Menagerie Trapper – Three

It was amazing the difference ten days could make.

Lila had been away from the base camp for most of the last week and a half while she trained her new puppy, only coming down for a few hours at a time. Mom had always taught her that isolating an animal was the quickest way to train it, and her results couldn’t argue with that, but it did mean that she had been a little bit more out of the loop for a bit than she liked. Now, as she looked at the state of the camp, it was shocking just how much had changed.

The most obvious change was the centaurs. Lila had heard about the herd’s capture, but she hadn’t seen one herself yet. Quite different from the wolves, the deer, and the half dozen other minor species they had caught already, the centaurs weren’t being kept in cages. Instead, they stood out apparently in the open, unrestrained save for metallic cords around their fetlocks to keep them from taking the big steps necessary to build up to a gallop. There wasn’t even a fence… instead, the grey lines of several cattle-guards had been laid down on the earth around the meadow that had been cleared for them.

They looked especially miserable to Lila’s eyes… so close to freedom, with just a few tiny metal strips on the ground the other barrier between them and escape, and unable to jump to get over it. Their heads turned to look at her as she walked by, showing little expression or interest.

Lila didn’t pay them much attention either… except for the ones that were being bred. A few of the hunters were in the ring with them, even now in the morning. To her eyes, it seemed like the preferred method was to force them down onto their knees, or to lay them down, and then the farmhand would pick the hole of his choosing and fuck it. One of them was gagging on a cock while the farmhand yanked on her hair, tugging her head back and forth while her big tits bounced, but the other three were all being fucked from behind.

To Lila’s eye, they didn’t seem overly bothered by the experience. They grimaced a little, and some of them looked angry, but there wasn’t a lot of reaction beyond that. Mostly, they just looked bored. Not surprising, perhaps… their herms were quite literally hung like horses and most men were incapable of competing. If she knew anything about her sister, it bothered her far more than it did Lila… she’d probably be frustrated. She would need to do something about that…

As she headed into the camp, the grey-furred wolf that was her new pet walked meekly behind her with her eyes on the ground. It had taken three days of trying, but they had finally worked out a way to translate her name into something that Lila could say… Lyanna. Lyanna wasn’t bound at all anymore, not even as much as the centaurs had been, but Lila wasn’t worried that she would run away… though she was hoping for it. There was a tracking band around her ankle, the sole binding that she wore… she thoroughly hoped that Lyanna might give her an excuse to chase her down someday and teach her an object lesson in why disobedience was a terrible idea. So far, however, her new puppy had been too smart for that. A pity, but it wasn’t like they didn’t get to have their fun together anyway.

The camp was even busier on the inside than she was used to… dozens of new catches being moved between pens, sorted by species with tags and signs by Lily or Sarah stating what drugs they had been given and their breeding status. It was amazing how much the additional captures made the camp look busy and occupied… especially since to her eye, more than half the crew was out hunting at the moment. Lila didn’t bother herself with that… she headed right for the tents in the center of the fenced-in compound. The research labs.

Lily was as harried as she had been expecting… she moved with the lethargy that made Lila think she’d skipped too many meals. She sighed… she was going to have to have words with her father. Without Lila here to take care of her silly, distractable little sub, she might never actually get around to taking care of herself. More telling, however, was that it looked like the woman hadn’t combed her hair in days. That was supposed to be more Lila’s thing… Lily was the one who was always taking care of her appearance, making sure she was always beautiful and fuckable. If she was letting herself go, she was more stressed than she looked. This called for extreme measures.

Lila didn’t say hello to her twin sister, didn’t make any small talk. Instead, she just grabbed her twin by her hair like a mother cat grabbing a kitten by the scruff and dragged her from the room to the sounds of her weak protests of work that had to be done. Lila wasn’t worried about that. She’d be more productive when Lilian was finished with her than she had been in days. People glanced at them as she dragged her sister across camp, Lyanna still meekly walking behind, but most only smiled. No one looked twice.

When they had reached her tent, she just tossed Lilith on the bed on her back. The girl was still weakly protesting, but at this point they had more in common with whimpers than they did coherent thoughts. “Pet, hold her arms down,” she ordered, and Lyanna moved to obey… grabbing onto Lily’s wrists and pushing them to the bed above her head. “Good girl,” she said, rubbing her head and brushing the back of one of her pointed ears before hooking her fingers over the edge of Lily’s pants… PANTS! Lily never wore pants! Quickly, she pulled them off her sister, leaving her long legs exposed and bare before her.

“Puh-Please d-don’t rip my shirt,” Lily begged.

Lilian smiled. A plea like that out of nowhere only meant one thing. She pulled out her knife and put it between her twin’s skin and the shirt, letting her feel just a hint of the edge to set her whimpering before she cut upward, starting a cut that her fingered finished a second later, tearing it off her body. At least she wasn’t wearing a bra beneath it… that would have been way too weird.

She was, however, noticeably pregnant… not so far along that it was dangerous to fuck her, but enough that she couldn’t be too violent. Good to know. “Now, Lily,” she said as she put her strapon into the harness she wore by default these days. Lyanna’s eyes watched it with something like awe and terror combined into one expression… Lila loved that look on her pet’s face. “I think it goes without saying you aren’t allowed to cum without earning it. I think you can cum only after she does.”

Lily gasped as her sister rubbed that monster cock against her slit… soaking, of course. It was still her sister, after all, no matter how distracted. “You… you would make me do that?” she gasped. “I only get to cum after your slave does?”

Lila paused, putting a finger to her chin. “Mmm. You bring up a good point… that does put you on even standing with my pet here, doesn’t it? That’s not fair…” She gestured for Lyanna to sit down on her sisters face, and the wolf obeyed, keeping her arms pinned with her knees as she sat down on top of Lila head with it trapped between her thighs. “You can cum once for every two orgasms you give her. That’s more like it, yeah?”

A single, sexy, despairing moan of pleasure was the last thing she heard from her sister before the wolf-girl’s cunt silenced her completely. That sound was all Lila needed to satisfy her… her cock properly lined up, she slammed herself home into her sister, the moan from the suddenly, thorough penetration almost inaudible beneath her pet. “Ahh…” she sighed pleasantly as the vibrator built into the hilt of the thing started to pleasure her as well. “It’s good to be back.” Where else could she have so much fun, and help take out her sister’s frustrations while she was at it? This was the life.

“Oh, I did want to ask you where dad was,” it suddenly occurred to her. When Lily tried to moan an answer with her tongue buried in her puppy’s twat, however, Lila could only laugh. “It can wait,” she said, pausing to twist one of Lilith’s nipples. “Neither of us is going anywhere anytime soon after all.” As she started hamming at her sister’s pussy, the squirming of her legs telling Lila that she was already about ready to cum, she could help but feel awfully good about herself. It was really, really good to be back.

Sarah stood off to the side of the centaur paddock, watching with a distant expression. This really wasn’t going to do at all.

