Hunters Fall 8 – Zebes

There were no windows in the tiny, lightless cell that they had turned her former quarters into, but Samus didn’t need them to know where she was. The way the gravity on the ship changed, growing heavier than Terran standard, told her everything she needed to know. She would have recognized this feeling anywhere… it felt like home.

The ship had entered the atmosphere of Zebes.

Sure enough, it wasn’t more than an hour before Quazzt and Lieutenant Tsallit came for her. Samus felt like she should have been laying in wait for them… hidden by a door, clutching the heaviest thing she could find… but she was just too tired. Too beaten down. Too weak and pathetic. Instead, she lay limply on the bed, waiting. Once she had had a plan… once, she was going to wait for her armor to be repaired before she was going to escape.

Samus was pretty sure she’d waited too long.

Samus was widely considered the most capable woman in the galaxy. She’d gone toe-to-toe with more galactic threats than just the ones everyone knew about. She’s clashed with the imperialist space pirates hundreds of times, and in fact had been the spearhead of the effort to conquer their homeplanet. She tracked the Metroids to their home planet and hunted them to (almost) extinction, and she’d even saved all known life in the galaxy from the threat of Phazon. In the process of that, she had fought a superior-equipped psychic copy of herself… twice. Every other bounty hunter she had ever met talked about her in whispers, venerating her with overblown tales of her heroics, and even the Galactic Federation, usually loathe to work with anyone who had left their ranks, still hired her specifically for critical tasks.  knew to summon her for their most dire situations.

And now she was just a whore.

She didn’t even try to resist as the two insect-bird-lizard aliens roughly grabbed onto her and dragged her from the room, and out of her ship. She felt numb to the Space Pirates. Even seeing Ridley, the monster that had killed her mother, failed to provoke more than a brief moment of rage before despair swallowed it.

And as she was tossed down before the pirate general, the dragon-thing laughed at her. “I knew you would give her a rough time,” he said with a crocadilian smile, “but the bitch looks half dead. Hard to believe this fucked out piece of meat was the thing that caused us so much trouble for years.” He sneered down at her. “And to think this little bitch managed to kill me” Ridley leaned down at her, put one clawed hand on her head, and began to squeeze. “There won’t be another time, hunter-whore.”

Samus felt like her head was about to split… crushed like a grape and destroyed. She would have welcomed it. Instead, he used his grip to shove her down to the floor on her face, forcibly raising her ass in the air. Then, in one brutal motion, Ridley shoved his dick against her ass with such force that it tore right into her in a single second.

Samus’ eyes widened in shock. She had taken plenty of horrible things in her ass, something she never would have even considered in her most horrifying dreams before a month ago, but nothing like Ridley’s enhanced alien cock. She threw her head back, her plump lips parting and releasing an anguished scream that transformed into a choking gurgle as Ridley’s cock sunk deeper inside her asshole, seeming to fuck the very air out of her. He gave her still-tight hole no time to adjust to his massive size, but began ravishing her immediately… the pistons built into his assembling hammering it deeper even as his hips joined the effort.

Maybe a  month ago, she wouldn’t have been so pathetic. Maybe a month ago, she wouldn’t have given her mother’s murderer the satisfaction of know how much it hurt. A month ago, she hadn’t been raped and starved and beaten and broken. Samus still tried so hard to choke back the noises sliding from her lips, gritting her teeth so hard that they ached in her efforts to not show any signs of weakness… but she screamed anyway. Her asshole was way too tight to fit Ridley’s raping thick, disgusting behemoth of a cock, and even the tiniest, most gentle movement would have been a source of infinite agony to the bounty hunter… and gentle didn’t seem to be the pirate general’s vocabulary. Instead, her asshole stretched to the limit around that crushing shaft and clenched rhythmically in an attempt to force it out of her ass in a desperate bid for survival.

Every time that bulldozer of a cockhead bottomed out inside her and began to pull back, she could feel it leaving gooey precum inside her, thick and slimy wads of it the size of a normal pirate’s cumshot, and the sensation could help but make Samus shudder in disgust each time. Her fingers clawing at the carved stone, chozo stone, beneath where her ship had been landed, seeking any purchase that might help her force that huge monster cock out of her tight asshole as he made her asshole as tight a fit for him as any condom would be. With each thrust, Samus could feel the dragon-monster massive balls slapping against her cunt, and it felt almost like they were punching her so heavy and ready were they. Despite herself, her brain couldn’t help but conjure the image of Ridley spending a month flying her ship through space to get here, knowing she was being raped just inside and unable to reach her… his cock perpetually hard and waiting, his balls filling with legions of sperm squirming and writhing as they wanted to be injected into her. As repulsive and painful as the sensation of being raped by a cock his size was, stretching her insides to the point that Samus struggling to even breath… knowing just how much the monster was enjoying it, how much he had been looking forward to it, stung almost as much.

Bent over her, Ridley licked up the side of her face, slamming into her as he did to pull another wretched, choking cry from her lips and let his serpentine tongue dance inside her mouth for a moment. Then he drew back before his cybernetically augmented hips slammed forward again and again, skewering her on his girthy cock as he raped her with increasing viciousness while her screams were gagged by his cock-thick tongue. Over and over, Ridley’s brutal, rapid-fire thrusts filled her and emptied her and filled her and emptied her while the watching pirates laughed and cheers, the sounds competing against the sloppy smacking sounds of that depraved assrape. Ridley’s cock jackhammered inside Samus’ bowels with such force that her asscheeks rippled and some of the precum he was forcing into her was dripping out on the backthrusts, coating her thighs and drooling down to pool between her gorgeous legs. Each vicious slam seem to molded and reshape her asshole to match his cock as she clawed at the ground to try and pull herself away, so overwhelmed by the pain of having the tight depths of her asshole explored by a monstrous cock that she couldn’t even think clearly enough to realize how pointless and pathetic her attempts her. Her eyes nearly rolled up in her skull with each thrust, while agonized moaning was the only sound that escaped her stuffed mouth until Ridley at last ended the obscene, claiming kiss.

Ridley grabbed Samus’ ponytail in one massive claw and used it to yank her head back, forcing her to arch her back so that he stared down at her beautiful, agonized face. “Give me one of her whips,” he ordered the pirates. Samus only caught a glimpse of Tsallit pulling her plasma-whip off her belt and handing it to Ridley, but she couldn’t help but notice as it burned to life. And then he… grabbed onto the plasma lash itself, wrapping his armored talon around it as he quickly wrapped the whip around her neck.

Absolute agony, pain more intense than any of the legendary torments of hell or Tartarus, raced through Samus. Normally, the whip touched her skin for mere moments, the neuralizing effect of the plasma-lash more than enough to convey a paralyzing burst of suffering in even that short time. Now, he wrapped it tightly around her neck until she began to choke on it, and the contact was maintained for first a few seconds, then a few more, then a few more. Samus couldn’t breath, but even the pain of that was insignificant compared to the agony racing through her nerves… agony that she knew couldn’t last… any second now, he would turn the thing off. Her whip wasn’t meant to be used like this, for this kind of extended pain. He had to turn the thing off!

He didn’t.

Ridley began fucking her even more savagely in turn while watching her gorgeous features devolve into nothing but an animal mess of pain. He used her plasma whip like a pair of reins to rape her insides even more brutally. Ridley’s cock swelled obscenely inside Samus’ constricting hole, letting her know just how much the monster was enjoying her suffering as he watched her thrash and gurgle and choke and scream as she was simultaneously choked, raped, and had every nerve set on fire. Samus felt that she had finally gone mad. She nearly passed out from the pain, her entire heartbeat matching to the sickening “slap-slap-slap” of Ridley’s thrusts into her… and she cursed her chozo-blood for not just letting her pass out and die. She cursed herself for ever having attacked Ridley and making an enemy of himself. She cursed the Chozo for saving her from K-2L so that she hadn’t died with her family. Most of all, however, she cursed, and hated, herself.

