The Very Best

Scarlett woke up in her bed when her alarm went off. Groaning, she leaned over to slap the stupid thing and turn it off, rolling over and pulling the blanket more fully over herself. Yawning, she clung to the covers, soaking in the warmth they offered her… the morning was chillier than she would have liked, and the last thing she wanted to do was get out of bed. She’d already set her alarm to snooze four times, and she was seriously considering the merits of a fifth when she remembered what day it was.

In excitement, she kicked the covers off and practically skipped over to her dresser, yelping as she hopped from one foot to the other with how cold the floor was. “Ow, ow, ow,” she cried, abruptly and terribly awake as she grabbed her clothing before sitting back on the bed to put it on mercifully taking her feet off of the floor. Then, with a smile, she slipped her shoes on and raced out of the house, barely pausing to grab her bag on the way as she headed to the professor’s house. It was finally her day to pick.

She raced across town, dipping into the lab…

She left clutching a red and white ball like it was the single most precious thing in the world. It wasn’t the world’s most impressive Pokémon… most people considered them pests as best. Scarlett knew those people were fools. Pidgey wasn’t a pest… she was a noble animal. A friend. Her friend. Her best friend. Just holding the ball, feeling the warmth coming from inside of it, seemed to fill her body with that warmth as well. While leaving, though, she saw HIM. Drake, that asshole. He was tall, with spikey black hair and a black shirt over green pants, and he exuded a a threatening aura that had bothered her since she’d been old enough to first notice it. He was the same age as her, born on the same day, so of course he would get a chance to pick today as well… but that didn’t mean she looked forward to it. He had been bullying her since they’d been six… always making fun of her, pushing her around… no more! Not after today! He looked a bit older than her, but she supposed that wasn’t surprising… her mother had always said that cruelty aged a man prematurely. She was off in Cerulean City, working… Now that she could travel, it would be good to see her again!

To celebrate, she stuck her tongue out at Drake. Today was the end of the bullying. Normally, that kind of antic got him angry… today, he just gave her a small, odd kind of smile. Maybe he knew it was over, as well. She would have liked to rub it in his face… that from now on, she would be his rival, not his victim. From now on, she would give at least as well as she got.

She was going to be a real Pokémon trainer!

Drake smirked as he looked across the field of fallen Pokémon, eyes focused on the cowering form of Scarlett as she scooted backwards across the ground away from him in time with his steps forward. As fearsome as he could be, however, he doubted it was him she was running from… that honor probably belonged to his best friend. Zoroark strode just behind him, the fox’s red hair shimmering like fire as his eyes burned with the ever-present illusions he wrapped around the universe… he was the one she was afraid of, the way he was smirking at her with sharp teeth. She didn’t know enough to be scared of him, yet.

Each Zoroark has the ability to fool a large group of people simultaneously with their illusions.

Five of her Pokémon lay on the ground, knocked senseless by his own team… Zoroark had done most of the heavy lifting, like usual, but the others had helped. They were doing more work now. Galvantula was wrapping them up in webs, one at a time, as Ninetails and Luxray dragged them over to her. Already, oblong tombs of webbing marked the locations that Rapidash and Delphox had ended up, and a glimpse told him that Delcatty would be joining them in just a few seconds.

Scarlett’s back finally hit a tree, clutching at the unconscious body of her Pidgeotto. He couldn’t help but sneer. Always the useless Pidgeotto. Every time, it was always that one. He shook his head in disgust. He guessed that useless flocked with useless.

Scarlett looked up at him now that she was trapped, still holding her own best friend protectively… as if she thought he was going to try to steal it away from her. That made him smile. “There a little bit of you in there today, Scarlett?” he asked, continuing to step forward with Zoroark.

Her eyes hardened as she looked at him. “You beast!” she spat at him. “Why can’t you just leave me alone? I’ll get you next time, you bastard!”

Drake smirked. “Nope,” he said with a conceeding nod towards Zoroark, who almost looked offended at the idea that his illusion could have been failing. “Not a thing. She wouldn’t talk like that if she had anything in that empty head of hers.”

“We’ll fill it again soon,” Zoroark growled in agreement.

The look of surprise on people’s face when his best friend spoke never got old, but on Scarlett’s face is was especially precious. He wasn’t really speaking, of course… his body had many gifts, but the necessary vocal chords to make human words wasn’t one of them. He could, however, understand the language perfectly… and with that, making an illusion of the words was as effortless as breathing for the skilled Pokémon.

“I’ll beat you next time!” Scarlett said again, stronger this time. “I… I wasn’t ready this time, is all. I’ll teach you that you shouldn’t mess with people anymore!”