One of the centaurs had been lassoed down… not generally a necessary step, but these two workers had wanted to pin her down thoroughly. Ultimately, the rope had ended up wrapped around all four of her legs, forcing the centaur onto her side on the ground. One of the men was twisted her around and held his cock between her breasts, squeezing them tightly around his prick while he stared into the centaur girl’s pretty face. The second of the two men was sawing into her from behind her, working towards impregnating the stock.

That wasn’t the problem. The problem was the centaur wasn’t bothering to resist.

Even from here, Sarah could tell that the centaur girl wasn’t exactly happy about it, but she didn’t fight, she didn’t try to get away, she didn’t even squirm. She practically just laid there like a dead fish while she was raped… just like they all did.

It was the lack of sensitivity. They had caught a centaur alpha with this herd, and her cock was simply enormous. It seemed like these women had never really developed much in the way of sensitivity as a way to adapt. That was fine and all but… well, human men just couldn’t match a prick like that. That was why they had tied her legs together, Sarah was sure… a way to make her tighter, hopefully make her feel it more, make her react more. If this was the result, she doubted that was going to be a useful path towards taming these creatures.

Of course, their lack of sensitivity didn’t have to be a problem. They could still be fucked and bred with the right tools, or they could just have the alpha do it for them… but that was a small part of the issue. The biggest part was that they weren’t even desirable as pets. Who wanted to buy a sex toy that didn’t even bother to react when she was fucked? They could make more but… could they sell them?

As she watched, Sarah was idly taking notes on a pad, making observations of their behavior. The chemistry of these creatures was as much about behavior as it was about what they ate, drank, produced. She needed to know everything about this problem before she could correct the problem and stop the centaurs from being a useless money sink for the company.

She sighed, and wished again that Lily was here like that was supposed to be… observation always went so much better when there was someone to discuss it with. Where had that girl gotten herself to, anyway?

“Hey Cuz!” Lila said as she skipped to a stop, a laugh hiding just behind her voice as she reached Matt. “I have a surprise for you.”

Matt rolled his eyes. “I don’t want it,” he said without hesitation.

The laugh hiding behind her voice bubbled out a little bit. “Ah, don’t be like that. The hunters are back… and I picked you out a present you are going to love.”

Matt looked over from the wolf girl he was fucking. Even since Lila had effectively proven the theory that they could be domesticated, the use of the ones that Maggie had picked out had intensified. This particular blonde one, Matt had tried to put his cock in at least once a day since she had stopped struggling so hard after she had been raped by her alpha. “I’m a little busy here, Lila,” he answered.

She shrugged. “Fine. I’ll go find someone else to be the first to fuck a new species.”

That got his attention. He stopped, freezing in place balls deep in the whimpering wolf. “New species?” He asked.

Lila nodded in easy agreement, her smile broad. “We found a badger girl out there… figured you might want her.”

Matt slowly pulled out, grabbing for the wolf’s hair to dry his dick off. “Is that so…” he said slowly. No one had named these wolves yet… their experience with Lyanna had taught them that they had their own names, and it seemed right to learn the proper names for the ones they tamed to seperate them for the normal stock. “And you’re being so nice… why?”

Lila winced. “Peace offering?” she offered, but she couldn’t quite keep the chuckle out of her voice.

“…And…?” Matt prompted.

His cousin sighed. “Well… that’s not it. We didn’t catch one, but… well, someone else saw your mysterious flying girls today. You’re not a loony. Consider her an apology from me.” She turned and started walking away, her pet walking just a few steps behind her as usual now. “She’s tied up in the spare tent at the end of the row when you’re ready.”

Matt watched after her until she was out of sight, considering. She did seem genuinely happy. Maybe she really wasn’t such a pain in his ass after all… she certainly was competent and good competition. There were worse people to spend his time with.

He slapped the wolf good on her ass, leading to another whimper from the sensitive, drugged girl. “You’ll have to hold on a little bit longer,” he told her as he pulled up his pants. He looked at the bound, sexy wolf, covered in sweat from her arousal and exertion of holding the position in the stockade she had been put in. “Don’t go anywhere now,” he teased her. Then he strode off back to his tent.

The tent was closed off, but the moment he opened it, he could see a girl crouched in the corner, a rope each around her legs and arms to hold her in place. A final rope had been wrapped around her neck like a leash, tying her to the bed for him. She had more fur on her that most of the other girls they had seen here, save for maybe the wolves, and even in the dim light he could see that it carried the black and white pattern of an american badger, although the fur was a little bit longer than he had expected and…

The terrified-looking girl rose up unsteadily onto her feet, as if preparing to flee, not knowing that she was bound too thoroughly to allow that. Slowly, she turned around and raised her long tail and…

Wait. Didn’t badgers have short—?

Outside the tent and a good ways away, Lila counted down, unable to hide her snickers any longer. Even Lyanna looked thoroughly amused, understanding perfectly well what the consequence was going to be. “Three…” she whispered, holding up three fingers and sharing an easy smile with her pet. “Twooooo…”

Lila stepped around the corner of the next tent and out of sight, just in case. “Oooooon—”

“AGH!!!” Matt screamed, loud enough to wake a dead. A scramble and some bangs as he ran into one of tent poles, shaking the cloth structure in his hurry to get away the the skunk girl she had left in the tent for him. “LILA!!!!” he roared, screaming in anger, the word growing louder in mid scream as he emerged from the tent. “LILIAN!”

Lila couldn’t hold herself back again. She burst into horrible laughter, practically falling over in her amusement as her legs grew weak. Next to her, Lyanna laughed as well, clearly taking joy in her owner’s joy and amusement even if she didn’t have any particular reason for it herself. He should appreciate the effort that went into this kind of prank… if he had any idea how hard she’d needed to work to get that skunk in there without making a mess…

Out of sight, the new catch started screaming as Matt started taking out his frustrations on the skunk. Poor thing. She should have known better than to spray him if she wanted to be left alone… she’s probably just really pissed her cousin off.

Well, she had promised him he’d been the first to fuck a new species, after all. She was a woman of her word.

That thought sent her into a new round of hysterical giggles, and she needed to steady herself against the nearby tent before she had gathered herself to walk off and find the next task that needed doing.

“I’m telling you, if she wasn’t family, I’d find the biggest lake in the state and drop her right in the middle of it!” Matt swore as he stood in the middle of the lab, trying carefully not to touch anything. “Uh. No offense, Lily.”

“None taken,” she said easily as she continued staring into the microscope, observing the reaction in progress. A little slower than expected. She dumped the slide back into the beaker, and added a few more alcohol to the mix to be a transfer agent. “If Lila couldn’t be a little overwhelming, she wouldn’t be Lila.”

Matt sighed, but his eyes were far away. Lily was pretty sure he was already plotting elaborate revenge… just like he had been since an hour ago when he showed up, dragging the skunk girl into the lab by her tail with cum leaking out of her… everything. Well, she certainly wouldn’t get in the way of that. She might be family, and a little slut, but she wasn’t stupid enough to get in the middle of whatever her sister and cousin’s contest was devolving into. Thomas and Steven would handle it if it got out of hand… until then, best to let them get their frustrations out. Probably. Hopefully.