Her limbs jerked wildly for a long moment before Ridley stopped yanking for just a second, allowed his prey a tiny measure of mercy while his cock slide out of her stretched out anus, taking a moment to listen to the sweet sound of her breathless groan of pain. Then he yanked back as he rammed into her again, staring into her face the whole time while she resumed her strangling. “This is what you are, hunter,” Ridley growled. “Nothing… at all… but three holes… and a pair of tits… a weak, chattel race… good for nothing… but exploitation…” She could feel his cock swelling inside her, and preyed that it meant the was about to cum and her torment would be over… but while her fucked out depths wrapped around his cock and squeezed him like a python, he seemed almost immune to his need to cum, fucking her until he decided she had had enough. Samus’ entire world had vanished into agony, the overwhelming torrents of pain and disgust that permeated her scrambled mind overwhelming her as pain shot down her spine from the plasma whip and up it from her raped ass, him pistoning in and out of her even as she choked and her punishment began to reach a savage, sloppy crescendo.

“I’m actually disastisfied you broke so easily,” Ridley growled. “I thought you a warrior.” His face sneered down at her as he continued slamming into her. “I should have known better. Just another worthless human.” His tongue slide across her face possessively. Samus tried her best to scream, but her spasms merely stuffed Ridley’s cock even deeper inside her until she felt it twitching menacingly inside her guts. Samus was driven so insensate that she couldn’t even think. It was like a bomb exploding deep within her, tearing her apart from the inside as she clawed futility at the ground in a hopeless attempt to escape.

He loosened the whip again, just enough to let her gasp in once. Then he resumed again.

Samus was far too overwhelmed with exhaustion and hunger and pain and abject humiliation to summon up any resistance to fight back any longer. Her pain-wracked body suffering through nearly an hour anal rape before Ridley at last stuffed her bowels full with his throbbing cock and flooded her with a sicking geyser of hot cum deep into her fucked out depths. By then, it felt like her asshole had been warped into the shape of his dick, clinging lewdly to that ejaculating behemoth… a perfectly broken in hole for the space pirate general to rape at will.

When he pulled out, she lay there, not moving. “I’m done with the hunter,” Ridley snarled.

“Is she dead?” Kryzzk questioned obsequiously. Dimly, Samus felt sure he was disappointed by the thought he might not be able to rape her again.

“Not yet,” Ridley said with a laugh. “And I don’t want her to become so just yet. “Take her to the medical bay. Ensure that her wounds are healed. After the trouble she’s caused us, she deserves a much more humiliating demise than just this.”

Devastated, wounded, and too damn exhausted and pained to manage any resistance, her Chozo-enhanced body still clung to life. Samus woke strapped down to a gurney, the squeak of an annoying wheel sounding as she was pushed down the halls of a Space Pirate Research Facility. Light shone brightly in her eyes, nearly blinding her, but she could still see more of her surrounding than she wanted to… she would have recognized these halls anywhere. Chozo architecture… and not matter how much they changed it, she could place exactly where she was. She had walked these corridors a thousand times growing up. Tourian. She was home.

Samus felt herself being moved, rolled along down a hallway.  Her body still felt like it was being held together by tape and hope, but it wouldn’t have mattered… the strap holding her down were on too tight to squirm free from, even if she were perfectly healthy and she could tug on them in earnest. None of the pirates she recognized were there… three new ones stood over her, rolling her along, all-too-familiar leering expressions on unfamiliar faces staring down at her. Banging through a door set at the end of the hall, Samus was wheeled into what she had little doubt would be the site of her next tortures.

Samus was put in a grisly-looking bay, and looking left and right, her heart sank as she saw pieces of armor and husk and shell she recognized. Ridley. She was in the facility where… they had rebuilt him. Where they had replaced flesh with robotics, cloned organs, and new weapons. Tears of self loathing ran down her cheek as she cursed herself for a fool yet again.

She’d killed Ridley… more times than she could easily remember, but that miserable bastard just kept coming back… and each time, he was more dangerous. Still she had fought him, each time. She should have known better… there had been warnings. Despite all of the times Samus had stood victorious over Ridley’s mangled, ripped apart corpse, the space pirate general had never once looked at her with real fear – simply contempt, amusement, and hatred. He had known, even back then, that he was no threat to her. And he had been right, hadn’t he? Each time she had faced him, she had won… but been unable to finish him. And each time she faced him, Ridley had grown stronger. It didn’t seem to matter what sort of augmentations or upgrades she had made last time… each fight had always been closer, each had always pushed her to her limits and beyond… and this time, this time he had grown too strong to handle. Deep down, Samus had always known that would happen. That thought terrified and infuriated her… but she hadn’t heeded it. And now she was paying the price, like an idiot.

Two pirate out of armor stood over her. Without even the military uniforms bands that her rapists about the ship had worn, the space pirate Science Team members looked even more like strangely chitinous birds, and the two of them began working on the bound blonde. A few especially painful points on her skin were marked. They drew blood from her in a dozens places, and disregarding the shriek of pain one of them cut a flesh sample free from Samus with a scalpel before putting all the medal samples carefully into new bags. What was left of her ponytail had come undone when Ridley had yanked on it, and rogue strands to cling to her forehead and the sides of her face… the pirates puled it away from her as they forced her to open her mouth and shoved something into it, stopping her from closing it. Then they stepped back and the real work began. Automated medical drones whisked a monitoring cloak over her nude form and thousands of tiny nanomachines got to work repairing the burns, the cuts, the scrapes, and the other injuries that more than a month of violent rape had inflicted on her. The Pirate at the medical bed’s control panel tapped in some more specific directions for the machine… and then Samus caught just a glimpse of what was coming.

Silver, metallic, and seemingly almost slimy in how they glistened, some robotic tentacles called mechadendrites rose up around her before driving upon Samus’ vulnerable body. Any sound she might have made was immediately muffled as the first of them dove into her mouth and down her throat. Samus groaned, eyes bugging out as the cold metal thing slid into her easily, making her gag. It tasted… alien, like salt and something acidic, whatever lubricant it was covered in immediately coating her lips and throat. It pulsated between her teeth, and she need to widen her mouth further… the unyielding steel could rip her teeth right out of her head if she tried to bite it. Her throat bulged as the thing invading it pulsed, over and over. Samus groaned, feeling it pushing something… into her, coating her with something. The mechadendrite swelled and contracted over and over again as it worked, and she only dimly realized that she could breathe even with the thing impaling her.

She couldn’t see them, but Samus certainly felt it as two other mechadendrite’s wound their way up her legs. She didn’t need to guess what they were doing. Her blue eyes flew wide as she felt the slimy end of one poking at her spread lips, instinctively trying to tug her thighs together, tugging against the straps… and finding it hopeless. Having found its mark, the tentacle felt the slippery wetness of Samus’ pussy at the end of it’s length. With a slurp and a shove, the dripping organ slithered inside of Samus’ pussy, shoving right to the end, swelling as it invaded her. 

The third tentacle soon followed suit, probing at Samus’ cum-soaked asshole. Slowly but surely, it pressed inward… taking its time despite the fact that this hole was looser than her cunt was now after what Ridley had put her throat. As it went, it swelled inside her, however, stretching the fuckhole the pirate’s had turned her anus into tight around itself. Samus whimpered around the enormous object shoved down her throat, whimpering and crying from pain as the tentacles all swelled up to the limits of her holes. She could feel herself stretching tight around the enormous invaders, the slippery lengths pulsing and contracting like the one down her throat.