The idea made Drake laugh. Defeating her had been pathetically easy. Once, he had relished the process of taking her down… it had been his favorite part when he thought of overcoming the girl who dared to think of herself as a rival to him. The thought had long since lost its appeal, though. He had little doubt he could have taken her down with almost no effort, but why even try that hard? Instead, it was easier to just pay a few G to his friend in the Pokécenter in the last town and have him slip tranquilizers into the feed that they used to help her team rest. He was happy to do it, given the promise of a turn after he was done…

And why wouldn’t he want one? Scarlett was gorgeous… Her full brown hair with the green dyed tips cascaded down her back nearly to her ass, and no amount of modesty in her dress could hide the way it clung to her hips and waist, the way her breasts swelled beneath it. Her eyes were blue and bright — the perfect thing to look down at while her full lips were wrapped around your cock — and her cute face looked more like something you’d see in legends of angels than on women around the world. He couldn’t blame his contact for wanting to fuck her, no… he’d wanted to do it since he knew what fucking was.

His foot kicked the Pokéball on the ground towards Scarlett, sending it bouncing off her thigh. “Put the bird bitch away before I have to hurt her,” Drake commanded, making Scarlett jump. That reaction made his cock hard. No matter what Zoroark said… something in her knew. He was sure of it. Something in her knew exactly what to expect… and that made the anticipation all the better.

By the time Scarlett complied, all her Pokémon were captives. Pidgeotto was trapped in her ball, exhausted and hurt. Rapidash, Delphox, Vaporeon, Delcatty, and Tsareena were all webbed up and helpless. Scarlett was surrounded by him and his friends… some of the most skilled and angry Pokémon he had put together for his team. A Ninetails as white as the driven snow stood on one of her flanks, while Lycanroc waited on the other side. Galvantula climbed up into the tree, behind and above her, while Houndoom and Luxray prowled closer from the front. Zoroark, of course, stood with Drake in the back, smiling as they looked on the cowering, terrified girl before them.

“So,” Drake said with cold casualness. “Shall we get started then?”

Scarlett’s mouth hung open, gasping for breath as she bounced in place, railed by Drake’s thick cock. It was a tight fit in that snug little cunt, but he made it fit… and she was happy to help him. Her fingers dug so far into the skin around her vulva that it became white, and she pulled herself open for him as hard as she could. Calling it kindness was a bit of stretch – Zoroark was deep in her head at this point, making her do it – but he appreciated the gesture anyway. There was always something so special about a woman inviting you in.

She hung there with her legs wrapped around his hips while he drove into her again and again… almost like she was eager to be filled, like she couldn’t wait for the next thrust into her gripping hole. In probably had more to do with the web that Galvantula had wrapped around her neck though, hanging her from the tree. Each time he thrust, the web went slack around her throat for just a second, letting her gasp in a second breath. The mere fact that his cock provided her the air she needed to live would have been more than enough to make him enjoy the process of fucking her, even if her body wasn’t so tight and rapable.

This Pokémon attacks with electrically charged webs to trap their prey. Opponents so shocked could be paralyzed for up to three full days and nights.

Being hung there, Scarlett’s back was completely exposed. While he was busy with her cunt and her perky little tits, he didn’t want the rest of her to feel left out… so he let Ninetails get to work on her. One after the other, tails lashed out like whips, streaking across her exposed skin. The furry tails crashing against her hard enough to make a cracking noise each time they slapped her vulnerable back, a rhythmic snap-snap-snap sound that had made her body flinch in time with it until the exhaustion and pressing need for oxygen had overridden her ability to respond. He could still feel the pain in her eyes each time she was whipped, and the fear and terror made his cock unbelievably hard inside her as he used her tight body to masturbate with.

Very smart and very vengeful. It is said to live a thousand years, and each of its tails is loaded with supernatural powers.

Left like that, though, Scarlett might get bored. After all, it was just the same torments over and over, the repeated struggle to breathe, the stretching as her pussy was stuffed and emptied over and over again, the slash of white tails across her back. He didn’t want that… so he let Lycanroc, Houndoom, and Luxray make sure it didn’t happen. The three Pokémon circled Scarlett while she was mated, watching with hungry eyes, and she couldn’t follow them all with her eyes. When out of her sight, one of them would take the occasion to hurt her. She would be looking one way, her eyes focused on Luxray, when all the sudden Lycanroc would slash his sharp mane against her from behind, opening a new cut on her ass. Scarlett would be looking the other way, trying to follow the knife-like stones woven into Lycanroc’s fur, when Houndoom would sear the skin on her thigh, a stark, burning agony that lasted and lasted. Scarlett wasn’t screaming, but that was probably more to do with the breathless gape of her mouth than her lack of pain.

The sharp rocks in its mane can cut like knives. Lycanroc wears its prey down by degrees before finishing them off.
The pungent-smelling flame that shoots from its mouth results from toxins burning within its body. If you are burned by the flames of a Houndoom, legends say the pain will never go away.
It’s golden eyes can clearly see through any object to track down its prey.

When he finally came for the first time, basting her insides with seed, the look in her eyes was almost begging for it… begging for him to cum. Well, he didn’t want to let her down, so after her clenching cunt squeezed him hard again, he took her in the ass instead. The way her eyes bulged almost had him cumming right there, and her young guts were even tighter than her cunt had been. To his pleasure, he found that the way she was whipped and burned and cut and electrocuted made her clench up just as well in this hole. Then, when he finished, he filled her eyes with horrified disbelief again as he stuffed himself back into her cunt for another round.

He did that over and over, using her body for his pleasure and amusement until he was tired of her. Only then did he cut her down and the real party got started.

