Lone Fox 1 – Chapter 9

Seo-yun could still taste Morris.

The fox woman dutifully sucked the cock in her mouth, feeling the man’s grip in her hair tighten every time her tongue ran over a particular spot on the underside of his shaft. She focused more of her attention on that spot and soon his hips began to rock with increasing urgency, until the head of his dick was knocking against the entrance to her throat. She relaxed her muscles, letting him pop in and out with each thrust until the pressure of her esophagus overwhelmed him, and his cum spurted against the back of her mouth to pool under her tongue. She sucked hard on his head, pulling every last drop out of him, until he began to grow soft and she was certain that he had no more sperm left to feed her. Then she swallowed, feeling his sticky seed begin its slow journey down her throat, and began to lick him again.

“That’s the spirit, fox slut,” said Levinson as she worked to get him hard again. “That’s how you earn yourself a big breakfast.”

Seo-yun didn’t react to his comment. It wasn’t that she didn’t feel shame at the vulgar compliment, or disgust at the familiar taste and smell of her own ass on him. Or that a part of her didn’t long to sink her teeth into his cock instead of gently caressing it with lips and tongue. It was just that her feelings didn’t matter. That was the lesson the blond man had been imparting for the last two weeks: everything inside her head was useless and unwanted. A fucktoy didn’t need to think or feel, only to serve. In a way, it was a relief.

For the first few seconds after Morris’s death, she’d had hope that things would be different. That maybe she really could make up for the past, that she didn’t have to do everything alone. She’d even felt different for a moment, more stable and confident, as though a long fever in her mind had broken. Reality had quickly shattered those fanciful delusions. It had taken almost a full day before Levinson had allowed her to stop her grisly meal. They’d used the shears and the ring gag after all, force feeding her pieces of the man whose only mistake had been to help her.

As Levinson had promised, they’d made her fill her belly with him. What she hadn’t been prepared for was the beating he’d personally given her after, grinding his knuckles into her full stomach with each punch. It took him twenty gut churning blows to make her retch and empty the contents of her stomach onto the ground. Before she’d finished spitting the bile out of her mouth, Levinson was forcing more pieces of Morris’s corpse down her throat. The gruesome process repeated another fourteen times, until almost every inch of the corpse’s skin was gone and he looked so grotesque that even Levinson and his men had trouble continuing.

By the time they dragged her away, her stomach once more filled to near bursting with cold human flesh, she’d accepted that all of Morris’s words were false. Well intentioned, but false. Her future wasn’t up to her, it was up to them. The most choice she had in her fate was whether she did whatever others wanted, or made them hurt her first. And despite his promise, she felt absolutely nothing of his presence. Either he’d been wrong, or lying, or had just realized that she was a stupid cunt not worth his attention. Whatever the reason, the naive belief that he would be watching over her had crumbled long before she was done swallowing.

The hunger was gone too. After so many centuries of being a constant pull in her mind, its absence was jarring. She had thought that perhaps eating Morris would create another yeowu guseul. Had hoped for it, even. The eternal hunger would have been an acceptable price to pay for being able to keep a piece of him with her. But even such a small mercy was denied to her. A tiny part of her had hoped its lack would mean being able to use foxfire, but she wasn’t surprised when it remained as unresponsive as always. Now she had no marble and no foxfire, was neither gumiho nor kitsune. She was just a fucktoy.

But that didn’t matter, the voice in her head reminded her. Once easily ignored, it now dominated her mind, crushing out all other thought with its presence. Nothing you care about matters. Nothing you want matters. You don’t matter. There is no room or need for anything but obedience.

Seo-yun crouched on all fours as she serviced Levinson with her mouth. She’d been placed in an open crate that went up to her shoulders, its insides lined with straps to hold her down. Her limbs were already completely immobilized beneath her, not that she would have moved a muscle even if they were free. The fox woman sucked three more loads out of Levinson before he was satisfied. He emptied his bladder into her mouth, every drop of which she swallowed without complaint or reaction, then pulled out to wipe himself off on her hair. When he was done, he tilted her chin up to face him. “You were a good fuck, animal,” he told her, then hocked and spat on her face. “A really nice set of holes to shove my cock into.” He let her head drop and stepped aside to let the next man take his place.

