. “Nooooaaagh!” she scream again as Renekton, tired to going slowly, gave two final rapid, vicious thrusts, burying the entirely length of nearly eighteen inches of thick demigod cock up her twat.

“Love… this… tight… hole…” Reketon growled between his fangs as he thrust, leaning forward to grab Poppy’s twin ponytails and shoved her down to the floor with her her ass up as he was relentlessly driving himself inside her obscenely stretched fuckhole.

“Mmmm, how lovely to watch…” Katarina said as she sat down on top of Lulu’s stomach, putting her long, shapely legs on Poppy’s head to shove her even further down as she the now naked girl began to play with the entrance of her pussy. “You don’t see something like that every day, do you?” The red-haired girl’s gaze was hungry as she stared at the merciless rape of her enemy by her lover, her fingers sliding over her clit as Reketon pounded the screaming yordle into submission.

“PLEASE!” Poppy begged, any tiny pretense of dignity leaving her completely. “Please, Kat… I’m sorry… make him stop!” Poppy knew her pleading would fall of deaf ears, and that even if Renekton were to stop now her body would probably never be the same, but she couldn’t help but desperately try to beg anyway. Pain overrode logic, overrode pride, overrode everything.

To her surprise, however, Katarina smiled. “Of course!” she said. “Simply happy to help.”

That same second, Renekton started pulling out of her. Poppy gasped, looking up at Katarina, expecting a trap but not really caring. “Thaaaaank youuu,” she babbled pathetically. “Thank youu thaank youuu tha-”

“It’s ok, lover…” Katarina said soothingly. “If she doesn’t want you, we can always accommodate her. Go ahead and rape Lulu for me instead.” She patting the woman she was sitting on and grinned wickedly. “I bet she’ll be more than happy to have you ruin her.”

Poppy gasped, her eyes wide with horror. Lulu… Lulu was innocent, and sweet, and gentle… it would kill her! Poppy couldn’t let that. “Noooooo…” she wailed.

“What?” Katarina gasped. “But you don’t want it… unless you do, I suppose?”

Poppy swallowed. This was insane… but she had already failed to rescue her friend. She just couldn’t let her come to harm. “Yes…” she groaned softly. “I want it.”

Katarina sneered as she put her fingers into her cunt. “You know what? I don’t believe you.” She looked at Renekton. “Go ahead and rape this purple slut.”

“NO!” Poppy screeched. “I want it! I want it! Leave her alone!”

Katarina laughed. “Prove it.” She nodded to her over, and suddenly Renekton impaled her on his cock again, making her shriek. Then, his hands on her hips and forced her to move backwards with him as he sat down onto the floor, taking great care to keep his huge cock buried inside her twat the whole way the whole time. Each movement stretched her ruined cunt in new dimensions, tearing new sobs from the yordle’s quivering lips.

Then, with a brutality that elicited another agonized wail from Poppy, Renekton grabbed her hips and lifted her up before forcing her down fully onto his lap, burying his entire shaft in her womb once more, blinding-hot pain enveloping Poppy’s lower body, her anal opening stretched wide once more. She barely felt Katarina kick her legs apart to so that she could watch her lover’s cock skewering his victim. “Bounce,” Katarina moaned, pushing two fingers deep into her pussy, licking her lips with arousal. “Fuck yourself on him. Show him you want that cock in you, or this cunt will be happy to take him for you.” She patted Lulu’s leg with her other hand as she played with herself.

Poppy felt like the constant abuse was driving her mad with humiliation and pain… but she had no choice. This is what a hero would do. She could save Lulu from suffering… by suffering herself. Slowly she lifted herself up.

“You look lovely when you’re in agony,” Katarina promised her. Her body was flushed with excitement as she fingered her wet, glistening cunt to the sight of Poppy’s rape.

Renekton’s brutal slap to the back of her head regained her attention. “Ride my cock, you shrimpy whore!” he growled. “Or I’ll pick someone else.”

Poppy did not dare look at Lulu… seeing her might break her will. Instead, she looked down as sobs wracked her body… and rested her hands on Renekton’s scaled thighs for support. Pushing, she began to rise from his lap, fighting her weight and gravity and the swelling, gripping flesh of her ruined body. She grimaced as she felt his shaft slip out of her cunt inch by inch until only the tip remained inside her. She was tempted to rise further, to allow her savaged body a bit of rest… if only for a second… but then the crocodile growled. “It stays inside…” he snarled low, a voice that promised agony for disobedience.

Poppy had little choice but to lower herself onto his cock again, sobbing bitterly as she felt it enter her swollen cunt again. The massive shaft vanished into her tight fuck channel inch by inch once more, stretching it so painfully. She shrieked as it popped into her fucked womb again, and the sound made Katarina moan in intense pleasure, the sight exciting clearly exciting the redhead. Getting all the way down on her rapist was not as easy as it seemed as Poppy simply could not bring herself to relax, her cruelly abused body clenching hard around his shaft, resisting even her attempts to lower herself, the attempt causing her even more pain… but her tormentors would not allow her to stop, would not grant her pause… and so, under more tears and sobs, she shoved herself down onto his lap again.