Shivering and gasping, Samus could feel the ripples running down the mechadendrite. Her entire body began to feel… itchy, inside and out, until she would have almost been grateful if the tentacles in her began to fuck her. If her skin was free, she would have ripped at her own skin in a desire to sate the itch. The horror of being raped in such an impersonal way combined with the new maddening torment of the itching to make Samus’ guts churn with disgust. Even as she whimpered and protested wordlessly, she could feel it getting worse, the torment building until she would have begged Ridley to rape her again just to sooth the itch, even if just for a second, the fullness in her cunt and ass a sickening mix of unwanted pain and sickening need to be touched. Her body rocked back and forth, as if she could scratch the sensation away like that. Samus could feel all three of the mechadendrites leaving something in her, seemingly more and more, and it made her feel just so damn full… and here was nothing she could do but take it, whimpering and groaning.

She lost track of time completely… it could have gone on for hours or days or eons. All at once, the tentacles filling her rapidly slithered back out of her holes. Samus yelped as the one down her throat was yanked out, and then the cover was lifted off her, and the pirate scientists stood over Samus with a pleased expression… and their cocks out.

Samus looked with resignation was the pirate stood over her but she tried to relax. After all, it was just one more rape, right? Her pussy was even lubricated for once, from whatever those tendrils had been coated with. The thought of being fucked again seemed almost trivial after what Ridley had done to her.

It took the pirate less than a second to change her mind.

Her eyes widened in shock the moment she felt it against her. It hadn’t looked that big, but the cock was massive… Her insides were forced to stretch around it even more than they had for her paralyzer, even more than they had for Ridley. Samus howled in agony. It felt like the thing was ripping her apart! Still, he slid into her almost effortlessly and began fucking her immediately, leaving Samus of no idea how he was able to, how he could force himself into her so hard and so fast.

She was devastated by another rape that seemed like it was killing her, each thrust like a laser blast against her cunt. The only mercy was that it didn’t last that long before he came, basting her no doubt ruined insides with his seed. Then he was pulling himself out of her.

Filled with profane horror, Samus couldn’t stop herself from looking. The monstrosity that had been in her had to look like a spaceship attached to the pirates crotch, covered in her blood and… and…

It was a perfect normal cock. For a Space Pirate, anyway. Actually, smaller than those of the pirates that had been breaking her on the ship. She barely had time to process that before the second scientist began to fuck her, and she screamed when she realized it felt exactly as huge, hurt just as badly.

At last, horrified, Samus understood. The pirates weren’t any bigger. She’d gotten tighter. The nanobots that the pirates had poured into her had not merely repair and rejuvenated her body… it had made her tighter than any virgin and more sensitive to boot. And she could still feel them inside her… the flood that the mechadendrites had deposited was dispersing, but it wasn’t going away. The medical nanites were inside her now, repairing damage as it was done… keeping her that tight. Restoring her from within. Ensuring she would always be that tight for them. Her body had emerged from beneath the abuses of her captors pristine and untouched… and it would remain that way forever.

If she had had these when she fought, she might have been nearly invincible. Now, Samus knew she would never get an opportunity to use them to do anything but bring her rapist’s pleasure.

Once again raped by a cock that felt like the cannon of her power suit, Samus wept.

Samus crawled… she didn’t have a choice. Her wrists were chained together, only about a foot apart. Her ankles were likewise restrained, and a third cord ran between the two of them, restricting the maximum distance they could be apart. If she wanted to move her legs, she needed to do it on all fours. That put her on hands and knees, but it didn’t make her crawl… the choke collar and leash did that. As one of the pirates tugged her forward, it was crawl along the metal ground or suffocate.

They were deep in Tourian now… even Samus didn’t know quite where. Things had changed along here. There were banks upon banks of controls and regulators, systems for the massive geothermal power arrays down into the core of the planet that the Chozo had used to power their homeworld, which meant that they had to be getting close to the council chamber, and-

Samus stopped dead in her tracks, staring in horror. It couldn’t be. It couldn’t be. The choke collar tightened and she barely noticed… staring in horror at the red, brain-like mess of circuits and tissue that hung suspended in a tank, connected by a thousand wires to the outside as static flickered between exposed synapses. She was dead. Samus had killed her and she was dead and it couldn’t be…

A horrible, gleaming yellow eye opened in the center of that brain, staring at her… seeming to see right through her. That eyes was mechanical… it had no expression, yet Samus could easily tell the malevolence shining within it. Like a ghost out of the past, words appeared directly into Samus’ mind, shaking her brain with the force of them.

S̙̭̘̖̜̯̻a̮̼̠̝m͔u̻̥s̶,̰͇͎̟̥̘ ̪͙̠͉̟S̲͎̹̣a͞m͎̝̰u̥̖s͓̮ͅ,̹͉͇̩̱͡ͅ ̛̻̘S͏͔͖a̪̣̕m̗͈̼u̫̟͙̻̥̻͔s̜̩̠͈͚.̱̼̗̟̝ ̖͚̤͖͝S͎̫o̻̱ ̶̤̪̪̥ͅg̻̟̬̜o͉̥̳̭o̦̤̘̦͡d̵͇̝̲͓̯ ̢̣͚͈̪̪͚of͚̰͈̬ ͏̘͙͓t͏̝̹h̢̰͍̤e̫̼͙̩̪̩ ̖͎͇̲H̻̙̭̲̥͍̝a̜͇̖t̥̳͈̲̥̯c̮̺̙̜͍h͏͖̖̗͈l̼̯͇̼͍͢ḭ̛̩n̝͖͉g͖̜̖͢ ͎͢t̰̬̯̪̞̳̺͞o̻̱̝͖͔ ̜̠̟̩fi̻͈̻̗̞n̥̤̖ͅḁ̤̯͍̕l͉͙͍̤͔̥ḷ͍̯̯̮͕̳y̛͓̹̝ ̙̻͉̻̺̀r̰̤e͟t̫̪͝ụ̙̦rṋ̳͚̬̥̺͎͞ ̙̦͓͕h̴̳͕͉͎̤̹o͘ṃ̨̞̺̳̖̹̪e̬̪.̙̲̣̦͈̼.̯̘.̀

Samus couldn’t breath, and it was only partially because of the collar tight around her throat. She scrambled forward, loosening it enough to speak. “You’re… I killed you!”

Y͎̦o͏͙̬u̱ ̟̲͕͈t͖̗̻͓̙̠͍r̵͉̘͔͉̼̙i̺̖̱̟̣̜͡e̗̲̺͚̰̰̹d͕͉̩

Mother Brain spoke into her mind, tone mocking.

The sentient AI was… was something out of Samus’ very worst nightmares… something that on her best days, she had managed to pretend had never been real and was only a fever imagination. She had been built by the Chozo, long ago… a sentience to help them manage and run their empire, but even then she hadn’t been very stable. Samus had grown up in the presence of the AI, hearing her speak into her mind… an overbearing mother whom Samus was never good enough for. Then, after Samus had gone to reconnect with humanity, Mother had turned on her creators, summoning the Space Pirates and showing them where the Chozo’s final refuge was.

If Ridley had murdered her first family, then Mother had murdered her second.

She had returned here, years ago. She had found the AI… and she had destroyed it. It was beyond the Pirate’s ability to make something as magnifient and powerful as this… only the mix of brilliant science and nearly outright magic that the Chozo had wielded so brilliantly in their heyday could have created something like this. The COULDN’T have rebuilt her. It wasn’t possible. And yet, here she was.