The entire camp was stretched out in a line, every man there waiting for his last chance to use her mouth. They’d already done the same with her other holes before securing her in the crate. Starting with Levinson, the men had spent hours raping her pussy one cock at a time, most of them leaving multiple loads in her before their owners were willing to quit. Only after they’d all had a ride did they switch to her asshole to repeat the process, Levinson once again taking the lead.

They’d filled both her holes with so much cum, and nearly as much piss, that her belly was slightly distended and her insides kept cramping up. Large dildos thicker and harder than any of the cocks swinging between their legs had been stuffed into each hole to plug her up, but not before rivers of their leavings had already flowed out of her. Her legs were coated with the stuff as it slowly dried in the warm summer air, and plenty more had been spattered across her ass and backside by those who’d opted not to finish inside her.

More than one man had amused himself by making her cum while he raped her. The weight hanging from her pierced clitoris left it stretched out and easy to play with. It wasn’t remotely pleasant when they pinched the tender flesh between their fingers or scratched it with their nails, but it was stimulation. After enough of it, her body would shudder and jerk as it gave in to a joyless, purely biological orgasm, and everyone around her would laugh and congratulate her. One man had ordered her to moan Morris’s name as she finished, and she had nearly refused, nearly couldn’t let their mockery of what he’d done stand, but fucktoys didn’t have choices, only orders. The man had rewarded her performance by tugging the clit weight hard enough to make her scream while calling her a dirty slut.

This final round through the camp took longer than the other two combined. Every man there was aware that this would be their very last opportunity to have her, and were only too happy to let her soft tongue stir them to life again and again before accepting that they were done with her. For the next twelve hours, fifty different cocks passed between Seo-yun’s lips, each intimately familiar to her. Every wart and vein and wrinkled ballsack was as well known to her as any face she’d ever seen. She’d spent the last two weeks pleasuring each one dozens of times.

Some of the men said their last farewells by letting her softly suck on them. Others preferred making her take them into her throat, or grabbing her ear piercings so they could do it themselves. More than half the men enjoyed all three before they were ready to say goodbye to their fox slut.

By the time the last man was using her, Seo-yun’s face was covered with a mask of dried cum. It was in her nose, her ears, her eye sockets, and dribbled out her mouth and down her chin as her tired lips worked. Even her hair was stiff and sticky after being used to clean so many cocks.

And that was only a fraction of the cum her mouth had sucked out of them. Far more sat in her stomach, which now swelled as though she were with pups. The weight pressed painfully on her own bladder, and to her shame not all of the piss soaking the bottom of the crate belonged to the men.

With a satisfied groan, the man pulled out and aimed his dick downward to paint her pierced tits with cum, drops of semen sliding down the heavy weights attached to them. “Fuck me,” he said, “I want to keep going, but I don’t think I’ve got any more in me. The slut sucked me dry.”

Seo-yun had never felt more filthy in her entire life. It seemed like every inch of her body was covered in sticky, itchy, foul smelling, cum, and they’d pumped so much into her that she was certain some of it would never find its way out of her no matter how long she lived. She wanted to scream and curse them and scrub herself until there was nothing left, even if it meant rubbing her skin raw.

But her feelings and wants were meaningless. The fox woman remained quiet and still as she waited for what would come next.

Levinson approached with another huge dildo, and she meekly opened her mouth to give him access. Even with her help, it was so large that he dislocated her jaw forcing it in, and she could feel her throat bulging around it. For a moment she thought he meant to choke her to death with it, and the idea brought neither fear nor relief. Her life no longer belonged to her. But there were holes running through the entire length of the fake cock, and though the amount of oxygen coming through was meager enough to make her vision swim and lungs burn, she could draw enough breath to stay alive and conscious.

One of the straps within the crate was wound around her neck, forcing her head to lower. It was an uncomfortable position, so she wasn’t surprised when they closed the lid to leave her like that. “Enjoy the next twenty hours, fox slut,” said Levinson, just before closing it completely.

In the darkness of the crate, where no one could see or hear her, Seo-yun allowed herself to cry for a little while.