While Scarlett lay on the grass with her arms and legs bound with webs, she had to watch while her friends were raped as thoroughly as she had been.

This Pokémon sleeps anywhere it wants without keeping a permanent nest. If approached as it sleeps, it will move somewhere else over fighting.

Delcatty yowled and shrieked her name in pain as she was mounted from behind. Houndoom had her neck in his mouth, scorching her back and legs as he pinned her to the ground, slamming his thick cock into her from behind. Her purple tail flailed, beating against his black fur and the boney armor ridges covering him, but nothing could dissuade him from using her as violently as he could… fucking her hard enough that the cat Pokémon was digging a furrow in the ground behind the force of him. The shrieking only took on a higher pitch with time as his knot swelled inside of her… and Scarlett knew exactly what that felt like. She had felt it grow and swell inside her own cunt until she felt sure she was going to burst, and when he came molten hot seed into her womb, it almost came as a relief… it would take minutes yet before the knot relaxed enough that he could pull out, but at least there was an end to that particular torment in sight.

Not that she had too much time to think about that small mercy… her abuse was far from over. Her ass was in the air, his tits scraping the ground as Lycanroc mounted her from behind, each movement of his body a stark agony that scraped either its claws or sharp rocks against her. As the hound, complete with his own horrible knot ready to make her miserable, climbed more fully on top of her, she held her breath. To Scarlett’s dismay, however, his throbbing, tapered cock began to push, not into her spunk-filled cunt, but into the tight grip of her asshole.

This Pokémon underwent a spontaneous mutation to grow fins and gills to let it live underwater. Vaporeon can freely control water.

She could only scream and stare forward as he started to fuck her, eyes looking for anything else. She almost wished she hadn’t. Vaporeon trembled weakly on the ground as Luxray raped her. She was almost unresponsive as the barbed cock of the violent cat stroked in and out of her far smaller body, making her belly swell grotesquely with each slam into her. If that was all that was happening to her poor Vaporeon, it would have been bad enough… but Luxray wasn’t satisfied with having a tiny blue fleshlight to fuck. Every time she stopped squirming sufficiently on his cock in a hopeless attempt to escape, he would shock her… sending thousands of volts coursing through her tiny form and making her tail flop desperately and try to wriggle away from the electric cat using her like a fucktoy.

Scarlett’s attention was stolen away as Lycanroc thrust into her with a violent buffeting of its hips, the wetness on his cock that she knew came from one of her own Pokémon’s holes easing the way into her tight rear. She could feel sharp, hard edges pressing against much of her back, her ass, her shoulders, and she shuddered in dread… knowing what was coming and being unable to stop it. Then, as if possessed by a mating frenzy, he growled and began to pump her with savage, devastating thrusts and filled and emptied her ass twice a second. Scarlett could do little but scream in pain and humiliation as the beast claimed her ass for his own, to the sound of laughter from Drake.

It gazes into the flame at the tip of its branch to achieve a focused state which supposedly allows it to see the future.

Drake, for his part, seemed quite amused by her plight… although more than a little bit distracted himself. Delphox squirmed beneath Drake as he fucked her. All of her fire smothered out beneath layers of web still binding her down, he nailed her pussy against the ground at least as hard as Lycanroc was fucking her. Delphox should have been screaming, but that was hard with Ninetails’ dick down her throat. Even with its knot swelling, she might have been able to resist, or at least catch a breath of air… if Ninetails hadn’t wrapped two of his strong tails around her neck, using them to throttling the gagging fox and hold her down while Master and Pokémon raped their prey together.

The savage wolf behind her panted hotly against her neck as he pounded into Scarlett’s tight, hot body. His slimy drool dripping down on her neck, mingling with the tiny streaks of her blood that his sharp mane was leaving on her skin. Her exquisitely tight rear was obviously giving the monster great pleasure, and she could do nothing to stop it as he thrust its thick, swelling cock deep into the humiliated trainer’s bowels with every powerful pump of his canine hips. Scarlett wept, tears streamed down her humiliated face as the pain of being so roughly fucked from behind and having to watch her friends, the Pokémon who had trusted her, being raped by her animal of a rival.

Because of its strong legs, Tsareena’s kicking moves are especially powerful. It steps on defeated opponents to accentuate its wins.

Zoroark was sat with crossed legs, Tsareena sitting on his lap with his thick dick buried inside of her, her long, strong legs wrapped around him as she stared unseeing into his face. The guard over her mouth had been pulled down, and the fox’s long tongue snaked out from between his sharp fangs, forcing its way between her lips. Scarlett could see her Pokémon gagging on it as it violated her like a small, slimy tentacle invading her mouth and throat, even as the hypnotized and controlled Tsareena rode Zoroark, seemingly aware of the pain of his huge dick splitting her but unable to stop her through through the illusions filling her mind.