“Shouldn’t I be, like, bathing in tomato juice or something?” Matt asked, wrinkling his nose as he forgot to not breathe through it.

“Doesn’t work!” said Lily. And Sarah, from across the tent. And Rebecca, from the next tent over, where she was working with the skunk. And one of the other lab techs. “That’s a myth,” Lily continued.

Matt looked annoyed. “Did everyone in the world know that but me?”

Lila smiled softly as she drew another sample from the beaker, putting it under the microsope in turn. “Don’t spend a lot of time in the woods, do you cousin?”

He growled from between clenched teeth. “I’m happy to expand my horizons,” Matt grumbled.

A few moments later, Rebecca walked in. “There you go, bro. No more scent glands. It really was as easy as the internet says. I’ve seen more blood shaving my legs, or from a papercut.” she waved her hand in front of her face in exaggerated fashion. “Now get out of here… you’re stinking up the place.”

Matt left, taking his new pet with him — probably for another vengeful round with the pretty thing — and Lily picked up the beaker with a smile. “Get this to Morris, would you? I need a test subject.”

Morris didn’t know what he was doing, but this was far from the first time that girl had put him in this situation. Submissive. His. Ass.

He carried a trio of syringes filled with the latest aphrodisiac that she had come up with, made with centaur blood and other things he barely understood to target them specifically. If it worked, it might make the damned things worth the time to fuck. If it didn’t, well… that was why he was getting paid, he guessed.

Chasing down one of the centaurs was surprisingly easy. While they could run fairly quickly, enough to be annoying to corner even in the small field that they had turned into an open prison for them, they usually didn’t bother… they seemed about as apathetic to avoiding the humans as they did to getting fucked by one. He picked a pretty one with red hair, and gave her the shot in her flank the way he had given the last batch of shots, and the one before that.

The last two had barely made a difference. It only took about three seconds of waiting to see that that was not going to be the case this time.

The centaur let out a gasp after a few seconds, falling to all four knees and reaching back helplessly in a doomed attempt to reach her own pussy. She let out a low, keening moan that sounded genuinely needy.

Huh. He’d be damned.

Morris dropped his pants and idly twisted her nipple, and she audibly yelped at the touch. That made him smile enough he tried slapping her ass, and she jumped a bit on her knees while the farmhand chuckled. Then he moved around to settle behind her and without hesitation slammed himself to the hilt in her.

Always before, he had never gotten any kind of reaction from these things, but this time as he rammed himself in, she actually screamed. It didn’t even sound like pleasure — it sounded like she was utterly overwhelmed by the sensation, washed under the tide of it like she wasn’t sure if it was pleasure or pain. Like he was just way too big for her.

The red haired one reached back for him, arms extended defensively like she was trying to hold him back… but she couldn’t reach. She tried to rise to her hooves, but the next thrust stole the strength from her legs again, and she almost toppled all the way. All around him, he noted that other centaurs were paying attention now… the first real focus—real concern—he had seen from any of them. More than one started moving towards them, but other farm hands and hunters saw that was going on and got in the way, lassoing and subduing the girls. Morris tossed two of them the other two stopped syringes… there was no reason he should be the only one to have some fun.

Smiling, he gripped the centaur’s hips and began to fuck her into screaming, helpless oblivion. ‘Lily, you are a genius.’

Lila yawned as she walked into camp, exhausted from the day’s hunt. It was amazing how much harder things could be without Lyanna there… just barely a week since taming the girl and it was already starting to get hard to imagine life without her. She was beginning to understand dog people now… before, she had taken care of animals, including dogs. Now, she had a dog. The thought made her snicker… but it also made her want to get back home and feed her and fuck her. Maybe actually skip the feeding part until later, actually.

With that in mind, she decided to skip the mess entirely in favor of heading back to her tent. Thomas, always careful, didn’t want her to bring Lyanna on hunts yet… not until he was sure that the wolf was reliable. She had to stay in the camp for now. Lila knew in her heart that that was ridiculous, that the wolf was hers now, but she also knew it wasn’t worth arguing with the boss… if she was going to pick a fight, it might as well be one she had a hope of winning.

She was just walking into her tent when the smell hit her. Sex and musk and cum, and overwhelming amount of it. Lyanna lay on her bed, practically soaked in jizz and more than half senseless.

“What the he—”

Someone hit her from behind, pressing her against the bed right on top of her wolf. Lila gasped in surprise. “Matt, I swear to g—-” she started, cutting off as she turned enough to see that it wasn’t Matt behind her… it was a badger-girl. A real one, covered with the white and black pattern over her eyes that rolled up into the hair over her back of her head where her hair would be, instead forming a bristling main of more fluffy fur erupting from the back of head.

And she was a herm.

Wearing a breeding collar.

Lila didn’t need to wonder how the thing had gotten in here… the answer was self evident. She began to struggle in earnest as the badger girl started flipping her over, forcing its way between her legs. The thing was so strong, though… and it wasn’t gentle. Lila was a tough girl, more than used to wrestling her prey to the ground, so she wasn’t unused to grappling and straining against these creatures, but this one still pinned her arms down above her head so hard that she felt felt a bruise forming on her wrists beneath her strong hand as she held them both down with a single hand as it used the other to lift one of her legs. Unwilling or unable to figure out how pants works, the herm simply began to tear the denim off her… a process that left her with a few more bruises from where the tough material pulled at her.

It probably would have hurt less if she stopped kicking while it did it, but, well… that wasn’t going to happen.

She could see the size of its cock, too… reason for additional struggle. It was angry looking and red, a contrast against her black and white fur, and while it wasn’t the size of the centaur cock she’d seen recently, it was certainly going to fill her to the absolute limits… unquestionably the biggest thing she’d ever taken, and she’d masturbated with her own strapon before. “Oh no you don’t,” Lila hissed, trying to get her legs folded up beneath her so that she could kick out, but the herm was just too strong.

Lila, however, was too slippery. She squirmed around beneath him, preventing the herm from getting a good grip on her, couldn’t line its cock up with her. She couldn’t escape, but the badger couldn’t hold her hips still without letting go of her leg and letting her use them against her, or releasing its pin on her.

For what felt like hours to Lila but couldn’t have been longer than minutes the silver-haired girl strained against the badger, struggling violently. Even with the full weight of the badger on her, she was successful in a second or two in raising he body up off the bed and the limp form of her pet as her hips bounced, her shoulders pushing back against the bed as her legs kicked against its hold… wriggling almost like a fish on a hook more than a wrestler. “Hell… no…” she growled at it. “Hell… n… Hell… hell…”

The struggle was exhausting. Lila quickly felt herself weakening, growing more tired with every passing second. Even as she grew weaker, the herm’s grip on her grew ever more firm as her struggles slackened; she never acknowledged her weakness or helplessness for a second… not even when she felt the hot tip of her cock finally come to rest against her snatch.