Her time in there was tedious and painful, but both had become common descriptors of her life. For a few hours the crate was in constant motion, shaking and bumping as the vehicle she was riding in trundled along, the speed and unevenness making her stomach do flip flops. It was enough to make her system try to vomit, stopped only by the blockage in her throat. The crate was still for a time, and then she felt it rise and rise and rise until she was half certain she was imagining the entire experience. She was on a plane, she realized. Morris had told her about them, the large metal birds that could somehow fly faster than any living one. They’d sounded like some strange fantasy at the time.

For a long time her ears hurt and Seo-yun felt light headed from the unfamiliar air pressure. It was very cold, and her body trembled, scattering drops of cum against the sides of her container. Then there was more impossible motion, this time downward, before the crate began shaking and bumping yet again. More hours passed until the movement slowed. She was being carried now by two people, swinging back and forth between them as they walked.

Without warning her container was dropped hard enough to rattle her teeth, and the lid was opened. Just as she’d expected, Seo-yun found herself somewhere else. Somewhere unlike anything she’d ever seen.

She was inside, though it was the largest room she’d ever seen, easily dwarfing even her parents’ den. The air in there was cool and dry, completely different from the warm humidity of the forest. The walls were neither cloth nor stone nor wood but some sort of polished white, with large pieces of artwork hanging at regular intervals. The floor was covered with gleaming tiles. She could see outside through several large windows, though what she saw looked even more foreign than her current surroundings: a bare plain of green stretching out past the horizon, every blade of grass shorn to the same length.

What is that?” asked the woman in front of her, her voice disdainful. She was a tall, pale skinned woman that looked to be in her mid twenties, with rich curls of blond hair that reached her shoulders and looked as unnaturally perfect as everything else. Like all the men in camp, her clothes were completely different from what the fox woman was used to seeing. But while the men’s clothing had still been designed for obvious functions like comfort, protection, and camouflage, hers just looked uncomfortable. They were brightly colored and tight enough to cling to her body, enhancing more than hiding the curves of her hips and breasts.

“Exactly what you asked for, Miss Wilmingshire,” said Levinson, his voice gruff but still containing more civility in it than she’d ever heard from him. “One fox woman, tamed and docile.” He and a man she didn’t recognize stood to either side of the crate, the stranger dressed in black and white clothing. The stiffness of the man’s posture and the way he studiously avoided making eye contact told Seo-yun that he was probably some kind of servant.

Mrs Wilmingshire,” the lady corrected sternly. Her mouth twisted in distaste. “If I had realized that you intended to treat her like some kind of common whore and deliver her in such an grotesquely obscene state, I would have insisted on a virgin after all.” She sniffed, her expression growing even more disgusted. “And she smells like a sewer.”

“Nothing a little soap and water won’t fix,” said Levinson. His tone remained more polite than usual, but Seo-yun could hear his familiar anger hovering just beneath the surface.

“And how exactly, Mr Levinson, will soap and water replace the five tails you appear to have torn off of her?”

“Breaking an animal like this, and in such a short time frame, required extreme methods.” Levinson’s fury was only barely masked now. “In the contract that you signed, you agreed that some permanent damage was an expected and acceptable risk.”

“That is true, Mr Levinson,” the woman agreed coldly. “But you would do well to remember the other particulars of our agreement. We signed a contract for a nine tailed fox. This… mutilated creature doesn’t qualify.” She gave him a sweet smile that didn’t reach her eyes. “And seeing as how your deadline was today, unless you can come up with a proper specimen in a few hours time, our contract is null and void.”

“Like hell it is,” Levinson snarled, dropping the facade completely. “If you think you’re going to cheat me out of my fucking money, you-“ He stopped as a small click echoed through the hall.

“You will not address the mistress in that manner,” said a woman right behind him. Seo-yun hadn’t even seen or heard her approach. Dark haired and younger than the other, she wore more modest clothing of white and gray, and she smelled… cold. The Beretta M9 she held in one hand was pressed against his back.

“When you are with your own people,” the newcomer said, “you can bluster and boast all you like, but never forget that you are little more than a glorified dog catcher. You will behave when in the presence of your betters. Do you understand?” When Levinson didn’t answer immediately, she dug the barrel of the gun even harder into him. “Do. You. Understand?”

“Yes,” the man spat.

“Then apologize for your disrespect, and for so badly bungling the task you were given.”

Levinson’s lip curled, and for a moment Seo-yun thought he was about to be violent, but instead he bowed his head awkwardly. “I am… sorry for my rudeness,” he said, and it was obvious that every word pained him.