Any ability that she had to pay attention to the suffering of others disappeared as she felt the knot in her asshole begin to swell. “No, no, no, no, no noooooooo!” she protested… but it was no more interested in hearing her words than Drake had been. Lycanroc tossed his head back and howled with wicked pleasure as Scarlett screamed. Her worlds exploded into agony, and all that she could feel was the base of his cock as it swelled into a thick, throbbing knot inside her rectum. Then he started to cum. Lycanroc tugged back with his hips slightly until his knot bulged against her sphincter from the inside, then dismounting to stand back to back with her, panting hotly as his knot plugged her tight asshole and keeping all of his hot seed inside of her as he sprayed more and more.

While Scarlett wept in distraction, she was brought back to awareness by a cock against her lips. Looking up, she could see the fluid-covered barbs of Luxray’s prick pressing against her lips. Behind him, she could just barely see that Ninetails had taken the cat’s place enjoying Vaporeon’s body, freezing her down to the ground before slamming its cock home.

As much as Scarlett longed to fight back, to not service the dick of the cruel beast that had just been raping her Vaporean, she knew by now how much of a lost cause that was. Her only choice was between being raped, or being abused until she allowed herself to be raped. Reluctantly, she opened her mouth and began licking the semi-soft cock that was soon going to be inside her.

The rape of her team continued. After a little while, Lycanroc’s cruel knot subsided, and it popped out of Scarlett’s violated ass. A trickle of seed followed as she gaped open for a few seconds. Her anus had only just tightened back into a closed pucker when Luxray strutted around her, and she unconsciously clenched as he leaped on top of her. It did no good at all. Luxray’s cock began to spread her greased rear once more, giving a leonine roar as he claimed her for a mate. It felt like being fucked with sandpaper… especially when he drew back. Luxray thrust wildly, his tail lashing the air while he snarled, occasionally nipping her exposed shoulders with his fangs while he abused her goey, slime-stuffed asshole.

“Luxray… use discharge.”

She had only a second of horror before electricity filled her, searing through her body through every point their bodies met, including the cock swelling in her butt. Her limbs all collapsed beneath her, dropping her to the ground as she twitched and spasmed, her body clenching on him and making the barbs on his cock hurt even more… and the whole time he kept fucking her, not slowing down in the slightest even as every muscle in her body screamed with agony.

Slowly, bolts of static flickering between her finger tips in the wake of the shock, she managed to look up at see Drake smiling at her as he fucked Tsareena from behind… but his eyes were all for her. “You… bastard…” she whispered.

“You’re right…” he said between grunts, her Pokémon’s tight asshole milking him in the same way that her own was squeezing Luxray’s. “I didn’t let that go on for nearly long enough. Luxray, use discharge again.”

Scarlett screamed as electricity poured through her again, racing through her veins like a swift-flowing river of pain. It consumed every experience, every thought, every sensation of her mind and body both, momentarily erasing everything she was and replacing it with pain and helplessness as her muscles locked up and couldn’t obey even the simplest of commands, those to escape the burning agony entering through her ravaged guts.

When Luxray finished electrocuting her, Scarlett’s tongue hung limply from her mouth, uncaring that it was buried in the dirt, uncaring of the way some of her sweat was steaming off her body from where the current had boiled it off. She could barely even feel the cock still sawing in and out of her, barbs and all… but she could Drake’s foul laughter and gibbering amusement, the barked and chuffed and cruelly intoned sounds of amusement from his Pokémon as they saw the state she had been reduced to. Scarlett lay limp in her webbed bonds and let out a wordless screech of frustration and grief and despair as Luxray continued to fuck her like a toy.

“That’s the way,” Drake chuckled. “Go ahead, boy. Use discharge again!”

“Nooooooooooo!” Scarlett wailed…

And then Luxray shoved all the way into her and his cock swelled and spat cum, another load of vile jizz gushing into her rectum as her face burned hot with shame at the way she was being used.

Drake laughed as he walked up, noting the way the seed poured out of her ravaged asshole as he yanked his cock out. From between her legs, Scarlett watched Luxray withdraw… and she caught a glimpse of something that looked almost like… shame… on the great cat’s face. That didn’t make any-

“That wasn’t quite the discharge I had in mind,” Nathan interrupted her thoughts with a chuckle. He stuck a finger in the river of cum pouring out of her, judging, then smirked and wiped it off on Scarlett’s lips. “But it sure was super effective.”

“So, this is the deal,” Drake was speaking to Rapidash.

Rapidash can usually be seen casually cantering in the fields. When this Pokémon gets serious, its fiery manes flare and blaze as it gallops up to 150 miles per hour!

The pony’s flame’s had been smothered in much the same way that Delphox’s had been… covered in so much webbing that they eventually went out. It hadn’t been easy… the fiery unicorn was a strong one, but even as the drugs wore off, he couldn’t stand up to being so completely restrained in web and shocked over and over and over again. He had needed to have Galvantula hold back… otherwise he would have paralyzed Rapidash completely for weeks, and he didn’t want that. For now, though, the fire was out, both in his mane and in his heart, resistance extinguished With time and energy, they would flare back to life…

But whether or not Drake let that happen was up to Rapidash.