“Agh!” she gasped as it started pushing into her, cramming the first few inches into her in a single thrust. Lila regretted that she had been looking forward to playing with Lyanna… if she hadn’t been wet and ready, this monster thing would never have managed to fit inside. Just the tip was in and already it felt like something had rolled up a dozen magazines and a was fucking her with them. “Fucking… asshole! Get off me!”

She tried to kick again, but this time the herm had the leverage to grab and pin it down. Almost contemptuous in its greater strength, it slowly pinned her back down completely, overwhelming her second wind as surely as it had her first… and then it began to push further. One inch at a time, she stuffed Lila full… never pulling back, always cramming forward. Lila couldn’t curse it anymore… she didn’t have the breath anymore. She could only gasp as it slid further and further, stretching her as it forced its way deeper into her helpless cunt, her eyes fluttering to mark the event each time its penetration reached new depths inside of her. It took its time doing it, too… pushing further in at a pace that was as steady as it was inexorable, giving Lila time to appreciate fully every inch of its thick cock, to feel its conquest of a new mate.

Finally, she felt the badger’s hips resting against her. It had utterly penetrated her… filled her far beyond anything she had ever taken inside her before. Lila gasped as she felt his body mass slap against her clit, her body stuffed utterly. And then it started to fuck he, a slow pull back out of her. Lila could feel it dragging her pussy’s walls with it as it went, the sheer size and friction trying to draw her back with the massive rod. And then it slammed back in.

“Ah!” she gasped. “Ah! Ah! Damnit… Da- a- a-mmm….” Practically all rational thought left her as she was filled again in a rush, feeling the wetness and throbbing of her clit and it burned, pressed again the badger’s body weight on the next thrust. “Fuuuuuck… Matt you ass…” She trembled beneath the herm, overwhelmed by the sensation and the sexual heat.

It wasn’t quick about cumming, either. It took more of an hour to fuck her at that slow, steady pace. By then, Lila was a helpless, sweat soaked body almost completely limp beneath her, softly gasping with each thrust in the wake of being fucked to orgasm a half dozen times. Only then did it begin to speed up, pounding into her with ever more brutal thrust, emptying and filling her over and over again in a handful of spastic lunged as her cock swelled and exploded, emptying what felt like a gallon of seed deep into her tamed body.

Lila groaned as she felt that heat spreading inside her. “Fucking… asshole…” she whispered… little strength left in her voice now, too tired to be properly angry. At least after this, she was going to sleep solidly tonight. Once she slipped herself a contraceptive anyways, before her dad or someone could find out—

Or at least that was what she thought… until she heard the buzzing of the mating collar as it cycled, and she felt her ‘bedmate’ start to stir again.

“You have… got to be… kidding me…” she growled as the badger began fucking her again, just seconds after the last round had ended. The absurd indignity of it fueled her anger again. “Matt! MAAAATT! I’M GOING TO SKIN YOU ALIVE YOU DICKLESS—AGH!”

Whistling to himself, Matt walked down the row of tents in the small hours of the morning, He twirled the remote for the new herm on a keychain around his finger as he walked, satisfied in vengeance sufficiently repaid. It had been about seven hours since he knew Lila had gotten back into the camp, so he figured it was about time to let her loose.

He tapped one of the farmhands on the shoulder as he passed him. “Hey, Lila wanted this,” he said with a wild grin, passing the remote to the man… he thought his name was Keane. “Would you do me a favor and deliver it to her for me? I have a hunt leaving in a few minutes.” Matt figured he probably wanted to be miles away for at least the next… few hours? Whole day at best.

The farmhand groaned, shifting the sack on his shoulder. “I’m a bit busy… can it wait until I finish feeding these girls?”

Matt grinned. “I don’t think she’s in a big hurry. Take your time, man.”

He walked away whistling.

Steven usually preferred to track alone, but that wasn’t going to do this time… not when this was the second deer to go missing in a week. There was a predator about, and he wasn’t going to be tracking it down alone. Two of his hunters walked behind him, carrying two rifles locked and loaded as Steven followed the trail.

Whatever had done this, it wasn’t easy to track. He had lost the trail last time after less than a mile. This time, however, it had rained recently… the ground was soft, and held a trail far better. He had already followed this far longer than the last, and hoped that he could catch up with whatever was stealing their livesto-

He help up a fist, crouching down. The two hunters behind him obeyed immediately, silently lowering themselves, checking their weapons as Steven peered through the gap in the leaves, scanning for what his nose told him. Just ahead, the forest opened up into a clearing with just some brush on the forest floor, about twenty feet across. He didn’t see anything in the clearing, but he smelled it.

Sex. An awful lot of sex.

Nothing was moving, however, so he slowly crept forward, hiding behind the last of the foliage before he would need to step out into the clearing. Nothing. There was nothing here… no predator laying in wait that he could see. That wasn’t the same thing as being safe. “Cover me,” he whispered, then stepped out in the clearing.

Steven only took three steps before he noticed the trampled brush underground, the white stains on the grass. Five more steps and he saw her. Subject 84, Edith, was laying on the ground, practically plastered with thick seed. If she wasn’t blowing tiny bubbles in the pool of it around her nose, he wouldn’t have been sure she was still breathing… she was absolutely still and silent. One of her antlers had been snapped off about six inches from her scalp, and was nowhere to be found.

Steven couched down. More cum was seeping slowly from her holes, both of them well stretched and gaping still. Steven took a leaf and started to wipe away a suspicious looking patch by her shoulder, and found a bite mark there… not deep. The teeth piercings had scabbed over, probably hours ago, leaving just the deep bruises. He could see a few others places with a similar pattern beneath the mess, and he sighed at the implications.

Edith was a wreck. With her holes so stretched and her antlers broken, she wasn’t likely to be much value as stock anymore… and whatever had taken her had bred her so thoroughly that even after what it was came out of her, it would probably be months before they dared knock her up again for fear of killing her. He supposed that at least they had recovered her at all, unlike the last one, but still…

One of the hunters came forward with the towel, and they began to wrap the helpless deer up in it so that they could carry her back to her cage.

“At least it didn’t hurt her too badly,” another hunter said. “That’s a bit of good news, at least.”

“No,” Steven said morosely. “It’s not.” He looked at the hunter who’d spoken. “It’s used to fighting harder to subdue its prey… hence all the bites that didn’t need to go further. It’s learning that the ones we’ve broken already are easy prey.” Steven looked into the thick foliage around them and sighed. “It’s not going to stop. Not until we manage to stop it.”