“And for… failing to fully uphold my end of the contract.”

“Thank you, Celeste,” Mrs Wilmingshire said, and the woman nodded and put the gun down. “I will still accept the animal, Mr Levinson, but not under the terms you have violated. Since you have delivered four ninths of what I requested, I believe four ninths payment is more than generous, yes? And seeing as you already received half your original payment up front, you now owe me… one million, six hundred and sixty six thousand, six hundred and sixty six pounds. And sixty seven pence.”

The blonde man’s face was bright red with anger. “…Fine.”

Mrs Wilmingshire nodded as though his agreement had been the only possible response. “Celeste, please assist Mr Levinson in working out the details of his payment. And have the fox brought to the master bathroom. I will see if I can salvage the mess he created before George gets home. And get those… things out of her.”

After both women had left, another servant arrived to help the first lift Seo-yun’s container. Together they carried her through the halls of what seemed to be an endlessly huge house, larger even than the entire forest village. The sight of the filled tub in the room they brought her to caused a moment of panic in her head that even her inner voice had difficulty quashing, but when they released her from the crate’s bondage and placed her in the water, she found its temperature pleasantly hot rather than scalding.

The two servants eased the fake cocks out of her body, the warm water making their task a little easier, and Seo-yun found herself more comfortable soaking in the tub than she’d felt in weeks. Neither of them even seemed to care when she lowered her head to guzzle some of the bath water. It tasted of the same filth that was being washed off of her body, but after drinking nothing but piss and cum for the last two weeks, the dirty water was sweeter than any nectar.

Mrs Wilmingshire arrived a few minutes later with scissors and a collection of differently colored bottles. “Come,” she said as she knelt by the side of the tub. “I need to take a look at those tails.”

Seo-yun obeyed, presenting her backside to the woman so she could carefully examine her severed tail ends. “To do this to such a beautiful creature…” the woman said, and sighed. “That barbarian should be ashamed of himself. He didn’t even cut them properly. Hold still.” She took the scissors and placed them at the base of one of the ragged stumps. It hurt when the scissors sliced through them, but only for a moment. Once all five had been trimmed, she summoned a servant to dispose of the cut pieces, and had the bathwater drained and refilled, removing the scum that had come off of Seo-yun’s body.

Mrs. Wilmingshire began scrubbing Seo-yun’s body with a washcloth and soap from one of the bottles, removing everything caked on it. The red haired woman hadn’t had a bath that didn’t involve rainwater since her parents’ death, and some of the dirt that the lady removed had likely been there for years. Her body was still sore in many places, and the washcloth sometimes hurt, but her owner was always as gentle as possible. The warm bathwater was soothing enough that she found herself getting sleepy. She more than half expected to be screamed at for her laziness, but Mrs. Wilmingshire said nothing as her eyelids got heavier and heavier, until she drifted off to sleep.

When she awoke, she was still in the bath, and her owner was massaging shampoo into her hair. “Someone must have been very tired,” she observed. “Little wonder, with how those brutes probably treated you. We’ll wash you again tonight and in the morning, but for now I’ve at least removed their… detritus.” Seo-yun looked at herself and confirmed that there seemed to be no trace of the dried piss and cum remaining. Even her sharp nose could detect nothing but the sweet summer scents of the soaps and shampoos. And her tails… they’d been lifted out of the water and draped over the side of the tub. They were still drying, but they looked softer and cleaner than she could ever remember seeing. She touched one hesitantly, and found it fluffy and warm and as nicely smelling as the rest of her. After such a long time of her tails being treated like trash and cut off for minor offenses, she’d started to just assume that she would lose them all eventually. It would have been even nicer to have all nine, but to have her remaining tails restored to their former glory and then some was an act of such kindness that her eyes watered, and even the voice in her head had nothing cruel to say. “Thank you,” she breathed, the words awkward after several days of not speaking. “Th-”

Mrs Wilmingshire slapped her hard across the face.

“Animals do not talk,” she said curtly, with none of her earlier warmth in her voice. “I prefer our pets to remain seen and not heard, but if you find it necessary to speak, I believe foxes say ‘yip yip’. If you forget what you are again, we will find out if a caning can teach you better behavior. Is that clear?”