“The way I see it, you have two options,” Drake explained. “In the first… I put you back in this.” He held up the familiar red and white Pokéball that Rapidash had come out of. The unicorn stared at it with an almost lustful longing… one that he was going to end in just a moment. Drake smirked. “You have a dick. That makes you fairly useless to my team. So what I’d usually do is, once you’re locked up here, I’ll get rid of you.” He pointed at over where Lycanroc and Houndoom were digging at the ground, making a pit. “I’ll drop you in and cover you up. Maybe, someday, someone will find you. Probably not. The ball you’re in will keep you alive pretty much forever… I’m not sure how long, exactly, but I know I’ll be long dead before it gives out. You’ll find out for yourself someday, buried beneath the earth to wait out the end of your life.”

Rapidash’s eyes were wide, and Nathan grinned. “But that’s just option one.” The Pokémon was definitely paying attention now, so he continued. “Just because my team can’t make use of you don’t mean we can’t use you. In option two, you join up with me.” He gave a smile, looking sideways over at Luxray… which was still reluctant to look at Scarlett or Rapidash. “You fuck that whore for me,” he pointed at the defeated Pokémon trainer. “You serve me from now on. Those are your choices.” He looked over at the deep pit. “Hurry up and pick.”

Then he pulled out the Pidgeotto ball and sighed. “And you…” he whispered to the sealed thing. “I’m not even going to ask. I already know what you’ll choose. You’re her favorite. You’d rather die, wouldn’t you? Just like all the rest.” He looked down into the pit… at dozens of other Pokéballs that already rested at the bottom. “You can rot,” he snarled. Then he dropped the ball in and turned back to Rapidash. “Now or never. Pick.”

Scarlett tried not to hate Rapidash for his choice. It was the only choice, after all… what else would she have done if she was in his place?

His cock wasn’t allowed anywhere near her… that, Drake warned, was a privilege for those who were worthy. Instead, he fucked her with his horn. Houndoom and Lycanroc each bit one of her ankles, holding her legs wide while Ninetails held her hands down. Rapidash, unwilling to look at Scarlett, had just lowered his head and let his horn slip into her cunt.

He tried to be gentle. There was no such thing. The conical weapon was utterly unyielding in a way that not even the hardest cock could match, and with each thrust he poked at her cervix with the almost-sharp tip. The pain of the violation, however, was secondary to the pain of the betrayal. This wasn’t just a Rapidash fucking her with its horn… it was her Rapidash… she had trained him, had travelled with him, had loved him and been friends with him, almost family… and now he was being used to violate her even more fully.

He wasn’t going to cum, obviously… which meant that her latest rape went on until Drake was tired with it. That mean that, while she was being stuffed and emptied and stuffed and emptied of Rapidash’s horn, he could explain the facts of life to the rest of her team.

“You lot had the misfortune of having a worthless bitch as a mistress,” Drake explain to the group of four webbed, cum-soaked Pokémon. “It might not be your fault… I suppose I could just let you go but…” he smirked. “That wouldn’t be very fair to these boys that did such a great job grinding you all into the dirt for me, would it?”

A grin creased his face. “And they really have made some wonderful advancements in Pokémon breeding recently,” Drake told them with a sadistic gleam in his eyes. He pointed at Delcatty first. “Congratulations. You get to be a chewtoy for Lycanroc and Houndoom until they manage to put something in your belly.” He rubbed the top of the exhausted, worn down cat’s head. “Don’t worry, I’m told you get used to the knots after a few months. And if you don’t, well… it’s no skin off my back. I look forward to seeing which one knocks you up first.”

He turned next to Delphox, her eyes glowing with internal fire still as cum, his cum, leak from her gaping quim. “You, well… I’ve always wanted to make some pretty fox babies. It’s so nice of Scarlett here to finally give me an opportunity. We’ll have to see what Ninetails can do with you. Maybe you can thaw his frozen heart and inspire some mercy…” He stroked his Ninetail’s head as he stepped forward to loom over the bound Delphox. “I doubt it, but it’s something you can aspire to, right? I’ve been imagining the cute fox cubs for years… don’t disappoint me, ok?”

Drake stood over Vaporeon next. “And you, little cute thing… well, you were sexy as hell shaking when Luxray shocked you. It would be a shame to deprive us of the enjoyment of watching that. From what I hear, you squirrel-things can be bred with just about anything… I’m looking forward to finding out if that’s true.” He looked over at where Rapidash was still horn-fucking Scarlett, and she tried to give him her best glare… but the pained look in her face probably made it pretty pathetic. “Once he finishes, he can have you too. Seeing a tiny thing like you stuffed full of horsecock will be a great sight.”

Then he stood over Tsareena, rage boiling in her eyes. She was straining against her bonds, flexing and unflexing… but Scarlett could see that she was wrapped up in nearly twice the webbing at the others. “And you. You, you, you… I have good and bad news for you, doll.” He put one finger under her chin, lifting her up to meet his eyes while she kept thrashing. “The good news is that, well, you aren’t compatible with any of mine. Nothing here can breed you.” The grin on his face stretched horrifyingly as Galvantula grabbed onto her and began to wrap her in even more webbings, occasionally shocking her through it just for fun. “The bad news is that Galvantula doesn’t need a mate. She just needs a nice, warm body to hold all the eggs for her.” He smiled at Tsareena as she waswas dragged off. “By the time these other things have a baby or two, you’ll have had thousands! You should be proud!” he yelled.