Á͔h̰̕ͅ,̧ ̼̹̝̟̠͘a͉̯n̰̖̗̬͖̘͞d̦̫̫ ̠̺̮͖͙̩̬w̕o̢̼̮̜̻̲͕̠ṳ̰͖͚̺͝l̗̰͕̺͍̺̠d͕̞ ̤͘ý͙͉͕͉̯̟ͅo̡̻͔̞̳̺ų̟̮̤̭͉ͅ ̧l̦͇̖̜͡o̻̲̪̫̣͖̘ó̹͔k͎͈͜ ̱a̱̠̩ț̞͜ ̮͍̠͈̹̹͉͢t͍̤̤͟h̲̮̬̝̯́a̫͈͕̠̕t̞̪!̩̟͉̫̝͇

Mother mocked, directing Samus’ attention at the container she recognized. The one containing the last Metroid.

Y̢̠̮͎o̴u̗͔̞̗ ̮w͚͖̠̙̣e̮͍r̖̣̰ȩ̫̩̳̯̖͈ ̵͙͎t̛h̗͕͡o̱͔͍̥͚u̼̥̦̥̪̭g̜͓̗̼̪h͘ṯf̦̪̜̞u̟l̰̲͡ e̵̯̘̤̳̣n͏̦̳͓o̜͍̹̰͡u҉̦̳̩̮g͚̟͍̱̖͇̩h ̵̜ţ̱̫̙̮̬o̪̤̭͉͟ ̯̰̼b̲̜̯̮r̜̼̘̯̰̭ͅi̼n͕̙̪͜ͅg̸̤̫̤̲͚̭̹ ̶͚̦̼ͅm̩e ͉̹̰ba̟̖̳̤̪̹c̡͙͕͙͖̟͙k̫͚̣͇ ҉̪̼̼̪̲̹̯m̸̰̣͍̖͈ͅy̥̞̖͓̝͎̲ ̢͔a͍r͚̩͓̺m̭̙̱͡y̶.̙̟̘ ͇̦M̡̹̫̫y ̷̗̖̭d̤̜̬̫ͅa̹̩͇̬ṳ̞̠̰g̱̫͡h̤̲̗̥͢t̸̖͚e̼̗̼̜r͉̗ ̷i͎̺̺̭̮͞s̵̙̤̙̞̗̖͍ ͙̲a̦͇͖͙̱̬̼s͍͉̯͚̙ ͔̻̱̖̲͟c̭̬͕o̭̘͢n̖̖̗̟̗̥s̰̗̯̰͎̺̮i̪͎͇̭̘͙d͎̺͔̲̦e̝̜̣r̩̯̭͚̬a̸͖b̻̲̰͍̥̹̰l͉̪̼̙̼̼̭e̢ a͕̦̘͎͎͖s ̮͎͈̭͙̺̣sh͖͓͚̼è̬̭̖̣ ̪̞͈͚̖ì̝̣̼̣s͖̥͜ ̲̖̟͙̺̭̳͢u̝̤̥̭͟s̶ȩ̠̭̖l͏̠̪e̩̦̖̜ss̬̰̙.̤̦̟̙͕͡

The contain emptied… and the metroid emerged. The pirate who was holding her fled, sensibly. Samus could only stare in vague horror at the metroid, her heart filled with… what, precisely? She hated these things… hated them nearly as much as she did the Space Pirates. They were among the very, very, very much dangerous threats in the galaxy, and at the behest of the Federation she had tracked them down to their home planet and wiped them out… except for this one. The young hatchling metroid that had imprinted on her the moment it was born, following her like she was its mother. She felt… horror to see it, but not because of what it was. Because Mother had it. Because she couldn’t… protect it.

The Metroid seemed to glow with some kind of inner light, and Mother’s laugher sounded in Samus’ mind.

M̸y͉̫̺̻̥ ͈̳̱̞c͎̼̣o̝͇̮͙͜n͍̹͠t̜̗̝̳͙̟͟r͍̠̦ọ̮͇̟̭͢l̜̮̼͜ ͠ha̰s̬͍͕͈̤ ́g̺̞̝̺͠r̞͍ơ̞͓̠͚̰̻̜w̫̯͓̰͚͔̕n̼̳̪͎͕̩ ̵̟͕͉̙̗̞̖f̛̠͎̠ͅi͚͙̣n̠̯͍ẹ̼̟̣̻̠r̹̟̳̠̙ ̥̗̤͘i̺͕n̨ ̸͈͈t̢͔̟h̠̖̞̞͉̥e̠̞̯̰̺͍ ̶͈͔͚̼͕̪y͕̞͎̱̱͚͡ͅe̵̲̹̟̘̠̯a̭̻͎̞̞̭̦r̩͉̳̝̫̭s̭̥̤̻̩ͅ ̵̙y̧͕̹̹͖̩͔ͅo͚̼̲̺͎͈͠u̞͔̙̜͍̗̳ h̰͉̬̙̙a̶̱̖̰͇̻̯͈v͏̟e͠ ̠͖̀b̵͈͈̻e̞̯͇e̤̘n҉̯̝̠̙ ̰̗̼̳g̞ơ̖̯n̦̬͙͍e,̥̙͙͞ ̛d͍̥̞͚̻a̭̯̠͓u͇̝̯̫̣ͅgh͇̖͚̣ͅt͘é̳͇̟̯r̹̻͡. ̢̗͉̺̩̖͈͇L̨e͉͝ṭ̮̮͜ m͟e͓̣͟ s̫̟̥̬̕h͍̗̫̞̪o̠̠̟͘w̡͓͚̟̝̤ ̳̣̱y҉o̱͕͓͇̗u̵̟̮̘.̯̹̣̞͝.̭̞̗̕.

The metroid, trapped in the grip of the psychic control bow wave sweeping away from Mother Brain, rushed at her. Samus couldn’t flee, even if she were strong enough… she was helpless as the metroid settled on top of her, three fangs sinking into her sides as a great, echoing coldness opened up inside of her. Metroid fed on… life. Life energy, itself. Anything destroyed by one would be left barely a hollow husk, and Samus felt like a hand made of ice had reached into her chest and suddenly started squeezing her heart at the baby metroid began to feed…

But it wasn’t as bad as she expected.

In her battles against metroids, this was, unfortunately, not the first time she had been fed on. She knew the sensation well… it was like having your soul exposed to the vacuum of space. This was… not that. It was more like having her soul exposed to the suction of a straw. The metroid, she realized, was resisting. It was trying to disobey Mother Brain, to protect its mother.

It was like watching an ant try to hold back the ocean tide… but it tried. And watching that made Samus realize that there were still more parts in her mind, body, and soul that the pirates could torture, even after everything they had put her through.

The metroid’s body, surprisingly warm, covered the naked Samus like a blanket, her hair swarming down and out of its gelatinous body like a blonde river. The cytoplasm that made up its body undulated, folding her body into a fetal position, and Samus wasn’t even surprised when something within pressed against her pussy. With her mouth contained somewhere inside the metroid, Samus couldn’t even moan when it wriggled its way inside of her. A moment later, her anus suffered the same fate. It hurt, but… perhaps not as much as it could have. Maybe it was the soul-deadening feeding that made her numb. Maybe the metroid was being gentle enough that even her hypersensitive and tight body was given time to adjust, but the two massed pushed into her, growing, spreading, pressing against one another inside of her. Pressure grew and they began exploring her insides, her nerves seemingly on fire as her life was ripped out of her skin. When she gasped and the metroid used the opportunity to slip down her throat, she could only lay there limp and hope that Mother would let her die quickly.