What else did you expect, mocked her inner voice as it roared with laughter. Someone who cared about you? Who thought of you has a person and not a thing to be used? There was only one person like that, and you ripped his throat out yourself. Stupid naive fox cunt fucktoy.

“Yip yip,” Seo-yun said sadly.

The blonde nodded in approval. “Good girl,” she said, the warmth returning to her tone. “You were brought here to be a pet, not a whipping post. As long as you keep yourself well behaved, you will be well treated here. Punishments are only for disobedient animals.” The woman resumed shampooing her hair. It still smelled wonderful, and the water was as pleasant as ever, but Seo-yun no longer took joy from any of it. They had been reduced to meaningless details. This woman owned her just as surely as Levinson had, even if her methods thus far were kinder.

The bath had ended, and Mrs. Wilmingshire was patting Seo-yun down with a towel, when a servant appeared in the doorway. “Mr Wilmingshire has arrived, mistress,” he said formally.

“I’m sure George is eager to meet our newest pet,” said Mrs. Wilmingshire. “Let him know where we are.” The servant bowed his head low, then spun around and left.

It wasn’t long before heavy footsteps resounded through the hall, and a man came waddling in through the doorway. Seo-yun had never seen someone so fat. He weighed more than any three people she’d ever seen, and had a small, piggish face that broke into a grin as he saw the two women. “Is that her, Jessica?” he asked excitedly, his enormous belly jiggling as he trundled closer. “She’s even prettier than I-” He stopped, a petulant frown replacing the grin. “Where are her other tails?” he demanded. “She was supposed to have nine!”

“The man we hired turned out to be as incompetent as he was vulgar, I’m afraid,” said his wife apologetically. “I’ve cleaned her up as best I can. Is this acceptable, or should we dispose of her and put out another request?”

Seo-yun kept still as Mr Wilmingshire casually groped her breasts, flicking her nipples with his thumbs. “She is beautiful,” he said slowly. “Turn around and bend over.” The fox obeyed, and felt his hands on her ass, cupping and stroking. He smacked her lightly, not with the intent to hurt, just gauging the firmness of her buttocks. There was the rustle of cloth, and Seo-yun was unsurprised to feel warm flesh press against her slit. She did her best to relax, resigning herself to the fact that she was going to be raped yet again. After the marathon gangrape, and twenty hours with the arm-sized dildos in every hole, the thought of taking another cock seemed almost trivial.

It took only a few seconds for Mr Wilmingshire to change her mind about that.

The head of the cock that pushed into her was massive, putting even the dildos to shame. Seo-yun’s eyes flew open as her insides were forced to stretch around it, and she let out a startled scream. Her cry cut off a moment later as Mrs Wilmingshire pulled her face into her own bare crotch, shivering as the fox screamed into her pussy. “Please forgive me for the noise, George,” she said. “After seeing what this one had been through, I had hoped she might be the first who wouldn’t scream.”

“I understand, love,” George said cheerfully as he worked himself into the fox woman a millimeter at a time. Seo-yun felt like she was being slowly ripped in half, and her howls continued unabated into Jessica’s crotch. A part of Seo-yun recoiled in disgust at having another woman’s genitals rubbing against her face, but the indignity paled against the tearing agony. “God, she is tight! Are you sure she won’t break like the others?”

“Not according to Mrs. Lancaster,” Mrs. Wilmingshire said. “She swears that these creatures can recover in minutes. She should remain this snug for you every time, my love.” She sniffed. “Why am I not surprised to discover that barbarian didn’t bother training her how to please a woman?” Seo-yun squirmed as the woman pinched her nose, cutting off her air supply. “Tongue out, pet,” she ordered. “Once you stick it all the way inside me, I’ll let you breathe.” The fox was in no position to argue, and began pushing her tongue into the woman’s folds. “That’s it, good girl,” Jessica said with approval. “It looks like she’ll be easy to train, at least.”

The fat head of George’s cock butted up against her cervix. Seo-had never felt more stuffed, her cunt stretched almost to breaking to accommodate the huge member. “Not a very deep cunt,” he said, slightly disappointed. “Can’t even fit half of myself in here.” Despite the dual distractions of the terrible pain in her groin and the humiliation of tasting another woman, that news still made Seo-yun’s eyes bulge.