Hours later, Keane pulled back the flap of Lila’s tent, and wrinkled his nose as the sheer smell of sex inside of it. Almost immediately, his mouth dropped open at the unexpected sight. He, like most of the others, had noticed that Lila and her new pet were all but inseparable, so while it wasn’t too surprising to find both the Pandoris girl and her wolf naked on the bed, he hadn’t expected it anything like this. Both of them looked absolutely soaked with cum and sweat and spit. Lyanna was out cold, it seemed, stretched out on her back and snoring heavily… the act causing her to blow a bubble in the cum pooled on her upper lip. Lila, on the other hand, was being held from behind by the new Badger alpha they had brought in the yesterday.

The badger was on the bed behind Lila and the big girl-beast had the human in her arms, spooning her less like a lover than the way a child would a stuffed animal. Keane huffed out a breath of exasperation as he noted the badger’s cock was still inside Lila… he could see the way it split her slit obscenely wide, and could trace the bulge in her as it disappeared deep into her.

The girl looked utterly worn down, and her stomach bulged from the amount of cum that had been pumped into it. The beautiful grey-haired girl was wrapped in the badger’s arms, the beast holding her tight against its black and white fur in its sleep…

And Lila, one of the people in camp who was in most ways his boss, was awake. And glaring at him.

“Keane,” Lila snarled furiously. “I’m only going to say this once: Get. This. Thing. THE HELL OFF ME!”

Keane almost dropped the remote three times in his haste to turn it off.

Eve squealed as Thomas’ cock skewered its way into her asshole. That was one of his favorite parts about the mouse… the way she always made such cute noises when she hurt. The other, of course, were how tight her holes were… each time was just as pleasant for him as the very first. “So,” he said, trying to focus over the back of the squirming mouse as he looked over at Steven. “You said you found a clue today?”

Steven had his hands in the hair of one of the deer… one of the fawns. She was already well pregnant, her belly swelling, which meant that she had probably been knocked up between four or five days ago, and had between two or three more to go. She didn’t even need to be guided in sucking his cock any longer… most of the fawns broke so prettily into obedient playthings. Only the older Does put up any kind of lasting resistance.

It was good that there was a difference. Better for selling them, certainly… the customer could pick what he preferred.

“The deer are easier to communicate with than most mermaids,” Steven said. “They speak our language much better. It makes it easier to question them.”

Digging his fingers into Eve’s asscheeks, he yanked her harder against him, causing another soft squeal. That was true… Rebecca and Sarah had noted it as well as they worked with their subjects. Lila’s experience with her wolf, Lyanna, all but confirmed it… her vocabulary wasn’t very large, but she actually understood the language fairly well. Something had caused it to proliferate significantly through the forest here, and they hadn’t entirely figured out why yet.

Thomas began to pump the pretty brown-furred girl harder, grunting as he felt her ass squeezing on his length. He knew that she wasn’t really intending to clench on him, she wasn’t trained enough to know how to ride him with her guts and turn her insides into a heaven for his cock, that she was just trying to squeeze him out… but right now, it was close enough. He could always train her later. Solving mysteries later, however, seemed like a bad idea. Thomas didn’t like mysteries. Mysteries could be expensive… He preferred certainty.

“So,” Steven continued, stroking the fawn’s hair the color of autumn leaves as she bobbed her head obediently on him. He seemed to be enjoying as he stared at Eve’s face, the way she gasped so loudly each time his brother-in-law’s hips slammed into her. “We started asking them about the white-furred one… and most of them actually had seen her before. She roams the northern reaches of the forest… where the woods start turning into the mountains.”

Thomas paused for a moment in his pumping, letting Eve catch her breath as he tried to remember the maps they had of this valley. “That… damn,” he cursed. “That really couldn’t be too much further away, could it?”

Steven shrugged, and grinned as Eve gave a high-pitched shriek as Thomas began to fuck her again. “It is, but… I’m not in a hurry. After we have things under control here, maybe I’ll lead a party there and see if we can catch the thing. No one we asked seemed to have any idea if she was a herm or a doe, so it’ll be an interesting surprise.” He paused for a moment, clearing his throat. “At the moment, I’m actually more concerned about our kids.”

“Matt and Lilian,” Thomas agreed with a nod. “The two of them can’t seem to help but keep antagonizing each other, can they?”

“Think we should do something?” Steven said, grabbing onto the fawn’s horns and roughly slammed her head forward, burying his length down her neck for a second before pulling her back up. Then he let go… and Thomas smiled in approval as the fawn continued to fuck her own throat at the pace he had set. They really were such good girls, once they were taught how.

“Only if it starts cutting into profits,” Thomas cautioned. “If it does, absolutely. Otherwise, we should just let them work it out themselves… we’ll just encourage them down the line by stepping in and getting in the way.”

Steven sighed in pleasure, leaving further back in his seat and allowed the fawn to continue bouncing her face on his crotch. “Seem a little harsh. What if they actually hurt each other?”

Thomas sighed, ceasing his pumps into Eve for a moment and letting her catch her breath. “They’re both tough adults. They know what they’re doing… and neither is ignorant of the game they’re playing with each other. As long as they don’t hurt the family…”

Steven nodded as Eve squealed, the cock stretching her asshole beginning to swell inside her as Thomas thrust savagely back into her. He himself grunted as he came down his enthusiastic cocksucker’s throat, the only sign that the fawn gave was just a slowing in her bobbing head to allow herself to tongue him more. “Then we’ll leave them to it… for now.”

All of a sudden, Lila ran by outside the tent. The girl wasn’t even dressed… and she was absolutely covered in cum, dirt and the occasional twig sticking to her skin and hair. But going by the way she stormed by, she couldn’t seem to care less.

Thomas sighed. “Why do I feel like my son just did something supremely… stupid?”

Steven could only nod knowingly.

Matt lowered his rifle with a smile on his face as he watched the girl stumble and fall short of the stream, sliding to the ground as her limbs grew weak and the tranquilizer took over. She tried to rise, her hands clawing softly at the muddy earth as she inched closer to the water and possible safety… and then went limp and collapsed to the ground.

And just like that, they had a new species.

Matt grinned widely, chuckling to himself. An otter. They really had bagged an otter… one of the the two dozen or so remaining species that they theorized existed in these woods but hadn’t seen yet. He had known these small hunting groups had been a good idea. Just him and three others, opening in a small pack, scouting around… they made much less noise, and could find some more easily spooked animals. In his heart, he had been hoping he might find one of the dark-feathered birds he had seen, or maybe be the first to actually manage to run down a rabbit, but still, an otter was quite a catch.

She was still trying to get away, weakly… too out of it to make it to the water, her muscles not responding right. In the water, she might once again be as swift as an eel, but here on land she was closer to a pretty paperweight.

And she was gorgeous, too… her fur was sleek as silk, hugging her form so closely on her sides and hips and thighs that it looked more like paint brushed onto her skin that real fur. It created an absolutely fascinating effect, almost like a striptease — just enough of her nakedness was covered by it to make her look more exposed, not less. Long dark hair, straight as a rail and shiny with the same sleek look at her fur, with dusky tan skin and white nails and teeth… she was bliss to look at.

And now she was his.