Samus found it difficult to concentrate on anything but the pain as her life was leeched out by one of the surpreme predators in the galaxy, but she still felt… pleasure… as the metroid penetrated all three of her holes. Instinctively, Samus knew that Mother Brain must not understand how her commands were being abused by her ‘slave,’ or she would have stopped it, but even as the feedingly slowly began to end she could still feel tingling beneath her skin and deep in her holes.

She had no idea if it had cum. She had no idea if it could. Seconds later, it didn’t matter… it was gone.

W͖͈͍i̗̝̙͙t҉̣̮̣̥̝̭h̲ ͍̺̪̼̪ͅa̗̩͚n̙͍ ̱̹̫͢a̹͇͙r͎̳͙̞͢m͙͚͈͙̼ͅý͉͙̳̫ ҉̙o̭̯͓̫̫͜f ̵͈̦̹t͏͓̥̰͉̳͇̪h̗̬e̹̼͕s̴͈e̵̖ ͓̠͓͉̞͍̲à̯̝͙̺t̵̼̺̬̼̦ ͎͘m̥y̵̪̮͓̗̮̗ ̵̭̝̜̥c̺̹̀o̗m̼̟m̩̹̱̀a̬͈̯͕n̝d͕͕̲,̨͈̺̮̖͓ ̶̬̻̼th̝̖̣͎͟e͈͚̤̼̲ g̥a̩̣͕̯̜̩̠l̥a͖̰̺̻͈̤͢x͖̬y̮̳̰̪͚ w͖͍̪͕̣i̫͕̹̟̲͎͍͜l̢̬̱͇̲̞ͅl̜̲̳͇͇͍̩ b̫̯͈͈͡e͉ ̣̩̠̠̦̖ͅm̝̦̟͍i̶ne̵̤̲̟!̫̠̦ Mother said. I̫̳̕ ̨̘͈͓̤̤w̼̰͉͍̼͖i̹̳̙l̯l ̢̮͕̱̺̹̬b͍̭̩͓e͚ ͎̣̤̬̬̕a̪̫̠n ̧͇̖i̭̰͈͉̳ͅm͓͙̳̤̳̀m͚̩̙̩̝̗ͅo͉̜̮̕rṭa͉̯̪̣l̨͖̞͚̝̯̥ͅ ̭̗͉g͎͖̳̳o̭d͏͙̯͉̳̱̫̥,̰͈͎ ̭͍̮̳̜͚t̜̟he̳̼̦̮ t̻͇͠r̹̖̘̮̰͠ue̲͎͡ ̙̺̮̮͓̺̭g̤̝o͙͈̺̠͟d͚͍̩̞͈͠ ̡o̭̜̠̰͇̯f͈̲̝͖̰̥͘ͅ ͍t̙̰͍͇͈̱͉͠h̺̺i̳͚̭̹͙̥̬s̠̪̤ ̷g̢̤͉ąl̨̤a̝͢xy̳͇̥̞͔͉͎!̱

“You will…” Samus gasped. “Never. Never. Win… I’ll kill you… I’ll rip you apart, circuit by circuit… until there is… nothing left…”

Mother laughed.

A second later, a small animal entered the room through an small passageway that closed behind it. It looked like nothing so much as a mix between a beetle and a turtle, a many-legged insect with an armored shell on top of it, about the size of a dog. Samus recognized it immediately… a zoomer. One of the most common animals on the planet, they were abudently harmless, barely even aware of other creatures to consider hunting them or hurting them. As a ten year old, Samus had played tag with the things, getting close enough to touch their shell and getting out fo the way of the spikes coming off of it. Now, however, the 9 eyes in the center of its face gleamed with the same red, malevolent light that the metroid had.

The beast, normally harmless, leaped on top of her, his drool raining from his mandibles onto Samus’ back and surprisingly hot breath on her exposed skin as he wrapped dozens of legs around her, chitinous limbs squeezing into her breasts, her sides, her arms… and at the same time, the zoomer’s hind legs scrambled, desperately shoving as it tried to find her opening. Samus did her best to make it hard, but drained by the metroid, she just felt so incredibly weak… and then she felt the spear tip of the monster between her lips.

The zoomer, a helpless, harmless animal, one that was no threat to her when she was a little girl living here, was raping her. He skewered her cunt, destroying any decency and self worth she had left with that chitin-encrusted raping cock, stretching the walls of her supernaturally tight cunt agonizingly wide as he drove deeper and deeper, his head crashing into my cervix as I felt the exoskeleton of the turtle-bug crashing against her ass.

And Samus understood.

Even when she had attacked the pirates here years ago, the wildlife had always been unnaturally hostile to her. The gleam of evil in their eyes had confused her then… it didn’t now. Mother Brain was built to be a controlling AI, to manage billions of moving pieces… she had decentralized herself. Infested herself psychically into every life form on the planet. When Samus had destroyed the Pirate Research Facility in Tourian years ago, she had no more destroyed Mother than crushing a single ant destroyed the colony.

As long as a single creature lived on this world that wasn’t strong enough to resist its possession, Mother could rebuild. Samus screamed non-stop as the zoomed humped her in a frenzy, each thrust incredible violent and filled with a new disgrace of exactly how low she had gone… humiliation and revulsion pouring through her entire body.

Without warning, the zoomer erupted, stream after hot stream of his animal jizz volleying against her cunt walls. He must have had a sea of fuck-juice stored somewhere inside that shell, because it felt like it was never ending… cum poured out of her hole, falling down the backs of her legs, and looking beneath her Samus could see it dripping down like disgusting white rain from her body. A perverse river of bestial juice now oozing from her raped cunt lips.

Y̯̗͈o̺̮͍̼͙͘u̝͎̖̬̞͍ͅ ̺̩̠̮͈̳a̵͓̮̲͇̭̻͙r̼̦̞̰̳̯̯e̦̝̫͈͍͚͞ ҉̩̗͔n̡͔͎͕̮͎̬ot̪̳̞̭h̛i̖̲̮̹n̤̘̞͜g͇.̯̝͙̬

Two tentacles reached out a grabbed her, lifting her up into the air. Samus’ fingers dug into the metal tendril that had her as she was lifted up into the air, the chains that bound her snapped effortlessly by their strength as it forced her spread to hang from Mother’s grip, her hair falling over her face as her arms were lifted out of the way.

T̼̰͚͍̲h͜e̟͚͕͝ͅ C̣͈̬̪̖ͅh̲ọ͙̘̪z̬̜̲͚̘̙͘o͍̮̥ ̧͕̗̙͈̺ͅw̧͙̻̠e̼̝̯͍̝͉͜r̴̙̭̳̤̼e̠͕̫̝̞̝ n͇o̢̞t҉̥̭̲ ͉̱̖͎̱̳̱a̠͕̺̘͠ͅl̼̟w̧̦̥͎̮̣̼̬a͟y͚͡s̭̫ ͏̹͕̝̣̝͔͓ṭ͇͔̹͍͔ͅh̡e̸͕̪̙͚̥ͅ p̛̟͍̗̝̱̹e̸̥̭̲͕͍̬͇ac͉̰̯͉e̯͖̹͟f̪͙͈̫̜u̜l̬͎̫͎̜͍ ̡̠͓b͎̕e̳̘̫̲͘ͅi͉̙͕̜͟n̮̻̜̬̰̣ͅg̡s̶̬̘͍͙ ̦͎̫̻y̬̲͈̺͕̞̙͠o̕u̯̠̻̕ ̬̪̯̖d̖̭͈̼̜̣͟r͢e̜̫͖̦̻͈̻a̤̗͞m̱̞̤̟̝ ̩̟t̝̪̱̦̞͢h͙̯e̥̫͞ỵ̸̮̳̤̯̳ ̻̜͚̭̪w̦̤̣ḙ͓͎̼̩̼r͞e̖̞̳̫̫̺.͈̹͡.͈̩͚̻.̧͇̲̮͙

Another tentacle wrapped around her waist to support her weight, even as one with a glowing tip rose up before her.