“I’m sorry, dear,” said Jessica. “I hope her mouth and anus can make up for it.” She let go of Seo-yun’s nostrils, allowing the woman to breathe again. “Begin licking,” she told the fox. “I don’t expect you to be very good, and that’s okay. We’ll have plenty of time to work on that later. For now, just be obedient and enthusiastic and I’ll take care of the rest. Did you already have a name in mind for her, George?”

Mr Wilmingshire’s fingers slipped into Seo-yun’s ear piercings, and she moaned as he used the leverage to start pulling himself out of her, the process as slow and painful as entry had been. “Not yet,” the obese man admitted. “But the red fur and hair… what do you think of Ginger?”

“A lovely name for a lovely pet,” declared Jessica.

“Not half as lovely as the wife who gave her to me,” George said with a grin. “You always come up with such perfect presents.”

“Only because you deserve them, dear,” his wife replied. “Happy birthday.” The two of them kissed while Seo-yun writhed between them.

George began to pound her with slow, powerful strokes, each one like the blow of a sledgehammer to Seo-yun’s pussy. She shuddered as he hit her cervix with every thrust, the contact both agonizing and nauseating. “Isn’t my husband’s manhood marvelous, Ginger?” Jessica asked. “Troll blood on his grandfather’s side. As much as I adore him, consummating our marriage in the traditional fashion would kill me. Most men would have no use for a wife who couldn’t perform her first and foremost duty to him…”

“Enough of that now, dear,” Mr Wilmingshire said cheerfully. “There is no woman in the world I love more than you.” Seo-yun wailed as his thrusts sped up, her ears being yanked hard enough each time that she genuinely feared he would rip them off. Meanwhile Mrs. Wilmingshire was expressing her approval of Seo-yun’s inexperienced licking by gripping the woman’s head with both hands and slapping her wet slit softly against the fox’s face in time with her husband’s strokes, and making little moans that made it clear she was about to finish. “And I would call bringing me wonderful creatures like this one more than fulfilling your wifely duties. Especially if sweet Ginger can live up to Mrs. Lancaster’s endorsement. You’re the one I feel bad for, not being satisfied the way you deserve.”

Jessica moaned one last time as she came, longer and louder than the others. When it was over, she smiled fondly at her husband. “Don’t worry about me, George. You know how much I love letting our pets play with me like this.” She stroked Seo-yun’s hair with one hand as her pussy juice dripped off the fox’s chin. “And I have a feeling our Ginger is going to become very, very good at it.”

Seo-yun nearly passed out when Mr Wilmingshire starting cumming, his load boiling hot and delivered with all the quantity and force of a fire hose. The high pressure stream easily penetrated the narrow opening of her cervix, and within moments her womb was full of the searing sticky slime. The rest of it overflowed out around his shaft, running down her legs in sheets. More than a full minute passed before it slowed, leaving the trembling fox woman standing in a puddle of cum still hot enough to make her bare feet blister. His wife seemed more than familiar with the experience, and casually adjusted her feet to avoid it.

There was a sound like a cork escaping a champagne bottle as George’s cock popped out of her scalded, bleeding pussy. “Time to see if Mrs. Lancaster knows what she’s talking about,” he mused. “She doesn’t seem to be… no, she is! It’s amazing, Jessica, I can see her closing right back up!”

“I’ll have to send the woman a thank you letter,” said Jessica, sounding pleased with herself. “How fast is she healing?”

“Not bad at all. Two or three more minutes at this rate, and I daresay she’ll be able to pass for a virgin again. While we wait…” The head of his cock, already rock hard again, touched Seo-yun’s anus. “Why don’t I try out this hole?”

He hadn’t been lying about his length. By the time he was halfway inside her, Seo-yun was certain he was going to kill her. By the time he was fully seated inside her, his cock pulsing in her guts, she was regretting that he hadn’t.

When he was done with her ass, her guts scorched and raw, he went back to her pussy. Mr Wilmingshire alternated between her holes for hours, while Seo-yun licked his wife to orgasm after orgasm, the perfect sex toy for both of them. This was what she was born for, the voice in her head told her. This was all she was ever going to be.

By the time it was over, his cock finally gone soft after more than twenty loads, Seo-yun had almost as much cum inside and out as when she’d arrived. Jessica was kneeling in front of her husband, licking him clean in a slow, relaxed manner while he ran a hand through her hair. Both of her owners seemed contented and happy. Seo-yun laid on her side in a pool of cooling sperm, feeling exhausted and used up.