His hands fumbled with his belt only for a second before he undid it, loosening his pants as he stood over her, watching her hands dig into the mud for traction, trying to get back to the stream only inches away. He’d take her right there, he decided… just inches from freedom. Let her look on an escape that she would never be able to reach… it would help put her in the right mindset for a life as a sexual plaything.

He sank down onto her…

And a bucket of freezing water dumped right onto his head.

Matt sputtered, throwing himself back, just as Lila dumped a second one on him. “Oh, sorry Cuz…” she said, too loudly. “Didn’t see you there. Just wanted to clean the muddy slut up!” She reached for a third bucket.

“Lila!” Matt growled. “What the fuck do you thi—” he cut off as a third bucket poured on him… where had she gotten them, anyway? Had she really come out here with buckets to fill from the stream, tracking him down after being out of the camp for almost two days, just to fuck with him? It seemed unbelievable, but what other explanation was there?”

“There,” Lila said happily. “Now she’s all clean. You aren’t, though…” That was true enough. Matt was covered in mud. The water had turned the thin patch of watery ground into practically a pit of the stuff, and it had gotten all over his legs as it splashed. “Go ahead and take her now, if you little cock doesn’t mind the cold! I can’t wait to see— oh shit!”

Matt looked down just in time to see the legs of the otter vanish into the water like a snake. He looked up at Lila in disbelief, eyes wide. That was… that was the first otter… and she had let it get away like that? His dad was going to kill the girl!

He looked at her. He expected chagrin. He expected regret, or embarrassment. He even would have taken annoyance. Instead, she just looked… smug. Like the fact that he wasn’t going to get to fuck the girl was more important than anything else that had just happened.

And suddenly, he didn’t care about the otter anymore either.

“You little bitch!” he spat as he lunged at her, fist swinging.

She caught it, ducking beneath the momentum as she stepped inside, eyes narrowing and forming a fist of her own. She drove it at his stomach, but he was in too close for her to get any real momentum or follow through… it hit him, but it didn’t hurt. He drove his left hand into her side, hard enough that she gasped. Then Lila kicked out, striking his thigh before hooking behind his leg and continuing with her shoulder, sending him down into the mud along with her.

Lilian was on top, but that didn’t last for long. Matt planted his legs down against the solidness beneath the muck and heaved with both shoulders, sending them rolling side to the side, and when they stopped he was the one on top. Before he knew what he was doing, he had grabbed at her shirt and tore upward, ripping three buttons off and stretching her bra as he opened the shirt. Lila spat a curse, and he smiled… right before she headbutted him him in the face.

He barely had time to move. Her forehead hit his cheek instead of his nose, leaving a wicked bruise and making it feel like his brain was rattling around in his skull. Then, while he was stunned, she flipped them again, so deep into the mud that Matt could feel some of the runny earth pooling in the hollow of his throat. He repaid her in kind, grabbing for her right arm with his left even as his own right got her around the throat. Her left hand squeezed his wrist, and for a second they were locked them, straining against one another, covered in mud as her tits hung free from her torn shirt, his own pants down around his thighs after the fall and the tumbling. Then he managed to flip them again, rolling again through the mud until it was caking her hair, sticking it to her face. Her neck was rigid beneath his hand, muscles tight and straining against his grip even as he slowly inched her right arm upward, pinning it above her head.

Her hand around his wrist finally pried it to the side, forcing it off her neck while she glared at him, dirty streaks on her pretty face. She rubbed at her throat, and he used his suddenly free hand to go for her pants, yanking them down hard. The mud was good lube for the process… she slid down her smooth skin without issue, despite her snarled curse. “Fuck you, Matt,” Lila spat. “You don’t have the stones, needle dick.”

“I’ll show you needle dick,” he growled, just as she heaved against him again. It pushed him back, letting her turn and start, crawling away from him on all fours, scrambling away through the mud. Her pants were in the way, though, she couldn’t get away before he tackled her down in the mud again, making Lila growl in frustration. He really wasn’t much stronger than her, but he was half a foot taller and fifty pounds heavier… and on ground his slippery and soft, it was a crushing advantage. She gasped out as his hand tangled in her messy hair, yanking her back toward him… and then again when she felt his cock prodding, searching, pressing against her ass.

He reached down, and she groaned, her hips bucking and twitching, trying to avoid it even as he aimed his cock towards her. Then he thrust forward, parting the lips of her sex cruelly as that ramrod stiff tool impaled her and drove to the hilt in her tight hole. And he was definitely, definitely not small… but neither was she dry.

“You love the fight, slut?” he growled at her from behind as he shoved forward again, driving her knees deeper into the mud with his weight on her.

“I’ll… show you slut… asshole…” she growled as he reached beneath her with his other hand, grabbing at her breasts as he hung beneath her heaving body as he forced himself balls deep into her, even as one of her hands tried to get his out of her hair and the other held the wrist on the one squeezing her tits. “I’m… twice… the slut you are.”

Two of his fingers found her nipple, squeezing and twisting, making her give a tiny moan despite herself. “Asssssshole,” she slurred from between clenched teeth as he began to slam into her harder, his definitely-not-pencil-cock stretching her wide as he filled and emptied her to a savage rhythm.

Out of the corner of her eye, Lila saw her wolf emerge from between two trees. They had split up slightly to find him faster… Lyanna had been only a few minutes away. Had it really been only a few minutes since she had found Matt?

Matt hadn’t noticed her yet. She gave one look at what was going on and her eyes narrowed, her lips curling back away from her fangs as she stepped forward… and Lila let go of his wrist and held out one hand, back of her hand toward the wolf. ‘Sit,’ the command said. ‘I have it,’ her eyes insisted as she looked at the wolf.

More than a little reluctantly, Lyanna slowly slid down to her knees, her hands folded behind her back in the proper sitting position Lyanna had only taken ten minutes to whip into her.

Matt didn’t notice exactly what was going on, but he certainly could feel the way her pussy rippled on his cock. “Going to cum for me, Cuz?” he growled at her. “Going to cum as I nail you with that pencil dick?”

Lila snorted… then she shoved her entire body back at him in time with him pulling back. The impact of her ass against him hips, shoved his cock in deeper for a second, making her tremble with pleasure, but also knocked him off balance. Matt stumbled on his knees for a second, trying to keep his balance… and then toppled over backward onto his back.

His cock slipped free of her. His grip on her mud-slick hair slid. She was free.

Barely an instant later, he was on top of him, one of her hands on his neck as the other held his admittedly-thick cock steady for her to lower herself on it. “Like you could make me cum, pencil dick,” she hissed at him. “I’ll do it myself, thank you.” She sank onto him even as both of his hands grabbed onto hers and pried her away. Before he could do more, she tightened her thighs on him and lowered herself so that breasts pressed against his chest, his cock skewering deep into her soaked cunt. “Who said…” Lilian growled, “that you could go anywhere?”