“Good…” Katarina moaned with pleasure. “Again! And faster this time… make those pretty blue tits jiggle.”

Poppy whined at the idea of being forced to participate in her own rape. She moved her body upwards and downward, whimpering as she obeyed. She was raping her own womb for these monsters. It was the single most disgusting, humiliating, and agonizing experience should imagine. Renekton hissed, licking Poppy’s neck with a tongue that felt more like sandpaper against her skin. Each time her trembling body lowered, her body quivered and it brought amazing sensations that made his cock swell. “Tell him you want it…” Katarina advised. The woman said, watching as Poppy’s beautiful face contorted with pain again, as her poor body was stretched even further. “I’d love to hear you beg for it. “You want him to cum? He’ll like that…” Katarina laughed out loud but her laughter quickly transformed into a loud moan of pleasure as her body began to tremble slightly.

“I… I want it…” Poppy lied, whimpering. “I want it, I wa- want it, I want it, oh gooooooood make it stop… I want it…” Poppy’s voice began breaking as she fucked the massive cock beneath her, her trembling legs supporting her weight with more and more difficulty. More then once she felt strength escape her, as her body went down, impaling her poor, well-fucked cunt on the huge dick raping her in one thrust, making her cry out loud in pain and making Renekton sigh in pleasure. Hating herself for it, she hoped that the sound of her voice pleading, saying those awful things would make him cum in her. As she hated the very thought of being flooded with the cream that huge cock would produce, she desperately wanted this torment to be over. “I want it…” Poppy whispered again, almost sobbing.

“Tell him you love him,” Katarina’s mocked, pushing her hand between her legs, moving her fingers faster and faster, breathing and moaning heavily. “You love being used like a fucktoy. You love being a little cumdump, yordle trash.”

“Hey,” Kled protested.

“Shut up!” Qiyana snapped from somewhere behind her.

“I love being fucked! I love being your cumdump! Oh, please! I really do!” Poppy wailed. “I love it! Just… just cum. I love your cock in my hole… Please please please just cum…” I love you!” Her cries were fnally enough to push Renekton over the edge, making him impale her all the way to the womb and start cumming directly into it in the same moment that Katarina came, arching her lithe body, grabbing her tit with one hand and moaning.

Renekton shoved the yordle forward, and the defiled Poppy fell forward off his dick to the floor, white cum pouring out of her gaping cunt almost like a river. “Good fuck,” he growled.

“I’m glad you enjoyed her, sweetie,” Katarina breathed out from between gasps as she came down from her own climax, sighing with pleasure.

Kled walked up to her from behind, looking at her ruined cunt with dismay. He knelt behind her, and Poppy grunted softly as she felt his cock slide into her ravaged pussy. It felt kind of like him fucking a raw wound, but Kled growled in annoyance before kicking her hard between her legs, provoking a breathless scream from the ragdoll yordle. “Dagnabbit,” he growled. “Now how am I supposed to fuck that?”

“She had another hole, fool,” Veigar hissed from where he was pumping in and out of Tristana, looking at the defiled form of Poppy with obvious enjoyment.

“Well I reckon she does,” Kled agreed with a grin.

The sensation as the cruel yordle fighter beginning to push his cock into Poppy’s dry asshole made her moan in abject misery. Have him stick a actually spear might have hurt less. Ten minutes ago, it would have been more misery than she had ever been expecting. Now, it was just the cherry on top of the sea of agony that Renekton of introduced her to… the counter point of her horrendous violation. Somehow, she knew that probably every single man who raped her from now on would be using her ass… the way her cunt had been broken in, it would take a man of Renekton’s size to use it properly. She was broken. She was ruined… and that added a note of despair to the agony of her impaled as as Kled steadily forced his way further in.

Poppy’s battered cheeks were turning purple with bruising as Kled’s rod plowed ever deeper between them. The yordle wasn’t as huge as Renekton, he wasn’t even as thick as Qiyana had been, but he was more vicious in his use than either of them… forcing his savage rod to plow ever deeper between them. She gasped for breath, and let out a long pain-wracked moan. Kled’s dirty hands found her tits, unconcerned by the sperm still coating them, and squeezed hard as he fucked his way into her ass, every movement sending fresh waves of pain through her body and proving that she still hadn’t grown numb to the pain… if she ever would. Her insides quickly became chafed and sensitive, hurting with even the tiniest, gentlest of movements… and Kled didn’t make many of those.

Poppy gurgled pathetically, her strengthless legs jerking randomly as she was assraped, the thick shaft ripping her open as it sheathed itself again and again and again and again all the way into her bowels. She couldn’t tell how long he fucked her like that. The pain made her dizzy. She was pretty sure Veigar had fucked Lulu again, and Qiyana had decided to rape Tristana, before he finished, but she couldn’t remember… her vision was even blurry. The constant, throbbing agony in her womb, and the seed pooling them, reminded her that her heroic ambitions had been reduced to being a cumdump to earn tiny mercies for her friends.