O̞n͉̩͚ͅc̡̺̹̬͙e̕,̷ ̭̮̫̩̺̣t̖͔̱̺̳̣h̗͖̣͕ͅe͙̪̬y̪̲̪͈͕̲̺ ͓͙̼w̫̣̳͕͕͖e͖͉̩r̦̖͈̮̮̺̟é̙̦̮̙̻̣̦ ͕͖̜̭̫̞̠s̲̳̳͇̣t̸r̛̦̩̥̦o̰͇̥͠n̪̮̹̼͢g͖̳̤.̼̺͉ͅͅ Ò̭n̠̜̩̗̝̩͠c̛͔e͎̮͓̜ͅ,̶͇͙̼̪ ̷̬͈̪̻̙̳t̶̼͖̲͎̲h͕͚̰e͕͖̪̫̕y̙̞͈ ̛̖w͝e̺r̤̭̥̮͓̮̗e̩̭͇̪ ̹̜̭̠̦͓͝w̴̦̰̞̖͓ͅḁ̷̤͓͇̥͇r̺̺͖r͔i͓o͘r͕̦̬̗͈͎͕s.̘̭̣͍͉̠̹͞.̛͇̹͎.̷̰̪̺̩ ̬͇͇͔l̲̱̦͠i̜͓̩̕k̭͔̞̪͉e̼̭̠̕ ̺͈̮̗t̻̠̟̖̺̕h̡͉̘̫ͅe͓̮͎̣̼̳̰y̘͈̜ͅ ̩͍̜t͓hòug̴̻̹̘͈̥ht̺̜͕̥͇ͅ ą̱̞ ͉̹͈̖̖H͇a͎̳͓̫̙̩t̗̭c̴̰̙͔h̖͞l̵̤̣i̧̮̤n͝g̷͍̠ ̴̝̪̬̫͕l͇i̛̝̩̙͕̤̯k̰̙̼e͙ ͙̭̥͉͍̰͟y̝̤̣͖̩̳o̼͙u ̟͎͟ç̟o̫̮u͕̠͇͉̖͉̥͢l̬͈̺̀d͔̹͖̣̥͍̬ ͚̮̥̤̝b͚̹͍e̥͙̭̯.͍͎ ̴̯̠̦͇


Her legs and arms were held stiffly apart. Samus found she could kick or flail her limbs, and the tentacles would move a little along with her – but never far. Samus’ heart was in her mouth, eyes wide as she stared at the glowing tip in front of her… and then a laser poured out from it, burning her forehead.

Y̷̹o҉͚̠̪͕͉ͅu͓̯͕̜̤̰̰ ̧̩͖̣s̞͎h̨̜̙̤͎̬̰o͙̞̣͔̻̪̱͟u̮̳ld̟̝̭̪͍̝̲ b̨̲̪̼̫é͎̩̤ ̰́h͖͈̲on̶̼̮̻̫͙̜̥o̶͎͔̝̠̗͚re̵̗̞d̬͍̙̠.́.̶̭͇͔̤͓.͇ ̡̲͓̖̲͖y҉̝͍͓̜͉̰̭o̺̫͙͙͚̩u̥̫ ͙ͅa͡ŕ̖͓e͙̗͘ ̪͇̥̖b̮r̞̭͔̤i͚̮͓̻͝n̝̕g̛i̠̹͎̙͞n̨̠̰͎̦g̱͉̱̦̳̖ ̝̹ś̱̲̭͔̟om̘͎e͏͍͙̺t͍̠̹̬̫̝̗hi͔͉̳͖͚ͅn̳̝̱̝̹͈g̬̦͖͉̞ ͏̠o̷̝̖͖̯̙̰l̸͍͖͚̲̫d̖̞͖̕ ̸͉̖b̙̦̙͍̟a͓̬̜͙̥̰̯ck̲̼̘̠͡ ̦͈̳̫̼͚̖́to̶̪̱̺̩ͅ ͎̹̩͚̀l̝̗̺̯i̶̺̰fe̷̳̥̰ͅ.͏ ͍͚̟̖́

M͏̟͖̱y ̦̘̣͉̺g̸̭̤͙̖̩̠̥i̞͍f̻ͅt̨ ̧̦t̳̦̥̫̺̤͙o ̥y̖͎͇͚͠o͟u͇͕̳̝̳̪͡,͙̟̞ ̝̤̰͟d҉̤̠a̸͙͈̤̟ͅu̳̝̳͈͙͕̩g͕̤h̡̝̩͚̭ͅt̪ẹ̦͓r̼̦͍̜̫̼̀ͅ ̙͚m̞i̱̫͜n̖̘͕̟̣͝e͍͙̬̖̫̕.̠͚͓͖͙̰͝

Samus screamed. The reek of burning hair filled her nose as burning blonde locks fell all around her and pain simply erupted from her forehead, radiating outward like a nova’s glow. Then Mother dropped her and she fell heavily back to the metal floor, banging her knees painfully as she landed among the stinking, burning ruins of most of her hair.

She could see her reflection in the metal. The word was written in the Chozo script… but using characters she didn’t recognize. Dazed from the pain and the horror and long misuse, it took her a moment to muddle out the phenomes and work it out. The burn on her forehead said “HATCHLING,” the Chozo name for her… but spelled differently than she had ever seen. It was written with the characters for Pet. And Possession. And Disposable.

It was a complex language, the Chozo script. Words could change meaning entirely based on how they were spelled.

It meant Slave.

I̴̭͔̼̻͕̟̲t̖̺̞͎̭̝͍ ̙͉̠s̶̗͖̱u͓̥͖̜͔͙͖its̹̝̰̰̮̺ ̻̳͕y̺o̜͎̮͕͢u͠.̡̤̥

Samus didn’t resist as Tsallit and a squad of men, including those she had flown here with, came to claim her, dressing her into another of the modified zero suits that covered exactly nothing important before taking her away from Mother’s chamber. What would be the point? They had already won.

Bound again hand and foot, they took her several levels before putting her up on a table on her back… fastening her collar to something beneath it, and her arms and legs to the sides. As they did, Samus noted Space Pirates assembling… not a few of them or dozens, but more than a hundred… and all of their attention on her.

“Long as you lived in fear of this one,” Tsallit said, standing behind her and facing the crowd. “The Hunter now lies before you, exposed… vulnerable. Weak. How many of you had thought this one invincible and terrible? How many of you have suffered through nightmares where she tracked you down, cornered you, burned you to ash or fed you to the void or froze you solid? Maybe some of you fools even built some tiny admiration for her as a warrior to go with your fear.” He scoffed. “You should have neither. Look at the Hunter down. Bound. Broken. Defeated. Your fear, or your admiration, had never been justified. This one is nothing special… she’s just another human whore.”

Tsallit had never in his life seen his troops so spell-bound by his words… but of course, it was Samus they were truly mesmerized by. With the beautiful hunter, her laser brand still fresh on her face, bound to the table with her breasts and cunt exposed to the hungry stares of the pirates, how could they not be excited? Even in her battered state, Samus could sense the lust radiating from these alien soldiers… it felt like the fel glow of a dying star on her skin.

There were hundreds of them.

Samus had grown increasingly numb to the abuse being inflicted upon her. Even now, with her body more sensitive than ever, she felt little but keen dispair at the prospect of more rape… but there was a new fear with it. She wondered if the pirates meant to gang rape her to death. She wondered if that was how the story of Samus Aran, Bounty Hunter, ended. She wondered if the nanites could keep up.