She started lifting her hips and slamming them back down, pausing between each to grind just a bit, pressing her clit against his hips. The whole time, his hands and hers fought for control. He was slowly pushing her back, slowly moving her arms closer to her body and overpowering her, but she was so close now… so close…

Lila gasped as he abruptly rolled, her tight grip on him with her thighs taking her with him as she was put on her back in the mud, his cock pressed up against her cervix, her clit burning at the softest touch of his body. Then he started nailing her.

Matt pinned one of her hands over her head. Lila got one of hers in his short hair, wrapping it in her fist as best as she could, keeping his eyes locked on hers as she gasped and came just a bare second before he did, her cunt squeezing and shuddering just ahead of a splash of warmth deep inside of her. She lay, legs wrapped around Matt, wrestling with him as wave after wave of sticky, hot jizz spewed into her burning, convulsing hole, filling her up. Neither of them stopped, either… continuing to squeeze and grip and hump until that meaty shaft finally began to soften inside of her.

Then Lila relaxed her arched back, letting go of his hair and slapping the ground. “So damn close. Asshole.” The words were biting, but she couldn’t stop smiling, and the tone didn’t really match. She laughed. “Not fucking bad, Matt,” she said as he cautiously lifted his weight off of her, slowly rising back up as she tucked her legs back and started pushing herself up to sitting. “Guess you aren’t completely useless after all,” she said as she traced her fingers over her inflamed cunt, feeting the slick seed dripping out. “Not by half.”

She scooted out completely from beneath him, crawling the last few feet until she was in the river properly. She began intensely scrubbing at his skin, eager to get at least most of the mud that coated her off. “If you think I’m done with you, I’d think again though,” she warned, flashing him a grin as he joined her in the river and began rinsing off. He had ended up even more coated than she had, somehow, and she doubted either of them would ever get the mud out of their clothing. “Tents don’t have locks, Matt. You’re going to wake up one of these days with me on top of you, and we’ll see how tough you are then.”

“That’s my line,” Matt laughed before ducking his head below the water, coming up and rubbing roughly at his hair. “Your tent doesn’t lock either. What do you have?”

“I have a dog,” Lila said with a smirk, gesturing at Lyanna kneeling at the treeline, watching them. From the look on his face, he was just noticing the still girl for the first time.

Matt shook his head, clearly disappointed with himself, and chuckled. “Just have to fuck her too, then.”

Lila snorted. “I’d like to see that, actually. Could be quite a show if you fuck her like that.”

They were silent for a few seconds as they continue scrubbing mud off of their skin and hair. “Uh… sorry about all this,” Matt said awkwardly, hand rubbing the back of his head in the way that had nothing to do with getting the mud out. “You just get on my nerves so damn much.”

“I’m good at that,” Lila admitted, blushing a little. “It’s pretty much my default.” She coughed a little. “I don’t really meant anything by it.” She paused. “Well… much by it. And I’m sorry too.”

Matt gestured vaguely towards her groin. “Is this going to… uh… be a problem?”

“Pregnancy?” she asked with a slanted grin. “Noooo, after the badger I think that ship has sailed.”

Matt winced. “Uh. Yeah. Sorry again.”

“Don’t be for that bit,” Lila said, pausing to brush her own belly. “That thing was… ferocious. If this one comes out anything like it, I think I’m keeping it.”

Matt raised an eyebrow. “Really?”

“Yeah,” she said slowly. “Especially if it’s a herm too. It’d be fun to have a daughter like that…” she gestured toward Lyanna. “And it seems like it’s possible to make it work. Could be a next project for me.”

Matt reached out and brush some mud off her face where she’d missed it. “If you even have the time, that is. Seriously, I can’t believe you let an otter get away. If my dad finds out, he’s going to flip his shit, and make you a broodmare for a straight month.”

“Yeeeeah,” she said slowly, shrugging as she let out a long breath. “I… had more faith in my sister’s drugs than that. Those little things have a strong metabolism, I guess. Help you catch another one, and we sorta… don’t mention it?”

Matt laughed and slapped her on the back. “Deal. If someone is getting wet in the process, though, it’s you.”

“That’s fair,” she agreed easily enough, think of how she had started this by soaking him. “I think that we can assume a… range of…” she let her voice drift off, looking across the river. Matt was looking the same way, absolutely frozen in place. Their eyes met.

Lila pointed at him, then to the right. Then to herself and the left. Matt nodded.

As silently as possible, the two began creeping through the river, keeping low and barely making a sound…

Maggie rode into the field on the back of a herm.

It really was quite an experience… the centaur was huge, and every single motion of her muscles shifted the woman on her back. Even with a breeding collar, the thing moved with barely restrained power and violence with every step, and with just a kick she could have probably sent in into a run strong enough to break an old, thick tree. She was magnificent.

And exactly what they needed.

It was amazing the difference that Lila’s work had already had… a few days ago, the twelve centaurs that made up this herd had barely seemed to notice the men who came to use them… now they fought and screamed and needed to be restrained. There had been the perfect cringing fucktoys hidden beneath their exterior… just waiting to be brought to the surface by the increased sensitivity.

They had turned them into pets worth buying… now they just had to be broken in. Maggie patted the haunch of the centaur she rode. She didn’t react of course… her collar’s light was crimson, keeping her passive. Without her legs to urge the centaur onwards, she would have just stood still. Before now, it hadn’t made sense to reintroduce the herm to this herd… it would have almost been an admission of defeat, that the centaur alpha’s huge cock was the only thing that could make these creatures react. Now, though…

She rode right up to a green-haired centaur with brown fur and white spots… the most petite of the bunch. She was a favorite of the boys… the called her Emerald, and she had the tightest holes of the lot. The centaur lay in a sobbing heap after the last group of men had finished with her, her arms bound behind her back and her fetlocks bound just tight enough to allow small steps. When the herm’s shadow fell over her, she looked up… and the look in her eyes told a whole story in two seconds.

First, incomprehension. They had fucked Emerald up thoroughly enough through the drugs and the cock battering she’d already gotten that it took her a moment to even process what she was seeing. Then, hope. A moment of thinking that the herd alpha was there to save her. That look lasted until she saw Maggie on her back, slowly sliding to the ground and holding the reins to the gagging bit in the herm’s mouth. Then, despair as the hope fled… that she was going to be trapped her, that the life she had led over the last few days was going to be hers forever. And then, after that… horror. Her eyes flicked to the herm’s twitching, growing cock hanging between its legs, going wide. “No…” Emerald whispered.

Maggie chuckled as she backed away. The centaurs were sensitive enough that human cocks felt huge to them now, milking them desperately… so now, how would they react to the dick truly capable of filling them to the brim? Brushing a lock of hair out of her face, Maggie raised the remote and activated the collar.

The green light kicked on… and the muscular centaur alpha looked down at the restrained girl with a hungry expression on her face. Then she galloped the last few steps forward, grabbing onto Emeralds hair and yanking her up unsteadily onto her bound legs before climbing on top of her, shoving her most of the way back to the ground. “Don’t, don’t, don’t,” the smaller centaur begged… then she shrieked as the alpha gave a first thrust.