When he finally came, growling hatefully in her hear, it felt like a spray of filth directly into her bowels. Poppy could feel the warm slime being forced deep into her guts, filling her up and soaking her insides.

Then he left, kicked her again, and walked away… making room for the next rapist. It was Veigar next. Then Qiyana. Then Kled again while she sucked Veigar. Then Reketon took her again while she screamed around Qiyana’s cock. And then…

Poppy was half dead by the time they were finished hours later. Soaked with cum, seeming made of more bruises than skin and bone and muscle, she could only lay there as Qiyana finally pushed her off her for the last time, leaving her to lay on the ground in a pile. Kled had gotten bored and wandered off more than hour ago, but Viegar had found ways to play with her and keep her screaming long after the impulsive, violent scrapper had left. At least… they mostly… weren’t hurting the two of them, anyway. That was what Poppy told herself. Every load they dumped into her body, each time they treated her battered body a meat to wrap around their cocks and masturbate, was one time they wouldn’t do it to her friends. She could do that much for then. She could do that much.

“It reeks in here,” a voice said, wry amusement filling her tone. Ahri.

Poppy slowly rolled over and blinked softly as the sight. It was the gumiho, alright… but she wasn’t alone. Evelynn, blonde and perfect and perfectly coiffed even when the sun had gone down hours ago, stood at the right… and before her knelt Lux. Her friend looked no worse for wear, she supposed… as long as you didn’t look in her eyes. They looked haunted, and far away, and very, very empty. On Ahri’s other side, Nidalee stood with a smirk on her face, holding a dog leash in her hand… that attached to a collar around Vi’s neck. The pink haired girl was naked, except for the brace around both of her forearms and wrists. She couldn’t bring herself to look at Poppy… instead she looked to the side.

“Three down,” Ahri said with a grin as she strode forward, picking up Poppy’s cum-stained chin and lifting her head up to look her in the eyes. “Tell me, little fuckable piece of trash. Did you have a good time? I warned you not to be brave, didn’t I?” She chuckled. “You should have stayed a coward. You might have lasted longer.”

“Please…” Poppy whispered. “Let my friends go…”

A slow smile spread Ahri’s face. “Who do you mean, I wonder? Do you mean these whores?” She gestured back at Lux and Vi. “Or did you mean those two tiny cumdumps tied to the desks?” She chuckled. “Either way, the answer is the same.” She leaned down further. “Noooo,” she whispered softly into one of Poppy’s heads.

“Trist… Lulu… they did nothing to you…” Poppy begged. “They didn’t even look at you. They’re innocent.”

“No one is innocent,” Ahri snapped, her eyes flashing with inner light for a second. “They didn’t tackle you to stop you. They didn’t beat you down the second you got the stupid idea in your head to stand up in that room. That’s enough for them to suffer for the rest of their lives.” She smiled a toothy smile. “Maybe the next time a stupid cumdump gets the idea to to get uppity, her friends will remember what happened to these whores, and knock some sense into the dumb slut before I have to. It’s for the best, really. In the long run, it might even be merciful.”

The golden eyes she was used to were gone… these eyes were glowing with inner pink-red light, shimmering with pleasure and intensity… and a depth of cruelty that Poppy had trouble imagining.

Ever since the first moment Poppy had met Ahri, she had hated the gumiho… or if not hated, at the very least she was disgusted by her. The woman was a vile bully, a cruel bitch, and overall a monster… but finally realized, far too late, that she had badly, badly underestimated the scale of that monster. She wasn’t the kind of monster that you fought, Poppy realized to her horror. She was the kind of monster you hid from… or if you couldn’t hide, you ran and hoped she found other prey more amusing. The moment she had chosen to fight this woman, she had doomed herself, her friends, and everyone who had stood with her.

Poppy began to weep.

“Oh, now don’t be like that…” Ahri cooed softly. “I’m not heartless. I can see through you like cum-smeared windows, blueberry.” She let go of her chin, and seemed to look around for a clean spot on her body to wipe her messy fingers. Not finding one, she thrust the fingers into Poppy’s mouth and scraped them off on her tongue. “You want to be a hero? I’ll give you an opportunity. You can even save these two if you do good enough of a job.”

A tiny fire of hope, something that she thought had been drenched in cum and extinguished hours ago, burned somewhere deep inside her. “Please… I’ll do anything…”

Ahri smiled. “I know you will, hero. I know you will…”

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  1. You can do it, Poppy! I believe in you! 🙂

    Excellent content in this one, as usual. The description of Lux’s abandoned room was nicely chilling, as was the brief glimpse of the poor girl. And Poppy was beautifully demolished, even if I still have faith in the blue pipsqueak.

    Somebody really ought to teach all these folks about karma… 😉


      1. Stupid League of Legends having a million different character names ヽ(ಠ_ಠ)ノ

        How about underdog? There a character with that name? Cause they got no fear of it, and it’s why they will not have a good time someday 😛


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