Then he walked back over to Scarlett and pressed the Pokéball against Rapidash. “Enough,” he commanded. The fiery unicorn eagerly vanished back into the ball with one last apologetic look at his former trainer, and Scarlett boiled with the indignity of it.

“You won’t get away with this!” she protested, even as tears ran down her cheeks. “Even if you get rid of me… someone will find out what you did. They’ll catch you, and punish you, and… and…” Scarlett trailed off as her bully began to laugh.

“Won’t get away with it?” he said, laughing from deep in his belly as Zoroark walked up to him, holding a tiny book… a photo album. Drake wiped tears away from his eyes as he took it, cracking it open and letting her see its contents. “That’s what you say every time.”

The album was full of pictures of… her. Faces of hers. Pictures of her body… just like this. Bruised. Battered. Cut. Burned. Splashed with cum. Horror-filled, hollow eyes. As he flipped through the book, she saw more of them, dozens of pictures of herself… and of other raped Pokémon. A Gardevoir. A Lilligant. A Lopunny. A Meloetta. A Roserade. A Primarina… and that picture had Luxray bound up in the background, the same Luxray that had been raping her! Another Vaporeon, just like her own, along with a Leafeon and Glaceon. And more and more and more and…

She looked at him, and then blinked at he took a picture, laughing. “Perfect,” Drake said, smirking to himself as he began shaking the polaroid. “Me and Zoroark have a disagreement, you see… He think you look the same every time. But me… I’m completely convinced that every single time you look a little more terrified, a little bit weaker and more pathetic. He slotted her picture into a new page, along with already taken pictures of her team raped and covered with seed.

“What…” she protested. “What is going on?”

Drake stood over her, meeting her eyes. “You really are a dumb one, huh? That’s ok, I never get tired to explaining it to you.” He smiled. “You think this is the first time we’ve done this? Think you might be getting your start as a Pokémon trainer a little later than usual? When we’re done, you’re going to start over again… Back to the wreck you think is a home, off to bring us another batch of your best friends to rape because you were an arrogant little slut.”

Scarlett gasped. “I… I won’t do it!” she screamed. “I’ll tell everyone! I’ll-”

He slapped her, still laughing. “You may have noticed,” he said softly, “That I didn’t give Zoroark here your pretty Delphox to keep. That because he prefers a different kind of mate… and he prefers fucking your head to even the tightest cunt. When we’re finished with you… we’re going to put you back at the beginning with no memory. You’re not going to remember a god damn thing. And I’m going to have to explain this to you all over again to watch the blood drain from your face again.” He laughed. “Just… like… that…”

Zoroark leaned down at met her eyes, his own seemingly impossibly deep as he stared into her. “It normally takes us a few days to turn you into a useless, slobbering wreck,” his illusionary voice told her. “Do me a favor and try to last a little longer this time, would you? You’re so much fun to break…”

Days later, Drake relaxed against the headboard of the bed as Zoroark let his cock slip from Scarlett’s mouth. “Hmm, that’s a good pet,” he told her. “I think you’ve earned a break. Just look at the state of you…” He laughed, a dark, growling chuckle. “In fact, see for yourself. Why else would there be a mirror here? What else do you think it’s for, right next to the bed, if not to make you see what you’ve become?”

Slowly, Scarlett turned. Her eyes were dull, glazed over, but she still seemed to have a hard time looking at her reflection in the mirror… hard enough that Zoroark grabbed her hair and tilted her up, forcing her to look at herself. “That’s right, get a good look. I’m sure this reflection is very different from what you’re used to seeing.”

It really was, too. Scarlett’s gorgeous body was exposed for his pleasure. Her skin soaked with sweat and tears, cunt dripping seed onto her inner thighs. Half healed cuts and burns covered almost every inch of her, along with who knew how many bruises. She was a work of art. “Do you think the kind and respectable girl, the brave idiot girl who thought she was a real Pokémon trainer, would recognize this ravaged creature in the mirror?”

Scarlett was silent, of course. Zoroark laughed. “Of course she wouldn’t. But here’s the truth… this is what I’ve seen you like all along. You’re finally getting a look at the real you, buried down beneath all the lies I’ve woven for you. Covering it up each time is a shame… like hiding a masterpiece beneath a whitewash… but I have to admit I see Drake’s point. Peeling it back each time and revealing who you really are beneath all the lies is almost like a strip tease.”

By now, her eyes were dull and hollow… her holes gaping open, stretched by his knot and dripping. There was little left of her but a sextoy now. She had been fun to reduce gradually back to this state, turn her back into the fucktoy she had always been after the lies. She hadn’t know, not consciously… but beneath that all, her subconscious might have had some general idea. Scarlett was simply unwilling to acknowledge the truth of who she was, her worthlessness, what they had turned her into. It made recreating the illusion easy, to have that base to build from.