Maggie knelt down to watch, and smirked. “That’s only an inch,” she warned Emerald. “She’s barely getting started.”

The scream was just as loud the second thrust, and the third, and the fourth… it might have been an exaggeration to think that the centaurs were sized for the massive pole that jutted from the alpha. They seemed to be slightly too tight for it, even… a struggle that she would need to work her way into. Each thrust drove the herm’s huge cock about another inch into her… five inches now. About nine more to go.

Already every centaur’s eyes were on what was going on here. Those that didn’t have a dick down their throat were screaming, protesting, begging… it made no difference. All of them were going to get fucked into submission, raped by this raging prick a dozen times or more until the resistance, if not the reaction, had been pounded out of their bodies… until they were ready to be good little toys for whoever bought them. All of them had to watch as the alpha’s upper body leaned directly against Emerald’s from behind as her hands wrapped around her, holding her in place as she was slammed.

The alpha held her like that as it worked its cock in… one hand on her throat, the other molesting her huge tits while the alpha’s own were nearly being crushed flat against the green-haired girl’s back. By the time the alpha’s cock was all the way into her, Emerald had stopped screaming. Her mouth was wide open, a gaping ‘O’ shape that jerked and twitched with each thrust but seemed too breathless to make a single sound but the tiny gasps of shock as it bottomed out inside of her again and again and again and again, fucking her with violence that was unthinkable for a human… all four of the centaur alpha’s legs pushing forward, her hips slamming a cock larger than any man’s with crushing force into that over-sensitized hole. Then, sooner than Maggie would have thought, the alpha cried out in a blend of conquest and ecstasy as it came, making Emerald let out a dismayed groan.

The reason for the relatively quick orgasm became clear a moment later… when it resumed pounding into her without showing any sign of having just cum. Maggie smiled as she saw the signs of stamina on the thing… and after the last week or so of her being captured and unable to cum, her balls had no doubt built up one hell of a stored load ready to be unleashed on the captive herd.

Maggie’s focus on the mating in progress was broken by the outbreak of conversation from the other side of the clearing… dozens of the farmhands pointing towards the woods and talking. Cocking her head, she walked in that direction… and her eyes widened when she saw the source of the commotion.

Matt and her daughter Lila were walking out of the woods together, their clothing absolutely trashed and stained almost solid brown and black with mud… but that wasn’t the most notable part. What caught the men’s interest, and hers, was the girl they were marching between them. With one of her long ears held in the fist of each of her captors like a leash, a bunny-girl reluctantly walked forward toward the camp. Her fur was dark brown, the better to see the jizz-stains leaking from between her legs even from here, but even that occasional coating of dark fur didn’t entirely hide the bruises that had come from Matt and Lila managing to wrestle the girl to the ground and capture her.

One of the rabbits. They had finally caught one… and it had been those two, working together.

Maggie swelled with pride, a grin spreading across her face. That was her daughter… just when her mother couldn’t help but think she was heading towards disaster, she always found a way to surprise.

The night air felt pleasantly cool on Lila’s face as she strode around the periphery of camp, the leash in her hand feeling natural as breathing as she let Lyanna explore her way around. Even after everything, the wolf-girl still hadn’t need a fraction of the interesting things that the Pandoris family had brought with them… the ingenuity of humanity on full display. Lyanna was curious about each and every one, and while her ability to speak wasn’t strong enough yet to ask the right questions to understand each and every one, she tried.

It really gave Lila a lot to think about. She patted her belly… unlike Lily, she hadn’t taken any drugs yet to accelerate what she expected was growing there… she didn’t want even the day or two of downtime when she was too weak to run and hunt. Within a month or so, the excitement of this place would fade and it would grow more routine… then she could dose herself and let the badger cub grow. If her experiences with Lyanna taught her anything, she could teach this thing to be clever and useful right from birth. None of the other wolves have yet come around like Lyanna had… the ones that Maggie had selected had all stopped struggling, but no one had tamed any of them yet. None of them had had her working with them exclusively either, though. Already, she had heard some of the men talking about her like she was her mother… she was building a reputation as a trainer, and she had plenty of other ideas to explore further.

The leash pulled a little in her hand and Lyanna abruptly froze, taking several steps back to give it some slack again, and Lila nodded in approval. She didn’t really need the leash, of course… it was increasingly clear that Lyanna wasn’t going to be trying to escape. Still, there was something wonderful about the sight of her pet with a leather band around her neck, a cord attached to it that she could hold in her hand. The wolf knew better than to pull at it, though… that would just annoy her owner. She looked at the humming thing from a distance instead… one of the gas generators they were using for power during the night when the solar was down. Lyanna flicked a gaze or two back towards Lila, and she knew that there were going to be questions for her about this one… the wolf still didn’t understand anything about power or electricity yet, and every attempt so far at explaining it had failed, but Lyanna wasn’t stupid, she just didn’t know anything about how humans lived. One thing at a time, she would learn.

Lyanna started walking again, and Lila followed. The wolf might not be pulling, but Lila was content to let her curiosity choose their path, letting her guide them onward while her own mind cast through suggestions for the other wolves, changes to their regimes, and…

The wolf growled.

Lila tugged the leash one, straightening up even as Lyanna walked slowly back towards her, backwards, not taking her eyes off the darkness. “What is it?” Lila said, slowly creeping forward.

Lyanna growled again. “Cat,” she spat out, glaring out into the darkness.

Lila envied her pet’s night vision… but why was it even dark? The rest of the camp was lit, and she had just seen the generator was working. Thankfully, Lila had a workaround. The powerful flashlight came out of her pocket and turned on, flooding the night with light.

The camp light had been shattered… she could see the glistening glass on the ground where the lamp had been broken… and the chain link of the fence had been ripped apart, just like the others.

A flood of annoyance filled Lila. This was like the others… except it wasn’t. This cage wasn’t on the outskirts of camp, it was well within the perimeter. Whatever was stealing from… the ‘cat,’ as Lyanna called it… was growing bolder, more confident in coming into camp and taking what it wanted before escaping. Worse, Lila knew exactly what had been in it without needing to check the tattered papers littering the ground. It had been her rabbit… the one she and Matt had worked so hard to catch just earlier today, and the only one they had.

“Damnit,” she hissed. Lyanna growled again. Then Lila started calling for help. It was looking like this forward camp wasn’t going to be safe any longer… they were going to need to get the animals back to the lodge out of the valley rather than keep them here. It meant that Sarah’s team, including her sister, might need to be there, too…

Thomas would decide that. Right now, her dad needed to know that another one had gone missing, and see if they could pick up the trail sooner rather than later…

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  1. These chapters are always a fun change of pace, and I love getting more of Lila, Lily, and Lyanna. The wolf’s growing submission and (for this world/family) kind treatment are my favorite aspect so far.


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