She wondered if she cared.

“Now remember,” Tsallit said with a chuckle. “She’s a human. Federation credits only, now.” Then he stepped back, and like the crashing wave of the surf the Space Pirate soldiers swarmed over her.

One pirate grabbed her by her short blonde hair and pulled her head over his erect cock. As he filled her mouth, Samus felt talons on every part of her body. Pirate claws grabbed her breasts; squeezing, pinching and mauling her sensitive flesh. Those who could not reach her breasts began ripping the Zero Suit right off her sides and legs to maul her naked flesh. Samus didn’t even feel the first of them sink into her exposed cunt… he was suddenly just there, inside her, hurting, splitting her open. His chitinous hips banged against her’s as he propelled her forward onto the cock in her mouth. That man’s cockhead was forcing its way into her throat, choking her, and making Samus light headed as it cut off her oxygen. Then the man began brutally fucking her face, using his grip on her hair to force her mouth back and forth over his cock as he remained motionless. Samus could only get quick gasps of air between strokes. As the two men pounded her nude body from opposite ends, anonymous hands continued to maul her vulnerable body. Draped over the table and bound, The bounty hunter could do little to stop her attackers… and she didn’t even try to resist the brutal rape. She had no hope left. Instead, she lay passively over the convenient bondage as the two men used her mouth and cunt, concentrating on nothing more than breathing and hurting.

Neither of the men lasted long inside her. Samus felt hot cum filling her mouth and then the same wet heat inside her cunt. The two cocks disappeared, and she heard a metallic clink… she couldn’t tell what made it through the sea of pirates surrounding her, but a moment later it didn’t matter as those two pirates were replaced by two more. Samus’ whole world was narrowed down to the two cocks penetrating her. Man after man mounted her and left their spendings inside her cunt body. Samus’ crotch and face was saturated in cum, so much of it that it ran in streams out of her number lips both upper and lower as the two lines of  men deposited gallons inside her mouth and womb. It was all that Samus could do to swallow enough of the mass of sticky white cum flooding her to let her breath, and a small part of her, the hungry, animal part, was sickeningly glad that she was being fed at last. As she forced it down, however, Samus had the sensation that their cum was coating her throat down to her stomach. In her mind’s eye, she could see it filling her stomach, a roiling see of thick, white cum pooling inside her… like she was going to drown in it.

As her cunt became too saturated in cum for even the gang-raping pirates to tolerate, the soldiers fucking her switched to her currently pristine. The first alien simply forced his penis into her unlubricated ass, indifferent to the searing pain he caused Samus in the process. It was only because of the nanites flowing through her that the brutal penetration didn’t rip her too-tight hole apart. The pain was excoriating as he pumped his cock into her with relentless, hammer-like strokes… but she didn’t scream. What was the point? It would just feel good on the dick pumping into her mouth and make little but a weak moan.

The pirate sodomizing her rode Samus for what seemed to her to be an eternity. Finally, he came. If Samua hoped his cum would prove a lubricant for the next rapist to sodomize her, she was right… but no amount of lube would make her too-tight hole ever accept their cocks comfortably. It hurt just as much as the first pirate.  Then that man emptied himself into her burning ass and was replaced by yet another as soon as he had pulled out of her. Soon, Samus’s still burning asshole was as loose and as saturated in her rapists’ seed as her abused pussy was.

Through it all, Samus lay passively over the barrel, submissively accepting their abuse without even a thought of resistance. She was resolved to cling to life even at the expense of her dignity and her sanity, although she increasingly had no idea why…

It continued. After a while, they found that her cunt had grown tight enough again to squeeze much of the cum out of it, so that became the preferred home once again. Then after it was soaked again, they used her ass just like a second pussy. Then back to her quim. Then back to her ass. It continued as man after man used her mouth or rear holes until both ends of Samus’s pain racked body was covered in their white, sticky alien jizz. Her memories began to fail her… she would remember cum spurting into her face and eyes with no memory of sucking the cock that had produced it, could remember cocks forcing their way into her but not coming, cocks cumming but not having gone into her, hands pulling at her her defiled hair as she was jerked back and forth over dicks after dick after dick. She had no idea how many of the hated alien soldiers had used her, or how many more were to come.

One pirate was used her cum covered face as if it were yet a third pussy, his talons gripping her sperm soaked hair as he pulled her head back and forth on his cock. The other man, it seemed, was all but trying to stab her to death with his cock, thrusting into her open asshole in a mad frenzy while slapping her ass with his right hand. Even in the middle of the ground, surrounded by the degrading, mocking voices of a hundred pirates and the sickening gagging noises from her throat, Samus could hear the wet, sucking sounds his cock made as he raped her cum-soaked asshole. For hours and hours, her holes were never empty for more than a few seconds.

Then, finally, a cock disappeared from her body and wasn’t replaced. Then another. Samus opened her eyes… or tried to. They had been glued shut by cum hours ago. It took her several tries to get one one eye open despite the sting of the cum splashed against it. Her body was covered in the cum of the alien rapists… It had dried in layers over her skin at her sex, upper legs, and face, and there wasn’t an inch of her body that hadn’t felt the touch. Most of her Zero Suit had been ripped away incidentally in the process. The pirates were gone. She was momentarily alone, left with only Tsallit sitting nearby and smiling… and a mountain of Federation credits. It was a pile of low domination pieces, each one perhaps enough to buy a drink at a restaurant… and without needing to be told, the Whore that had once been a bounty hunter knew that each man who had raped her had left her one as payment. Each one of those tiny credits represented a pirate who had fucked her. She couldn’t even begin to count them. There hadn’t been that many, right? But even if each of them had fucked her three times, once in each hole and paid for each… that pile had to represent at least three hundred of the aliens.

She just say there as cum oozed out of her slimy holes… and felt a numb kind of horror settle in as she heard Tsallit launch into the same speech. That hadn’t been everyone. That had just been one duty roster, or one platoon… and she was going to be there until every single one of them had had their fill with her slimy holes.

Then Tsallit stopped talking, and it started again.

Even after Samus had eventually passed out, the pirates continued to fuck her. Every single one of them was going to have their taste. Every single one of them was going to defile the woman who had defiled their homeworld. Samus couldn’t even guess how long it had by the time a few pirates counted the piles of her credits. Laughing, they had declared the number of them… one so long that it made her mind go blank trying to think about it. She must have been here for days. They turned all the tiny credits into one larger one, told her to keep the change, and then made her swallow it so she could always remember what a whore did to feed herself.

Then they dragged her away and tossed her into… the wilderness?

Samus slowly got her arms beneath her, pushing herself up. It looked like Brinstar… one of the famous underground jungles of Zebes… but it wasn’t. Enough was subtly wrong… out of place. It was… it was a zoo, basically. A research zoo… packed with flora and fauna, preserved for the pirate’s research activities.

For the first time in weeks, Samus wasn’t bound at all… wasn’t held… but she was just as much a prisoner. Where could she go? She had no weapons. She had no idea where the way out even was. She had…

Something hit her from behind and she gasped. The force of it knocked her onto her side and Samus sprawled… exhaustion and pain warring with self preservation to force the cum-covered blonde to her feet to see… the sidehopper bending its legs, preparing for another leap. The four legged insects were predatory, but not aggressive to something of her size… but she could see the malevolent gleam of Mother Brain’s awareness in its eyes. Distance, inside her mind, she heard the AI’s laughter just before the big insect pounced at her again, coming down right on top of her and knocking her to the ground. Samus caught a brief glimpse of the thing’s cock, the weapon that was going to split her in two… the bulbeous black dick must have been as long as its entire body, pulsing with excitement. Samus felt there was no way she could take it… but of of course she could. Ridley’s had fit. They would make this fit, as well.