She was easier to break each time. This time, it had only taken two days to make her surrender her consciousness willingly enough… but there was still a little bit left inside of her. One last shred of resistance that she refused to give up without a fight. That’s was Drake’s present to him… he let Zoroark be the one to shatter that and show her just how thoroughly broken her mind had become.

“Spread your legs,” the dark fox ordered. And Scarlett obeyed, sitting on the bed with her legs spread wide, flesh bared exclusively for his pleasure, staring into the mirror with those empty eyes. “Look at that,” he said, pointing at the way her mouth hung slightly open… drooling a bit of seed that had pooled there from when she had made him cum just moments ago. “Your body knows what it’s good for. It’s telling me what your brain can’t… to fill you with cock.”

Zoroark stroked her hair, and enjoyed that way that Scarlett’s body shivered when his claws brushed against her scalp. “When I let you have control over yourself again… when I let you hide it all behind the delusion that you’re still a person and not a fucktoy… how does your mind fill in the gaps?” he asked her with amusement. “You always go back to the same lie… that you’re an independent woman. A worthy trainer and not a broodmare.”

He stroked one claw over her cheek as the illusionary voice continued. “You can rationalize it to yourself however you like. The girl that thought that she could be the best is long gone… and in her place stands a hollowed out, worthless human slut that exists only for the pleasure of obedience. The subservient little bitch. My plaything.” Zoroark chuckled again. “Isn’t that right? You know what you are, Scarlett… and so do I.”

Then he slapped her. “Are you still listening, fuck toy?” He grabbed onto a fistful of her hair, just to make sure, tilting her head to look at him. Her eyes fluttered uselessly in her empty skull, and it made his cock twitch. Good enough. “Nope,” he growled happily. “You’re just gone, jizzrag. You can’t even respond properly without me. I just have to grip your hair tighter and move your head up and down like a puppet.” His illusionary voice took onto a difference tone… higher, sharper, becoming a copy of Scarlett’s own. “Yes, Sir. No, Sir. Fuck me, Sir. I am a brainless cum dump, Sir.”

Zoroark let go of her hair, and her head sagged down. “You really are a beautiful toy for me to play with. So helpless to stop me if… say… I want you to choke on my fingers.” He paused as he stuffed two of them all the way down her throat. She started gagging… she always gagged. “You like that, don’t you fuck doll? You like what the lack of air does to your drooling little cunt?”

His other hand slapped the back of her head. “Should I just grab your throat and stuff my fingers deeper?” He grinned as she kept gagging… and then he leaned into her until his snout was directly against her ear, meeting her empty eyes through the mirror. “No… I think the real question is this. How much would you cry and beg me to stop if you could? If you were still in there?” A smiled spread across his face, showing plenty of sharp teeth. “Lean into it,” he commanded. “Choke yourself on my hand.”

Scarlett didn’t hesitate. The fucked-out, brain-numb girl tilted her head forward, pressing against his fingers as they dug deeper… feeling his nails scrap inside her throat, feeling her throat start clenching on the long, strong fingers. “Yessss,” he hissed. “Just like that. Such a helpless little plaything. You are allowed the oxygen in your lungs by my will alone. You know how easily I can take it away.”

Zoroark bit her ear lobe, making Scarlett flinch slightly. “And the best part?” he growled into her ear. “You won’t even argue with me if I do. You won’t resist. You’ll thank me for it right up until you gasp your last breath and your eyes roll back as you die, wouldn’t you?” His cruel laughter filled her mind as he kept speaking. “I’m your god, pathetic thing. The only thing that controls your body are my words. You breathe when I say so. You cum when I want you to. You die when I say you can.”

He held there for another thirty seconds, until he saw her eyes start rolling back in her head. Only then did the fox Pokémon withdraw his fingers, letting her start gasping while he licked her neck. “Yes… Breathe,” he whispered to her. “Suck every last ounce of air into your body. You’re going to need it.”

He waited while she gasped in air, her unfocused eyes watching her breasts bounce as she took deep, heaving breaths, trying to fill her lungs again. He casually played with one of those tits while she did, his nails tracing red lines on it as he scraped harder than was really necessary. Then, well before she was finished catching her breath again, he stood, the movement of his body sending her sprawling down onto the floor. “On hands and knees. Now.”

Slowly, gracelessly, Scarlett moved to obey. She wasn’t reluctant… she didn’t seem like she could even understand reluctance anymore. It seemed like the empty-headed slut simply required an inordinate amount of thought to figure out how to move her limbs to obey, how to gather enough strength to support her body. Pathetic. In the wild, she would have been eaten as a cub. At last, however, she was on all fours… like Houndoom or Luxray or Delkitty. Lesser creatures, far below him.

Zoroark smirked. “Lovely,” he said softly. “I’m tired of you. You can go.”