“Would you like to clean her up yourself again, or have one of the servants do it?” George asked as his wife finishing lapping up the last few strands of cum on his shaft.

Jessica purred as she gave his head a final, lingering kiss. “I’m happy to do it myself. She’s such a beautiful thing, isn’t she? Soft and fluffy, like a great big stuffed animal.” She laughed quietly. “Though not as stuffed as she was earlier.”

“Yes, she is certainly something,” Mr Wilmingshire agreed. “I’ve never been able to play with a pet so many times. And aside from needing a bath, she’s as fresh as ever.”

“Mmm hmm,” his wife said. “We can do this again tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after… you and me and sweet Ginger.” She looked down and smiled. “Or maybe we don’t have to wait until tomorrow…” She teased his cock with her fingertips as it continued swelling back to its previous size. Seo-yun regarded it numbly. It didn’t matter that she ached everywhere. It didn’t matter that it would be sheer agony when he started pumping her tight, cum coated insides. It didn’t matter that he was so fat and gross that the mere sight of him made her feel sick. It didn’t matter that she wanted to say no. Nothing mattered. She belonged to them, and they would do whatever they liked, whenever they liked, and as often as they liked.

George leaned over and scratched Seo-yun under the chin. “Who’s our little cum soaked fox then? Who has a soft pussy and a tight ass and a warm wet mouth for her owners? Hmm? Who’s a good fucktoy?” His cock twitched with every sentence.

The fox looked up at her owner with lifeless, hopeless eyes. She knew there was only one answer she could give. “Yip yip,” said Ginger.

3 thoughts on “Lone Fox 1 – Chapter 9

  1. Well, I guess this wasn’t as bad as Chapter 7…but it was still pretty bad. Chapter 8, after all, contained a fair amount of kindness and positive feelings, and it’s this chapter that has the responsibility of washing the taste out of the audience’s mouth.

    I do appreciate how it does that, mind you, starting out effectively mocking any members of the audience who were in my state of mind.

    For the first few seconds after Morris’s death, she’d had hope that things would be different. That maybe she really could make up for the past, that she didn’t have to do everything alone. She’d even felt different for a moment, more stable and confident, as though a long fever in her mind had broken. Reality had quickly shattered those fanciful delusions.

    Then of course we get the introduction of Seo-yun’s, or should I say Ginger’s new owners. Again, the chapter does a very good job effectively setting it up that maybe these people will be somewhat better than Levinson, and then hammering in that no, these stories always bottom out at the end (of the first part, anyway), so these people are literally monsters.

    “Troll blood on his grandfather’s side. As much as I adore him, consummating our marriage in the traditional fashion would kill me.

    And when I use the word “literally”, I mean it. It did make me smile, at least a little, seeing Levinson get dressed down by Mrs. Wilmingshire.

    And, of course, we end with one of the surefire ways to make me upset while reading one of these stories…

    The fox looked up at her owner with lifeless, hopeless eyes. She knew there was only one answer she could give. “Yip yip,” said Ginger.

    Don’t think I didn’t notice how that sentence ended. And, just like how I refuse to call Esperiel “Esper”, you can both go to Hell if you think I’m about to start calling Seo-yun “Ginger” like the story will.

    Uh…I realized this might have come off like a negative review. 😳 It’s not. The chapter is well-written and does what it sets out to do very well. I just figured I could either get a little angry-sounding and hopefully entertain somewhat, or this review would just read “Well, this was sad,” so I went with the former. 😉


    1. 🙂

      Just the epilogue left in this one. There is a lot of things that you noticed in this chapter that payoff later, so I’m looking forward to all of those.

      I will also say that Jessica is probably the character in this story that has changed most dramatically from initial conception to ending character… I look forward to seeing you read more of her 🙂


  2. I try to never pass up the opportunity to have someone dunk on Levinson 😉

    I’m glad Seo-yun’s fate here comes off as appropriately terrible. Going from “raped constantly by 50 guys” to “raped by a single guy (and his wife)” had the potential to feel like a big downgrade, so I really wanted to impress that her life is still going to be horrible.

    She’s Ginger for now, but not forever 😉


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