Samus had just a second to scream in terror as the cold chitin of the thing pressed against her naked skin. Then the sidehopper ripped its way into her tightened cunt with one brutal thrust, sending white-hot pain shooting all the way from her pussy to the tips of her fingers. The stretch was such that Samus thought she was going to burst. She couldn’t tell if the animal’s raping sceptre had torn anything, but dismally Samus knew it wouldn’t matter… her body would repair itself.

The blonde whore that had once been Samus Aran screamed herself hoarse as the alien monster’s massive haunches slammed into her again and again. She didn’t know how deep into her he was, but she felt insanely, impossibly full… hot spit from its mandibles sloshed down onto her back and ran down the length of her spine, wetting cum stuck there and making Samus smell it again as he knocked her against the ground with each thrust.

It seems like years before he finished. Her voice had grown weak from the screaming before a solid mass of liquid almost like a punch suddenly crashed into her cevix. It felt like nothing so much as if a dam had broken and an entire sea of acrid seed was flowing into her. And, to her horror, she felt some part of that cock grow, that already massive cock expanding even further.

Samus had never once cared enough about the mating habits of sidehoppers to know, but they knotted. Terror was tying himself to her so tightly that it was impossible for her to pull of its cock, She was too weak to move… but even if she had been, she wouldn’t be able to pull herself free of the animal’s grip until it was finished. She felt like her pussy would be shaped like that knot when it finally pulled out… but half regretfully, she knew that wasn’t the case… she would still be just as tight and painful the next time.

At last, the sidehopper finished and jumped away, the light in its eyes fading… but Samus noted light in the darkness of the jungle ahead. More eyes staring at her.

Her entire body ached. She had been raped, battered, tortured, humiliated, and degraded to the point of near insanity. She had been stared and crushed and had her holes turned inside out before being fixed and restored for the pleasure of her rapists, but she still carried with her the trauma of all of it. Samus wanted nothing more than to stay laying on the ground and let Mother do whatever she wanted to her… no matter how it hurt.

Not even sure why she bothered, Samus pushed her aching body to her feet and began to run.

6 thoughts on “Hunters Fall 8 – Zebes

  1. Well, I’m finally all caught up, and there is a lot to talk about with this chapter.

    So, first, I think you knew this was coming, but this is a chapter with a lot of emotional back and forth. A lot of awful stuff happens to Samus this chapter, and it starts right out of the gate with Ridley raping her again, and with the way you’ve established the plasma whips and how agonizing the slightest touch from one is throughout the story, the second you described Ridley wrapping the whip around her neck and squeezing, I cringed hard before you even described how much it hurt.

    Of course, as usual, it’s not really the physical pain that gets to me so much as the emotional and mental stuff. Samus is very much still in that low she hit at the end of the last chapter. She hates and mocks herself for ever thinking she could beat Ridley, thinks she waited too long to try escaping (even though she didn’t have a choice), and the word choices used to describe her (“the blonde whore that had once been Samus Aran”) further drive home the point. There are also the “past life” things added in to intensify the effect, like Samus’s happy memories of playing tag with zoomers when she was a child juxtaposed with being raped by one in the present.

    I called it an emotional back and forth because there are these little moments that go the other way, little tiny positive moments, that then swing back the other way with something negative. The positive potential of the nanomachines to heal whatever is done to Samus…which is then immediately followed up with the most painful rape she’s experienced yet, which is made possible by said nanaomachines. There’s the revelation that the infant metroid is fighting the telepathic control and manages to lessen the damage it does to her while feeding, and the moment when, in spite of everything that’s happened to her, Samus is still able to promise Mother Brain that she will fucking end her. That genuinely made me smile a little, because it shows that she is still in there. Of course, that’s then followed up with the “Slave” brand being seared into her forehead, which was really upsetting. At the end, she’s actually trying to do something for the first time in at least six chapters, but she doesn’t even know why, like her body’s just running on autopilot; like she barely even exists anymore.

    Yet here I am, to the end, in her corner, rooting for her.

    Well, I think that’s enough of the feels for this installment, don’t you? How about some other thoughts on this chapter?

    First off, “mechadendrites”. Warhammer 40,000 reference?

    Second, I love the way you wrote Mother Brain’s lines, with the random capitalization and symbols “dripping” off of the words. It’s purely visual, but however you did that, it immediately suggests what her telepathic voice sounds like. I can perfectly imagine the electronic distortion, reverb, tonal shifts and not-quite-mechanical-but-not-quite-animalistic sounds that would be layered into the dialogue in a movie. It’s really impressive any time someone can suggest sound visually.

    Third, I really like that you provided an explanation for how Mother Brain survived the events of Metroid/Zero Mission. I’ve never seen any official material that even tries to do that, and I think they tend to lean on the fact that back in the day, videogames weren’t expected to explain stuff like this. “Oh, my God! Mother Brain survived somehow! We have to stop her!” That was about the size of it. 🙂 Better than that, even, your explanation for how she survived, by becoming a distributed network, makes a lot of sense in terms of her telepathic abilities and, for those who know how Super Metroid ends, it actually makes that ending seem like the only way to deal with her threat once and for all.

    I realize I just phrased that so as not to spoil a 26 year old game. I apologize for nothing.

    Well, okay, I do apologize for the fact that most of this review is dedicated to my time on the feels train, when I know things are going to get better for Samus at some point (and, given the themes of the Metroid franchise, it should be hard for her to get out of this), and your Mother Brain stuff was fantastic. Anyway, now that I’ve caught up on the fic, there’s nothing for me to do but check back periodically and look for the next update!


    1. Your comments are always a highlight of my week.

      Yeah, this is a chapter of emotional ups and down. You are right… Samus is largely acting on autopilot, lashing out only when provoked… she is able to promise Mother Brain to kill her, but she can’t see how. It’s just a reflexive promise, like her desire to flee at the end.

      The slave brand was a brilliant idea by the commissioner. My take on it was that the Chozo wouldn’t have a proper word for slave, per se, but you know I’m a language nerd, so I made the Chozo script function sort of like Kanji is that it is built out of radicals, each with their own meaning, so she can spell Hatchling in a super-degrading way.

      And giving Samus a healing ability… Yeah. In no way is that going to come back and bite anyone in the ass 😛

      I am glad you enjoyed the way I wrote Mother Brain’s dialogue. The style of text worked for me well too.

      As for your next point… Well, I think you might have figured out a piece of the ending there 🙂

      The next chapter should be done this weekend, so you will be able to read the next one on your regular schedule I believe 🙂


      1. Your comments are always a highlight of my week.

        😀 Thank you so much!

        The slave brand was a brilliant idea by the commissioner. My take on it was that the Chozo wouldn’t have a proper word for slave, per se, but you know I’m a language nerd, so I made the Chozo script function sort of like Kanji is that it is built out of radicals, each with their own meaning, so she can spell Hatchling in a super-degrading way.

        I definitely noticed that, and hey, there’s no way to know that isn’t how the language works in canon. The Chozo language does have a phonetic script…according to Other M, but even if one decides to use that idea, the comparison to Japanese still holds, as the Chozo might have had both a phonetic alphabet (like hiragana or katakana) and a more conceptual one like kanji.

        The slave brand is one of those things that I’m…anxious? Interested? Anxterested? Uh…what I mean is I’ll be watching to see where that goes, long term, I guess.

        The next chapter should be done this weekend, so you will be able to read the next one on your regular schedule I believe 🙂

        Well, then, there’ll be another review next Friday! 🙂


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