A look of confusion crossed her face, and he couldn’t help but laugh. The whore was trying to understand. Trying to process the idea of being allowed to go. Of her never-ending torment ending. Trying to understand such a foreign concept… and failing. “Here, I’ll help,” Zoroark promised. “Try to leave. Remember that happy, innocent, idiotic little not-yet-whore you like to pretend you are? Let just a bit of her consciousness crawl back into your vacant head. Just enough to let her see…”

Zoroark matched his illusion to his words… stopping some of the hypnotic effect. Loosening his grip on her a little bit. Enough to let the lie of who she thought she could be fill her with a healthy dose of fear and panic. He enjoyed watching what happened in her eyes… the moment when the gravity of her own degradation started to sink in. The moment when she was forced to relive not just what had happened to her over the past days, but the past years… every single time they had done this to her. The promise of every time in the future…

Scarlett’s body began to shake, shivering violently. Then, with one trembling arm, she managed to take a single step towards the door.

Zoroark laughed. “Look at that… one step! Good effort! I’m impressed!” He leaned down and whispered as she struggling to raise a second limb. “Of course… if you make it more than… oh, say… five… I might just have to break your fingers and toes and see if you can keep going…” He looked down at her. “Why have you stopped? Keep going… if you can.”

Scarlet took a second step. It was smaller than the first, and her body shook so hard Zoroark expected her to fall over. He didn’t think she would have a third in her… he shook his head in amused disappointment. “I shouldn’t have to tell you this, little human slut, but… why haven’t you tried to scream?”

If there was any chance that Zoroark wouldn’t be fucking her again soon, it died with the sound that came out of her mouth then. A pathetic attempt as a cry. A helpless, moaning wail, bereft of hope, empty of life. The sound was like music to his cock. Anyone hearing that wouldn’t interpret it as a cry of distress… it sounded more like a braindead whore getting fucked hard with no interest in stopping.

He knelt behind her, his ramrod stiff cock pressed against the entrance to her inflamed asshole as he began to push inside, her cumslick hole yielding easily to his invasion.

From on the bed, Drake finally spoke up. “That’s the plaything we love,” he said, a smile evident in his tone. “I think we’re about ready to get started again… you, buddy?”

Zoroark nodded once as he began to fuck her. Then he grabbed her hair and pulled her up, cupping one breast to hold her in place as he spoke into her ear one last time. “I’m not going to give you a countdown, whore… you probably can’t count, anyway. When I cum… you are going to forget everything. You are going to go to sleep and lose yourself again. Just like always. When you wake up… you’re free to believe anything about yourself you want. Be who you think you are. Be the hero of your own story… and I’ll be seeing you soon.”

She let go another of those tiny, pathetic wails as he forced his swelling knot inside her stretched asshole, but he didn’t even slow down in fucking her, stretching out her insides and using her as hard as he could. “Give me more! Deeper! Harder!” he mocked again in her voice. “Pathetic.” Zoroark raped her with cruel thrusts, enjoying the way her body gave some tiny resistance to him once again… and he felt that resistance die on his dick, felt her asshole give in and just clench for dear life on his knot in desperate submission. “Going to cum…” he growled at her. “Say goodbye to the world again, Scarlett. I’ll miss you… you really are the very best fucktoy that anyone ever was. Let that be final thought that sends your eyes rolling back in your empty little skull. See you in a few months!”

Scarlett tried to scream a third time… then she felt the cum splash against her insides like molten lead, like a sanity-destroying drug that washed away reality, leaving nothing but darkness in its wake. Her eyes gleamed for a moment, trying to stay awake, trying to stay together… Then they glazed over and collapsed limp to the ground, boneless, motionless, unconscious as his seed filled her, kept in place by the thick knot plugging her up, clogging her body as the world vanished utterly.

Zoroark and Drake laughed.

Scarlett woke up in her bed when her alarm went off. Groaning, she leaned over to slap the stupid thing and turn it off, rolling over and pulling the blanket more fully over herself. Yawning, she clung to the covers, soaking in the warmth they offered her… the morning was chillier than she would have liked, and the last thing she wanted to do was get out of bed. She’d already set her alarm to snooze four times, and she was seriously considering the merits of a fifth when she remembered what day it was.

In excitement, she kicked the covers off and practically skipped over to her dresser, yelping as she hopped from one foot to the other with how cold the floor was. “Ow, ow, ow,” she cried, abruptly and terribly awake as she grabbed her clothing before sitting back on the bed to put it on mercifully taking her feet off of the floor. Then, with a smile, she slipped her shoes on and raced out of the house, barely pausing to grab her bag on the way as she headed to the professor’s house. It was finally her day to pick.

She raced across town, dipping into the lab…

While leaving, though, she saw HIM. Drake, that asshole. He was tall, with spikey black hair and a black shirt over green pants, and he exuded a a threatening aura that had bothered her since she’d been old enough to first notice it. He was the same age as her, born on the same day, so of course he would get a chance to pick today as well… but that didn’t mean she looked forward to seeing him. He had been bullying her since they’d been six… always making fun of her, pushing her around… no more! Not after today! He looked a bit older than her, but she supposed that wasn’t surprising… her mother had always said that cruelty aged a man prematurely.

To celebrate, she stuck her tongue out at Drake. Today was the end of the bullying. Normally, that kind of antic got him angry… today, he just gave her a small, odd kind of smile. Maybe he knew it was over, as well. She would have liked to rub it in his face… that from now on, she would be his rival, not his victim. From now on, she would give at least as well as she got.

She was going to be a real Pokémon trainer…

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